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Microsoft tests underwater datacenter in the Scottish sea

Project Natick is a go.

27 thoughts I had while watching the 'Sex and the City' pilot for the first time

The show premiered 20 years (!) ago this week.

Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper make sweet, sweet music in stunning 'A Star is Born' trailer

Coming this fall.

Microsoft is bringing Gears of War to iOS ... with a twist

Hit Microsoft franchise Gears of War is making the leap to mobile next year in Gears Pop! Microsoft has teamed up with Mediatonic and Funko to bring the popular shooter to Android and iOS with a big twist. And yes, that’s the same Funko that creates adorable pop culture collectibles.

Get ready for a 'Cyanide & Happiness' battle royale game

When the very worst are left behind, all that's left to do is kill each other.

Sega is bringing 'Yakuza 0' and 'Valkyria Chronicles 4' to PC


'Tetris Effect' is PlayStation's trippy take on the classic puzzle game

This is what it looks like when the legendary creator of 'Rez' and 'Space Channel 5' tries his hand at 'Tetris.'

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2 Lawmakers press Facebook over Chinese data sharing

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Two key U.S. lawmakers on Wednesday rebuked Facebook Inc for not being more transparent over its data sharing after the social media company said it had collaborated with at least four Chinese companies, including a smartphone maker that has raised U.S. security concerns.

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Watch Out, Facebook Launches Lip Sync Live

The social network is coming for with a new feature called Lip Sync Live that is sure to deliver the LOLs. Unveiled Tuesday, Lip Sync Live "lets you lip sync to songs from forever favorites like 'Welcome to The Jungle' by Guns N' Roses to new hits like 'Havana' by Camila Cabello," Facebook's Head of Music Business Development and Partnerships Tamara Hrivnak and Head of Music and Rights Fred Beteille wrote in a blog post . Check out the video below to see how it works.

What to expect from E3 2018

Over the past decade, Timothy’s covered everything from drag shows to heavy metal, and he even debunked a local ghost story before joining Engadget in 2013. He’s an A/V enthusiast who adores physical media, much to the chagrin of his available shelf space. Movies by David Fincher and music from Amon Tobin, Deftones, Run the Jewels and Trent Reznor are his favorites. He has a complicated relationship with photography too and shares an exact birth date with Katy Perry.

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Aren't all ISPs subscription based or was I wrong? I paid for my router which was like 60 bucks so it's mine but I pay my monthly fee... isn't that.... a subscription?


"Press Release: Fungus shapes hair ice – Researchers identify fungus responsible for peculiar ice filaments that grow on dead wood"

MSI brings the gaming goods to Computex 2018

MSI also revealed a pair of more conventional gaming monitors, the Optix MAG271CR and MAG241CR. These are the first monitors to use MSI’s new Gaming Echo technology, which uses RGB lighting on the back of the monitor which reacts to in-game audio and lighting effects, giving you an incredibly immersive experience.

Parrot's new 4K foldable drone is here to take on the DJI Mavic Air

Capable of shooting 4K HDR video at a 100Mbps bitrate, Anafi also captures snaps at 21MP. This is a big boost to the Parrot line's camera capabilities, and we're looking forward to comparing Anafi's shots with those of the Mavic Air, which also shoots 4K at 100Mbps and takes 12MP HDR stills.

Apple Watch Series 3 with LTE Cellular is coming to four new countries | Cult of Mac

Nine months after debuting in the U.S., the Apple Watch Series 3 with LTE Cellular is set to arrive in four new countries, starting next week.

Live in Florida? You're more likely to be hit by a cyberattack than any other state

The report taps the Ponemon Institute's Cyber Hygiene Index, which attempts to measure people's ability to protect themselves from various criminal attacks in a series of positive and negative survey questions. For this research, the group defined cyber hygiene as "an individual's ability to maintain a high level of readiness in order to prevent, detect and respond to cyber-related attacks such as malware, phishing, ransomware and identity/credential theft," according to the report. The index scores range from +37 points at the high end of the spectrum to -39 points at the low end.

Report: Nearly half of all enterprises were hacked in the last 12 months

The researchers highlighted that, of the 400 IT decision-makers surveyed, 44% worked for organizations that had suffered from a hack in the last 12 months and the breaches had cost their companies nearly $1 million on average. SailPoint said this figure did not even include fines, brand damage, and lost revenue.

Asus, not Apple, showed us the sexy tech of tomorrow

It's what Asus calls a ScreenPad. It's both its own separate display, one on which you can watch YouTube or browse Facebook, as well as a touch input. Asus has designed a suite of apps for it, like a calculator and a music player, and it comes with support for Microsoft Office programs, where it functions like a bigger version of the Touch Bar in Apple's newer MacBook Pro range.

macOS Mojave changes spell doom for indie Mac games

Apple is pushing game creators to drop OpenGL in favor of its own Metal API, which isn’t supported by third-party platforms. It may mean smaller game development teams are forced to choose between releasing on macOS or other operating systems.

Sonos speakers will support Apple AirPlay 2 in July

When the update arrives to Sonos speakers in July, they will show up as available play targets within iOS . Sonos will also offer some control of music via Alexa voice control, which Sonos speakers like the Sonos One support. Once music is playing via AirPlay 2, a voice command to Alexa can pause or skip tracks for example.

Facebook Watch lines up news shows from CNN, Fox, Univision

You'll be able to catch a variety of news shows on Facebook Watch in the near future.

Here are some of the new features of macOS 10.14 Mojave

This is a bit of a curious one, as the idea of playing DVDs on a PC feels a bit archaic these days, but in macOS 10.14 Mojave, Apple has updated the DVD Player app. It’s now 64-bit and built with AppKit, and has Touch Bar control and a brand new icon.

Intel giving away 8,000+ processors, here's how to enter to win one for your business

The Intel Core i7-8086K Limited Edition processor represents the company's first 6-core, 12-thread processor with integrated graphics in an 1151-pin package supporting a 64-bit instruction set. It is also the first Intel processor to deliver up to 5.0 GHz single-core turbo frequency out of the box, fully unlocked for overclocking, according to the fact sheet. This higher frequency allows for improved single-threaded performance and consistently high frame rates, which will be beneficial for content creation applications.

Ocean's 8 pulls off a fun heist -- just don't think about it too much

Ocean's 8 succeeds as a fun heist movie that slots perfectly into the Ocean's cinematic universe. It doesn't strive to be more substance than style, yet it's still special. It's filled with Oscar winners who elevate a middling script. It portrays powerful women who can inspire young women to dream they can do anything. Like... uh, become criminal masterminds.

Every Cadillac will offer Super Cruise from 2020

Super Cruise is Cadillac's system that provides hands-free driving in certain situations. On about 130,000 miles of US highways that Cadillac has mapped, the driver can take his or her hands off the wheel while Super Cruise handles steering, braking and acceleration. It uses a high-resolution GPS map, cameras and radar sensors. The driver, however, must be ready to take control at any moment; a small camera watches to make sure the driver is still paying attention to the car's surroundings.

iOS apps on Mac: What business pros need to know

According to Federighi, Apple has been working on a major project for the past few years, focused on bringing part of the UIKit to macOS's AppKit to make some iOS apps available on macOS. In macOS Mojave, four iOS apps will be available on the Mac: News, Stocks, Voice Memos, and Home.

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New AMD Ryzen Threadripper Has 32 Cores, 64 Threads

The second-generation Threadripper chip will begin shipping in the third quarter of 2018, AMD announced at Computex, where it also teased a new version of its Vega graphics cards.

24 All Cadillacs will have autonomous driving features by 2020

The only way we'll get to a world where every car on the road can talk to each other is if more automakers get on board, and making sure that every new vehicle that rolls off the lot has a set of autonomous capabilities is the fastest way for us to get there. Now, we just need more automakers to follow the lead of GM and others to make it happen.

This twins' high school yearbook photo isn't quite what it seems

Take this high school yearbook, for instance. On Tuesday, Marcus Williams shared a throwback photo to the time his identical twin brother Malcolm helped him out of a tricky spot on their school picture day.

26 Alienware’s Wireless Headset trades style for 7.1 surround sound

The company has unveiled its first wireless headset (and its first gaming headset in general since 2009), the aptly named Alienware Wireless Headset. It has 7.1 virtual surround sound with what the company says is deep, rich bass. The headset borrows from Alienware's other hardware to include the AlienFX lighting system. That offers in-game lighting effects for more than 160 games, and you can create and download themes. You can eke out up to eight and a half hours of battery life with AlienFX switched on, and 15 hours with it off.

Apple's App Store Bans On-Device Cryptocurrency Mining

Apple updated the company's app store review guidelines with the ban after it pulled a Mac program that had included an optional cryptocurrency mining function. However, the company will permit apps that offer cloud-based mining.

Vivo’s Nex is a true all-screen phone with a pop-out selfie camera

Nex runs on Qualcomm's state-of-the-art Snapdragon 845 processor, and backs it up with 8GB of RAM topped off by an Adreno 630 GPU. Tucked behind its 6.59-inch Ultra FullView display is a 8-megapixel camera that ascends whenever you summon it to take a selfie. We first laid eyes on the pop-up camera during this year's MWC. It pops out in under a second (or so Vivo says) and retracts once you've finished snapping. It basically eliminates the need for a notch, which is all the rage right now .

Apple continues to dominate best-selling smartphones rankings despite recent S9 launch

Continuing market research finds that iPhones continue to pack a list of the top-10 smartphones sold globally, even eight months after the release of the iPhone X.

30 ‘Ticket to Ride’ moves from tabletop to PS4 and PlayLink mobile

PlayLink lets multiple players connect to a PS4 with their own phone, letting them see their own cards on their small screen and plan moves without letting their opponents see anything. Anything that would typically be seen by all players in the tabletop game will be on the PS4 screen. The idea is to make the digital board game more like the analog one. Ticket to Ride tasks players with collecting cards that allow them to claim railway routes across a given country — there are several expansions to the original game. You'll be able to play with up to five other friends on the same screen with the PlayLink feature, or just add in bots to play on your own against the AI. The user interface should be familiar to those who've played the game on a mobile device; you can press cards on the phone screen to take actions, draw cards and even drag cards from your hand to the route you want to claim.

Apple Rumored to Switch to USB-C For 2019 iPhones Ditching Lightning Port

As much as it would make sense for Apple to switch over to USB-C connectivity for its iPhone lineup, I doubt the company is going to make the leap. Except for being a common standard, USB-C has no other advantage over Lightning connector in a smartphone. In fact, the USB-C connector is slightly bigger than Lightning and doubts have been cast on its reliability as well.

Apple FileVault 2: Tips for IT pros (free PDF)

Apple’s FileVault 2 offers whole disk encryption that’s simple to implement and seamless to the user. This ebook explains the basics, then dives into the process of recovering encrypted data and automating deployment and configuration. From the ebook: Apple’s FileVault 2 encrypts the entire disk so all data contained therein (regardless of the number of users it’s shared with) is essentially scrambled to everyone except those who have the credentials to unlock the disk, decrypting the data. By design, FileVault grants this authorization only to the account that enables this feature; others can be added to the enabled list later. This implementation gives the primary user (i.e., the user who enables FileVault initially) greater control, permitting them to unlock the disk, decrypt data, and even remove FileVault altogether. The primary user will also receive the personal recovery key; if access to the account is lost, they can unlock the disk to restore access to the data. A caveat: All of this rests on one single user with typically no centralized management of users allowed to unlock the disk.

Dave & Buster's gets multiplayer VR arcades using HTC Vive

HTC promises "new and unique" experiences. The installations will use a "proprietary, multiparticipant motion platform" created specifically for Dave & Buster's. The experiences look like they'll be using HTC's new higher-res (and easier-fitting)  Vive Pro headgear.

Oracle Lays Off Java Mission Control Team After Open Sourcing Product

The pressure to cut the Java team to the bone (and beyond) has been there for years. Oracle execs (or at least one Oracle exec in charge of all product development) just don't understand the whole "invest and monetize where you have competitive advantage; partner or acquire where you don't" concept. Instead, they're using repeated cuts to core product groups to (under-)fund 500 different random projects that are glacially attempting to create shallow clones of various market leaders (e.g. AWS, GitHub), albeit years or even decades too late to compete, under some absurd assumption that the world is just waiting for the Oracle branded version of GitHub and AWS to show up so that they can switch to it. Internally, the koolaid is strong, with the official party line being that Oracle is totally dominating the market in Cloud, totally destroying Amazon, absolutely beating Salesforce, totally dominating Microsoft, absolutely wiping Google off the face of the map, etc. In reality, Oracle just continues to dramatically increase maintenance and support on older products that customers can't easily escape from (that accounts for almost 100% of Oracle revenue), while trying to strong-arm those same customers (via threats of software audits, coupled with massive discounts if they agree) into trying some of these new, half-baked products that kind-of look something like what has already been status quo in the market now for a decade or more.

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In the first trailer for the final season of Telltale's The Walking Dead series, Clementine goes over the rules of zombie engagement, and reminds us what to do with your last bullet.

Nier: Automata Hits 3 Million Sales Worldwide - IGN

Nier: Automata's critical and commercial success came after a string of poorly performing releases for PlatinumGames and the cancelation of Scalebound in early 2017. Last August, PlatinumGames co-founder Hideki Kamiya tweeted  that thanks to the success of Nier: Automata, Yoko Taro may very well have "saved" PlatinumGames.

37 The Moto Z3 Play packs a bigger, better screen and full Mod support

If you haven't been keeping up, here's the thing about the Z Play series : they usually show up a few months ahead of Moto's full-blown flagship device and lack the sheer speed those flashier phones offer. That said, they're much cheaper and generally have better battery life. This year, Moto's really gunning to ensure the Z3 Play lasts as long as you need it to — if you buy the phone unlocked this summer for $499, you'll find one of the company's 2,000mAh battery Mods inside the box. Giving people one of its most popular, most valuable accessories for free sure is a kind move on Motorola's part, but I have to wonder if by doing so, Moto is limiting the growth for the rest of its Mod market.

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It's easy to think that five years after Snowden that little has changed. In this retrospective, I look back at how tech giants stepped in when lawmakers should've done.…


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This phone case turns your iPhone 8 Plus into an X-ray machine

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43 Amazon's Echo Look style assistant is now available to all

Users can also get fashion and style tips from Vogue and GQ right in the Echo Look app. And if you want a human's opinion on your outfit, you can submit pictures to the Amazon Spark community for further input. You can also use the Echo Look as a regular Alexa-enabled smart speaker. If you're in the market for a smart speaker that will give you fashion advice, then you can pick one up with free same-day delivery in many markets for $200.

Revisiting the Heyday of California's 'Crazy' Novelty Architecture

As California’s open spaces were tamed by roads and cars, business owners scrambled to find ways to entice drivers to pull off the highways and reach for their wallets. Automobiles became more widely accessible after World War I, and “the middle class was able to get out, and that had never happened before,” Carbone says. Mimetic buildings were, for a time, a useful tactic—both functional architecture and large, loud advertisement. “If Californians were going to be fully committed to this ‘automania,’” Gebhard writes, “then why not cultivate a set of architectural images which would instantly catch the eye, and which we would continue to remember?” These buildings were “not necessarily near anything terrifically important,” Carbone says, but they could draw the attention of drivers just passing through.

45 Uber launches electric bike sharing service in Germany

One of the biggest challenges Uber will face in Berlin is finding space for its bikes, after a number of firms from China and the US entered the market in the last year, competing with existing local initiatives. Authorities are struggling to cope with where to place the bikes, many of which clutter pavements or are thrown into rivers and scrubland.

The rise of 'Fortnite' means gaming phones might make sense

Phones like the ASUS ROG, however, solve this with the addition of extra cooling, plus it has those shoulder triggers for even more precision. What's more, it has a ton of optional accessories that do add those physical controls if you want gameplay to be more immersive. There's even a TwinView Dock that speaks to the hypothetical rise of mobile game livestreaming; it gives you a second screen so you can keep an eye on your Twitch audience reactions on one display while you battle for survival in the other. Twitch isn't exactly full of people streaming from their Android phone, but if you're going to release a crazy gaming handset, you may as well cover every angle.

watchOS 5 beta 1 apparently bricking some Apple Watches | Cult of Mac

The very first beta version of watchOS 5 launched yesterday, but was pulled this evening after reports it was mucking up people’s devices.

48 Foxconn imagines life beyond Apple but faces major risks as it...

TAIPEI (Reuters) - Foxconn, the Taiwanese contract manufacturer that rose to global prominence as the manufacturer of the Apple iPhone, is trying to reinvent itself as smartphone sales plateau and Apple Inc diversifies its supplier base.

Parrot unveils 4K HDR foldable Anafi drone for $700

On the image quality front, the new drone doesn’t disappoint. The aforementioned 4K HDR camera has a 21MP Sony IMX230 sensor with optics “specifically designed” for the Anafi. It’s able to withstand extreme temperatures (14 degrees to 104 degrees Fahrenheit), can shoot up to 30 frames per second in 4K at 100Mbps, and has a lossless zoom of 1.4x, 3x digital zoom in 4K, and 2.8x in Full HD (1080p). Highlights include a hyper-lapse shooting mode that speeds footage up to 240 times, and a high frame rate mode of 60 frames per second.

Gmail's new design: Love it or hate it, looks like you'll soon have to use it | ZDNet

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51 People have seen 'The Incredibles 2' and they're telling Twitter it's great
52 Twitter
53 Facebook Paying for News Shows From ABC News, CNN, Fox News, Univision, Others
54 Businessman and a legendary pornstar implicated in a $300M Bitcoin scam
55 New Gear: The NSA Collection
56 Cambridge Analytica CEO reportedly embezzled $8 million
57 Solo comes to Star Wars: Battlefront II
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59 Unihertz Atom hands-on: in pictures | ZDNet
60 SleepScore uses sonar on your phone to show you how bad your sleep is
61 Julio Ojeda-Zapata on Instagram: “The award for the weirdest #ms150 campsite tents goes to ... #bikems”
62 Julio Ojeda-Zapata on Instagram: “That's my buddy Chad on the left. #gochad #ms150 #bikems”
63 GM has no projects underway with Lyft, CEO Barra says
64 How Avengers: Infinity War made that 'crazy' Thanos battle scene
65 WTF is this bizarre fake movie trailer Trump made for Kim Jong-un?
66 10 things PC gamers hate
67 Mapfit raises $5.5M for its mapping platform
68 Squarespace expands its website-building platform with email marketing
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75 How to set up your home network for many Apple TVs, Macs, iPhones, and iPads
76 Kry bags $66M to launch its video-call-a-doctor service in more European markets
77 1. Americans’ attitudes toward public libraries
78 iPhone X dethroned as world's top-selling smartphone | Cult of Mac
79 Nintendo Switch is likely to get Netflix and YouTube after all
80 Vivo's concept Apex is real and it could be your Nex phone
81 Netflix suffers first massive global outage | AlphaStreet
82 Fallout 76: Why we can't wait until Nov. 14
83 ZTE deal was a personal favour to Chinese president: White House trade adviser | ZDNet
84 The rise and fall of Sugru, the British Blu Tack rival that almost crowdfunded itself to death
85 NASA's Hubble telescope delivers new space stunners
86 Sumo Logic brings data analysis to containers
87 Google Doodle goes long with garden gnomes game
88 How to get developer relations right for your company
89 Apple can't protect you from data trackers forever. No one can
90 IoT devices to get big boost from 5G networks, Ericsson says
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93 Amazon is in talks to save 'Lucifer,' which was recently canceled by Fox