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WatchOS 5 Adds 'Walkie-Talkie' Mode, Podcasts App

WatchOS 5 also introduces two new workout types and will come with an 'Activity Sharing' feature that lets you compete with other Apple Watch owners.

The secret lives of Apple developers

Apple promotes every developer stereotype it can think of in this year's WWDC warmup video.

'Rocket League's' next add-on is a 'Jurassic World' crossover

Here's a crossover you might not have expected: 'Rocket League' now offers a 'Jurassic World' Jeep pack.

WWDC 2018: The biggest new features from Apple

Apple may not have talked hardware at all during its WWDC 2018 keynote -- but that didn't stop the presentation from running for well over two hours. All four...

11 Japan-Only RPGs We Wish Were Translated -

If you’re a gaming geek, you know that there are two main schools of electronic role-playing games. The Western tradition emphasizes player choice and customizability, letting you choose the “role” you want to …

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Photos: All the news you need to know from the WWDC keynote

One of the biggest new performance features coming in iOS 12 is the ability for iOS to adjust processor clock speed on the fly based on need, and much faster than before. Instead of gradually ramping up processing power, iOS 12 will simply jump the clock speed as needed and then quickly drop it back down to save battery.

WWDC 2018 live blog: Apple unveils its frameworks for the future | Cult of Mac

The first major Apple keynote of 2018 is just hours away, and it’s going to be a doozy. Apple is expected to give us our first look at iOS 12 and macOS 10.14 , plus new software for Apple TV, Apple Watch and Apple Music. Some new hardware might also be in the cards as well, but we’ll have to wait until Tim Cook takes the stage to find out.

With GitHub acquisition, Microsoft wants to make Azure the default cloud for developers

So let's put some numbers around that theory. GitHub currently has 24 million users collaborating on code (and documentation, among other things), with over 80 million repositories. By owning GitHub, Microsoft doesn't "own" those developers or their source code repositories, but it does put itself into a position to better associate the Microsoft brand with open development. Is it worth $7.5 billion to make Microsoft the default cloud for today's developers? Absolutely.

Apple Publishes the Full WWDC 2018 Keynote Video

All told, the event lasted two hours, and during that stretch we saw iOS 12 get unveiled, brand new features for macOS 10.14 Mojave, new ways to connect with people with watchOS 5, and even faster ways to sign into video services in tvOS 12. Apple did live stream the event, and we kept tabs on all of the announcements right here, but if you wanted to check out the keynote in its entirety on your own, you can now do that.

5 Asia Pacific’s Most Innovative Universities – 2018

In addition to adding the list’s only new universities, China saw its domination of the list increase slightly, from 25 institutions in 2017 to 27 in 2018. They’ve done this by increasing their patent input dramatically. In 2016 ranked Chinese institutions filed an average of 128 patents during the list’s five year window; in 2018, they filed 160. That’s a 25% increase in just three years. Still, the nation continues to be held back by how rarely it files patents abroad. On average, Chinese universities on the list filed just 6.7% of all their patents with global authorities in the U.S., Europe and Japan, compared to 34.9% for Japanese universities and 20% for all non-Chinese universities in the ranking. Experts say Chinese academic and commercial institution are filing more patent applications than they used to. “Twenty years ago China was viewed as a pirate nation when it comes to IP, but that is changing,” says Mark A. Lemley, a professor at Stanford Law School and director of the Stanford Program in Law, Science, and Technology. “The Chinese government has decided to push innovation, perhaps for economic reasons and perhaps for strategic ones.


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Apple may offer subscription bundles — and they sound a lot like Amazon Prime

On the news front, Apple acquired Texture, a magazine subscription platform, earlier this year. In May, it was reported that a new Apple News subscription service would incorporate the Texture platform in 2019. The Texture app is available for $9.99 per month and includes access to more than 200 magazines.

Fortnite gets new playground mode and dual pistols in latest update, but it's down

You won't have problems finding gear either -- all gold chest nodes are turned on in this mode, so you can familiarize yourself with where loot may drop when you play the regular game. Friendly fire is turned on, but if a friend kills you, you respawn almost immediately, dropping from the battle bus again with the freedom to go anywhere else on the island.


Facebook’s ‘keyword snooze’ hides phrases from your News Feed for 30 days

The feature varies slightly from the “mute keywords” on other social media sites, like Twitter. For starters, users can’t preemptively snooze a keyword from their timeline. They have to click on a post that has that keyword, and click on “snooze keywords in this post.” Facebook then provides suggestions of keywords within that post that users can snooze. Once they choose keywords to mute, the user won’t see any posts from a person, Page, or Group that contains those keywords for the next 30 days.

Wi-Fi is about to get way more secure | Cult of Mac

Still, this is a necessary move. “As Wi-Fi evolves to deliver more value in an ever expanding array of use cases, it’s important that security evolves too,” said Vijay Nagarajan, senior director of marketing for the Wireless Communications and Connectivity division at Broadcom. “WPA3’s new features, such as improved password based authentication and stronger encryption, will further simplify and strengthen how consumers and businesses connect to the Internet every day.”

How to download and install iOS 12 beta | ZDNet

If you like living on the bleeding edge, there's nothing like rolling out a new iOS beta onto your shiny iPhones and iPads.

iPhone vs. Galaxy S9: Emoji showdown

The Galaxy S9's claim to fame is that AR Emoji uses the selfie-camera to make your emoji fast, but I'd rather be able to make my emoji look and feel like me -- even though Apple's Memoji are far more cutesy-cartoony than the Galaxy S9's more realistic-but-unsettling AR Emoji.

14 SpaceX won't take tourists around the moon this year

In February of 2017, SpaceX announced that it would send two private citizens around the moon by this year. While the two individuals paid a "significant" deposit, their trip is apparently postponed until 2019, according to a report at the Wall Street Journal .

Legally Blonde 3 in the Works Starring Resse Witherspoon - IGN

Kirsten “Kiwi” Smith and Karen McCullah, the writers who penned the adapted script for the 2001 original film, are also in final talks to write the screenplay for the potential Legally Blonde 3. No word yet on who could be directing.

Benchmarks for powerful new MacBook Pro surface ahead of WWDC

A “MacBookPro14,3” surfaced in the Geekbench database over the weekend. It’s powered by an Intel Core i7-8750H processor, which has a base clock speed of 2.21GHz and can boost to 4.1GHz. What’s most exciting about this chip is that it boasts six cores.

WWDC 2018: 4 times Apple threw shade at its rivals

Before diving into the new features of iOS 12, Senior Vice President of Software Engineering Craig Federighi boasted about how quickly iOS users updated to Apple's latest mobile software. Its last OS version, iOS 11, can run on iPhones as old as 2013's iPhone 5S and half of Apple's customers were running the update seven weeks after its launch.



14 big announcements from Apple’s annual developer conference WWDC 2018

Apple’s annual developer conference, WWDC, started this afternoon down in San Jose — kicking off with a keynote as it does every year where it announced a bunch of updates to all of its major operating systems. We’ve wrapped up all the big announcements from its keynote below, and there will be plenty more information to come in over the next few days.

Where in the world is Melania Trump?

The world waits to see if Melania does, in fact, show her face at the event honoring Gold Star families. However, since the event is conveniently CLOSED to the press, will any of us really know if she attends.

17 TV Stars Who Were Fired for Unacceptable Behavior - IGN

The TV world is still abuzz about the meteoric rise and fall of ABC's Roseanne reboot. Debuting to strong ratings earlier this year, the series was promptly canceled last week in response to star Roseanne Barr's racist tweets . But as shocking as this turn of events is, Barr is hardly the first person to be fired by a network for bad behavior on or off-set.

watchOS 5 Drops Apple Watch Series 0 Support

Apple today announced watchOS 5 with a more powerful Siri watch face, Walkie-Talkie, an improved Health app, and more. There’s a lot to like about watchOS 5 and it is commendable how rapidly Apple has been improving the OS which has, in turn, helped make Apple Watch so popular.

Why human-AI collaboration will dominate the future of work

"Sometimes you have predictive models from data and let it go wild, but then things change," he added. For example, if you optimize something to do with transportation or logistics, and a regulation changes, there could be indirect but important impacts on your business. "If you train machine learning models on one set of data that is historical and then deploy it and the world changes because of something you haven't thought would impact your business, you could be losing out on further opportunities to optimize the business," Rahwan said. "Algorithms have to continuously learn."

The Best iOS 12 Features for iPhone

ARKit has been Apple’s framework for developers to create Augmented Reality apps since iOS 11. In iOS 12, the company has improved its offering with ARKit 2 — which now includes multi-person interaction in an AR environment. Executives from LEGO demoed a game on-stage where two people played and were able to see the shared AR world from their individual perspective. Other people could also watch a two-person game as spectators. Another addition is the concept of persistence — meaning what you create in the AR world can be viewed later in the same place by someone else. Lastly, ARKit 2 brings better 3D object and face detection; so things like sticking your tongue out or winking can be identified by the system.

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Microsoft buys GitHub for $7.5 billion | ZDNet

Since then, reaction by developers has been mixed. Some, noting changes happening at the company since Satya Nadella became CEO in 2014, said they believed Microsoft would be a good steward for GitHub. Others say they are still wary of Microsoft and are considering moving away from the platform once Microsoft takes it over. In its announcement today, Microsoft officials said the company's intent is to keep GitHub platform- and language-independent.

Vampyr review — a dark, delicious night of the soul

Leveling up in Vampyr is slow and painstaking. Reid has a small and distinctive skill tree to boost his health, stamina, and vampiric abilities like turning invisible or shooting spikes of blood at prickly werewolves, but the resources to do so are doled out in stingy doses pursuing the plot. Even hours into the game, even the most common Skal (that’s a low-level, almost zombie like vampire, you dig?) can kill you in seconds. The only way to make Reid a force to be reckoned with as he wanders London is if you eat the fleshed out characters for an enormous dump of experience points. Mesmerizing them with Bram Stoker-style vampire hypnosis will let you snack on weak-willed bartenders and shopkeepers from the start, but the better you get to know citizens through conversation (unlocking previously unselectable Hint dialogue), then the richer the reward for killing them.

How to Install watchOS 5 Beta on Your Apple Watch for Free Without Developer Account

Alongside the first developer beta of iOS 12 , Apple also released the first developer beta of watchOS 5. Being a developer beta, it is not available for regular users, and it is currently limited to users who have a developer Apple account. Thankfully, just like you can install iOS 12 beta on your iPhone right away, there’s a trick to get the watchOS 5 beta on your Apple Watch as well.

84-year-old man learns to apply his wife's makeup after she begins losing her eyesight

84-year-old man learns to apply his wife's makeup after she begins losing her eyesight

Fallout 3 Headlines Xbox Game Pass' Nine New Titles Coming in July - IGN

While Xbox Game Pass's more-than-100 titles will be buoyed by the nine new games coming next month, the $9.99/month service will also lose some games on June 30. Resident Evil 6, Monaco: What's Yours Is Mine, and Bard's Gold will all exit the program at the end of the month.

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I have no idea how Disney plans to manage all the franchises 21st Century Fox owns. Disney can't even stop competing with itself all the time. They had to choose Avengers over Solo and the movie bombed because of that.

Samsung will reveal Galaxy Note 9 at August 9 event | ZDNet

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Vodafone launches NBN Wi-Fi booster and new plans | ZDNet

Vodafone is dropping its upfront charges for customers switching to NBN services, as well as unveiling new plans with discounts for post-paid mobile customers and launching a Wi-Fi booster.

Apple May Launch a Subscription Service That Includes Music, Shows, and News

There is a semi-regular influx of news regarding Apple’s original content initiative, with the company landing deal after deal, preparing to launch a plethora of new shows at some point down the road.

Microsoft adds new security, privacy, Edge features to latest Windows 10 test build | ZDNet

"Based on your feedback, some of the things we're focusing on include improvements to the visual design and continuing to better integrate Office and Microsoft Edge into Sets to enhance workflow. If you have been testing Sets, you will no longer see it as of today's build, however, Sets will return in a future WIP (Windows Insider Program) flight," according to today's blog post about the build.

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Instead of censoring, Valve plans to create new tools to let people self-filter. "Taking this approach allows us to focus less on trying to police what should be on Steam, and more on building those tools to give people control over what kinds of content they see," writes Johnson.

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41 Senators want to know how Facebook shares data with device makers

If you're concerned that Facebook may have shared more of your data with device makers than you were comfortable with, you're not alone. Senators Richard Blumenthal and Ed Markey have sent a letter to Mark Zuckerberg asking him to answer questions on Facebook's approach to sharing data with device partners like Apple, BlackBerry and Samsung. They want to know how it distinguishes between hardware companies and app developers, which companies have had access so far (including through exemptions), and what safeguards it has in place to both prevent abuse and give users a chance to opt out.

42 Twitter Inc to join the S&P 500, replacing Monsanto

(Reuters) - Twitter Inc. will replace Monsanto in the S&P 500, S&P Dow Jones Indices said on Monday.

Will your Mac run macOS 10.14 Mojave? | ZDNet

If your Mac is older than 2012 (and isn't a Mac Pro with a Metal-compatible GPU), then you're buying a new Mac.

Apple will make it easier for developers to port iOS apps to the Mac

UIKit is the interface framework for iOS apps, whereas Mac apps have traditionally used the aging AppKit. By bringing UIKit support to the Mac – and it’s keyboard+mouse interface – it makes it easier to port apps from one device to the other

Apple delivers big updates to its augmented reality platform

The company didn’t get a chance to showcase all of the things it’s adding to ARKit, but did touch on the big additions, which include improved face tracking, realistic rendering, 3D object detection, persistent experiences and shared experiences.

Hawaii just passed a law to make the state carbon neutral by 2045

The state is especially vulnerable to climate change–sea level rise, for example, threatens to cause $19 billion in economic losses–and that’s one of the reasons that the new laws had support. “We’re on the forefront of climate change impacts,” says Scott Glenn, who leads the state’s environmental quality office. “We experience it directly and we’re a small island. People feel the trade wind days becoming less. They notice the changes in rain. They feel it getting hotter. Because we are directly exposed to this, there’s no denying it.” The state’s political leaders, he says, are “unified in acknowledging that climate change is real and that we do need to do something about it.”


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iOS 12: The best features of Apple's new software

A pple is adding a collection of features designed to stop people getting addicted to their devices. It has created a Do Not Disturb setting which is triggered at bedtime, and will make sure that there's "nothing to get you spun up", executive Craig Federighi said. You tap when you want to get your notifications back.

The original Apple Watch won't get watchOS 5's fancy new features

If you'll remember, the original iPhone also had a relatively short software lifespan. Its last update arrived in February 2010, or less than three years after the device hit the market. And like that iPhone, the initial Apple Watch just wasn't well-equipped for the future with a pokey processor and a dearth of hardware features. This may be less about pushing users to new hardware as it is being realistic -- recent versions of watchOS were already struggling a bit on the first-run model, and the situation wasn't going to get better with time.

Apple needs to focus on winning back trust | ZDNet

Apple sets itself as a company that people can trust, and yet over the past few months it's has been caught out both deliberately slowing down older iPhone and misleading customers about the durability of its products.

51 Apple is adding group FaceTime video calls to iOS 12
52 Monica Lewinsky just sub-tweeted Bill Clinton for his non-apology
53 Spawn Reboot Won't Be An Origins Story - IGN
54 Here are the Macs That Support macOS Mojave
55 Breaking: Rue La La acquires Gilt Groupe
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57 Apple's Mac App Store gets a complete makeover
58 U.S. Senate panel to seek answers from Facebook about data access...
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60 Ripple is giving universities $50M to research cryptocurrency and blockchain
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62 'Red Dead Redemption 2' has a fancy special edition without the game (updated)
63 We're crying at Emilia Clarke and Jason Momoa's dreamy 'Game of Thrones' reunion pics
64 More iOS apps are on the way to help with your health regimen
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66 Frontrunners for Top Gun 2 Lead Role Reportedly Revealed - IGN
67 Huawei's latest phone is as affordable as affordable phones get
68 iPad sketchbook cover by Longo Case coming to 10.5-inch iPad Pro
69 Sonos Beam sound bar: Alexa lives in a compact TV speaker
70 China says carefully monitoring U.S. policies on inbound investments
71 Crazy images caught on Google Street View
72 Bethesda Suing Warner Bros. For 'Blatant Rip-Off' of Fallout Shelter - IGN
73 iOS 12 brings trackpad mode to every iPhone and iPad | Cult of Mac
74 Scientists are now growing Neanderthal mini brains in the lab
75 Oppo's Find X Phone Isn't Coming to the US
76 Meet the guy who carves wood with his teeth
77 How to Access Your PC From iOS and Android
78 AT&T more than doubles 'administration fee' on post-paid phones, tablets and smartwatches
79 Apple and Samsung finally settle seven-year long legal battle | Cult of Mac
80 Windows 10 update broken Google Chrome? Microsoft releases new fix
81 This toadfish's mating call sounds like a vibrating phone
82 Jeremy Irons Joins the Cast of HBO’s WATCHMEN | Nerdist
83 Can't Find a New GPU? Used Cards Are Still Great for Gaming
84 Oculus Rift now requires Windows 10 to run new features
85 Apple Engineers Its Own Downfall With the Macbook Pro Keyboard
86 Trump gets chance to reshape top court
87 Samsung pushes Note 9 unveiling one month ahead of 2018 iPhone launch | Cult of Mac
88 Jury rules Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine owe $25M to early Beats collaborator
89 Elon Musk Races to Exit Tesla’s ‘Production Hell’
90 How to manually install the VirtualBox extension pack
91 Facebook seeks patent on tech that turns on your smartphone microphone
92 Amazfit Bip is amazingly good for the price
93 TSB did not take warnings about botched IT platform seriously - union
94 This might explain why your electricity bill is so high