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SpaceX re-launches a Dragon capsule for the first time

SpaceX has successfully re-launched a Dragon capsule for the first time.

Apple doesn't love me anymore, croons lifetime fanboy

Commentary: Roberto Hoyos, the man behind the "Make Apple Great Again" hats, returns with a sad remake of Ed Sheeran's "Shape Of You."

Watch SpaceX launch its first used Dragon spacecraft to the International Space Station

Today, SpaceX is set to launch another one of its Falcon 9 rockets from Florida, sending cargo and supplies to the International Space Station for NASA. It’s an otherwise routine launch that will...

Watch SpaceX Relaunch a Commercial Cargo Capsule for the First Time

No other private company has ever sent the same cargo capsule into space twice.

Watch SpaceX launch a recycled Dragon capsule to resupply the ISS

SpaceX is getting ready for its second launch attempt for CRS-11, a resupply mission to the International Space Station that was originally set to launch on..

The Best Drones of 2017

A high-quality drone is a serious investment. We've flown plenty, and these are the top performers in our tests.

Watch SpaceX launch a recycled Dragon capsule to resupply the ISS

SpaceX is getting ready for its second launch attempt for CRS-11, a resupply mission to the International Space Station that was originally set to launch on..

What it's like to be axed from a Star Wars film

Bai Ling was set to appear in both Star Wars and Playboy -- until George Lucas cut her out of "Revenge of the Sith". Does she have any regrets? We talk to the actor as Star Wars turns 40.

Watch SpaceX Relaunch a Commercial Cargo Capsule for the First Time

No other private company has ever sent the same cargo capsule into space twice.

Watch SpaceX launch a recycled Dragon capsule to resupply the ISS

SpaceX is getting ready for its second launch attempt for CRS-11, a resupply mission to the International Space Station that was originally set to launch on..

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Audi level 3 autonomous vehicle testing coming to New York

This June, Audi will become the first car company to test automated vehicles on the streets of New York, including automated cars that have achieved an automation level of 3. Testing will take place in the city of Albany starting in the middle of June.

Told you that you were getting good sleep, says Fitbit

When you look at a company with such a large, diverse user base, it’s hard to ignore the sheer volume of data these wearables generate. Since 2010, Fitbit has logged over 4 billion nights of sleep from its users. This gives it a data pool of over 23 million hours of slumber in order to better understand and improve on its tracker’s ability to accurately log sleep patterns.

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Apple Music Marketing Executive Bozoma Saint John Is Leaving the Company

Apple is potentially rumored to announce another Apple Music refresh with the unveiling of iOS 11 next week. But amidst all that, it looks like Apple Music Global Marketing’s Executive Bozoma Saint John is looking to leave the company.

The Best Computer Monitors of 2017

Size: Desktop monitors generally fall between 15 and 34 inches. The size of the panel is measured diagonally. While it's always nice to have a big viewing area, it may not be practical, given desktop space constraints. Plus, the bigger the screen, the more you can expect to pay. A 24-inch monitor is a good choice if you wish to view multipage documents or watch movies, but have limited desk space. But there's nothing like watching a movie or playing a game on a large screen, so if you have room on your desktop, a 27-inch display delivers a big-screen experience for a reasonable price. Or, if space is not an issue, consider a massive 34-inch, curved-screen model to bring a true movie-theater experience to your desktop. If you're looking to replace a dual-monitor setup with a single display, check out one of the ultra-wide, big-screen models. They are available in sizes ranging from 29 to 38 inches with curved and non-curved panels, have a 21:9 aspect ratio, and come in a variety of resolutions, including Wide Quad High-Definition (WQHD) and Ultra High-Definition (UHD).

Sick of ads? Now you can pay Google not to see them, plus sites can charge ad-blocker users | ZDNet

"With Funding Choices, now in beta, publishers can show a customized message to visitors using an ad blocker, inviting them to either enable ads on their site, or pay for a pass that removes all ads on that site through the new Google Contributor," explained Sridhar Ramaswamy, senior vice president of Google's ads and commerce business.

NASapalooza: a first look at six hot new NAS boxes - Video | ZDNet

What happens when six hot new NAS boxes arrive at the door? It's NASapalooza! In this video, David compares the Synology DiskStation DS1817+, the QNAP TVS-473, the Buffalo TeraStation 5410DN, the TerraMaster NAS F2-420, Western Digital MyCloud PR4100, and the nearly indestructible ioSafe 1515+.

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Facebook activates its safety check in London as police respond to three separate security incidents

Rotimatic makes flatbread a breeze, but it'll set you back $1,000

The $1,000 (roughly £780 or AU$1,350) Rotimatic automates making roti, a type of flatbread that's found in India, Southeast Asia and the West Indies. You add flour, water and oil to the machine, and it churns out a roti in about two and a half minutes.

Before buying a sound bar, consider the alternatives

Every time I play the B6 speakers I can't get over how good they are for the money. Here, teamed with the C 338, the speakers are even better than usual. There's a richness to the sound, and yet clarity is very decent with the CD soundtrack of Hans Zimmer's score for "The Thin Red Line." This music has incredibly deep drums and I was taken back by how this little system held its own down there.

'Game of Thrones' may make fans wait till 2019 for final season

The good news, of course, is that the second-to-the-last season, season seven, is still arriving on July 16. But it's just six episodes long, so we'll barely have fallen back into the world of Westeros before it's time to wait again. Possibly for well more than a year. Heck, Jon Snow could die and be reborn a dozen times by then.

iOS 11 Wishlist Roundup: 10 Features We Want to See in the next Version of iOS

iOS is officially 10 years old. It’s hard to believe it’s been a decade and in so many ways, iOS has managed to stay the same. Yes, there are power user features but they’re usually hidden behind layers of simplicity. Here at iPhoneHacks we’re a bunch of geeks and power users, so our wishlist is of course filled with power user features we’d like to see in iOS 11.

Why a laptop ban could be good for productivity - Video | ZDNet

If the proposed ban on laptops and tablets takes effect, time spent in flight could be a chance to get some real work done. ZDNet's Larry Dignan and TechRepublic's Dan Patterson explain why.

How iOS 11 could change the iPhone

On Monday, we'll get our first look at iOS 11. And considering that it's the iPhone's tenth anniversary, it's safe to say that expectations are high. What will Apple dream up to match the rumored overhauls in the iPhone 8 hardware? After polling my CNET colleagues, here are our best guesses... and what we want to see after iOS 10 .

Our favorite classic viral videos

Editor's note: Every week we turn to our office water cooler to tap its collective wisdom. This week, our colleagues share their favorite viral videos from before "viral video" was a thing.

​Laptop, tablet ban? Here's why it could actually be good | ZDNet

No laptop or tablet means you may be able to actually do some strategic thinking. Some of the best ideas and introspection happen when you're stuck on a plane. You read. You tune out. You even think a bit. The laptop ban is the second best outcome to nuking in-flight Wi-Fi (sorry GoGo). Without a laptop or tablet you're less likely to spend time on email, that dopey presentation no one will remember in two days and all that grunt work that passes for corporate productivity. The airplane used to be a place to think, but now Wi-Fi and a laptop has made it an extension of work. Here's the rub: Your best business ideas typically come when you're not working. Remove the laptop and tablet and you remove one obstacle to ideation. Worst case is that you give your brain a break, tech detox and some meditation time.

2 Ways to Quickly Open a New Tab in Safari on iPhone

I don’t know about you, but I find myself opening a new tab in Safari at least a dozen times a day. Instead of going through Spotlight search, I directly jump to Safari when I know what it is I’m looking for – checking latest stories on iPhone Hacks, opening a TV show page in Wikipedia, or just googling something.

Trump administration approves social media screening for visa applicants

US visa applicants may be required to disclose any social media handles, email addresses, and phone numbers used over the previous five years, under new procedures approved by the Trump administration. As Reuters reports , a new questionnaire for visa applicants was approved by the Office of Management and Budget on May 23rd, after receiving sharp criticism during a public comment period.

Logitech MX Master 2S

With its new Flow software, this magic mouse can switch between computers -- regardless of OS -- as if they were one.

Watch Ariana Grande's 'One Love Manchester' concert live on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter

Fans will also be able to donate to help victims of the bombing that killed 22 people and injured others after the pop star's concert in Manchester last month.

Microsoft's Windows 10: Some coming features emerge amid the test-build mess | ZDNet

Microsoft actually planned to release new test builds of Windows 10 to both PC and mobile testers on June 1. Officials hinted that PC testers would be getting 16203 and mobile testers a new "Feature 2" release, Build 15220, of Windows 10. After the mix-up, officials said they would not be releasing any new builds this week after all. However, at least one person I know, Neowin's Rich Woods, did manage to get Feature 2 build 15220 to download to his HP Elite X3 phone .

Applying for a US visa? Now the government wants to see your social media accounts

Foreigners applying for a visa to enter the US will now be asked to turn over their social media handles for the past five years, as well as biographical information -- including email addresses and phone numbers -- for the past 15 years.

COBOL programmers know old != bad - TechRepublic

Most articles about COBOL imply that the language is obsolete, companies using it are foolish, and it's hard for young people to learn. But these may be gross misconceptions.

Slim Asus gaming laptop finds room for an Nvidia GTX 1080

The design of both laptops are somewhat similar. Both remove the trackpad from the bottom of the keyboard, leaving a large patch of empty space below the screen and above the keyboard. The trackpad is now at the side and doubles up as a numpad. It's weird, to say the least, but it's likely deliberate and prompted by Nvidia's Max-Q design architecture requirements.

How Android Creator Plans to Take on Apple and Samsung

Niccolo De Masi, president and COO of Andy Rubin's new company Essential, discusses the company's new smartphone with Bloomberg's Emily Chang on "Bloomberg Technology." (Source: Bloomberg)

10 tips for running a successful analytics project outside of IT - TechRepublic

Before moving forward on any big data and analytics software search mission, you should have a concrete business case that the software is capable of solving. Along with this, you also should identify a return on investment (ROI) that you expect the software to give back. If you are pursuing analytics that can assess the risk of your financial portfolio, the objective should be to show how by identifying risk areas that your company can avoid, your company can avoid financial loss. If your goal is to improve marketing by better pinpointing consumer behaviors and buying references in certain geographical areas, your goal should to improve sales revenues. In almost every case, the company is going to be looking for hard dollar revenue gains or operating cost reductions. It isn't good enough to set a project goal like "reduce paperwork in finance"—unless you can also prove that paperwork reduction will lead to improvements in financial close cycles, cash management and accounts receivables performance.

Better Wi-Fi in six easy steps | ZDNet

With the countless of devices we have nowadays all wanting a piece of our internet connection, who doesn't want better Wi-Fi? Here's how to get the best possible coverage for the least hassle.

Alleged source within Foxconn takes to Reddit to blab about Apple smart glasses, 'iPhone 8,' more

An extensive thread from "Foxconninsider" on Reddit has answered user questions about forthcoming Apple products, including limited information on a 2018 MacBook Pro refresh, the death of the MacBook Air, an "Apple Smart Glasses" project, the "Siri Speaker" and the "iPhone 8" —but a previous rumor that was refuted has been reiterated and casts significant doubt on the user and the data provided.

The final season of 'Game of Thrones' might not air until 2019 and how are we supposed to live?

"This is a really embryonic process. I haven’t even seen outlines. In the press at large, everybody said, ‘there are four spinoffs’ and they assume that means each one is happening and we’re going to have a new Game of Thrones show per quarter. That’s not what’s going on," Bloys clarified. "The idea is not to do four shows. The bar set by [Benioff and Weiss] is so high that my hope is to get one show that lives up to it. Also, this is a long-term plan. Our No. 1 goal is the seventh season this summer and getting the eighth season written and aired ... If any of these scripts come to pass, you’re not going to see anything air anytime close to the Season 8 finale."

Nokia 3310: Bare bones and lovin’ it

It turns out battery life isn't a problem when you ditch the massive touchscreen and all but the most basic of functionality. Without modern features bogging it down, the 3310's battery life is superb. Nokia says it can last for up to a month on a single charge, and while I haven't been able to test this fully, it's managed to last a long weekend of taking photos, listening to music and playing Snake without needing charging.

Windows 10: Get ready for PCs with 'beyond all-day' battery life - TechRepublic

In a demo at Computex tech conference in Taiwan, Qualcomm revealed new details about forthcoming Windows 10 PCs running on the ARM-based Snapdragon 835 chipset used in high-end smartphones.

Apple’s WWDC 2017: a Siri speaker, iOS 11, and what else to expect

On Monday, Apple will kick off this year’s Worldwide Developers Conference with a keynote presentation where, like every year, the company’s top executives will take the stage to talk about their next big releases. Traditionally, WWDC has been a software show, with a heavy focus on iOS and macOS (and, recently, tvOS and watchOS as well). But this year, there have been rumblings that we should expect some hardware news too — including at least one brand new product — which could make the event even more interesting than usual.

Valve Sets Steam Direct Fee at $100 Per Game

Steam Greenlight charged a one-time fee and allowed developers to submit as many games as they want. But the Steam Direct fee will be recouple, which means Valve will refund the $100 once a game makes $1,000 in sales, Ars Technica reports . There's no word as to when, exactly, the Steam Direct process will go into effect.

Cookies are Not Accepted - New York Times

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Plex now gets live TV from an antenna

The Samsung Galaxy S8's fast speeds and fantastic curved screen make it a top phone for 2017, but the annoying fingerprint reader could sour your experience.

How to use the Fresh Start feature in Windows 10 Creators Update - TechRepublic

The Fresh Start feature basically performs a clean install of Windows 10 while leaving your data intact. More specifically, when you choose Fresh Start, it will find and back up all your data, settings, and native apps. After that, it will remove most of the applications from your system and install a fresh copy of the most recent version of Windows 10—which the operation downloads from the Microsoft site, rather than pulling an old copy from a restore partition.

Walmart taps store associates for last-mile delivery program | ZDNet

At this point the program is available in two New Jersey stores and one store in Northwest Arkansas. Associates opt-in to participate as drivers, and use technology that Lore says lets workers set preferences for how many packages they want to deliver, weight limits for the packages, and which days they're available to make deliveries. The technology also aims to allocate packages in a way that minimizes the collective distance workers must travel off of their commute to make a delivery.

Testing the new Nokia 3310's camera in London

The Samsung Galaxy S8's fast speeds and fantastic curved screen make it a top phone for 2017, but the annoying fingerprint reader could sour your experience.

How to free up gigabytes of space on your iPhone or iPad | ZDNet

Running low on space on your iPhone or iPad? I know it can be a real pain because it can get in the way of you taking a photo, downloading a new app, or even working with a document you have stored on the handset. But fear not! Here's how to free up potentially gigabytes of space with only a few taps.

Understanding Excel's conditional formatting rules can help prevent unintended results - TechRepublic

Excel's conditional formatting is a powerful and versatile tool that lets you dynamically control formatting. For instance, you might implement a rule that displays a value in red if it reaches a threshold of 500 or greater. Or you might display an entire record in yellow when an order date is older than two weeks. But sometimes the rules you apply don't display the results you intended. This can happen when ambiguity exists between rules. In this article, I'll explain how Excel applies rules. With a better understanding of these rules, you'll avoid unintended results.

FCC Considering Nightmare Rules That Allow Telemarketers to Go Straight to Voicemail

It’s a legal gray area that some companies are already taking advantage of, but the FCC is currently deciding if it wants to make it officially acceptable. Telemarketers and robocall services hope to take advantage of a loophole that would allow them to skip the call and just flood your voicemail inbox with messages.

10 Apps Every Lazy Person Needs

Okay, now things are getting ridiculous. If it's your birthday and you don't feel like mustering up the energy to puff out the candles on your cake, pay a buck and download Blower , which transforms your iPhone speaker into a miniature air puffer. Blower uses the vibrations created by low-frequency sound waves to move air in front of the speaker area, and it's strong enough to snuff small candles and puff a little bit of confetti for a tiny, incredibly sad party. Which, to be frank, if you're lazy enough to use all these apps is the only party you're likely to have.

Android creator Andy Rubin’s Essential Phone looks stunning and will cost $699

There’s been much speculation around the new project from Andy Rubin, the man responsible for developing Android, and now we have the answer. Well, part of the answer, at least.

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Al Gore's Sequel to An Inconvenient Truth Gets Recut for One Very Obvious Reason

An Inconvenient Sequel follows all of the progress and setbacks that have occurred in the 11 years since the original. It shows the growing impact that climate change is having on the world, as well as the huge strides we’re making in renewable energy. One major subplot involves the signing of the Paris Accord by all but two nations in the world. Now that the US will join Syria and Nicaragua as the only countries living in a fantasy land, the film needs a little bit of reworking. The July 28th release has been pushed back to August 4th. Following Trump’s announcement on Thursday, Al Gore had this to say in a statement:

Make Your Own Bootleg HoloLens With the Cardboard Holokit

While the world catches up with VR, imperfect but affordable options for entry like Google Cardboard and Samsung’s Gear VR will get the job done. But augmented/mixed reality is also proving itself to be a ripe new field and for anyone looking to dip their toes in the water of this brave new world, the Holokit has come to save the day.

10 Games Every Nintendo Wii U Player Needs

$59.99 The premiere game for the Wii U could be the best 3D Mario game since Super Mario 64. Yes, better than Super Mario Galaxy. A big reason why is because Mario in HD looks fantastic. Mario's whimsical, colorful visuals were born for high-def. The orchestrated music will make you wish all Mario games sound this way. The controls feel perfect. Each level is filled with new ideas to toy with like a stage where platforms vanish and reappear to the rhythm of the music. It's also a fantastic multiplayer game. You will argue, yell, and finally agree to work together to find every single last star, stamp, and secret (find all the hidden Luigis!) until you've conquered the game and either replay it all over again or await the inevitable sequel (we hope). A must-have for any Wii U owner.

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49 Gizmodo on Twitter

Gaze in awe at Logan's beautifully gruesome visual effects.

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If you're going to use your pet's name as a password, it better be good (Photo: Bideawee)

51 Get a Surface Pro 4 with keyboard for $659.99
52 The Wonder Woman Movie Is Even Better Than You Hoped It Would Be
53 Google's spreadsheet editor Sheets gets more machine learning features | ZDNet
54 Fox News Gets Mad That Wonder Woman Isn't in Her American Apparel Underwear
55 All Dutch trains now run on 100% wind power
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57 Legos, drones, robots come alive with Swift Playgrounds
58 4 simple note-taking extensions for Chrome
59 Telling the time at night
61 How to conduct a production outage post-mortem - TechRepublic
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63 Top 10 Google Assistant Tips and Tricks for iPhone
64 Walmart will start training employees in virtual reality
65 Nuance Nina wants to make Alexa more business friendly with its 'human-like' AI assistant - TechRepublic
66 New discounts on the Amazon Echo, DJI Osmo, and more of the week’s best tech deals
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68 Uber knew it was shortchanging drivers since 2015, report suggests
69 Elon Musk's Hyperloop: Can this new test track bring subsonic pod travel closer? | ZDNet
70 The best $5 I ever spent on an iPhone app
71 Red-hot tech stocks are getting a boost from an unexpected source
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73 Foxconn Insider Reveals Details About iPhone 8, 2017 Mac Refresh, Apple's AR Glasses, More
74 This Jailbreak Tweak Adds Macbook Pro's Touch Bar to your iPhone
75 The Master & Dynamic MW60 x Leica headphone collab is all about love of the look
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81 Crypto Tokens: A Breakthrough in Open Network Design
82 These female characters are as badass as Wonder Woman, even without superpowers
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84 JetBlue will test facial recognition for boarding
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88 Small Businesses Cheer ‘New Sheriff in Town’ After Climate Pact Exit
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