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Pranksters scare unsuspecting Chris Pratt with dinosaurs

Viral pranksters SA Wardega gave Chris Pratt a good scare with a life-like dinosaur.

Microsoft's New Gadget Is Good News For Gamers With Disabilities

It wasn't designed specifically for people with disabilities, but it could end up helping them.

Amazon wants you to unlock your next phone with your ear

Amazon has patented a system to unlock your smartphone by recognizing the shape of your ear, when you raise the device up near your face to answer a call. The…

You can create and edit Microsoft Office documents directly from Box

Box introduced Box for Microsoft Online, the two companies announced Tuesday. The update will allow Box users create and edit Office documents their browsers.

Five things we learnt from Sony's E3 press conference

Sony is winning, but is still experimenting, as we saw at E3 2015, says Tom Hoggins

Nintendo at E3 2015: ‘Star Fox’ Returns but Silence on Wii U ‘Zelda’ and NX

The big star of Nintendo's E3 video was “Star Fox Zero,” a sequel to the popular space shooter for the Wii U. Details on mobile gaming and the mysterious NX console will have to wait till next year.

New Octopus Is So Cute That 'Adorable' Might Become Part Of Its Name

The most adorable little octopus in the world looks like a cross between a Pac-Man ghost and a Pokemon creature. Just don't ask for its name because it doesn't have one yet. But the octopus is so

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Game of Thrones Finale Recap: Death Is a Gift | WIRED

When she arrives at the Red Keep weeping and stumbling, her uncle Kevan is standing stoically nearby, but Qyburn is the one who rushes in to comforts her and wrap her in a cloak. He also offers her a gift: the newest member of the Kingsguard, a nameless knight in golden armor who stands at least seven feet tall. Qyburn claims that the knight has taken a vow of silence, and will not speak “until all his Grace’s enemies are dead.” So, basically never. The eyes behind the helm are oddly red, the skin gray. Given the talks between Qyburn and Cersei about his “experiments,” and the strange, jerking body we saw beneath the sheet in his laboratory, I suspect that Cersei knows exactly who or what this new knight is. Perhaps that’s why, despite everything, her tears stop when her literal knight in shining armor sweeps her up in his arms and carries her away.

Microsoft Finally Uses Its E3 Press Conference To Highlight Games

Microsoft’s E3 2015 press conference just ended. And unlike in years past, the company actually showcased games. Imagine that: Showing off games at a gaming conference.

Google can now tell you how many calories are in your next fast food binge

You can search “calories in X” or simply ask out loud after saying “OK, Google.” The result is a nutritional information box listing calories, fat, cholesterol, sodium, potassium, carbohydrates and protein.

10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know You Could Do With #Twitter Search

It’s time to put that right. In this article we’ll look at 10 things you probably didn’t know you could do with Twitter search, with easy-to-follow, clickable examples so you can utilise these tips right away.

Apple Watch Time Travel vs. Pebble Time: Just how big a rip-off is this?

Right now, Pebble’s Timeline doesn’t have a lot of developer support—I count 21 apps that integrate with Timeline—and as a result it doesn’t feel like the game-changing feature that it could be. In fairness, it’s early days for the Pebble Time, but we can safely assume Apple is going to have less trouble getting developers on board. Even before launch, the Apple Watch accrued more than 1,000 apps—many from major brands that haven’t touched Pebble—and Time Travel gives them a chance to occupy prime real estate on users’ wrists.

User error is an expected business problem

Until CISOs and the IT community as a whole recognizes that user error is an expected part of the business process, and that these errors are costly and deserve the respect that human error gets in every other discipline associated with the business, security awareness programs will have massive failures and user error will continue to be costly. IT professionals seem to believe that user error is unique to our community, and just telling users not to do something will work. That doesn’t work in any other discipline. Until CSOs, CISOs and other executives realize this, and promote this issue to their management, losses associated with user error will only continue to increase. It is time to accept this fact.

Instructables & Silhouette Live Broadcast

Date & Time: Tuesday, June 16th 10am PST EVENT PAGE (CLICK HERE)   Instructables is partnering with Silhouette , electronic cutting tools for the modern maker, for a live broadcast! Follow along as we teach you how to use the Silhouette Portrait  to make several amazing Instructables. Best of all, we'll be giving away a Silhouette Portrait to a random winner at the end of the broadcast. To enter: Follow both Instructables and Silhouettes twitter page Retweet the Meerkat broadcast link (we will post this link the Monday before the broadcast) Tune into the Meerkat broadcast (we will post this link the Monday before the broadcast) Tutorials include: Glow in the Dark Lantern t-shirt Print & Cut 3D Robot Vinyl Laptop Decal  

8 Let's Encrypt Launch Schedule

Engineering and policy development for Let’s Encrypt began in earnest in mid-October of 2014. If we stay true to the schedule outlined above we will have built an innovative CA, capable of operating at Internet scale and without cutting corners, in just eleven months. That’s quite a feat, given all that’s involved, and a testament to the skill and dedication of our staff, partners, sponsors, and contributors.

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Would you rather have Apple’s human editors filtering your news or Facebook’s algorithms?

Apple says it wants these editors to “be able to recognize original, compelling stories unlikely to be identified by algorithms.” Of course, it’s entirely possible that Apple’s focus could stem from the fact that its algorithms simply aren’t as good as Facebook’s. Even some fans of news-filtering and recommendation algorithms would argue that they have limits: Gabe Rivera, who founded the popular technology-news aggregator Techmeme, used algorithms exclusively until 2008, when he admitted that this approach was simply not good enough and hired human editor/curators.

IGN on Twitter

RT @IGN : Nintendo announces Shin Megami Tensei x Fire Emblem will arrive in 2016 #E32015

Nintendo's biggest announcements at E3 2015

The top moments of Nintendo's press event at E3 2015 Subscribe: Check out our full video catalog: Visit our playlists: Like The Verge on Facebook: Follow on Twitter: Follow on Instagram: Read More:

Watch Conan Play Halo 5: Guardians Multiplayer With The Cast Of Silicon Valley

Conan got to play Halo 5: Guardians multiplayer before you did, and he played it with three of his own crew including Andy Richter, against three of the stars of Silicon Valley, including Thomas Middleditch, TJ Miller and Zach Woods. Basically everyone’s incompetent, but it still looks like a great game.

Shock European court decision: Websites are liable for users’ comments

In the wake of this judgment, the legal situation is complicated. In an email to Ars, T J McIntyre, who is a lecturer in law and Chairman of Digital Rights Ireland, the lead organisation that won an important victory against EU data retention in the Court of Justice of the European Union last year, explained where things now stand. "Today's decision doesn't have any direct legal effect. It simply finds that Estonia's laws on site liability aren't incompatible with the ECHR. It doesn't directly require any change in national or EU law. Indirectly, however, it may be influential in further development of the law in a way which undermines freedom of expression. As a decision of the Grand Chamber of the ECHR it will be given weight by other courts and by legislative bodies."

Twitter Introduces Autoplay Videos, Here's How to Turn Them Off

Twitter’s rolling out a new video (and GIF) autoplay feature today. This means ads, Vines, and videos will play automatically as you scroll through your timeline. It’s enabled by default, but thankfully, you can disable it.

20th Anniversary PS4 controller and headset bring back PSX colors

PlayStation fans who have been with Sony's system since the beginning can pledge their allegiance with a pair of new PS4 accessories . Designed to commemorate the original PlayStation's 20th anniversary, this DualShock 4 and Gold Wireless rock the familiar two-tone gray color scheme with its distinctive PlayStation logo. They'll arrive in the US for $65 and $99 (respectively) this September. The controller is coming to Europe and Asia too, but there's no word on the headphones.

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This Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker Could Be the New Tiny Champ

The new UE Roll is the first smaller speaker designed by Ultimate Ears. Its predecessor, the UE Mini, was actually an old Logitech design that the the UE brand inherited when it was acquired by the consumer electronics giant. And we’re very excited that the company has designed the Roll more in the image of its snazzy older siblings, the Boom and Megaboom.

South Park: The Fractured But Whole reveal kicks off Ubisoft’s E3

South Park: The Fractured But Whole debuted at the Electronic Entertainment Expo this afternoon in Los Angeles with a debut trailer, before series creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker took to the stage with show host Aisha Tyler. The sequel to 2014’s South Park: The Stick of Truth spins a more superhero-focused take on the Colorado mountain town, with the player-controlled “New Kid” getting a more in-depth origin story.

Etsy Tests Crowdfunding Venture

The Brooklyn-based artisan-and-vintage marketplace on Tuesday launched a two-month pilot program in which sellers can raise money on the company’s website to fund the manufacture of new products.

Look out haters and losers, Trump wants to be president

In 2011, Trump claimed $7 billion in assets, largely counting the entire value of commercial properties, some of which he co-owned with others. Trump has turned his wrath on those who questioned his wealth. That includes a New York Times report that suggested Trump could be worth just $150 million to $250 million. Trump sued the reporter for libel and lost the case.

Google takes another swing at Excel with Sheets update

Monday’s update also brought new features targeted at improving Sheets’s collaboration chops. The software now allows users to set up editing warnings for certain cell ranges to remind themselves and their collaborators to be careful when changing critical values. Whenever a user goes to edit inside one of those areas, they’ll be shown a pop-up that lets them know it has been flagged as an area they should be cautious about changing. It’s a new augmentation to the service’s collaboration tools, which also allow users to confine collaborators to editing only certain cells.

Picture Them Rolling: This Infographic Reveals Which Cars Rappers Mention Most woke up in a new Bugatti and decided to quantify the various and sundry lyrical references to automobiles in hip-hop.

Joystiq on Twitter

YES! “ @joystiq : The Xbox One's revamped interface is all about speed and community ”

Microsoft kills Kinect support in Xbox One's backward-compatibility push

If you own an Xbox 360 digital title, they’ll automatically show up in your One library, Stillwell explained. You’ll need to insert your Xbox 360 game discs into the One, where the game will “download” to the One. (Stillwell seemed to imply that you’ll need to leave your disc inserted for verification purposes, too.) That assumes that either the digital or disc title is among those that Microsoft will support, which will include all first-party Microsoft titles as well as popular Xbox 360 games. Microsoft knows which games are being played the most on the 360, but will also factor in community input (read: loud complaining).

Etsy Launches Fund on Etsy Pilot Program to Crowdfund New Products | Etsy News Blog

We are launching Fund on Etsy as a US-only pilot program that will run from June 16 to August 16 and have selected a limited group of sellers to launch campaigns throughout this period. Sellers in the pilot program have been working diligently over the past two months to develop new product ideas that will help them get closer to achieving their business growth goals. The campaigns they’ve created range in scope, goals and products, illustrating to buyers how their funding will help them take their business to the next level.

Dads love to share cartoons on Netflix

Three quarters of dads say they like the cartoons for the life lessons they impart, while an equal number see it as a chance to relive their own childhoods. Many responded that they are looking to keep these pop culture references alive among a new generation.

Tesla's Model 3 lineup will include a crossover

When Tesla talks about plans to enter the world of mainstream electric cars with the Model 3 , it's not just referring to launching one vehicle -- it's actually talking about a whole lineup. The automaker's JB Straubel says that the Model 3 will include not just the expected sedans, but crossovers as well. There aren't more details at this point, but it's apparent that the new EV series is about transforming Tesla into a more accessible brand, not just giving you a lower-cost alternative to a Model S . Straubel is certainly optimistic about what the 3 range can do. He expects to see a million Teslas on the road by 2020, which would make Elon Musk's outfit considerably more than a niche badge.

'Shenmue III' will come to PC and PS4 with your help

Shenmue III isn't expected to ship until December 2017 if it makes its funding target, but the good news is that it won't take much to get a copy of your own. A $29 pledge is enough to land a digital edition for your platform of choice, while $60 will net you a physical version. From there, it's all about the perks: Higher pledges include signed art, the original Ryo press event jacket and even dinner with Suzuki himself. If you were a fan of the franchise's groundbreaking gameplay, there's a good chance that you'll want to pitch in.

AMD reveals HBM-powered Radeon Fury graphics cards, new R300-series GPUs

Leading the charge is the AMD Radeon R9 Fury X, which is capable of driving Tomb Raider to 45 frames per second at 5K resolution and Ultra settings, and offers 1.5 times the performance per watt of AMD’s previous R9 290X flagship. The graphics card boasts 4,096 stream processors—an incredible jump over the R9 290X’s 2816. The Radeon R9 Fury X packs 8.9 billion transistors, compared to the R9 290X’s 6.3 billion transistors. Given that AMD—like Nvidia—is still using the 28nm manufacturing process, the Fiji GPU itself must be massive .

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5 killed in balcony collapse near Berkeley campus

“It is with great sadness that I confirm that a number of young Irish citizens have lost their lives while a number of others have been seriously injured following the collapse of a balcony in Berkeley, California, earlier today,” said Ireland's Minister for Foreign Affairs Charlie Flanagan in a statement .

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer Says Alibaba Spinoff Is Still On Track Despite Potential Tax Risks

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer said at the Bloomberg Tech conference in San Francisco today that potential changes in the way its Alibaba spinoff could be taxed would not be an issue as the company continues its proposed spinoff of its Alibaba assets. Yahoo shares fell sharply in May when there were reports that the IRS could change how it might tax spinoffs. That would affect Yahoo’s planned spin-off of its Alibaba assets.

E3 Live: Nintendo announce The Legend of Zelda: Triforce Heroes

That really is it. Not exactly a vintage showing for Nintendo with no big announcements or surprises. Star Fox Zero looked terrific, as does Super Mario Maker and Yoshi's Wooly World. But it feels like Nintendo is already winding down Wii U production as they look to their upcoming NX console. Much like Skyward Sword was a swansong for the first Wii, it could be that the next Legend of Zelda will perform the same duty for the Wii U.

Facebook Wants You to Know It Loves Free Speech (Except When It Doesn't)

Those Hebdo cartoons were infantile and racist. They punched down at a group of people consistently discriminated against and abused in France. But it doesn't matter how offensive or inoffensive these images are. Censoring images at the request of a government notorious for punishing dissenting and offensive speech—a government led by a man who considers social media sites evil—is about keeping Facebook's sense of responsibility to its shareholders, who want market growth and revenue, not about adopting an ameliorative censorship policy to help people in Turkey communicate.

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This Range Rover Prototype Can Be Driven By A Smartphone App

There are remote control cars and then there are Remote Control Cars. This is the latter of the two. Range Rover UK developed a prototype system that allows a Range Rover Sport to be controlled remotely through a smartphone app. And not just the door locks. The vehicle can be driven from the app.

Upcoming Xbox One update brings new user interface, Cortana integration

In addition, Cortana will play a larger role with the new console and let users run complex commands without taking their attention away from the game. For example, users will be able to tell Microsoft’s virtual assistant to record the past minute of gameplay and share it with their Xbox Live activity feed while continuing to hack and slash their way through enemies. Another command makes it possible to start a voice chat party and invite people from a user’s friends list without fiddling with menus.

Sex, Lies And Debt Potentially Exposed By U.S. Data Hack

WASHINGTON, June 15 (Reuters) - When a retired 51-year-old military man disclosed in a U.S. security clearance application that he had a 20-year affair with his former college roommate's wife, it was supposed to remain a secret between him and the government.

Fallout Shelter, Bethesda's nuclear shelter management game, is launching on iOS today

Bethesda Softworks  has announced it’s launching Fallout Shelter, a strategy game for iOS based on the game studio’s wildly popular post-apocalyptic game Fallout , that puts you in control of your own nuclear shelter, known in the game’s world as a vault.

San Francisco and New York Weigh Airbnb's Effect on Rent - Room for Debate -

In July, San Francisco will vote on proposals to regulate Airbnb, the vacation rental website that some say is contributing to the rise in housing cost in high-demand cities, where many long-term residents are unable to afford rent. Is regulation necessary or is the threat exaggerated? How much is Airbnb affecting the housing market in cities like San Francisco where rent is high and rising?

E3 2015: Disney Says Star Wars Will Never Come to LEGO Dimensions - IGN

“Don’t count on it,” Vignocchi responded when asked if Star Wars will ever come to Lego Dimensions. He explained that introducing Star Wars to LEGO Dimensions would cannibalize the Disney Infinity business. Good for everyone except Disney Infinity.

Twitter Finally Rolls Out Auto-Play Video

The Media Ratings Council and the Interactive Advertising Bureau issued guidelines last year that many in the industry, including Google, have adopted. The rules state that an online video ad should only be deemed viewable if at least 50% of the ad is visible on a user’s screen for at least two consecutive seconds.

IGN on Twitter

@IGN well that's too bad because I'm an Animal Crossing fan but won't be crossing into the realm of Amiibos. Guess I'll miss this one.

Apple will be paying more than 70 percent of Apple Music revenue to music labels

According to Robert Kondrk, VP of iTunes content at Apple, Apple will be paying music right owners around 70 percent of their revenue from Apple Music. In the United States, the revenue figure is 71.5 percent, but outside of the country, it averages at around 73 percent.

LastPass, Defender of Our Passwords, Just Got Hacked

Is nothing sacred? LastPass, the service charged with keeping track of all our disparate online security measures with just one master password, was hacked last Friday—as detailed by the company’s own blog post published today. That is not good news.

Tech Five: Nintendo is up next at E3

Tech Five: Nintendo unveils 'Super Mario Maker' at E3 Tech Five: Nintendo has a lot to stack up to at today's E3 conference Check out this story on

Sony adds a la carte channel subscription to PlayStation Vue

If you've been longing to ditch your cable provider for PS Vue, PlayStation's streaming take on "television," then you'll like what Sony Computer Entertainment head Andrew House announced at E3 today. This July, PlayStation users will have the option to sign-up for à la carte programming. That's right, individual channels will be made available for subscription, allowing users to opt-out of pricey programming tiers. The new subscription feature will launch with Showtime, Machinima and Fox Soccer Channel. What's more, House confirmed that PS Plus subscribers will be privy to unspecified discounts for programming packages. And if that wasn't enough good news, House also added that, starting tonight, PS Vue will be made available to PS4 users in Los Angeles and San Francisco.

PlayStation 4 To Finally Gain Media Playback Capability Tonight

When Sony launched the PlayStation 4 two years ago, the system’s gaming chops were the highlight. It was a gaming system before media player, Sony would say. Likewise, Microsoft pushed the Xbox One’s media center features. Sony strategy worked and the PS4 quickly outsold the Xbox One. But buyers quickly discovered that the PS4 lacked a basic functionality of its predecessor (and the Xbox One) most notable the ability to stream video, pictures and music from local sources.

Apple will have human editors running its News service

As the ad points out, algorithms alone can't understand "original, compelling stories" that should be shared with readers. Of course, that does raise some questions as to what sort of curation these editors will be responsible for running -- none of which are answered by the advert. In addition, the editor will be asked to craft "compelling email newsletters," although it's not clear if that's to jazz-up Apple's intra-office mail or as a side-benefit to signing up with the service. Oh, and if you're thinking of applying yourselves, the job can only be done from Santa Clara, and you'll need a bachelors in journalism.

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