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Quake's return, VR Fallout, and Dishonored 2: Everything Bethesda unveiled at E3 2016

After wonderfully successful Doom and Wolfenstein reboots, Bethesda's bringing back the legendary Quake—and that was just the opener for its blockbuster E3 event.

'Skyrim Special Edition' is the remaster you asked for

Ready to take a trip back to the colder climes of 'Skyrim' ?

The 5 best game trailers from Bethesda’s E3 2016 press event

Bethesda has become one of the most important players at the annual E3 video game conference, despite only having hosted a major press event for two years. Last year, the company aired trailers for...

'Mass Effect: Andromeda' promises to be bigger and more beautiful

Andromeda is still delayed, but when you're a big budget EA franchise, you can't just show nothing at the world's biggest gameshow. BioWare at least had a new f...

The first teaser for the next 'The Walking Dead' game has just arrived

Telltale's video game series based on The Walking Dead is one of the studio's most popular and acclaimed offerings, but it's been a long time a new game has bee...

'Dishonored 2' gameplay teaser reveals new powers, casual time-travel

Expect more sneaking, twisty storylines and some great new powers.

'Prey' reboot arrives in 2017

Forget 'Prey 2.'

'Fallout Shelter' heads to PC in July, 'Fallout 4' gets new DLC

Prepare for the Contraptions Workshop, Vault-Tec Workshop and Nuka-World.

'Quake' is coming back to the PC with a modern twist or two

If 'Doom' can stage a comeback, why not?

EA has a bunch of new 'Star Wars' games coming

They should really call it "Dead Space Wars."

EA launches an indie publishing program with 'Fe'

The first official game in the EA Originals program is a stylish 3D platformer without any words.

'Titanfall 2' explores the human-robot link on October 28th

EA and Respawn have revealed the first details and release date for their robotic shooter sequel.

Battlefield 1 is everything old you loved about the series with new ideas

Mixing the old with the new

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Champions of Change

Jenny Yang is a Los Angeles-based writer and standup comedian who produces the first-ever (mostly) female, Asian American standup comedy tour, Disoriented Comedy, and has been a writer and performer on the viral Buzzfeed videos that have amassed over 20 million combined views such as "Ways Our Asian Moms Say 'I Love You'," ""If Asians Said the Stuff White People Say," and the "Ask An Asian" video series. In 2015, Jenny produced the first-annual The Comedy Comedy Festival: A Comedy Festival, an Asian American comedy festival featuring the best emerging and veteran standup, sketch, improv, and writing talent. Drawing from her former career in politics, Jenny is a regular commentator on politics and pop culture with contributions featured on NPR, Southern California Public Radio, The Guardian, NBC News, BBC News, Al Jazeera America, and Pivot TV. She has been an actor and host in numerous digital projects including Comedy Central’s White Flight and Phil Yu's Angry Asian America talk show on ISAtv, a new media platform created by Far East Movement and Wong Fu Productions.

The passing of time, caught in a single photo

Photographer Stephen Wilkes crafts stunning compositions of landscapes as they transition from day to night, exploring the space-time continuum within a two-dimensional still photograph. Journey with him to iconic locations like the Tournelle Bridge in Paris, El Capitan in Yosemite National Park and a life-giving watering hole in heart of the Serengeti in this tour of his art and process.

Facebook message warns of Orlando club shooting: 'Everyone get out... and keep running'

A mass shooting has occurred at a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida in the early hours of Sunday morning, police said .

Facebook activated first U.S. Safety Check after mass shooting at Orlando nightclub

Facebook activated its first Safety Check in the United States after a gunman massacred at least 50 people at a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida, early Sunday morning in the deadliest mass-shooting in American history.

What to expect at Apple’s WWDC keynote

Talking about the MacBook Pro , Apple is working on something interesting. The new laptop will get the latest Intel processors, but that’s not all. Apple could use this opportunity to make the MacBook Pro slimmer and lighter. Most of the ports should be replaced with USB-C ports as traditional USB, HDMI and MagSafe ports are too thick. And Apple wants to add a tiny touchscreen bar above the keyboard and use it as a customizable shortcut bar.

6 Florida blood bank welcomes gay donors after terrorist attack

Before today, it was more difficult to donate blood as a gay man in Florida than to  buy an assault rifle with no questions asked . Following an attack on on a gay nightclub in Orlando that killed 50 people and wounded scores of others last night, blood bank OneBlood announced that it is "in crisis need for all donors, and will be accepting all donors" — crucially, including gay men. That's a big deal, since the official recommendation of the federal Food and Drug Administration is to turn away gay men from blood donations if they've had sex in the past year.

Telltale's episodic 'Batman' game launches this summer

'Batman - The Telltale Series' melds the studio's signature style with the Dark Knight's brooding atmosphere.

What You Can Do to Help In Wake of the Orlando Shooting

Early this morning in Orlando, 50 people were shot dead and 53 more wounded at a nightclub in Orlando. Whether you’re local or not, here’s how you can help, or at least find a vigil to attend, like-minded people to be with, or seek a little peace.

Gawker’s Bankruptcy Is How a Free Press Dies, One VC at a Time

Nevertheless, Thiel has recently, proudly acknowledged his pursuit of a years-long secret vendetta against Gawker. He sought out people with grievances against the site’s journalism in order to fund lawsuits that would bring Gawker down. He found the perfect plaintiff in Hulk Hogan, whom Gawker had embarrassed by posting excerpts from a video in which the former wrestler is having sex with his friend’s wife. Yes, the news value of the post is debatable, but debate clearly doesn’t interest Thiel. If speaking out against Gawker was what Thiel wanted to do, his vast resources and noteriety would have made that easy. But Thiel wasn’t interested in equal time. He just wanted to buy a muzzle.

How to Watch WWDC 2016 Keynote Live

The good news is that Apple has announced that it will be live streaming the event, so you can watch the WWDC 2016 Keynote on your iPhone, iPad, Mac, Windows or Android device. If you need help, then you can follow the instructions below.

E3 2016: Titanfall 2 Release Date Revealed - IGN

Titanfall 2 will also feature a single-player campaign for the first time, putting you in the shoes of soldier Jack Cooper, accompanied by a sentient robot companion.

Virtual reality Fallout 4 is coming to HTC Vive in 2017

Bethesda Softworks is releasing last year's  Fallout 4 for the HTC Vive virtual reality headset in 2017. The company made the surprise announcement at its E3 keynote, and we know almost nothing besides that — but for lots of people, that's probably enough. This will make Fallout 4 the first big open-world game to get an official, studio-released virtual reality mode.

FAQ: How Apple’s new App Store subscriptions affect you

Goodness, we hope not! An Apple spokesperson notes that subscriptions will only fit certain business models, and we agree. Many apps already have consumable purchases: an item you buy that lasts for a certain period of time, but isn’t renewed, like a three-month VPN subscription. The app developer has to warn you of the expiration, you have to make a new purchase to continue using it, and neither you nor the maker gets the advantage of seamless, continuous access. We wager most of these will likely convert to IAP subscriptions.

James Corden Addresses Florida Shootings at Tonys: ‘Hate Will Never Win’

“On behalf of the whole theater community, and every person in this room, our hearts go out to all of those affected by this atrocity,” Corden told the audience at Manhattan’s Beacon Theatre. “All we can say is you are not on your own right now; your tragedy is our tragedy. Theater is a place where every race, creed, sexuality, and gender is equal, is embraced, and is loved.”

Hello, WWDC 2016: Follow along with our keynote live blog

Apple’s annual Worldwide Developer’s conference is just around the corner, where we’ll get a sneak peek at what’s to come in the land of iOS and OS X—and perhaps some unexpected extras. And as usual, we’ll be in the audience at San Francisco’s Bill Graham Civic Auditorium to give you all the details. While we don’t know exactly what’s in store, we have some wish lists:

Lucas Mearian on Twitter

Review: New Matter’s MOD-t 3D printer is ingeniously simple (with video) … via @computerworld

Toronto is poised to become the next great producer of tech startups

Two schools — the University of Toronto (which has a world-class technology and engineering program) and Ryerson (a dedicated technical university) — are located in the heart of downtown and boast 80,000 students between them. There’s also nearby York University with another 65,000 students, Queens College with more than 16,000 students and, of course, the widely acclaimed University of Waterloo (which in many ways, launched the local movement), with a few thousand highly sought-after students 90 minutes west.

Police: Approx. 20 Dead, 42 Hospitalized In Mass Shooting At Orlando Gay Nightclub

"At approximately 0202 hours this morning, we had an officer working at Pulse nightclub, who responded to shots fired. Our officer engaged in a gun battle with that suspect. That suspect at some point went back inside the club, where more shots were fired. This did turn into a hostage situation. Obviously multiple officers from various agencies responded, SWAT team responded. At approximately 0500 hours this morning, the decision was made to rescue hostages that were in there."

MIT Tech Review on Twitter

7/7 #TRweekendreads : One of the original attempts at gene therapy did not end well in '99 -

Mass Effect: Andromeda promises more freedom than any BioWare game ever

It features a different setting than the previous Mass Effect games (hence the title, Andromeda). EA promised that it will have more freedom than any BioWare game ever, which includes series like Dragon Age and Star War: Knights of the Old Republic.

Here's everything we saw at EA's E3 'Play' event

Today, video game juggernaut Electronic Arts kicked off this year's Electronics Entertainment Expo with a show all its own. If you weren't a member of the press or one of the lucky few fans that were let into the event to experience it firsthand, don't worry: We've collected all the trailers that made their debut on The Novo theater's stage and put them in one handy spot for you. Want a look at the new multiplayer trailer for October's Titanfall 2 ? Look no further. How about FIFA 17's intriguing single-player story mode? We've got your back there as well, with a few other bits like a new glimpse at Battlefield 1's World War I action. Join us below, won't you?

Siri response raises hopes for 'dark mode' in iOS 10

A curious response from Apple's Siri indicates the virtual assistant will soon support "dark mode" settings, suggesting forthcoming integration with OS X, or an introduction of dark mode functionality on iOS. Spotted by a number of intrepid AppleInsider readers, commanding Siri to enable "dark mode" on an iOS device elicits the response, "Sorry, but I'm not able to change that setting," an unexpected result considering the operating system contains no reference to such features. Siri normally falls back on a generic "I don't understand" answer when asked to modify an unsupported feature or function. Further, if Siri is unable to modify an existing system option, like powering down an iPhone, she will inform a user of the limitation and apologize. Apple's iOS does not currently support dark mode, the closest facsimile being Night Shift in iOS 9. Mac users, however, can access a special system setting that changes the menu bar and application dock from light gray to black. The option for "dark" graphics debuted with OS X 10.10 Yosemite in 2014. Apple has in the past dabbled with night viewing options, including a nighttime The discovery comes one day prior to Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference, where the company is expected to show off the future of its core software platforms, iOS, OS X, watchOS and tvOS.

Microsoft's 4K-capable Xbox One S leaks before E3

Also, our sources say that the features mentioned in the leak are on the mark. This system will support both 4K video and High Dynamic Range content, making it a good complement to your brand new TV . You'll also get that cavernous 2TB hard drive, a "streamlined controller" and a vertical stand for showing off. The big mysteries are the release date and price, although it's reasonable to presume that the Xbox One S will cost considerably more than the $299 you pay for today's 500GB model .

The Always-Up-to-Date Guide to Setting Up Your Raspberry Pi

Use VNC to Use Your Home Computer as a Remote Screen : If you do need that graphical interface, you can use VNC (virtual network computing) to get it. You’ll see the desktop of the Raspberry Pi in a window on your desktop computer and you can control it as if you’re sitting in front of the Pi itself. If you only own a laptop or an all-in-one desktop, this is a way to use your Pi remotely. It’s not great for everyday use because it’s a little slow, but if you just need to get some things set up and don’t want to buy extra accessories, VNC is a way to do so.

Orlando massacre: Shock and horror

The shooter at Pulse Orlando, a crowded gay nightclub, has been identified as Omar Mateen of Port St. Lucie, Florida. Reports indicated he was a U.S. citizen, born in the United States to parents from Afghanistan. According to The Associated Press, he had been the subject of FBI investigations in the past. Various news outlets reported that he offered his allegiance to ISIL, also known as ISIS and the Islamic State, at some point during the Orlando attack.


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Symantec Set to Buy Blue Coat Systems in $4.65 Billion Deal

Symantec Corp. plans to buy Blue Coat Systems Inc. in a $4.65 billion deal that will give the computer-security company a new portfolio of cyberdefense technologies along with a new chief executive.

Watch the Dishonored 2 gameplay trailer that throws off the action game’s cloak

Arkane showed off a gameplay demo that demonstrated how players can use Emily’s and Corvo’s distinct power sets to navigate obstacles and opponents. Creativity is rewarded, and the developer built it in a way that’ll make you realize your way — which is likely different from everyone else’s — is the right way for you.

Quake Champions is Bethesda's next revival of classic fraggin' action

The Quake series makes for Bethesda's third resurrection of id Software's long-standing shooter franchises, after Wolfenstein: The New Order and this year's ever-so-metal DOOM revival.

Walgreen Terminates Partnership With Blood-Testing Firm Theranos

Drugstore operator Walgreen Co. formally ended a strained alliance with Theranos Inc. as regulators near a decision on whether to impose sanctions against the embattled Silicon Valley firm.

Apple SVP Phil Schiller: Huge iOS App Store changes are coming this fall

Why this matters: Apple needs to appease developers, who have brought in more than $40 billion since the App Store’s launch eight years ago. But the increase in subscription-based apps and newly introduced App Store search ads might not be great for those of us who use and search for apps. Apps that shouldn’t offer subscriptions might start doing so, meaning average iOS users will have to choose between paying more, or using fewer apps. In fact, Schiller told Daring Fireball’s John Gruber that these developer-friendly changes won’t even be part of the WWDC keynote—Schiller says it’s because the keynote is just too full, but perhaps another factor is minimizing backlash from end users.

T-Mobile Gives Customers Free Pizza, Stock

T-Mobile is giving every customer a share of stock, currently valued around $44, as a second gift. Customers who refer new subscribers will get an additional share, up to 100 per year; customers who've had T-Mobile for more than five years and refer subscribers will get two shares per new subscriber. To get the stock, subscribers must go through the T-Mobile Tuesdays app and sign up for a free brokerage account. T-Mobile will waive any transaction fees for the first year.

Jennifer Lawrence signs on to play Elizabeth Holmes in a medical drama about Theranos

The rise and fall of Theranos should make for an interesting drama for those who enjoy industry dramas, and we’re curious to see how Lawrence will depict the woman Inc. Magazine once called “the next Steve Jobs.”

The first 'Star Trek' VR game arrives this fall

Bridge Crew arrives this fall and will support both the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift on PCs as well as PlayStation VR. More details will have to wait until Ubisoft's E3 press event on Monday, but it's already clear that the publisher is making good on its promise of a big VR gaming push this year. We wouldn't be surprised if Ubi has more extra-immersive games to show when it takes to the stage.

35 Facebook: Install 'Moments' or Lose Your Synchronized Photos

The feature in question—photo synchronization—was removed from Facebook's primary mobile app this past January, likely to encourage users to switch over to its separate Moments app if they wanted to keep using synchronizing their photos. Though optional, the feature was certainly useful if you wanted to ensure that you had a centralized repository of the photos you took, similar to what Google offers via its Google Photos app (but with a 2GB limit for anything you upload instead of potentially unlimited space).

US, UAE Sign Agreement To Collaborate On Space Exploration

The United States and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) announced an agreement Sunday that would allow the two nations to collaborate on matters of space and aeronautics research, including the potential journey to Mars.

Sharing Links On Facebook Not As Private As You Might Think

"There are lots of objects on Facebook and it would be a really hard, if not impossible, to scan all of them using the API. You would be really unlucky if an attacker stumbled upon the number linking to your secret link, but the odds increase if attackers start monitoring these numbers on a regular basis. In about ten minutes, I was able to extract 70 links. Facebook does have some rate limiting in place to prevent this type of abuse but as mentioned above, it is possible to bypass that," De Ceukelaire wrote.

Game of Thrones' season finale will be 69 minutes, the show's longest episode ever

HBO also revealed the titles of the season's last two episodes, one of which refers to a specific event that's been sitting on the horizon for most of the season. That's "The Battle of the Bastards," the season's penultimate episode. While it's not quite as long as the finale, it's still going to crack the 60-minute mark, and its title suggests Jon Snow and Ramsay Bolton will have the Winterfell showdown everyone's been waiting for. It'll air on June 19th.

Our WWDC 2016 predictions, guesses and wants

There should likely be some news around watchOS, too. I think Apple will dedicate about ten minutes to a few snappy new features like more watch faces and a quick discussion on next-gen hardware that likely adds LTE connectivity. Again, WWDC is about what’s next, not what is.

Trump and Clinton show how they respond to crisis on social media in the wake of the Orlando shooting

"Any crisis, no matter what it is, is a chance for political opponents of the sitting president to make hay," Bohn said. "The opponents of the president will say anything because there’s no consequence if they say the wrong thing. They have no skin in the game, and everything looks easy from the sidelines."

I am absolutely convinced that Lady Stoneheart is coming to Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones is on a tight schedule — there is a ton of plot to pack into every episode and we're embroiled in more stories than ever this year. So, it's safe to say that anything that's included is there for a reason. Bran saw Catelyn's murder at the Red Wedding in his vision in episode six.Walder Frey, the orchestrator of the Red Wedding, is back — and talking about the Red Wedding. The Blackfish recently reminded Jaime of his oath to Catelyn. None of this context is especially necessary to setting up why Jaime and the Blackfish are facing off — the Tully's tenancy issues are a product of the Red Wedding, but would make sense even if you had forgotten about it. The only potential plot point that wouldn't make sense without a refresher is Lady Stoneheart's personal revenge campaign, and why free-wheeling, oath-breaking Jaime is on her hit list.

People really hate the new VSCO Cam

VSCO Cam was recently updated to add Originals , an editorial series aimed at adding a “human element” to the app. The problem is — people absolutely hate the redesign.

A closer look at Star Trek: Bridge Crew (pictures)

Star Trek: Bridge Crew is a VR game where you can captain a starship along with three of your friends.


Congratulations to BackupHero, our latest Community Spotlight winner! BackupHero's first gaming experience was split-screen multiplayer on Halo 3. Now he primarily plays action/adventure games on PC and Xbox. He's also a mega-fan of Coldplay music. Drop by his wall and say hello!

Play 'Fallout 4' in VR next year

Bethesda is building a version of Fallout 4 for the HTC Vive headset, and it'll be ready next year. "If you thought that survival mode was an intense way to experience Fallout ", Bethesda marketing chief Pete Hines said at the company's E3 press conference, "you ain't seen nothing yet."

Try the first level of 'Doom' for free this week

For those already playing Doom , Bethesda also said that more DLC was coming soon, including new maps and multiplayer modes, including classic deathmatch. But if you need more friends to play the game with, just point them to the free demo this week and see if you can get them hooked -- it should be available starting as of tonight.

Laser-Scanning Tech Reveals Hidden Cities in Cambodia

Using airborne laser scanning technology and covering an area of more than 734 square miles, experts revealed multiple cities that are around 900 to 1,400 years old. Some are so large that they rival the size of Cambodia’s capital, Phnom Penh.


If you value looks over protection this case is for you. It looks great. Having had a live case for a month now I have found that the nfc button sometimes works mostly not. While I do like the look of the case and especially how unlikely you are to accidentally press volume or power button handling or picking up the case it offers little in the way of protection to the keys from dirt or whatever you get on your hands, getting into the button crevices. There is some protection from dropping but the case is too thin and close fitting to offer real protection if dropped hard. The case is also cut away on the top and bottom of the phone so for those of us who want to keep our phones in mint condition, these cut always will allow scratches on the beautiful metal edges no matter how careful you are with your phone.

Prey is back, but it looks nothing like the cancelled Prey 2

The new Prey takes place on a space station that’s been attacked by aliens. It looks entirely different from the Prey 2 that was shown in 2011.

EA’s Peter Moore lays out tiered esports strategy to make everyone a star

The growth of esports in the past decade has been impressive, and now the game industry’s biggest companies are diving into it. An example is Electronic Arts, which just unveiled its esports strategy at its press conference at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) event in Los Angeles.

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