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6 new features in 'Assassin's Creed: Odyssey'

Greece is full of cool new stuff.

Watch a Tesla Model X zoom inside a Boring Company tunnel

The Boring Company has tested its vehicle transportation system.

'The Division 2' will have the raids 'Destiny 2' doesn't

'The Division 2' will offer eight-player raids next year.

What's going on with Henry Cavill's beard in the 'Mission: Impossible – Fallout' trailer?

The great beard mystery of 2018.

'Overwatch' update rewards you for commending fellow players

Blizzard has updated 'Overwatch' with an Endorsements system that gives you perks for commending other players.

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How to install iOS 12 public beta on your iPhone or iPad | Cult of Mac

Battery life . This is the big one. My iPhone 7 is boring through its battery faster than usual, although that seems to have settle down a little in the last few days. Part of this is down to the system not yet being properly optimised, I would guess, and part is down to the iPhone or iPad being forced to do a lot more. For instance, with every beta update, your Photos library will be rescanned, which eats battery fast. Consider trying the beta on an iPad instead of an iPhone, because the battery is bigger, and it’s usually a less essential carry-everywhere device.

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Facebook abandons its plans to build giant drones and lays off staff

Facebook's announcement is a step back from the company from what had been an extremely ambitious, but troubled, project. The first publicized test flight landed Facebook at the centre of a media firestorm after it failed to disclose to the public that it had crashed upon landing. A second test flight, while more successful, still caused damage to the aircraft upon landing, and the propellers failed to function properly.

Follow these steps to protect yourself from cyberattacks while traveling

The other thing is there are two deadly words that, I think, every traveler, whether you're traveling to the Olympics or whether you're traveling for business anywhere else in the world, should remember. Those two deadly words are: Free WiFi. People love free WiFi. They think it's the greatest thing ever. During the Brazil World Cup a few years ago, we decided to run some tests. We did a little bit of warwalking and wardriving, and we discovered that outside some restaurants, outside some hotels, there were vans that were emitting WiFi signals that looked like the real ones from the venue, but they weren't. They were being run by bad guys. If you did not have the right security, you're suddenly now connecting not to a safe network, but to the bad guys' network directly.

6 New Twitter users will have to verify a phone number or email address

Twitter is also going to make it more difficult for spam accounts to be created in the first place. New accounts will soon have to verify either an email address or a phone number when they're being created. "We will be working closely with our Trust & Safety Council and other expert NGOs to ensure this change does not hurt someone in a high-risk environment where anonymity is important." The company said that this feature will roll out later this year. Existing accounts aren't off the hook though. Twitter is also conducting an audit and it's challenging any accounts it suspects might be spam.

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E3 2018: Starlink: Battle for Atlas Release Date Announced - IGN

Starlink: Battle for Atlas is out on October 16 for Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch, Ubisoft announced at its E3 2018 press conference.

10 Battery in fatal Florida Tesla crash reignited twice: NTSB report

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A Tesla Inc Model S involved in a May 8 fatal high-speed crash in Florida reignited twice after firefighters extinguished a fire in the electric vehicle, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) said in a preliminary report on Tuesday.

Apple’s free Schoolwork app is ready for the classroom

Schoolwork makes it easy to create assignments, take advantage of third-party apps for learning, and view student progress. It will work alongside the Classroom app to provide teachers around the world with the tools they need to “enhance the learning experience.”

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The Purge Movies Universe Explained: How Does The First Purge Fit In? - IGN

But where does The First Purge fit into the increasingly complex mythology of The Purge movies? Here's everything you need to know about the story driving The Purge franchise, the continuity of these movies and what's coming down the road for the battle-hardened heroes of The Purge universe in both film and on TV.

Philadelphia 76ers' Joel Embiid Announced as NBA Live 19's Cover Star - IGN

He's the first 76er to grace the cover of an NBA Live title, though one of the most famous players in the team’s history, Allen Iverson, was the cover athlete of the first five NBA 2K titles from 1999-2003. The previously mentioned James Harden was the featured athlete on the cover of NBA Live 18 and the mobile version of NBA Live, which launched in 2016 instead of a proper console version.

Apply now to be a TED2019 Fellow

What have Fellows done after joining the program? In our nearly 10-year history, the Fellows program has sparked remarkable cultural change and reached millions of people. With the support of TED, Fellows have conserved large swaths of our planet, protecting many species in the process. They’ve made headway in understanding complex diseases like Parkinson’s, cancer and malaria. They’ve created art that shines a light on injustice and made music that celebrates our history. They’ve made huge strides in robotics and 4-D printing and launched new startups. They’ve passed laws and have gone on to win Oscars, Grammys and MacArthur “genius” grants. And in the process, Fellows have improved conditions on our planet for countless communities and inspired others to pursue their own unconventional projects.

macOS 10.14 Mojave: release date, news and features

So, while these required model years rarely change year-over-year with new releases of macOS, if your Mac model is older than the minimum release year, you might have to buy a new Mac to enjoy this next version of the OS. However, we’ll know for sure which Macs are going to be supported later today, so wait before you break out that credit card! 

Want to try macOS Mojave right now? Apple releases it in public beta | ZDNet

Apple is seeding the first beta of macOS Mojave , marking the first time the general public -- or any non-developer -- has been given the opportunity to test the software ahead of its final release sometime this autumn. If you're interested in trying the public beta right now, you must first sign up for Apple's beta testing program. Also, be sure to run the public beta on a secondary machine, rather than your primary one, as it may be loaded with bugs.

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Microsoft’s obsession with Windows is ending, and I couldn’t be happier

According to my AI-created transcript of Microsoft's three-and-a-half hour opening keynote on Monday (which I sat through -- all of it), the word "Windows" was mentioned just a little more than a dozen times. And even then, it wasn't to extol the virtues of the monopoly-making software that powers nearly nine out of 10 PCs around the world. Instead, it was typically in relation to calling people "Windows developers," or describing how Microsoft's coding tools work across "Windows" PCs, Apple Macs and Linux-powered computers.

5 tips for making meetings more effective and efficient

I'm frequently shocked by presenters who stick to their planned presentation at all costs, even when the audience is telling them it's not helpful. I've seen meetings where the audience has clearly tuned out, and finally someone is kind enough to say, "This isn't what we need," only to have the presenter respond, "Let me just finish the last 48 slides." No one is awarding points to you for finishing your agenda, and I've often led highly successful meetings where we change direction in the first 90 seconds and don't even get past the title slide of my carefully prepared presentation. Stay attuned to the needs of your audience, and keep your ultimate objective in mind. There are usually multiple paths to the same objective, and just because the path you carefully mapped out isn't the one the group ultimately takes does not make the meeting any less successful.

iOS 12 for iPhone brings bad news for iPhone hackers

So to all the people that held off paying $999, £999 or AU$1,579, you might be in luck. In September, it's possible you could get an almost all-screen iPhone starting for as low as $600. The 6.5-inch iPhone X successor with an OLED screen could still cost between $900 and $1,000, Kuo forecasts, so save up. (That roughly converts to £680 and AU$1,210 to £750 and AU$1,345, but Apple does not typically directly convert their US prices).

Should you get the Pixel 2 or OnePlus 6?

That being said, if you're undecided but don't need a new phone ASAP, consider waiting to see what Google has in store in October. Being on a one-year cadence schedule, it's safe to assume that the Pixel 3 will be more of a major update as well (compared to the expected jump from the OnePlus 6 to the 6T), and rumored specs include wireless charging and two front-facing cameras.

NASA's Hubble telescope delivers new space stunners

A bright center shines in this Hubble space telescope image of the Messier 98 galaxy. "Because of the high amounts of gas and dust, there are numerous star-forming regions in the galaxy, especially in its nucleus and arms," NASA says .

Tour New Jersey’s most iconic recording studio

I was visiting to hear a soon-to-be released John Coltrane album. Both Directions at Once: The Lost Album was recorded on March 6, 1963 in this studio. The assembled press listened in awe, hearing Coltrane and his men lay down tracks recorded fifty-five years earlier in this room, the music leapt through time and space. I had goosebumps.

Inside the workshop where Game of Thrones swords are made

Inside the Game of Thrones workshop, where new weapons are designed and modelled. It's also an archive of the weapons used by the show's many, many now-deceased characters.

Bitcoin and Ethereum plummet after Coinrail hack

Other major cryptocurrencies experienced a similar drop. EOS, the fifth largest currency by market cap, had it worst of all: It plummeted 15% in the last 24 hours, and is currently trading at $11.2. EOS's price drop is notable as this cryptocurrency is currently in the process of launching its main blockchain network (also known as mainnet) after having raised a reported $4 billion in a year-long initial coin offering (ICO), dwarfing all similar crowdfunding efforts.

3D Touch inventor is now building AR experiences for mapping startup | Cult of Mac

Avi Cieplinski, the former Apple engineer who co-invented the 3D Touch and Taptic Engine iPhone features, has joined mapping startup Mapbox to create AR software tools.

E3 2018: The Division 2 is Getting Raids, Free Content Updates - IGN

"For the first time, eight players will be able to partner up to face the ultimate end game challenge," said Julian Gerighty, Creative Director of The Division 2. "Raids are coming to The Division 2."


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Fortnite update brings thermal AR, new soccer stadium and more

This week’s Fortnite Battle Royale  update is available a day early across all platforms. It adds a thermal scope assault rifle for the very first time, a brand new soccer stadium, and an improved limited-time game mode. There’s also a whole bunch of big fixes to look forward to.

'Assassin's Creed: Odyssey' is a love letter to ancient Greece

As these two empires fight to establish broader power, your play as a young Spartan mercenary who goes on quest to help his people defeat the Athenians. At the start of your journey in Odyssey , which features the largest open world Ubisoft has ever created for an Assassin's Creed game, you can choose between a male (Alexios) or female (Kassandra) character. They both have similar paths in the overall narrative, but Ubisoft says there will be some unique experiences along the way for each. I picked Alexios simply because I liked his outfit better, and perhaps because I imagined that if I had been a Spartan myself thousands of years ago, I would've looked more like him.

Workday acquires financial modelling startup Adaptive Insights for $1.55B

“Adaptive Insights is an industry leader with its Business Planning Cloud platform, and together with Workday, we will help customers accelerate their finance transformation in the cloud,” said Aneel Bhusri, Co-Founder and CEO, Workday, in a statement. “I am excited to welcome the Adaptive Insights team to Workday and look forward to coming together to continue delivering industry-leading products that equip finance organizations to make even faster, better business decisions to adapt to change and to drive growth.”

The Repeal of Net Neutrality Is Official | Hacker News

Netflix claims that they were paying for transit to Comcast customers through their transit ISPs, and that they should not be responsible for upgrading the (congested) peering links between Comcast and the transit providers. The FCC declaration went so far as to claim that Comcast was intentionally letting peering links congest (see paragraph 29 of the declaration) to force Netflix to pay for direct connectivity. (Here is precisely where the confusion with net neutrality and paid prioritization comes into play, but this is not about paid prioritization, but rather about who should pay who for connectivity. More on that later.)


Facebook pulls the plug on its Aquila internet drone

You'll want to say goodbye to dreams of Facebook-made internet drones . The company will stop designing and manufacturing its own aircraft, and is closing the relevant facility in the British town of Bridgwater. According to Facebook, it's not necessary when "leading companies" in aerospace have been designing their own high-altitude flying machines. Instead, the social network can focus on developing the high-altitude internet access systems and work with partners to both develop the connectivity itself and put it in the skies. This includes policies (such as a proposal for more spectrum at a 2019 conference) and rule-making committees.

European VC firm Highland Europe closes $540 million growth-stage fund

The company, which claims offices in London and Geneva, officially launched in 2012, and it went on to raise around €577 million ($673 million) across two funds. According to a statement issued by the company, it took just 12 weeks to raise its “significantly oversubscribed” latest fund.

Report: Apple is working on noise-canceling AirPods and over-ear headphones

What excites me more is Apple potentially releasing its first pair of proprietary over-ear headphones. Currently, details are scarce on what technology the headphones will contain. But, looking at competitors and the Apple-owned Beats brand, we can assume some things. Namely, that they’ll be wireless (unless Apple takes this is an opportunity to bring back the headphone jack ), include noise-canceling functionality and have some sort of Siri activation or integration.

Micron kicks off volume production of next-generation high-performance GDDR6 memory | ZDNet

"Micron is a pioneer in developing advanced high bandwidth memory solutions and continues that leadership with GDDR6. Micron demonstrated this leadership by recently achieving throughput up to 20 GB/s on our GDDR6 solutions," said Andreas Schlapka, director, Compute Networking Business Unit, Micron. "In addition to performance increases, Micron has developed a deep partner ecosystem to enable rapid creation of GDDR6 designs, enabling faster time to market for customers looking to leverage this powerful new memory technology."

Amazon’s Alexa app for iOS finally gets voice control

Way back at the beginning of the year (seemingly 24 or 25 months, at this point), Amazon brought voice control to its Alexa app for Android. The move marked a big step toward the company’s push onto third party mobile devices. At the time, it added that it would bring similar functionality to the iPhone “soon” — a promise it’s delivering on today.

Honor View 10 Review: The budget flagship king?

If you're looking for a budget flagship, the choice between the Honor View 10 and OnePlus 6 is going to be a tough one. We love that the Honor View 10 is packed with features but the flexibility to make it what you want in the long run. The physical home button/fingerprint scanner hybrid below the 18:9 display is a nice addition but can be hard to use. It's refreshing to hold a phone that isn't a glass sandwich and we have no doubt this one will hold up long term. The camera was just okay in low-light situations, something that Honor will need to improve it wants to remain a serious candidate in the $500 price range.

inCharge's tiny cable can charge both iPhones and Androids

inCharge debuted its new tiny charging cable today. Not only does it pack a Lightning connector that also works with Micro-USB ports, but you can also clip on a USB-C port too, making it the most versatile charging cord we’ve ever seen.

43 Microsoft improves facial recognition across skin tones, gender

According to Microsoft, commercially-available software performs best on males with lighter skin and the worst on females with darker skin. The new software system the company has been testing was able to reduce error rates by nine times for all women and significantly improve accuracy across all demographics. Ultimately, said Microsoft, the problem is the training datasets; more data is needed that includes diverse skin tones as well as hairstyles and facial accessories like jewelry and glasses.

iOS 12 public beta: Should you install it? | ZDNet

The iOS 12 public beta is out. But should you install it? Is it slow and buggy? What's battery life like? Will it kill your iPhone?


Selina Wang / Bloomberg: Twitter to require email or phone number confirmation for new accounts, place a warning sign by suspicious accounts, and is using ML to find problematic ones

These 12 laptops deliver the best battery life | ZDNet

If you need a notebook that can last all day away from a power outlet, these dozen can handle it -- and then some. Your options include top-rated Windows, Mac and Chromebook systems.

Supreme Court upholds Trump travel ban: Tech companies weigh in

Co-founders Brian Chesky, Joe Gebbia and Nathan Blecharczyk: "We are profoundly disappointed by the Supreme Court's decision to uphold the travel ban -- a policy that goes against our mission and values. To restrict travel based on a person's nationality or religion is wrong. We believe that travel is a transformative and powerful experience, and we will continue to open doors and build bridges between cultures around the world."

Where’s the outrage? How the Trump travel ban went from fury to forgotten

To get these totals, we used Crowdtangle, a tool owned by Facebook, that gathers publicly-available data from social media platforms. Reddit's numbers were pulled from a total of 788 major subreddits, for Facebook 6,955 pages were crawled and for Twitter, 17,064 accounts were included. The phrase "travel ban" was the search query for each of the platforms. The rankings of each search were determined by "Total Interactions," which are defined as upvotes and comments for Reddit, likes, comments and shares for Facebook and likes, retweets and replies for Twitter.

PUBG Mobile’s progression pass boosts revenue 365%

“The effect of adding the Royale Pass can also be seen in the game’s revenue ranking,” said Nelson. “For example, before its launch, PUBG Mobile was typically ranked between 100 and 150 on the U.S. App Store’s top grossing iPhone games chart. After, it has remained in the top 50. That’s still well below Fortnite’s consistent top 10 ranking, but nevertheless a dramatic improvement.”

A closer look at the BlackBerry KEY2's new dual camera

But first, the basics: The KEY2 uses a pair of 12-megapixel sensors, one with an f/1.8 aperture and 1.28μm sensor pixels and another with an f/2.6 aperture and 1.0μm sensor pixels. In most cases, you'll wind up relying on that first camera, and that's a good thing — the wider aperture and larger pixels means it sucks up more light and produces brighter photos. Working in tandem with an HDR mode that's on by default, this primary camera has churned out some surprisingly nice photos over the past few days. Other cameras are better able to accentuate the fine details on a subject, but the overall clarity and saturation left us with relatively few complaints. For a BlackBerry — a kind of phone that no one has ever really equated with top-tier image quality — that's not bad at all.

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