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Hyperloop One just revealed some potential European routes

Nearly a year after it revealed a crop of proposed routes in the United States, Hyperloop One has now unveiled semi-fina

Apple's latest 'Shot on iPhone' ad taps Carl Sagan & nature imagery to sell video features

Behold the awesome social media dominance of “Walking Dead” in one Nielsen chart

You can stop pretending you don't love tweeting about zombies. Nielsen has released the results of its new Social Conten

You might be able to tap your AirPods to skip a song with iOS 11

Apple might give users more control over their AirPods with the launch of iOS 11. If you currently want to change tracks on your AirPods, you have to double tap to activate Siri and then tell it to...

Here are James Comey’s prepared remarks for tomorrow’s Senate hearing

The Senate Intelligence Committee just released former FBI director James Comey's statement that he plans to deliver as

Oculus is donating Rifts to dozens of California libraries

Although games still make up the most popular virtual-reality titles, there's no shortage of educational VR content—expe

Parkour pro takes on huge, crazy course that would surely break our legs

It took him about three minutes to complete.

Uber allegedly used the oldest trick in the book to pay women less

According to an article on The Information (paywall), Uber reportedly implemented an algorithm to figure out t

SickKids Celebrates Father’s Day With A Sweet Story Of One Tough Dad

Toronto’s SickKids Foundation once again hits us in the heart, showing how the daily grind gets tougher when your child faces serious medical issues.

Modder who makes questionable choices put fidget spinners in 'Grand Theft Auto'


Here are the most well-designed apps of 2017, as picked by Apple

Each year since 1997, Apple has picked a handful of apps that it felt were amongst the best made on its platforms. The apps that best captured or represented..

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A top Uber executive, who obtained the medical records of a customer who was a rape victim, is fired

It was a decision Uber India president Amit Jain applauded at the time. “Sexual assault is a terrible crime and we're pleased he has now been brought to justice,” he said in a statement. “Safety is a priority for Uber and we've made many improvements — in terms of new technology, enhanced background checks and better 24/7 customer support — as a result of the lessons we learned from this awful case.”

Waymo working on competitor to Uber's self-driving trucks

Uber has started to integrate self-driving Volvo XC90 cars into its Pittsburgh ride-hailing fleet this month, a noticeably large leap for a company that only started to work on autonomous cars last year. Public interest group Consumer Watchdog is one of the many with eyebrows raised, and has called on Uber to be as transparent … Read more »

Facebook launches 'disaster maps' to help communities recover after crises

"Accurate maps empower Red Cross and Red Crescent teams to carry out humanitarian missions around the world," Jono Anzalone, vice president of international services at American Red Cross, said in statement. "Maps help us in so many ways–from distributing relief supplies to preparing communities for disasters. By sharing anonymized location, movement, and Safety Check data with the American Red Cross, Facebook is helping us sharpen the essential tools we need for targeting communities in need, delivering aid, and fighting disease."

Samsung Challenges Google With Connect Home WiFi Mesh

Samsung announced on Thursday a competitor to Google Wi-Fi, which is able to cover up to 7,500 square feet and also act as a SmartThings hub.

Apple Taps Jessica Alba, Gwyneth Paltrow to Front Video Hopes

Apple’s involvement was a draw for both Paltrow and Alba. The show gave each a chance to showcase their business acumen -- Paltrow co-founded Goop, a media and lifestyle brand, while Alba started Honest Co., a member of the rap group Black Eyed Peas, was an early investor in Beats Electronics, which Apple bought for $3 billion. Vaynerchuk co-founded VaynerMedia, which counsels companies on social media practices and marketing.

SpaceX to launch secretive Air Force spaceplane this August

Given the secrecy surrounding the X-37B, it's hard to say why and when the USAF awarded this contract to SpaceX. According to the Air Force, the unmanned spaceplanes (there are at least two of them) test guidance, navigation and control systems and advanced propulsion systems, with the goals being to explore reusable-spacecraft technologies and conduct experiments that can be returned to, and studied, on Earth.

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Russian hackers hid link to malware servers in Britney Spears Instagram comments

Facebook will let elected officials target posts to constituents

Now, instead of seeing names and faces of potential constituents, elected officials can see a special badge that designates a Facebook user as someone who lives in their district. This is an opt-in feature that will let you be identified by which district you live in, based on the address only you provide. Facebook says it will cut down on people pretending to be in a district they don’t belong in by limiting the number of times you can change your address in Town Hall, as well wiping constituent badges from past posts if you do happen to change your address.

Verizon and Sacramento partner for smart city tech to upgrade infrastructure - TechRepublic

Planned initiatives as part of the partnership include providing free Wi-Fi in public parks in Sacramento, CA, deploying digital kiosks, and supporting STEM education initiatives to upgrade the city's infrastructure.

How to get rid of the system crash popup in Ubuntu Linux - TechRepublic

First and foremost, the program problem report means that a piece of software has crashed on your system. But fear not, it doesn't mean there's something fundamentally wrong with your desktop or server. What it means is that a program (practically any program) has crashed on your system and Ubuntu offers you the ability to report the problem. And, yes, it's great if you want to report the problem (as bug reports go a very long way to help developers improve the platform). However, chances are that bug has already been reported; so you reporting it over and over (assuming the popup will finally go away) is not nearly as helpful as you'd think. Report it once and be done with it.

How to use speech recognition to improve productivity on your smartphone - TechRepublic

I spoke the same phrase I used in 2015 (see image), which included spoken punctuation: I said "...interest colon science period," hoping to see "interest: science." appear. Both Gboard's voice dictation option and Dragon Anywhere perfectly captured and transcribed the sentences. Gboard's dictation system displayed the word "twelve" instead of "12" following the year 1660. The word may be a better choice than the number, since two numbers in sequence might cause confusion for a reader. Google voice typing on a Chromebook made one error ("Mint" instead of "met"), while the native iOS dictation system produced two ("mad" and "is" instead of "met" and "as").

How to download macOS High Sierra and which Macs are compatible - TechRepublic

Here's how you will be able to see if your Mac is compatible with macOS High Sierra, and how you can download it once it is available.

Microsoft Surface Pro: The smart person's guide - TechRepublic

A Microsoft Surface Pro can be used as a tablet, which takes advantage of its touch screen interface, or as a notebook using the keyboard attachment, which doubles as a cover for the display, or in studio mode which enables the use of the Surface Pen and Dial. The Surface Pen gives users another interface option, allowing freehand note-taking, sketching, drawing, and painting. The Surface Dial gives users, particularly artists, more control over the input parameters in terms of brush size, style, color, etc., all without leaving the canvas to use the keyboard.

Apple is doing something unprecedented to make fixing cracked iPhones easier

By the end of 2017, Apple will to put its proprietary machines for mending cracked iPhone glass in about 400 authorized third-party repair centers in 25 countries, company executives told Reuters.

First Episode of 'Planet of the Apps' Is Now Available for Streaming on Apple Music

As was reported earlier , the first episode of “Planet of the Apps” is now available for streaming on Apple Music. The first episode sees two college friends pitch an app about public safety, while an Air Force veteran pitches the idea for an augmented reality app.

A Bereaved Father and His Team of Microsoft Data Scientists Combat Infant Deaths

Last year, with the 13th anniversary of Aaron's death approaching, Kahan resolved to honor what would have been his only son's bar mitzvah by climbing Mount Kilimanjaro to raise money and awareness for SIDS research. When he returned from the climb, his team had a surprise for him -- they'd been crunching numbers on infant deaths in the U.S. and using data-analysis algorithms to try and find new ways to reduce the number of babies lost to SIDS each year. To date, the data scientists have put in about 500 hours of their own time. Kahan's employer, through its giving arm Microsoft Philanthropies, contributed free cloud hosting and software tools for their work. 

Want to travel 400 miles in 50 minutes without setting foot on a plane? Hyperloop One unveils its new highways - TechRepublic

Nine potential European routes, connecting 75 million people in 44 cities and spanning 5,000km, were made public at Hyperloop One's Vision for Europe Summit yesterday.

Reuters Tech News on Twitter

We’re Live from S.Korea talking about the state of innovation in Asia Pacific. Tweet questions to #ReutersRankings

Ivanka Trump's 'US Weekly' cover is so dumb, it had to be memed

Ivanka Trump's 'US Weekly' cover is so dumb, it had to be memed

US intelligence chiefs want controversial spying law, set to expire, to be permanent

The intelligence chiefs are pushing for Congress to renew it for the first time since the Edward Snowden disclosures in 2013, which invoked uproar among privacy advocates and rights groups.

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LIVE NOW: An EXCLUSIVE talk with HPE's CEO Meg Whitman

Google's drone delivery project just shared some big news about its future

This test hints that X may not need to wait until delivery drones themselves catch on. It could potentially launch some sort of commercial drone management software first, and be ready with a delivery drone if and when a market for that does materialize.

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How to watch James Comey's testimony tomorrow if you don't have a TV (AP photo)

This vintage pair of Apple sneakers is being auctioned off for $15,000

Apple dabbled in making clothing once upon a time. From the mid-’80s through the early ‘90s, the brand catered to their fandom with the most exquisitely time-frozen clothing and accessories , in campaigns full of oversized sweatshirts, popped collars, and a whiff of American Psycho . One of the most coveted items Apple produced during this time was a pair of branded sneakers, which Heritage Auctions is planning to list on eBay on June 11th with a cool starting price of $15,000.

Apple Announces Support for WebRTC in Safari 11

The WWDC announcement paves the way for WebRTC to grow from being just another protocol into a fully functioning standard for software developers. The fact that both Apple and Microsoft have adopted this standard (which was originally created by their mortal enemy Google) into their core web browsers speaks volumes for how important WebRTC has become as well as its future potential. Paraphrasing J.R.R. Tolkien a bit, there is no doubt now that WebRTC is the “one protocol to rule them all”.

Americans have slower mobile internet speed than Estonia

Americans enjoyed an average of 10.7 megabits per second (Mbps). That's not terrible, necessarily, but is far slower than countries like the United Kingdom (a blazing 26 Mbps) and Germany (24.1 Mbps).

Twitter users are having a field day hilariously editing Comey's prepared remarks for Congress

Twitter users are having a field day hilariously editing Comey's prepared remarks for Congress

Apple's answer to the Amazon Echo has a critical flaw

Apple could eventually open the HomePod up to outside developers, much as it did the iPhone and, eventually, Apple TV. But it's not clear if it will. For now there doesn't appear to a toolkit that third-party programmers can use to create apps for the gadget or any way to distribute them to consumers, and Apple hasn't said anything on the subject (we've asked). And with Apple pushing its own music service these days, it doesn't have a big incentive to open its new home speaker system to rivals.

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Celebrate VCR Day by watching children try and figure one out

Apple announces WWDC17 Apple Design Award recipients, and we talked to them about their apps

This years' Apple Design Awards recipients spanned the globe, ranging from novel games designed by a single developer to larger productions developed across a staff of full time coders and artists. AppleInsider met up with a series of ADA recipients attending WWDC this year. Among them: Ryan McLeod, the solitary developer of Blackbox , a novel puzzle game that invites you to "think outside the box" in a series of challenges that require discovering a solution without touching the screen. The free game ships with 50 puzzles, and its monetized with In-App purchases that unlock additional puzzles, hints or you can simply "buy Ryan a California Burrito" for $7.99. Ryan McLeod of Blackbox Mushroom 11 is the creation of Untame Games, a collaboration between a coder and artist who both love to travel —in fact, programmer Itay Keren and artist Simon Kono laid out the concept and design of their title while vacationing in Italy with their wives Kara Kono and Julia Keren-Detar, who produced and created art for the game, respectively. Over three and a half years, they worked on the concept of a new side scroller game where the main character is a rapidly growing blob of cells inspired by mushrooms.

New ARM processors for mobile devices tailored to AI and VR - Video | ZDNet

The new processors have been designed for "always on" interfaces able to cope with AI and VR application demands.

CEO Travis Kalanick has started meditating in Uber's lactation room, as his company spins in a whirlwind of bad press

With Uber in the midst of an out-of-control whirlwind of bad press, CEO Travis Kalanick has turned to meditation to help him think differently and make better decisions, according to board member Arianna Huffington.

Apple Watch display may switch to microLED in 2018 | Cult of Mac

One of the advantages of microLED displays is that they don’t require a backlight. This would allow Apple to make the Apple Watch thinner than ever, or devout more space to battery life.

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When you tweet with a location, Twitter stores that location. You can switch location on/off before each Tweet and always have the option to delete your location history. Learn more

The Second Trailer for Pixar's Coco Reveals the Film's Family-History Themes

In the second trailer for Pixar’s Coco , we get more of the eye candy seen in the first—as well as a better glimpse of the film’s warm, gentle humor and some of the themes that’ll drive its plot. After a very special guitar transports a young boy and his dog to the Land of the Dead, he meets some long-departed relatives—and it looks like he’ll be learning more about his family history as he makes his way back home.

Brad Pitt, as a weatherman, sums up climate change with one simple sentence

"To help us understand climate change and what it means to the world, here's our own Jim Jeffries Show weatherman," Jefferies says before the camera pans to Pitt, who explains things are going to be warmer "here" while gesticulating to the majority of the world.

High school students call out dress code for labeling bra straps a distraction

"When you interrupt a girl's school day to force her to change clothes, or send her home because her shorts are too short or her bra straps are visible, you are telling her that making sure boys have a 'distraction free' learning environment is more important than her education. Instead of shaming girls for their bodies teach boys that girls are not sexual objects!!!"

New iOS 11 feature automatically deletes unused apps to free up storage on your iPhone - TechRepublic

If you are currently using the iOS 11 beta, you can find the Offload Unused Apps feature by opening the Settings app, and tapping on General. From there, tap iPhone Storage. On that page, you will see the option for Offload Unused Apps. You can tap Enable to turn the feature on.

WWDC 2017: We don't need better Macs. We need more powerful iPads. | ZDNet

Sure, there's still plenty of Macs left in publishing, but you don't need a terabyte of RAM and 12 or 18 Xeon processor cores to do magazine layouts or even high-end paint stuff. The $1,500 to $2,000 iMacs are fine for that. So are the MacBooks. Of course, those workloads are almost entirely dominated by Windows now, too.

I'm Katia Beauchamp, Birchbox Co-Founder and CEO, and This Is How I Work

I’m from El Paso, Texas. I didn’t grow up with any comprehension of the beauty industry or entrepreneurship. I moved to the northeast for college at Vassar and then started a career in finance, specifically investment banking and commercial real estate. I decided to go to business school because I was interested in rethinking industries and while I was there I became really excited about the idea of entrepreneurship as a way to have a really challenging, compelling career.

The whiteboard, reimagined for collaboration in the cloud | G Suite Jamboard

With Jamboard’s incredibly responsive and accurate display, it feels natural to draw and sketch the way you would on a traditional whiteboard. Enrich your brainstorm with the best of Google Search and your team’s work in G Suite: Grab images and content from the web and bring them straight into your jam; pull in work from Docs, Sheets, and Slides; even add photos stored in Drive.

OneLogin security chief reveals new details of data breach

When we spoke on the phone Monday, Alvaro Hoyos, the company's chief information security officer, wouldn't name the service provider, but downplayed any connection to his company. "That's a key piece of the puzzle of how this attack was orchestrated and launched," he said. That will be for the unnamed forensics firm, hired to help Hoyos and the company augment its ongoing investigation, to determine.

I'm Pretty Sure Steve Trevor Lied About His Dick Size in Wonder Woman

As a final note, I am not impugning the size of Chris Pine’s dick, here. I’m sure Warner Bros. used CG or a compression sock or something to make sure absolutely no peen was seen on screen. But in the world of the DCEU, either the character of Steve Trevor has a small dick, or he has testicular torsion from quickly jamming his genitalia between his legs.

IT budgeting: The smart person's guide - TechRepublic

Some organizations demand more diligent defense of a budget than others. So if you work for an organization that demands justification of every line item, it's especially important to start selling your budget before you even write the first line, while communicating and gaining consensus for your IT strategy. A massive IT project is more easily justified at budgeting time when everyone knows its purpose, impact, and objectives than if budget season is the first time anyone hears of it. If you've gained agreement on your strategy, it's harder to simply dismiss budgetary categories or demand arbitrary reductions, since there should be a direct tie between the previously agreed strategic imperative and the budget item. When you must make cuts, a solid understanding of your priorities can help identify cuts that will have the least impact on the effectiveness of your strategic plan.

Uber Workplace Probe Extends to Handling of India Rape Case

The India case came up in several discussions with current and former employees as part of Holder’s probe, people familiar with the matter said. In those meetings, some people expressed misgivings about Alexander’s cavalier attitude toward sharing the private information of an alleged rape victim. Holzwarth said she discussed the matter with investigators. The expansive workplace report concluded last week, a month behind schedule, when Holder’s team presented its findings to a three-person subcommittee of Uber’s board of directors. The company is expected to release a summary publicly next week.

iOS 11 is finally bringing a big new GIF feature to the iPhone, and its a game changer

iOS 11 is currently in the developer beta mode, and won't be available to all users until the fall, so the feature could be adjusted before it becomes publicly available. But we'd still like to say preliminarily: Thanks Apple!

A Look Inside the New Scifi Comic Mark Wahlberg Wants to Turn Into a Movie Franchise

A few months ago , Mark Walhberg and producing partner Stephen Levinson announced Alien Bounty Hunter , a new series the duo hope they can help build from the ground up from the pages of a comic book to the subject of a blockbuster franchise. And now io9 has a look at the world that could one day come to a silver screen near you.

Uber's CEO Searches for Enlightenment in Company Lactation Room

“Uber is going through a big transformation right now, and it has to start at the top,” Huffington Post founder member Arianna Huffington told CNBC. The change it needs is for founder and CEO Travis Kalanick to step away, briefly occupy a space reserved for nursing mothers, and reflect on himself for a little while.

The Diary of An Ex-New York Times Software Engineering Intern

When I think about my experiences as an intern, one stands out above the rest. A few weeks into my internship, I worked with a designer to build and launch a highly experimental prototype of a new homepage design within a few weeks. It was hard to believe that I was writing code that would directly impact This later went on to become a new mobile homepage and will soon become a new desktop homepage as well.

Gamer chat tool Discord secretly raised ~$50M as insiders cashed out

What a difference a few years makes. After pivoting to a voice and text chat tool for video game teams and trash talkers in 2015, Discord’s current trajectory makes it one of few consumer-facing companies that’s now reaching “escape velocity,” as one of its early investors gushes.

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61 I Am Irrationally Mad About Wonder Woman's Android Tablet
62 NYC subway riders will get their dogs on board no matter what anyone says
63 Android Creator’s Phone Startup Raises $300 Million
64 NASA picks 12 new astronauts from crush of applicants
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66 HPE's Whitman Sees Acquisitions as Bigger Part of Strategy
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68 Proposed Trump Budget Would Kill Program That Monitors Debilitating Solar Storms
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70 SpaceX Defeats Technician's Wrongful Firing Case at Trial
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73 Scientists discover the oldest Homo sapiens fossils at Jebel Irhoud, Morocco
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