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What’s The iPhone Done To Us?

The technology we’ve adopted the fastest was supposed to bring us closer together.

Facebook’s Aquila drone completes its second test flight, lands well this time

Facebook's plan to use large solar-powered high-altitude drones to connect areas of the world that traditionally haven't had reliable internet access marked a..

Germany just legalized same-sex marriage

The country's Parliament voted overwhelmingly on Friday to allow gay men and lesbians full marital rights, including the

Dog utterly loses control when it's time to go for a walk

He's just really really excited, OK?

DNP This is what the insides of an Amazon Echo Show look like

Inside Amazon's speaker with a a speaker and a screen

Future of the iPhone: 10 years in, what's next for world-changing device?

Can the iPhone be just as revolutionary over the next 10 years? What else can it do? A look at the future of the iPhone.

Netflix’s Death Note trailer gives us our first real look at L

Atlanta star Lakeith Stanfield plays the iconic role

Unity is the little game engine that could revolutionize animated movies

This week, I attended the Unite Europe conference in Amsterdam, where more than 1,400 current and aspiring game developers gathered to see the latest tools and innovations from Unity, the company...

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Germany passes controversial law to fine Facebook over hate speech

German lawmakers have passed a controversial law under which Facebook, Twitter, and other social media companies could face fines of up to €50 million ($57 million) for failing to remove hate speech. The Social Network Enforcement Act, commonly referred to as the “Facebook law,” was passed by the Bundestag, Germany’s parliamentary body, on Friday. It will go into effect in October.

Samsung reportedly plans to build the world's largest OLED factory

Though the final investment plans won't be confirmed until after a board of directors meeting next month, the proposed plant would be the largest OLED facility in the world, cementing Samsung as the leading supplier of the high-end displays.

StarCraft: Remastered will let you fight the 4K swarm in August

The core gameplay remains the same, but the enhancements include better graphics, support for widescreen monitors and 4K resolution, along with improved music, sound and remastered dialogue to boot.

Silicon Valley Women, in Cultural Shift, Frankly Describe Sexual Harassment

Now some of these female entrepreneurs have decided to take that risk. More than two dozen women in the technology start-up industry spoke to The Times in recent days about being sexually harassed. Ten of them named the investors involved, often providing corroborating messages and emails, and pointed to high-profile venture capitalists such as Chris Sacca of Lowercase Capital and Dave McClure of 500 Startups, who did not dispute the accounts.

Best tech deals to expect on Amazon Prime Day 2017

The first is a trial of Amazon Music Unlimited, its music streaming service, which is £0.99 for four months. There will also be the chance for members to save up to 40 per cent on a Kindle Unlimited membership, while between July 3 - August 6 members can save up to 25 per cent with vouchers on everyday essentials from the Prime Pantry.

Despite the election hack, US tech companies fought sanctions to maintain ties with Russian spy service

WASHINGTON/MOSCOW (Reuters) - As U.S. officials investigated in January the FSB's alleged role in election cyber attacks, U.S. technology firms were quietly lobbying the government to soften a ban on dealing with the Russian spy agency, people with direct knowledge of the effort told Reuters.

Zack Whittaker on Twitter

Just in: With a single wiretap order, US authorities intercepted and listened in on over 3 million phone calls.

Afghanistan’s all-girl teen robotics team denied entry to US

The team, brought together by Afghanistan's first woman tech CEO, Roya Mahboob, has designed a ball-sorting robot that will be shipped to the US for the competition and they'll be able to video conference into the event when their robot is evaluated. A team from Gambia has also been denied visas and the State Department can't comment on why because the records are confidential.

Silicon Valley Women, in Cultural Shift, Frankly Describe Sexual Harassment

Now some of these female entrepreneurs have decided to take that risk. More than two dozen women in the technology start-up industry spoke to The Times in recent days about being sexually harassed. Ten of them named the investors involved, often providing corroborating messages and emails, and pointed to high-profile venture capitalists such as Chris Sacca of Lowercase Capital and Dave McClure of 500 Startups, who did not dispute the accounts.

Real estate company Redfin files for IPO

What can LPs do? For starters, many LPs need to improve their due diligence. "Check the returns and check the box" no longer cuts it and, if an LP walks into the next Binary that way, they deserve what comes from their superiors. There has been some talk of inserting morals clauses into LP agreements, and that could be helpful if well written. A better option, however, could be to require that any allegations of sexual harassment, discrimination (sexual or racial), violence or other misdeeds by a member of the VC firm be confidentially reported to the firm's limited partner advisory committees (LPACs). Even if no action is taken, the largest fund investors would be aware, and it would better inform future commitment decisions.

Elon Musk says The Boring Company’s first car elevator is nearly operational

Elon Musk’s tunnel venture The Boring Company is plugging away on its first tunnel section, and it’s not just a hole in the ground – the multi-co. CEO noted on Twitter that the car/pod elevator that will be used to bring vehicles below ground to the tunnel is likely going to be operational next week.

Germany votes for 50m euro social media fines - BBC News

Social media companies in Germany face fines of up to 50m euros ($57.1; £43.9m) if they fail to remove "obviously illegal" content in time.

The Life, Death, and Legacy of iPhone Jailbreaking | Hacker News

As the developer of Cydia, I work very closely with the people who work on these exploits (and am often, though not quite always, seen as sufficiently "neutral" to be talking to multiple groups at once), and the primary factor for iOS 10 really is that the device is now extremely secure combined with "some of the people who previously had worked attacking the device played mercenary and 'switched sides' when Apple came by looking to hire them" (which both makes it more secure and reduces the brain power available to the side of the resistance). Apple also changed their policies for fixing bugs, even low-priority ones, to get patches out sooner (and the jailbreaks also started being forced to use higher priority bugs, so the windows of applicability for various tools has been extremely low in the last couple years). A big thing to understand is that the jailbreaks have also become "more complex to use and maintain for the user" in addition to "less likely to be found" for the developers: the jailbreaks available for iOS 9.3 and later versions was brutal.

Equity podcast: Sexual harassment takes down Binary Capital and Blue Apron’s lackluster IPO

Blue Apron is a New York-based start-up that is changing the way people cook at home. Our weekly subscription service delivers everything you need to make fresh meals. We go shopping for our customers at wholesale, and deliver all the ingredients in exactly the right proportions, along with beautifully printed recipe cards. It's like having your own private chef-- you'll discover new recipes, eat fresher …

UK's 'extreme mass surveillance' web snooping powers face legal challenge | ZDNet

The government argues that it needs access to the data to help with criminal investigations and that the legislation is required because so much communication is done online. But Liberty said the legislation had passed through Parliament in part thanks to "shambolic political opposition" and that the government failed to provide evidence that surveillance of everybody in the UK was lawful or necessary.


This website lets you create your very own cat purr

If your allergy-prone roommate won’t let you have a cat, Purrli's the next best thing.

When the chime drops: tracking the rise of the iPhone sample in music

Iodice posted the track to SoundCloud more than five years ago, and she says people are still listening to it. “Every now and then I forget that [the track] even exists and then I go back on my SoundCloud and see how many listens it’s got, and it’s got something like 14,000,” Iodice told me. “It kind of blew me away. I didn’t expect anyone to listen to it.”

CNET News on Twitter

If you like CNET, our first editor-in-chief, the late Chris Barr, is one of the big reasons why

Ron Howard shares cryptic photo from Han Solo set

Tweeting behind-the-scenes photos and videos from the movie set seems to be new tradition for filmmakers, so it shouldn't be a surprise that director Ron Howard has shared his first photo from the set of the upcoming Han Solo movie .

Brilliant dog hack keeps pups safe but makes them look ridiculous

Brilliant dog hack keeps pups safe but makes them look ridiculous

How to deter hackers: Follow these digital safety best practices - TechRepublic

Nothing guarantees perfect online security. But these checklists will help lock down and protect your digital life, keeping you one step ahead of the bad guys.

A Look Inside the Art Behind the Earliest Days of Steven Universe

Published by Abrams Books, Steven Universe: Art and Origins offers fans rare insight into the process of making the show, as well as tons of glimpses into the earliest days of its creation, back when series creator Rebecca Sugar was doodling images of a floofy-haired, stubbly teenager in her notebook while pitching the series’ pilot to the network. Alongside rare storyboards, concept art, background pieces, and character design iterations, the book—written by Chris McDonnell, with forewords and introductions by Rebecca Sugar and Genndy Tartakovsky—also features exclusive commentary from artists who’ve worked on the show, providing insight into the universe of Steven and the Crystal Gems on an unprecedented scale.

Race to the future - Reuters TV

Technology from around the world is accelerating the change in our way of life. Here’s your first step to keeping up with what’s going on.

One month with the BlackBerry KEYone: Productivity and battery life trump mid-level specs | ZDNet

After using the BlackBerry KEYone for a month, it is easy to see how this mid-level specced device serves as a productive daily driver for enterprise customers. It's been a joy to use and the classy looking device fits in perfectly at the office.

A smart shirt for cows helps fight the heat in Japan

Tests done by Gunze and the Kyoto Prefectural Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Technology Center have proven Ushi-ble effective in minimising the consequences of heat stress in cows. For example, while milk production usually falls by around 10 percent during summer, a reduction in the decline is observed in cows donning the shirt.

Microsoft’s canceled Surface Mini tablet emerges in leaked images

The Surface Mini was an 8-inch device with a 1440 x 1080 display, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor, 1GB of RAM, and 32GB of storage. Microsoft even included its typical kickstand on the Surface Mini, alongside what appears to be a rubber-style exterior that would have shipped in a variety of colors. As the Surface Mini was powered by an ARM processor, it was designed to run Windows RT and support the same Surface Pen (with a loop on the kickstand) as the bigger Surface Pro 3 tablet.

How IoT is empowering the elderly to become healthier and more productive - TechRepublic

By connecting to a device like a smartphone, the GlucoMe blood glucose meter is less expensive than options that connect to expensive devices, like IMT devices. Aharon said the company didn't have to add a single hardware component to make this happen—instead, they have a technique that can transfer data on wireless. "It's kind of like the Shazam app, meaning that the device actually beeps the result to the smartphone and then the smartphone, using our own app, picks up the signal," he said. "So in less than a second, it sends the data to the smartphone and then the smartphone app can pick up the signal."

TNW on Twitter

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Linux survival guide: These 21 applications let you move easily between Linux and Windows | ZDNet

If you need to navigate regularly between Linux and the Windows world, there are many applications that can make your job easier. We spotlight 21 quality applications that will pave the way.

Jay Z has used his latest albums as corporate bargaining chips

In the last four years, Jay Z has released two albums, both through non-traditional means. While most artists would sign with a record label to release their album, the most successful hip-hop artist of all time, a man worth $810 million, has made deals with a smartphone maker and carrier to cover distribution and promotion. The total value of the agreements, which include not just Jay Z’s music, but his businesses is a whopping $220 million.

Ransomware attacks: Here's what we need to learn from WannaCry and Petya - TechRepublic

Understand what data really matters and protect it. It may not be what - or where - you think it is. Some of the most important information may not be well structured and duplicated in a corporate database but may be sitting on a single PC. And staff may not ever consider the consequences of losing access to a particular file or spreadsheet. Ransomware isn't the only disaster that can hit a PC but it's a good opportunity to consider where the critical data in your organisation is, and how to protect it better. Don't assume you've identified it all.

One of Supergirl's Best Stories Just Flubbed the Finish

Supergirl: Being Super— a four-issue miniseries about a teenage Kara Danvers living in rural America with zero Kryptonian memories and confusing fluctuations in her powers—concluded this week. It’s been a really wonderful ride and, if it hadn’t taken such a misstep in the final pages of the last issue, it would have been not just one of the best Supergirl stories told, but one of the best Super-stories period.

Engadget on Twitter

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Mashable on Twitter

You can stop holding your breath, Bey Hive. Beyoncé and JAY-Z's twins' names may have been revealed.

AT&T's DirecTV Now expands its local channel lineup

AT&T plans to add even more local ABC, NBC and FOX affiliates to its lineup by the end of August. "We are pleased to add additional content to the DirecTV Now offering by more than doubling our live local channels lineup today," said AT&T's Daniel York in a statement. "We will keep the momentum going, and have plans to keep the number of local channels growing on DirecTV Now."

TPG Leads $437 Million Investment in a Korean Rival to Uber

The investment gives Kakao, which in past years has managed to beat back its larger U.S. rival in the domestic ride-hailing market, a cash infusion to further expand its online portfolio. The spinoff, to be called Kakao Mobility, aims to roll out new services in the second half, including corporate taxis, parking and automatic payments. Its core will remain the two-year-old Kakao Taxi app, which handles about 1.5 million calls daily from roughly 14.9 million users.

Cisco Live 2017: How apps can make or break digital transformation in the enterprise - TechRepublic

Matt Chotin, senior director of AppDynamics, talks about how having the right app is essential to digital transformation. A new study shows that 60% of consumers have deleted an app or abandoned a website after just one attempt, if there are problems with performance, particularly when it's a banking app.

New Yorkers are using underground Wi-Fi to vent about the broken subway — and it’s working

New Yorkers have known for a long time that their subway was busted. But until recently, they lacked a venue to vent their frustration publicly. Thankfully, Governor Andrew Cuomo came along and installed wireless internet in all 279 underground subway stations, so when someone is stuck on an F train with no air-conditioning for over an hour, or is forced to evacuate through the rat- and smoke-filled tunnels after an A train derails , they can do what they’ve always wanted to: tweet their complaints directly at Cuomo.

Palmer Luckey gives monetary middle finger to Facebook and Oculus

Palmer Luckey, co-founder of Oculus virtual reality, gave his old employers at Oculus and Facebook a huge middle finger this week by donating thousands of dollars to a VR project that makes Oculus-exclusive VR games playable on its competitor's VR device, the HTC Vive.

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We held the Super Nintendo Classic, ever so briefly

Fantastic -- on paper. The collection of 21 games, while nine fewer than the NES Classic, are generally higher quality. Super Mario World, Super Metroid, Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past and Earthbound are some of the best games Nintendo has. A second controller is a nice touch, given the presence of such two-player titans as Street Fighter II, Mario Kart and Donkey Kong Country. The price works out well, too: at the $8-a-game price of Super NES games on Nintendo's Virtual Console, this collection would cost $168 a la carte.

Forbes Tech News on Twitter

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Athlete Poop Won't Improve Your Athletic Performance

The human body isn’t just your cells, but a home for trillions of bacteria. We know that many of those bacteria serve important purposes, and imbalances or a lack of diversity could lead to illness. But research into this field is pretty new. At least, new enough that you shouldn’t just transplant someone else’s gut bacteria into your own colon without good reason.

Take a look at the prototypes for the original iPhone

This week is the 10 year anniversary of the original iPhone being released to the public (in the US, the rest of the world had to wait a few more months) and it’s amazing to look back on how far phones have come.

One of the best iPhone photos this year was taken in Singapore

Speaking to CNET, Singaporean photographer Yeo Yeow Kwang, who won second place for his pensive shot of a Chinese opera singer in Singapore, said he decided to enter as there was a "general misconception that the iPhone (or any other smartphone)" isn't capable of taking a quality picture.

Engadget on Twitter

Elon Musk's 'Godot' machine cuts its first LA tunnel segment

This RV Full Of Lawyers Is Touring Rural America To Save Young Immigrants From Deportation

The Santa Fe Dreamers Project considers itself more than a charity. Love wants to highlight how effective immigration policies go beyond humanitarian reasons—it’s just good business. She intends to change the public’s narrative, shifting the focus to what communities can expect by investing in young immigrants. “We need to stop talking about [immigration] as if it’s charity,” stresses Love. “We need to start crunching numbers.”

TNW on Twitter

McMansion Hell revives its hilarious blog after ending legal spat with Zillow

Screen recording comes to iOS 11

With the shortcut added to Control Center, swipe up from the bottom of your iOS device's screen and tap the Screen Recording button. The button will immediately turn red, indicating it's active. A blue bar is also placed across the top of your screen, with a timer as a way to let you know you are still recording your screen.

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80 Apple's A10X Chip is Based on TSMC's 10nm FinFET Fab; Smallest Chip Ever Used Inside iPad
81 McClure steps back at 500 Startups after internal sexual misconduct investigation
82 Binary Capital’s investors just accepted Jonathan Teo’s resignation
83 IGN on Twitter
84 500 Startups replaced CEO Dave McClure because of ‘inappropriate interactions with women’
85 Facebook now has 2 billion monthly users… and responsibility
86 The head of one of San Francisco's most famous startup farms is no longer running his firm after being accused of sexual harassment
87 Silicon Valley Women, in Cultural Shift, Frankly Describe Sexual Harassment
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