This Mockumentary About Young Trump Superfans Is Great (Again) Video Description

You may recall the video he made last year, in which Seevers  went to the RNC . Now, O’Malley has offered an update for anyone wondering how Seevers has fared since his hero rose to power, and it is glorious. is a 21-minute pilot that chronicles Seevers’ attempt to navigate a world that seems like it’s on the brink of bending to his adopted mindframe. “I’m the human version of Israel: surrounded by enemies and constantly under attack,” he says with the assuredness of someone not quite sure what he’s talking about, but passionate all the same. It’s a shame the pilot did not get picked up, but one need look no further than Twitter to find millions of Mark Seeverses yelling all the time.

Videos for 6/16/2017