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27 thoughts I had while watching the 'Sex and the City' pilot for the first time

The show premiered 20 years (!) ago this week.

Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper make sweet, sweet music in stunning 'A Star is Born' trailer

Coming this fall.

Microsoft drops data center into the sea: 'It will keep working for five years' | ZDNet

Microsoft's undersea data-center project to bring cloud servers closer to people has entered new phase.

Microsoft’s deep sea data center is now operational

It may seem counter-intuitive, but underwater data centers have a host of benefits.

'Tetris Effect' is PlayStation's trippy take on the classic puzzle game

This is what it looks like when the legendary creator of 'Rez' and 'Space Channel 5' tries his hand at 'Tetris.'

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New AMD Ryzen Threadripper Has 32 Cores, 64 Threads

The second-generation Threadripper chip will begin shipping in the third quarter of 2018, AMD announced at Computex, where it also teased a new version of its Vega graphics cards.

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Microsoft's underwater data centre

Microsoft sinks a data centre in the sea off Orkney to see whether it can boost energy efficiency.

4 Lawmakers press Facebook over Chinese data sharing

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Two key U.S. lawmakers on Wednesday rebuked Facebook Inc for not being more transparent over its data sharing after the social media company said it had collaborated with at least four Chinese companies, including a smartphone maker that has raised U.S. security concerns.

Ocean's 8 pulls off a fun heist -- just don't think about it too much

Ocean's 8 succeeds as a fun heist movie that slots perfectly into the Ocean's cinematic universe. It doesn't strive to be more substance than style, yet it's still special. It's filled with Oscar winners who elevate a middling script. It portrays powerful women who can inspire young women to dream they can do anything. Like... uh, become criminal masterminds.

The 12 best features of MacOS Mojave

This was a throwaway line from Craig Federighi, Apple's senior vice president of software engineering, but it might become my favorite feature of Mojave. I use Chrome instead of Safari chiefly because Safari does not have favicons -- you know, those tiny icons that show up on your tabs and bookmarks bar that make the browser more visually interesting and, more importantly, act as a great aid in keeping track of which tabs are what. At the end of the MacOS Mojave portion of WWDC 2018, Federighi mentioned favicons are coming to Safari. I, for one, will greatly rejoice when they arrive.

Facebook confirms data-sharing deals with Huawei and other Chinese companies

( Reuters ) — Facebook said Tuesday it has data sharing partnerships with at least four Chinese companies including Huawei, the world’s third largest smartphone maker, which has come under scrutiny from U.S. intelligence agencies on security concerns.

Asus, not Apple, showed us the sexy tech of tomorrow

It's what Asus calls a ScreenPad. It's both its own separate display, one on which you can watch YouTube or browse Facebook, as well as a touch input. Asus has designed a suite of apps for it, like a calculator and a music player, and it comes with support for Microsoft Office programs, where it functions like a bigger version of the Touch Bar in Apple's newer MacBook Pro range.

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All Cadillacs will have autonomous driving features by 2020

The only way we'll get to a world where every car on the road can talk to each other is if more automakers get on board, and making sure that every new vehicle that rolls off the lot has a set of autonomous capabilities is the fastest way for us to get there. Now, we just need more automakers to follow the lead of GM and others to make it happen.

New Gmail Launches For Everyone in July

The redesigned interface lets you hover over a message in your inbox to quickly archive, delete, mark it as read, or snooze it for a set amount of time. An artificial intelligence-powered "nudging" feature can help you manage your email by suggesting you respond to a message that's been sitting in your inbox for a few days. Plus, Google also bolstered Gmail's offline capabilities, letting you search, write, respond, delete, or archive up to 90 days of messages without an active connection.

Watch Out, Facebook Launches Lip Sync Live

The social network is coming for with a new feature called Lip Sync Live that is sure to deliver the LOLs. Unveiled Tuesday, Lip Sync Live "lets you lip sync to songs from forever favorites like 'Welcome to The Jungle' by Guns N' Roses to new hits like 'Havana' by Camila Cabello," Facebook's Head of Music Business Development and Partnerships Tamara Hrivnak and Head of Music and Rights Fred Beteille wrote in a blog post . Check out the video below to see how it works.


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Couple who swindled Amazon out of $1.2M in gadgets gets 6-year sentence

In total, the Finans and Glumac sold over $1.2 million in consumer electronics. The Finans created hundreds of fake online identities and made around $750,000 in a little over two years from the scheme, according to Department of Justice release.

Parrot's new drone is a 4K foldable flier set to challenge DJI Mavic Air

Capable of shooting 4K HDR video at a 100Mbps bitrate, Anafi also captures snaps at 21MP. This is a big boost to the Parrot line's camera capabilities, and we're looking forward to comparing Anafi's shots with those of the Mavic Air, which also shoots 4K at 100Mbps and takes 12MP HDR stills.

Apple Watch Series 3 with LTE Cellular is coming to four new countries | Cult of Mac

Nine months after debuting in the U.S., the Apple Watch Series 3 with LTE Cellular is set to arrive in four new countries, starting next week.

Live in Florida? You're more likely to be hit by a cyberattack than any other state

The report taps the Ponemon Institute's Cyber Hygiene Index, which attempts to measure people's ability to protect themselves from various criminal attacks in a series of positive and negative survey questions. For this research, the group defined cyber hygiene as "an individual's ability to maintain a high level of readiness in order to prevent, detect and respond to cyber-related attacks such as malware, phishing, ransomware and identity/credential theft," according to the report. The index scores range from +37 points at the high end of the spectrum to -39 points at the low end.

Report: Nearly half of all enterprises were hacked in the last 12 months

The researchers highlighted that, of the 400 IT decision-makers surveyed, 44% worked for organizations that had suffered from a hack in the last 12 months and the breaches had cost their companies nearly $1 million on average. SailPoint said this figure did not even include fines, brand damage, and lost revenue.

macOS Mojave changes spell doom for indie Mac games

Apple is pushing game creators to drop OpenGL in favor of its own Metal API, which isn’t supported by third-party platforms. It may mean smaller game development teams are forced to choose between releasing on macOS or other operating systems.

Sonos speakers will support Apple AirPlay 2 in July

When the update arrives to Sonos speakers in July, they will show up as available play targets within iOS . Sonos will also offer some control of music via Alexa voice control, which Sonos speakers like the Sonos One support. Once music is playing via AirPlay 2, a voice command to Alexa can pause or skip tracks, for example.

Facebook Watch lines up news shows from CNN, Fox, Univision

You'll be able to catch a variety of news shows on Facebook Watch in the near future.

Intel giving away 8,000+ processors, here's how to enter to win one for your business

The Intel Core i7-8086K Limited Edition processor represents the company's first 6-core, 12-thread processor with integrated graphics in an 1151-pin package supporting a 64-bit instruction set. It is also the first Intel processor to deliver up to 5.0 GHz single-core turbo frequency out of the box, fully unlocked for overclocking, according to the fact sheet. This higher frequency allows for improved single-threaded performance and consistently high frame rates, which will be beneficial for content creation applications.

Every Cadillac will offer Super Cruise from 2020

Super Cruise is Cadillac's system that provides hands-free driving in certain situations. On about 130,000 miles of US highways that Cadillac has mapped, the driver can take his or her hands off the wheel while Super Cruise handles steering, braking and acceleration. It uses a high-resolution GPS map, cameras and radar sensors. The driver, however, must be ready to take control at any moment; a small camera watches to make sure the driver is still paying attention to the car's surroundings.

iOS apps on Mac: What business pros need to know

According to Federighi, Apple has been working on a major project for the past few years, focused on bringing part of the UIKit to macOS's AppKit to make some iOS apps available on macOS. In macOS Mojave, four iOS apps will be available on the Mac: News, Stocks, Voice Memos, and Home.

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How to enable access to Microsoft Whiteboard for Windows 10

Sometime during summer 2018, Microsoft Whiteboard will come out of public preview mode and be released as a full-fledged product. Here's how to get it.

Unihertz Atom hands-on: Rugged tiny 4G smartphone keeps you connected in the field for less than $300 | ZDNet

It's a tiny smartphone, but for $159 it is a great secondary phone to take with you running, fly fishing, biking, hiking, and working out in the field. Even at the full $299 price, it is a solid phone for field workers and those weekend warriors who are rought on their phones. It will help you stay in touch without worry while other glass sandwich phones cost you $500 to $1000 and require a bulky case to keep safe.


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30 Uber's electric bike-sharing service is launching in Europe

Berlin is an interesting choice for a European launch. The German capital is already awash with bike-sharing companies such as OBike, Mobike and LimeBike. But the roll out, coupled with plans to launch UberGreen in the city later this year, is undoubtedly part of a wider move to get Berlin back on side after a slew of legal challenges -- which have spread throughout Europe -- in recent times. According to Khosrowshahi, these plans demonstrate a "new Uber" which wants to expand "through partnerships and dialogue."

Apple's macOS 10.14 Mojave has big security and privacy updates: Here's the list

"There can be a lot of sensitive data on your devices and we think you should be in control of who sees it. We are adding greater protections on how apps can access that info," Federighi said. "Today, Apple devices check in with you before granting access to information. In Mojave, we're extending these protections to include your camera and your microphone as well as sensitive parts of your file system like your mail database, message history, and your backups—and all of this is protected by default on Mojave."

Gmail's new design: Love it or hate it, looks like you'll soon have to use it | ZDNet

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33 Asus Project Precog is basically the tablet from Westworld

Asus Project Precog is a concept of the future of laptops. Dual-screens aside, it will have face and object recognition, know when you have a meeting and save battery power to make sure you have enough to get things done.

This twins' high school yearbook photo isn't quite what it seems

Take this high school yearbook, for instance. On Tuesday, Marcus Williams shared a throwback photo to the time his identical twin brother Malcolm helped him out of a tricky spot on their school picture day.

Alienware’s Wireless Headset trades style for 7.1 surround sound

The company has unveiled its first wireless headset (and its first gaming headset in general since 2009), the aptly named Alienware Wireless Headset. It has 7.1 virtual surround sound with what the company says is deep, rich bass. The headset borrows from Alienware's other hardware to include the AlienFX lighting system. That offers in-game lighting effects for more than 160 games, and you can create and download themes. You can eke out up to eight and a half hours of battery life with AlienFX switched on, and 15 hours with it off.

How to use WSUS Offline Update for Windows clients and servers

WSUS Offline Update is a simple, lightweight, elegant solution, released free to use under the GNU GPL license. Its tagline is, "...since security, time, and bandwidth are money." It's aimed at streamlining the process of updating your clients and servers through an innovative use of powerful, intelligently-written scripts to download updates directly from Microsoft's public catalog servers and deploy them. When you're ready. Since the process stores updates locally, updates may be deployed offline, ensuring that your devices get inoculated against known threats and do not become compromised during a lengthy online update process.

Cambridge Analytica CEO reportedly embezzled $8 million

If you thought the Cambridge Analytica saga was over with the company's shut down and filing for bankruptcy , you were definitely wrong. According to The Financial Times , the company's former CEO Alexander Nix has been accused of stealing $8 million dollars from Cambridge Analytica before its demise.

Guess who? The Vaio S11 and S13 are back

The Vaio S11 and S13 will finally head out of Japan into Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia in the coming months.

39 Source code hoster GitLab is not respecing the GDPR • r/europrivacy


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Dave & Buster's gets multiplayer VR arcades using HTC Vive

Dave & Buster's large-scale release, however, is the largest VR arcade initiative yet. Considering that many people haven't even tried VR once, it could be worth saving up your Power Card chips for.

43 An infrared body scanner told me some hard truths

TG3D Studio is the startup behind the Scanatic 360 Body Scanner, a changing room-sized infrared body scanner. The demo version here in Taiwan is clad in piano-black plastic with neon lights, and it wouldn't look out of place in the sort of trendy clothes stores that normal people don't visit. But that's just for here at Computex: Other editions can be retrofitted into regular changing rooms in a department store or other retailer. The only differences are the plastic pillars in the corners that hide the infrared scanners themselves.

Uber brings electric bicycle rentals to Europe, starting with Berlin.

Uber acquired bike rental program Jump in April, as part of its effort to wean people off car ownership. Riders pay $2 a ride for 30 minutes on one of its electric bikes in Washington DC, San Francisco -- where it first tested the program earlier this year -- and other California cities.

Rare Apple I hits the auction block for charity | Cult of Mac

One of the first computers ever created by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak is hitting the auction block, only unlock some of the previous auctions, this one is for a good cause.

Instagram will reportedly allow users to upload hour-long videos

The only way you can share videos longer than a minute on Instagram is if you're live streaming, but that could change in the future. According to The Wall Street Journal , the Facebook-owned social network is already preparing to launch the ability to upload videos up to an hour in length. In addition, Instagram reportedly held discussions with content creators and publishers over the past weeks about the possibility of producing long-form videos for the platform. WSJ says the company is focusing on publishing vertical videos for now, though details could change before the feature launches.

Oracle Lays Off Java Mission Control Team After Open Sourcing Product

The pressure to cut the Java team to the bone (and beyond) has been there for years. Oracle execs (or at least one Oracle exec in charge of all product development) just don't understand the whole "invest and monetize where you have competitive advantage; partner or acquire where you don't" concept. Instead, they're using repeated cuts to core product groups to (under-)fund 500 different random projects that are glacially attempting to create shallow clones of various market leaders (e.g. AWS, GitHub), albeit years or even decades too late to compete, under some absurd assumption that the world is just waiting for the Oracle branded version of GitHub and AWS to show up so that they can switch to it. Internally, the koolaid is strong, with the official party line being that Oracle is totally dominating the market in Cloud, totally destroying Amazon, absolutely beating Salesforce, totally dominating Microsoft, absolutely wiping Google off the face of the map, etc. In reality, Oracle just continues to dramatically increase maintenance and support on older products that customers can't easily escape from (that accounts for almost 100% of Oracle revenue), while trying to strong-arm those same customers (via threats of software audits, coupled with massive discounts if they agree) into trying some of these new, half-baked products that kind-of look something like what has already been status quo in the market now for a decade or more.

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That doesn’t make any sense to me. The goal of an embargo is that every one release the news at the same time. If one media release it earlier, whether or not they’re authorized / partnered, it makes the embargo useless...

Nier: Automata Hits 3 Million Sales Worldwide - IGN

Nier: Automata's critical and commercial success came after a string of poorly performing releases for PlatinumGames and the cancelation of Scalebound in early 2017. Last August, PlatinumGames co-founder Hideki Kamiya tweeted  that thanks to the success of Nier: Automata, Yoko Taro may very well have "saved" PlatinumGames.

​What Microsoft buying GitHub means to open-source software development | ZDNet

James Bottomley, a Distinguished Engineer at IBM Research and a leading Linux developer, added in a blog post, "Companies with well established open-source business models and motivations that don't depend on the whims of VCs are much more trustworthy in open source in the long term. Although it's a fairly recent convert, Microsoft is now among these because it's clearly visible how its conversion from desktop to cloud both requires open source and requires Microsoft to play nicely with open source."

51 Fortnite Update File and Logo Have Been Spotted Uploaded to Nintendo Switch eShop - IGN
52 The Moto Z3 Play packs a bigger, better screen and full Mod support
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55 This phone case turns your iPhone 8 Plus into an X-ray machine
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57 EOS cryptocurrency contract bug hunter earns $120,000 in seven days | ZDNet
58 Revisiting the Heyday of California's 'Crazy' Novelty Architecture
59 Australia's new laws will force tech companies to help cops access suspects' encrypted data
60 Original Apple-1 computer and accessories go up for rare auction
61 Father's Day 2018: The best tech gifts Dad will actually use | ZDNet
62 The rise of 'Fortnite' means gaming phones might make sense
63 No new Mac hardware leaves me feeling pretty dark mode myself | ZDNet
64 The 12 best video games you can play with your kids
65 watchOS 5 beta 1 apparently bricking some Apple Watches | Cult of Mac
66 Do helium-filled hard drives have a lower failure rate? | ZDNet
67 iOS apps will inject new life into MacOS if Apple gets its way
68 Foxconn imagines life beyond Apple but faces major risks as it...
69 Parrot unveils 4K HDR foldable Anafi drone for $700
70 People have seen 'The Incredibles 2' and they're telling Twitter it's great
71 Open-source security: Zip Slip critical flaw hits thousands of projects. Update now | ZDNet
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73 Facebook Paying for News Shows From ABC News, CNN, Fox News, Univision, Others
74 Microsoft looks to add security, stability with Windows 10 IoT Core Services | ZDNet
75 Businessman and a legendary pornstar implicated in a $300M Bitcoin scam
76 New Gear: The NSA Collection
77 Microsoft partners to roll out 'Windows Collaboration Displays' later this year | ZDNet
78 Solo comes to Star Wars: Battlefront II
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80 Volkswagen announces it will end animal experiments
81 CrowdStrike customers that suffer data breach can claim up to $1 million in coverage | ZDNet
82 Inside Yandex self-driving car: Here's what it's like to ride on Moscow's crazy roads | ZDNet
83 Best iOS 12 features: What's new and what's still missing | ZDNet
84 Groceries in an hour? Massive Ocado-Kroger partnership could miss the mark | ZDNet
85 Unihertz Atom hands-on: in pictures | ZDNet
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87 Leaked BlackBerry Key2 specs hint at serious battery endurance
88 Uber is bringing its Jump e-bikes to Europe
90 Fitbit CFO quits to join autonomous vehicle startup
91 Autonomous vehicles: The self-driving car from Yandex hits Moscow's streets - Video | ZDNet
92 Two ways to speed up Excel macros
93 Food Discovery with Uber Eats: Building a Query Understanding Engine | Uber Engineering Blog
94 Sonos targets TV viewers with its new Beam smart speaker
95 Apple to host Panic! At the Disco at WWDC18 Bash