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What Cannes Lions 2018 will tell us about the attention industry

Top ad execs on why the industry’s biggest conference and awards show matters, and how it will point the way forward for the world’s attention merchants.

6 videos to watch if you want to learn how to be a better man

These videos are a good place to start if you're tired of harmful male stereotypes.

Repugnant Destruction of 320-Million-Year-Old Stone Structure Causes Worldwide Fury

In AD 455, a gang of Germanic tribesmen sacked the city of Rome and their burning and pillaging was so ferocious that the tribes name was encapsulated for all of time as synonymous with their act of d

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The CNET Smart Garden comes to life

This week, we dove back in, and brought our smart garden to life. Click through to see the CNET Smart Garden built from nothing to our current smart bed of veggie seedlings.

Never feel you have enough outlets? Here's how to deal

First and foremost, electrical outlets can pose a safety risk. An overloaded power outlet can cause a tripped circuit breaker, increase your risk for electrocution, or start a fire. You want to be mindful of how many things you are plugging in, and what they are.

How to anticipate enterprise digital transformation trends

Arcules CEO Lars Nordenlund predicts oncoming disruptive technologies and shares best practices for how enterprise companies can prepare for the unknown.


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How Apple's already building its future AR universe, headset or not

ARKit 2 can track eye movement using the iPhone X's front-facing TrueDepth camera, which will also likely end up on Apple's other iPhones arriving later this year, and maybe Apple's next iPad Pros . The results, based on developer experiments seen on Twitter, are already impressive. This could be a test run to evolve where Apple's future eye-tracking tech goes next. Maybe it'll be in headsets eventually. Or it'll be used to find ways to not just read what we're looking at and make eye-controlled hands-free interfaces, but turn our expressions and emotions into information. Or it could help make a whole new wave of Memoji-like avatar puppets .

Upcoming Windows 10 SwiftKey integration could boost productivity for office workers

The company has also made it easier to enlarge the text across the OS after complaints from users, and added new options to Game Mode for desktop PCs, the post noted. Users will be able to toggle through a menu listing the system RAM, GPU, and CPU usage as well as framerate. You will also have access to a menu that can change the audio outputs or the game's volume.

Elder Scrolls Blades will make my fathering a lot more fun this fall

However, with Blades I won't have to make it work. Son no. 2 is slated to arrive in August, and the game's rumored release date is September. I haven't played it yet, so there's a chance it might actually suck. Who knows? As of right now though, the thought of playing a game on my phone that's even an approximation of Skyrim with only one hand takes a bit of the sting out of the extreme sleep deprivation that awaits me two months from now.

Lucifer saved by guardian angel Netflix

#Lucifer . Okay... now that I can see again... and I’m sitting in a kiddie pool of happy tears... I just really want to thank you. ALL of you. From the bottom of my heart. Your unshakable love and support did this. It’s truly astounding. My heart is bursting. ❤️😈

9 My Data Request: Request your personal data from 100+ companies.

The information provided by My Data Request along with the content on our website related to legal matters is provided for your private use and does not constitute legal advice. If you need legal advice for a specific problem, you should consult with a licensed attorney. Neither My Data Request nor any information provided by My Data Request is a substitute for legal advice from a qualified attorney licensed to practice in an appropriate jurisdiction. Needless to say, we do not assume any responsibility for any consequence of using the documents provided.

​Chinese regulators approve Qualcomm NXP merger: Report | ZDNet

Chinese regulators have given the go ahead on Qualcomm's purchase of NXP for $44 billion, the South China Morning Post reports.

Dixons Carphone hit by huge data breach: Attackers access 5.9 million card details | ZDNet

Electronics retailer Dixons Carphone has suffered a massive data breach, with attackers accessing 5.9 million customer payment-card details and a further 1.2 million records containing personal information.

Top-notch phones: 8 phones with display cut-outs | ZDNet

In an effort to adopt the bezel-less design trend, smartphone makers have begun to push the display notch. Whether you love it or hate it, here are eight examples of phones with carved-out front tabs.

Smartphone fashion show: Nine beautiful smartphones prove they aren't all black slabs | ZDNet

Some people complain that all smartphones today are black slabs. Actually, we have seen some brilliant colored phones the last couple of years so here's a few to consider.

How the 22nd century should remember Trump

And at that point we're basically in the timeline foreseen by the 20th century's foremost future historian, science fiction writer Robert Heinlein. In 1953, Heinlein described a folksy, racist, populist TV preacher winning the White House with a minority of the popular vote — in the election of 2012. (What's four years' difference at that many decades' distance, right?) This president then "needed stormtroopers" and so "revived the Ku Klux Klan in all but name." America's economy stagnated, and elections soon became a thing of the past.

How to connect to a remote MySQL database with DBeaver

Support diversity with Juuk's limited-release Apple Watch band

Juuk’s steel bands for Apple Watch have always impressed us. June is LGBT Pride Month, and Juuk’s hard-to-get Rainbow Ligero Apple Watch band in 42 mm is back in time for the celebrations.

Wonder Woman 1984: Gal Gadot reveals first look at costume

It's been a wonder-ous week for fans of the Amazon. Director Patty Jenkins revealed a spoiler-riffic photo of a certain character strolling through a very 1980s shopping mall, and Gadot herself shared a photo of Wonder Woman standing in front of a bank of 1980s TV screens. Jenkins also confirmed the title as Wonder Woman 1984, and thus narrowed down the totally righteous setting.

What iPhone X without the 'notch' would look like | Cult of Mac

Even though the iPhone X has proved very popular , its screen cutout nevertheless has critics. A rival phone maker unveiled a device that shows why Apple went with the design it did.

Dads will dig our Father's Day Gift Guide for Apple Watch [Gift Guide]

Charge and protect your Apple Watch with this innovative and stylish portable power bank. With its secure fit, Amber will ensure that Apple Watch’s magnetic charger remains secure. Simple and beautiful, Amber won the iF Design Award of 2016. Amber is a 3800mAh power bank that charges your Apple Watch six times and your iPhone one time.

World Cup 2018: How to get your TV ready to watch

21 9 TED Talks that celebrate sweet dads

Dave Isay opened the first StoryCorps booth in New York’s Grand Central Terminal in 2003 with the intention of creating a quiet place where a person could honor someone who mattered to them by listening to their story. Since then, StoryCorps has evolved into the single largest collection of human voices ever recorded. His TED Prize wish: to grow this digital archive of the collective wisdom of humanity. Hear his vision to take StoryCorps global — and how you can be a part of it by interviewing someone with the StoryCorps app.

Single sign-on: How Okta is building an online identity platform | ZDNet

With developers working on both IT and customer-identity products, and a leadership that Salazar describes as "making long-term bets," there's a lot to be done. One area that's needed a lot of thought is how Okta prices its platform versus its identity services. The per-seat model associated with SaaS isn't really suitable for developer tooling, but with API call-based pricing it's also hard to go from a low-cost proof-of-concept to a full-blown product -- especially when that means switching from developer to enterprise price plans.

​Samsung's Chromebook Plus V2 adds camera and swaps ARM for Intel | ZDNet

However, there are a few key changes that have, according to CNET's hands on preview , led to improvements. The 2018 model runs on an Intel CPU instead of the ARM processor, bringing it in line with the Samsung Chromebook Pro which launched alongside the first Plus but with a high-end Intel Core m3 processor.

Charting the Rise and Fall of Teen Social Media Popularity

Comparing Pew Research Center's Teens, Social Media & Technology reports from 2015 and 2018 highlights some massive shifts: Instagram and Snapchat are up, Facebook is down, and YouTube is king among US teens.

Nintendo's E3 booth has the Master Sword: Smash Bros. Props made real

With nearly ever character in the Nintendo universe entering the ring, it's only fitting for company's booth at E3 2018 to be a celebration of those characters -- which is why they built made real props out of the character's clothing, items and weapons!

First 4G services hit Ukraine: But can they transform its future? | ZDNet

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Too much phone use is really bad for your brain

How can I be experiencing this phenomenon when I'm surrounded by people?  Huber: The issue is much like stimulus response conditioning that was first demonstrated by Pavlov and his dogs by ringing a bell. When we get a notification, a like on "Instagram" or any other social media app, our brain releases a very small amount of dopamine. This is the same neurotransmitter released when your brain is fed cocaine. It is addictive both mentally and physically. In fact, with just two hours of screen time, research shows that people begin to exhibit behavioral signs of depression.

With no net neutrality rules, will mergers like AT&T-Time Warner kill the internet?

"Merging AT&T, one of the largest cable, satellite and mobile broadband companies, with Time Warner will lead to higher prices, fewer choices and perhaps more importantly, fewer voices," Gigi Sohn, an adviser to former FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler said. "Coupled with the demise of the 2015 net neutrality rules, AT&T will be free to favor Time Warner content over its cable and its fixed and mobile broadband networks."

Former and current Fitbit employees charged with possessing stolen Jawbone trade secrets | ZDNet

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Charlie Chaplin was the original Distracted Boyfriend meme

Now, against my better judgment, I am considering replacing the original Distracted Boyfriend with the Charlie Chaplin version from now on. For one thing, everyone's outfits are much better. For another, I haven't seen the latter image every day for the past 10 months. Plus, vintage!

World Cup 2018 memes are all about Ronaldo, Ronaldo, Ronaldo

Three World Cup matches were played Friday, but if you limited your reading to Twitter, you might think there was only one match, and only one player. Legendary Portugal forward Cristiano Ronaldo dominated social-media memes just like he dominated his team's match against Spain, which ended in a 3-3 tie , with Ronaldo scoring all three of Portugal's goals.

Cisco Live 2018: 'GDP is directly linked to GDPR' | ZDNet

10 Email Phrases That Make You Sound Unprofessional

It may seem easier to give constructive criticism via email, but it often backfires. “Pick up the phone, find time to meet in person, or speak via video conference,” Gulino says. “The intent of the message is almost always different than the impact of the message, meaning that what you intend to say is going to reach your audience differently, and likely negatively. I’ve never seen constructive feedback given over email taken well. On the contrary, it has created a whole host of new problems, including lack of trust.” And if you have to give some feedback over email, keep it to the positive, she says.

iOS 12: The hidden feature I won't be switching on | ZDNet

Given how unstable some iOS updates can be, I don't think I'll be switching on the iOS 12 automatic update feature anytime soon.

Google diversity figures show little change

While it is the first to release figures for 2018, Google's figures are broadly in line with other big players in the tech sector, which has long struggled to broaden the diversity of its workforce.

Dev Watercooler: World of Warcraft Classic - WoW

Greetings! Development of World of Warcraft Classic is underway, and we’re very excited to share some of the challenges and solutions we’re working on. As we mentioned last BlizzCon, the process of restoring the classic game is not straightforward, and it’s important to us to take the time and effort to get it right—this includes poring over numerous game versions, data, and code; meticulously scrutinizing all the changes we’ve made over the years. Rest assured: The WoW Classic team is hard at work making it a reality, and we’re at a point in development where we’re ready to share some of the things we’ve been working on.

IHOP's IHOb makeover isn't going away anytime soon

"We have from the beginning said IHOb was fun, a tongue in cheek way to launch our new burgers. It was not a permanent change to the actual IHOP name," IHOP spokeswoman Stephanie Peterson told CNET, adding that the chain famous for its breakfast menu would continue to use "touches of IHOb" throughout the summer to promote its burgers.

A Bitter Guide To Open Source – Codezillas – Medium

First and foremost, have a look at competitors and prior art. If someone else’s library does the same thing yours does, you’ll need something that sets it apart. Lets say you want to build the next lodash. Good fuckin luck (sorry had to get that out of the way). But outside of that, in order to tap into lodash’s market share, you’d need to have a hook. It would have to be smaller, or faster, or a better API. See where I’m going with this?

iOS 12 for iPhone brings bad news for iPhone hackers

So to all the people that held off paying $999, £999 or AU$1,579, you might be in luck. In September, it's possible you could get an almost all-screen iPhone starting for as low as $600. The 6.5-inch iPhone X successor with an OLED screen could still cost between $900 and $1,000, Kuo forecasts, so save up. (That roughly converts to £680 and AU$1,210 to £750 and AU$1,345, but Apple does not typically directly convert their US prices).

Hidden Tricks Inside Windows 10

The Windows Fall Creators Update installed the Mixed Reality Viewer app on your Windows 10 machine, even if you didn't know it was there. Do a quick Cortana search and open the app to play around with 3D models—either ones you've created in Paint 3D or downloaded from Microsoft's library of thousands of models. If you own one of Microsoft's Windows Mixed Reality partner headsets or want to start playing around with 3D and mixed reality development, this app is your way to start leveling up.

Inside the workshop where Game of Thrones swords are made

Inside the Game of Thrones workshop, where new weapons are designed and modelled. It's also an archive of the weapons used by the show's many, many now-deceased characters.

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Silicon Valley Wants To Own Your Creativity

The statement was ridiculous because, in truth, it’s now downright trendy for tech companies to brand their software as conduits of human creativity–even if software can limit creativity as much as it extends it. While you’d expect that kind of language from companies like Adobe, whose production tools are literally its entire business, many other tech companies are packaging themselves as creative tools, too. The file-sharing company Dropbox recently rebranded to be about what people make with Dropbox. Tagline? “Put creative energy to work.” Meanwhile, Samsung is urging customers to “ Make Something ” with Galaxy phones and devices. Snapchat will tell you it’s not a social network . . . it’s  a camera with limitless possibility.

45 Xbox One preview brings FastStart loading to Game Pass

It's not certain which titles are FastStart-friendly at this stage. Microsoft knows where it would like to focus your attention, though. It's looking for feedback on the install speed of a handful of games, including Spelunky , The Flame in the Flood and Fuzion Frenzy . That's a hint that at least some games aren't guaranteed to fire up as quickly as you might like. If you're a big Game Pass fan and just can't stand waiting, though, it might be worth jumping on the early release to see where you might save precious time.

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7 detailed tips on how to improve you website in 2018

While some aspects of technical excellence have always been important, in this article I want to focus on seven reasons that your site isn’t performing as well as it could be in 2018. If you can fix these issues, your site will be in the best position possible for this year and the foreseeable future.

Won't get fooled again: Gig economy second wave begins to break | ZDNet

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Almost half of all NBN users now on 50Mbps or faster | ZDNet

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55 Google makes G Suite's App Maker generally available | ZDNet
56 Twitter
57 Australia's semantic sleight of hand on encrypted messaging revealed | ZDNet
58 ARM acquires Stream Technologies for IoT connectivity | ZDNet
59 Google's new ad settings will let you switch off adverts that know too much | ZDNet
60 A father-daughter dance ... in prison
61 RFID tags transformed to become detectors of chemicals and disease | ZDNet
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80 Facebook tightens its policies on gun-related advertising
81 5G standard completed, ready to provide ubiquitous gigabit internet | Cult of Mac
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89 Mathew Ingram on Instagram: “First sunset paddle of the season #kayakdate”
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96 South Korea's Toss raises $40m from GIC, Sequoia China | ZDNet
97 The Joy of Sleeping: Bob Ross recordings recast as bedtime audio series