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Watch Sony's E3 press conference right here

What are you hoping to see?

'The Last Guardian' finally arrives on October 25th

Live your ratbird companion fantasies in just a few more months.

Microsoft buys LinkedIn for $26.2 billion

The professional social network is now in Satya Nadella's hands.

Apple Music gets a design overhaul and more playlists

As rumored, Apple announced a significant redesign of its Apple Music app onstage at WWDC today.  The app introduce

Oculus Touch will control over 30 games this year

Were you worried that Oculus' Touch controller would arrive without any games that used it? If you ask Oculus, there's no reason to worry. It's promising that o...

You can now watch Apple's WWDC 2016 keynote online | Cult of Mac

Didn't have time to catch Apple's huge keynote this morning? You could go back through Cult of Mac's liveblog to relive all the action. Or if you'd prefer

Watch 14 minutes of Ghost Recon Wildlands, coming March 2017

The first Tom Clancy game of E3 2016, Ubisoft today unveiled a new trailer for Ghost Recon Wildlands, which was originally announced last year. The game is an open-world shooter about taking on a...

Jason is still up to his old tricks in 'Friday the 13th: The Game'

You don't wanna mess with the iconic slasher in the upcoming 'Friday the 13th.'

Watch 8 minutes of Horizon Zero Dawn gameplay, including robot dinosaur hunting

After blasting through three big reveals — a new God of War, a post-apocalypse romance called Days Gone, and a release date for The Last Guardian — the Sony E3 2016 press event slowed down with a...

7 years later, 'The Last Guardian' finally has a release date

The beautiful world of part-bird, part-dog, part-cat Trico is coming into focus.

The 7 best game trailers from Sony's E3 2016 press event

While Microsoft's E3 event this morning focused largely on new hardware, at Sony it was all about games. In a lean, mean presentation accompanied by a symphony orchestra, the company highlighted a...

Insomniac's take on Spider-Man features an experienced hero

The PlayStation 4-exclusive Spider-Man game will focus on a more experienced Peter Parker

'Detroit: Become Human' is all about the decisions you make

What will you do next?

'God of War' is coming to PS4

Kratos is finally getting a PS4 game.

Apple unleashes Swift Playgrounds to help new developers learn to code

Apple just delivered an app that could produce the next great app developer.

The Xbox and PC are closer than ever, but still not close enough

Microsoft focused its big E3 2016 announcements on crossplay with Windows 10 PC, promising 10 titles that can be enjoyed on either an Xbox or a computer.

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1 Live from Sony's PlayStation showcase at E3!

Find out what's next for the PS4 as soon as we do.

Everything Apple announced at WWDC 2016 in one handy list

For iOS 10, Federighi moves right into demo, with a new lockscreen that has a “raise to wake” feature – reminiscent of Moto X’s active display for glance-able notifications. In iOS 10, you can 3D Touch a notification to reply to messages or apps straight from the lockscreen. Swipe right and you can immediately access the camera.


Congratulations to BackupHero, our latest Community Spotlight winner! BackupHero's first gaming experience was split-screen multiplayer on Halo 3. Now he primarily plays action/adventure games on PC and Xbox. He's also a mega-fan of Coldplay music. Drop by his wall and say hello!

4 Live from Sony's PlayStation showcase at E3!

Find out what's next for the PS4 as soon as we do.

How MacOS Sierra brings Apple's devices closer than ever

The enabler of all of this, of course, is Continuity – Apple's umbrella term for a suite of features that bring iOS and OS X devices continually closer – and it's the beating heart macOS Sierra. Whereas OS X 10.11 El Capitan was all about under-the-hood performance improvements, macOS's first outing brings the focus back to interoperability.

6 Live from Sony's PlayStation showcase at E3!

Find out what's next for the PS4 as soon as we do.

7 Microsoft to buy LinkedIn for $26.2 billion in its largest deal

Microsoft Corp ( MSFT.O ) will buy LinkedIn Corp ( LNKD.N ) for $26.2 billion in its biggest-ever deal, marking CEO Satya Nadella's first big effort to breathe new life into the software giant's business-productivity tools.

Microsoft's $26 billion LinkedIn deal reaffirms a trend that's shaking up the entire tech industry

As previously reported when Salesforce bought Demandware for $2.8 billion just two weeks ago, Wall Street is anticipating a wave of deal-making that will consolidate a number of smaller software makers with the big guns, like Microsoft, Oracle, and Salesforce, or private-equity firms that hold massive amounts of money.


Today at Apple’s WWDC 2016 conference, Apple SVP Craig Federighi announced a major update to Apple’s Internet of Things platform, HomeKit. The big… Read More

Everything we saw at Ubisoft's E3 event

Ubisoft's annual bit-too-weird E3 event went as scheduled, with acid-colored dance routines, weird ironic (?) Ubisoft creatives in comedy skits I didn't quite understand, oh, and a bunch of games. That included closer looks at Watch Dogs 2, Ghost Recon: Wildlands, as well as some virtual Star Trek and a sneak peak behind the scenes of Fassassin's Creed . Let's take a look.

Report: DraftKings and FanDuel are in talks to merge

The two companies, which were both valued at over $1 billion in 2015, are currently embroiled in several battles over the legality of their websites. Many state legislatures, including New York, believe daily fantasy sports amounts to illegal gambling.

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Apple is turning Siri into a next-level Artificial Intelligence

Though Siri never had its moment at the WWDC 2016 keynote, its presence was felt throughout. Apple's commitment to AI is crystal clear: Siri will live throughout its ecosystem and third-party apps will get to, for now, sip the sweet nectar of voice-driven artificial intelligence.

HBO's Latest Dumb Stunt Is Refusing to Release Two Game of Thrones Episode Descriptions

In the long list of stupid things done for the sake of performative secrecy, HBO’s refusal to give any descriptions of the last two episodes of season six of Game of Thrones ranks right above pretending your mouth is a lock and miming turning a key and throwing it away.

All the New Features for Your Mac

Apple is using the launch of its newest release of the Mac OS X, version 10.12, to rename the operating system entirely. The 16-year-old desktop operating system will no longer be called OS X—it will, instead, be called MacOS.

Instagram competitor Storehouse is shutting down

In an email to users, Storehouse notes it will officially shutdown July 15. CEO Mark Kawano said that while he is proud of what was created, it never quite found its place:

Apple launches 'Home' on iOS to manage all your HomeKit devices

The app allows you to see all your HomeKit devices and perform actions on them. Furthermore, a feature called ‘Scenes’ lets you adjust multiple devices at once; think of it like a macro for multiple devices.

Check out all the new features coming soon to the Apple TV

When Apple released the fourth-generation Apple TV, it came with a new operating system called tvOS, an App Store for tvOS apps, and a host of new ways to connect to your screen using the new Siri remote control, which lets you navigate your Apple TV using your voice or the touchpad that's right on the remote.

Watch Sony’s E3 press conference right here

Sony’s Electronic Entertainment Expo is about to start, and you can watch it right here. We’ll likely see more Horizon: Zero Dawn, No Man’s Sky, and probably a few surprises. We might even see an answer to Microsoft’s Project Scorpio . Check it out:

The Best and Worst From WWDC 2016

The WWDC keynote is finally over, and if we learned one thing, it’s that Apple has fundamentally changed. Most of the news from the developer’s conference wasn’t too earth-shattering: there were no new apps being ported to Android, no allusions to any Apple hardware whatsoever, and Tim Cook even seemed a little off during his presentation.

Trump revokes Washington Post's press credentials

The move is the latest in a months-long feud between Trump and Bezos, who bought the Post for $250 million in 2013. Trump's feud with the Post, Bezos and Amazon seemed to have come out of nowhere in December when the Republican candidate began tweeting fire at all three, claiming that Bezos' purchase of The Post was meant to use the struggling paper as a way of lowering Amazon's tax bill.

​Resident Evil 7 will be fully playable in PlayStation VR

Experiencing that in virtual reality could be downright traumatising. Luckily, that's not your only option: the game will be playable without a VR headset, too -- though the game will still maintain a first-person perspective. Sony says the Resident Evil 7 demo will be available to Playstation Plus subscribers as soon as its E3 press conference ends. Brave enough to play it in VR? You'll have to wait awhile. PlayStation VR might launch in October , but Resident Evil 7 isn't out until January 24th.

Apple presents a new file system called APFS, now available as a Developer Preview

This is a crazy week. Not only are we finding ourselves flipping between the E3 2016 gaming convention and Apple’s own developer conference (WWDC), Apple has separately decided to surprise us all with a much-requested, long-needed update: a sparkly new file system for iOS, OS X, tvOS, and WatchOS. It’s simply called Apple File System, or APFS, and it’s optimized for SSDs and flash-based storage solutions that are used in MacBooks, iPads, iPhones, AppleTV set-top boxes, and so on.

Apple introduces iOS 10, rebrands OS X at WWDC 2016

Siri will be front and center on both iOS and OS X, now called MacOS, starting this fall.

Look out, Facebook! Apple’s iMessage is now a platform

Of course, there is one rumor that was not confirmed at WWDC: iMessage for Android. Apple did not unveil a version of its iMessage platform for Google’s mobile operating system, as some expected to happen. This, of course, makes sense. Apple has long operated on exclusivity, and the iMessage app is perhaps the most popular app on the iPhone. It’s unlikely that we’ll see iMessage for Android any time in the near future.

iPhones and iPads that will -- and won't -- work with iOS 10

Here's the list of Apple devices that are powerful enough to handle the company's newest mobile operating system.

Read Microsoft CEO’s memo to staff about LinkedIn acquisition

A big part of this deal is accelerating LinkedIn's growth. To that end, LinkedIn will retain its distinct brand and independence, as well as their culture which is very much aligned with ours. Jeff will continue to be CEO of LinkedIn, he'll report to me and join our senior leadership team. In essence, what I've asked Jeff to do is manage LinkedIn with key performance metrics that accrue to our overall success. He'll decide from there what makes sense to integrate and what does not. We know that near term there will be no changes in who reports to whom so no reporting relationships at Microsoft will change in that regard. This approach is designed to keep the LinkedIn team focused on driving results while simultaneously partnering on product integration plans with the Office 365 and Dynamics teams. During the integration, we'll pick key projects where we can go deep together that will ultimately result in new experiences for customers. Kurt DelBene will lead the overall integration efforts at Microsoft in close partnership with Qi Lu and Scott Guthrie.

Kratos returns in God of War video

Kratos is back in a totally reimagined third-person action/adventure version of the game God of War.

New app makes it easier than ever to tell Donald Trump to delete his account

After Hillary Clinton one of Hillary Clinton’s staffer’s famously set fire to Donald Trump  with a three-word tweet last week, ‘The Donald’s’ Twitter account has been flooded with “delete your account” messages. If you want to join in the party, but don’t want to go through the trouble of actually seeing what Trump tweets, we’ve got good news: there’s an app for that .

El Niño Has Pushed Our Planet Past a Major Climate Milestone

And it’ll be this way for the rest of our lifetimes, barring large-scale deployment of carbon capture and storage technology, an idea which scientists are starting to take seriously in light of our apparent inability to give a shit about climate change. So, what does it mean to live and breathe a 400 ppm atmosphere? We’re not entirely sure yet, but the geologic past can offer clues. For instance, the last time the Earth was a 400 ppm world—the mid-Pliocene—sea levels were an estimated 50 to 80 feet higher than they are today, meaning Florida, much of the Gulf Coast, and countless other coastlines worldwide did not exist in their current form.

The Best and Worst From WWDC 2016

The WWDC keynote is finally over, and if we learned one thing, it’s that Apple has fundamentally changed. Most of the news from the developer’s conference wasn’t too earth-shattering: there were no new apps being ported to Android, no allusions to any Apple hardware whatsoever, and Tim Cook even seemed a little off during his presentation.

A T-Rex Doing American Ninja Warrior Is The Greatest Thing

It’s hard out there for a Tyrannosaurus Rex. Cursed with short arms and a giant head, it’s not easy for them to live everyday life. So color us surprised for how far this T-Rex goes on the American Ninja Warrior course. It’s totally hilarious to watch it goofily flail around the obstacles with its tail wagging and its head bobbing around.

How to: Register for Apple's iOS 10 and macOS Sierra betas

A spectrum of new features are set for introduction when iOS 10 and macOS (n´e OS X) see public release this fall, but those brave enough to take the leap can test drive the software as part of Apple's Beta Software Program come July. As announced earlier today, developers are the first to get access to Apple's beta software — iOS 10, macOS Sierra, watchOS 3 — and can download current builds via the company's Developer webpage. For public testers, Apple plans to make iOS 10 and macOS Sierra available next month. To join the Apple Beta Software Program, go to Apple's dedicated webpage and sign in with your Apple ID. Users who do not yet have an Apple ID can create one for free. After agreeing to Apple's terms and conditions, enroll your devices to receive notifications of new updates and beta releases for download. Once a member, all you need for download and installation is the latest version of iTunes. When the beta is released next month, simply connect an enrolled iOS device to an up-to-date computer and open iTunes, or alternatively run Software Update.

Meta raises $50M more as it gears up for the next version of its AR headset, and China

Back when Meta was more of an idea than a publicly available product, I met Meron Gribetz, Meta’s CEO, for a demo of its prototypes and saw that he had an incredibly focused and singular vision of how he wanted to develop the company. The headset they were working on, he said at the time, was something they wanted to be easy enough to use that it could be attainable by the mass market. That was years ago, and so it’s great to see them coming along so far.

New Apple TV apps, games and features coming soon (pictures)

At the World Wide Developers Conference Apple announced a bunch of small improvements and additions for the Apple TV box and tvOS software. Here's a peek.

Some Guy Found a Huge Chunk of 2,000-Year-Old Butter in a Bog and It's Still Edible

If the age of this dairy meteor or the potential to piss off some vengeful gods weren’t reason enough not to sample the stuff, consider that the butter was discovered at the bottom of a bog caked in some very old dirt (earthy! organic!). Emlagh bog, where the butter was found, was located at the crossroads of three separate kingdoms back when the butter was apparently buried, and basically no one went there. Halpin described it as an “inaccessible [...] a no-man’s-land.” Presumably the butterball was tossed in, intended never to be touched, and that remained true, until fools like us decided to dig it up.

Here’s What Apple Is Bringing To The Apple TV

There are dozens of apps that allow cable users to access video content on the Apple TV as long as they have a subscription with their local cable provider. The bottleneck for these apps is that they’ve been a pain to set up in the past. Each app required an individual authentication and sign-on. The next version of tvOS will eliminate this bottleneck by introducing Single Sign On: Sign in once to your cable subscription on the Apple TV and you’ll be signed in automatically to all the channel apps that you get with your cable package.

Apple announces iOS 10

What a surprise. Apple just unveiled iOS 10 at its annual developer conference . The tenth major iteration of the operating system for iPhones and iPads comes with a bunch of new features, some small and some bigger — Apple is releasing a public beta next month. “It is the biggest iOS release ever for our users,” said Craig Federighi. Here’s what’s new.

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Apple's Bozoma Saint John is my hero

Despite being one of the premiere events in tech, WWDC isn't traditionally known for being a bastion of diversity. That's changing somewhat these days, as Apple, right along with the rest of the industry, continues to respond to calls for inclusion. But up on stage, WWDC is still mostly ruled by the white dads.

Star Wars: Battlefront is getting an X-Wing VR mission for PlayStation 4

It is call X-wing VR Mission, and it’s content for the PlayStation 4 version of the multiplayer shooter Star: Wars Battlefront. The short trailer showed X-wings flying alongside a Corellian Corvette (you know, that rebel ship from the start of A New Hope)  in space. It will be available for PlayStation VR on PlayStation 4.

Sony announces Crash Bandicoot remasters and a Skylander cameo

Crash Bandicoot returns! At the Sony E3 2016 press conference, the publisher announced it had partnered with Activision to bring the mascot back to PlayStation. Remasters of the original Crash Bandicoot, Crash Bandicoot 2 , and Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped will come at an unspecified later date.

Quantic Dream shows intense hostage scene from Detroit: Become Human

The demo starts with a man in a suit, clearly an android, who is sent to rescue a girl who is a hostage. Another android has taken the girl hostage and is threatening to jump off a ledge with her. He does so, and the girl dies. But then the android appears to rewind time and makes a different decision. The scene replays over and over, until the girl is finally rescued. The android puts the girl down, and then he is killed by a sniper.

Symantec grabs Blue Coat Systems for $4.65 billion

Whether the combined companies will actually perform better than they did separately is an open question. In a time when agility and speed are valued attributes in organizations, creating a larger, less flexible company seems counter to that. One thing the two companies have going for them is lack of overlap, which is unusual in a deal like this, but you have to wonder if scaling up is the right way to go here and whether a large organization can move quickly enough in a rapidly changing market space.

5 Biggest Stories from Microsoft's E3 2016 Conference

5 Biggest Stories from Microsoft's E3 2016 Conference

Apple wants iOS to be the first language your child learns

In this game players can control a character named Byte by using real Swift code. Concepts like code fencing and loops are introduced as game mechanics to solve puzzles. Players learn more real coding skills as they progress through the game, as puzzles require increasingly complex movements in order to be solved. There’s also a sandbox mode, where users can create environments using code.

Microsoft Acquires LinkedIn for $26.2 Billion

Microsoft has officially announced that it has acquired the professional social network LinkedIn . The companies came to the agreement with Microsoft forking over $26.2 billion for the acquisition. Right out of the gate, that means users of Microsoft’s services like Skype, the Office suite of apps, Cortana, and others will see LinkedIn integration that will offer up details on contacts, as well as provide the means to contact an expert when you’re working on an Office project.

Woman casually gets her eyebrows tinted while awaiting her C-section

She explained that after wandering around the hospital to waste time, she stumbled upon a beauty salon. Clearly Mollie felt this encounter was an act of fate, because she went on to explain that the one thing she forgot to do before coming to the hospital was get her eyebrows tinted.

How to take the guesswork out of Father's Day gift giving

Get to the heart of who your dad really is (and what he'll really want this Father's Day) by weaving your way through the "Choose Your Own Adventure" style gift guide below. Then click to reveal a tailor-made suggestion for your old man.

5 Things Apple Tried to Destroy at WWDC 2016

Apple, the perpetual copycat, introduced a ton of new ideas today that weren’t really new at all. Many companies have made the products and features Apple showed off today—and now Apple aims to destroy them with its own better versions.

51 Muslim American man shares both blood and patriotism in wake of Orlando attack
52 Ilana Glazer exposes guy who faked a job on Broad City to score chicks
53 Star Trek VR Game Is a Button-Pressing Simulator
54 Apple Opens Up Siri, iMessage To Developers In iOS 10
55 Is Apple's New Privacy Feature Safe?
56 HBO's Latest Dumb Stunt Is Refusing to Release Two Game of Thrones Episode Descriptions
57 This Interactive Shows How Far Your Food Traveled to Get to You
58 A Clip-on Motorized Cat Tail Is Your First Step to Becoming a Furry
59 Apple launches iMessage Apps so third-party devs can join your convos
60 Microsoft reveals the new, slimmer Xbox One S, coming this August
61 iPhone Sales Expected to Fall for the First Time in 2016
62 Adam Levine offers to pay for Christina Grimmie's funeral
63 PlayStation VR is arriving October 13th, priced at $399
64 We Finally Know Why Birds Are So Freakishly Smart
65 Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare shows infantry combat in space
66 Apple bringing Siri to your Mac, opening up Messages
67 'Crash Bandicoot' is back
68 Ars Technica on Twitter
69 A hedge fund manager made a killing on Microsoft-LinkedIn — here's what he thinks about the takeover
70 Apple wants to remind you to breathe (Gulp, what next?)
71 iOS 10: Every New Feature Coming to Your iPhone
72 Apple found a way to make the iPhone exciting again
73 Justin Bieber's latest cry for help is wearing khaki shorts over his jeans
74 'Ghost Recon: Wildlands' sees Bolivia controlled by the cartels
75 Madden NFL 16 championships will be broadcast live on ESPN2
76 Guy Documents New Jerk Species of Butterfly
77 The After Math: Apple WWDC 2016
78 FAA proposes fining Amazon $350,000 for hazardous package
79 The 13 biggest announcements from Apple WWDC 2016
80 Apple’s new iOS Messages is competition for Facebook
81 The Alienware VR backpack prototype (pictures)
82 Amazon faces $350,000 fine for improperly shipping Liquid Fire
83 iOS 10 finally lets you delete Apple apps you don't want | Cult of Mac
84 Buy ‘Gears of War 4’ for Xbox, play on the PC for free with Xbox Play Anywhere