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Samsung Announces Batman Themed Galaxy S7 Edge Smartphone - IGN

Samsung announces a smartphone tie-in with Injustice: Gods Among Us.

Try not to smile at a hairless dog dancing to a grandma playing polka

Weird. Wonderful.

SpaceX launch: Watch live and cross your fingers for a landing

After scrubbing yesterday's attempted launch due to a

Before Netflix, G.L.O.W. was an '80s fever dream starring Sylvester Stallone's mom

Jenji Kohan will take this '80s relic to new heights of madness for Netflix -- if such a thing is possible.

Watch PlayStation's E3 2016 event in a movie theater

Sony's PlayStation E3 Experience is back, with over 85 theaters showing the presentation live.

Tonight's SpaceX rocket launch: start time, live stream, and what to expect

SpaceX will once again attempt its fifth rocket launch of the year this evening, after scrubbing yesterday's attempt. CEO Elon Musk tweeted that a "glitch in the motion of an upper stage engine...

Tonight's SpaceX rocket launch: start time, live stream, and what to expect

SpaceX will once again attempt its fifth rocket launch of the year this evening, after scrubbing yesterday's attempt. CEO Elon Musk tweeted that a "glitch in the motion of an upper stage engine...

The Asus Zenbo is a ridiculous home robot for $599

Meet Zenbo, a new robot friend for seniors, kids, and anybody else who wants to invite a less-cute real-world version of BB-8 into their own home. Asus chairman Jonney Shih showed off Zenbo on...

Watch the Space Station's first inflatable habitat grow in new NASA time-lapse

Watch the space station's newest experimental habitat's seven hour inflation in a matter of seconds.

ASUS' Zenbo robot walks, talks and controls your home

Zenbo the $599 robot is cute, but will it do enough?

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TNW Conference Europe 2016

In 2016 we are hosting our biggest conference so far, and we want to make sure everyone gets a chance to experience it.

Forbes Welcome

"Take risks now and do something bold. You won’t regret it."

Facebook and Microsoft team up to lay a massive internet cable across the Atlantic

Facebook and Microsoft  announced a partnership today to lay the highest-capacity subsea internet cable to ever cross the Atlantic Ocean, starting with hubs connecting Northern Virginia to Bilbao, Spain. The cable, called "MAREA" after the Spanish word for "tide," will be capable of 160 terabits per second of bandwidth and will stretch more than 4,100 miles of ocean in a submarine cable system. The two companies have hired Telxius, the infrastructure company owned by global communications giant Telefónica, to manage MAREA and expand network hubs from Europe to Africa, the Middle East, and Asia. Construction is slated to begin in August of this year with a goal of October 2017 to complete the cable.

SpaceX on Twitter

When you tweet with a location, Twitter stores that location. You can switch location on/off before each Tweet and always have the option to delete your location history. Learn more

Microsoft working with Dell, HP, HTC, Intel to bring Windows Holographic beyond HoloLens

At the Computex industry conference in Taiwan today, Microsoft is showing off new ways that people will be able to collaborate in virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR), even if they don’t have Microsoft’s HoloLens augmented reality (AR) headset. Toward that end, Microsoft is working with several partners to make it possible for more devices to run on top of the Windows Holographic platform.

Eric Holder, who really wanted to put Edward Snowden in jail, now says he performed a 'public service'

Holder still thinks that Snowden's decision to leak classified documents was "inappropriate and illegal," but — now one year out of office — Holder's view of Snowden seems to have shifted in a substantial way. "We can certainly argue about the way in which Snowden did what he did, but I think that he actually performed a public service by raising the debate that we engaged in and by the changes that we made," Holder said  on the CNN-produced podcast The Axe Files .

Iran forces messaging apps to move data to Iranian servers

Telegram is a messaging app with a focus on speed and security, it’s super-fast, simple and free. You can use Telegram on all your devices at the same time — your messages sync seamlessly across any number of your phones, tablets or computers. With Telegram, you can send messages, photos, videos and files of any type (doc, zip, mp3, etc), as well as create groups for up to 5000 people or channels …

SpaceX successfully lands a Falcon 9 rocket at sea for the third time

SpaceX just successfully landed the first stage of its Falcon 9 rocket on a drone ship in the Atlantic Ocean. It was the third time in a row the company has landed a rocket booster at sea, and the fourth time overall.

Airbnb’s new site lets neighbors complain about noisy guests

The launch of this portal comes as the company moves forward with its new marketing campaign that encourages you to “live there”: Guests shouldn’t just stop in a city for a split second and leave, but should actually take it all in like a local. And that means being a good community member. To defuse local governments and its citizens putting forth potential regulations, such as what Airbnb faced in San Francisco with Proposition F , it has to show that it’s taking the needs of non-guests and non-hosts very seriously.

Microsoft sells patents to Xiaomi, builds 'long-term partnership'

SINGAPORE Software maker Microsoft Corp ( MSFT.O ) is selling about 1,500 of its patents to Chinese device maker Xiaomi [XTC.UL], a rare departure for the U.S. company and part of what the two companies say is the start of a long-term partnership.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus in the '90s was just as adorable as she is today

SEINFELD — "The Hot Tub" Episode 5 — Pictured: (l-r)Jerry Seinfeld as himself, Julia Louis-Dreyfus as Elaine Benes, Jeremiah Birkett as Jean-Paul (Photo by Barry Slobin/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images)

Person of Interest: Amy Acker on the Huge Change to Her Role - IGN

Acker: Yeah, it was really sad. I didn't quite know what the involvement was going to be necessarily when I became the voice of the Machine, but it actually ended up -- I was crying, "I'm so sad to leave!", thinking I wasn't going to see everyone. And then the way that it worked out with the last three episodes, they were like, "You're back!" [Laughs] But even now I feel sad. I was so sad when it was officially canceled. I just loved this part, and it was such a cool world to be a part of. The writing was always exciting and surprising. You know, I got a call from Jim [Caviezel] the other night, and he was like, "I miss everyone!" I think we're all still in denial and wish it was still going on.

Lionhead alumni turn to Kickstarter to fund 'Fable' card game

Fable Fortune is a free-to-play collectible card game that's currently in the works via Kickstarter. After obtaining the license for Fable Fortune via Microsoft, Flaming Fowl Studios went ahead with the project that's being developed in conjunction with UK studio Mediatonic.

Mars Is Making Its Closest Approach to Us in a Decade and Here's How to Watch

Mars is one of our nearest space neighbors, but even it is still pretty far away—which is why its closest approach in a decade is such an unmissable opportunity. Here’s how and why to watch Mars’ close approach, and what you should be looking for when you do.

As Facebook Focuses on Video, Engagement for Top Publishers Declines

Over the past year, Facebook has set its sights on becoming a platform for video — in particular live video, something it has been paying a number of media companies to produce, in order to promote its streaming feature. But the flip side of that increase is that non-video content produced by some of the leading publishers is getting less and less interaction.

On Game of Thrones, Some of the Players Are Getting Desperate

Um, the hell? Has Arya really failed the School of Face-Changing Assassins without learning anything other than a bit of blind-fighting? That seems unlikely, but mainly because of Chekhov’s School of Face-Changing Assassins; if you make a School of Face-Changing Assassins a large part of a major character’s storyline for multiple seasons, that School of Face-Changing Assassins has to go off—or at the very least, said character needs to learn how to magically change her face. If this is truly the end of Arya’s journey in Braavos, it will have been a spectacular waste of time. Again, I can’t really believe that’s true, but last night’s episode certainly presents this to be the case. It’s aggravating if nothing else.

The Stories of Science Are Brought to Life in This Comic Anthology

“It’s the Boston Comic Roundtable’s love letter to science,” co-editor Jordan Stillman told Gizmodo. “Imagine a comics anthology full of informative, beautifully drawn, and engaging stories that are compelling in their depiction of the wonder of science.” Past anthologies dealt with horror, urban fantasy, romance, science fiction, and even food.

eBay founder backing Gawker’s appeal of Hulk sex tape verdict

Pierre Omidyar, an eBay co-founder, is leading the charge to support Gawker in its appeal of a $140 million judgment awarded to Hulk Hogan, whose lawsuit was bankrolled by rival billionaire and PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel, The Post has learned.

VetTechTrek is creating an e-learning platform to help veterans build careers in the tech industry

So today VetTechTrek is launching Project Standard , an e-learning platform that will house a library of resources to help veterans build great post-military careers. Essentially, the nonprofit plans to help veterans with anything “that can help translate their military experiences to stories and skills that make sense for hiring managers and founding teams.”


Add Semolina Flour to Pasta Water for an Extra Creamy Sauce

This trick from Epicurious works for any type of sauce, dairy-free or dairy-ful. Just toss in your flour before even adding the pasta and cook as normal. Reserve about half a cup of this super-starchy elixir, and drain. Then it’s time to bring everybody together, mixing pasta, sauce, and water in a skillet and bringing it all to a simmer. Cook until sauce thickens and coats your pasta noodles, tossing with tongs every couple of minutes to help everything emulsify.

Apple's Request to Sell Refurbished iPhones in India Rejected

The Indian government has officially refused Apple’s proposal to sell refurbished phones in the country. In a press conference, Nirmala Sitharaman, commerce and industry minister, said that the government is not in favor of any company selling used phones in the country, irrespective of their certification.

The Romanian Teen Hacker Who Hunts Bugs to Resist the Dark Side

With bug bounty programs, companies across all industries have started offering money instead of T-shirts, USB sticks or plain ignorance when a white hat hacker finds a flaw in their products. This is wonderful news for everyone, as WIRED has explained, as it incentivizes better security and helps keep talented hackers from going over to the dark side. But more specifically, for Alex Coltuneac and Eastern European security enthusiasts who formerly had only nefarious hacking opportunities in their native lands, this is great news. More bug bounty opportunities means more cash and more sleepless nights. And no reason to consider criminal hacking.

​SoftBank to sell $7.9b stake in Alibaba | ZDNet

Japanese telco giant SoftBank plans to sell around $7.9 billion worth of shares of Chinese ecommerce giant Alibaba to pay debts, but the two stressed that they will continue their partnership.

40 tiger cub corpses found at Thai Tiger Temple

Thai authorities have found 40 tiger cub bodies in a freezer at a Buddhist temple which came under fire over suspected wildlife trafficking and animal abuse.

In The Future We'll All Have Multiple Jobs

Perhaps they are readying themselves to be replaced by robots? Adobe’s survey asked U.S. office workers what percentage of menial office tasks such as printing, copying, filing, organizing, and tracking expenses would be done by technology in 20 years. They believe that a full 53% of such work won’t be handled by humans in the coming decades, yet they don’t see that as a threat. More than half (55%) say their job couldn’t be completely done by a machine versus the 10% who believe they could be replaced by a robot today.

Don't take selfies with seals, NOAA says

Approaching a baby seal can be devastating for the animals as well. Seal moms can leave their pups on the beach for up to 24 hours while they go hunting, the NOAA says. If they see you close to their pups, they might think it's not safe to come back and they might abandon their babies as a consequence.

VR rowing turns a workout into a vacation

So I started to row. As I did so, a heads-up display in front of me showed distance traveled as well as how fast I was rowing. Perhaps it's because the rowing machine is my favorite cardio workout in the gym, but I genuinely had a great time. At the gym, treadmills and ellipticals typically have TV monitors attached to them, but rowers don't. With a VR headset, however, I'm now able to entertain myself while I row. Plus, the Holodia rowing simulation makes an otherwise tedious activity a lot more enjoyable.

Free Supercharging won't come standard on the Tesla Model 3

To date, we wanted to keep it really straightforward and easy. So that's why the Superchargers are set up, at least to date for people who bought the cars, as free long-distance for life. Obviously that has, fundamentally, a cost. I don't want to make this some big news headline, but the obvious thing to do is decouple that from the cost of the Model 3. So it will still be very cheap — and far cheaper than gasoline — to drive long-distance with the Model 3, but it will not be free long distance for life unless you've purchased that package.

Xiaomi will bundle Microsoft’s Office and Skype apps on its Android devices

Microsoft has convinced another top Android phone maker to bundle its range of apps. Xiaomi and Microsoft have agreed to partner on bundling Office and Skype apps on the Mi 5, Mi Max, Mi 4s, Redmi Note 3, and Redmi 3. Like previous  deals with Asus, Samsung, Sony, and Dell , the Xiaomi partnership is related to a patent-licensing deal, and the details have not been fully disclosed.  The Wall Street Journal reports that Xiaomi will purchase 1,500 patents from Microsoft as part of the deal.

Periscope puts abusive commenters on trial

When a comment on a broadcast is flagged, a few users will be tapped to vote on whether they think the comment is spam, abuse or if everything is kosher. If the majority vote that the comment is spam or abuse, the person who posted it will be muted for a short time. A second guilty verdict will result in a user being permanently disabled from commenting for the rest of that particular broadcast. The whole process, Periscope says, should only take a few seconds.

MIT Tech Review on Twitter

This cotton candy PC case mod feeds all your cravings

There's no better fuel for a long gaming session than pure sugar. So why not kill two birds with one stone?

Microsoft gets into VR by letting others build HoloLens gear

HoloLens will eventually get some siblings -- but most of them won't be coming from Microsoft. At Computex today, Microsoft announced that it's opening up the Windows Holographic platform to third parties, which they can use to build their own virtual and augmented reality devices. Yes, that's right: Windows Holographic won't just be about the AR experiences we've seen in HoloLens; it'll also power full-fledged VR hardware. Microsoft is calling this mixture of AR and VR "mixed reality."

Why You Should Avoid the Word “Fair” in Salary Negotiations

Asking for a raise can be tricky. You have to approach the conversation in the right way, and as Lee E. Miller, co-author of A Woman’s Guide to Successful Negotiating points out, that means you probably want to leave out the word “fair.”

Hack Brief: Your Old Myspace Account Just Came Back to Haunt You

It’s also concerning just for the sheer volume of the hack; if LeakedSource is correct, this would be one of the largest breaches ever. That it comprises mostly old Myspace accounts also presents another problem: Who remembers the password they were using several years ago on a long-ignored platform? It’s hard to change a compromised password if you don’t even know what it is, which means that to feel truly safe, you should probably change any password you’ve been using for a long time across multiple services. Also, stop using the same password across multiple services. Seriously, stop.

Up close with the ASUS ZenFone 3 series

The high-end ZenFone 3 Deluxe isn't far off either. It has a metal unibody case that's subtly curved on the back for better ergonomics, and unlike most competing metallic phones, the Deluxe manages to cover up most of its antenna bands -- the remaining bits are just on the body's chamfer. Still, I wouldn't mind having the ZenFone 3's body for the Deluxe as I'm more mesmerized by its concentric circles on the back, which is more effective than the same effect applied to the Deluxe's chin and ear pillow on the front side. On a more positive note, the Deluxe's Super AMOLED screen is visibly more vibrant, though we've yet to find out how well it performs under daylight. As for performance, we're confident that the 6GB of RAM (at $499, with 32GB of storage) plus the Snapdragon 820 will keep things running smoothly, assuming the final software build won't have any major bugs.

AMD Teases Radeon RX 480: Launching June 29th For $199

Finally, AMD has also revealed the TDP for the RX 480, stating that it will be a 150W card. As Polaris is built on 14nm FinFET, we’re seeing first-hand the benefits of finally making the long-awaited jump off of 28nm, as this means we’re looking at Radeon R9 390 series performance in a card that, on paper, consumes only a bit more than half the power. This also puts the RX 480 right in the sweet spot for mainstream cards, as 150W has traditionally struck a good balance between performance and power consumption that allows for a fast card that doesn’t require aggressive cooling, and is more compatible with OEM computer vendor case & cooling designs.

The Questions to Ask When Deciding to Work for Free

No one likes the idea of not being paid for their time and effort, but there is a case to be made for working for free . Maybe you gain experience and build your resume. Maybe you get exposure. It’s tricky, though, and author Seth Godin suggests a few important questions when deciding whether or not to work for free.

Jeff Bezos slams Trump for 'working to freeze or chill the media'

"One thing that I think is not appropriate that Donald Trump is doing is working to freeze or chill the media that are examining him," Bezos said on stage at Vox Media's Code Conference in Los Angeles.

Asus goes big, real big, with new ZenFone 3 line-up

Of the three new offerings, the Deluxe is clearly the stand-out device. With its stunning design and impressive specs, we’re now eagerly awaiting price confirmation – Asus at this stage is only telling us each of the devices will cost between $200 and $549. As for availability, it appears all three devices will indeed be coming to the U.S. We’ll update with a time frame just as soon as we get it.

Jawbone has stopped making its UP fitness trackers and sold remaining inventory to a third party

So, to be clear (since some people are interpreting this report incorrectly), Jawbone is not exiting the wearables business. You can still buy the UP fitness trackers. Jawbone just sold its remaining inventory to a third-party reseller. Our source reconfirmed that the current line of UP trackers aren't being built right now, although there's always the option to make more if the current inventory sells out.

Microsoft will adjust malware-like upgrade policy for Windows 10 following outcry | ExtremeTech

For most of the past year, Microsoft has largely refused to change controversial Windows 10 policies, no matter how unhappy a vocal minority of users were over the company’s new strategy. Telemetry tracking, mandatory updates that combine security and non-security features, and the company’s insistence on an increasingly pushy Windows 10 upgrade schedule have all been impervious to consumer demands, though it did modify a plan to kill Skylake support for Windows 7 just 18 months after the platform launched and it did start handing out patch notes.

PAID POST: Giveaway: OtterBox uniVERSE case plus accessories

In order to spread the word about their new case, our friends at OtterBox are giving away the OtterBox uniVERSE Case System, made up of an OtterBox protective uniVERSE case plus Polar Pro Tripler tripod/extension pole, Polar Pro Power Pack Battery, Polar Pro Pulsar bluetooth speaker and SanDisk iXpand 64 GB expandable memory.

Asus wheels out Zenbo, a cute home robot that seems too good to be true

The robot’s raisons d’être, apart from to make Asus a shed load of money, is to provide “assistance, entertainment, and companionship” for all members of the family. So, in an entertaining though indisputably offbeat short movie (above) touting Zenbo’s features, we see the bot trundle up to Mom to remind her she has a family photo shoot at 5pm. This sends her into a bit of a panic as she needs to make dinner first. We then see Zenbo reading out a paella recipe, with Mom able to ask for individual instructions as she goes.

Volvo predicts it will have fully autonomous cars for sale by 2020

Volvo will introduce an autopilot in 2017 similar to the current Tesla system, but by 2020 the firm fully expects and intends for its driverless technology to be truly autonomous. Volvo has no plans at this time to include road testing in the U.S. because different laws and guidelines in the 50 states make it impossible to complete credible testing.

How to print things

Double-print : This method works with most printers that can print double-sided. Print the first half (rounded up) of the document single -sided. Then take the resulting stack of paper and put it back in the printer, with page 1 facing up and the top towards you. Then print the second half of the document single-sided. It just so happens that this works out nicely with most printers, so that you don’t need to reverse all the sheets before putting them back in the printer. However, this method does not work with some simpler printers, especially those that can only print one-sided. The key property is whether documents with multiple pages come out of your printer in the correct order, or in reversed order. If they come out in reversed order, then you will need to reverse them before putting them back through to print the back sides.

New Wearable Tech Can Make Hospital Visits More Comfortable

In the age of the Internet, you can do almost anything wirelessly. This is especially intriguing in the health care field where professionals can monitor the data of patients without having to be in the room.

There's Now a Bible Written With Emojis [Update]

Are those long pages filled with words getting to you while at church? Maybe you’ll benefit from a new version of the Bible that’s made from emojis.

FBI documents strongly suggest Hulk Hogan lied in court

The final and most striking conclusion to be drawn from the unsealed documents is that it’s certain that a really breathtaking number of lies were told in that St. Petersburg courtroom. I mean, either there, or to the FBI.  Many of the witnesses in the Hogan/Gawker trial gave evidence to the FBI that directly contradicts their sworn testimonies in St. Petersburg. It is very, very hard to sort through the lies, between the media reports and all the conflicting testimony. Hogan knew, or did not know, that there were cameras in the Clems’ bedroom, where the tape was made. Heather Clem quite clearly knew that there was a tape; definitely, she lied in her sworn deposition in the Gawker case about that, since she describes to her husband, in the unsealed documents, the “squirming” faces he will see her making in the film she allegedly knew nothing about.

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