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Apple partner Wistron says 'iPhone 7s Plus' will include wireless charging, improved waterproofing

‘Echo Arena’ is competitive, virtual reality frisbee in zero gravity

Ultimate Frisbee better watch out, there's a new game in town.

Spider-Man developer: you can’t murder villains by tossing them off skyscrapers

If you paid close attention to the 9-minute Spider-Man demo at Sony’s E3 2017 event, you might have noticed the superhero knocking a goon off a skyscraper — only to sling him safely back onto the...

'Super Mario Odyssey' may look bizarre, but it feels just right

Mario is back, with a shiny new hat.

Selena Gomez's 'Bad Liar' music video has one hell of a plot twist

It's as if you're watching a movie.

An Uber board member just resigned after sexist remarks

David Bonderman, a partner at private equity firm TPG and an Uber board member, has resigned after making a disparaging

196 Democrats are suing President Trump

The 30 senators and 166 congressional representatives have filed a legal case against the president, accusing him o

Ben Stiller and Vince Vaughn face off in a charitable 'Dodgeball' reunion

Dodge, duck, dip, dive, dodge, and donate.

Grandpa jamming to Metallica proves you're never to old to rock

Don't hurt yourself there, grandpa.

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Google Drive's new app will back up any file or photo stored on your computer

Backing up and syncing files can feel like a daunting though necessary task at times, and to help ease the burden Google Drive will soon roll out a new app that stores any file and photo on your computer.

Climate change study canceled due to climate change

The team from Canadian research icebreaker CCGS Amundsen has had to cancel the first part of its 2017 expedition "due to complications associated with the southward motion of hazardous Arctic sea ice, caused by climate change," reports the University of Manitoba , which is leading the study.

A Microsoft robot just got the highest all-time score in 'Ms. Pac-Man'

The notion that this is the first time this score has been achieved is backed up by , a resource for tracking high scores in the still-competitive classic arcade gaming scene. Per that site, the highest score ever recorded in this version of "Ms. Pac-Man" was 266,330, by a player in Brazil.

Apple supplier Foxconn said to be mulling Wisconsin plant

The plant would be the first in the US for Foxconn, a Taiwanese company that assembles iPhones and other electronics. Michigan is also pursuing the plant, which would employ thousands, the AP reported. Foxconn told The Wall Street Journal late last year that it was considering a stateside plant.

Kangaroo-sized turkeys once roamed Australia

Turkeys rivaling the size of modern-day kangaroos gobbled their way across Australia about 2 million years ago, according to new research.

Everything You Need to Know About 4K Gaming

You want the very best in 4K gaming, so how do you go about getting it? Unfortunately the answer is not quite as simple as it should be, and all the available choices can be tremendously confusing. So let’s try to cut through all the marketing terms, hype, and numbers to get at what “4K” gaming really means.

How to conduct a successful photo walk - TechRepublic

When I began dabbling in the world of photography, one of my favorite photographers would always share his experiences with "photo walks." At the time, I didn't quite get the significance of a photo walk, but now I do. Not to get all zen on you TechRepublic readers, but a proper photo walk gives you the chance to be one with your trusty camera and absorb the energy around you. This energy can in turn be reflected in your photographs. I take my cameras with me everywhere I go, but there are some days I make plans to go shoot. Allow me to share what helps me get awesome photographs from a successful photo walk.


A U.S. company refused to comply with a top-secret order that compelled it to facilitate government surveillance, according to newly declassified documents . According to the document, the unnamed company's refusal to participate in the surveillance program was tied to an apparent expansion of the foreign surveillance law, details of which were redacted by the government prior to its release, as it likely remains classified. It's thought to be only the second instance of an American company refusing to comply with a government surveillance order. The first was Yahoo in 2008. It was threatened with hefty daily fines if it didn't hand over customer data to the National Security Agency. The law is widely known in national security circles as forming the legal basis authorizing the so-called PRISM surveillance program, which reportedly taps data from nine tech titans including Apple, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and others. It also permits "upstream" collection from the internet fiber backbones of the internet.

10.5-inch iPad Pro Teardown Posted by iFixit

With the copious amount of glue being used everywhere inside the new iPad and the front panel being laminated to the LCD, iFixit ends up giving the new 10.5-inch iPad Pro a repairability score of 2 out of 10. This essentially means that one should not really try repairing their iPad on their own unless they explicitly know what they are getting themselves into.

Box Drive lets business users access 'tens of millions of files' from their desktop - TechRepublic

Box Drive achieves this promise by relying on streaming the files instead of syncing them. Unlike the traditional Box product, which syncs data and makes on copy on the user's drive, Box Drive allows users to access the streamed files through the app, without a local copy needed, the release said.

How to print from Gmail and Inbox on iOS: 7 methods - TechRepublic

You can also convert the body of an email into a PDF on Google Drive. To do this, login to Gmail in Safari on iOS, open your email, then tap the triangle in the upper right corner. Choose Print. You may see a couple of options: One of those will be Save to Google Drive. Tap that option to save your document as a PDF in Google Drive, navigate to Google Drive (either in the browser or Google Drive mobile app), select your PDF, and print. You'll see the contents of the email.

Analyst Says It's Time for Tesla to Start Worrying About Apple's Car Ambitions

Tesla Inc. may be facing more competition from other tech giants than initially feared, and one of the analysts that had been most bullish on the firm is growing increasingly worried.

Report: 19% of business passwords 'easily compromised' - TechRepublic

"A possible explanation is that Microsoft password length and complexity requirements force users to avoid some of the weakest passwords," wrote Yaron Ziner, a senior researcher at Preempt and the author of the report. "For example, the 25 most common passwords in the LinkedIn password dataset will not comply with basic password complexity requirements (we should note that even complex passwords can be weak if they are on a password list)."

How to develop tech talent internally to fill gaps in your workforce - TechRepublic

At Code PaLOUsa in Louisville, KY, Jared Faris of HMB discussed the tech talent shortage, and how to develop workers internally to fill positions.

Apple wants you to pay big for their smart speaker

With Google Home retailing for $129 and Amazon Echo: $179, Apple’s HomePod is an outlier priced at $349, making it less compelling to those who either already own a smart home assistant or consider buying one in the future. Whilst many may have grown up with an iPod, iPhone or MacBook, affordability matters, and beyond this wedded to the cult of Mac, people won’t automatically turn to Apple when there are products like Alexa and Siri that are already enmeshed in popular culture. Even if you don’t own one, most people have seen the ads and know what they can do.

Bad At Negotiating? Facebook Is Working On Bots That Can Do It For You

A new research project from Facebook aims to help us get more of what we want—and save us the hassle of having to go head-to-head to do so. The project, from Facebook’s artificial intelligence research group (FAIR), builds on the social network giant’s work over the years to enable tools like chatbots to engage in short, natural-language conversations. But while current publicly available bots are capable of doing things like booking a restaurant table, they’ve proven less adept at carrying on a meaningful conversation due to the challenge of understanding what we’re saying and combining that with their knowledge of the world we live in.

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New Windows XP patch: Microsoft issues extraordinary fix to protect PCs against next #WannaCry

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When you tweet with a location, Twitter stores that location. You can switch location on/off before each Tweet and always have the option to delete your location history. Learn more

If data is the new oil, who is your refiner?

In cities you have hundreds or thousands of these cameras that are creating huge numbers of live video streams. Generally, there is not enough staff to look at all the screens simultaneously, because it would be extremely expensive and inefficient to have people watch all these video streams 24/7. So, what Nokia’s solution does is analyze these videos and look for anomalies. There are plenty use case examples, like a car driving in the wrong direction, turmoil in an airport, some people or objects making unusual movements. What we’re actually doing is collecting these video data and putting it through the refinement chain, processed through a number of algorithms that recognize specific situations and detect anomalies. Adding AI capabilities to it, the system becomes self-learning and can identify, alert and predict any sort of “happening” that is out of the ordinary. This is helping decision making but at the same time it’s also an enormous cost saving because cities and security firms need only a fraction of the people. Analytics technologies are actually making these kinds of video surveillance solutions possible and affordable.

Netflix limits number of times you can download some content

It's not clear just what that number is, Android Police reports, and the streaming giant only tells you about it when you're almost out of downloads.

Facebook researchers taught bots to negotiate (and lie) like humans

One thing that was unique about FAIR's approach was that their goal was to get the bots to actually act like humans, training them to anticipate what a human would do in any given situation, rather than simply teaching them to imitate their behavior. And they were ultimately successful. When they put the traivned bots up against humans, the people were unable to detect that they were interacting with a bot.

People care more about sound quality in their smart speaker than controlling lightbulbs

A new poll from Morning Consult sheds some light on what attracts people to the smart voice assistant speaker category that Amazon established with the Echo, and now includes Apple’s HomePod and Google’s Home. The company surveyed 2,200 people to research how brand loyalty would impact the smart speaker space now that Apple has entered the competition.

What to Do If You're a Guy Who Struggles to Orgasm

I’m willing to bet that nine out of ten people who read this headline will think, “A dude who has trouble orgasming? Yeah, right.” Difficulty reaching orgasm is typically thought of as a female problem, but that’s an unfair and harmful stereotype. The reality is that male orgasm is not a guarantee. If you struggle to reach orgasm, here’s your game-plan.

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Study: Students will trade their friends’ privacy for free pizza

A Dating App Reveals Unexpected Cloning Capabilities in Funny Short Swiped

Finding the perfect match should theoretically be easier with apps like Tinder—but there’s always the possibility that the person you see on the screen doesn’t measure up in real life. This gets very awkward in Swiped when one dude’s online match turns out to be someone he already knows. Like, really well.

Instagram to Make It Clearer When Influencer Posts Are Paid Ads

Instagram has helped nourish a crop of internet celebrities popular for their lifestyle photographs -- and rich thanks to their sponsors. Now the mobile app is giving them a better way to disclose when they’re being paid, aiming to increase transparency.

Very good dog crashes every street view shot of this South Korean island

Oftentimes, the best way to describe directions to someone is to explain using street view technology, so you can use notable landmarks as cues for turns and stops. While Google Maps has been pretty good at covering a large part of the world, it’s certainly missing one useful component: a helpful guide dog who photobombs every shot along the way.

Amazon Prime Reload: Deal or no deal?

There is, however, a fairly significant catch: You can no longer use a credit card to pay for things, at least if you want your reward. Instead, Reload requires a debit card, along with a US bank account (ideally the one tied to that card) and a routing number. What's more, you need to fund an Amazon gift-card balance, which is what's actually used to buy things.

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Man in VR headset falls off fake cliff and hits a very real floor

Garfield Go is the best game of E3 if you hate E3

According to Wikipedia, over a dozen video games featuring the venerable Monday-hating cat Garfield were made between 1987 and 2017. I haven’t played any of them, but I’m willing to bet that none of them had you wander the streets of your city looking for Domino’s Pizza gift cards, which automatically makes them more fun than Garfield Go .

Every single senior at this low income D.C. school earned their way into college

The seniors of Frank W. Ballou Senior High School in Washington, D.C. faced unique challenges that gave their acceptance rate into higher education a low probability. However, they took those odds and the school earned an inspirational 100 percent college acceptance rate for the graduating class.

Witness the rebirth of a monster: The original Xbox controller is back

(I kid: I actually started missing The Duke after I eventually switched to the objectively way better, smaller Xbox Controller S around 2003, which you're welcome to chalk up to Stockholm Syndrome if it helps you keep on reading.)

Jack Ma's Libertarian Talk Approaches Red Line

Many shrugged the comments off as bluster from a man prone to making grand pronouncements. Ma based his prediction on the number of goods transacted on his platforms and the potential number of customers. And Alibaba's $23.5 billion in revenue last year was still dwarfed by Alphabet's $90 billion and Amazon’s $136 billion. In Ma's own words, the Chinese e-commerce giant is still just "a baby."

Mercifully, the New DuckTales Theme Song Is Nearly Identical to the Old One

The instant DuckTales premiered in 1987, its theme song lodged itself permanently in the minds of everyone who heard it. So, with a new version of the show premiering this year, the worry was that Disney would mess with perfection. Thankfully, the tune has been left almost entirely intact.

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Top EU Court rules internet providers can be ordered to block The Pirate Bay

The iPhone 8 will have twice as much glass for you to break | ZDNet

Note : The reason why iPhone case leaks are common is because case manufacturers will pay handsomely to get their hands on a case early to get a leg-up over the competition. However, this demand for prototype cases also means that there are a lot of fakes flying around that have been mocked up by opportunists, so take every leak with a grain of salt.

Meet Bad Ape, Steve's Zahn's Neurotic, Lonely War for the Planet of the Apes Character

Being smart but isolated has clearly done a number on Bad Ape, who is clearly a bit eccentric. He’s a bit of a magpie and his attention flits about. But mostly, you get caught up in his earnest happiness at making new friends. Plus, he has some important information for Caesar.

Automakers Want to Test More Self-Driving Cars on U.S. Roads

Jacqueline Gillan, president of the Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety, said in prepared remarks that voluntary safety standards are inadequate to protect public safety. She did not testify at the hearing, but said in written remarks that companies deploying autonomous technology should be required to meet standards governing the functionality of self-driving systems in addition to existing safety standards for vehicle design and performance.

The NSA has linked the WannaCry computer worm to North Korea

North Korea in 2014 hacked Sony Pictures Entertainment and demanded that the movie studio pull a film that satirized the country’s leader, Kim Jong Un. The hackers disabled computers and released embarrassing company emails. But what tipped the scale for President Barack Obama was the threat to do more damage if the studio did not yank the movie — a move that the administration viewed as an assault on free speech. The administration publicly blamed Pyongyang for the attack and imposed new economic sanctions on the regime.

McLaren’s new 570S Spider is its ‘most attainable’ supercar

Everyone loves a good supercar: gorgeous, aerodynamic, laughably out of reach for almost everyone on the planet. We love to drool over photos of these cars, fully aware that we’ll probably never drive one. McLaren wants to change that perception with the release of the 2018 570S Spider, calling it the “most attainable” sports car ever.

How This “Fat Femme” Yoga Instructor Is Reshaping The $3 Trillion Wellness Industry

I've said shit in the past 5-6 months that has pissed some of you all the way off. Trust me, my mentions have got the receipts. And, if I'm being completely honest, I'm kinda glad. I mean, respectability politics are soooo fucking lame- all they do is create divisions. It's not important that we all agree with one another, but it IS important for us to be honest with one another. Honesty is the key to forward movement and evolution- prancing around difficult topics is just…stupid. Sometimes my honesty can be more than what some of y'all want to hear, particularly if you think yoga is all about sunshine and rainbows-but the beauty of social media is that it cuts across demographics and makes space for dialogue that would never happen in real life. As a black queer fat femme, my opinions may be intersectional as fuck but they're DEFINITELY not mainstream- and I know they ruffle more than a few feathers. That's ok. Feather ruffling is ok. We don't have to agree, and I love that we're all bringing our individual voices to the table. So if you're pissed at me for my political views, please know that I'm not pissed at you.

Secret Empire Turned Ultron Into the Most Sensible Person in Marvel's Comics

Considering that Secret Empire ’s been defined by iconic characters acting in ways that don’t match up with who we’ve known them to be in the past, it isn’t entirely surprising that Pym-Ultron is one of the event’s more level-headed players. In a story where one of the most trustworthy heroes has turned villain, it makes a warped kind of sense for a fusion of Avengers founder and archenemy to call these Marvel stalwarts on the carpet for their mistakes.

Mattel's CEO Thinks Internet-Connected Toys Are the Future

Mattel Inc.’s Margo Georgiadis, recruited from Google earlier this year, is shaking up the 72-year-old company by cutting its dividend and investing the money in entertainment and internet-connected toys.

Stop Google from tracking you on Google Maps

And if you have already received the Your Timeline feature, then you can pause directly from the main view of Timeline on Google Maps. Just scroll along the bottom banner until you see the Location History box and click the pause button. You can also pause location history by clicking on the gear icon located in the lower-right corner of the map.

Why Do Sick Bodies Turn Poop Into Diarrhea?

An international team of researchers is trying figure out how and why the body lets all that extra water get into your poop. Or rather, in certain cases where bacteria causes diarrhea in mice—call it traveler’s diarrhea for mice—since that’s the way they did their research. But the study could have all sorts of implications for the way we understand and treat the symptom. Also, it’s just cool as hell to better understand why your body gets sick and smelly.

Five lessons learned for the coming of the connected car

To secure this huge array of attack surfaces, automakers and their partners in the connected car ecosystem can adopt many of the principles and best practices that enterprises have used to strengthen security for the IoT. The convergence and consolidation of disparate networks in the vehicle to an Internet Protocol (IP) over Ethernet backbone is one important step in strengthening security. With in-vehicle networking standardized to IP, proven security technologies from encryption and authentication to firewalling and intrusion detection and prevention systems (IDS / IPS) can be deployed to give the connected car its own defense in depth. Artificial intelligence is also being deployed more frequently both in the enterprise and now in connected vehicles to learn to detect new patterns of malicious behavior (or even non-malicious anomalies that could be early warnings of the need for maintenance).

US indicts North Korea for host of cyberattacks, expects more to come - TechRepublic

A North Korean entity called Hidden Cobra was behind a series of cyberattacks in the US using sophisticated tools and targeting a diverse group of entities.

Windows 10 tip: Manage your saved Wi-Fi networks | ZDNet

Every time you connect to a wireless network, Windows saves your connection properties. Here's how to trim unwanted networks from that list and how to prevent metered networks from blowing up your monthly bill.

How tablets are transforming the lives of young refugees in sub-Saharan Africa

Vodafone released a series of videos to show the impact of the overall Instant Network Schools program on young people's lives, including Fugia. The series also features 16-year-old Jediva, who was abducted by a man in South Sudan and escaped, and Sasha, 17, who escaped an arranged marriage in Burundi so she could attend school. There's also David, 21, from South Sudan, who's earning his university degree completely online.

Travis Kalanick's Tumultuous Reign at Uber

It's hard to separate the hugely succesful ride-hailing app Uber from its embattled CEO, Travis Kalanick. Bloomberg Profiles looks into Kalanick's rise to the top, as well as where the company is headed in the wake of Kalanick taking a leave of absence. (Source: Bloomberg)

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56 Gene Simmons Wants to Trademark Spider-Man's 'Thwip' Hand Gesture
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58 The Coolest Gaming Gear Shown Off at E3 2017
59 Particle Physics Might Make Your Raw Milk Safer to Drink
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67 Girl's viral tweet about her very bad hairstyle got the attention of her preschool crush
68 Smart City Virtual Expo connects government officials with vendors - TechRepublic
69 Exactly What Recruiters Are Thinking While Reading Your Resume
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71 The Library of Congress Wants More People to Get Into Webcomics
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73 Hybrid IT leads the way in HPE's revamped business strategy - TechRepublic
74 A 15-Piece Orchestra Played Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger Than Daft Punk Themselves
75 The Grammys take voting online at last
76 Skittles honors LGBTQ Pride by replacing the rainbow with oh god, no
77 The Transformers Spinoffs Are Sending Bumblebee to the '80s and Other Robots to Ancient Rome
78 What Makes a Truly Great Leader
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82 Sony's E3 show was straight-up scary
83 Fox News dropped its 'Fair and Balanced' slogan a year ago and no one noticed
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87 On The Handmaid's Tale Finale, the Fall of Gilead Begins With a Dropped Stone
88 Susan Fowler's Uber Expose Should Win a Pulitzer | Hacker News
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