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Green Line: day one

After decades of planning and years of construction, the Green Line light-rail route between St. Paul and Minneapolis debuted on June 14, 2014. This video sh...

6/16/2014 Midwest Storm Chase LIVE #2

Ben McMillan, Brennan Jontz, and Dan Auel of the Iowa Storm Chasing Network are out tracking the severe storm with a moderate risk in Eastern Nebraska and We...

Rio Police Fire Live Rounds at World Cup Protest

Witnesses in the Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro say police fired live rounds in two separate incidents at Sunday's anti-World Cup protest.

Landon Donovan Isn't Playing at the World Cup, and He's Fine With It

EA Sports features soccer player Landon Donovan in their "Always In The Game" ad.

NBA Players Face Their Twitter Haters on 'Jimmy Kimmel'

In honor of the NBA Finals, Jimmy Kimmel asked basketball players like Jermey Lin and Kris Humphries to face their Twitter hecklers head on.

Hakan sukur 10,8 seconds goal

Sorry there stands that is 11 seconds but it is 10,8 en it is the fastest not fast.

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E3 2014: The Review - IGN

We’re used to seeing new hardware trends at each E3 - last year it was all about the 'second screen' experience - but this year tech took the back seat. In its press conference, Sony breezed over its VR tech Morpheus, and there was little to excite on the show floor, either;  it seems it’s just too early to properly showcase. Oculus is still using the same Dev Kit 2 tech it's been showcasing for a while, but impressed with new content. Aside from the terrifying Rift version of Aliens Isolation, Lucky's Tale offered an unprecedented amount of immersion for a platform game. I predict that by next year's E3, we'll be starting to see this tech embraced on a much bigger scale.

Street Fighter IV Producer Yoshinori Ono Leaves Capcom Vancouver - IGN

It's currently unclear whether Ono has walked away from Capcom completely, or if he's just looking for other opportunities within the company. We've reached out to Capcom for comment and will update the story as we hear more.

Harrison Ford's Injury May Keep Him Out of 'Star Wars' for 8 Weeks

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This Is Life or Death, America: Live From USA vs. Ghana

Welcome to what is likely the most important World Cup game in Team USA history — its opening game in Group G, otherwise known as the Group of Death. With matches against powerhouses Germany and Portugal coming up, this will be America's easiest game in the tournament — and it's against old rivals Ghana, who knocked the USA out of the cup in both 2006 and 2010.

The €30k data takeaway: Domino’s Pizza faces ransom demand after hack

“The data hacking is isolated to the Domino’s franchise in France and Belgium, and no customer credit card or financial information was compromised," said a Domino’s Pizza Group PLC spokesperson in a statement emailed to the Guardian. "Domino’s customers in the UK and Republic of Ireland are not affected by this incident. The security of customer information is very important to us. We regularly test our UK website for penetration as part of the ongoing rigorous checks and continual routine maintenance of our online operations.”

6 20 best Android apps this week

1Password, Angry Birds Epic, Sky Sports Football SC Brazil, VVVVVV, The Great British Bee Count, Band Stars and more

Purrari! - Ferrari 458 Spider (F1 Edition)

(The title on the listings page will be removed in just a few minutes.)

Chinese Android smartphones come equipped with malware

The malware, which acts as the Google Play Store, collects and copies personal information and uses the phone’s microphone to broadcast phone calls and anything else you’re saying while near the phone to hackers. In addition, text messages will be sent to costly premium services. This caused one Kaspersky security researcher to say that the N9500 “comes from the factory with an extensive espionage program.”

Bannerman Delivers Bouncers On Demand | TechCrunch

In this case, it makes some sense. If you’re organizing an event, you’re generally dealing with mass emails, some kind of online registration system, interacting with caterers, and maybe even arranging shuttles for people. While organizing a shindig at your place might be feasible on your phone, getting tens of people to go to an office party or an art gallery requires a bit more digital heavy lifting. With that said, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Bannerman release an iOS app before they’re done with Y Combinator.

Top 10 DreamWorks Animation Movies - IGN

Capitalizing on the success of the Shrek movies and the cute factor of its swashbuckling feline hero, Antonio Banderas took the spotlight for 2011’s Puss in Boots. With a kinectic animation style, a quirky cast of characters (Zach Galifianakis’ Humpty Dumpty is a standout), and the fun chemistry between Banderas and Salma Hayek’s Kitty Softpaws, Puss in Boots is easy to love. It doesn’t have a message to deliver (like Antz) or even great character progression (like Kung Fu Panda 2), but it’s tons of fun.

The International Space Station is getting its first-ever espresso machine

The Italian Space Agency is about to make life in the International Space Station a lot more comfortable: this November, it'll send up the first espresso machine to the station, one that's designed specifically for operating in space. This won't be bad coffee either: the machine was made by Italian espresso maker Lavazza, in conjunction with aerospace engineering company Argotec. "Together, we will for the first time offer coffee inside the International Space Station," Giuseppe Lavazza, a company VP, says  in a video describing the new machine. "A real coffee. That which one drinks in a cafe: good, hot, and steaming."

Despite Flooding Rains, the U.S. vs. Ghana Match Will Go On

The rain resulted in a wet opening match between Mexico and Cameroon, and the cancellation of a FIFA-sponsored fan fest in the city. More rain is in the forecast for the U.S. match against Ghana, which will only aggravate the flooding conditions in Natal, and could affect field conditions. The stadium is just 15 minutes away from some of the hardest hit areas, according to news reports.

Iraq Orders Complete Internet Shutdown in 5 Provinces

Iraq's Ministry of Communications has ordered the country's Internet service providers to shut down Internet access completely in five different regions, according to a letter sent to the ISPs on Sunday and later leaked online. This the government's latest attempt to contain the militant group's use of the Internet and social media for propaganda and recruitment purposes.

BitGo Raises $12M Led By Redpoint For Multi-Signature Bitcoin Wallets, Services | TechCrunch

BitGo says that competing wallets backed by one private key are vulnerable because they have a single point of attack. So instead, BitGo built a wallet that requires “2-of-3 keys” to sign any transaction. Those three keys include an online transactional key, which lives in the browser, a back-up offline key, which can live in a vault or on a piece of paper, and a third key retained by BitGo.

Alibaba names partnership members in new IPO prospectus

In an updated prospectus for what could be the largest tech IPO in history, Alibaba said the partnership includes founder Jack Ma, Executive Vice Chairman Joseph Tsai and Chief Executive Officer Jonathan Lu. The group has the exclusive right to nominate a majority of Alibaba's nine-member board, effectively ensuring control of the company rests in the hands of insiders.

Box acquires Streem to add streaming technology to its cloud storage prowess

Startup’s streaming services will make it easier for Box customers — especially those in healthcare and manufacturing verticals — to stream video and other data-rich files to their devices

Micromax brings a $108 Windows Phone to India

Now that Microsoft has eliminated the cost of Windows licensing on devices smaller than 9-inches, expect more handset makers to try out the software in new phones. Micromax is doing just that with a pair of low-cost handsets for India.

In Hadoop, Yahoo is still Hortonworks' secret weapon

Hadoop is a complex technology, so it helps to have friends in high places when you’re trying to develop it and integrate webscale tooling into enterprise environments. For Hortonworks, that friend is Yahoo, with which it continues a deep engineering partnership.

Google Announces First Five Official 'Glass at Work' Partners

APX Labs makes Skylight, an app that provides a variety of corporate data via Glass. Augmedix makes healthcare-related apps for Glass. CrowdOptic's "software detects significant broadcast events from mobile and wearable devices, and provides breathtaking content for live broadcasts and context-aware applications for the sports, entertainment, building/security, and medical industries." (If you have no idea what that means, you're not alone.) GuidoGo partners with museums and cultural institutions to bring art and culture to its users via Glass and other apps. And Wearable Intelligence makes Glass apps for the energy, manufacturing and healthcare industries.

Yahoo Falls After Alibaba Posts Slower Revenue Growth

Yahoo Chief Executive Officer Marissa Mayer, who has been working on a turnaround since she arrived in 2012, has benefited from the Web portal’s stake in Alibaba amid growing interest in an initial public offering. The Chinese Web retailer’s sales growth has slowed before, when revenue grew 47 percent in the September quarter, compared with 59 percent in the prior period. Revenue growth is bound to slow as Alibaba expands, said Ben Schachter , an analyst at Macquarie Securities USA Inc. in New York.

Google wants to start beaming internet from its high-altitude balloons next year

One year ago this Saturday, Google first presented  its plans for Project Loon , a program aimed at blanketing the globe in internet from connected balloons hovering high above the earth. Since then, Google has only given a few updates about its ambitious plan, but today it  tells Wired that it has a lot in store for Project Loon over the next year. Namely, that includes actually getting the program up and running and having real people use it. "On Loon’s two-year birthday, I would hope, instead of running experiments, we’ll have a more or less permanent set of balloons," Google X leader Astro Teller tells  Wired . "In one or several countries, you will turn on your phone and talk to the balloons."

Source: BuzzFeed is raising a massive $200M round

It’s unclear how far along talks are, nor is it clear who will lead the round, although existing investors NEA, Lerer Ventures, RRE Ventures, Hearst Ventures, and SV Angel may participate. When reached for comment, a BuzzFeed spokesperson provided VentureBeat with the following statement: “We don’t comment on rumors and speculation.”

No One Can Agree What a Spoiler Is, But Maybe This Guide Can Help | Underwire | WIRED

So, how’s a person supposed to navigate these murky waters? To try and figure it out, we talked to entertainment critics, a psychology professor, and WIRED readers to get a general sense of the prevailing expectations about spoiler etiquette, and answers to our most burning questions: What are spoilers? How long do they last? And why do they matter to us, anyway? Here’s what we heard.

Microsoft Supercharges Bing Search With Programmable Chips | Enterprise | WIRED

Doug Burger. Microsoft Like Google and every other web giant, Microsoft runs its web services atop thousands of computer servers packed into warehouse-sized data centers, and most of these machines are equipped with ordinary processors from Intel, the world’s largest chip maker. But when he sat down with Lu, Burger said he wanted millions of dollars to build rack after rack of computer servers that used what are called field-programmable arrays, or FPGAs, processors that Microsoft could modify specifically for use with its own software. He said that these chips–built by a company called Altera–could not only speed up Bing searches, but also change the way Microsoft run all sorts of other online services.

Who Are Alibaba's 27 Partners? - Digits - WSJ

At the heart of Chinese Internet giant Alibaba is a nebulous band of fellows dubbed the “Alibaba Partnership,” whose job is to “embody and promote our mission vision and values,” according to the company’s IPO filing, as well as nominate a majority of the company’s directors.

Beats Music is using big exclusives to battle Spotify, starting with new Jay-Z remix 'Jungle'

Two weeks ago Beats Electronics  dropped a World Cup commercial featuring some of the biggest athletes on earth. It was a rollicking display of star power, and seemed at several points to make sly reference to the company's recent union with Apple. The spot has garnered over 10 million views and propelled the backing track, "Jungle" to No. 4 on the iTunes charts. Today Beats Music, the streaming service owned by the same company, is turning up the volume on this campaign, releasing a remix of "Jungle" with a rap cameo by Jay-Z and making this new track available exclusively on Beats Music for the next week.

I attend the Green Line public debut

And this slide show (the last three photos were taken several hours after the opening festivities, when I was done editing video and rewarded myself with my first Green Line jaunt):

28 Will Use Facial Recognition to Find People Like Your Ex recently announced a partnership with Three Day Rule, a personalized matchmaking service that will find you a date that looks like your ex. You simply send them some pictures, and they find a match. The service costs $5,000 for six month membership. And it's creepy as hell.

How Long to Nap for the Biggest Brain Benefits

In addition to those recommendations, one surprising suggestion is to sit slightly upright during your nap, because it will help you avoid a deep sleep. And if you find yourself dreaming during your power naps, it may be a sign you're sleep deprived.

How A Popular Two-Letter Word Is Undermining Your Credibility

Awww, what a precious little powder puff you must be, so easily offended. The comments on this thread are hilarious, too. How about, rather than tearing your hair out over filler words, you all grow up, stop being offended by every little thing, and behave like humans rather than taking lifestyle tips from people who are clearly shallower than kiddie pools? The fact that business people feel the need for "coaching" to interact with other humans tells you everything you need to know about what's wrong with business - all paranoia, no spontaneity. (BTW, overhearing you people talk in coffee shops is hilarious - over-loud, over-enunciated, riddled with jargon - "so" is the least of your worries. For real.) Thanks for the laugh, though.

The 'Internet Of Things' Will Be Bigger Than The Smartphone, Tablet, And PC Markets Combined

Intelligent traffic management systems. Machina research, in a paper prepared for the GSM Association, sees $100 billion in revenue by 2020 for applications such as toll-taking and congestion penalties. A related revenue source will be smart parking-space management, expected to drive $30 billion in revenue.

Welcome to Kinja


This French tech school has no teachers, no books, no tuition -- and it could change everything

All of École 42′s projects are meant to be collaborative, so the students work in teams of two to five people. At first glance, the École’s classrooms look a little bit like a factory floor or a coding sweatshop, with row after row of Aeron-style chairs facing row after row of big monitors. But a closer look reveals that the layout is designed to facilitate small-group collaboration, with the monitors staggered so that students can easily talk to one another, on the diagonals between the monitors or side by side with the people next to them. Students can come and go as they please; the school is open 24 hours a day and has a well-appointed cafeteria in the basement (with a wine cellar that can hold 5,000 bottles, just in case the school needs to host any parties).

LG G3 review - CNET

The LG G3 easily outshines the competition despite it being late to the party. Possessing the right blend of feature and design, LG may finally have the right phone to challenge Korean rival Samsung.

8 Ways to Waterproof Your Gadgets

This simple waterproof pouch from Bed Bath and Beyond is large enough to fit any smartphone (in addition to small digital cameras). It comes in three colors with a 17-inch carrying strap, and is airtight. Foam inserts allow the pouch to float, which is perfect for lazy summer days in the pool.

How public spaces make cities work

More than 8 million people are crowded together to live in New York City. What makes it possible? In part, it’s the city’s great public spaces — from tiny pocket parks to long waterfront promenades — where people can stroll and play. Amanda Burden helped plan some of the city’s newest public spaces, drawing on her experience as, surprisingly, an animal behaviorist. She shares the unexpected challenges of planning parks people love — and why it's important.

Structure 2014: Come for the slapfights, stay for the drinks

The machinations in cloud have reached a fever pitch with public cloud giant Amazon pushing into the enterprise and enterprise IT giants attacking public cloud. Should make for some good conversation at Structure 2014.

Scientists discover massive ocean of water 400 miles underground

Researchers at Northwestern University have found evidence for a massive reservoir of water deep within the Earth's mantle. The reservoir, which is said to be three times the volume of the oceans on the surface, is contained within highly-pressurized rock known as ringwoodite. The scientists hope that their findings,  recently published in the journal Science , can shed light on where Earth's oceans came from.

Sweat the small stuff

It may seem that big problems require big solutions, but ad man Rory Sutherland says many flashy, expensive fixes are just obscuring better, simpler answers. To illustrate, he uses behavioral economics and hilarious examples.

Where to watch the 2014 FIFA World Cup live online, and how to stream it without cable

The 2014 FIFA World Cup is about to start in Brazil this week, and with it, fans around the world will be scrambling to watch games while at work, on the go, or even at home after they cut the cord and got rid of their cable subscription. Luckily, there are a number of streaming options out there, and plenty of opportunities for cord cutters to make sure they’re in on the action.

#TheRapTest - how well do you know rap and hip hop?

Is coding the new literacy?

Like a good algorithm, a good recipe follows some basic principles. Ingredients are listed first, so you can collect them before you start, and there's some logic in the way they are listed: olive oil before cumin because it goes in the pan first. Steps are presented in order, not a random jumble, with staggered tasks so that you're chopping veggies while waiting for water to boil. A good recipe spells out precisely what size of dice or temperature you're aiming for. It tells you to look for signs that things are working correctly at each stage—the custard should coat the back of a spoon. Opportunities for customization are marked—use twice the milk for a creamier texture—but if any ingredients are absolutely crucial, the recipe makes sure you know it. If you need to do something over and over—add four eggs, one at a time, beating after each—those tasks are boiled down to one simple instruction.

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George H.W. Bush Marks 90th Birthday by Skydiving

Former president George H. W. Bush may be wheelchair bound, but he didn't let that stop him from jumping out of a helicopter.

When Big Data Falls Into the Uncanny Valley

In his exploration of the uncanny, Freud also delves into the idea of the double. The doppelgänger is the identical other, and in the literature Freud cites, doubles are often connected almost supernaturally, sharing feelings, behaviors, and actions. Robots act as our mechanical doppelgängers, especially when they are designed in our likeness. Similarly, our digital data echoes our actual tastes and activities, often with higher fidelity than our own memories can. The familiarity of our data doppelgänger is uncanny — as though we are able to see our own body at a distance. When a person gets ads for "Flirty Plus-Sized Outfits," she might wonder, "does my browser behavior make me look fat?" The doppelgänger invites the strange possibility for self-observation and self-criticism. If we observe our double and we don't like what we see, we worry that the reflection might be more real than our perceptions of our actual selves.

George R.R. Martin Throws Out First Pitch in Baseball Game, Kills it [VIDEO]

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With LGBT Worker Bill Stalled, Obama Shifts to Executive Order

While the White House did not release the specific language of the order Obama will sign, advocates expect it to be in line with measures signed by President Lyndon B. Johnson that banned federal contractors from discriminating on the basis of race, religion, and national origin. It's unclear whether Obama's order will include religious exemptions.

3 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Focus on Getting a Promotion

Getting a promotion is one of the holy grails of modern careers. It’s the post-college report card. It gives employees a goal and reason to work harder. It confers prestige and respect. It comes with more responsibility — and more money.

Iran's Nuclear Negotiators Take Break to Watch World Cup

Speaking on a call to reporters on Monday, a senior U.S. administration official also said that this week was a critical one for the comprehensive negotiations. "I think everyone here feels a strong sense of determination to reach a good agreement," he said. "There are still significant gaps between the P5+1 and Iranian positions, and we don’t have illusions about how hard it will be to close those gaps, though we do see ways to do so. As you know, this is not a simple matter."

Bitcoin security guarantee shattered by anonymous miner with 51% network power

shansen wrote: BUT, if they do any of these things, the entire network will have it figured out within roughly 10 minutes. If this happens, the network will be much more receptive to a hard fork, and then the problem can be solved. Plus, Gavin Andresen (among others) have promised that if a 51% attack occurs, the core devs will change the proof-of-work algorithm overnight and make the mining companies worthless. Therefore, the miners have a massive economic incentive not to do anything stupid. Calling it "not a big deal" is completely wrong, and basically an irrational cheerleader position. yes, there are reasons that a miner with 51% might not want to use their position of power, but it defeats the primary claim of bitcoin: that it is technically infeasible for a single organization like a government to manipulate the currency for their own benefit. If a single miner / mining pool controls 51%, you are back to relying on social / economic pressure to keep powerful players from acting badly. And if "the core devs" are threatening to change the protocol by fiat to punish bad actors, then I don't really know what value it has at all.

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