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Apple seeds revised betas of iOS 11 and tvOS 11 | Cult of Mac

Revised beta builds of iOS 11 beta 2 and tvOS 11 beta 2 have been seeded to developers by Apple this morning, just five days after the previous versions of

First look: Nvidia GeForce Now brings premium gaming to Mac

The Super NES Classic will include an ill-fated 1990s game that never made it to market

Nintendo is releasing another retro console this fall, with one killer hook for classic game aficionados: Among the Supe

University of Michigan launches its own self-driving shuttle service

The University of Michigan is trialling its own self-driving shuttle service, taking students on a two-mile trip between two campuses.

Missouri women are a Senate vote away from living in an early stage of “The Handmaid’s Tale”

Ever feel like we are living in the first chapter of a dystopian novel? In an

SpaceX is even landing rockets in augmented reality

Developer Tomás Garcia has a few of the more notable augmented reality demos since ARKit, Apple’s augmented reality tool, was released earlier this month. But his newest one is the most impressive...

Here’s Every Single In-Joke From The Title Sequences Of “Silicon Valley”

This eight-minute video reveals all the little jokes about startup culture you may have missed from four seasons of “Silicon Valley” opening credits.

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Apple Is Working With Hertz to Test Its Self-Driving Technology

The iPhone maker is leasing Lexus RX450h sport-utility vehicles from Hertz’s Donlen fleet-management unit, according to documents released recently by the California Department of Motor Vehicles. When Apple received its license to test three autonomous vehicles from the state’s DMV in April, the documents listed Donlen as the lessor and Apple as the lessee.

Nintendo Announces SNES Classic, Comes With 21 Stellar Games

Forget the NES Classic—this is the vintage system we’ve been waiting for. Nintendo today announced the Super Nintendo Classic, which will be out on September 29 for $80 and come with 21 games including the previously unreleased Star Fox 2 .

Apple just bought a company that made eye-tracking 'smart' glasses

Headsets with eye-tracking can use the technology as a component in a user interface, so that where you're clicking in a virtual world lines up with where you're actually looking in the real world. Eye-tracking can also be used to reduce the amount of processing power needed to render a virtual world, or make virtual characters seem more real.

Top 5: Moments in iPhone history - TechRepublic

The iPhone went on sale 10 years ago this week. Here's a look back at five defining moments for the device that changed the way we use, and think about, phones.

Get your iPhone or iPad ready for the iOS 11 public beta | ZDNet

Chances are that your iPhone or iPad has accumulated a lot of detritus over the months and years, so what better time to get rid of it than now. While iOS 11 doesn't need as much free space to install as some of the earlier releases of iOS, getting rid of apps that you no longer use - or perhaps have never used - makes good sense.

Global Internet Forum to Counter Terrorism

Counterspeech: each of us already has robust counterspeech initiatives in place (e.g., YouTube’s Creators for Change, Jigsaw’s Redirect method, Facebook’s P2P and OCCI, Microsoft’s partnership with the Institute for Strategic Dialogue for counter-narratives on Bing, Twitter’s global NGO training programme). The forum we have established allows us to learn from and contribute to one another’s counterspeech efforts, and discuss how to further empower and train civil society organisations and individuals who may be engaged in similar work and support ongoing efforts such as the Civil society empowerment project (CSEP).

Kevin Feige Confirms That Miles Morales Exists Somewhere in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Sony and Marvel are obviously all in on Peter Parker being the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s definitive Spider-Man. But according to Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige, a certain other webhead does, in fact, exist somewhere in the MCU.

How to Install the iOS 11 Public Beta (If You Dare)

Apple just launched the iOS 11 public beta for the whole world to try, and holy heck, don’t get too excited yet. Obviously, your iPhone or iPad will be cooler than all your friends’ are if you’re running the new software before any of them. There will be consequences, though.

Apple's iOS 11 public beta is now available

We tested the public beta out on an iPhone 7 Plus and a 10.5-inch iPad Pro, but your experience may vary greatly depending on your hardware. Read the below impressions for all the details on what to try out, should you download.

Nintendo Announces SNES Classic, Comes With 21 Stellar Games

Forget the NES Classic—this is the vintage system we’ve been waiting for. Nintendo today announced the Super Nintendo Classic, which will be out on September 29 for $80 and come with 21 games including the previously unreleased Star Fox 2 .

You can now use Amazon Echo as an intercom system for your home — here's how

You'll be able to access the intercom feature via the Alexa smartphone and tablet app also. So, if your kids have Echos in their rooms, you use your phone to talk to them through their smart speakers, instead of yelling up the stairs at them. And, via the smartphone app, you can call them directly on their Echo speakers even when you're away from home.

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13 The Echo Show is a small step for Echo, a big leap for Amazon

The Echo Show isn’t a great piece of hardware. It’s beefy and clunky, and kind of looks like something that fell off the back of a RadioShack truck in the late-80s. The display isn’t great (there’s a reason the company’s not talking specs) and sure, the speaker gets loud, but if you’re looking for music playback, there are thousands of better Bluetooth speakers on the market.

Get some study help for the Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE) exam - TechRepublic

Once completed, you'll have the knowledge and skills to earn a Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert certification that will help you get a leg up on peers.

Free security solution will block malware, zero-day attacks - TechRepublic

"Comodo's innovative EDR presents you with an outstanding degree of visibility and 100 percent trusted verdicts for every file on the premises, ensuring that no malware can escape detection, even new, unknown attacks," says Mehmet Özer Metin, director of enterprise and cloud product development, in a press release. "When aggregated with Comodo's global threat intelligence and managed threat hunting services, information collected from this ultra-lightweight endpoint agent leads to imminent success in fighting with any form of malware and security incidents."

iPhone 8 wish list: 9 features that business users need - TechRepublic

New iPhone models have introduced many mobile computing innovations--will the iPhone 8 extend this tradition? Here are the features Erik Eckel hopes to see in Apple's next smartphone.

Sprint Enters Into Exclusive Talks With Charter, Comcast On Wireless Deal

Sprint Corp. has entered into exclusive talks with Charter Communications Inc. and Comcast Corp. as the cable companies explore a deal that could bolster their plans to offer wireless service, according to people familiar with the matter.

Amazon's Echo Show: Do You Need Another Screen?

Video calling:  Amazon has also created a proprietary service that lets users with the Echo Show video-call each other. From the device, you can also call smartphones running the latest Alexa app (but you can't use the device as a speakerphone for regular calls). There's another option to call another user's Echo Show without needing the recipient to accept the call. Amazon calls this its "drop-in" feature, and to enable this, both users would need to pre-approve each other beforehand.  I can't think of a single person in my life to whom I'd feel comfortable giving this kind of constant access, but maybe you can. 

iOS and Android security: A timeline of the highlights and the lowlights - TechRepublic

When Android 4 (Ice Cream Sandwich) was released (October 18, 2011), it was thought it introduced some rather interesting security holes. These "holes" came by way of new features, which included: Facial recognition unlock, Android Beam, capturing screenshots, and email copy/paste. Oddly enough, some reporters considered these features among those that would bring about eminent data theft. For example, there was concern that Facial Unlock would allow anyone with a similar facial structure or even a photo of the device's owner could unlock a device. Android Beam was thought to be an easy way for unencrypted information to be exposed to theft.

Vimeo Scraps Plans to Create Netflix-Like Service

Barry Diller’s IAC/InterActiveCorp is abandoning plans to create an on-demand video service that would have competed for eyeballs with Netflix Inc. , Hulu and HBO.

Amazon Robots Poised to Revamp How Whole Foods Runs Warehouses

Amazon has good reason to move slowly with automating tasks now done by people. The United Food and Commercial Workers Union, whose 1.3 million members mostly work in supermarkets, has had its eye on Whole Foods for years, said David Pryzbylski, an employment lawyer with Barnes & Thornburg, LLP who has represented supermarkets in union-related cases. Whole Foods has kept unions at bay by paying good wages and avoiding mass layoffs, he said.

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Apple Acquires German Eye Tracking Firm SensoMotoric Instruments | Hacker News

Apple Acquires German Eye Tracking Firm SensoMotoric Instruments

The SNES Classic's controller cables are two feet longer than the NES Classic

The upcoming SNES Classic from Nintendo fixes at least one problem from its 8-bit predecessor. Just like the NES Classic, the new mini console will feature a replica controller that’s nearly identical to the original. But where the NES Classic controller was hampered by frustratingly short cables, Nintendo says that won’t be the case with the SNES Classic. Instead, it will include a cord that’s around five feet long, two feet longer than the NES. That’s somewhat on the short side, but still a decent improvement — though of course there will likely be some aftermarket wireless options after the system launches in September. On the plus side, the SNES Classic will come bundled with two controllers, instead of one, for out-of-the-box multiplayer action.

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iOS 11's public beta is out now - here's how to get it

Vimeo won’t launch a subscription service after all

The first Vimeo-funded web series High Maintenance was incredibly popular and later became a half-hour drama on HBO . The next high-profile series , with episodes retailing for $2.99 apiece, were Aidy Bryant’s Darby Forever and Adam Goldman’s The Outs , but few originals after that managed to break through the noise and become verified hits. The idea of a subscription service that would compete with Netflix, launched off of a few popular web series, would seemingly have depended on Vimeo’s enviable network of creators; it boasts 750,000 and already has a subscription service that licenses professional tools to them. Apparently Vimeo wasn’t able to leverage that, and it certainly wasn’t ready to compete with Netflix’s $6 billion annual budget for original content.

Nintendo confirms SNES Mini for September launch

N intendo is to launch a mini version of its 1990s gaming hit the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) following the success of its NES Classic Mini console last year.

Banks' blockchain consortium picks IBM for trade finance platform

PARIS Tech giant IBM is building a blockchain-based platform for seven big European banks, including HSBC and Deutsche Bank, that is aimed at simplifying trade finance transactions for small- and medium-sized companies.

Social media giants step up joint fight against extremist content

BRUSSELS Social media giants Facebook, Google's YouTube, Twitter and Microsoft said on Monday they were forming a global working group to combine their efforts to remove terrorist content from their platforms.

Infarm wants to put a farm in every grocery store

When we presented our idea three or four years ago, people looked at us and thought we [had] lost our mind— Infarm co-founder Erez Galonska Infarm , a 40-plus person startup based in Berlin is developing an “indoor vertical farming” system capable of growing anything from herbs, lettuce and other vegetables, and even fruit. The concept might not be entirely new — Japan has been an early pioneer in vertical farming, where the lack of space for farming and very high demand from a large population has encouraged innovation — but what potentially sets Infarm apart, including from other startups, is the modular approach and go-to-market strategy it is taking.

Facebook adds animated reactions and filters to Messenger video chats

Today, we’re excited to roll out some new features for your one-on-one and group video chats on Messenger - like animated reactions, filters, masks and effects, plus the ability to take screenshots. You can now share how you’re feeling with a reaction, add a filter to look and feel your best, make someone laugh while wearing a bear mask, and even save photos from your video chats. To start a video chat, simply tap the video icon in the top right corner of the screen in a one-on-one or group conversation on Messenger. From there, you can start adding some expressive flair to your video chats with the new features! Add a video reaction during your video chats to allow you to amplify your emotions and express love, laughter, surprise, sadness or anger. The reactions will animate on the screen and then disappear, so you can express yourself in the moment, during the video chat. Video filters allow you to look and feel your best while video chatting on Messenger! You can choose from a variety of filters, from subtle lighting tweaks to bold color changes, like black and white or red. You can preview what the filter looks like before letting other people in the video chat see you.

Trump’s Tech Week did not make America great

"We just feel like we have a lot of work to do, a lot of work to do on the state level, the local level, the private level," Chakraborty said. " Regardless of who’s in office, we’re doing the work ... businesses are going to keep starting and stopping, the economy is going to keep moving. I always say red states, blue states, it doesn’t matter. Jobs are purple.

Meet The Digital Activist That’s Taking Human Prejudice Out of Our Machines

Fast-forward six more years, past degrees from MIT and the University of Oxford, which she attended on a Rhodes scholarship, and a Fulbright scholarship in Zambia. Buolamwini is now the founder of the Algorithmic Justice League (AJL), an initiative at the MIT Media Lab to make people aware of the subtle biases lurking in apparently neutral computerized processes. Today, most artificial intelligence systems need to be trained on large data sets, so if your facial recognition data contains mostly Caucasian faces, that’s what your program will learn to recognize. Programmers often share their work in code libraries, meaning a biased algorithm can easily ping from Atlanta to Hong Kong.

Anki Wants To Use Its Toy Robot To Hook In Kid Coders

Code Lab utilizes the latest version of Scratch Blocks, which includes a new introductory mode of arranging blocks horizontally across the screen. Anki provides 32 simple challenges, like the one that Tappeiner showed me, to get kids started. “When you’re a complete beginner, it’s hard to be creative, because you’re still trying to figure out how things work,” says Tappeiner. Kids then progress to a mode of arranging blocks from the top to bottom of the screen, like real lines of code.

It was only a matter of time before 'woke' got added to the Oxford English Dictionary

Katherine Martin , head of Oxford's U.S. dictionaries, explains that in the 1920s, the term simply meant to "stay awake." For example, there was an event held in Harlem with ran from 5 p.m. to 5 a.m. called the "Stay Woke Ball." However, in the 1960s, people began using "woke" to signal a more figurative sense of the word "awakened," referring to those who are aware or well-informed.

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The Best Gaming Headsets of 2017

Most high-end gaming headsets claim to offer some form of surround sound, but this isn't accurate. The vast majority of surround sound headsets still use stereo drivers (often a single 40mm driver for each ear) to produce sound. The surround aspect comes from Dolby and DTS processing technologies that tweak how the headsets mix sound between your ears to give an impression of 360-degree audio. It's an artificial effect that wouldn't provide a true surround sound image even if the headset had individual drivers for each channel; there simply isn't enough space for the sound to resonate to produce the impression of accurate directional audio. However, it can add some immersiveness and improve your ability to track the direction sounds come from, from left to right.

A Familiar Scifi Set-Up Gets a Killer Twist in Short Film They Will All Die in Space

A space ship filled with humans slumbering in cryogenic chambers encounters catastrophic troubles in deep space. We’ve all seen that in movies before—most recently, in Passengers and Alien: Covenant —but Javier Chillon’s short, chillingly titled They Will All Die in Space , puts a sinister new spin on the story.

A disgusted mom posted a very creepy baby onesie and the internet is not into it

A disgusted mom posted a very creepy baby onesie and the internet is not into it

Youngest Solange fan finally gets to FaceTime with her celebrity idol

After the teeny fan's father posted a video of his daughter, Ghazi, pretending to FaceTime the singer, Solange tweeted a picture of her on FaceTime with the young fan (for real, this time) just a few hours later.

Apple is crushing the Swiss watch industry — and one brand is particularly vulnerable

The Apple Watch is bigger than every Swiss watch brand except Rolex, analysts at the bank said in a note on Monday. And Swatch is most vulnerable in this environment, according to Helen Brand and her colleagues.

Listen up everyone, this new, beautiful gorilla meme has something to say

is a global, multi-platform media and entertainment company. Powered by its own proprietary technology, Mashable is the go-to source for tech, digital culture and entertainment content for its dedicated and influential audience around the globe.

Australia’s Great Barrier Reef Has Been Valued at a Whopping $42 Billion

With the Great Barrier Reef under unprecedented environmental stress, a new report is raising the alarm in terms of its potential economic loss. Valued at Aus$56 billion (US$42 billion), the largest living structure on Earth is now deemed “too big to fail.”

Uptime, YouTube’s experimental app for watching videos with friends, opens to all

Uptime hasn’t yet had a chance to gain many users because of this fact, and because it previously required an invite to test it out. It quietly dropped the invite code last week, which means anyone can download and use the app now. Despite these roadblocks, the app did manage to briefly snag a place on the App Store’s charts – at a peak of #403 in the Entertainment category, which has fallen since. That sounds unimpressive, but for an app that was basically in pre-launch mode and not open broadly, it’s worth noting that it ranked at all.

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GoPro captures the moment an alligator nearly took a man’s head off

Carmakers Say They May End Up With Most Takata Costs

Toyota may not recover as much as 570 billion yen of known recall-related costs from Takata, it said in a statement. Nissan said it was unlikely to be reimbursed by Takata for recall costs in most cases, without giving a monetary figure. The Yokohama, Japan-based company booked a one-time, pretax expense of 90 billion yen during the 2015 financial year for potential recall costs.

Report: 2.5 million people fell victim to ransomware last year, up 11% from 2016 - TechRepublic

Kaspersky Lab examined security data from April 2016 to March 2017 and compared it with data gathered the previous year. And these attacks are most common in wealthy countries, with the US experiencing the highest percentage of mobile users attacked with mobile ransomware, followed by Canada, Germany, and the UK.

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How to Post Instagram Photos From Your Mac

Mac: Some of the most popular apps on your phone most likely have a web-friendly version. Facebook and Twitter both started on the web, after all. But Instagram is different, and not exactly web-friendly, which makes it a hassle if you prefer to edit your photos on your desktop ( large screens are still cool! ) instead of your phone. There is an Instagram app for Windows 10 users, but Mac owners are out of luck.

Windows 10: Now SUSE Linux comes to Windows Store for Insiders | ZDNet

The new downloads from the Windows Store should make it easier to install these Linux distributions and run them on the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL). The downloads are available for users running the latest Windows Insider builds.

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55 Flickr and Tumblr Users With AT&T Emails Are About to Lose Access to Their Accounts
56 LG Innotek aiming at making flexible circuit boards for Apple's 'iPhone 9' - report
57 T-Mobile rolls out LTE-U support in six cities
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59 SpaceX successfully completes two Falcon 9 landings in one weekend
60 iOS 11 on the iPhone will upgrade your everyday experience
61 Fox Sports Cuts Web Writing Staff to Invest More in Online Video
62 Looking for a few smart investors who want a free Disrupt ticket; must like meeting equally smart founders
63 Flash storage and persistent memory may require application re-writes - TechRepublic
64 Debian Linux reveals Intel Skylake and Kaby Lake processors have broken hyper-threading | ZDNet
65 Google's YouTube party app is available without an invitation
66 How Trump Has Changed How We’re Giving To Charity
67 William Gibson's 'Hinterlands' Is Becoming a Multimedia Animated Franchise
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70 These Finches Have a Brilliant Strategy For Fighting Off Ticks
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72 Angry cow crashes cricket match, probably just mad it couldn't play
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