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Michael Jordan, Serena Williams, And The Manning Brothers Reveal The Secret To Success

In this new Gatorade ad, we find out they key to becoming a winner is actually losing.

Jordan Brand Celebrates Russell Westbrook’s NBA MVP With Some Unconventional Math

Add up all the points, triple doubles, and other stats, and the answer is zero. Sort of.

Intense video shows an extremely deadly snake being removed from a home

The snake was likely trying to hunt the homeowner's pets.

MIT’s gas-powered drone is able to stay in the air for five days at a time

Last month, a team of MIT engineers launched Jungle Hawk Owl from the back of a compact car. It was the first flight for the 24-foot-wide drone, which the..

Amazing, but true: More than 25% of all humans use Facebook

As a tech journalist who writes frequently about Facebook, I've referred to the size of the service's user base in many

Watch NASA jettison a stuck solar array into space

A solar array refuses to roll back up, so NASA sends it packing from the International Space Station.

Second thoughts on iOS 11 beta? Here's how to downgrade iOS 11 to iOS 10.3

If you've upgraded to an iOS 11 beta and want to switch back to iOS 10.3.2, it's easy. Check out our video to see how to downgrade iOS 11.

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Facebook has officially hit 2 billion users

With 2 billion users, Facebook is used by roughly two-thirds of the world's population with internet access, according to 2016 data from the International Telecommunications Union.

Six quick facts to know about today's global ransomware attack

Many computers and networks that run critical infrastructure -- like train stations and airports -- were directly affected by today's ransomware attack because they are connected to networks that are vulnerable and aren't patched. Many would prefer not to install patches immediately because they can, on occasion, cause more harm than good . But also many don't want the downtime of restarting a computer -- especially in 24-hour always-on environments, like transport hubs.

There's a fake 'Time' magazine cover proudly displayed at several of Trump's golf courses

There's a fake 'Time' magazine cover proudly displayed at several of Trump's golf courses

Get your iPhone or iPad ready for the iOS 11 public beta | ZDNet

Chances are that your iPhone or iPad has accumulated a lot of detritus over the months and years, so what better time to get rid of it than now. While iOS 11 doesn't need as much free space to install as some of the earlier releases of iOS, getting rid of apps that you no longer use -- or perhaps have never used -- makes good sense.

Everything You Need to Know About 'Cleganebowl,' Game of Thrones' Most Hyped Fan Theory

Sandor, on the other hand, abandoned the Lannisters and fled King’s Landing after the Battle of Blackwater, journeying in the Riverlands with Arya Stark as his captive for a time. Eventually, an encounter with Brienne of Tarth led to her royally beating the crap out of him, and Arya used the battle to escape from both of them. That’s more or less where the books left the Hound (although in the books he received his wounds from two of Gregor’s men), but the show has since revealed that Sandor survived after Brother Ray and his followers encountered him after his duel. Ray nursed him back to health, and Sandor seemed content to lay down his sword and live with these simple people, until tragedy struck, when they were all massacred by former members of the Brotherhood Without Banners. Sandor picked up his sword and hunted them down, until he found the actual Brotherhood, who were hanging the rest of the murderers for their crimes.

Google fined $2.7BN for EU antitrust violations over shopping searches

Welcoming the Commission’s decision, Shivaun Raff, CEO and co-founder of Foundem, the lead complainant in the case, said: “We welcome today’s announcement that the European Commission has adopted a Prohibition Decision in the Google Search case. Although the record-breaking €2.42BN fine is likely to dominate the headlines, the prohibition of Google’s immensely harmful search manipulation practices is far more important.  There can’t have been many Competition cases where the stakes for consumers, businesses, and innovation were any higher.

Pandora Is Winding Down Operations in Australia and New Zealand

Pandora is pulling the plug on Australia and New Zealand, the only international territories where it operates, in an effort to focus solely on the United States. The retraction Down Under arrives as the Oakland-based company says goodbye to co-founder Tim Westergren , who stepped down this week as CEO plus relinquished his board seat.

Report: Another Major Ransomware Attack Spreading

Now, security researchers say a strain of ransomware called Petya or Petrwrap, which has similarities to WannaCry, is spreading like wildfire, Motherboard reports. According to an image posted on Twitter (which you can see above), the malware encrypts the files on a user's system then demands victims pay $300 worth of bitcoin to recover access to their files.

Uber now lets you request a ride for someone else

Uber is adding a new feature that lets you specify someone else in your phone’s contact book as the rider for the trip. It was always possible to hail a ride and specify another pickup point if you wanted to, but the new feature really streamlines the process, allows both rider and driver to contact one another directly and still makes sure the requester is the one who foots the bill.

How the GoldenEye/Petya ransomware attack reveals the sorry state of cybersecurity - TechRepublic

The latest global ransomware outbreak has rapidly affected governments and organizations around the world. The worst part? We should have known better.

How Tesla's Ambitious Plans Transformed This Obscure Japanese Chemical Company

Buried deep in the electric vehicle supply chain, Stella produces a crystalline white powder called lithium hexafluorophosphate, lithium salt, which is used by chemical giants including Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Corp. to make electrolytes, a key battery component. Those electrolytes wind up inside millions of battery cells manufactured by companies like Panasonic Corp. for automakers like Toyota Motor Corp. and Tesla.


Aged Windows XP spotted aboard brand-new $3.8bn aircraft carrier - TechRepublic

The obsolete OS was spotted on a computer in the operations room on board the HMS Queen Elizabeth, a 65,000-tonne UK warship that launched yesterday.

Box expands Microsoft cloud partnership, inks co-sell pact | ZDNet

Box is deepening its partnership with Microsoft in an effort to co-sell its cloud content management platform with Azure to enterprise customers. Box will also incorporate more of Microsoft's machine learning and artificial intelligence services into its platform and add Azure's international locations to its zoned data center program.

Pinterest enables two-factor authentication for all users

The most important of these is the rollout of two-factor authentication to all users. You can receive codes via text message or through an authentication app such as Authy. You can enable 2FA through the Security page on Account Settings after it's available to you.

Samsung to release "fandom" edition of Galaxy Note 7

Samsung plans to release a “fandom” edition of the Galaxy Note 7 that is ostensibly safer to use. The company was hit hard by around 3 million recalls of the Note 7 last October after multiple phones caught fire due to defective batteries that were prone to overheating. Samsung ended production on the device and began a months-long quest to get the device out of users’ hands as it worked out refunds and tried to repair its image.

Miranda Kerr has returned millions of dollars worth of jewelry that may have been part of a money laundering scheme

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Australian model and actress Miranda Kerr has handed over millions of dollars worth of jewelry that U.S. authorities say was given to her as part of a Malaysian money laundering scheme, her spokesperson said on Tuesday.

Google News launches a streamlined redesign that gives more prominence to fact checking

“Our goal here was to make every frequent task and every user need smooth and frictionless so they are connected to the news and journalism, which is why they come to Google News — to read the news and find out what’s going on,” Paka said in an interview. “To give them that multitude of facts, voices, and perspectives, you want the UI to disappear and not be a sense of overload or cognitive load on them but just be transparent.”

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#CLUS : Artificial intelligence and machine learning will herald in the next era of networking

Cracking Open the Snapchat Spectacles - TechRepublic

Bill Detwiler is Managing Editor of TechRepublic and Tech Pro Research and the host of Cracking Open, CNET and TechRepublic's popular online show. Prior to joining TechRepublic in 2000, Bill was an IT manager, database administrator, and desktop support specialist in the social research and energy industries. He has bachelor's and master's degrees from the University of Louisville, where he has also lectured on computer crime and crime prevention.

Ransomware Victims Unable to Decrypt Files After Email Provider Shuts Down Attackers' Inbox

“Systems on a global level remain highly vulnerable and selective fixes only serve to perpetuate an attack based on the next vulnerability on what is now a nearly exponentially growing list of exploitable security bugs,” says Mike Ahmadi, a global director at Synopsys Software Integrity Group. “Unless vulnerability management and certification of systems becomes a legal requirement, we can expect to see attacks that are bigger and more sophisticated. As it stands today, it will likely take decades to dig ourselves out of the nearly bottomless pit of vulnerable code making up our infrastructure.”

Forget Coal: Asteroid Mining Is Coming Sooner Than You Think

President Donald Trump is obsessed with returning America to its coal mining past—but scientists and entreprenurs have far more ambitious plans. As the planet’s precious metal reserves tap out, big business and NASA are looking to the skies. The race to mine asteroids swirling around the solar system is on.

Apple is hiring a Siri Event Maven to make it smarter about cultural events

Siri is already relatively competent at answering questions around major events — like the classic “What time is the Super Bowl?” — but clearly Apple wants to get a little more comprehensive and will task the future hire with finding events that Siri doesn’t already know about. Apple says “scouring social media and the web” is one way to assemble that list, but applicants should have a strong sense of noteworthy goings-on in the world all on their own. The job description makes that clear:

Red Hat earnings suggest hybrid cloud is here to stay - TechRepublic

It struck me that the company's support for a wide variety of enterprise infrastructure choices isn't indicative of a preference for private over public cloud, but simple pragmatism: So long as enterprises are plagued by lumpy, diverse infrastructure, Red Hat will make money by helping them to smooth it out. In so "smoothing," Red Hat is actually paving the way for that same public cloud future [AWS chief] Jassy envisions, just sometimes with cobblestones comprised of OpenStack and other less sexy infrastructure.

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NSA knew about the vulnerability exploited by NotPetya for over 5 years

A Staggering Amount of Fish Is Wasted Each Year

New research shows that industrial fisheries are responsible for dumping nearly 10 million tons of perfectly good fish back into the ocean each year—enough to fill 4,500 Olympic-sized swimming pools. This news comes at a time when nearly 90 percent of the world’s fish stocks are threatened by overfishing.

Soak Your Summer Fruits in Booze Because Life Is Short

There’s no arguing that pie is the most noble form any summer fruit can assume, but there are times I want a fruity dessert that doesn’t require the heating of my oven (or kitchen). In such moments, I turn (once again) to booze, and make some stupid-easy but still sophisticated-tasting wine-soaked fruit.

Science fact: Your smartphone really is making you dumber | ZDNet

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CODE RED for US Entrepreneurs: Senate Healthcare Bill Will Destroy Us

If you are an entrepreneur, know entrepreneurs, or teach / encourage entrepreneurs… SHARE THIS POST. There has been so little discussion of how devastating this bill will be to us. Personal stories are important, and so is the health of our economy as a whole. People need to know.

It’s already too late for today’s ransomware victims to pay up and save their computers

The problem is caused in part by Petya’s unorthodox method for collecting ransom payments. Most ransomware programs create a unique wallet for each infection, making it easy to know which victim is responsible for each payment. But Petya broke with that practice, asking every victim to send their $300 payment to the same single Bitcoin wallet, then send an email to with a unique identifier to confirm payment and receive the decryption keys.

Iron Maiden's Eddie Is Getting His Own Comic This Summer

The five-part series, written by Llexi Leon and Ian Edginton with art from Kevin J. West, will be first published in the pages of Heavy Metal #287 , and follows Eddie as his soul is torn apart, necessitating a quest across time and space so he can battle the legion of the Beast itself and claim the fragments of his soul back. Judging by the cover, it seems like we’re basically going to get a whole bunch of different Eddies appearing on top of Eddie-Prime, which sounds suitably ridiculous for this entire endeavour.

How America’s Largest Tech Companies Are Standing Up to the Government

Apple Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook has spoken out on both immigration and tax issues. In a June 5 interview with Bloomberg News, he said he’s disagreed with Trump on immigration and pushed for a tax plan for repatriating billions of dollars that U.S. companies keep overseas, while advocating charging a tax on international earnings. Last year, Apple filed 20 lobbying disclosure reports addressing taxation, covering the company’s own work on that issue and that of firms it hired. Apple has nearly $240 billion in cash overseas and would like to bring some of it back to the U.S. at a lower tax rate than the current 35 percent. “It’s a lot of money. There are other things they could be doing with that money,” said Annette Nellen, a professor of accounting and finance at San Jose State University.

Japan's Home-Sharing Law Gives HomeAway Opening in Airbnb Fight

Japan’s home-sharing market is poised for a shift away from couch-surfing toward professional services after the passage of a law regulating short-term rentals. 

Windows 10 Fall Creators Update: What's coming on the security front | ZDNet

"Windows Defender Device Guard is available to Windows 10 E3 and E5 customers. For both E3 and E5 customers the Fall Creators Update will simplify application control, on any Windows 10 device, by relaxing hardware requirements and streamlining the management of the safe application lists to ease customer adoption through automation. For customers that have the Windows Defender ATP suite (E5), Windows Defender Device Guard will be integrated into Windows Defender ATP's Security Center console where it will expose Device Guard alerts and audit information and enable Device Guard to be applied to at risk devices on demand."

How Boxed Hit $100 Million in Sales in Three Years

Boxed aims to attract millennial consumers by combining the low-price model of warehouse clubs with the convenience of online shopping. The company's generous employee benefits have also strengthened its brand. Co-Founder and CEO Chieh Huang tells the story of Boxed's rapid growth. (Source: Bloomberg)

Sony Joins Google, Facebook, Amazon in Chase for AI Developers

Sony’s software release checks all the right boxes: it uses Python programming language popular with data researchers, is compatible with Nvidia Corp.’s graphics cards that can speed up model training and can be ported to smartphones and other connected devices. But the company has a long way to go in winning over developers in an already crowded field. Its listing on GitHub, an online software repository popular with open source projects, was bookmarked by 64 people, compared with more than 60,000 for TensorFlow.

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When you tweet with a location, Twitter stores that location. You can switch location on/off before each Tweet and always have the option to delete your location history. Learn more

What is the Petya ransomware attack, and how can it be stopped?

It initially looked like Petya was just another cybercriminal taking advantage of cyberweapons leaked online. However, security experts say that the payment mechanism of the attack seems too amateurish to have been carried out by serious criminals. Firstly, the ransom note includes the same Bitcoin payment address for every victim – most ransomware creates a custom address for every victim. Secondly, Petya asks victims to communicate with the attackers via a single email address which has been suspended by the email provider after they discovered what it was being used for. This means that even if someone pays the ransom, they have no way to communicate with the attacker to request the decryption key to unlock their files.

What to Know About Donating Your Body to Science

We’ve all heard of donating your body to science, but what does it really mean? Let’s talk about what happens when you give your body to further medical research and education. (We won’t be discussing donation of individual organs or tissues, which is covered here. )

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Yahoo Mail's redesign is a fresh coat of paint on a burnt-down house

Star Wars Is All the Same Nowadays, and It's Becoming a Problem

But Rogue One ’s production wasn’t smooth and the need for Lucasfilm to reign it in so it would be in line with the company’s vision was evident, from its famous reshoots to giving more power to writer Tony Gilroy on the set. The company’s desire for control to make sure no film strays too far from the mean is even clearer with everything we’re hearing about the Han Solo film.



Watch a New Trailer for Star Wars: Forces Of Destiny, Which Premieres July 3

The show, which features the voices of Star Wars actresses Daisy Ridley, Felicity Jones, Ashley Eckstein, Tiya Sircar, Lupita Nyong’o, and others, will debut on on July 3. Then, a new short will appear on the page every day at 1o a.m. PST, culminating in a TV broadcast on Disney Channel July 9.

Amazon’s New Echo Show Has A Decent Chance Of Taking Over Your Kitchen Counter

The kitchen is crucial—it’s where people tend to spend a lot of time and make plenty of purchasing decisions. Greengart says PC makers and others have for years tried to win a spot on the kitchen counter with various kinds of devices, without much success. Those devices had screens but didn’t have the Echo’s and Echo Show’s capability of hearing and understanding a voice command from across the room. That may set the Show apart.

Guy gathers 'moral support' to tell his crush his feelings. It doesn't go well.

Twitter user, @GHINA , posted screenshots of a very peculiar three-way group chat. The first message is from a guy professing his true feelings for Ghina, which makes it very confusing as to why there is a third member of the chat.

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds think that everyone should take a baby CPR class

The two posted pics on the 'gram of them at a class over the weekend where they learned how to give CPR to babies and toddlers—and now they're sharing their experience with the hopes that you too will learn how to perform some good ol' Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation.

Mozilla Employee Denied Entry to the United States

In the wake of President Trump’s travel ban earlier this year, tech companies scrambled to return their employees who were traveling to the United States. But most major tech firms have offices around the globe, which means their employees are going to keep getting caught up in the country’s ever-evolving travel policies.

Google News redesigned with a cleaner look

The design's best new feature lies outside the cards, though: you can now customize the menu on the left-hand side of the page. All you need to do is click "Manage Sections" to add new a new search term and to give that new entry the appropriate title. That could make following any unusual topic you may be interested in a lot easier.

Ukraine is a test bed for global cyberattacks that will target major infrastructure - TechRepublic

I made a huge mistake the moment our airplane skidded to a hard stop at Kiev's Boryspil International Airport. I toggled off of airplane mode and for a moment allowed my phone to connect with Vodafone, the local data carrier in Ukraine. No big deal. My international roaming plan would prevent massive data charges, and my virtual private network (VPN), I assumed, would protect me from snoops sniffing mobile traffic. I needed to connect with colleagues attending the Global Cybersecurity Summit (GCS), a 2-day event designed to unite industry leaders and address urgent security challenges facing governments, private companies, and NGOs. The irony was that I'd landed right in the middle of a hacker trap.

Justin Trudeau graces the cover of the ... Delta inflight magazine? OK.

how did delta know the only way to get me to read its in flight magazine is to show me a pic of justin trudeau sitting backwards on a chair

51 Iron Fist Nearly Made a Game of Thrones Character Just Disappear
52 Ransomware: The smart person's guide - TechRepublic
53 Amazon Offers Prime Members More Discounted Phones
54 Someone put Drake in a movie because his 'Get Out' Steph Curry parody is absolutely perfect
55 Serena Williams shows off her baby bump in gorgeous 'Vanity Fair' photoshoot
56 Sarah Huckabee Sanders Tells Press to Watch CNN 'Exposé' She Knows Might be Bogus [Updated]
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58 Bitcoin Bull Novogratz Unfazed as Cyberattacks Resume Globally
59 Someone's Trying to Adapt Isaac Asimov's Foundation Series Again
60 Another U.S. Tech Company Shuns Brexit Fears With London Office
61 Uber driver stole over $25K in rides and food, says report
62 This Thumbnail-Sized Spider Shoots an 80-Foot-Long Web Bridge to Cross Rivers
63 Ransomware virus hits computer servers across the globe
65 Why Do So Many Black Superheroes Have Electricity Powers?
66 Graphics: China, emerging markets lead the fintech charge
67 U.S. Rivals Behind EU Push to Force Google to Fix Search Results
68 We May Eventually Find Out How the Battle of New York Changed Peter Parker
69 PetrWrap: what you need to know about today's global ransomware attack
70 The Best Cheap Desktop Computers of 2017
71 10 cancelled games we still want to play now that Star Fox 2 is finally here
72 AI could help make North America richer, China more so
73 How I learned to code in my 30s – Udacity Inc – Medium
74 What Ikea’s Designers Learned From Living In A Simulated Mars Habitat
75 Hackers strike across Europe, sparking widespread disruption
76 Waymo could be a $70 billion business, says Morgan Stanley
77 How Facebook Used Science And Empathy To Reach Two Billion Users
78 U.S. antitrust lawsuit against Qualcomm to proceed, judge rules
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80 Pandora CEO Tim Westergren is officially out amid company shakeup
81 This Story About Killer Whales Eating Great White Sharks Is Basically a Horror Movie Now
82 The 'debate' Rick Perry wants to hold on global warming is total BS
83 Facebook wins with 2 billion monthly users
84 Elevators of the Future Will Move Sideways Without a Single Cable
85 Gizmodo on Twitter
86 London is the second city to get free gigabit WiFi kiosks
87 Zillow casts McMansion Hell site into cease-and-desist limbo
88 Greenpeace slams Apple, Samsung tech for poor repairability
89 David Fahrenthold on Twitter
90 Apple Music’s first new personalized playlist wants you to Chill
91 NASA fact-checks Anonymous on alien-life claims
92 The latest ransomware attack used an alleged NSA exploit
93 Nice.