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Nissan turns over a new self-driving Leaf with ProPilot

Nissan has revealed some of the self-driving features coming to the next generation Leaf EV, due to start shipping before the end of the year.

Watch SpaceX launch 10 satellites into orbit with a Falcon 9 live right here

SpaceX is attempting its second launch in under 48 hours today at 4:25 PM EDT (1:25 PM PDT), from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California. The launch will be..

Czech power company holds Facebook bikini contest to choose interns

Yes, in 2017, power conglomerate CEZ has potential nuclear plant interns compete in bikinis and hard hats.

Amazon Prime Wardrobe will let you try on clothes before you buy them

Amazon is launching Prime Wardrobe, a new program that will let you try on clothes before you buy them. Once you select at least three Prime Wardrobe-eligible pieces from over a million clothing...

Beauty of the Beast: The cutting-edge effects behind Disney's hit

The visual effects maestros at Digital Domain reveal how cutting-edge technology combined not one but two beastly performances by Dan Stevens.

Watch as old Hot Wheels cars are restored to greatness

This YouTube channel is both calming and cool. Where did that 20 minutes just go?

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SpaceX successfully launches and recovers second Falcon 9 in 48 hours

SpaceX has succeeded in launching another Falcon 9 into space, this time for client Iridium, a global satellite telecommunications provider. The Iridium-2 mission on Sunday saw a Falcon 9 take off from SpaceX’s Vandenberg Air Force base in California, with a payload of 10 satellites destined to become part of Iridium’s NEXT constellation, which will comprise 75 satellites in total once SpaceX has launched them all, creating a network that Iridium says will allow anyone on Earth to contact anyone else, anywhere else on Earth.

Wearable sales to double by 2021, says IDC

Toshiba Portege X20W-D

Toshiba's pen-enabled ultraportable 2-in-1 is versatile enough to turn anywhere into your remote office.

German police handed hacking powers to bypass encrypted communications - Video | ZDNet

The German parliament has waved through a massive expansion of police hacking powers.

Anthem will pay $115 million in largest data breach settlement in history - CyberScoop

The settlement requires Anthem to guarantee “a certain level of funding for information security and to implement or maintain numerous specific changes to its data security systems, including encryption of certain information and archiving sensitive data with strict access controls,” according to a statement by the plaintiffs’ attorneys. “The settlement is designed to protect class members from future risk, provide compensation, and ensure best cybersecurity practices to deter against future data breaches.”

The Best Laptops of 2017

Walk down any laptop aisle and you'll notice that the selection of laptops has become dramatically thinner and sleeker. Each of these wafer-thin systems represents a new vision for ultraportable computing: a no-compromises laptop light enough that you'll forget it's in your briefcase, with a long-lasting battery that will keep you working even when no power outlet is available. Fast storage, whether by way of a full 128GB or 256GB solid-state drive (SSD) or, more affordably, 32GB to 64GB of eMMC flash, give these ultraportables the ability to resume work in seconds after being idle or asleep for days. Intel's marketing focus has migrated to the convertible-hybrid laptops and detachable-hybrid tablets that it refers to as 2-in-1 devices (see the next section for more information), but ultraportables are still a distinct category.

Apple Music adds a $99 annual subscription option

The yearly option can be a nice $20 discount if you’re planning on keeping Apple Music for the next 12 months, but currently it’s not available if you’re trying to sign up for Apple Music. If you are a current Apple Music subscriber, you can find it pretty easily by going to the Music app > For You > Account (top right) > View Apple ID > Subscriptions > Apple Music Membership and clicking on the $99 option.

Google won't scan your Gmail anymore for ad targeting

The tech giant will stop combing through emails to tailor ads. But it’s not like it doesn't have all your info anyway.

'One machine learning model to rule them all': Google open-sources tools for simpler AI | ZDNet

The Tensor2Tensor library, which is maintained by Google Brain researchers and engineers, offers a set of open-source tools for training deep-learning models in TensorFlow. The library "strives to maximize idea bandwidth and minimize execution latency", according to its description on GitHub .

GPUs are game changer for oil and gas sector - Video | ZDNet

More powerful computing enables businesses to gain value from the huge amounts of data they're collecting.

Razer Blade (14-inch, 2017) review

The stock model has a Full HD screen with 256GB of solid-state storage, upgradable to 512GB ($2,099, £1,999.99, AU$3,099.95) or 1TB ($2,499, £2,399.99, AU$3,699.95). There's also the option of a model with a 4K touchscreen variant with either 512GB ($2,399, £2,299.99, AU$3,499.95) or 1TB  ($2,799, £2,699.99, AU$4,099.95) of SSD. The model reviewed here costs $1,899. 4K screens look cool, but they can really knock down your battery life. The CPU and GPU (really the most important things for a gaming PC) remain the same in each of these configurations.

22 Tips Every Amazon Addict Should Know

If you're paying for Amazon Prime—and you should be, since it's only $99 a year or $10.99 a month and provides instant streaming video, free music, and free two-day shipping on a majority of Amazon merchandise—you don't have to go it alone. The cost of that Prime account can be shared with one other adult member of your household, plus up to 4 kids under the roof who don't even need Amazon accounts. (It used to be you could share full Prime with multiple family members, but Amazon cracked down on that .) This is a smart way to keep the holiday shopping secrets, yet still get all the two-day shipping savings. But Amazon also opened up the sharing to include Amazon Video with all the linked members, not to mention Prime Early Access, and the Kindle Owners' Lending Library. The adults get access to the Amazon FreeTime parental controls to make sure kids don't get into anything they shouldn't on the site. To set it up, go to Manage Your Content and Devices > Settings tab > Households and Family Library > Invite an Adult. You'll need their email address as used on Amazon, and it will require you two to share credit and debit card information.

First known two-headed porpoise was tossed back into the sea

"Reports of conjoined twins in wild mammals are extremely scarce," the study states. "This case concerns the second known case of twinning and the first case of conjoined twins in P. phocoena, the fourth known case of parapagus dicephalus in any cetacean species and the tenth known case of conjoined twinning in a cetacean species."

SpaceX sticks its 2nd rocket landing in 48 hours, and oh just take us to orbit already

This also marks the Elon Musk-founded company's second rocket launch and landing in 48 hours, and ninth launch this year. SpaceX also brought back a Falcon 9 booster to a drone ship in the Atlantic on Friday afternoon.

Lenovo's 25th anniversary ThinkPad is real, and coming soon

That first ThinkPad was powered by a 25MHz 486 SLC and it came with your choice of four or 8MBs of memory. This "performance" laptop came with a 640x480 resolution 10.4-inch VGA display and had a 120MB hard-drive. It weighed just over seven and a half pounds and cost $4,350 (in 1992 dollars). That would be about $7,400 in today's money.

Common sense is rare with cybersecurity, and it will be for a long time

For now, people are just starting to pick up on common sense digital safety practices. The five questions that most people got right on the Pew Research quiz were on subjects people deal with every day: passwords, Wi-Fi and multi-factor authentication. When it came to more nuanced issues, like what's a rootkit, people were less aware.

8 steps to becoming a 'cloud-native' enterprise | ZDNet

Go Agile. Becoming a cloud-native operation "is less a matter of technology adoption and more one of inculcating new skills and changing old attitudes and practices," the Capgemini authors state. This includes embracing "a culture of agile, continuous development, and a greater openness to collaboration and receptivity to new ideas from a variety of partners, both internal and external." Easier said than done, of course, but this is a course that needs to be set.

Trump's cybersecurity EO is 'terrible' says former AT&T CISO, recommends focus on 3 areas - TechRepublic

AT&T's former cybersecurity chief Ed Amoroso used his keynote at the 2017 Borderless Cyber event to critique the Trump Administration's approach to cybersecurity, and offered some free advice.

Australia to seek greater powers on encrypted messaging at 'Five eyes' meeting

SYDNEY Australia said on Sunday it will push for greater powers to tackle the use of encrypted messaging services used by terrorists and criminals at an upcoming meeting of ministers from the "Five Eyes" intelligence network.

Diego R. Flores on Twitter

México por YouTube solo cuando es en vivo lo transmite la app, hacen un trabajo excepcional!, a esperar la nueva temporada saludos.

Victoria cancels 590 fines in wake of WannaCry infection | ZDNet

The Victorian government has cancelled 590 fines after 55 of the state's speed and red-light cameras were hit with WannaCry ransomware.

Amazon's Discounting the Echo By $50, For One Day Only

The Amazon Echo is arguably this decade’s iPhone, and if you still don’t have one (or more) set up in your home, Amazon’s running an unprecedented $50 discount (if you don’t count the early-access deal for invited Prime members) , today only.

Google Maps dismissed as 'unreliable' by Indian government

Use Google Maps when you’re hunting for food, but not when you need it for something important, advised the government.

Pandora co-founder and CEO Tim Westergren will step down according to reports

Pandora faces a couple of issues in its business. For one, digital music streaming companies are still coming under a lot of margin pressure because of the costs for licensing music . Another issue for Pandora is that it has never managed to expand significantly outside of its home market of the U.S. The Sirius investment could give it a cash boost and also some economies of scale in negotiating those deals. And, on SiriusXM’s side, it gives the company some differentiation in its business.

AMD's EPYC: Everything you need to know | ZDNet

Whether you're spending $400 or $4,000, AMD's Epyc is wiping the floor with the Intel Xeon chips.

Binary Capital partner quits (update: so does Caldbeck)

Effective immediately, Justin has resigned from Binary Capital. He will have no further role at the firm and I will be the sole managing partner. Matt Mazzeo has also announced his resignation. We have retained Orin Snyder and Michele Maryott of Gibson Dunn to conduct an independent internal investigation of this matter. It is important we understand how these circumstances could have been avoided and how we will prevent this kind of behavior from occurring in the future. We look forward to reviewing and implementing the appropriate recommendations based on their findings.

The Sunday Blues Are All in Your Head

Sage receptionists and break-room philosophers have long taught that every day has its own emotion. Your week progresses from a case of the Mondays through Wednesday Hump Days to Thank God It’s Fridays, looping around to the Sunday Blues, also known as the Sunday Scaries or the Sunday Sads. You survive that weekend anticlimax because you know everybody deals with it. Except some of them don’t.

Ashton Kutcher defends Travis Kalanick

Instead, Kutcher seemed to blame the world, rather than Kalanick. "I feel like we're in a society today that is so fast to judge people, and that we have to realize people make mistakes, and you have to let people learn from their mistakes," he said.

SpaceX pulls off back-to-back Falcon 9 rocket landings

Elon Musk's private space company proves it can handle the pressure of rapid launches, which is key to its pitch of sending more people to space.

Prada sells $185 paperclip, and Twitter can't hold it together

Sure you could just stuff your cash in your wallet and buy a whole box of paper clips at Target for $1.29, but where's the decadence in that?

Update: As Yahoo’s partnership with AT&T unwinds, users need to switch email addresses

As part of the new corporate merger of Yahoo and Aol under the Oath brand, it looks like Yahoo accounts will no longer be accessible through AT&T email addresses (or those of any A&T subsidiaries).

How to Scan Documents Using Notes App in iOS 11

The Notes app in iOS 11 has a new hidden feature – the ability to scan documents and directly add them to a note. While it’s not as feature rich as third party apps, it has the basics covered – automatic scanning and border detection, multiple scans, grayscale mode and more.

Unboxing the Mystery That Is the 'Klingon Jedi' Action Figure

There’s an action figure that’s been making the rounds on Twitter, mostly because it’s so illogical it couldn’t possibly exist in our world. In short, it’s Lieutenant Worf... Master Jedi.

How I tried to get Microsoft to turn me away from MacBooks

I went to two local Microsoft stores, clutching my usual naivete like a glass of fine sauvignon blanc and told them my story. It happened to be the truth. I'm a lifelong MacBook user. Please tell me, I begged, please sell me on why this Surface Laptop is better. After all, Apple's always been the one who was supposed to be a good at selling. Has Microsoft caught up?

Drew Houston on How Dropbox Bounced Back

Founded in 2007, Dropbox was one of the first services to make it easy for people to store files in the cloud. Consumers signed up in droves, and private investors valued it at $10 billion in 2014. But rivals such as Google Inc. launched similar services, and in early 2016 the company was forced to reduce its estimated value. Since then, Chief Executive Officer Drew Houston has cut expenses and added features to appeal to corporate IT managers, who now pay for an advanced version that gives them more storage and greater control over data. Earlier this year, Houston announced that Dropbox Inc. is profitable and will book $1 billion in revenue in 2017—a likely prelude to an initial public offering filing that could come later this year.   Dropbox started as a consumer product, then shifted to one that makes most of its money from companies. How’d that happen?   We have a sales force, but the way we get into enterprises is through the consumer. Our customers start using Dropbox at home, then they bring it into work and sign up using their corporate credit card.

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Thinking about a career change? Here's how Instagram stars make up to $15,000 per post

New to iOS 10? Change these settings right now

The latest version of Apple's mobile operating system comes with some privacy improvements. Before you do anything like customizing your phone, loading new apps, or syncing your data for the first time, you should take a few steps to lock down your device and protect your privacy.

Hot New Cryptocoin Exchange Pledges to Pay Back Losses Following Flash Crash

Cryptocurrencies are risky as hell. A new competitor in the blockchain currency world, Ethereum , has recieved a lot of attention recently for its ridiculous gains in value. Many feared that a flash crash last week was a sign of shady dealings on the exchange, but the company behind it is reassuring investors that they’ll be paid back in full.

Easiest Path to Riches on the Web? An Initial Coin Offering

Proponents of initial coin offerings hail them as a financial innovation that empowers developers and gives early investors a chance to share in the profits of a successful new enterprise. But where some see a new method of crowdfunding online projects, critics say the phenomenon is ripe for abuse and, in many cases, a violation of American securities law.

SpaceX successfully launches and recovers second Falcon 9 in 48 hours

SpaceX has succeeded in launching another Falcon 9 into space, this time for client Iridium, a global satellite telecommunications provider. The Iridium-2 mission on Sunday saw a Falcon 9 take off from SpaceX’s Vandenberg Air Force base in California, with a payload of 10 satellites destined to become part of Iridium’s NEXT constellation, which will comprise 75 satellites in total once SpaceX has launched them all, creating a network that Iridium says will allow anyone on Earth to contact anyone else, anywhere else on Earth.

DNP OnePlus 5 review: A glorious value

Both of these cameras are used for the depth-effect mode, which adds a bunch of bokeh behind your subject. It's a crowd-pleaser, albeit a finicky one. You have to maintain the right distance from your subject and have enough light for the software to do its thing. The resulting shots are generally very good, and I've come to appreciate OnePlus's approach over the iPhone 7 Plus because it works surprisingly well on things besides faces. Beyond all that is a fairly spartan app for actually shooting these photos, which is just fine by me. There's no cruft here — the only other truly neat feature is a handy Pro mode, complete with a histogram to help experienced photographers expose their photos correctly.

The New Sticker Shock: Plunging Cellphone Bills

The cost of U.S. cellular service is rapidly plunging, reversing years of increases that have squeezed consumers’ budgets and generated huge profits for wireless companies.

Climb on board Boeing's new 737 Max 9

Alongside its bigger sibling, the 787-10, Boeing's next version of its popular 737 aircraft had its first public appearance at the Paris Air Show. The 737 Max 9 was rolled out of Boeing's factory in Renton, Washington in March and first flew in April.

Artificial iris responds to light like real eyes

Scientists from the Smart Photonic Materials research group developed the iris using a light-sensitive liquid crystal elastomer. The team also employed photoalignment techniques, which accurately position the liquid crystal molecules in a predetermined direction within a tolerance of a few picometers. This is similar to the techniques used originally in LCD TVs to improve viewing angle and contrast but has since been adopted to smartphone screens. "The artificial iris looks a little bit like a contact lens," TUT Associate Professor Arri Priimägi said. "Its center opens and closes according to the amount of light that hits it."

Trump Confirms That He Said the Mean Healthcare Bill Is "Mean"

Once again, Donald Trump has thrown his defenders under the bus. Early Sunday morning, the president appeared on Fox News and blurted out that he really did call the House Republican healthcare bill “mean” behind closed doors. He likes the new bill though. But he admits that no one’s going to love it.

TNW on Twitter

Get over 1.1 million graphics at your fingertips — for only $31

Reg Saddler on Twitter

When you tweet with a location, Twitter stores that location. You can switch location on/off before each Tweet and always have the option to delete your location history. Learn more

How Apple handles leaks, according to a leaked internal briefing

During the briefing, the trio details a number of tactics Apple employs to handle leaks, as well as the challenge of keeping its new products and services secret. Pervading all of this is a message on the core importance of secrecy to Apple as a company.


This is the first one of these that feels like it has a proper narrative structure instead of seeming to “end” in a big action sequence but then continuing for like another hour (and another, near-identical action sequence). It still feels like it’s a full hour too long, but at least this time they stuck the one pointless action scene too many near the beginning; put all the weird exposition stuff in Act 2 (where it’s kind of fun because they’re making Anthony Hopkins say a bunch of stupid Transformers  stuff… then  Act 3 gets to be the big (and for real I mean impressively large-scale ) action finale. So, proper story structure, at least!

7 wedding apps that will make planning your big day a whole lot easier

Lucky for us, we live in a time of smart phones and we all know there's an app for just about anything. So if you are having trouble organizing your big day, we've compiled a list of the best weddings apps to make the process as painless as possible.

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