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'The Martian' trailer and teaser launch Matt Damon's mission to Mars - CNET

A teaser for Ridley Scott's adaptation of the hit novel parodies fun videos beamed back from the International Space Station.

DIY Watercolor Coffee Mugs

Here you will learn how to make these lovely coffee mugs! Great as a gift or why not a treat to your self? :)Item Required:Nail polishContainer (use a...

Tiny pig wakes up from a nap to try his first ice cream

Pickle the pig tries an ice cream cone for the first time ever.

Watch the US Navy test its electromagnetic jet fighter catapult

The US Navy's next-gen electromagnetic catapult for aircraft carriers works! Well, OK, the military hasn't exactly used it to launch an actual fighter je

Anti-drunk driving technology won't start the car if you're smashed

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's anti-drunk driving technology won't let you get away with driving sloshed -- it won't even let you s

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Showtime’s Standalone Streaming Service Coming To Roku, PlayStation Vue

When Showtime debuted its standalone streaming service aimed at cord cutters last week, there was some speculation that Apple had  scored another exclusive for its platform, similar to its deal with HBO NOW, as Showtime noted it would initially be available on Apple devices, including the iPhone, iPod touch and Apple TV. It appears that Showtime was not locked into an exclusive deal after all, as the network announced today that the new service will also become available on Roku and Sony’s PlayStation Vue at launch.

Capcom Announces Mega Man Legacy Collection, Reveals E3 Lineup - IGN

Titled Mega Man Legacy Collection , this bundle from developer Digital Eclipse will feature "faithful reproductions" of all six original Mega Man titles, along with a Challenge Mode, which remixes gameplay segments from all six games. It will also feature a Museum Mode, containing a "comprehensive collection of history, high-res art and original concept pieces."

Apple Announces News Reading App

The app resembles Flipboard, a popular app that pulls content from users' social media accounts and presents it as a sleek digital publication of its own, allowing people to read the links they'd see on Twitter in a kind of digital magazine. For years there has been speculation that Apple or Twitter would buy Flipboard. By building its own version, Apple is creating a way for people to start associating their news-reading routine with their phones, rather than with applications that are easily accessed through other smartphone platforms. 

Swift 2.0 - Swift Blog

We are excited about the opportunities an open source Swift creates for our industry. Baked-in safety features combined with excellent speed mean it has the chance to dramatically improve software versus using C-based languages. Swift is packed with modern features, it’s fun to write, and we believe it will get used in a lot of places. Together, we have an exciting road ahead.

Apple's New Music Service Relies on Features, Not Free. So Those Features Better Be Awesome.

Hard to imagine it will be. Apple will almost certainly get some new releases for big-name artists before other people. But exclusives aren’t a new idea. And they don’t last long. Because while the music labels that own the music are happy to give a distributor a short-term boost in exchange for a check, they want to make sure they can sell their stuff in as many places as possible.


Probably the most profound dissimilarity is we didn’t design or build the human body. Consequently, we don’t fully understand how it works or how to fix it when it breaks. Placing sensors in or on the body isn’t trivial, unobtrusive, or without risk. Human beings have limited options when it comes to Field Replaceable Units (FRUs) — when an organ fails, generally we can’t simply order a replacement off the shelf. However, rather than weakening the case for the IoLT, these “shortcomings” make the case that much more compelling. If we only get one machine, and the proper maintenance of that machine is literally a matter of life and death, then it would seem we’d want the best sensoring and component service contract we can get. The case for the IoT is actually more compelling for living things than it is for manufactured products.

Apple To Launch New Flipboard-Like App, While Newsstand Goes Away

At the same time, Apple is going to do away with Newsstand, the app that stored and distributed newspapers and magazines, which some partners complained tended to bury its content. Individual publishers will sell apps within the app store like any other developer. This follows on the steps of familiar efforts from Facebook and Snapchat, as well as Flipboard, to publish content directly on their own apps.

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#Music is once again Apple's hot hot sex? The new service is on at #WWDC

Waiting for WWDC 2015? Our full roundup of everything Apple may reveal

There’s an elephant in the room, and it’s name is Beats. Apple bought Beats Music for $3 billion last year, but so far, nothing has come of the acquisition. However, WWDC may be the stage on which Apple launches the future of music-streaming on iOS. We’ve heard so much about the new service that we have a huge roundup post about all the latest rumors, and with just hours to go before the event, Sony Music CEO Doug Morris has seemingly confirmed its arrival in an interview.

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"83 percent of active iPhone users on iOS 8" …

Pangu team demos iOS 8.3 jailbreak; may release it after iOS 8.4 launch

Pangu team, the Chinese hackers who have released jailbreak tools for iOS 8 – iOS 8.1, and iOS 7 – iOS 7.1.2, have successfully demoed the iOS 8.3 jailbreak at the Mobile Security Conference (MOSEC) in Shanghai.

Netflix lands Brad Pitt movie 'War Machine,' is now in another league

With an A-list actor in his prime signing on to partner with Netflix first, the streaming network has broken its last barrier to becoming a fully realized Hollywood content producer and distribution model. Netflix's huge success with original series gave it the caché to dabble in films, including multi-picture deals with the Duplass Brothers and Adam Sandler .

Apple shows off new 'Move to iOS' app to make it easier to switch from Android

As part of iOS 9 , Apple today has announced a new app called Move to iOS that makes the transition from Android to iPhone more seamless for the user. While the app went unannounced during the WWDC keynote, it is listed on the iOS 9 feature page on Apple’s website .

Apple finally puts female executives on stage

It shouldn't be a notable event, but it is: an Apple developers conference with female executives appearing on stage. Jennifer Bailey, a 10-year Apple veteran and vice president of Apple Pay, described the new changes to the company's  mobile payments system (including support for the UK ) and vice president of product marketing Susan Prescott  outlined the company's News app . The conference isn't over yet though, and we hope we might see more from Apple's female exec team — including former Burberry CEO Angela Ahrendts.

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"This year we're bringing Metal to the Mac" (live blog)  #WWDC15

Bill Nye's Solar-Powered Space-Sailer Has Woken Up

For the last few weeks since its launch, the experimental LightSail satellite has been orbiting Earth, unable to make ground contact thanks to a software glitch. But earlier today, the spacecraft’s handlers successfully deployed the little craft’s gigantic sail.

4 ways retailers can improve supply chain management

To gain further visibility into the supply chain, “implement RFID,” says Melanie Nuce, vice president, Apparel & General Merchandise, GS1 US , a supply chain standards organization. “A more precise level of inventory visibility ensures the retailer knows where their product is in the supply chain. Standards, such as Electronic Product Code (EPC) enabled Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), are allowing leading retailers to pinpoint their inventory in real time,” she explains. “By using RFID, a retailer can inventory 20,000 items per hour at 99 percent accuracy or higher. All of this means a simpler, more efficient way to deliver on the promise to the consumer.” Furthermore, “by combining RFID-enabled inventory and source tagging with smarter, more sophisticated electronic article surveillance (EAS), retailers gain real-time insight into the supply chain, from what is available to sell via online and in-store channels to how much is needed on the shelf,” adds Sell.

Apple to rename Apple Watch operating system as 'watchOS'

The image is quite blurry but as you can see they seem to highlight Apple’s three platforms, namely iOS, OS X and watchOS. Until now, Apple has officially called the Apple Watch operating system as Watch OS, but based on the banner it looks like Apple is planning to rebrand it as watchOS .

OS X 10.11 Rumors: Everything we know about Apple’s next major OS X update

Other details, such as the name for the operating system and other major features, remain unknown. This uncertainty gives us plenty of room to speculate about the items we want to see in the next version of OS X.

Apple WWDC 2015 Keynote Live Blog - IGN

Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference is just around the corner - and we'll be bringing you all the updates live from the keynote right here. Tune in Monday, June 8 at 10am PT / 1pm ET / 5pm GMT (Tues Jun 9 3am AET) to get all the news and announcements via our live blog.

Apple Watch apps will get much more useful with WatchOS 2

Why this matters: The Apple Watch is an exquisite piece of hardware, but one that can be extremely frustrating to use. Users are frequently confronted with loading screens, as third-party apps struggle to load everything they need from a paired iPhones. And when these apps finally load, most of them are of limited utility. The new powers that Apple is granting to app makers, along with some added features in WatchOS 2, should go a long way toward turning the Apple Watch into a useful accessory.

Apple's WatchOS 2 update brings native apps, new features

Along with native apps, Apple also revealed a spate of new features coming to WatchOS 2. To start with, you'll be able to reply to emails directly from the Watch, assuming you don't mind the tiny screen. There's also a bunch of new watch faces, including a Photo face that can be customized with your own images, and a Time-lapse Photo face that shows the passage of time at spots like the Big Ben clock.

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Liveblog: Apple’s WWDC keynote starts at 10am Pacific on Monday

WWDC is always a launching ground for the next versions of iOS and OS X. Apple will share their biggest new features and the general direction for each release, will issue the first of half-a-dozen-or-so developer betas for both operating systems, and aim for a release in the fall. We'll also probably get an update on the Swift programming language and on the Apple Watch's native SDK .

The lost year of Beats Music and how that may not matter for Apple - CNET

Fewer people in the US visited Beats Music in April than a year earlier, right before Apple unveiled its takeover, making it the only service among the six main competitors in online streaming music to see that traffic fall, according to traffic scorekeeper ComScore. Internet radio service Pandora, on-demand streamer Spotify, user-uploaded audio site SoundCloud, and subscription services Rhapsody and Rdio all had increasing visits to their sites and apps across desktop and mobile between May 2014 and April 2015 -- while Beats' unique visitors slipped to 1.1 million from 1.4 million. By comparison, April saw Pandora rack up 86 million visitors and Spotify reach 38 million.

Halt and Catch Fire: "New Coke" Review - IGN

Watching Cameron and Donna work out their difficulties on the fly is engaging, but watching Cameron make the same mistakes over and over again is growing frustrating. If it was a case of both sides being right – Cameron’s decisions by the seat of her pants or Donna’s more logical business-minded solutions – then I could bare it. Instead, Cameron is always in the wrong and has refused to learn her lesson. Bringing in Bosworth could’ve been a great call on her part, but that decision proved fruitless. It was odd to see that storyline go nowhere other than to show Bos’ disconnect with the world at large. It would’ve been more interesting to see him confront the challenge head on and try to bring some organization to the Mutiny chaos.

Spotify plans to match Apple Music’s very cheap family plan

Apple rolled out its  new music service today . It has the very original name of Apple Music. Onstage the company said it would transform the listening experience for fans, and the creative act for artists. But by and large the service offers features you can already find in the market. The one place where did draw a line in the sand was on price. Apple offers a family plan that can be shared by up to six people for $14.99. Spotify and Rdio also offer family plans, but those cost $14.99 for two people, and $29.99 for five.

How to straighten and realign photos on iPhone and iPad

My iPhone is my utility weapon, acting as my phone, messenger, alarm clock, portable gaming system, and my camera. Smartphones and tablets have all but relegated real cameras to niche items for professional photographers and people who like to spend a lot of money on things.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Active officially announced by AT&T, sports massive 3,500mAh battery (Update: available June 12)

Update:  The press release has just gone out with everything we really want to know about the Galaxy S6 Active. In terms of details we didn’t know about, the phone runs 5.0.2 Lollipop, comes with an Exynos 7420 64-bit octa-core processor, 32GB of internal storage, and the 5.1″ QHD Super AMOLED display has a pixel density of 577 ppi. The S6 Active will be available starting June 12th, as always, as an AT&T exclusive and will be available on the same day both online and in retail stores. Installment pricing with be as such:  $0 down on AT&T Next for $23 .17 with 30 device payments on Next 24, $28.96 per month at 24 payments on Next 18, or $34.75 per month at 20 payments on Next 12.

HTC Cuts Revenue Projection Amid Sluggish Phone Sales

TAIPEI—HTC Corp. on Friday unexpectedly slashed its revenue projection for the second quarter and said it expected to report a net loss, as smartphone sales plummet more than the company had predicted.

Apple Pay to get Discover, go to U.K. and top 1 million U.S. locations

Apple Pay to get Discover, go to U.K. and top 1 million U.S. locations Apple's mobile payment system, Apple Pay, is set to top 1 million locations in the U.S. and expand to the U.K. Check out this story on

The Right Way To Say Thanks After an Interview

It’s a lost opportunity to personalize the content, as well as to build the relationship. But that’s not the only fatal flaw. "When it's obvious that you wrote the note ahead of time and planned to drop it off as you left, it drains much of the significance of the gesture and turns it into one that conveys only, ‘I'm checking a thank you off my list,’" Green says, referring to her first point.

Progress brings Logi Analytics to its enterprise customers

The release was driven by customer demand for a built-in BI package, according to Jerry Rulli, president of the Progress OpenEdge business unit. Previously, customers would have to install and configure BI software from scratch, as well as install, configure and maintain the supporting databases and data warehouse software.

"Grand Theft Auto" In Real Life: The Carjacking, Gun-Slinging Universe Comes Alive With GoPros And iPhones

"Grand Theft Auto" In Real Life: The Carjacking, Gun-Slinging Universe Comes Alive With GoPros And iPhones

Tim Cook: This year's WWDC keynote won't be all white guys

If you have trouble remembering the last time you saw a woman or a person of color on stage at an Apple keynote, you're not alone. Even CEO Tim Cook is tired of the generally monochromatic parade of white males who unveil the latest gadgets and software at the company's events, and he's doing something about it.

The Paradox of the Proof

This foundational stone is one that mathematicians are proud of. The community works together; they are not cut-throat or competitive. Colleagues check each other’s work, spending hours upon hours verifying that a peer got it right. This behavior is not just altruistic, but also necessary: unlike in medical science, where you know you’re right if the patient is cured, or in engineering, where the rocket either launches or it doesn’t, theoretical math, better known as “pure” math, has no physical, visible standard. It is entirely based on logic. To know you’re right means you need someone else, preferably many other people, to walk in your footsteps and confirm that every step was made on solid ground. A proof in a vacuum is no proof at all.

iOS 9 will run on all iOS 8-compatible devices - CNET

Apple announced iOS 9 today with loads of new features and improvements. However, the biggest surprise is that the new version of the mobile operating system doesn't exclude any more existing devices than did its predecessor, iOS 8.

This Homelessness Organization Says You Should Stop Donating To The Homeless

Of course, just putting someone in the program doesn't guarantee that they'll succeed in getting permanently off the street. "Clearly it's challenging," says Murray. "You're asking someone to change their life. There's not anybody who wants to be on the streets, but there are people who find it difficult to do the things that you need to do to be off the streets. There are things that you and I take for granted—we have to get up, we have to go work, brush our teeth, follow society's rules about drugs and alcohol. People have to decide they want to do this, and that is difficult."

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Apple Maps in iOS 9 adds public transit, local business search

Speaking from the stage at this year’s Worldwide Developer Conference, senior vice-president Craig Federighi mentioned that Maps will soon provide dedicated maps and directions for public transit systems in a number of cities like San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles, Toronto, London, Paris, and over 300 locations in China. The company has gone as far as incorporating detailed surveys of individual subway stations into its data—a feature that makes the directions provided by Maps more accurate and timely.

New Ping Identity Platform Includes Apple Watch Authentication

Ping is trying to redefine itself to offer a more comprehensive policy-based approach to security with authentication at its core. While it is not necessarily breaking new ground (except perhaps that Apple Watch piece), it has put together a broad approach to authentication. What’s more, because it’s policy driven, it removes much of the burden that has traditionally fallen on the end user.

Apple Music storms into battle for streaming tunes fans

Apple Music storms into battle for streaming tunes fans Apple is looking to beef up its streaming numbers with the introduction Monday of its revamped Apple Music app, which includes an live radio station helmed by well-known deejays in London, New York and Los Angeles. Check out this story on

Penny Dreadful: "Glorious Horrors" Review - IGN

The great, gelling "Glorious Horrors" brought most everyone awkwardly together for a big bash at Dorian's pad - a celebration that wound up being as much about Lily's "debut" as it was for its intended, Angelique. Quick question first. Did anyone else think, for a second, that Vanessa might show up with John Clare on her arm? I mean, she mentioned his name to Victor in an earlier scene and she and John even shared that dance together last week. Sure, the show would really have had to sell the hell out of it since it would've taken a healthy dose of convincing to get John to "debut" as well, but the idea did cross my mind. And then John would've seen Victor and Lily and he would have gone nuts with rage know the scenario.

Talk about 24/7 Radio

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Internet 'Magna Carta' vote launched by British Library - BBC News

Thousands of young people have taken part in a UK debate about what should be included in a "Magna Carta" for the digital age.

Matt Damon "Sciences the Sh*t" Out of Mission in First Trailer For The Martian - IGN

During a manned mission to Mars, Astronaut Mark Watney (Matt Damon) is presumed dead after a fierce storm and left behind by his crew. But Watney has survived and finds himself stranded and alone on the hostile planet. With only meagre supplies, Watney must draw upon his ingenuity, wit and spirit to subsist and find a way to signal to Earth that he is alive. Millions of miles away, NASA and a team of international scientists work tirelessly to bring “the Martian” home, while his crewmates concurrently plot a daring, if not impossible, rescue mission.  As these stories of incredible bravery unfold, the world comes together to root for Watney’s safe return.

Spunky 105-year-old Warriors fan makes Golden State guarantee

She even got to take in Game 1 of the Warriors NBA Finals series against the Cleveland Cavaliers at Oracle Arena in Oakland, California. Sweetie plans on living to the ripe old age of 110 and just wants to see her Warriors win their first championship since 1975. With Stephen Curry, the league's reigning MVP at the helm, her dream has a fighting shot at becoming a reality.

Mobile ads, brands, & winning: Calling all brands in NYC

But if you’re a brand that’s doing mobile advertising, connect with me . I’d love to take you onstage in a panel discussion after unveiling the research findings. We’ll explore what you’re doing, what’s working, and where you think the puck is going next.

Apple Announces New iOS 9 Details - IGN

Apple says iOS 9 adds one hour of typical use to a full iPhone charge. It's adding a low power mode that can extend battery life for an additional three hours of normal use. The amount of free space required for the operating system update is 1.3 GB.

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Apple's Passbook is now Wallet and has retail credit and loyalty cards  #WWDC15

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59 After U.S. Freedom Act, U.K. Spy Agencies Face Fresh Legal Challenge Over Domestic Dragnets
60 Truckers, these two companies are revving up efforts to disrupt your industry
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