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Bag Week 2018: Why I still love the Peak Design Everyday Backpack

Welcome to Bag Week 2018. Every year your faithful friends at TechCrunch spend an entire week looking at bags. Why? Because bags — often ignored but full of our important electronics — are the outward representations of our techie styles, and we put far too little thought into where we keep our mos…

This Netflix hidden gem is the must-watch comedy for our dark times

'Chewing Gum' explores the common ground of human differences.

How to downgrade to iOS 11.4 after installing the iOS 12 beta | Cult of Mac

It's exciting to try out a new iOS developer beta before it's released to the world. But they're not always practical for day to day use. But how do you downgrade from iOS 12? Our latest video shows you how, step by step.

Dave Matthews, please leave Cardi B's music alone

Oh, and he covers "Gucci Gang," too. :(

Nanoleaf Remote is a HomeKit remote control that gets people talking

Nanoleaf Remote is a twelve-sided controller that lights up and vibrates as you control your HomeKit accessories, like adjusting the lightscape on your Aurora LED panels or locking your doors. AppleInsider has had it for a while -- is it worth adding to your HomeKit suite of accessories?

David Harbour reads out cryptic emoji text Al Pacino sent to him

"You got the light, stay with it."

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Supreme Court says police need a warrant for historical cell location records

The so-called "Carpenter" case had centered on the eponymous Timothy Carpenter, a criminal who was caught thanks to cell phone records in 2011. Law enforcement had obtained his location data from a phone provider without a search warrant, arguing the provider already had his data and Carpenter had no "reasonable expectation of privacy."

Sinemia adds family plans in its latest bid to battle MoviePass

Not to be left out, Sinemia has an announcement this week too: The movie-ticket subscription service is introducing family plans to its offerings. Pricing for its "For Two" tier have changed slightly, and if you want to add another person to the mix, it jumps accordingly. A three-person plan for one standard ticket (each) per month will set you back $/£14.99, while two tickets (each) per month will cost $/£24.99. Bumping up to include 3D films and one IMAX engagement boosts the price to $29.99 per month. Want three tickets (each) per month with 3D films and one IMAX showing? That'll be $/£44.99 each month.

Facebook expands its Messenger Kids app beyond the U.S. to Canada and Peru

Facebook is expanding its controversial Messenger Kids app beyond the U.S. and into Canada and Peru, the company announced today. Accordingly, Messenger Kids will also be made available in Spanish and French in all three of its available markets.

4 Twitter

You are on Twitter Mobile because you are using an old version of Chrome. Learn more here

Amazon's tiny Cube lets Alexa control your big TV (and more)

With infrared control for your TV, sound bar, cable box and more, this diminutive device lets you talk to the TV -- and get responses.

Which cooler should you buy this summer? We tested 12 of them

At $399, the Rovr Rollr 60 was the most expensive cooler that we tested, but when you consider the build, the price makes a little more sense. Not only is it rotomolded, but it also comes with a rugged set of 9-inch inflatable rubber wheels, plus an aluminum axle and handlebar. It's basically a tank that's made to go anywhere you want to take it (you can even hitch it behind your bike). The comparable wheeled Yeti model is just as expensive, and a Bison with a wheeled cart accessory will cost a total of $460, so don't rule Rovr out if you lead an active outdoor lifestyle.

How SpaceX's Falcon Heavy Just Muscled Its Way Into a $130 Million Military Contract

The Falcon Heavy is not only cheaper to launch, but is also the world’s largest and most powerful rocket, offering it a distinct advantage as SpaceX tries to disrupt launch contracting for both aerospace and national security projects.

Uber crash driver was 'watching TV'

The "safety operator" of a self-driving Uber car was watching TV just before the vehicle was involved in a fatal collision, a police report reveals.

More is more in 'Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom'

In most other aspects, though, it's a clear improvement on its predecessor. The meanness has been dialed down several notches – there's no assistant getting toyed with by a pterodactyl this time – and the special effects look many orders of magnitude better. If you thought Owen's raptor BFF Blue was a beauty last time, wait 'til you see her adorable scene-stealing in this one.

AT&T's WatchTV plans offer unlimited data, 30 channels | Cult of Mac

AT&T wants to stand out in the wireless market by combining streaming TV with unlimited data. Two newly-announced WatchTV options add dozens of TV channels and thousands of on-demand TV shows to the carrier’s unlimited data plans.

“National Enquirer sent stories about Trump to his attorney Michael Cohen before publication, people familiar with the practice say” - Mathew Ingram's Nuzzel Newsletter on Fri, Jun 22 2018

During the presidential campaign, National Enquirer executives sent digital copies of the tabloid's articles and cover images related to Donald Trump and his political opponents to Trump's attorney Michael Cohen in advance of publication, according…

Google Measure update adds ARCore Android phone compatibility

The app now works with Google's Pixel 2 and Samsung's Galaxy S9.

Report: Apple considered removing the charging port from the iPhone X

Apple designers eventually hope to remove most of the external ports and buttons on the iPhone, including the charger, according to people familiar with the company’s work. During the development of the iPhone X, Apple weighed removing the wired charging system entirely. That wasn’t feasible at the time because wireless charging was still slower than traditional methods. Including a wireless charger with new iPhones would also significantly raise the price of the phones.

YouTube adds new monetization options for creators

YouTube announced today it would be adding new options for creators to make money from their content. Most of the options are reminiscent of what other platforms have tried, but they could still alleviate a problem YouTubers have been facing for over a year.

Canadian sues Apple over Apple Watch scratches that he made

A Canadian man has filed suit in small claims court, alleging the scratch on his Apple Watch proves that Apple's claim that the device is "brilliantly scratch-resistant" is false. According to iPhone in Canada , Dean Lubacki, 21, has filed a small-claims court application with the Ontario Superior Court of Justice, alleging that in marketing the Apple Watch Series 3 as "brilliantly scratch-resistant" is not true, as evidenced by his Watch having been scratched. Lubacki sought to return his Watch, but was refused, and when he asked to speak to a manager, he was told there was no manager; although one did appear following Lubacki's "fourth and fifth request to speak to management." "The fact that the back of the Apple Watch attracts the Loop and creates abrasion without action for the consumer is a design flaw," Lubacki wrote in a letter to both Apple's Canadian operation and to Tim Cook. "[The] same abrasion can occur on the screen when the strap is removed to change straps. Again, nowhere Apple says that the loop may damage the watch." Lubacki filed the claim after Apple did not respond to his letter.

Want to learn from the best? GarageBand’s Artist Lessons are now free | Cult of Mac

Ever wanted to know would it be like to learn to play a musical instrument from A-list artists such as Sarah McLachlan, Sting, John Fogerty and Fall Out Boy? Want to find out for free?

17 Uber Goes to Court to Fight for Its Future in London

Uber Technologies Inc. has spent much of the past year repenting for a string of scandals. Now the company must prove it has changed—or risk being locked out of one of its largest markets.

Apple iPhone, Samsung owners: Unlocking your car by phone just moved step closer | ZDNet

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Google Assistant now listens for follow-up commands

It’s worth noting that Continued Conversation only works if you’ve got your Assistant language set to US English. It’s also possible that the feature hasn’t entirely rolled out yet, as I couldn’t get to work here in India, even with my settings sorted correctly.

Of all the gross stuff on 'Game of Thrones,' this one scene was almost too much for Jaime Lannister

There's been a lot of nasty things on Game of Thrones . Daenerys ate en entire raw horse heart and almost yakked it up. People's heads and hands got chopped off. That whole weird poop-porridge-poop montage that the world had decided to purge from its collective memory. But of all the gross stuff that's shown up on Thrones , the show's own Nikolaj Coster-Waldau says one scene was particularly gross and may have been too much even for him.

GitHub: Changes to EU copyright law could derail open source distribution | ZDNet

Vollmer's point is that open source license holders may still be copyright holders -- the two are not on opposite sides of a legal pole. Indeed, copyright may be used as a tool to grant other developers freedom of distribution. If the purpose of a filtering mechanism were to identify copyrighted material, it would certainly find it on GitHub, as well as GitLab or any other competitive public code repository. But that identification would serve little purpose, since such a copyright would undoubtedly have been claimed in order to protect the legitimacy of the rights holders' chosen distribution method.

Leak reveals 2018 Amazon Prime Day might start on July 16

And it would run for 36 hours, from noon on the 16th to 11:59 p.m. on the 17th. That’s according to a Prime Day banner accidentally published on Amazon’s U.K. site and discovered by TechRadar before being pulled. If the banner is correct, it would make the 2018 Prime Day the longest ever, beating 2017’s 30-hour sale. Prime Day began in 2015 and is Amazon’s version of Black Friday, but in the summer. The day (or day and a half in this case) sees massive sales of items sold on Amazon, which are only available to Amazon Prime subscribers. Last year Amazon said its 2017 Prime Day was its “best ever” without revealing specific numbers, with the company saying “tens of millions” of Prime members bought something.

Facebook launches Messenger Kids in Peru and Canada

Facebook says it meets with third-party child advocacy groups on an ongoing basis as it continues to develop the app. For the international expansion, the social network said it worked with groups including Media Smarts, a not-for-profit in Canada focused on digital literacy for children.

Surviving Migration to Office 365 — An IT Pros Guide

Many organizations have migrated from a traditional on-premise Microsoft Office deployment to one that leverages the Microsoft Azure Cloud, which gives users access to their data and business applications anywhere, at any time. The following survival guide will outline processes to prepare for and execute migration. It also aligns key considerations to make sure your company can make the most out of its cloud deployment.

25 'Fortnite' could partially lose the one thing that makes it unique

While no changes have been officially implemented, that hasn't stopped Fortnit e professionals like Kenith , Ninja and Daequan from voicing their disapproval; building is so central to Fortnite's gameplay that putting a cap on the amount of in-game materials players can store could impact the very element allowing skilled players to succeed. Kenith urged Epic to launch a test server and ensure all players are satisfied, while Daequan argued that Fortnite 's building component was what "hooked millions" in the first place.

Cloud computing: Five ways to make the most of the move to on-demand | ZDNet

"You must think of the future costs and you must deliberate on the alternatives. The cloud is not the medicine for everything -- you must focus on data and how it will be used across different solutions. You must think about how that data will be used and the potential for change. Taking a strategic view is crucial."

‘Red Dead Redemption 2’ may come to PC, too

Red Dead Redemption , the first game in the franchise, never made its way across to the PC, probably because porting from consoles was far harder than today. After all, earlier consoles used custom hardware, rather than the stripped down PCs-in-boxes we're used to now. But, lack of technical barriers aside, it makes sense that Rockstar would look to sell its latest title to the PC market. Of course, you need to take all of that with a pinch of salt, since it could be a slip of the keyboard as much as a blockbuster secret.

28 is an instant sharing tool for programmers

“I created this application when I needed to share log data from within a ssh shell with someone else,” he said. “So I created a web application where I can easily upload files using curl (which is available on almost every platform) just using the command line and modify the file on the fly, like encrypting the contents, applying grep etc. The application has been made open source because it could be usable for many other people and I’d encourage them to run their own server.”

How to easily brainstorm business ideas in Google Docs

Google Docs gives you several ways to add visual elements. You can create an image directly within a document on your computer with the Insert > Drawing option. Or, insert an image created elsewhere (Insert > Image), insert an image created in Google Keep (Tools > Keep notepad, then drag-and-drop your note into your Doc), or insert a chart from a spreadsheet (Insert > Chart > From Sheets...). You can also insert a slide into a Google Doc: open Google Slides, in the left column select a slide, choose Edit > Copy, then switch to your Doc and choose Edit > Paste.

The US army will give startups who invent new weapons a cash prize

The US military isn't going to back out of the global high-tech weaponry arms race just because employees in Silicon Valley aren't cool with war. Reaching out to startups directly ensures that they'll have access to that cutting edge talent, without the PR shitstorm that working with a Google or Amazon can inspire. Whether the tech of these companies has the potential to save lives, or make war even more lethal, will depend on how our government actually makes use of so-called the "innovation" they're so keen to get their hands on.

31 The nightmare videos of childrens' YouTube -- and what's wrong with the internet today

If you want to get even more from TED, like the ability to save talks to watch later,  sign up for a TED account now .

No Lightning or USB-C in a future iPhone is a very bad idea

Buried in a report about the AirPower was a tidbit suggesting that Apple considered removing the Lightning port in its entirety in the iPhone X. That is an amazingly bad idea right now for many reasons.

'Cheza' Chromebook could be a Snapdragon 845 2-in-1 tablet

Chromebooks in the past have featured CPUs from the likes of Intel, Rockchip and MediaTek, but this would be the first to feature a Qualcomm processor. Aside from being a debut Snapdragon 845 device, Android apps have all been optimized for Qualcomm’s chips, so ‘Cheza’ could be one of the best Chromebooks to run mobile apps.

Facebook prototypes tool to show how many minutes you spend on it

Buried in Facebook’s Android app is an unreleased “Your Time On Facebook” feature. It shows the tally of how much time you spent on the Facebook app on your phone on each of the last seven days, and your average time spent per day. It lets you set a daily reminder that alerts you when you’ve reached your self imposed limit, plus a shortcut to change your Facebook notification settings.

How to Use Slack and Not Go Crazy | Inside PSPDFKit

We’ve been using “Today” for a long time as a form of async daily stand up and to let everyone know what the plans are. Recently we started adding an “Out for Today” to close the day. Turns out, this is much more useful and often contains many more details. People are proud when a pull request is ready for review or explain how and why they are stuck. It also “fixed” the bad feeling some people had when they posted the same thing in Today multiple days in a row, because they had a plan, but then more important things took priority over the course of the day. Out for Today gives everyone the opportunity to show the work they’ve accomplished, even if it isn’t what they set out to do.

E3 2018: Nintendo Exploring More Entertainment Partnerships Like Mario Movie - IGN

"We see ourselves as making worldwide consumers smile through our intellectual property. Fundamentally, we do that four ways," Fils-Aime explained when asked about other entertainment partnerships. "We do it with mobile. We do it with our licensed relationships with other companies [like Kellog's]...We have other entertainment, which is where we put Universal Studios and Illumination. Then we have our dedicated video game business.

Citymapper lets you find Ofo, Mobike and scooters around you

Urban transportation app Citymapper quietly rolled out an app update that lets you find many alternative mobility services in the app. You can now find the nearest dockless bike or electric scooter around you (not the Bird and Lime kind, the motorcycle kind).

Why One Island Grows 80% of the World's Vanilla

Without pollination, vanilla production was mostly limited to Mexico. But other regions were desperate to grow valuable vanilla, and plants were shipped to likely climates around the world. In 1841, one young innovator figured out an unlikely solution. Edmond Albius was a 12-year-old slave on the French-controlled island of Réunion, in the Indian Ocean. Using a stick and his thumb, Albius pushed together the male anthers and female stigma of the vanilla flower, pollinating it efficiently. Mass vanilla production suddenly became possible, especially in hot, humid climates. Tiny Réunion fits the bill, but so does another, much larger island a few hundred miles to the east: Madagascar.

It's the end of the line for Westworld

This weekend, it all comes to a head in the second season finale. But there's plenty more to stream other than William's twisted adventures.

3 ways to reconcile transactions using Excel 2016

If you work with transaction records, you probably need a way to track what's outstanding and what's been paid. At any given time, you might want to know how much a specific customer owes, how much all of your customers owe, or even how many payments you've received. There are many ways to analyze transaction records; in this article, I'll show you three ways to match or reconcile transaction: using functions, the Subtotal feature, and a PivotTable.

Personalisation is Asymmetric Psychological Warfare

As the cabin crew serves you a drink "Dave! Can I get more peanuts? I know you're on your final warning from HR - and I'd hate for someone to put in another complaint."

ESports Prize Money Eclipses Some Traditional Sports

As eSports prize money continues to skyrocket, tournaments for games such as Dota 2, League of Legends, and Halo are handing out prize pools worth more money than what players receive for some cycling, golf, and soccer tournaments.

Security, privacy experts weigh in on the ICE doxxing

“I find it helpful to remember that as much as internet companies use data to spy on and exploit their users, we can at times reverse the story, and leverage those very same online platforms as a means to investigate or even undermine entrenched power structures. It’s a strange side effect of our reliance on private companies and semi-public platforms to mediate nearly all aspects of our lives. We don’t necessarily need to wait for the next Snowden-style revelation to scrutinize the powerful — so much is already hiding in plain sight,” said Lavigne.

betaworks opens applications to LiveCamp

“You can think of eSports with commenting as the 1.0,” said Camps General Manager Danika Laszuk. “HQ really brought the idea of live to a more mainstream audience. I mean, there is no game if people aren’t playing it. But there are plenty of examples, like Peloton, where you could get a bike or go to a studio, or take a live spin class right from your home on your bike, with a community all over the world.”

How to back up MySQL databases from the command line in Linux

Your Ubuntu Server is up and running with a LAMP stack in your data center, and on that server runs a database (or multiple databases) that must be backed up. There are various software options you could install to make that happen, but if you want to keep that server platform down to the bare minimum to avoid possible issues, chances are you'll want to work with the built-in tools to perform the backup. It's a good thing the developers of MySQL thought of that.

Supreme Court says warrant necessary for phone location data

The legal and privacy concern was that police gathered the four months' worth of Carpenter's digital footprints without a warrant. A Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals judge ruled that cellphone location data is not protected by the Fourth Amendment, which forbids unreasonable search and seizure, and therefore didn't require a warrant.

How to manage Safari notifications in macOS High Sierra and Mojave

Sometimes the number of Safari notifications from websites advising of new updates can be overwhelming, especially if permission is granted to too many sites. AppleInsider explains how to adjust which website notifications will be displayed to you in macOS, and how to change your preferences in the future.

48 Music fans mark 70 years since first LP as vinyl enjoys revival

LONDON (Reuters) - In the basement of the British Library, curator Andy Linehan inspects the latest addition to a massive archive of wax cylinders, cassettes, LPs and CDs - a vinyl record that made musical history.

49 Why Our Brains See the World as "Us" Versus "Them"

At the most fundamental level of biology, people recognize the innate advantage of defining differences in species. But even within species, is there something in our neural circuits that leads us to find comfort in those like us and unease with those who may differ?

Messenger Kids expands outside the U.S., rolls out ‘kindness’ features

Facebook’s kid-friendly messaging app, Messenger Kids, is expanding to its first countries outside the U.S. today, with launches in Canada and Peru. It’s also introducing French and Spanish versions of its app, and rolling out a handful of new features focused on promoting respect and empathy, including a “Messenger Kids Pledge” and something called “Kindness Stickers,” which are meant to inspire more positive emotions when communicating online.

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