Review: DJI Phantom 3 Professional | WIRED Video Description

Which is not to say the Phantom 3 is perfect. While the stabilization is radically better than the Phantom 2, flying indoors in cramped quarters is still difficult. The ground sensors make indoor flight possible, but in my testing, the Phantom 3 still often drifted a few feet off course. If you’re in a small space, that might well mean flying into a wall. The problem is that the props produce a lot of wind, so it has to fight its own air currents. The larger the space, of course, the less of a factor this will be. Auditoriums and larger spaces like concert halls or wedding chapels (all likely candidates for professional photographers, once the FAA updates its regulations regarding commercial use of drones) will be much easier to film than the tight quarters inside the average house. Still, you can fly it inside and that’s a step up from the Phantom 2, which was very, very difficult to control indoors.

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