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Watch the second Game of Thrones season 7 trailer

Get a new glimpse at what's promising to be the hugest war Westeros has ever seen as forces converge from all directions in HBO's hit series.

Sega launches free retro game collection for iPhone and Android

Sega is bringing some of its best retro games to your smartphone. Today the company announced a new service called Sega Forever, which is essentially a lineup of classic games from the company that...

Netflix launches 'choose your own adventure' interactive TV shows

Netflix is launching interactive TV shows that let viewers choose their own adventures and make decisions for their favourite characters on the TV streaming service.

Snapchat’s new Snap Map lets you share your location with friends

Location sharing is optional, and it only updates when you use Snapchat.

'Baby Driver': A 2-hour trailer as familiar as a favourite song

Music drives Edgar Wright's car chase caper to high-octane thrills but few surprises (spoiler-free review).

For YouTube stars, breaking up is hard -- and epic -- to do

Online stars build millions of fans by sharing their lives, but a romance’s end can be a nightmare

Incredibly powerful rap about the London fire victims will move you to tears

"Nothing can bring back what was lost but we can honour them in our memories and our art."

The Unreal, Bleeding-Edge Tech That’s Helping Doctors Make The Cut

Amid a looming shortage in surgeons and ever-complex procedures, doctors and startups say computer glasses can move simulation far beyond expensive dummies.

Watch former Apple engineers and Scott Forstall discuss the creation of the iPhone

Last night at the Computer History Museum, former New York Times reporter John Markoff interviewed some of the original engineers who work on the first iPhone..

Adobe acquires Mettle’s SkyBox tools to expand its VR video portfolio

Adobe today announced it has acquired all of Mettle's SkyBox technologies and plug-ins for building transitions, titles and effects in VR applications and..

'Game of Thrones' launched a massive social takeover so start looking for Season 7 clues

The Night King DGAF about Summer Solstice.

Walmart is telling its tech partners to get off Amazon’s cloud

When it comes to Amazon vs. Walmart it's hard to know who's the angel and who's the devil, but one thing we do know is t

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Report: Uber CEO Travis Kalanick Steps Down

Original Story (6/13): Uber CEO Travis Kalanick will take a leave of absence following the results of an investigation into how the startup's upper management handles incidents of sexual harassment.

Forbes Tech News on Twitter

Uber's Travis Kalanick said to resign as CEO amid investor backlash

Spotify hopes you'll create shared playlists in Facebook Messenger

The addition is bound to be helpful for parties -- your friends can add to the mix using an app they already have. It's also good for discovering new songs in your social circle. It's no secret as to why Spotify wants this: it could not only encourage you to stream more often, but expose Spotify to friends who might be new to the service. And when there are nearly 2 billion Facebook users , that's a lot of potential listeners.

Sega is bringing its classic games to mobile for free with the Forever Collection

There’s been something of a retro resurgence in video games recently; remasters are popping up everywhere and Nintendo took things one step further with its NES Classic console . Now, Sega is getting in on the action with the announcement that it’s bringing a collection of its classic games to mobile for free.

Free versions of 'Sonic the Hedgehog' and other classic Sega games are coming to iPhone and Android

You'll soon be able to play all of Sega's best retro games on your smartphone. On Wednesday, the company announced Sega Forever, an app that will give iPhone and Android owners free access to its robust library of classic games.

​Windows 10 does temporarily disable third-party antivirus, admits Microsoft | ZDNet

"Once a customer has installed an active and up-to-date antivirus program, it will run without notifications or interference from Windows. Microsoft's own free, built-in Windows Defender Antivirus does not run periodic scans without explicit customer action or provide protection until the chosen third-party AV solution is no longer protecting the Windows 10 device due to expiration," said Lefferts.

Waymo could be a $70 billion business, says Morgan Stanley

The valuation estimate is enormous, higher than that of Tesla, Ford, and Uber, valued at $50 billion, $44 billion, and $50 billion respectively. The analysts consider the sophistication of Waymo’s self-driving system to be far ahead of other vendors, which could lead to a stranglehold on the market, similar to Android on mobile.

Texas makes self-driving cars legal again, no human driver required

Texas, like Finland, never had a law blocking self-driving cars from public roads, until Thursday when Gov. Greg Abbott signed a bill that set out the rules of the road.

eBay will now price match with major retailers like Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, and Sears

The price match guarantee only applies to eBay’s Deals section; excludes auction items, among other categories; and is only for US residents. As with many price-match programs, the policies seem pretty strict. If a customer buys a product for a cheaper price at one of the listed competitors, eBay will reimburse them through a coupon that must be used for the item in question. The coupon expires within 24 hours and eBay won’t issue a second one after. The policy also doesn’t take taxes and shipping fees into account, which means that customers looking for the best deal will naturally have to do a bit of math.

Storage load testing: Coming to an IT shop near you - TechRepublic

Expensive appliances and open-source software can help your company test storage against real-world workloads. The market could use some expansion, experts say.

Swift creator departs Tesla after just six months

Chris Lattner is the new vice president heading up Autopilot efforts at Tesla Motors. Chris has worked at Apple for 11 years, where his chief contribution was creating Swift, Apple’s most recent programming language, which is relatively easy for beginners to pick up and begin using to create apps for macOS, iOS and beyond. Chris has held several positions at Apple, including Senior Director of Developer …

7 microwave snacks you can cook in a mug

First, you will need to make the dough by mixing 4 tablespoons (59 milliliters) of flour, 1/8 teaspoon (0.6 milliliters) of baking powder, 1/16 teaspoon (0.3 milliliters) of baking soda and 1/8 teaspoon (0.6 milliliters) of salt into a coffee mug. Pour in 3 tablespoons (30 milliliters) of milk and 1 tablespoon (15 milliliters) of olive oil into the mixture and stir. You may need to use your hands to knead the dough.

Virgin Mobile goes iPhone-exclusive, offering first year of unlimited service for $1

Virgin Mobile USA announced today that it will offer an iPhone-exclusive cellular plan that offers unlimited data, text, and calls for $50 a month. This also means Virgin will stop selling Android devices, making the company the first and only iPhone-only carrier in the US.

Honda halts Japan car plant after WannaCry virus hits computer network

TOKYO Honda Motor Co ( 7267.T ) said on Wednesday it halted production at a domestic vehicle plant for a day this week after finding the WannaCry ransomware that struck globally last month in its computer network.

Lenovo shows off an absurd laptop concept with a flexible screen

Lenovo has some wild ideas to share. At an event in New York today, the company showed off its idea of the future of personal computing with an image of a bendable laptop with a flexible display; a built-in keyboard; and even the signature ThinkPad pointing stick, or mouse nub — whatever you want to call it. With this concept, most of the interaction would happen over voice commands or a stylus. Lenovo says that this concept would be achieved through “advanced materials” and “new screen technologies.” That’s not very specific.

Why 26 of the 100 highest rated CEOs are in tech - TechRepublic

These top tech CEOs share several overlapping characteristics, according to employees, Dobroski said. "First, employees at these tech companies thrive on the strong, mission-driven culture led by the CEO, as well as appreciate the emphasis on making a real impact on the world, including at companies like Google and Apple," he said. "Employees also appreciate the transparent leadership style exercised at companies like Facebook and Salesforce."

Tesla Model S goes a record 560 miles on a single charge, Elon Musk is not impressed

The practice is called hypermiling, and it involves driving in such a way as to achieve the biggest possible range on one fuel tank or charge. This usually means driving slowly, not using air conditioning, and even trying to get tail wind on your side to squeeze that extra mile of range.

The head of Tesla's Autopilot quits in less than six months

(Reuters) - Tesla said the head of its autopilot software, Chris Lattner, left the company in less than six months since joining the electric carmaker.

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Twitch Prime members will get special loot boxes thanks to an exclusive streaming deal with Blizzard

Man told he can't wear shorts to office, abides by the dress code for women instead

Man told he can't wear shorts to office, abides by the dress code for women instead

Etsy slashes almost a quarter of its staff in attempt to refocus

Etsy is widely recognized as perhaps the premiere place online to go for handmade goods from sellers big and small. But despite the company's ubiquity and influence, Etsy may have taken on too many projects that aren't relevant to its core business. To that end, CEO Josh Silverman announced this morning that Etsy was laying off 15 percent of its workforce. That's in addition to layoffs that were announced in early May; the total workforce reduction comes in at 22 percent, or about 230 employees.

For the 2017 iMac 27, Apple doesn't mess with success

Pricing hasn't changed at all for the 27-inch model  -- $1,800 (£1,750, AU$2,700)  for the entry-level version we tested -- which seems on target for what it offers. The base model is a reasonable configuration for the money; if you want something more powerful, I'd probably suggest a big bump to the Pro 580-based model, with a Core i7 and 16GB memory, at $2,700 (£2,610, AU$4,090). For in-between configurations you most likely won't see significant performance increases that merit spending much more, unless it's to switch completely to SSD from the Fusion drive and/or increase the amount of memory, which now goes up to 64GB in the more expensive 27-inch iMac but still 32GB in the entry-level model.

5 ways businesses can cultivate a data-driven culture

Sharing data successes is important to inspire others and develop a healthy, competitive, data-driven culture. To share the results achieved by a team or an individual, you can use different communication tools, such as videos and blogs, organize special gatherings, or share the results on your company portal. Make sure that you choose initiatives that are in line with your company’s long-term strategy. For example, if your objective is to penetrate new markets or gather more information about your target customers, you should acknowledge and reward the initiatives that help you make progress towards these strategic goals.

14 Essential Tips for an Engaging Facebook Business Page

We’ve come across many well-meaning marketers and entrepreneurs who create personal profiles for their brands, instead of an actual Facebook Business Page. That puts you at a huge disadvantage -- you’re missing out on all of the content creation tools, paid promotional opportunities, and analytics/insights that come with a Facebook Business Page. Plus, a personal profile would require people to send you a friend request in order to engage with you, and the last thing you want to do is make that more difficult for customers.

Toshiba Picks Preferred Bidder for Microchip Business

But potentially standing in the way of a deal is Western Digital, the American data storage company that owns part of a Toshiba semiconductor factory in Japan and has argued that it has a say in any deal. Western Digital, which had also made a bid for the memory business, asked a California state court to block any sale while also pursuing arbitration in the Paris-based International Court of Arbitration.

Tesla's autopilot software head quits in less than six months

Tesla Inc ( TSLA.O ) said the head of its autopilot software, Chris Lattner, left the company in less than six months since joining the electric carmaker.

Travis Kalanick quits Uber, leaving the CEO seat vacant

"The ultimate responsibility, for where we've gotten and how we've gotten here rests on my shoulders," Kalanick, 40, wrote in a memo to Uber employees last week. "For Uber 2.0 to succeed there is nothing more important than dedicating my time to building out the leadership team. But if we are going to work on Uber 2.0, I also need to work on Travis 2.0 to become the leader that this company needs and that you deserve."

Amazon's acquisition of Whole Foods highlights the business value of offline data - TechRepublic

This doesn't really explain why Whole Foods instead of, say, Target or some other retailer, but it may have much to do with the primary reason I so dislike Whole Foods: The perceived affluence of its customers. As Stevens and Haddon wrote, "Bringing together online and offline data can help Amazon learn how to entice customers to make more impulse purchases online," and the affluent are more likely to walk in for a $5 pint of cream and come out with $150 worth of organic gummy bears, line-caught tofu, and more.

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Social media poll finds women want to feel connected, men want to make you jealous

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 could get an August unveiling

An event for the new phone, complete with curved screen and two rear cameras, is scheduled for August, according to Reuters.

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5 ways technology will change the future of healthcare - TechRepublic

"Telehealth is starting to get its deserved recognition for how it can help save on costs to the healthcare system and patients in terms of hard dollars, time, and accessibility," Strazzella said. The field is growing in terms of care for patients in neurology, behavioral health, dermatology, and remote monitoring of chronic conditions. "As those tech advances advance, we can see those services can be removed from face to face encounters, and will progress a lot faster," he said.

IKEA Partners With Apple To Bring Virtual Furniture To The Home

IKEA will be one of the launch partners for Apple’s augmented reality framework, bundled into the iOS 11 release. The new AR app will show customers virtual furniture in their own home.

Microsoft, Baidu Pledge to Use AMD's New Server Chips

“We take all competitors seriously, and while AMD is trying to re-enter the server market segment, Intel continues to deliver 20-plus years of uninterrupted data center innovations while maintaining broad ecosystem investments,” Intel said in a statement supplied ahead of AMD’s event to introduce the chip Tuesday in Austin, Texas. “With our next-generation Xeon Scalable processors, we expect to continue offering the highest core and system performance versus AMD.”

Mac gamers are in for a blast as Hitman arrives on macOS

You can thank Feral Interactive for this port, with the Mac version of the game now on sale via the developer’s store, or you can get it on Steam. If you buy Hitman: The Complete First Season (which contains all six episodes, plus a bonus episode) on Valve’s gaming platform right now, there’s a hefty 66% discount, meaning that it costs just £15.89 (around $20, AU$27).

Spotify app arriving on Windows Store is music to the ears of Windows 10 S

Early feedback from users on the Windows Store seems very positive, with an average rating of 4.5/5 stars. The one niggle folks are pointing to is that the new app doesn’t solve one of the gremlins that plagues the desktop version of the client – namely that music playback stops when the device’s screen gets turned off.

Why design should include everyone

Sinéad Burke is acutely aware of details that are practically invisible to many of us. At 105 centimeters (or 3' 5") tall, the designed world — from the height of a lock to the range of available shoe sizes — often inhibits her ability to do things for herself. Here she tells us what it's like to navigate the world as a little person and asks: "Who are we not designing for?"

Roving vans in Japan provide mobile banking, food from home for Brazilian community

OIZUMI, Japan Japan's nearly 200,000-strong Brazilian immigrant community live in pockets scattered across the middle of the country, clustered around auto parts factories or warehouses where they have jobs.

WebSites Found Collecting Data from Online Forms Even Before You Click Submit

'Do I really need to give this website so much about me?' That's exactly what I usually think after filling but before submitting a web form online asking for my personal details to continue. I am sure most of you would either close the whole tab or would edit already typed details (or filled up by browser's auto-fill feature) before clicking 'Submit' — Isn't it? But closing the tab or editing your information hardly makes any difference because as soon as you have typed or auto-filled anything into the online form, the website captures it automatically in the background using JavaScript, even if you haven't clicked the Submit button. During an investigation, Gizmodo has discovered that code from NaviStone used by hundreds of websites, invisibly grabs each piece of information as you fill it out in a web form before you could hit 'Send' or 'Submit.' NaviStone is an Ohio-based startup that advertises itself as a service to unmask anonymous website visitors and find out their home addresses. There are at least 100 websites that are using NaviStone's code, according to BuiltWith, a service that tells you what tech sites employ.

Microsoft is phasing out a beloved app and replacing it with something that still needs work

The thing to know about Wunderlist is that it's not just a to-do list app. You can use it to keep track of what you need to buy at the grocery store, sure, and it's perfectly pleasant for that. But it's featured enough to also be a powerful productivity tool — I've personally used it to lay out articles, bounce ideas off colleagues, and generally behave like a streamlined note-taking app a la Evernote. The way it's able to organize simple and complex tasks all at once has made it a fixture on many home screens.

41 Cyberrisk | Reuters

Reuters is the news and media division of Thomson Reuters . Thomson Reuters is the world's largest international multimedia news agency, providing investing news, world news, business news, technology news, headline news, small business news, news alerts, personal finance, stock market, and mutual funds information available on, video, mobile, and interactive television platforms. Learn more about Thomson Reuters products:

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New Calculation Could Spell Trouble For a Popular Theory of the Universe's Origin

There are a few ways our present universe could have started. Maybe, Hawking and Hartle thought, this condensed universe was just one point in space with a special quantum state, a so-called wave function that described the whole thing with quantum mechanics. Then, time started. Philosophy and religion require a lot more conversation for that statement, but math sort of just requires a pen and paper. This point-sized universe evolved based on the mathematics of general relativity with the initial probabilities of quantum mechanics built into its structure. The teeny, random energy fluctuations in space would then, through a quick-expanding process called inflation, turn into the large-scale density differences we see in our universe today, with galaxies and voids. Hawking and Hartle’s theory is one of several ways to account for the start of the universe without a singularity, a point of zero volume and infinite mass that doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. Other ideas, like the ones posed by Tufts cosmologist Alexander Vilenkin, don’t mind this initial singularity.

​Raspberry Pi simulator lets you start tinkering without even owning a Pi - TechRepublic

Microsoft is building an online Raspberry Pi simulator that allows users to write code to control emulated hardware, and that currently lets users interact with an LED and collect data from a sensor.

Tesla is revealing the finished Model 3 in July — here's everything you need to know about the car

CEO Elon Musk unveiled the car last March, but Tesla will show off the production version of the sedan in July. The summer show will allow the roughly 400,000 customers who preordered the vehicle a chance to see the final version before deliveries begin at the end of the year.

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47 Wal-Mart to vendors: get off Amazon's cloud

Wal-Mart and Amazon have sparred for years. Last week, Amazon sent shockwaves through the grocery industry -- one of Wal-Mart's biggest businesses -- by announcing a $13.7 billion deal to buy Whole Foods Market Inc. That came after Wal-Mart in recent years slashed grocery prices in part to staunch an Amazon's online incursion into the business. More recently, Amazon lowered its Prime membership fee by nearly half for people who obtain government assistance, targeting a Wal-Mart stronghold.

IBM supercomputing to power global weather forecasting model | ZDNet

The Weather Company, an IBM subsidiary, is teaming up with the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR) and the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) to develop these models using IBM Power Systems and OpenPOWER technologies. They'll be optimized to run on IBM's next generation POWER9-based systems, which are slated for commercial release at the end of this year.

Tesla's China Plan Boosts Outlook in Biggest Market for EVs

Elon Musk has the kind of problem his fellow executives in Silicon Valley and Detroit would love to have: Demand for Tesla Inc.’s electric cars is booming in China and its California factory is “bursting at the seams.”

Queen's Speech: New data protection law - BBC News

Responding to the speech, a spokesman for the technology industry trade body techUK said: "We support the government's commitment to maintain the UK's world-class protection of people's personal data. This will include implementing the General Data Protection Regulation, the biggest transformation of data protection rules in a generation."

51 How researchers trained one AI system to start asking its own questions - TechRepublic
52 eBay now guarantees the lowest prices for 50,000 daily deals
53 The OnePlus 5 Is the New Android iPhone Ripoff—in a Very Good Way
54 People think the Queen's choice of hat has a hidden meaning
55 Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 will reportedly be announced in August
56 Mayor of London wants a zero-emission transport system by 2050
57 AMD's Epyc server chips beat Intel Xeon 2-socket performance at every price point | ZDNet
58 Qatar says news agency hacking linked to states boycotting Doha
59 Honda halts Japan car plant after WannaCry virus hits computer network
60 Watching this BBC news presenter sit in silence for 4 minutes is strangely mesmerising
61 Argentina’s government is wooing entrepreneurs with a new law
62 What did OnePlus miss with the OnePlus 5?
63 To Whoever Replaces Travis Kalanick as Uber CEO, Some Unsolicited Advice! | WIRED
64 Periscope lets you buy and send Super Hearts that broadcasters can cash in
65 Periscope Adds 'Super Hearts' to Tip Content Creators
66 BBC micro:bit arrives in the US: Can it repeat Raspberry Pi's success? | ZDNet
67 How the most horrifying 'Game of Thrones' scene was shot: 'We wanted everyone to be incredibly shocked'
68 Dailymotion reboots itself with new premium video service
69 Volkswagen Autoeuropa nets parts savings with Ultimaker 3D printers | ZDNet
70 Forbes Tech News on Twitter
71 iPhone challenger OnePlus 5 arrives. But will it trouble Apple's flagship? | ZDNet
72 Pinterest’s camera search Lens gets a new look
73 Neo4j and NASA: When graph database technology really is rocket science | ZDNet
74 Snapchat's new maps feature shows you where your friends are
75 This malvertising campaign infected PCs with ransomware without users even clicking a link | ZDNet
76 TechRepublic on Twitter
77 SoftBank Invests $100 Million in Cybersecurity Startup
78 HBO could rope Damon Lindelof into 'Watchmen' TV series and save us all
79 Hour of Devastation spoiler: Sink your fangs into this new split card
80 ​Report suggests US paranoia about H-1Bs largely unsupported by facts or stats | ZDNet
81 Everything we know about the Han Solo movie directors being fired — and what happens next to the 'Star Wars' spinoff
82 Greg O'Brien on Twitter
83 Russian hackers targeted 21 U.S. states during election: U.S. official
84 Uber Founder Travis Kalanick Resigns as C.E.O.
85 Ousted Tech Founder? Uber’s Travis Kalanick Is in Good Company
86 Andy Rubin-backed Owl Labs just launched a robotic video conference camera