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Microsoft Confirms Windows 10 Pricing

Windows 10 Home will set you back an estimated $119, while Windows 10 Pro will be $199.

Apple Watch Shows the Benefits of Engineering Perfection—and of Flaws - Facts So Romantic - Nautilus

Apple is famous for its obsessive care for design and manufacturing, and its new, much-hyped watches are no exception. But, ironically,…

The first teaser for Pixar's The Good Dinosaur is here

Delays to Pixar's The Good Dinosaur and Finding Dory meant that 2014 was the first year since 2005 without a Pixar feature film. However, 2015 is shaping up better for Pixar fans — Inside Out is...

World Wide Web Timeline

A timeline of the major milestones and small moments that have shaped the Web since 1989.

Higher-res screens for the iPhone 6S rumored, while talk of an iPhone 6C continues

Apple iPhone 6S news is coming. Here is all the key information, including specs, price, and release date.

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JPMorgan Kills Voice Mail

“We realized that hardly anyone uses voice mail anymore because we’re all carrying something in our pockets that’s going to get texts or e-mail or a phone call,” Gordon Smith, head of JPMorgan’s consumer and community bank, said Tuesday at a conference in New York. “So we started to cut those off.”

12 years of WWDC product launches - CNET

The 2012 WWDC brought a bunch of Mac hardware revamps, but none were as dramatic as Apple's new high-end MacBook Pro. Its big claim to fame was a new "Retina Display" screen where the pixels were so tightly packed, you wouldn't be able to make them out while using the machine. It also completely did away with a disc drive, and even hard drive -- making it more like a MacBook Air. Apple offered up that it was the "next generation" of its notebooks.

Showtime to launch July 12 on Apple TV for $11 per month, no cable subscription needed

The cracks are continuing to grow in the longtime distribution arrangement between video rights holders and cable companies.

Magic Leap unveils its development platform to create mind-boggling augmented-reality apps

Google created excitement about Magic Leap’s technology last October when it and others invested $542 million in the company. Magic Leap superimposes animated objects on top of reality, using a pair of glasses. Last month, it showed a video of what a first-person shooter game would be like using its technology. In that video, you play in your ordinary office. The glasses can take the environment into account and then, through the specs, make monsters spawn in front of you. You have to look around the real environment and look for the monsters to shoot. The ultimate goal is to generate animated images and blend them into reality so that they are indistinguishable from real objects.

Shareholders urged to protest Google pay

Shareholders urged to protest Google pay Google shareholders were urged to abstain from re-electing three of the company's directors at the annual meeting in protest of "mega grants" provided to certain executives, including Chairman Eric Schmidt. Check out this story on

This Is The Guy Who Keeps Nike In The Creative Spotlight

I think of ruts more in terms of the group, because that’s how we’re creating. I don’t want anyone to feel like they’re alone when they’re trying to crack the creative code. So how I deal with it is I bring everyone together. If you think of sports and any championship-level team, the only way to get out of a rut in one of those epic games is through teamwork. I want people to be extremely confident and supportive. That’s how you make connections you need to make in the creative process.

This is Microsoft's new $20 phone

The 2G-based Nokia 105 features a 1.4-inch color display, can store up to 2,000 contacts, offers FM radio and promises up to 35 days of standby time.

How to get started with ITIL

The focus of ITIL is based on the value of what IT provides; not the tools, but the results. Therefore, service is a term ITIL uses often and defines as "A means of delivering value to customers by facilitating outcomes that customers want to achieve without the ownership of specific costs and risks." In other words, IT exists to meet a customer need and not inject policy. IT costs should not matter to the customer; the customer should focus on the cost per specific result, and manage risk through service agreements. Service management according to ITIL is the "Implementation and Management of Quality IT Services that meet the needs of the business."

Virginia opens up 70 miles of highway for driverless car testing

The institute will provide license plates and insurance for any approved vehicle, while the Virginia Department of Transportation could be in charge of keeping lane markings visible for them. In addition, Nokia's HERE maps division is developing 3D mapping tech for the test roads, which will feed real-time info to the self-driving car and give them a way to recognize their lane position. Blanco believes the first self-driving cars to undergo public road testing in Virginia will arrive within a year, though it's unclear at this point which companies are showing internet. It's worth noting that the Old Dominion serves as home to Lockheed Martin and Northrop Grumman, though, which makes it ideal for any corporation wanting to collaborate with either of them.

How Felicia Day Is Hyphenating Her Way To World Domination

If there's something the actress, comedian, and online star can't do, we want to know about it. (Seriously, text us.)

How To Store Your Data For A Million Years

At the moment, when our data isn't entrusted to cloud servers, it's left on disks and drives and cards and an array of devices that aren't designed to last longer than a decade. "If my son shows photos to his grandsons," says Grass, "he will have the photos of my parents, which are in black and white, and will be stable for a few hundred years. But there will be a hole after that because my photos won’t survive. Statistically they won’t, unless I am really careful about what I do with them."

How Long Is Your Daily Commute? See How 30 U.S. Cities Compare

Sivak's study is based on 2013 data from the American Community Survey . And it shows how bad things are for New Yorkers. Among 30 large cities, the average commute time is 26 minutes, but New Yorkers take an average of 40 minutes. People in Oklahoma City require only 21 minutes to get to work.

Fusion Has Hired Stars and Spent Millions, But is Anyone Reading It?

Starting a brand new website and publishing venture is not easy, obviously. And Fusion and its financial backers may feel that they are getting enough value out of their staff in other ways apart from just raw traffic to their website — and giving the company $30 million more suggests they have confidence in its vision. But in what has become an even more high-pressure marketplace for online media, numbers like the ones above are probably not going to help anyone sleep easily.

20 Ways to Measure the Success of Your Growing Cloud Investment

Looking to the wisdom of the crowd, we reached out to experts and asked, “How do you measure the value the cloud brings to your business?” As the responses came in we discovered there’s far more than one or even 20 different ways to measure the success of the cloud. A myriad of technical and business dynamics can be a definition of success. More importantly, what may work for one organization may not be appropriate for another. As you look through the following advice, pick and choose what’s right for your organization. Note: Please don’t skip tip number one. It’s appropriate for all businesses.

When stolen data turns up on the dark web, this tech can find it fast | ZDNet

The customer, such as a retailer or a bank, has a database of sensitive data, from credit card numbers to usernames and passwords. With an appliance, they can generate in-house unique fingerprints of that data. Those fingerprints go into Matchlight's cloud, without any sensitive data leaving that company's systems. Combined with an advanced web crawler that's able to index sites on the dark web, the company can be immediately informed when a fingerprint is found.

Deliver web & app projects faster

Meat! is a free Git collaboration platform with in-built deployments that will help your team deliver better web sites faster.

Digging Into My Digital Past Using Timehop and Facebook

It’s worth noting that On This Day shows you more than just your own shared photos and status updates. It pulls up anniversaries of things like when you started a job (if you’ve told Facebook this information) and when you became friends with someone. It shows you content you were tagged in, which could help you have more to look back on if your friends are more active on Facebook. It also shows check-ins, events you attended, groups you joined and birthdays.

Yahoo to live-stream Oct. 25 NFL game in London

Yahoo Inc will broadcast the Oct. 25 National Football League game between the Buffalo Bills and Jacksonville Jaguars in London in the first live-stream of an NFL game.

Instagram opens feed to businesses of all sizes to increase revenues

Since parent company Facebook already boasts more than 2 million advertisers, it’s only natural for Instagram to tap into Facebook’s existing infrastructure to manage its new advertising objective on its site. The start will be slow and gradual: First, a choice group of Facebook Marketing Partners and agencies will get to use the Instagram Ads API. Then, throughout the remainder of the year, other advertisers will have their turn.

iZombie: "Dead Rat, Live Rat, Brown Rat, White Right" Review - IGN

Anyone who doesn't believe comedy and tragedy can exist side by side in a series and do so in harmony should watch tonight's episode of iZombie. And yes, there are people who still need to be convinced darkness and lightness can exist in the same show. "Dead Rat, Live Rat, Brown Rat, White Right" brought the most laugh out loud moments of the season -- Ravi's "It's not alive!" killed me -- but also scenes right out of a horror film and one of the heaviest interactions we've seen. The balance this show consistently achieves is impressive.

Google Maps now shows real-time transit updates in six locations

For users who aren't in those select cities, you'll still see public transit options arranged in a new way — instead of just showing a list of options, Google clearly calls out a recommended route and then groups other options by similarities. For example, there was a "more by bus" grouping when I looked for directions. It's not a radical change, but it's a nice little bit of housekeeping. All of these changes appear to be live on Android, but the iOS app is unchanged as of now. We expect that'll change before long, however — Google's blog didn't say anything about this update being Android-only. With Apple Maps  finally likely to include transit directions (albeit in only six cities), it makes sense for Google to keep on refining its product so it can stay in the lead.

Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference: Join us June 8 (live blog) - CNET

Another topic sure to get some stage time at WWDC is Apple Watch. This year's developer conference comes only a couple months after the launch of Apple's first smartwatch, which costs from $349 to $17,000 and comes in a wide variety of finishes, sizes and bands. Apple Watch is the company's first new device since the "magical" iPad in 2010 and the first new product under Cook's tenure. It's vital that Apple shows that it's still an innovator without co-founder Steve Jobs and that it can expand beyond its core iPhone market, which has made up more than two-thirds of sales in the past couple quarters.

The Easiest Way to Make an Animated GIF

Imgur , one of the most popular GIF hosting sites, also has an easy video tool. If your video is on YouTube or Vimeo you can just paste in the link and make a video right on the Imgur site. Giphy allows you to easily upload a local video and make a private GIF, too.

Here’s Your First Look At Fallout 4

The Fallout series had a Tactics instalment that introduced real-time combat in 2001, and then made the leap to consoles and action RPG with Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel in 2004. Fallout 3 was considered a watershed moment for the series, nabbing reviews in the mid- to high 90s from a wide range of review websites. New Vegas in 2010 was quite similar to Fallout 3 in gameplay, graphics and mechanics, and in fact doesn’t count as a direct sequel (hence Fallout 4).

Jon Stewart Blasts Caitlyn Jenner Coverage As Hotness-Obsessed And Slut-Shaming

As Jon Stewart pointed out in last night’s episode of The Daily Show , news outlets wasted little time reducing Caitlyn to her looks, comparing her level of hotness with other women, and the inevitable slut-shaming.

Apple TV gets its nature fix with Nat Geo channel | Cult of Mac

Apple probably isn’t going to be launching its new web TV service any month soon, but to hold users over until they can cut cable, Apple has added a new channel from National Geographic to give users their nature fix.

Immersive video collaboration is around the corner

It appears to me that the hype of the on-board camera promising to bring remote co-workers together hasn’t really worked out—we’re still picking up the phone and stabbing away at messaging. Even my Skype calls tend to be audio-only.

Samsung Pay expected to launch in U.S. and South Korea this September

As it geared up for Samsung Pay, the company bought LoopPay in February. While the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge have built-in NFC for contactless payments, Samsung Pay's LoopPay integration also means users will be able to make purchases with their smartphones at retailers that don't have NFC-based terminals; they need only hold their smartphones near magnetic terminals and it'll detect the phone as if it were a credit card.

Microsoft Purchase Of Wunderlist Confirmed

The post is penned by Christian Reber, CEO and founder of 6wunderkinder, the German company that created Wunderlist. Reber details some of the company’s past successes in the post, including its user population of more than 13 million, and app activity by way of 1 billion to-dos created. He also says that for now, nothing will change regarding the app’s operation and product development, with the Wunderlist team remaining in Berlin and continuing development of its various offerings across all platforms.

Amazon Turns Its Boxes Into Ads With First-Of-Its-Kind Marketing Deal For “Minions” Movie

Forget billboards or magazine ads. If an advertiser wants to put its brand in front of a big audience today, you may as well slap that ad on an Amazon shipping box. Or, at least, that’s the mindset behind the new partnership between Universal Pictures and Illumination Entertainment and Amazon. The retailer has begun to ship customer orders in bright yellow delivery boxes featuring cartoon characters from the upcoming “Minions” movie. The deal represents the first time Amazon has ever allowed a third party to completely brand its delivery boxes, the company tells us.

The 6 faces of chief marketing technologists

Technology has body slammed the marketing profession, turning a black art into hard science. Marketing now must be well-versed in customer data, analytics, mobile, social and marketing automation tools. Who's going to lead this dramatic and critical transformation? Enter the chief marketing technologist, a hybrid role bridging the diametrically opposed worlds of marketing and tech.

An Oscar-nominated documentary team is working on a film about the Sony hacks

Here we go. In the first of what's sure to be many, a documentary about the Sony hacks is currently in the works from Jehane Noujaim and Karim Amer, the team who made the 2013  Oscar-nominated (and Emmy Award-winning) doc The Square .

Comcast and TWC are (still) among the most hated companies in America

The annual American Customer Satisfaction Index for 2015 placed Comcast and Time-Warner Cable near the very bottom of all telecom and technology companies in the rankings, the researchers involved announced Tuesday.

Updated: Skype crash bug fixed, download the new version now

Microsoft has stated that it is aware of the problem and they’re working to resolve the issue. However, they didn’t have a specific time frame for when it might be fixed. For now, you can downgrade to Version 6 of Skype in order to use the program. However, you’ll also need to make sure that whoever sends you the eight-character message deletes it from his or her end. Your chat history could end up causing the bug to strike once again if your fellow Skype users are unaware.

NASA Mission Control Marks 50 Superb Years of Space Science | WIRED

“Houston” has evolved since 1965, of course, but photos from its early days and from 2015 prove the core concept was a good one. Today’s computer screens are bigger and more colorful. A 1990s revamp did away with the mainframe computer-based system to a more modern setup, and now that Americans are living on the International Space Station, the room is staffed at all times, rather than for the occasional launch. The facility has expanded to include a training flight control room (for practice), a life sciences control room (for experiments), and an “Exploration Planning Operations Center” (to test new concepts).

Skype endlessly crashes if your friends send this message

If the discovery of a bug that crashes iPhones with a simple string of characters wasn’t enough for you to deal with, Skype is being affected by a similar problem.

Google is launching a new Street View app in August with 360-degree camera support

This is changing with a new Street View app coming in August, which will allow anyone to submit photo spheres to Maps. Previously, only panoramas made by Google or other contributors would appear on Street View. Meanwhile, existing panoramas from Views will be transferred over to the new experience.

Apple Recalls Beats Pill XL Due To “Rare” Fire Safety Risk

Apple has issued a voluntary recall for the Beats Pill XL Bluetooth speaker, which is made by the company it acquired last year. The speaker, originally created pre-acquisition, apparently poses a potential fire safety risk in rare cases due to overheating, as determined by Apple. Customers who want to get a refund in exchange for a return of the defective product can head to Apple’s support site for more information.

Cisco acquires OpenStack pioneer Piston Cloud

Cisco this week announced intentions to acquire Piston Cloud Computing, its second OpenStack cloud computing buyout in less than a year.

This New Ship May Look Old-Timey, But It's Packed With Tech | WIRED

But this ship is not a museum piece. It’s a new, $12 million project, seven years in the making. Despite its classic look, it’s packed with state-of-the-art technology. “We practice the traditional way of doing things,” says Doug Faunt, the ship’s chief engineer. “But we do live in the modern world.”

Stephen Colbert launches viral video (and wears Apple Watch) - CNET

Technically Incorrect: Now that the "Colbert Report" is no more, what is Colbert to do? He's desperate for attention. So he's trying to get you to find him online.

Yahoo Wins Rights to NFL’s First Internet-Only Streaming Game Next Season

The rights to the NFL’s first streaming-only broadcast of a football game are going to Yahoo Inc., as the aging Internet portal seeks to attract more advertising dollars with one of its biggest bets yet on live content.

Showtime undercuts HBO with $10.99 stand-alone streaming service

Showtime is launching an internet TV service that will offer access to its back catalog, its current selection of movies, and live streams of its network for $10.99 per month. The service launches on Sunday, July 12th, and it'll first be available through the Showtime app on the iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV; subscribers can also watch online. Unlike HBO, Showtime isn't giving the service a new name — it's still just Showtime. With its price significantly below  the $14.99 per month of HBO Now , Showtime certainly has a compelling argument for choosing its service, although it still has an uphill battle: its series aren't anywhere near as addictive. A 30 day trial will be offered for new customers.

Tim Cook says privacy is a fundamental, moral right

It should surprise no one that, while being honored as a champion of privacy, Tim Cook threw shade at Google for its attitude toward its customer data . As TechCrunch reports, Apple's CEO was speaking at a Washington-based civil liberties non profit and said that his company believed that people had a "fundamental right to privacy." He went on to say that "the American people demand it, the constitution demands it and morality demands it." It's a song that the executive has played several times before , expressing distaste for companies who seek to monetize a user in ways other than to sell them expensive gadgets.

Confirmed: Apple TV is required to remotely control HomeKit devices

Apple has updated its site today with official information about HomeKit and how to get your new devices set up, but also mentions you’ll need an Apple TV to take full advantage of its features.

Windows will make it easier to remote-control Linux PCs

In case there was any doubt that Microsoft's war against Linux is ( mostly ) over , the company just offered another olive branch. The company has revealed that its PowerShell team is working on support for the Secure Shell protocol and shell sessions (aka SSH) to make it easier for Windows- and Linux-based PCs to connect to and remotely control each other. While SSH has been an option in the Windows world, Microsoft's Angel Calvo says there have been "limited implementations" so far -- this would simplify things and give you "tight integration" with Windows that wasn't feasible before. It's too early to tell when the feature will be available, but it's at least in the cards.

Large Hadron Collider turns on 'data tap' - BBC News

"This period is really when we start to get the first significant data from the 13 TeV collisions. It is a bit like turning on a tap, but this is just the start," Dan Tovey, professor of particle physics at the University of Sheffield, UK, told BBC News.

The Verge on Twitter

When you tweet with a location, Twitter stores that location. You can switch location on/off before each Tweet and always have the option to delete your location history. Learn more

'I Am Cait': The first look at Caitlyn Jenner's E! series

"So many people go through life and they never deal with their own issues, no matter what the issues are," Jenner says during the promo's opening shots. "Ours happen to be gender identity, but how many people go through life and just waste their entire life because they never deal with themselves, to be who they are?"

ZDNet on Twitter

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