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Quiz App on Facebook Accidentally Exposes Data of 120M Users

The quiz app from mistakenly provided a way for any website to access the Facebook profile of its users. Data including name, age, birth date, Facebook photos and friends, were potentially exposed in the leak.

World Cup online bookmakers are set to make record $36B this year

Sports betting is worth up to £625 billion per year, with 70% of that trade reckoned to come from football. During big sporting competitions, such as the World Cup, even more money is spent gambling than usual. Over the 2018 World Cup, bookmakers are estimated to make a profit of US$36.4 billion (£41.3 billion). And …

Porsche shatters the Nürburgring record we thought was unbreakable

Porsche's hybrid racing car continues its amazing farewell tour.

AI in the workplace: Everything you need to know | ZDNet

How artificial intelligence will change the world of work, for better and for worse.

Here's how 'Wolfenstein II' manages to run on Nintendo Switch

What does it take to run a sophisticated game like 'Wolfenstein II' on the Switch? Many subtle (and not-so-subtle) graphics tweaks.

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8 years under a couch couldn't kill this vintage MacBook

Having run across it for the first time in years, covered with dust, I decided to see if it would even turn on. Opening the lid, the keys and touchpad showed signs of wear and heavy use, an issue with plastic products like this. There was a large crack in the polycarbonate body along the left side, leaving a piece of plastic hanging loose from the chassis.

This old black MacBook woke right up after eight years

I just ran across my old classic black polycarbonate MacBook for the first time in years, covered with dust, and decided to see if it would even turn on.

Technology and the sinister new frontier of domestic abuse

The police officer I spoke with says these kinds of technologies are increasingly common in domestic violence cases. Working on the front line, he's seen "GPS units that are installed on vehicles in order to stalk people and see who they're spending time with, hidden CCTV cameras ... keyloggers installed on people's computers in order to access their online accounts" -- the kind of surveillance tech that you'd hardly expect to find in the suburbs.

Today in Apple history: iPad surpasses 100,000 exclusive apps | Cult of Mac

Today, Apple continues to push the iPad as a platform for pro-oriented apps. At present, there are more than 725,000 apps designed specifically for the iPad, although the tablet can run almost any app in the App Store — making it the most versatile iOS device out there.

Two Earth-size planets now seem even more like Earth

So far scientists believe they know Kepler 186f orbits in the so-called goldilocks zone around a dwarf star in the direction of the constellation Cygnus. That means temperatures are right for water to pool on the surface. The planet's size and mass also indicate it has a rocky surface like that of our planet.

Nvidia GeForce GTX 1180's release date may have just leaked

It's possible that Lenovo's product manager misspoke, but if not, HotHardware says it'd be the first time we've had confirmation that Nvidia's next GPUs will actually be called 11 series (and thus GTX 1180, GTX 1170 etc) instead of the GeForce 20 series or something of the sort.

Inside Asia's biggest tech giant's $600M headquarters

Tencent, Asia's first tech company to cross the $500 billion valuation mark, has opened its swanky new headquarters in Shenzhen, China. Comprising of two towers, it can hold up to 11,000 employees.

Hidden details of Toy Story Land

And it's also held up by his books. Mr. Pricklepants belonged to Bonnie in Toy Story 3, but it seems Andy also knew of this character.

Supreme Court deals a blow to Apple Pay | Cult of Mac

But the Supreme Court’s ruling this week means that a retailer can not, for example, suggest to a customer who pulls out an American Express card “I see you have an iPhone. Why don’t you use Apple Pay?”

Future SD cards: Expect monster 128TB storage, plus zippier data transfers | ZDNet

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Compulab releases MintBox Mini 2 PC with Linux Mint 19 pre-installed | ZDNet

The above picture shows that the Mini 2 is barely bigger than a mouse, but the $299 base configuration ships with 4 gigs of RAM and a 64GB solid-state drive in addition to the "Apollo Lake" series CPU. For $50 more, you can move up to the Pro edition, which doubles the RAM and boosts the storage capacity to 120GB. of USB 3.0 and a pair of USB 2.0 connections, an HDMI output, and a Gigabit Ethernet port. If you don't want to hard wire your Internet connection, the Mini 2 features built 802.11ac Wi-Fi (along with Bluetooth support for wireless input devices).

Cracked iPhone screen? This 8-legged case promises no more smashed displays | ZDNet

This clever idea could be your best bet if you hate chunky cases but still want to protect your phone from falls.

AI and health: Using machine learning to understand the human immune system | ZDNet

If this all sounds a bit abstract, the practice could have concrete benefit: if the mapping works as Adaptive and Microsoft hope it should, it could mean that patients could be diagnosed with diseases before they even know they're sick. For example, the symptoms of ovarian cancer are so insidious, it's often not detected until it's at a late stage, when it carries a poor prognosis. By pre-emptively testing people with genetic mutations, such as BRCA1, that put them at greater risk of ovarian cancer, the test could pick up the tell-tale immune signals that indicate early cancer. The earlier you catch the disease, the better chance there is of treating it successfully.

'Breakthrough' algorithm exponentially faster than any previous one

Computer scientists at the Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS) have developed a completely new kind of algorithm, one that exponentially speeds up computation by dramatically reducing the number of parallel steps required to reach a solution.

Why your next pizza dinner or ice cream dessert may be made by a robot

A downtown Boston restaurant called Spyce houses seven robotic cooking pots, as reported by the Associated Press. After the food is finished and ready to be served, the robotic pots wash themselves with water jets before a new order begins, further limiting human jobs. Spyce continues to up the tech by allowing customers to order their food on a touch-screen menu, the report noted.


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You're a bit late. It's been out for nearly a week. So far, it seems stable enough to install on a primary device (apart from the odd bug/glitch).

Magical Hogwarts Mystery rakes in $40 million and counting | Cult of Mac

There are a couple of reasons for this success. The obvious one is it’s Harry Potter. Duh. But the other is that this game so frequently requests in-app purchases that it’s garnered heavy criticism.

Get fired up about these new gas grills

We considered the rib tests an anecdotal one. We covered a slab of pork ribs in seasoning rub and cooked them on each grill's warming rack over low heat (with all burners on) for three hours, then made adjustments to the next rib test depending on the result. For the Weber Spirit II E-310 and the Char-Broil Commercial Double Header, that baseline cook setting produced decent ribs. For the Broil King Baron 520 and the Char-Broil Performance XL, the 3 hours over low heat turned out burnt, inedible ribs. These grills cooked better ribs when we turned off two of the burners, left three on low heat and cooked them indirectly for 3 hours. This resulted in the best ribs we had during testing.

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Samsung Gear S4 smartwatch: Rumored specs, price and release date

Whether it's a bigger battery or a more efficient processor, expect the next Gear S4 watch to improve on past performance. Samsung's watches have actually done better than average, and the Gear S3 released in 2016 could already handle several days on a charge. But the Gear S3 is a big watch. Last year's Gear Sport traded out some features like speakerphone calling for a smaller size. Samsung's watches already have onboard sleep tracking much like Fitbit and Garmin watches do, but better battery life would still help.

From Verizon to Boost Mobile, who has the best prepaid wireless plan?

One more thing to note: T-Mobile handles multiple lines for prepaid customers differently than other carriers. Rather than letting you add lines to one of the plans listed above, it has a separate prepaid family plan for up to five lines. The date allowance for each line is 10GB including mobile hotspot use.

Old iPhone running slowly? iOS 12 will speed it up, tests show | ZDNet

iOS 12 brings some good news for you folks running older iPhones and iPads. But when it comes to watchOS 5, 1st-generation Apple Watches are left out in the cold (even if yours is the $10K solid gold Edition version!).

Amazon's new dock turns its tablets into an Echo Show | ZDNet

If the value of a visual complement to Alexa's voice UI has become important enough that Amazon feels it can sell it as a value-add, it shows that Alexa is increasingly moving beyond an agent tied to voice, helping to bridge a competitive advantage that Apple and Google can deliver with the smartphone's integrated display. That's an important capability as Amazon seeks to integrate Alexa into a wider array of products.


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Microsoft readies OneDrive for Business feature to aid in migrating local data off Windows PCs | ZDNet

Microsoft expects to roll out to all OneDrive for Business users on Windows 7, 8 and 10 by the end of July a new content-migration feature, Known File Migration.

Game faster with an Nvidia GTX 1060-equipped Dell laptop for $880

Light-up keyboard and touchpad in red and blue? Check! Big grills in the front and back for ventilation? Check! Game-ready graphics thanks to an Nvidia GTX 1060 GPU? Yes, sir. Big 256GB solid-state drive? You betcha.

The Best VPNs for Gaming

There is no magic tool in the world of security that will make you truly safe (or truly anonymous). If people want to target you specifically, and are willing to spend the time and money involved, they will probably succeed. But a VPN makes it that much harder, and can keep your data and personal information from being swept up in the kind of mass surveillance and attacks that we've seen lately. At the very least, you won't be the proverbial low-hanging fruit; the average attacker is more likely to go after an easier target.

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How to install and configure Squid proxy server on Linux

Clearly some of the above reasons are perfectly fitting for a business and some, well, may not fall in line with your best practices. Regardless, knowing how to install and configure a proxy server is a must-have skill for a network administrator. So, let's take care of that. I will demonstrate installing the Squid proxy server on Ubuntu 16.04 server .

The first public beta of macOS 10.14 Mojave is now available to download

As we mention in our guide to installing macOS 10.14 Mojave, you should take care if you’re planning to install it. This is because it is a very early public beta, which means not all features will be available, and there will likely be some bugs and issues in the software that Apple is working on fixing.

These World Cup-inspired Apple Watch bands are a real score

Rep your favorite soccer club with this great collection of artist-designed World Cup Apple Watch bands. The 18 countries included in the collection are: Argentine, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Germany, England, France, Italy,  Japan, Mexico, Portugal, Russia, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and even an American-inspired White Star band.

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Facebook and Twitter's new focus on ad transparency is a welcome, flawed improvement

Facebook and Twitter have, within a few hours of each other, revealed new ad transparency measures this week. In both cases, the company in question reveals more details about what ads each account or page is running. It’s also offering further insights on political ads. Trouble is, it all depends on how much effort the users are willing to put into doing the research.

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A massive cache of law enforcement personnel data has leaked

"This intelligence could be easily exploited by domestic terrorists or 'lone wolfs' to exploit the weaknesses discussed in this correspondence," he said. "For instance, an individual who wanted to push a particular state or local agency and the community it supports into a crisis need only look for an agency or community in this data that has expressed concern for their ability to respond to a active shooter."

Apple is fixing Maps using its own data

You'll first see the new Maps data in service next week with the next iOS 12 beta, although it will only cover the San Francisco Bay Area at first and will extend to Northern California by the fall. The new data will soon be available in every version of iOS that uses Maps, though, and there's no doubt that Apple eventually plans much wider coverage. It could be a long time before you can regularly take advantage of the new map data, but the very fact that it exists is important -- it's an acknowledgment that Apple needs to make Maps a higher priority if it's going to give you a better reason to skip Google's offering.

38 What would happen if you didn't sleep?

If you want to get even more from TED, like the ability to save talks to watch later,  sign up for a TED account now .

NASA's Hubble telescope delivers new space stunners

A bright center shines in this Hubble space telescope image of the Messier 98 galaxy. "Because of the high amounts of gas and dust, there are numerous star-forming regions in the galaxy, especially in its nucleus and arms," NASA says .

Inbenta, blamed for Ticketmaster breach, admits it was hacked | ZDNet

From fonts to complex code libraries, it's not uncommon for websites to rely on third-party code, hosted on other sites and services, to support their own. But they present a single point of failure, which, if breached, can affect every site that the code is loaded on.

Honda pulls the plug on its cute ASIMO humanoid robots

Kyodo News reported that the project had not seen any update since 2011, and with no commercial use to capitalize on, the funding for the project dried up. Honda official was quoted as saying that the company plans to develop more bipedal robots in the future – but without the ASIMO moniker.

Britain's tax authority says it has taken down 20,750 malicious sites in the past year | ZDNet

HRMC is fighting an online war against fake websites and phishing emails intended to defraud taxpayers in the UK, and it is asking the public to help...

Remote workers share how they conquer loneliness

“Learn from what others are doing, but don’t try to be them. It’s so tempting to fall into the trap of following in someone else’s footsteps, but the truth is there are no shortcuts to building a life you love. So while you can take courses, follow thought leaders on Instagram, and read every advice column on the internet…the work of actually creating your best life is yours alone. Which is freeing and terrifying at the same time. The best thing I ever learned is that all the most successful people feel stressed, anxious, and unconfident a lot of the time. There is no secret ingredient or finish line. We’re all always improving.”

Fake news tools helped us unravel a viral infidelity video

Viral videos are a funny thing. Thousands are uploaded every day, yet one good one has the ability to unravel your entire day’s work and take over your life.

The TheTechNewsBlog Daily

Russia blocking Telegram showed us how fragile the internet is

Established companies with deeper pockets will now be able to pay for “fast lane” internet access; how can we possibly say smaller start-ups are on an even playing field? Different countries may have different rules regarding freedom of speech, but if this is really the World Wide Web, censorship like this — in a world with single points of failure and growing imbalances of power — really needs to be a United Nations-level issue.


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Here are some simple tips to not get fooled by shady ICOs

MVP means “minimum viable product,” i.e. something that already has some main features of the product; something that demonstrates the idea and its usefulness. A developed MVP basically shows the quality of the team’s work even at early stages. MVPs have three basic characteristics: the possibility of a feedback loop, being attractive enough so that people will buy it, and enough potential to get the early clients to stay with it. That way, if a product shows good performance early in the run all the while providing attractive enough features to be popular, and allows creating a feedback loop, this is a good MVP.

BlackBerry Key2 Review: The Keyboard King returns for its crown

What I’m not in love with is the display. We touched on this a little bit earlier, but it’s just not great. BlackBerry stuck with the same panel as last year and I’m wondering why. It gets just bright enough to use on cloudy days and it feels like it stays too dark too long indoors. It also has an odd 3:2 aspect ratio to fit in the physical keyboard. Watching videos and playing games just aren’t satisfying like on other devices. It just gets the job done and is probably my least favorite thing about the device.


Apple Music keeps beating Spotify. Drake’s Scorpion pulled in over 170m streams on Apple in its first 24 hours. Early returns show the album was streamed over 130m times on Spotify in its first 24 hours. Spotify has around 120m more users…

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