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Why everyone you know is falling hard for 'Set It Up'

'Set It Up' had me screaming "MAKE OUT ALREADY" at my TV at least twice, which might be the highest praise I can give a romcom.

'The Daily Show' slams Donald Trump for tearing apart families at the border

'Ya done fucked up.'

2018 iPhone mockups hint at new details | Cult of Mac

The release of Apple's next smartphones is apparently close enough that the Asian supply chain has detailed specifications on the design. These have been used to create 3D mockups. A video comparing these to current iPhone models reveals new details about Apple's plans.

How Facebook Blew It

Cambridge Analytica may have also accessed academic research data from Facebook to craft psychometric profiles—and keep certain voters at home on Election Day.

IBM Artificial Intelligence Takes on Human Debate Champs

IBM researchers have been working on an AI debate system since 2012, and put it to the test last night to demonstrate it's possible for humans and machines to have meaningful discussions.

McDonald’s will test plastic straw alternatives in the U.S.

Plastic straws have come under fire from environmental activists because of their single-use nature and the fact that they don’t easily biodegrade.

AT&T, Time Warner, and the Need for Neutrality

It is no surprise that a judge allowed the AT&T-Time Warner acquisition to proceed given the government’s poor case; the question is if a better case could have been made. What is ultimat…

Are Your Plants Misbehaving? Call a Robotanist

Robotic management can help ensure that plants and trees in public spaces grow in desired shapes and sizes.

The ‘Fortnite’-sized ‘PUBG’ map goes live Friday

The ‘Fortnite’-sized ‘PUBG’ map, Sanhok, goes live Friday with its next patch, which also brings a new gun and quality-of-life tweaks.

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Verizon and AT&T will stop selling your phone’s location to data brokers

( UPDATE : T-Mobile CEO John Legere wrote on Twitter that his company "will not sell customer location data to shady middlemen." But Legere's statement is vague and he did not specify whether T-Mobile will stop sharing data with LocationSmart or other aggregators. As detailed later in this article, T-Mobile's letter to Wyden on June 15 said that the company will continue sharing data with these aggregators. Since that letter, "our office has not received any updated response from T-Mobile about its policy with respect to location aggregators or other data brokers," a Wyden spokesperson told Ars.)


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3 'It needs to stop': Apple CEO Tim Cook slams 'inhumane' Trump border policy that separates children from their families

"It's heartbreaking to see the images and hear the sounds of the kids," Cook told The Irish Times . "Kids are the most vulnerable people in any society. I think that what's happening is inhumane, it needs to stop." The Apple CEO is in Ireland to open a new office.

Here are the best books of 2018 so far, according to Amazon

"For the Best Books of the Year (So Far), the team looks back over our favorite books from the past six months to give our customers a list of must-reads heading into summer," Amazon Books told Mashable. "The books are purely editorial selections, there’s no algorithm involved, and the ones that make the final Best of the Year (So Far) cut are the books we couldn’t forget."

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Popular Mac Developer Slams Apple for 'Sad State of Macintosh Hardware' | Hacker News

I have an early 2013 MBP that I'm going to hang on to as long as I possibly can. It is truly a wonderful machine. I'm long out of warranty and just opted to pay $600 for repairs rather than upgrade. Really hope apple can turn things around before it finally kicks the bucket for good. Pretty amazing and sad how a company can take something so good and completely ruin it. To be fair it probably doesn't help that our culture is so obsessed with constant new-ness in tech, expecting huge advances every single year which puts pressure on companies to come up with shiny new features all the time. If it ain't broke... reply

Amazon launches an Alexa system for hotels

Alexa is coming to your hotel room. Amazon this morning is announcing a new program called Alexa for Hospitality, designed to bring its voice assistant technology to everything from chain hotels to vacation rentals. The system can be customized to include key guest information, like checkout time or pool hours; allows guests to request services like housekeeping or room service; and can be configured to control “smart” hotel room functions, like adjusting the thermostat or raising the blinds.

Facebook ordered to explain deleted profile

Facebook has been ordered by a UK high court judge to reveal who told it to delete the profile of a jazz musician and his band, six months after he died.

Google's Android Messages for web is here: This is how it lets you text from PCs, Macs | ZDNet

Android users, if you're looking for an incredibly easy way to text from your desktop, Jack Wallen thinks Textto is tough to beat. Here's how to install and use this efficient app.


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Facebook launches Brand Collabs search engine for sponsoring creators

So rather than immediately try to monetize this sponsored content, Facebook is launching the Brand Collabs Manager to prove to creators that it can get them paid indirectly. Facebook already offered a way for creators to tag their content with disclosure tags about brands they were working with. But now it’s going out of its way to facilitate the deals. Fan subscriptions and tipping come from the same motive: letting creators monetize through their audience rather than the platform itself.

Tim Cook blasts Trump policy of separating immigrant kids from parents | Cult of Mac

Apple’s CEO   has joined the chorus   opposed to the Trump administration’s policy of separating the children of illegal immigrants from their parents at the U.S. border. He called the practice “inhumane.”

Samuel L. Jackson Reveals Nick Fury and Black Panther Will Meet - IGN

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight , Jackson revealed that, when he suggested to Marvel bosses that Fury should be included in the Black Panther film, he was told: "Ehh, nah. We're good. Nick Fury and Black Panther will meet somewhere. But not there."

15 In China Trade War, Apple Worries It Will Be Collateral Damage | Hacker News

Lol. I mean sure Apple could be stuck between a US/China tradewar... sure. But the affects on Apple, versus literally any other the business out there, of the trade war are going to be relatively minuscule. There will be thousands of smaller businesses on both sides that are affected and that likely have a much larger aggregate impact than one player-- even if it is Apple. Apple has money and margins, it would not be wise to underestimate the power of those two things in protecting their business. It'd be better if the NYT wrote a piece about a mid-size ($5m to $75m in revenue, 50-500 employees) businesses that can't lobby or fight back and the affect on them. /shrug reply

Google Podcasts app review

Apple has essentially owned podcasts since their inception. Hell, even the format’s name betrays its close tie to the company’s once ubiquitous player. At best, Google has reluctantly embraced the form, incorporating podcasts into the broader scope of Play, leading many of Android’s billions of users to rely on third-party solutions.

Verizon stops selling customer location to two data brokers after one is caught leaking it

Verizon is cutting off access to its mobile customers’ real-time locations to two third-party data brokers “to prevent misuse of that information going forward.” The company announced the decision in a letter sent to Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR), who along with others helped reveal improper usage and poor security at these location brokers. It is not, however, getting out of the location-sharing business altogether.

Google launches standalone podcast app on Android

Of course, there are already plenty of podcast apps on Google Play, but Google is Google and it is promising a bunch of smarts to entice you. For example, the app will base its recommendations on users’ listening habits and subscriptions — discovery is very much the name of the game in today’s content-overloaded world. Google will also synchronize podcasts across platforms through Google Assistant, meaning your can listen on your phone on the way home from work and pick up where you left off on your Google Home smart speaker when you walk through your front door.


I just don[t understand why she doesn't send a legally documented kid to college that otherwise might not be able to afford college. Is she advocating breaking the law in place of going through legal channels of immigration? #badrolemodel #attentionSeeker #notAdmirable

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Apple slapped with $6.6M fine in Australia over bricked devices

Apple has been fined AUS$9M (~$6.6M) by a court in Australia following a legal challenge by a consumer rights group related to the company’s response after iOS updates bricked devices that had been repaired by third parties.

GitHub Education is now free for schools

It’s worth noting that GitHub has long been available for free to individual students and teachers who want to use it in their classrooms. GitHub Education goes a step beyond this and offers schools access to GitHub Enterprise or Business Hosted accounts, as well as access to training, dedicated support for the school’s head of IT or CTO — and swag.

Wonder Woman 1984: Gal Gadot reveals first look at costume

It's been a wonder-ous week for fans of the Amazon. Director Patty Jenkins revealed a spoiler-riffic photo of a certain character strolling through a very 1980s shopping mall, and Gadot herself shared a photo of Wonder Woman standing in front of a bank of 1980s TV screens. Jenkins also confirmed the title as Wonder Woman 1984, and thus narrowed down the totally righteous setting.

Never feel you have enough outlets? Here's how to deal

First and foremost, electrical outlets can pose a safety risk. An overloaded power outlet can cause a tripped circuit breaker, increase your risk for electrocution, or start a fire. You want to be mindful of how many things you are plugging in, and what they are.

Support diversity with Juuk's limited-release Apple Watch band

Juuk’s steel bands for Apple Watch have always impressed us. June is LGBT Pride Month, and Juuk’s hard-to-get Rainbow Ligero Apple Watch band in 42 mm is back in time for the celebrations.

Apple releases second beta of iOS 12, macOS Mojave, watchOS 5 and tvOS 12 | ZDNet

Some of the more notable improvements coming in iOS 12, which powers the iPhone and iPad, include speed and performance improvements across the board, and new tools to track just how much time a user spends on his or her device. Screen Time also lets users set time limits for specific apps or app categories, after which the user is locked out of the app until the following day.

6 things to know about Juneteenth and why it matters more than ever

Juneteenth marked a turning point in the fight to free fellow humans from the bonds of slavery, and African Americans in Texas celebrated it as a day of freedom. There were other options for an official holiday marking the end of slavery, including September 22, which was the day in 1862 when Lincoln issued his preliminary Emancipation Proclamation Order on January 31, the date the 13th Amendment passed Congress in 1865 and officially abolished the institution of slavery. However, it was Juneteenth that stuck.

Tesla employee accused of sabotaging production systems

The leaked email, sent to Tesla’s roughly 40,000 staff, said the matter was being was being investigated. It also hints at foul play from outside industries, with Musk citing the “oil and gas companies” who “don’t love the idea of Tesla advancing the progress of solar power and electric cars”.

Apple Seeds macOS 10.14 Mojave Beta 2 to Developers

Apple has officially seeded the second developer beta of macOS 10.14 Mojave. As is par for the course, a developer beta is seeded first, but a corresponding public beta will likely see the light of day soon. To update, registered developers simply need to head to the Mac App Store and download the new software on machines with the proper certificates. macOS 10.14 can also be downloaded and installed from the Apple Developers Center.


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Google says its AI is better at predicting death than hospitals

Google’s Medical Brain team is now training its AI to predict the death risk among hospital patients — and its early results show it has slightly higher accuracy than a hospital’s own warning system.


During WWDC 2018, Apple devoted a bit of screentime to tvOS 12, but not nearly as much as the others. AppleInsider dives in and find over 20 new features and changes coming to the Apple TV.

'Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom' cuts badass lesbian reveal 'for time'

You're telling me this killer quip, lesbian reveal combo didn't make the movie... because of time?! Let me in that editing room—I will find a few dozen "Wow! Dinosaurs!" reaction shots we can do without.

Sonos attacks the soundbar market as competitors grow louder | ZDNet

As we can likely expect for all Sonos speakers to follow, it will have full support for Alexa and other agents. Furthermore, its HDMI control backchannel to the TV may enable some neat tricks around input switching and other TV-related activities beyond passively improving the audio output quality. For Sonos, Beam represents a shift from reacting to the smart speaker revolution (ultimately a feature and not a particularly speaker-specific one) versus moving forward with market expansion.

Social Media Use Continues to Rise in Developing Countries but Plateaus Across Developed Ones

In recent years, there have been doubts raised about the overall benefits of internet access and social media use. Concerns or no, the share of people who use the internet or own a smartphone continues to expand in the developing world and remains high in developed nations. When it comes to social media use, people in emerging and developing markets are fast approaching levels seen in more advanced economies. In addition, as people in advanced economies reach the upper bounds of internet penetration, the digital divide continues to narrow between wealthy and developing countries.

The Star Trek television universe is expanding

CBS Television Studios on Tuesday announced a five-year deal with Star Trek: Discovery showrunner Alex Kurtzman and his Secret Hideout production company, who will oversee the production of new Star Trek series.

WHO sees gaming addiction as mental condition, opens door for smartphone, social media disorders | ZDNet

With gaming disorder making its way into the International Classification of Diseases it's just a matter of time before other digital issues--think smartphone and social--are flagged.

This sneaky Windows malware delivers adware - and takes screenshots of your desktop | ZDNet

The malware is stealthy, but Botezatu told ZDNet that it can be detected if the system is scanned in rescue mode. "Since the rootkit driver can tamper with both the operating system and the anti-malware solution, it is better to run a scan in this rescue mode rather than running it normally," he said.

HPE announces world's largest ARM-based supercomputer | ZDNet

The HPC system is comprised of 5,184 ARM-based processors -- the Thunder X2 processor, built by Cavium. Each processor has 28 cores and runs at 2 GHz. Astra will deliver over 2.3 theoretical peak petaflops of performance, which should put it well within the top 100 supercomputers ever built -- a milestone for an ARM-based machine, Vildibill said.

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Cisco buys July Systems to bring digital experience to the real world

Customer experience management is about getting to know your customer’s preferences in an online context, but pulling that information into the real world often proves a major challenge for organizations. This results in a huge disconnect when a customer walks into a physical store. This morning, Cisco announced it has bought July Systems , a company that purports to solve that problem.

Vulnerabilities in these IoT cameras could give attackers full control, warn researchers | ZDNet

These include providing access to the camera's video stream, the ability to control where the camera is looking and to control motion detection and the ability to listen to audio. There's also the potential for cameras exploited in this way to be used as an entry point in the network for a wider attack, as well as the possibility of the camera being roped into a malicious botnet.

Trump promises Apple he won't put tariff on iPhones | Cult of Mac

According to the New York Times article , Trump promised Cook that he wouldn’t place tariffs on iPhone assembled in China. Apple has reportedly been worried about retaliation from China. The country could make Apple’s business harder by hampering its ability to sell phones in the country or export them in a timely fashion.

The first 'Creed 2' poster is out and... uh... wow.

The poster features Adonis Creed as played by Michael B. Jordan standing tall and hella buff in gloves and striped shorts reminiscent of his character's father Apollo from the Rocky movies, with the sequel's "II" in the background.

CrowdStrike raises $200 million, continues to evaluate IPO: CEO

CrowdStrike, a California-based firm founded in 2011, said it has raised $200 million in its series E round of financing, putting the company’s valuation at more than $3 billion.

46 Uber reportedly increased self-driving simulations after fatal crash

To add insult to injury, initially, there were also differences in pay between simulation engineers and other engineers in the department. The end goal was to release a self-driving car in Arizona this year, codenamed "Roadrunner," to compete with Waymo's offering just outside of Phoenix .


Verizon, AT&T are cutting off location-data sharing contracts

"LocationSmart has maintained close communications with the wireless carriers about recent incidents, and continues to work with them to ensure that mobile device user access to important services are maintained and that user privacy is treated with the utmost priority," the company said in a follow-up statement via e-mail. "We are working with each of them to ensure that industry best practices and carrier guidelines are met and service is not interrupted for any of our customers as the carriers implement changes to their respective programs for use of location data. We do not anticipate adverse impact to current services in the near future."

Top Fox TV creators condemn Fox News. Why did it take so long?

Getting out of a contract of the sort these two guys are probably locked into isn't as easy as phoning the boss and shouting "I quit!" But there's nothing stopping either of them from taking whatever steps are necessary to ensure that Fox no longer profits off of their work. Even if that means leaving their creations behind. It's hard to imagine a bright future for either of their shows without the creators on board.

Amazon is bringing the Echo to Italy and Spain

In the meantime, the Amazon’s opening the Alexa Skills Kit to developers in those countries. It’s also making the Alexa Voice Service developer preview available to hardware developers looking to build third-party devices using the assistant and throwing in an Echo device to the first 100 devs for good measure.

51 Facebook will let you make HQ Trivia knockoff videos now
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53 Some of the most popular PS4 titles now cost just $20
54 Google, Lyft, Uber, and others form a coalition to examine the impact of self-driving cars
55 Twitch allows everyone to customize streams with multiple tools
56 Marvel's Iron Fist, TV shows may fill movies' absence from Comic-Con
57 Uber is experimenting with cheaper fares for those willing to wait
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59 Yelp uses machine learning to create Popular Dishes list
60 GameStop confirms buyout talks as downloads take their toll
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62 Brandless takes on the ever-growing clean beauty industry
63 Uber was 'poster child for everything gone wrong,' former exec says
64 Best ultraportable laptops for business 2018 | ZDNet
65 George Takei: 'At Least During the Internment … I Was Not Taken from My Parents.'
66 ‘INFEST’ — The Ugly Nazi History of Trump’s Chosen Verb
67 aims at build-an-app platforms by using AI for speed and cost
68 Anchor app for podcasters is now available for the iPad
69 The EU's bizarre war on memes is totally unwinnable
71 How Corsair brought innovation to the world’s biggest PC case
72 Turkey's 'Mathematics Village': Changing education one equation at a time
73 Talks to watch on a sleepy day in
74 How to use Excel formulas to compare multi-column lists
75 Qt for WebAssembly - Qt Blog
76 Rocket Launch Update Hints at Fortnite: Season 5 - IGN
77 Anatomy of a Linux DNS Lookup – Part II
78 The paranoid's guide to traveling to digitally scary places like Russia or China | ZDNet
79 Tesla employee sabotage illustrates critical importance of user permissions
80 Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire Is a Disney-fied VR Experience - IGN
81 Donald Trump disrespects the American flag by giving it a creepy hug, again
82 React Native at Airbnb – Airbnb Engineering & Data Science – Medium
83 Tim Cook opens new Apple office in Cork, Ireland | Cult of Mac
84 Personal finance startup SmartAsset raises $28M
85 Anchor brings podcast creation and editing to the iPad
86 GPUs as a service with Kubernetes Engine are now generally available
87 How to connect your GitLab account to the LabCoat Android app
88 This AR card could be the future of business | Cult of Mac
89 Feds crack down on Tesla Autopilot safety cheat device
90 What can Beijing do if China-U.S. trade row worsens?
91 Blockchain: A technical primer