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YouTube introduces channel memberships, merchandise and premieres

YouTube creators are gaining a number of new tools to generate revenue from their videos outside of traditional advertising, as well as those that will help them better engage their fans, according to news the video streaming site announced today at the VidCon conference in Anaheim, California. Thi…

Today in Apple history: Power Mac G5 packs world's first 64-bit CPU | Cult of Mac

On June 23, 2003, Apple launched its gorgeous Power Mac G5 computer, sometimes affectionately nicknamed the "cheese grater" by Apple fans.

Apple inks deal for French TV series remake that looks weird AF | Cult of Mac

Apple has ordered yet another original TV series: an English language adaptation of Calls, a highly experimental French short-form series.

Fast food is the best use case for technology

Today, I want to talk about air sausage. Earlier this week, our team was made aware that respected hot dog creator, Oscar Mayer, not only has a WienerFleet, but in order to celebrate summer’s start, is launching the Super Hotdogger, a JetPack-powered vehicle. It included “raw footage of Super Hotdogger flying over Southern California’s scenic …

Computers Go Hollywood

Have you ever been watching a TV show or a movie and spotted a familiar computer? [James Carter] did and he created a website to help you identify which old computers appear in TV shows and movies.…

Augmented reality will be as practical as it is playful

Augmented reality is more than just a tool for games and advertising; it now creates real-world utility. Childhood is full of dramatic, beautiful and intense dreams. As a child’s cognitive and beha…

Nintendo and Xbox team up for crossplay. Why not Sony?

Microsoft and Nintendo are certainly looking cozy together these days. The latter just released a trailer promoting the new crossplay available between the Xbox One and Switch — and it’s most notable for who’s not in it rather than who is. The game which supports this new friendship is Minecraft. Here’s the trailer for this collaboration between …

Beyoncé Is Our Michael Jackson: All Hail the Queen of Pop

Let us count the ways.

YouTube creators can hype prerecorded videos with 'Premieres'

YouTube's new "Premieres" feature will let creators debut pre-recorded videos as live moments.

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MoviePass is launching surge pricing -- but it's not as bad as you think

AMC's new A-list subscription includes IMAX and 3D movies, which MoviePass does not currently offer but has had in the past where users would simply pay the price difference between a 3D and a regular ticket. That tracks with the upcoming 3D option, which Lowe said would be between $2 and $6 per ticket. Additionally, IMAX/3D movies and the plus-one option will be mutually exclusive, at least to start.

Intel CEO Brian Krzanich resigns over ‘consensual relationship’ with employee

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Melania Trump wears jacket saying 'I really don't care' before visit with migrant kids

First lady Melania Trump drew attention -- and criticism -- Thursday on Twitter when she wore a jacket that read "I REALLY DON'T CARE, DO U?" before flying to a migrant children's shelter in Texas.



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Cult of Mac Magazine: HomePod is still hopeless, and it’s (mostly) Siri’s fault

HomePod is still hopeless, and it’s (mostly) Siri’s fault HomePods went on sale in Europe this week, and I ordered one. It arrived the very next day. I tried it out, and then sent it back to Apple the day after that. Why? Because it’s a half-finished product. Siri is just as glitchy and annoying on HomePod as elsewhere. It doesn’t work properly with a Mac. And it’s not even a very good speaker.

Apple seeks to invalidate Qualcomm patents amid global legal battle

Apple waded into familiar ground as its legal struggle with Qualcomm advances, and on Thursday filed petitions with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to cancel four patents owned by the iPhone modem supplier.


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Report: Apple AirPower Delayed Until September

Bloomberg reports that AirPower is taking longer than expected 'due to a series of technical hurdles.' Apple now reportedly aims to release the device 'before or in September,' a year after the company first unveiled it.

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SpaceX nabs $130 million to launch an Air Force satellite with Falcon Heavy

SpaceX beat out one other competitor to land a $130 million launch contract with the U.S. Air Force using its Falcon Heavy rocket. The award is an important validation of the Falcon Heavy, one of the most powerful rockets ever made.

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Your love for Amazon won't be ruined by more sales taxes

Thursday's decision also raises new questions for smaller retailers, said Charles Moll, a state and local tax expert at law firm Winston & Strawn. For example, if a small-time seller on eBay ships just one item a year from his home in New York to Wisconsin, he likely won't now be forced to collect and send Wisconsin sales taxes. But, while regulations protect smaller sellers from excessive tax collection requirements, Moll said, the Supreme Court didn't specify what might be considered excessive. Is it one shipment to a state? Maybe it's five -- or 200. That's an issue that may find its way back in the courts.

Saving lives from a distance

MSF, on the other hand, uses its own telemedicine network — itself based on a platform from Collegium Telemedicus that was designed specifically to connect specialists with health care workers in faraway regions. Doctors and nurses in the field will upload a patient's medical information to the MSF network, at which point one of the nine coordinators stationed around the world will send the information to a specific specialist who can comment on the case, ask for more information or request additional tests. If that specialist wants to consult others, she'll ask coordinators to add them.


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How to install WordPress on Ubuntu 16.04

If you have a need for a WordPress installation, follow the simple steps of getting this powerful platform up and running on Ubuntu 16.04.

Apple announces new warranty program for faulty MacBook and MacBook Pro keyboards

The problem, caused by a faulty butterfly key switch mechanism, caused many of the laptops’ owners to experience keys that stuck, or failed to function as intended. Today, Apple not only acknowledged it was an issue — after months of pretending it wasn’t — but offered a new extended service program to fix affected machines.

​European Union prepares to wreck internet with new copyright law | ZDNet

If passed, Article 13 will force all websites to check any and all posts for copyright violations. That will include photos, videos, words, tweets, memes, software code, etc, etc. Think about that for a minute, and shudder.

Amazon employees protest sale of facial recognition tech to law enforcement

A group of Amazon employees are pressuring company leadership to stop selling its facial recognition software to law enforcement and to stop providing services to companies who work with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

Bag Week 2018: Mission Workshop’s Radian rolltop starts simple but grows piece by piece

They’re nice but the rear ones I tried are a bit small — you’d have trouble fitting anything but a pocket paperback and a couple of energy bars in either. If I had my choice I would go with the full-size folio, one zippered and one rolltop side pocket. Then you can do away with the cell pocket, which is a bit much, and have several stowage options within reach. Plus the folio has its own rails to stick one of the small ones onto.

ABC picks up 'Roseanne' spinoff without Roseanne

“We have received a tremendous amount of support from fans of our show, and it’s clear that these characters not only have a place in our hearts, but in the hearts and homes of our audience. We all came back last season because we wanted to tell stories about the challenges facing a working-class family today. We are so happy to have the opportunity to return with the cast and crew to continue to share those stories through love and laughter.”

iOS 11.4 causes camera woes | Cult of Mac

Everyone’s attention is on iOS 12 , but Apple still has a team working on a “bug fix” update to iOS 11.4. Among the reasons for this is the complaints from numerous iPhone users that this version causes their camera to malfunction in various ways.

Apple's AirPower charging mat reportedly delayed – again – to September

However, these multiple reported product delays could be a product of Apple’s newfound commitment to transparency about products it has in development. Perhaps this is why the Apple of old was infamously mum on any new products until they debuted on the keynote stage.

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Take your project to China. #kickGitHubout Any group that doesn’t have the USA, and it’s agents / military in their best interests the same group shouldn’t be allowed the protections they enjoy inside the USA. GIT HUB OUT of the USA

Apple Pay gets you cheaper, faster service at summer festivals

Festivals are awesome if you love live music, but they’re also filled with way too many people who insist on eating and drinking at exactly the same time as you. If you plan on filling your belly before bedtime, it’s best to start queuing (with plenty of cash) at around 10 a.m.

Oculus Summer Sale 2018: the best time to stock up on VR games is right now

After the 1st, Oculus likely won’t have another major sale until Winter Sale 2018 in December, so now’s the time to throw down on the games you want to beat the heat and stay indoors all summer long. 

This Minecraft cross-play trailer with Xbox One and Nintendo Switch is the greatest

For now, Sony remains elusive about its plans for cross-play - if it has any at all. That doesn’t mean it’s impossible for Sony to enable cross-play or that this trailer won’t light a fire underneath the console maker to open the gates, but for now PS4 gamers will be limited to playing games within the confines of their console ecosphere.

Steam Summer Sale 2018: all the best games and deals

But, with the exception of the newer titles, pretty much the entire store receives a 25% discount, if not higher, with a select few seeing a massive 90% off the list price. While the store now highlights what Valve considers the best deals, it's worth noting that flash and community sales are no longer in the mix, so feel free to pick a title on sale when you like – its discounted price will stand for the duration of the sale.

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attention every single android developer. work together on github with open source code to develop an android app to sync both joycons together as one controller. then whoever made this accessory should modify it to work with phones

Riot Games' Greg Street Answers League of Legends Questions from Twitter | WIRED

Riot Games Lead Designer Greg Street uses the power of Twitter to answer some common questions about League of Legends. When will teemo get deleted? Why is it taking so long to release another permanent game mode? Why are death timers so long in one for all? Why does the entire team get punished when one player rage quits? How long until a Battle Royale game mode is announced? When is LoL 2 coming? Still haven’t subscribed to WIRED on YouTube? ►► ABOUT WIRED WIRED is where tomorrow is realized. Through thought-provoking stories and videos, WIRED explores the future of business, innovation, and culture. Riot Games' Greg Street Answers League of Legends Questions from Twitter | WIRED

Red Hat Q1 solid, but currency dings outlook | ZDNet

Red Hat's first quarter was swell, but the company cut its second quarter and fiscal year outlook due to currency fluctuations.

From 358 Area Switch applications, NBN has upgraded two MDUs so far | ZDNet

Area switch allows councils and corporate bodies to upgrade towns or multi-dwelling units (MDUs) to a superior technology offered by NBN -- such as from satellite to fixed-wireless or FttX; from fixed-wireless to FttX; or from fibre to the node or basement (FttN/B) to fibre to the premises (FttP) -- but an application fee must be paid before NBN will look into a request.

Supreme Court says police need a warrant for historical cell location records

The so-called "Carpenter" case had centered on the eponymous Timothy Carpenter, a criminal who was caught thanks to cell phone records in 2011. Law enforcement had obtained his location data from a phone provider without a search warrant, arguing the provider already had his data and Carpenter had no "reasonable expectation of privacy."

Intel's leadership crisis hits in midst of reorganization | ZDNet

Google founders and top Silicon Valley executives would be out of work if Intel's high standards of employee conduct were applied.

​Red Hat changes its open-source licensing rules | ZDNet

Therefore, said Fontana, "We are extending the GPLv3 termination policy to users of our GPLv2/LGPLv2.1 code because we consider it the right thing to do. The cure permissions offer additional comfort that users of our code have reasonable assurances of quiet use of that code, even if there is a temporary license noncompliance by a third party redistributing our code, due to misunderstanding or otherwise. ... We hope that others will also join in this endeavor to reassure the open source community that good faith efforts to fix noncompliance will be embraced."

​Auckland looks to 'gamify' public transport | ZDNet

The council-owned entity is looking to put its data to good use, embarking on a project with US-based Machine Zone to 'gamify' public transport.

PayPal to acquire machine learning-powered fraud detection startup Simility for $120 million

Founded in 2014, Palo Alto-based Simility leverages machine learning to help those working in the fraud detection sphere collect and analyze data. The platform is designed to prevent myriad kinds of fraud, such as account takeover (ATO), where a bad actor tries to gain access to another person’s online account. In such a scenario, Simility looks at various session, device, and behavioral biometrics and builds a profile for what constitutes “normal” user login behavior; if an anomaly is spotted, it can act to prevent the action.

Bing can use your phone camera to search the web

Microsoft isn't about to let Google's visual search features go uncontested. The tech giant has introduced a Visual Search feature to Bing that uses your phone's camera (either a fresh shot or from your camera roll) to identify objects and serve up links related to what you see. Snap a picture of a landmark and you may get travel info, for instance. Logically, Microsoft is also playing up the shopping angle: search for an outfit or home furniture and you'll get prices and shopping locations.

nuTonomy can test autonomous vehicles city-wide in Boston

Boston will require nuTonomy , which is owned by Aptiv, to submit quarterly reports on its tests and the company will have to let the Boston Transportation Department know when it has moved into a new neighborhood. While it's the first to be granted city-wide access, nuTonomy isn't the only company testing its autonomous vehicles in the city. Optimus Ride is currently testing its technology in the Raymond L. Flynn Marine Industrial Park.

Microsoft launches ambitious blockchain project to help creators get paid

Microsoft announced in February that it is working on a blockchain digital identity platform. The company however didn’t share any working prototype. Come June, there are still no updates on the status of the project from Microsoft. Now that they are announcing another project over blockchain, I am left wondering about the progress of the earlier one.


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Apple iPhone, Samsung owners: Unlocking your car by phone just moved step closer | ZDNet

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Sorry Instagram, I don't want a vertical YouTube

But much of the content teens might leave Instagram for — music videos, movie trailers, or clips from their favorite shows — are going to be delivered in a non-native format, cut at each side, and stretched. It’ll be up to creators to adapt to Instagram’s new feature or it’s the user that will suffer.

Global IT, telecom spending to hit $4 trillion, but economic concerns loom | ZDNet

Global IT and telecom spending will grow 3.7 percent to $4 trillion in 2018, but economic concerns could derail growth in 2019, according to IDC.

PayPal shopping spree continues, buys Simility for $120 million | ZDNet

The company said it will pay $120 million in cash for Simility, a fraud prevention and risk management firm. PayPal said Simility will allow it to offer fraud prevention to merchants.

Samsung unveils 7nm technology with EUV | ZDNet

At its annual Foundry Forum last month, Samsung said it was on track to start risk production of 7nm later this year. It can take up to one year to transition from risk production to full volume production, and Samsung also said that some of the IP blocks won't be available until the first half of 2019, so it seems unlikely that 7nm will be ready in time to produce application processors for the Samsung Galaxy S10 next spring. As a stopgap, Samsung has developed an 8nm process, which it will present in a talk tomorrow that will be followed by a Qualcomm presentation on a 10nm Snapdragon SoC that can be extended to the 8nm technology.

Melania Trump sends a questionable message en route to the border

NEW: @FLOTUS spokeswoman Stephanie Grisham when asked what message the first lady's jacket intends to send: "It's a jacket. There was no hidden message. After today's important visit to Texas, I hope this isn't what the media is going to choose to focus on."

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