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'Gears of War: Ultimate Edition' and 'Killer Instinct' will come to PC

Microsoft hasn't offered a whole lot of affection to PC gamers in recent years, but it's making some reparations for that today: the company's Phil Spenc

Artificial intelligence learns Mario level in just 34 attempts

Perhaps it's that all the levels have simple, left-to-right objectives, or maybe it's just that they're so iconic, but for some reason older Mario games

Warriors bring the 'CoCo' back in NBA championship ecstasy

After uptight fans made them stop their celebratory 'Coco' singalong earlier this season, the NBA champion Warriors have brought it back.

Hop aboard the International Space Station in Ultra HD - CNET

Take a virtual tour through the ISS with this gorgeous 4K video footage courtesy of former ISS astronaut Terry Virts.

A weekend at the world’s most dangerous film festival

The lights were low, and the house was slowly filling. Ben Tucker set down an armful of film reels in the projection booth and checked the Dryden Theatre’s vintage machinery for dust and...

A new window into our world with real-time trends

Get excited for next month's Pluto flyby with this beautiful teaser

The New Horizons spacecraft was launched in 2006, and is currently hurtling toward Pluto at more than 35,000mph (nearly 60,000 km/h). It's set to pass the giant ball of rock and ice on July 14th,...

NASA's heat shield tech could save firefighters' lives

NASA has teamed up with the Department of Agriculture's Forest Service to see if the agency's heat shield technology could be adapted to protect people d

Keep watching those cat videos. They may be good for your health - CNET

Research shows that the guilty pleasure can boost mood and energy levels. And yes, scientists say it's worth serious study.

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Guitar Hero Live Release Date Announced - IGN

Guitar Hero Live is taking a new direction for the series' revival, including a first-person perspective with full-motion video and a  redesigned controller  that positions the buttons to feel more like moving between different strings. Guitar Hero TV Mode is a 24-hour playable music network that will offer preset, scheduled programming with various genres taking different hours of the day.

Android Auto vs. Apple CarPlay: Google and Apple battle for dashboard dominance - CNET

But sometimes, Google Now misses the boat. For example, after Googling the address to a women's clothing store for a friend using my phone, Android Auto constantly displayed the store as my top destination suggestion. That was just a minor annoyance, but what if I was secretly researching gift ideas for my girlfriend only to have Android Auto rat me out when we're in the car together? Some drivers may not want Google just showcasing their driving habits to everyone in the car, but there's no real way of controlling what you'll see on Android Auto's home screen.

E3 2015: Iwata Wants You to Know Nintendo Takes Your Opinions Seriously - IGN

What did you think of today's Nintendo Digital Event? Did it hit the highs you hoped for, or were there too few games to get you excited? Get the conversation going in the comments. For all the Nintendo and E3 news, keep reading and watching IGN.

E3 2015: Dark Souls 3 is Everything I Want in a Dark Souls Sequel - IGN

Dark Souls 3 looks like everything I want in a Dark Souls sequel. It’s brutal, but beautiful, mysterious, yet familiar, and while the demo played during Bandai Namco’s E3 demo was hands-off, it looks as mechanically complex as anything a hardened Souls veteran can hope for from the infamously challenging series.

Tech Five: Apple Watch now available in-store (kind of)

Tech Five: Apple Watch now available in-store (kind of) Tech Five: Customers can pick up an Apple Watch in stores if they reserve it beforehand. Check out this story on

This shelf can suspend 150 keys in midair by what looks like magic - CNET

Early-bird rewards are gone, but you can still grab Rackless shelves at pretty decent prices, especially considering that each piece is handmade. The 8-inch version is going for $25 (about £16, AU$32), the 10-inch for $45 (about £29, AU$58) and the 12-inch for $65 (about £42 or AU$84). There are less than 24 hours left in the campaign, though, so if you want one at the Kickstarter prices, now's the time to jump in. Otherwise you'll be able to get the shelves on the Well Made website afterward, starting at $30.

Apple nixes Monster's licensing over Beats lawsuit

Chief counsel for Monster, David Tognotti, told the Wall Street Journal that Apple terminated the companies' agreement on May 5th citing it no longer being "mutually beneficial" due to the lawsuit. The lawsuit itself stemmed from Monster CEO Noel Lee accusing Beats' co-founders Jimmy Iovine and Dr Dre of fraud regarding the potential proceeds of its sale to Apple. The lawsuit is ongoing. Monster will continue to sell of its remaining stock of products until September. "It shows a side of Apple that consumers don't see very often," Tognotti told the WSJ . "Apple can be a bully."

Snapchat Turns Geofilters Into An Ad Unit

Snapchat may have finally found a way to monetize that its users will actually like. The company is now extending its custom geofilters to businesses as a monetization strategy.

E3 2015: Why Gun Combat Doesn't Exist in Mirror's Edge: Catalyst - IGN

Mirror's Edge: Catalyst "is about navigation, the freedom of traversing the city. Having the full focus on that forces us to fix other issues and go beyond stuff we haven't seen before. I think that's the beauty of sticking hard to a concept, instead of saying 'maybe this doesn't work, we're a bit nervous, let's add guns.' You can feel that in some game concepts, where it's so interesting and then it goes back to what sells copies. Because the data says it sells copies."

Jason Kilar’s Subscription Video Service Vessel Expands To Android

Vessel ‘s video subscription service, headed by former Hulu CEO Jason Kilar and CTO Richard Tom, has today expanded to Android. The app is initially offered as an open beta available for download from the Google Play store. The service, which offers early access to videos from a number of creators before they hit YouTube or Vimeo, will now work on any Android device that runs version 4.1 (Jelly Bean) or higher, the company says.

E3 2015: 33 Hi-Res Images of Every Upcoming Amiibo - IGN

At E3 2015 Nintendo announced a slew of new amiibo, and most of them are on display in their booth. In the gallery below you can see high-resolution shots of the recently-announced Super Mario Maker amiibo , the amazing crossover Skylanders amiibo , Animal Crossing amiibo , Yoshi's Wooly World amiibo, and tons of upcoming Smash Bros. amiibo .

Join Us June 23 For The First Summer TC Pitch Off In Warsaw

Come one, come all to the first summer TC Pitch Off in Warsaw on Tuesday, June 23, 2015 at 8:30 PM to Wednesday, June 24, 2015 at 2:00 AM (CEST). We’ll be taking over the Champions Sports Bar in the Marriott in downtown Warsaw and we’ll have a full pitch-off at the event and throw back some brews.

Samsung pledges to fix keyboard security vulnerability within days

Nevertheless, a security flaw should never be taken lightly, so NowSecure recommends staying away from public Wi-Fi networks if you have one of these Samsung devices. That might be easier said then done, though, especially for those who are on capped data plans and don’t want to use their carrier’s mobile network all day. The other thing you can do is contact your carrier and demand that your phone gets updated with the patch if it hasn’t already.

Starbucks Mobile Ordering Expands To 21 More States, Now Live In Over 4,000 Stores

Starbucks, whose embrace of mobile payments and mobile loyalty in-store has already established the company as a forward-thinker when it comes to new technology, is this morning announcing the expansion of its “Mobile Order & Pay” system to 21 more states, including 3,400 individual café locations across the U.S. The feature allows customers to place their order and pay using the Starbucks mobile app, then skip the line when they arrive at the store, as their drink or other item is already being made.

E3 Streams: 'Divinity: Original Sin' and 'Cosmic Star Heroine'

We're at the halfway point of E3 2015 and the hits keep coming. We've got an awesome interview with Sony's Shuhei Yoshida covering everything from Morpheus to Shenmue 3 . We even chatted with Keiji Inafune about ReCore , his new Xbox One exclusive. That's cool and all, but wouldn't you like the chance to talk to the creators at E3? JXE Streams has your back. Join us starting at at 2:30PM ET on for a chance to chat with the developers behind Divinity: Original Sin and Cosmic Star Heroine.

E3 2015: Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5 Sees Old Meet New - IGN

It's been a good long while since a Tony Hawk game ground into our lives, but while the latest title bearing that prefix arrived back in 2007, it's been over a decade since a Pro Skater game was released. Hard as it may seem to believe, Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4 was released way back in 2002, so you have to wonder if a sequel coming over 13 years later can possibly hope to be faithful to the name it revives. Thankfully after spending time with the game, it's clear Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5 will build on its heritage where appropriate, while innovating where necessary.

Bruno Munari Will Make You Fall In Love With Books All Over Again

Munari's children's books remain among the most popular and are still in print today. In Bruno Munari's ABC (1960), one of his alphabet books, he offers a mix of objects, leaving it open for kids to build stories around them. Munari said in 1981: "These messages are not supposed to be finished literary stories like tales because that would have a repetitive and uncreative influence on the child...Before it's too late, individuals must be taught to think, imagine, dream and be creative."

Twitter Acquires Machine Learning Startup Whetlab

Twitter announced today that it has acquired Cambridge-based machine learning startup Whetlab in an effort to accelerate the company’s own in-house efforts on the matter. Deal terms were not immediately available, but Twitter will gain both access to Whetlab’s technology and small team following the acquisition, while Whetlab’s current product will be discontinued next month, the company notes.

Computerworld’s guide to working with non-geeks

Paul Glen has been observing the interactions of geek and non-geeks for years, gaining insights along the way about the ways that their differences can cause them to work at cross-purposes or simply misunderstand each other's motives. We have gathered here several of his columns in which he tries to help the two sides bridge the gap that separates them and come to understand why they say the things they do.

E3 2015: Horizon: Zero Dawn’s Incredible Balance of Action and RPG - IGN

The project, which began back in 2011 and really ramped up production after the launch of Killzone: Shadow Fall, looks to be the most ambitious game Guerrilla has ever worked on. According to the studio, the single-player, completely open-world (meaning that anywhere you see, you can go) action-RPG falls halfway on the spectrum between the action-oriented open world games that Ubisoft has been producing for the past 7 years, and the most RPG-focused adventures that Bethesda works on.

How predictive analytics can help end slave labor

Slavery may be illegal around the world, but the practice is alive and well. Whether you know it or not, it probably supports your modern lifestyle. Supply chain analytics can help companies discover forced labor and child labor in their sub-tier supply chains.

Inside GitHub's Super-Lean Management Strategy--And How It Drives Innovation

We crowdsource that so that almost all gets covered. Everyone in the company has access to the company blog and the Twitter feed. It's just not me, it's actually everyone. But you can`t just post on the blog post and ship it. Just like sending anything else [at GitHub] you send a pull request. If I do a blog post, I would do the draft and I would call on someone else and say, "Hey, I have a blog post, I need you to check it out." That way you get a second set of eyes, sometimes a third set of eyes, just to go over what you’re posting about, just to make sure that there are no grammar mistakes, or that you’re not announcing something before it’s ready to go out.

These Are The Best Photos Taken On iPhones This Year

Looking at these gorgeous photos, it's hard to believe they were taken with the same phone many of us use on a daily basis, but the jury can (and sometimes does) verify that the photos were taken with the proper device.

A closer look at Microsoft's $150 Elite Xbox One controller

Microsoft's Xbox Elite Wireless Controller is one of the most impressive console controllers we've ever seen. Like a high-end gaming mouse, the parts of the controller can be removed and replaced, but unlike many high-end gaming mouses, the Elite controller's customization is easy: joysticks and paddles pop on and off like magnets on a refrigerator. This could be the perfect controller for anyone who spends large chunks of their week with the Xbox — and also has some disposable income.

Change Your LastPass Master Password Now

On Friday, LastPass was attacked, and some data items were stolen. According to the company, there was no evidence that the invaders downloaded any encrypted user data, nor that they managed to access any accounts. Even so, if you use LastPass you should change your master password right now. Go ahead; you can come back and read the rest of this article when you're done.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is giving voice directions to Waze users

There's a new Terminator movie coming out, and what the studio saved on spellcheck it was able to pay Arnold Schwarzenegger for extra promotional work. As such, the actor has teamed up with Waze to lend his unique voice to the company's crowdsourced sat nav service. If you want to be steered around town by the governator, you just have to head into the settings menu and select Terminator Genisys from the options.

Fitbit IPO Prices at $20 a Share, Above Expectations

Fitbit Inc., the maker of wearable fitness-tracking devices, priced its initial public offering at $20 a share, above already raised expectations, according to a person familiar with the offering.

FCC plans $100 million fine for AT&T over 'throttling' disclosures

That, the FCC says, made for misleading and inadequate disclosures that violated the agency's transparency requirements of the 2010 Open Internet order, also known as "net neutrality" regulations, which have remained in place despite a legal dispute over the rules.

Adobe’s Creative Cloud 2015 update spotlights stock photography and Android

“We’ve been really focused on performance for this release,” said Scott Morris, Creative Cloud’s senior marketing director. “This release of Illustrator is 10 times faster than CS6 for all of the common tasks like panning and zooming; InDesign is twice as fast, even in scrolling through complex documents; and performance enhancements in Photoshop such as the Healing Brush and the Path Tool are up to 120 times faster with GPU acceleration.”

Amazon insists federal rules apply to U.S. deliveries by drone

"Uniform federal rules must apply," Paul Misener, the e-commerce retailer's vice president for global public policy, said in written testimony released by a U.S. House of Representatives oversight committee ahead of a Wednesday hearing.

Nest's New Security Camera Keeps Watch on Your Smart Home | WIRED

The Nest Cam is a lot like the Dropcam Pro. That’s an understatement: It’s basically a Dropcam Pro. It’s a $199 round, black camera that sits on a stand. It’s a little thinner, and has a smaller and more mobile stand, but it looks remarkably familiar. It records 1080p video (the biggest upgrade from the 720p Dropcam) with a 130-degree field of view, and has infrared night vision. There’s a microphone built in so you can hear and be heard in your home, and it will alert you in an app (available for iOS and Android) if there’s unexpected motion and sound in your home. It’s a Dropcam Pro, just slightly better. Dropcam’s CEO and VP of technology left Nest after the acquisition, and this product is meant to signify that Dropcam is now fully Nest.

Ellen Pao owes Kleiner Perkins $276,000 for lawsuit costs: judge

SAN FRANCISCO The Kleiner Perkins Caufield and Byers venture capital firm should get nearly $276,000 instead of the $973,000 it sought from former partner Ellen Pao to cover the cost of successfully defending itself during her discrimination lawsuit, a California judge said on Wednesday.

Comcast source: Company not interested in buying T-Mobile [Updated]

"Four years from signing, Comcast could become a reseller of Verizon Wireless' service through a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) agreement. Comcast could purchase Verizon Wireless' service at wholesale rates and then market and sell its own, branded wireless service in connection with our bundled offerings, creating more choice for consumers," Comcast's  December 2011  announcement of the agreement said. The deal was approved by the FCC with some conditions in 2012.

Gogoro Reveals Its Upcoming Electric Smartscooters Will Cost From $4,100

If it does expand to those markets, Gogoro will go up against other electric scooter makers like HERO in India, which sells models for as low as $300 . Gogoro differentiates with an extremely easy to use battery-swapping system and an app that lets Smartscooter owners monitor the performance of their vehicles, but it remains to be seen if customers are willing to pay a higher upfront cost or if the company will be able to build the necessary charging infrastructure in other cities.

Introducing the scaled agile framework

One of SAFe's public claims is that "crappy code can't scale." To avoid crappy code, SAFe suggests a handful of practices that are aimed more at prevention than traditional test/fit testing. SAFe starts with Agile Architecture, a principal that architecture is emergent, but the system architecture needs to evolve ahead of the newest features, to make adding those features possible. It includes continuous integration, having the software build and automated checks run for every check-in. SAFe advocates test-first as a philosophy, not just unit tests but also at the specification level. This practice of creating concrete examples, down to the inputs and expected results as a collaborative, whole team effort is called Acceptance Test Driven Development in SAFe.

Nissan turns old electric car batteries into fixed energy storage

Mercedes and Tesla aren't the only electric car makers giving their batteries something to do besides getting you from A to B. Nissan is teaming up with Green Charge Networks to repurpose "second-life" (read: used) batteries from Leaf EVs as commercial energy storage. Much like the batteries you can buy for your home, the lithium-ion packs will help offices save money (and ideally, the environment) by storing cheap energy. Companies can charge up overnight to avoid painful peak electricity rates, for instance, or reserve power from solar and wind farms that would otherwise go to waste. The Leaf-based tech will see its first use at one of Nissan's own facilities this summer, but we'd expect it to spread to other businesses in short order.

DevOps Engineer (U.S. Remote Okay)

We are seeking an experienced and motivated operations/back-end engineer to expand our (small) operations team and continue to promote DevOps at HelloSign. 

Intel acquires successful Google Glass competitor Recon Instruments

Recon makes two products: the Recon Snow2, which is a ski mask with an integrated display, and the Recon Jet, a pair of sunglasses for cyclists and runners, also with an integrated display.

Microsoft Shows Off Minecraft for HoloLens

Automatic Renewal Program: Your subscription will continue without interruption for as long as you wish, unless you instruct us otherwise. Your subscription will automatically renew at the end of the term unless you authorize cancellation. Each year, you'll receive a notice and you authorize that your credit/debit card will be charged the annual subscription rate(s). You may cancel at any time during your subscription and receive a full refund on all unsent issues. If your credit/debit card or other billing method can not be charged, we will bill you directly instead. Contact Customer Service

Deutsche Telekom talks to Comcast about T-Mobile US sale: Manager Magazin

FRANKFURT Deutsche Telekom is in talks with U.S. cable company Comcast about a potential sale of T-Mobile US, German Manager Magazin reported on Wednesday, citing sources.

You May Soon Remote-Control Your Land Rover With Your Phone | WIRED

That’s why Land Rover has built a prototype vehicle that allows the driver to exit his SUV and control it with a smartphone app, up to 4 mph and from up to 30 feet away. Well, that’s not actually why: The company says the feature would be an “invaluable aid” when fording a stream or driving in mud and snow.

Halo and the HoloLens: Microsoft Teases Its Virtual World at E3 2015

HoloLens is augmented reality, or as many including Microsoft are now calling it, “mixed reality.” The headset projects digital images (Microsoft calls them holograms, but they’re not) onto the lens and into your field of view. It’s not like virtual reality, where the headset consume your entire field of view. In fact, HoloLens only displays images into a small rectangle directly in front of you. When I moved my head to either side, images don’t retreat to your peripheral vision, they just disappear. That’s my my biggest complaint with HoloLens (aside from its bulk). The so-called holograms look great when you can see them, but they’re gone too quickly, causing me to lose my sense of immersion. It’s like seeing the outside world through a peep hole

Review: The best password managers for PCs, Macs, and mobile devices

Like KeePass, 1Password uses a local file to store encrypted passwords. AgileBits does not provide a cloud service for synchronization with mobile devices, but 1Password does support synchronization of the password vault using Dropbox (all platforms) or iCloud (Mac and iOS only). 1Password also supports synchronization over Wi-Fi between Windows, Mac, and iOS clients. Because the 1Password vault is contained in a single file, you gain the convenience of a portable password vault without having to store your passwords on the Internet.

Nest announces second generation Nest Protect smoke detector

At an event today in San Francisco, Nest announced that it is releasing a second-generation smoke detector, and it's also called the Nest Protect. The new detector has a "split spectrum sensor" for smoke detection, a step beyond the single photoelectric in the original one. Nest says that ability to detect smoke with a sensor that can read shorter wavelengths is important because modern building materials can burn much faster, so the sensor should be able to detect smoke more quickly. It also lets you silence the smoke alarm from the app on your phone. That makes sense, as  the "wave to silence" feature on the first gen version ran into problems .

Inside Out: how the director of Up made Pixar's wildest movie yet

PD: It was. They would start as concepts on a whiteboard, or [just] typing lists. And then we would start to play with them [and think], "What could we do in here?" Almost like set pieces, we thought of them more like action set pieces at first. Then we just tried to thread them through the arc of the character relationships, like how is Joy going to change as a result of the experience of being in Abstract Thought, or in Dream Production, or whatever. And then the art department had the tough job, because we could kind of sketch and doodle some little lines and go, "Okay, this is the Dream Dump, where all the dreams go. And Joy’s here, and she’s mourning, and she’s looking at these memories." But what does that actually look like? Make that three-dimensional — what color is it, how big is it? All those questions, those guys had to deal with.

Free SSL/TLS certificate project moves closer to launch

Some website operators may be hesitant to use SSL/TLS certificates because of cost. The pricing models have been characterized as a racket, with customers charged per certificate, type of certificate, how long it is valid for and how many servers its used on. It's not unusual for a single, average EV (extended validation) SSL certificate to cost between $600 to $800.

Microsoft watched gamers at home to design the new Xbox Elite controller

But if you thought that the Elite controller was just for gaming's cream of the crop players, you'd be mistaken. Prien assured us that it's "not just for the pro-gamer. The idea here is that everyone can benefit from this." He also said that the hardware team had a "laundry list of over 100 feature sets," though, understandably, not all of that made it into the final design. We had an opportunity to get some close-up time with the new Elite controller here on the showfloor, so be sure to watch our interview with Prien below.

Ubo, A Parking Valet App For Beijing’s Harried Drivers, Raises $900,000

Commuting in Beijing is an endurance test, but a startup called Ubo wants to make life a little easier for drivers. The app connects users with valets at service stations in the city, who then drop off the car at a parking spot. Ubo has just raised $900,000 in funding from HGDS Capital, bringing its total funding so far to $1.42 million.

'Kerbal Space Program' is coming to PS4

Imaginative rocket designers have good news out of E3 tonight, as the Kerbal Space Program team revealed that its quirky construction and space flight simulation is coming to the PlayStation 4. There's no release date yet, just the announcement, but it's yet another notable score on Sony's list of indie developer wins. Considering it took a couple of years for the original to go from Steam Early Access star to official release we wouldn't hold our breath , but hopefully the team has enough resources to make a quick transition to the console.

Seriously? Art schools have minted more massive Unicorns than MIT?

But one thing that’s unmistakable looking at this list is that the education required to launch a world-changing company is more accessible than you might think. Don’t assume that because you didn’t go to college in Palo Alto you’re doomed to small dreams. To crib a line from a great critic  — “Not everyone can create a great startup, but a great startup can come from anywhere.”

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