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You know nothing about that 'Game of Thrones' final scene

If you're looking for hope after the "Game of Thrones" season finale, we might have some for you.

'Unravel' is the adorable new game from a small Swedish studio

Unravel is a physics-based puzzle game starring Yarny, a creature made of yarn who can use his own body to explore the world around him and overcome obst

Next 'Doom' hits Spring 2016 with mod support across all platforms

Prepare to shoot plenty of demons in the face this spring on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One when Doom 4 hits. It's predictably gorgeous and based on the

'Game of Thrones' finale recap: Is 'dead' really dead?

A recap of the 'Game of Thrones' Season 5 finale, an episode that was satisfying, at times frustrating, and ultimately brutal.

Producer Hudson Mohawke talks about his new album Lantern

"For people who have just discovered me via TNGHT, it's gonna be, 'The fuck is this?'" Ross Birchard, the 29-year-old Scottish producer better known as Hudson Mohawke, is nearing the release of...

NASA is starting to upload 4K, 60fps videos to YouTube

The vast beauty of space is about to look even more beautiful on your computer screen. Starting today, NASA will offer "4K Ultra High-Definition (UHD)" videos on YouTube, taking advantage of the...

Mariah Carey is replacing Kate Upton as the new public face of Game of War: Fire Age

Mariah Carey — pop icon, imperfect angel, elusive chanteuse — is replacing model Kate Upton as the public face of Game of War: Fire Age, according to TMZ. Carey's commitment includes a seven-figure...

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iOS 9 will bring Quick Reply to your favorite Messaging apps

As Rounak had pointed out in his  very interesting WWDC 2015 developer notes , Apple has introduced User Notifications Text Input in iOS 9 for developers. It will finally allow developers to implement the Quick Reply feature in their Messaging apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger etc. The Quick Reply feature can be paired with other actions as well.

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The Sequel “ @verge : Watch the first trailer for Mirror's Edge Catalyst, coming February 23rd … ”

Microsoft is bringing Xbox 360 games to the Xbox One

Microsoft is bringing old Xbox 360 games to the Xbox One. Xbox chief Phil Spencer revealed the huge news during an E3 keynote today. Microsoft is planning to bring the backwards compatibility "natively" to the Xbox One with more than 100 tiles arriving this holiday. Xbox One preview members can play a selection of titles today, and Microsoft isn't charging gamers to play titles they already own. Previously purchased Xbox 360 titles will show up automatically, and you'll be able to take advantage of broadcasting, screenshots, and game DVR features.

Twitter CFO’s Ascent Creates New Power Center

In April, while preparing for what would be a disappointing earnings report, Twitter Inc.’s Anthony Noto was startled by an email from his boss, who was traveling in Europe. The email from Chief Executive Dick Costolo said Mr. Noto would immediately be taking charge of marketing, an area the social-media company had long overlooked. It was an unusual assignment for a finance chief, but for Mr. Costolo’s top lieutenant it was par for...

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Why Apple Should Kill Off the Mac

There are very few business strategies more risky, and with a lower potential pay-back, than abandoning well-established brand equity.  Despite all its new products, Apple is still known as a producer of high-end personal computers.  The name and reputation of Apple help sell all these new products, and at premium prices.  Until and unless the personal computer becomes a drag on sales, damages the company's reputation, and deprives it of needed cash to develop its other, more profitable innovations, it remains the necessary centerpiece of the business.  The odds of their maintaining their brand without the pc business—until and unless the personal computer becomes truly obsolete—are rather small; one doesn't just develop a brand out of thin air, or transfer it from one product to another, very different one, without investing considerable time, money, and taking a huge risk.  The history of business is full of companies which tried to reinvent themselves, and failed miserably.

Sex, lies and debt potentially exposed by U.S. data hack

The disclosure that OPM's data had been hacked sent shivers down the spines of current and former U.S. government officials as they realized their secrets about sex, drugs and money could be in the hands of a foreign government.

Microsoft’s 10 most important E3 2015 announcements

Microsoft managed an unusually smooth keynote at E3 2015. It adroitly stayed away from less popular topics like Xbox apps and the Kinect (which was totally absent) and included crowd-pleasing announcements like the option to play Xbox 360 games on the Xbox One. It's nearing the release of its flagship exclusive Halo 5: Guardians , which is coming out later this year. And the rest of its slate, including Rise of the Tomb Raider and a new Gears of War , doesn't look half bad either.

After Three Years In Development, Mobli Unveils Real-Time Image Search Engine EyeIn

Mobli , the photo- and video-based social network, launched in 2010, but it has just uncovered its flagship product, a real-time image search engine called EyeIn . Now available on the web and as a mobile app, EyeIn’s algorithms filter out content like selfies to return the most relevant results to users almost as soon as they are posted on social networks.

Regulating the sharing economy: How Uber et al will soon face new rules

It is becoming clear that sharing economy companies are not necessarily going to self-regulate and will increasingly be subject to external regulation now that they are hitting scale. Let’s just hope that the cycle does not repeat into yet another self-profligating bureaucracy that simply recreates all of the same problems companies like Uber were built to address.

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Belgian privacy watchdog takes Facebook to court

The independent Privacy Commission, which is working with German, Dutch, French and Spanish counterparts, accused Facebook last month of trampling on European privacy laws after trying to find out more about the U.S. social media giant's practices.

Footage of Halo 5: Guardians single-player and multiplayer reveals huge stages

Halo 5: Guardians ' campaign was given a lengthy demonstration at Microsoft's E3 2015 press event.  In the footage, a squad of four players in co-op blast through a dimly lit sci-fi setting. The latest in the Halo franchise appears to have an even greater focus on cinematic moments, with the character falling off ledges, unleashing flashy attacks, and being grabbed by a big bad enemy without triggering a discrete cut-scene.

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Alibaba Plans to Create China’s Version of Netflix, HBO

Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. is planning to build China’s version of Netflix Inc. and HBO via a new service called Tmall Box Office, as it tries to service 600 million families craving more entertainment content.

Microsoft is also partnering with Valve for VR on Windows 10

It seems like Microsoft's approach to virtual reality will mimic its approach to the PC world: Support just about every piece of hardware. The company just revealed that it's partnering with Valve VR to "make Windows 10 the best platform for VR." Valve is also partnering with HTC for the Vive headset , which impressed us earlier this year. This news comes on top of last week's surprising announcement that Microsoft is teaming up with Oculus , a deal that will see Oculus bundle in the Xbox One controller with its headset. Oculus VR users will also be able to stream Xbox One games to their headsets (though not in VR mode), which is something we expect Microsoft to offer to Valve VR hardware as well. Unfortunately, we still haven't heard anything about the Xbox One supporting VR headsets directly, but we're still hoping for some sort of surprise announcement.

Can the Power Grid Survive a Cyberattack?

It’s very hard to overstate how important the US power grid is to American society and its economy. Every critical infrastructure, from communications to water, is built on it and every important business function from banking to milking cows is completely dependent on it.

China’s Top Taxi App Firm Is Raising $1.5 Billion To Battle Uber

Before coming together, Kuaidi and Didi both raised significant war chests in the past to finance massive incentives for drivers and price cuts for passengers against each other. Both companies were estimated to have sunk hundreds of millions into this war of attrition which ultimately brought them together. This time around, the merged company could use its new capital — once it arrives — to execute a similar tactic against Uber, but it is almost certainly also looking to next advent in China’s taxi app market: the rise of peer-to-peer (P2P) rides.

Aussie surfer faked shark selfie, did it for the sharks

Australian surfer Alex Hayes seemed like the ultimate nonchalant teen when he shared a selfie on Instagram, apparently showing a pretty large shark only metres away from his surfboard.

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Alwaleed says Twitter interim CEO Dorsey should not be permanent head: FT

Dorsey, a co-founder of Twitter, was named interim head last Thursday after Chief Executive Dick Costolo abruptly announced he was stepping down effective July 1.

Chinese Uber Rival Will Raise Funds at $15 Billion Valuation

Xiaoju Kuaizhi Inc. is raising at least $1.5 billion to fend off Uber Technologies Inc. in China, the people said, asking not to be identified because they aren’t authorized to speak about the matter. The funding is coming from new and old investors, with the valuation doubling since the competing Didi and Kuaidi apps combined in February, the people said.

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Star Wars The Old Republic: Knights of the Fallen Empire announced at #E32015

How to Use Instagram to Invest in Art

Facebook  and Instagram are considered the two most important social media channels in the art world, according to the 2015 Online Art Trade Report by Hiscox, the London-based fine-art insurers. According to its survey, 69 percent of 519 respondents who have been collecting for less than three years said they use Instagram for art-related purposes.

Xbox Game Preview brings early access to Xbox One, adds free demo options

LOS ANGELES—Microsoft's E3 press conference included the announcement of Xbox Game Preview, a service that largely mimics the Early Access feature of the Steam PC games store. The new feature will allow Xbox One game developers to launch games that are technically unfinished, providing users with a chance to sample and beta test before the game's formal launch.

LongCCB lets you tap and hold on a Control Center toggle to access Settings pane

LongCCB is a simple but a unique tweak that will definitely come in handy in your daily life. Personally, I think that this is one of the jailbreak tweaks that you should install on your iOS 8 device for sure. I wish the developer would add support for more Control Center toggles.

E3 2015: First Doom Single-Player Campaign Details Revealed - IGN

During its E3 Press Conference today, Bethesda revealed one of the locales we'll be going to as part of the single-player campaign is Hell.

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EA announces Unravel, a puzzle-platformer about an anthropomorphic ball of yarn

Unravel, the new puzzle-platformer from Electronic Arts, looks adorable. Announced during the publishers E3 2015 eve, the game features a precious little creature made of yarn that unravels as it moves.

Google Is Testing Its Internet Balloons in a Huge Freezer | WIRED

But the company isn’t interested in covering Rhode Island. It’s interested in covering the parts of Africa, Latin America, and Southeast Asia that lack Internet access. About two-thirds of the world’s population is not online, and Google, like Facebook, wants to change that. If more people are online, more people will use Google. The value of this phenomenon shouldn’t be underestimated. Google is going to extreme lengths in its effort to extend the reach of the net. It’s building balloons and cranes. It’s trying to predict the weather. And it’s camping out in an Air Force freezer, at sub-zero temperatures.

Facebook's New Moments App Makes It Easy to Share Photos Privately

You probably get tagged in a lot of photos thanks to Facebook’s facial recognition technology, but it used to be a bit of a hassle to download all of those photos for yourself. Moments, launching today for iOS and Android devices, lets you easily sync up with everyone else’s photo library and organize all of your Facebook photos in one place. You can give photos to friends and grab all of the photos you didn’t take privately, without having to go scouring for pictures you’re tagged in. You can even organize and search photos based on who’s tagged in them with you for simple photo albums. You can download Moments in the iOS App Store or Google Play Store for free.

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Rare Replay is 30 games in one box, including Banjo Kazooie and Perfect Dark …

How Krash And Other Startups Are Taking Coworking Home

The Fremont-Smiths refer to the Krash houses variously as "urban lodges," "particle accelerators for people," and "clubhouses for entrepreneurs." Most people get a roommate, and almost everything is communal. ("You become very tribal when you’re sharing a bathroom and kitchen with people," Phil says. "Barriers are broken down fast.") Krashers, as they’re called, pay from $1,500 to $2,200 a month depending on the city and the time of year, which covers rent, linens, toiletries, and a fully stocked kitchen. They range in age from their twenties to sixties. They are startup founders, visiting professors, and even NASA scientists. Some already run established businesses, while others arrive with merely an idea. The typical stay is three to six months, but Krashers who want to stay longer can apply for "K2" status, which enables them to hop from Krash to Krash indefinitely.

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“ @IGN For Honor is Ubisoft's next big IP #E32015 ” So pumped.

Best Deals Of The Week: Save Over 40% On the Bluetooth Home Button and lots more [Deals Hub]

There are so many great offers in the iPhone Hacks Deals Hub that it’s easy to miss one. We try to alert you to all of the best deals around, and this is your chance to catch those savings that may have otherwise slipped through the cracks. Take a look at the best deals of the week from the iPhone Hacks Deals Hub. You’ll be glad you did, and your wallet will thank you, too.

IBM prepares Spark for machine learning

“Machine learning is a very powerful technique of extracting the essence of value from data,” Horowitz said. Machine learning algorithms are especially good at tasks such as automated classification and helping devices sense their surroundings with greater sophistication, he said. Such tasks were previously considered to be too compute-intensive to be carried out on a single server. Spark can coordinate multiple computers to work in tandem.

Powerbeats2 earphones are now available in the same colors as Apple Watch Sport bands

The new color variants of the Powerbeats2 are already up for sale in selected retail stores of Apple, with certain stores giving them a huge amount of promotional push. It is likely that Apple will push these new colors of the earphones to Apple Watch Sport buyers

The Verge on Twitter

OMG! @papa_action “ @verge : Gears of War Ultimate Edition is a 1080p, 60fps remaster, and the beta is available today ”

Deal Alert: Save 20% on iTunes Gift Card [U.K only]

Purchasing an iTunes Gift card on PayPal is very easy, you select the amount, click on “Buy for me” or “Gift”, enter your PayPal ID and password, enter the email address of the loved one or redeem it on the spot. You basically get the iTunes code, which you need to enter the redeem the iTunes gift card.

Rise of the Planet of the Apes' Rupert Wyatt to Direct Gambit - IGN

According to Entertainment Weekly , Rupert Wyatt (Rise of the Planet of the Apes, The Gambler) will direct the film, with Channing Tatum, Reid Carolin, Lauren Schuler Donner, and Simon Kinberg producing.

Take the role of Vault administrator in Fallout Shelter, the franchise's first mobile game

Fallout Shelter is a real-time strategy game for iOS. Yes, I know, it’s a mobile game. The horror! But keep reading. The game lets you take complete control of your own vault and oversee its well-being as it grows from a few measly room into a full-blown facility. You’ll be in charge of providing resources, defenses, and convincing the population to, you know, continue the human race.

Now you can stream Xbox One games to Windows 10 computers

You'll also need to have the same Xbox Live account set up on both the console and PC, as well as a Gold subscription, if you want to hop into a multiplayer game or use voice chat. And speaking of multiplayer, if you want to run a local multiplayer game but don't want to deal with a split screen, Game Streaming will allow one person to play on the console while the other plays on the PC. But don't bother asking for keyboard/mouse compatibility, Microsoft has also announced it won't be coming -- you'll need a wired USB controller on the PC. [Thanks, Nate aka Ghostofmumbles ]

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We're live from Microsoft's Xbox One event at #E32015 …

The Verge on Twitter

A new South Park game is coming next year — this time it's about superheroes …

E3 2015: Metroid, Mega Man Creators Announce Recore - IGN

During its E3 2015 Press Conference, Microsoft revealed ReCore, a new game from Metroid Prime and Mega Man creators. Keiji Inafune's studio Comcept and Metroid Prime's Armature are working on the Xbox One-exclusive game.

Razer acquires Ouya (Android game system startup) - Liliputing

no I’d advise anybody to get a ps4 over shield these days , shield has barely any exclusive games which are not ports of old console games from ps2/xbox era , for a little more money you can play games of current gen era. In terms of ouya , It’s 3 x cheaper than shield and basically does everything you would really want as a casual device , if you are serious about games then why would you even consider an android box in the first place? while I like the direction of NVidia and tegrazone , the tegrazone store and lack of new games just goes to show that it would be an investment which you will just sit around on whilst devs decide to make anything decent and exclusive for android which looking at the play store right now I would say it could be a long while.

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RT @engadget : Sony already has over 30 Project Morpheus VR games in the works

Minecraft is coming to HoloLens, and it turns you into a god of blocks

Minecraft is coming to the Windows HoloLens augmented reality device (and competing take to the Oculus Rift , Sony’s Project Morpheus , and Valve’s virtual reality headsets), which is launching later this year. The publisher showed off how the game will work during its Electronic Entertainment Expo media briefing this morning. Minecraft on Microsoft’s augmented-reality device is compatible with the PC version, and you can play it just like normal. That means the HoloLens will create a video window, and you can play the game through with a controller. But it doesn’t stop with that. HoloLens also enables you to re-create your virtual world on a surface like a table. This enables the player to look down over the whole world from a god-like position.

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