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The Magic of Disneyland Is Lost on This Guy

The happiest place on earth is also the best place to showcase your death-stare on some classic rides.

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Google's Material Design unifies user interface for Android, Web - CNET

The upcoming "L" version of Android version brings a new user interface, and Google's Web apps will adopt it, too. It's one of many new Android features Google showed at its Google I/O show.


It’s been a busy week in the realm of policy and technology, with the Supreme court weighing in on a several issues impacting the industry, and the government releasing something akin to a transparency report regarding a portion of the NSA’s surveillance practices. The unanimous Supreme Court decision on Riley v. California caused a stir because it set new precedent regarding… Read More

The next thing Silicon Valley needs to disrupt big time: its own culture

There’s a problem with Silicon Valley and the subcultures that imitate it. It’s a design bug woven into people’s identities and sense of self-worth. Influential and otherwise very smart people will deny till their last breath that it even exists. But I believe it does and should be fixed before it gets any worse.

Platinum Games' The Legend of Korra Coming in 2014 - IGN

Korra scribe Tim Hedrick is writing the story, which takes place between The Legend of Korra’s second and third seasons. As the series' leading lady, players will use the Avatar's fire, earth, air, and water elements in combat to fight familiar enemies such as Mecha Tanks and Chi Blockers, as well as other Benders in the 3-on-3 Pro-Bending arena.

Welcome to Kinja


Why the Path to Aliens, Ironically, Depends on Earth

Voytek spoke before the House of Representatives last year to promote her department’s extraterrestrial mandate. In what was essentially a request for more funding, she explained to the House Science committee that her scientists weren’t chasing little green men. Astrobiology is an investment in humanity’s future, by detecting potentially habitable Earth-sized planets, finding proof of water on ancient Mars and developing technological innovations that lead to further mapping of Mars.

Virtual Reality Is Ready to Manipulate Your Memories

Planes Are Finally Making Logical Descents Onto American Runways | Autopia | WIRED

The $8 million Houston overhaul also created more efficient routes for departures and flights in bad weather, and added two entry points into the area to reduce congestion. Together, Hobby and Bush airports handle over 750,000 takeoffs and landings annually, so those changes will cut distances flown by nearly 650,000 nautical miles (748,007 miles) annually, and save three million gallons of fuel. At current prices, that adds up to $8.81 million. In an industry with tiny profit margins, that’s a big deal. Airlines will quickly see the benefits, especially Southwest, which used Houston as one of its hub cities.

The Bitcoin Economy's 'Backbone' Is Bitstamp, An Exchange Run By Two Young Slovenians

Kodrič and Merlak, 28, live in Kranj, the fourth-largest city (population: 50,000) in the tiny country to the east of Italy. “You could fit our whole population into Manhattan,” says Kodrič, who sits in a sparsely decorated office there. He is the business brain on the team. Merlak, who wears a plain grey t-shirt and periodically pushes long dark bangs out of his eyes, is the financially-minded techie, having learned computer programming in primary school and dabbled in stock investing during high school. They’ve known each other since they were kids — which isn’t that long ago — because Merlak went to high school with Kodrič’s older brother. Both are college drop-outs, lured away by profitable jobs. Merlak first started mining Bitcoin in 2011 while working as a software developer at Lyst after his boss mentioned it. Kodrič was in the business of selling computer hardware and started advising Merlak on the equipment he should use for the mining. “We started hanging out and drinking beers and talking about how cool Bitcoin was,” says Kodrič. “We knew we wanted to go big on Bitcoin. Our original idea was to set up a mining pool but we knew there were people who knew way more about mining than us.

Facebook has Oculus, Google has Cardboard - CNET

At its annual I/O developers conference, the search giant handed out a mysterious package as part of its now-expected goodie bag for attendees. Alongside the choice between a brand new LG G Watch or Samsung Gear Live smartwatch, giddy developers got their hands on a virtual reality headset that just happened to be made from cardboard.

A new Trapper Keeper is coming this September, and it's built for tablets

For some, each new school year brought a about a specific kind of dilemma. No, we aren't talking about picking out what to wear on the first day, we mean choosing a new Trapper Keeper. To stoke those flames of indecision and nostalgia, the folks at Kensington have teamed up with Mead, the team behind the original Trapper, and Pee Chee to bring you a line of cases that likely fit whatever 7-inch, 8-inch and 10-inch tablet you may have. The cases come in a handful of designs straight from the '80s, and they're sure induce flashbacks of scratching the name of last week's crush off the front of your catch-all binder . Perhaps even better, they're priced between $25 and $30 and start shipping this September. Fingers are crossed that these take off and we get a sweet Lisa Frank collection next -- with Velcro flaps!

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LeVar Burton On Reading Rainbow's Kickstarter And The Love Of Reading

“No, Reading Rainbow  doesn’t teach kids to read,” said Burton. “It never has. It’s always been about something equally important, which is the love of reading. The two go hand in hand. No Child Left Behind decided there was a choice between teaching to read and fostering a love of reading. We have suffered mightily because of that. We need  Reading Rainbow now more than ever, and obviously I’m not alone in that belief.”


The larger, more traditional social networks were built to connect individuals; businesses were an afterthought. While businesses can and should create accounts to build connections on these sites, the ability to truly engage is limited by distractions. The problem? Because users are exposed to so much information at a time, their attention is spread thin. Even if you get a friend or follower to check out the information you posted, you’re likely to lose them to a friend’s status update, a link to an external site, a photo tag or an advertisement. Social networks are meant to be distracting, this takes the focus away from your company and limits the effectiveness of a social media strategy.

How Facebook Moved 20 Billion Instagram Photos Without You Noticing | Enterprise | WIRED

Facebook calls it the “Instagration,” and it was an unprecedented undertaking for Mark Zuckerberg and company. Facebook has moved other acquired properties like  FriendFeed into its data centers, but typically, they were small projects that involved shutting a service down before moving it into the Facebook universe. The Instagram switch was the live migration of an enormous—and enormously popular—operation. “The service couldn’t take any disruption,” says Facebook engineer George Cabrera. Facebook won’t say how many virtual machines were needed to run Instagram on Amazon, but it was in “the thousands.” And the service now stores over 20 billion digitals photos.

The 20 best hidden deals buried in Steam's massive summer games sale

Steam's annual Summer Sale kicked off Thursday and runs through June 30th, bringing a bonanza of deeply discounted game sales every day throughout. While the front page is the place to find great time-limited deals on hot new titles or popular favorites, there are still a bunch of sales on lesser-known or older titles sitting in the background that are also on sale, but not advertised on Steam's front page.

The Supreme Court’s baffling tech illiteracy is becoming a big problem

So what should a lawyer do to prove an invention is truly an invention if there’s no good historical analogy? Complicate things. In a recent oral argument about a computer-implemented, electronic escrow service, Justice Kennedy asked whether “a second-year college class in engineering” or “any computer group of people sitting around a coffee shop in Silicon Valley” could write the code for it “over a weekend.” The lawyer said yes, to the dismay of many in the industry. No one directly challenged this point, but Justice Roberts referred to a flowchart in one of the briefs: “Just looking at it, it looks pretty complicated. There are a lot of arrows.”

This Site Shows Who Is Hacking Whom Right Now — And The US Is Getting Hammered

China is responsible for the vast majority of these attacks. Within the 45-minute span, China accounted for 2,513 attacks. The U.S. accounted for the second highest number of attacks, with 1,550 attacks originating within America. However, a number of American attacks targeted computers elsewhere in the United States. 

Fastest-Growing Metro Area in U.S. Has No Crime or Kids

For Jerry Conkle, life in America’s fastest-growing metropolitan area moves as slowly as the golf carts that meander through his palm-lined neighborhood at dusk. Most days, he wakes early, reads the newspaper, and then hops into his four-wheeled buggy for a 20-mile-per-hour ride to one of the 42 golf courses that surround his home.

Inside the 3D-printed rocket car that travels at 1,000 mph (pictures) - CNET

It's a phenomenal machine, with a mind-boggling set of facts to match: Its engines generate 135,000 horsepower (equal to 180 Formula 1 cars), it travels a mile in only 3.6 seconds and it uses the latest technologies, including 3D printing, in its construction.

5 Tactful Ways to Pick a Busy Person’s Brain

Obviously, people are generally more willing to help a friend for free than a stranger. So, you should start by making this person like you. If you have any connections at all, take full advantage of them. Use LinkedIn to see if you have any mutual contacts, or email your network to see if anyone knows this person. Then, if you do have anyone in common, see if that person would be willing to introduce you (and vouch for you in the process).

Astronomers Detect An X-ray Signal That Hints At Dark Matter

If they exist, sterile neutrinos are thought to be a heavier form of neutrinos that do not interact with other forms of matter in any way except gravitationally. When they decay, they’re expected to produce the neutrinos that we are familiar with, plus a burst of radiation – which, if the astronomers are right, is what they’re seeing in that X-ray signal.

Houston, We Have A Public Domain Problem

We’ve lost a valuable chunk of the public domain, then, even without the complicity of online services. But those sites feel pressure, too: the minimum they must do to stay inside copyright “safe harbors” is prescribed by law, and many go further in efforts to be on good terms with media companies. That looks like overzealous algorithmic copyright enforcement, like the automated system that caught my upload after some partner presumably laid claim to it (and who knows how much else).

NY’s Subway Will Soon See Daylight for the First Time Ever | Autopia | WIRED

New York isn't the only city getting its shine on; subterranean structures worldwide, from Denver's Union Station to the Städel Museum in Frankfurt, Germany, are deploying architectural flair to inject a glorious dose of vitamin D into our fluorescent-lit existence. “Daylight is very much about humanizing an environment,” says Vincent Chang, a partner at Grimshaw Architects, which also worked on the Reflector-Net. The New York subway can certainly use the help.

14 Facebook Tools You Didn't Know Existed

The Browse tool will filter out a randomly selected type of content through Facebook's Graph Search, whether it's videos that you've liked or people in your networks you haven't friended yet. For those using Facebook to kill time (and aren't we all using Facebook to kill time?), it's an excellent method of procrastination.

10 New Job Openings in Tech and Digital at HBO, PopSugar and More

Shipwire is a Global E-Fulfillment powerhouse. Our platform and services put more than 1,000 emerging brands and web retailers on a level playing field with Fortune 100 retailers. On-demand fulfillment centers, shipping tools, Web services, innovative developer tools and integration with today's top e-commerce platforms keep us at the forefront of Cloud Logistics. And we are moving rapidly towards creating apps that make it dead simple to control the world's most powerful logistics network from any device, anywhere.

How Social Media Transformed the World Cup

As an event that only occurs once very four years, we’ve been thinking about how much has changed since the last World Cup, held in South Africa in 2010.

5 Data-Driven Ways To Get Your Facebook Post Seen

In short, Facebook wants to bring the best quality content to users’ Feeds. Luckily, quality content is what all of us want to create! So rather than give up on the world’s largest and most popular social media platform, you can simply shift focus from what’s going on your brand pages to how to get your Facebook post seen on our fans’ News Feed.

For Google Fit, Your Health Data Could Be Lucrative

I track people who are disrupting the world of mobile technology. Non-conformists, innovators and agitators are this blog's unsung heroes, from entrepreneurs to scientists, to rebellious hackers. I'm the author of "We Are Anonymous: Inside the Hacker World of LulzSec, Anonymous and the Global Cyber Insurgency" , (Little Brown, 2012) which The New York Times called a "lively, startling book that reads as 'The Social Network' for group hackers." I recently relocated to Forbes' San Francisco office, and was previously Forbes' London bureau chief from 2008-12, interviewing British billionaires like Philip Green and controversial figures like Mohammed Al Fayed; I wrote last year's billionaires cover story on Russia's Yuri Milner, and have broken stories like the Facebook-Spotify partnership in 2011. Before all this I had stints at the BBC and as a radio journalist. You can watch me on 'The Daily Show' here . If you have a story idea or tip, e-mail me at or follow me on Twitter: parmy .

Watch This Film About Why Aaron Swartz Matters More Than Ever | TechCrunch

Aaron Swartz was a young, bright genius who believed in the open Internet. A self-made millionaire by the age of 19, he co-founded Reddit, was part of the creation of RSS and became a political organizer and Internet hacktivist who was instrumental in the fight against SOPA .

Lords of the Fallen Feels Like Dark Souls. Yes, Really - IGN

Continuing with the Dark Souls comparison, timing your swings and rolls feels important because it's not hard to run out of stamina. Once it's gone, your combat options are much more limited, and you're open to attacks that you can't block or dodge. Some enemies, like giant spiders, are more susceptible in certain areas, so rolling behind them is better than tanking their attacks toe to toe.

Why The Evolution Of Flight May Be Universal

Is the evolution of flight a biological fait accompli? Or was the origin of winged insects, flying mammals like bats, and the roughly 10,000 species of birds that use earth’s atmosphere, simply a one-off evolutionary fluke likely not to repeat itself on another earthlike planet?

Flop or Foul? The Heartbreaking Play That Ended Mexico's World Cup

So, in the final analysis: flop or foul? We could debate which outweighs which for days, but the bottom line is this was an utterly heartbreaking way for Mexico to go out in the World Cup's round of 16 for the sixth consecutive time — a feat of disappointment never achieved by any other national team.

Driverless Cars For $10,000? This Startup Is Challenging Google With A Simple Sensor

Google Google ’s driverless car project has been getting plenty of attention for the kinds of changes it could bring to transportation, but buying an entirely new, self-driving car is out of most people’s budgets and many years away. Cruise Automation is a San Francisco-based startup that thinks it can get the technology to market sooner with something far more simple: a $10,000 accessory you can strap to the roof of your car and plug into your footwell.

Soundhawk Launches App-Enabled Wearable to Enhance Hearing

But a new wearable aims to make you smarter about the way you hear. Soundhawk is an app-enabled listening device that aims to enhance hearing by allowing the wearer to customize their listening experience to their environment.

4 Household Items to Help Clean Your Phone

Your phone manufacturer will probably have its own cleaning tips, but here are four household items that can help beat the germ buildup on your cellphone.

Google's Nest Moves To Become Master Of The Smart Home, By Talking To Other Devices

As of today, the Jawbone UP24 band will have a setting that turns on the Nest thermostat when it senses its wearer has woken up from a night’s sleep. Mercedes-Benz’s cars will be able to tell Nest when a driver is expected home, so it can set the temperature ahead of time. Smart lights made by LIFX can also be programmed to flash red when the Nest Protect detects smoke, or randomly turn off and on to make it look like someone is home when Nest’s thermostat is in “away” mode.

Edward Snowden's lawyer will keep your secrets

Radack says her family got her through the worst of the investigation, although she knows not everyone is so lucky. After a few years of unemployment following the Lindh trial, she found work with Alan Grayson — a Florida lawyer who went on to become a Democratic congressman — representing defense contractors in a False Claims Act suit. She then moved to her current position at Government Accountability Project, to help others through the same ordeal she’d faced. "It didn’t dawn on me that I was a whistleblower until [my lawyer told me]," Radack says. "And often that epiphany will take place here at GAP." Almost immediately, she found herself taking on the fiercely guarded secrecy of the NSA, as employees alienated by the agency’s post-9/11 turn began to speak out. They were known as the Thinthread group, four leakers responsible for most of the public’s knowledge of the NSA, pre-Snowden. They all sought refuge with Radack.

What Is Original?

When is copying flattery, when is it thievery, and when is it sheer genius? In this hour, TED speakers explore how sampling, borrowing, and riffing make all of us innovators.

Every World Cup Country, Seen in Beautiful Images From Space | Science | WIRED

Watching the various playing styles of different countries in the World Cup this year got me thinking about all the things that influence how each team plays the game. Culture is certainly a big one, genetics is another. But what about the terrain? Do countries dominated by deserts play differently than those that are lush with rain forests? Could a mountainous countryside be more conducive to, say, a focus on offense while a long coastline might foster defensive strength?

​How Android Wear changes wearables - CNET

Android Wear watches will be able to unlock a paired phone, and they'll enable two-factor authentication. That opens up the possibility of a wearable being able to authorize or unlock a whole host of connected devices, be it your phone, laptop or tablet, or your smart lock, smart lighting, or your car's push-button starter. And while your phone can already do all this, using the watch as an authenticator would theoretically be more secure -- unlike your phone, you're unlikely to misplace something that's strapped to your body.

What you need to know about Uber, Lyft and other app-based car services

Most ridesharing companies have a smartphone app that works on iOS and Android. You need to sign up and give your personal details, along with a credit card or PayPal account. When you're ready to find a ride, they all work about the same. You can input your location based on your GPS coordinates, and add your destination if you need a price estimate. With Sidecar, you must enter your destination when you order a car. Most will tell you how close the nearest ride is in minutes, and show the car arriving on a map. You'll also get the name of your driver, their overall rating (for Uber and Lyft, it's on a scale of one to five) and the type of car they're piloting.

The People of Earth Need You to Hunt for Asteroids

is a leading source for news, information and resources for the Connected Generation. Mashable reports on the importance of digital innovation and how it empowers and inspires people around the world. Mashable's record 34 million unique visitors worldwide and 15 million social media followers are one of the most influential and engaged online communities. Founded in 2005, Mashable is headquartered in New York City with an office in San Francisco.

How to Play with Light in Photography

Pottheiser explains how to use back-lighting to your advantage: "Amateur photographers always think that bright sun is the best condition for photographs. And while everyone is usually happier when it’s sunny out, bright, direct light is not ideal for portrait images. If you are making pictures at the brightest part of the day, find some shade and place your subjects so their back is to the brightest area. This makes for very romantic, ethereal images. Back-lighting likely won’t work out well on your iPhone, but take out your camera, and you are sure to be pleased with the results."

X-Ray Gun Can Search for Drugs, Money, Weapons

We may not have x-ray specs — but now we have have the world's first handheld x-ray gun, which enables police to search for explosives, guns and drugs in inaccessible places.

6 Ways Content Marketing Has Changed Public Relations

As you can see, as our communications (and lives) become increasingly digital, the lines between traditional public relations and modern content marketing continue to blur. This is a good thing. It presents us with an opportunity to be creative in how we tell and share our stories with our audiences.

The IPO is dying. Marc Andreessen explains why.

This has had a big influence on how we set up our firm. We've set up our firm to basically not have to take companies public. We basically have a 15-year lockup on our money, which is longer than you used to do with private capital. One of the reasons why our funds are so much larger than venture capital funds used to be is because we have to have the firepower to finance companies through the point of time where we take them public. For our investors this is kind of fine. Our investors are these big institutions, university endowments, high net worth family money, private foundations. They're fine. They can invest in us. They can invest in venture capital. Joe retiree, who works hard for 40 years and has his money in the public stock market, he can't do that.

7 Ways to Make Your Partner Feel Appreciated: The Obvious and Not so Obvious. -

So many couples complain to me about how their partner does not listen to them. Everyone wants to be heard, truly listened to, and understood. That is one way we feel connected. It is also an act of intimacy. If you have heard your partner say that she wants more intimacy (and you know it is not sex he/she is talking about), take the time to listen. When you do this she will feel valued, appreciated and respected. Which leads me to the next item . . .

We'll Never Know the Internet We Lost

Aereo will probably result in startups being sued into the ground. But that’s not the real tragedy. We will never know the technologies that could have existed, the services that could have been. We will never know the internet we lost today.

Data Point: U.S. Ranks Behind Latvia in Offering Top-Speed Broadband Connections - Digits - WSJ

According to Akamai’s “State of the Internet” report for the first quarter of 2014, 36% of the broadband connections in the U.S. were considered high speed, with requests to Akamai registering at speeds of at least 10 megabits per second. That put the U.S. seventh on the list of countries with the highest penetration of high-speed broadband connections.

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