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Amazon's Treasure Truck will drive around Seattle with exclusive discounts

Amazon's taking what it claims are "can't miss" deals on the road in its hometown of Seattle. Today the company announced the Treasure Truck, which will drive around Seattle neighborhoods with one...

Stanford researchers find a cheaper, better way to make hydrogen gas

A team of researchers from Stanford University unveiled an easier and more efficient way to strip hydrogen atoms from water molecules on Thursday. It's s

Zane Lowe's first Beats 1 interview will be with Eminem

Zane Lowe is well known for his amazing interviews with musicians, and he's already lined up a first guest for Beats 1: Eminem. Lowe will be interviewing Eminem during the radio station's launch...

How to Stream Every Jon Stewart Daily Show Episode | WIRED

Comedy Central's not letting its bedrock of political satire go without a celebratory Viking funeral.

The flying car has arrived and it looks scary as hell

Deliver packages by drone? Yawn! Thorstin Crijns aims to transport people by multicopter, flying car style, and he actually built a brilliant/insane work

SpaceX recounts past mistakes before next barge test landing

Everyone at SpaceX must be crossing their fingers right now, as the company prepares for another barge landing attempt on Sunday, June 28th. While CEO El

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Under the Dome: "Move On/But I'm Not" Review - IGN

As far as answers go, we may not have gotten the full monty, but an effort was made to drive us toward (hopefully) the endgame. As Melanie led most of Chester's Mill into a cloud realm followed by goo-cocoons, it became apparent that our leads needed to undergo some sort of turning point-slash-catharsis and that the alien beings running the whole gambit relied on these life changes - even if the life itself wasn't real - for their own existence. Which brought Marg Helgenberger (a Stephen King alien TV vet from The Tommyknockers) into the mix as cocooned watchdog Christine.

Steve Wozniak: In the future, robots will keep humans as pets

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak is pretty certain artificial intelligence is taking over, but he's having a hard time deciding whether that's a good or bad thing for humans.

The 21-Year Rise, Fall, and Rise of XCOM -- IGN First - IGN

X-COM: Terror From The Deep is MicroProse’s quick-and-dirty attempt to capitalize on UFO Defense’s success. Designed by an internal team in just one year and with no involvement from Mythos, it’s largely a reskinning of UFO Defense that replaces the aliens from outer space with aliens from under the sea (by way of outer space). Outside of a few interface improvements and some famously difficult two-stage Terror missions, Terror From The Deep doesn’t do much to build on the X-COM formula, and never gains the acclaim of the original. It’s mostly regarded as a challenge for hardcore X-COM fans for whom UFO Defense had become too easy.

Apple Removes Civil War Game From App Store Amid Confederate Flag Controversy [Updated]

"We have removed apps from the App Store that use the Confederate flag in offensive or mean-spirited ways, which is in violation of our guidelines. We are not removing apps that display the Confederate flag for educational or historical uses."

Benchmarks Show iPhone Performance Difference When iOS 9's Low Power Mode is Activated

With iOS 9, Apple introduced a Low Power mode, designed to extend battery life when an iPhone's power is running low. According to the feature's description, Low Power mode works by reducing an iPhone's performance and cutting down on background activity. Geekbench 3 has just been updated to work with iOS 9, letting us get a more detailed look at how Low Power mode works and how much it throttles an iPhone's CPU performance when activated. Without Low Power mode activated, an iPhone 6 Plus scored 1606 on the single-core processor test and 2891 on the multi-core processor test. When Low Power mode was turned on, the same iPhone 6 Plus scored 1019 on the single-core test and 1751 on the multi-core test, suggesting there's a significant performance reduction when Low Power mode is enabled to save as much battery as possible. Results were similar on an iPhone 5s, with performance reduced by about 40 percent. We saw single/multi-core scores of 1386/2511 without Low Power mode and scores of 816/1405 with Low Power mode turned on. Low Power mode activates when an iPhone is at 10 or 20 percent battery level, providing a popup that lets users toggle it on quickly.

How do machines learn meaning? - Lateral

Computers consist of on/off switches and process meaningless symbols. So how is it that we can hope that computers might understand the meaning of words, products, actions and documents? If most of us consider machine learning to be magic, it is because we don’t yet have an answer to this question. Here, I’ll provide an answer in the context of machines learning the meaning of words. But as we’ll see, the approach is the same everywhere.

How Computers Can Detect the Complexity of Human Thought In Paintings

It’s a common enough tale: Great artist paints masterpiece. Masterpiece, by way of war, theft, or simple age, makes its way from owner to owner. Eventually, a copy pops up for auction. Or is it the original? Such is the complexity of the world of fine art collecting—and it’s a problem that has spawned huge amounts of research in proportion to the huge amounts of wealth being spent on these pieces of art.

Disney parks are banning selfie sticks

Beginning Tuesday, selfie sticks will be banned at all four Disney theme parks in Orlando, as well as at Disney's water parks and Disney Quest, a gaming attraction at Downtown Disney. Beginning July 1, the ban will also be enforced at Disneyland in California, and at the theme parks in Paris and Hong Kong.

The Complete List of iOS 8.3 Compatible Jailbreak Tweaks

If you’ve successfully jailbroken your iPhone or iPad, but have found that most of the jailbreak tweaks and apps are not working, then that’s because the Cydia Substrate is not compatible with iOS 8.3 – iOS 8.1.3 yet.

Gay marriage is the law of the land in America

"No union is more profound than marriage, for it embodies the highest ideals of love, fidelity, devotion, sacrifice, and family," Kennedy wrote. "As some of the petitioners in these cases demonstrate, marriage embodies a love that may endure even past death. It would misunderstand these men and women to say they disrespect the idea of marriage. Their plea is that they do respect it, respect it so deeply that they seek to find its fulfillment for themselves. They ask for equal dignity in the eyes of the law. The Constitution grants them that right. "

Reserve Strap Promises To Extend Your Apple Watch Battery By 30 Hours

Reserve Strap just announced the final details for its Apple Watch battery band, which it claims will add an additional 30 hours of battery life to the device. The Reserve Strap will ship at the beginning of November and will cost a pretty staggering $249.99.

Americans’ Internet Access:<br />2000-2015

Main Findings The Pew Research Center’s unit studying the internet and society began systematically measuring internet adoption among Americans in 2000. Since then, Pew Research has conducted 97 national surveys of adults that have documented how the internet has become an integral part of everyday life across diverse parts of society. 84% of American Adults Use the Internet Year Percent 2000 52% 2001 55% 2002 59% 2003 61% 2004 63% 2005 68% 2006 71% 2007 74% 2008 74% 2009 76% 2010 76% 2011 79% 2012 83% 2013 84% 2014 84% 2015 84% Source: Pew Research Center surveys, 2000-2015. A new analysis of 15 years-worth of data highlights several key trends: For some groups, especially young adults, those with high levels of education, and those in more affluent households, internet penetration is at full saturation levels. For other groups, such as older adults, those with less educational attainment, and those living in lower-income households, adoption has historically been lower but rising steadily, especially in recent years. At the same time, digital gaps still persist.

President Obama Makes a Statement on Today's Ruling on Same-Sex Marriage

President Obama Makes a Statement on Today's Ruling on Same-Sex Marriage

How To Get Rid Of Abusive Posts In Your Facebook News Feed

This is the harshest option of them all. Maybe one of your Facebook friends said something so hateful, threatening or venomous that the mere thought of hearing from them again makes you furious. In that case, head over to their profile page -- rather than the News Feed -- and select "Unfriend" from the "Friends" dropdown menu, which will appear over their cover image:

The future is equality!

And it’s a story that must stretch forward, too: to the transgender people who still face untold discrimination around the world. To the women still underrepresented everywhere, not least on the US Supreme Court. To the people of color who have inherited our country’s ugly legacy of racism, and who must fight every day to have their own dignity respected. The same forces that helped make marriage equality a reality have brought these issues to our attention, too. And yet we are still so far from justice on so many accounts.

Apple Watch off to a slow start in Singapore - CNET

Apple products have long been highly coveted by the population of this wealthy city-state, and product launches are typically greeted with long queues and strong demand. But the company left Singapore out of the first wave of countries for the launch of its smartwatch, its debut device in the field of wearbles -- surprising given the island state has been in the first wave for most of its recent products. Singapore also serves as a hub for fans living in the rest of Southeast Asia to get their hands on Apple devices.

El Capitan beta has clues about new iMac, Bluetooth remote

Apple's latest El Capitan beta for developers has a few Easter eggs hidden in its codes, which hint at possible new products on the way. 9to5Mac has unearthed some very telling references to future hardware, including one that adds support for an Apple-made 4,096 x 2,304 resolution display. Seeing as there's already a 27-inch 5K iMac , that line of code might be meant for a 21.5-inch Retina iMac. Further references to Intel's new Broadwell Iris graphics processor and four new AMD Radeon processors support that possibility, so cross your fingers if that's the desktop computer you've always wanted.

Photoshopping Supreme Court justices is the Internet's new hobby

Friday's historic Supreme Court ruling legalizing same-sex marriage put the political leanings and personalities of the justices front and center — looking at you, Justice Scalia.

The most heartwarming reactions to same-sex marriage becoming legal across the U.S.

The U.S. Supreme Court struck down gay marriage bans nationwide in a landmark decision on Friday, legalizing same-sex marriage in every state in America.

For Post-Snowden Cloud Startups, Privacy Is A Hard Sell

Of course, no security solution is 100% foolproof—given enough time, money, and resources, skilled government or even private hackers can probably find their way around most safeguards—and Enrique acknowledges not all users will even want to use all of the features of Community Cube. The system, he says, will warn users if they take actions that could compromise their privacy, like logging into a mainstream webmail provider's site, but ultimately the choice will be up to the customers, he says. (The company's motto: "The Spooks Hate Us.")

When SCOTUS Passed Same-Sex Marriage, People Googled 'What Does The Bible Say?'

“No American should face discrimination simply because of who they love, and today’s ruling by the Supreme Court affirms that every American has the right to marry the person they love and raise a family without fear that they will one day be torn apart because they are treated differently under the law. With this decision, thousands of Michigan same-sex couples will finally be afforded the same opportunity to marry as other Americans, including April DeBoer and Jayne Rowse of Michigan, who courageously took their case all the way to the United States Supreme Court. “I was proud to join my colleagues in signing an amicus curiae brief urging the Supreme Court to rule in favor of marriage equality. Every year, we move closer and closer to fulfilling the ideals our nation was founded on — equality, freedom, and justice. And although history will no doubt view today’s ruling as a watershed moment in the fight for equality, that fight is far from over. LGBT Americans across the country still face discrimination and lack many legal protections afforded to other Americans. Our Constitution guaranteed equal protection under the law, and I am committed to fighting for equal rights for all Americans so we can always say with confidence that our country is a place where all are created equal.

How YouTube’s Michael Stevens Makes Learning Cool

Michael Stevens, creator of the YouTube channel Vsauce, has the most popular educational channel on the platform. He has over 8.9 million subscribers answering questions like “Why do we kiss?” and “What if everyone jumped at once?”

French government files legal complaint against UberPOP

PARIS French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve said on Friday he had launched legal action targeting local managers of U.S.-based ride-sharing service Uber, denouncing the attitude of the company as "cynical" and "arrogant".

This robotic bricklayer can build a house in two days

For all the modern tools and heavy machinery found on construction sites these days, one aspect has remained a decidedly manual labor: bricklaying . Just as they did 6000 years ago when masonry was first developed, today's bricklayers still perform their backbreaking work almost exclusively by hand . But thanks to Australian engineer, Mark Pivac, that could soon change . Pivac has developed what he claims is the world's first fully automated bricklaying robot, dubbed Hadrian (yes, like the wall).

Hannibal: "Aperitivo" Review - IGN

Chilton was very well used here, as we saw him visit one fellow Hannibal survivor after another – and were reminded both of his intelligence and his repellent nature. It was also really interesting to get more insight into Will’s frame of mind at this point, as “Abigail” first came to see him, as it was more clear that he always knew she wasn’t real -- we saw that he did know he was actually speaking to Chilton -- even as he simultaneously imagined the reality where she survived. Either way, Chilton made it 100% clear that Hannibal meant for Will to survive, as we might surmise. And, in a really funny touch, we learned that Chilton had actually copyrighted the name “Hannibal the Cannibal” after what happened to him – a wonderful use of that famous term in this version of the Lecter story.

Can't disconnect on vacation? These IT pros offer their hard-earned tips

A recent TEKsystems survey of more than 1,000 IT professionals indicates that organizations are making adjustments to ensure that employees can achieve a more satisfactory work/life balance. And the numbers bear this out: Among the entry- and midlevel workers polled by the IT staffing firm, 85% reported that they aren't expected to be available at any time during their vacations, up from 74% in 2014. The change was even more significant for senior personnel: 83% of those respondents said they aren't expected to make themselves available while they're on vacation, up from a mere 30% last year.

Shoot cyborgs in 'Terminator Genisys' game before the movie starts

When you head out to watch Terminator Genisys next week, you might want to get to the theater a little early. Not just to get good seats, but also to play a game on your phone before the movie starts. Based on Terminator Genisys: Revolution by Glu Mobile , it's apparently the first ever in-theater interactive game according to Paramount. To participate, simply join the local WiFi network (you'll see prompts to do so on your mobile device). You'll then be assigned to one of four teams, at which point you're instructed to point your phone at the movie screen to aim and shoot at incoming cyborgs. And don't worry about people doing this during the movie -- the game only lasts three minutes and is over before the film starts. Winning teams will get a poster of the movie, at least until July 2nd or while supplies last. The game is only playable in select participating theaters, the list for which you can find after the break.

Right to be forgotten: BBC publishes list of its stories removed by Google

Making something of a mockery of the ruling, an increasing number of news organizations, the Guardian, Telegraph, and the Daily Mail among them, have been publishing on their websites links to all of the news stories that have been purged from Google’s European search sites.

Are You As Far Along In Your Career As You Could Be?

At a certain point we've all wondered: "Have I stunted my career growth?" Whether it was through staying at a position too long, not networking enough, or not handling a disagreement with your boss the right way, there are certain situations where we can all use some pointers. Watch this video for some tips, then begin your ascent to career greatness.

Coke, Virgin, and Airbus Buy Into the Space Internet Dream

The funding, though, is blasé when compared with another part of OneWeb’s announcement—the stuff that goes boom. The company has signed a deal with European rocket launch group Arianespace for at least 21 launches from 2017 to 2019 with the option for eight more flights. Because of the huge number of flights, OneWeb will have to rely on launch pads scattered all over the globe, including in French Guiana at the tip of South America and in Baikonur in Kazakstan. Those launches, however, will not be enough to get all of OneWeb’s satellites into space. So the company has signed another agreement with Branson’s Virgin Galactic for 39 launches aboard its experimental LauncherOne. This is a major gamble by both OneWeb and Virgin Galactic that LauncherOne is up for such heavy duty. 

The future of road rage: Delphi self-driving car survives brush with Google self-driving car

Why this matters: Google's self-driving car project will go on, but with a small dent to its dignity. This news has emerged a scant day after Google proudly announced the debut of its latest self-driving car—the cute little bug-shaped car, not one of the retrofitted Lexus cars—on Mountain View streets . Google’s publicity photo for that car showed it driving on what appears to be the same street, San Antonio Road, where the Google-Delphi dust-up took place. If nothing else, it sounds like everyone should drive extra-carefully around there.

Rising number of T-Mobile iPhones hit with 'blue screen of death' reboots

In recent days a growing number of iPhone owners on T-Mobile U.S. have been impacted by seemingly random crashes and reboots, without any clear indication as to why or how to solve the problem, according to reports and comments on social media. Typically the problem manifests with an iPhone briefly flashing a blue screen before resetting, according to anecdotes shared with AppleInsider , as well as posts on sites such as Twitter and MacRumors . This can happen as frequently as every 10 to 30 minutes, even if a phone isn't actively in use. Some users have reported that disabling Wi-Fi Calling can fix the so-called "blue screen of death," while others have scored success with a hard reset, and at least some T-Mobile support staff are recommending the latter option. An AppleInsider contact had no luck with disabling Wi-Fi Calling and ultimately had to get a replacement phone. So far neither Apple nor T-Mobile staff have come up with a definitive explanation. One theory has involved memory problems, but if so it's still unknown why only T-Mobile subscribers would be affected.

AppleCare+ for iPhone, iPad, iPod and Apple Watch Now Covers Batteries That Retain Less Than 80% of Original Capacity

Apple has updated the terms of its AppleCare+ Protection Plan for iPhone, iPad, iPod and Apple Watch to cover batteries that retain less than 80% of their original capacity within the extended warranty period, whereas it previously covered batteries that retained less than 50% of their original capacity. The change applies to AppleCare+ purchased for iPhone, iPad, iPod and all Apple Watch models on April 10, 2015 or later. Apple will replace defective batteries that do not live up to the 80% specification free of charge as long as the device is within its AppleCare+ coverage period. Otherwise, the iPhone maker charges $79 for out-of-warranty battery service for all Apple Watch batteries that retain less than 80% of their original capacity per Apple's diagnostic testing, plus a $6.95 shipping charge if required. The new battery terms of AppleCare+ for iPhone, iPad, iPod and Apple Watch: "If during the Plan Term, you submit a valid claim by notifying Apple that (i) a defect in materials and workmanship has arisen in the Covered Equipment, or (ii) the capacity of the Covered Equipment’s battery to hold an electrical charge is less than eighty percent (80%) of its original specifications, Apple will either (A) repair the defect at no charge, using new parts or parts that are equivalent to new in performance and reliability, or (B) exchange the Covered Equipment, with a replacement product that is new or equivalent to new in performance and reliability.

These Are the Best Times to Tweet for Maximum Engagement

If you’re looking to expand your follower base and get more retweets, favorites, and clicks, it all comes down to timing. According to a massive four-year study, these time windows are the best times to get more engagement with your tweets.

AppleInsider podcast discusses the iPhone home button, Beats 1, CarPlay, HomeKit & more

This week's all-new AppleInsider podcast features Mikey Campbell and Daniel Eran Dilger as we talk about the concept of an iPhone with no home button, as well as HomeKit and our experiences with it so far. Victor professes his love for CarPlay, and Daniel talks about Beats 1, and how it stayed in the news cycle for an entire week before it launches.

IGN on Twitter

When you tweet with a location, Twitter stores that location. You can switch location on/off before each Tweet and always have the option to delete your location history. Learn more

Alibaba’s Digital Bank Comes Online To Serve ‘The Little Guys’ In China

Alibaba-backed MYbank opened Thursday with a promise to provide services “for the little guys.” The service is an all-digital bank, it has no physical branches but is open 24/7. It is aimed at those who tend to end up a little short changed by the existing banking system — SMEs who struggle to fit into a financial bracket for loans and services, and those in rural areas who have issues accessing branches and banks in person.

The Big Picture: Missouri Guardsmen go on virtual patrol

National Guard troops from the 35th Engineer Brigade take a breather during simulated patrol and building clearance at Fort Leonard Wood in the Missouri Ozarks. Part of the Dismounted Soldier Training System , VR practice is employed to integrate new squad members into their units more quickly and as well as maintain combat readiness for the squad as a whole.

The Supreme Court's Ruling On Gay Marriage Is The Most Wonderful Thing Of The Week!

The most wonderful thing of the week? The Supreme Court ruled that the Constitution guarantees a right to same-sex marriage. This historic decision will go down in history, so we thought some celebrating was in order. The decision was made by a 5-to-4 vote. Join us in releasing the confetti, and commemorating this historic day.

Tech Companies Find a Rainbow of Ways to Celebrate Same-Sex Marriage Ruling

Tech Companies Find a Rainbow of Ways to Celebrate Same-Sex Marriage Ruling

Harry Potter Play Headed to London Stage Next Year - IGN

Rowling also has a new trilogy of Harry Potter-related films in the works, with the first entry in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find them set to hit theaters in November of next year. We know Eddie Redmayne will star as the film's lead , and rumor has it Ezra Miller is being eyed for the project as well.

OneWeb strikes a $500 million deal to provide internet globally via satellite

The company has attracted investment from Airbus, Bharti Enterprises, Qualcomm, Coca-Cola, Virgin Group and others. It will use the funds to develop key technologies required to enable internet access for undeveloped locations.

Wayward Pines: "Choices" Review - IGN

After revealing what had happened around the town in the previous episode, "Choices" focused on the decisions David Pilcher made in order to bring Wayward Pines into existence in the first place. His backstory answered many of our lingering moral questions about why the town functions in the way that it does, while giving us new insight into characters like Pope and Pam. Meanwhile Theresa continued an investigation of her own that posed new questions heading into the back four episodes, and current characters acted in brash new ways that called into question what we believe to know about them so far.

AppleInsider on Twitter

Apple CEO Tim Cook celebrates Supreme Court decision on gay marriage with quote from Steve…

You can now try a home on Airbnb before you buy

Online home marketplace  announced its new partnership with home rental service Airbnb. The partnership is an effort to help potential buyers “try before you buy”. Now available on’s desktop and mobile sites, when viewing a listing customers will also see an “Airbnb before buying” section on the listing page, showcasing rentals in the same neighborhood. The new partnership is being kicked off with a Try Before You Buy Sweepstakes, which is giving away $500 towards an Airbnb stay to weekly winners through  August 23 .

Hidden miracles of the natural world

We live in a world of unseeable beauty, so subtle and delicate that it is imperceptible to the human eye. To bring this invisible world to light, filmmaker Louie Schwartzberg bends the boundaries of time and space with high-speed cameras, time lapses and microscopes. At TED2014, he shares highlights from his latest project, a 3D film titled "Mysteries of the Unseen World," which slows down, speeds up, and magnifies the astonishing wonders of nature.

Why thinking you're ugly is bad for you

About 10,000 people a month Google the phrase, “Am I ugly?” Meaghan Ramsey of the Dove Self-Esteem Project has a feeling that many of them are young girls. In a deeply unsettling talk, she walks us through the surprising impacts of low body and image confidence—from lower grade point averages to greater risk-taking with drugs and alcohol. And then shares the key things all of us can do to disrupt this reality.

Bring on the learning revolution!

In this poignant, funny follow-up to his fabled 2006 talk, Sir Ken Robinson makes the case for a radical shift from standardized schools to personalized learning — creating conditions where kids' natural talents can flourish.

What the best education systems are doing right

“Koreans basically believe that I have to get through this really tough period to have a great future,” says Andreas Schleicher , director of education and skills at PISA and special advisor on education policy at the OECD. “It’s a question of short-term unhappiness and long-term happiness.” It’s not just the parents pressuring their kids. Because this culture traditionally celebrates conformity and order, pressure from other students can also heighten performance expectations. This community attitude expresses itself even in early-childhood education, says Joe Tobin, professor of early childhood education at the University of Georgia who specializes in comparative international research. In Korea, as in other Asian countries, class sizes are very large — which would be extremely undesirable for, say, an American parent. But in Korea, the goal is for the teacher to lead the class as a community, and for peer relationships to develop. In American preschools, the focus for teachers is on developing individual relationships with students, and intervening regularly in peer relationships.

GTA 5 Cinema: Recreating 5 Iconic Movie Scenes - IGN Original

Made with the Rockstar editing system, we used in-game GTA 5 PC footage to recreate scenes from Terminator 2, Jurassic Park, Drive, The Fast & The Furious, and Speed. Special thanks to the team at "8-Bit Bastard" ( ) for helping. And "Owenwilson2" ( ) for making the Terminator mod.

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70 Molson And Google Built A Beer Fridge That Unlocks Via Voice Translation
71 Tumblr TV will rot your mind with GIFs
72 5 TED Talks on standing up to bullying
73 Something Surprising Happened On Google After Charleston Shooting
74 Disney Now Has Its Own GIF App And iOS 8 Keyboard
75 Apple Watch Lands In Seven New Countries, Coming To Three More July 17
76 10 secrets to make a social media manager's life easier
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78 Teach Kids Tech And Life With A Pi-Powered DIY Camera Trap
79 'Sailor Moon' in a post-apocalyptic pigeon-dating simulator
80 We tried the app that's like Netflix for movie theaters — and it's totally worth it
81 Inside the $499 aluminum NES that’s crafted like a Leica
82 The Curse of the Pixar Universe - The New Yorker
83 For Potential Recruits, VC Is So 1999
84 Reveler celebrating same-sex marriage at Stonewall Inn: 'It's about effing time!'
85 A Closer Look At The Silicon Valley Vs. Wall Street Talent War
86 The education of Airbnb’s Brian Chesky
87 How A Pasta Sauce, "The Amazing Race," And A Great Story Are Saving Small Farms
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89 Nano Satellites Will Stop the Internet of Things from Ever Going Offline | MIT Technology Review
90 Security Firm Sophos Raises $125M In UK IPO, Valuing It At $1.6B
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