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Amazon axes unlimited cloud storage, inevitably

Amazon has joined the club of companies who've broken their promise of unlimited cloud storage. Storage now costs $60 pe

Yandex unveils self-driving car concept for taxi service

Russian search giant Yandex unveiled a prototype self-driving car on Tuesday, which it plans to incorporate into its taxi service.

'Game of Thrones' Season 7 finale will be the show's longest episode ever

Every minute counts!

For the first time ever, a video game trailer has qualified for an Oscar

"Everything," the game where you can play as everything, lands a first for games.

Unboxed Aims To Turn Amateur Product Porn Into The Next QVC

A new app from a veteran of Hulu and Flipboard will try to capitalize on the “unboxing” videos of wildly popular YouTubers.

Here are the top revelations from Comey’s testimony

Former FBI head James Comey testified before the Senate Intelligence Committee today. A lot of questions focused on

There's a new ring of power in Tolkien's 'Lord of the Rings' universe

So many awesome references.

Microsoft provides a closer look at the Xbox Project Scorpio dev kit

Microsoft is planning to unveil its Project Scorpio Xbox console at E3, and now the company is teasing its dev kit ahead of the E3 press event on Sunday. There’s not a lot of new information about...

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Live from Apple’s WWDC 2017 Keynote

It’s time, Apple fans. It’s Day 1 of Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference — which, in turn, means it’s time for Apple to debut pretty much everything it’s been working on behind the scenes for the past year. Just as we’ve been doing for ages and if you can’t watch the live stream at work, we’ll be reporting live from the scene with up-to-the-second updates as the news unfolds.

Softbank is buying robotics firms Boston Dynamics and Schaft from Alphabet

“Today, there are many issues we still cannot solve by ourselves with human capabilities,” said Masayoshi Son, Chairman & CEO of SoftBank Group Corp., in a statement. “Smart robotics are going to be a key driver of the next stage of the Information Revolution, and Marc and his team at Boston Dynamics are the clear technology leaders in advanced dynamic robots. I am thrilled to welcome them to the SoftBank family and look forward to supporting them as they continue to advance the field of robotics and explore applications that can help make life easier, safer and more fulfilling.”

Live from Apple's WWDC 2017

Join us as we join Apple in San Jose for the opening keynote of the company's annual developers conference.

Live from Apple’s WWDC 2017 Keynote

It’s time, Apple fans. It’s Day 1 of Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference — which, in turn, means it’s time for Apple to debut pretty much everything it’s been working on behind the scenes for the past year. Just as we’ve been doing for ages and if you can’t watch the live stream at work, we’ll be reporting live from the scene with up-to-the-second updates as the news unfolds.

Live from Apple’s WWDC 2017 Keynote

It’s time, Apple fans. It’s Day 1 of Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference — which, in turn, means it’s time for Apple to debut pretty much everything it’s been working on behind the scenes for the past year. Just as we’ve been doing for ages and if you can’t watch the live stream at work, we’ll be reporting live from the scene with up-to-the-second updates as the news unfolds.

How to watch the live stream for today’s Apple WWDC keynote

Apple is holding a keynote today at the McEnery Convention Center in San Jose, and the company is expected to unveil new updates for iOS, macOS, tvOS, watchOS and maybe also the iPad Pro and the MacBook Pro. At 10 AM PT (1 PM in New York, 6 PM in London, 7 PM in Paris), you’ll be able to watch the event as the company is streaming it live.


For AirPods users that have an iCloud account signed into an iOS devices, their macOS device, and watchOS, pairing is simple enough. Just connect your AirPods to one of those devices and then all the other ones where the iCloud account is present will automatically recognize the AirPods after that. Simple enough. Unfortunately for Apple TV owners, that easy connection hasn’t been possible.

Google rolls out developer preview of Android O with final APIs | ZDNet

The final API 26 SDK is available with the SDK Manager in Android Studio , and Android Support Library 26.0.0 beta 2 from Google's Maven repository . With these tools, Google said, developers have "everything you need to develop and test your apps with the official Android O APIs."

9 WSJ D.Live Asia 2017 — Full Coverage

Latest updates and videos from The Wall Street Journal's inaugural D.Live Asia technology conference in Hong Kong. Speakers include DST Global's Yuri Milner, Baidu President Qi Lu, Kakao CEO Ji-Hoon Rim, Connie Chan from Andreessen Horowitz and Jenny Lee from GGV Capital.

Mashable on Twitter

A Russia-linked cyber espionage group used a Britney Spears Instagram photo to spread malware:

USDA-RMA CIO: For digital transformation to succeed, remove fear

Today, the FCIC is maintained under the auspices of the U.S. Department of Agriculture Risk Management Agency (USDA-RMA), and CIO Chad Sheridan acknowledges the historical legacy of the agency while working diligently to digitally transform for the future.

Verizon to Cut 2,100 Jobs at Yahoo, AOL After Merger

About 2,100 people will lose their jobs at Yahoo and AOL after Verizon Communications Inc. completes its acquisition of Yahoo and combines the two onetime internet rivals, a person familiar with the matter said.

Apple Events - WWDC Keynote, June 2017

Streaming video requires an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch with Safari on iOS 7.0 or later, a Mac with Safari 6.0.5 or later on OS X v10.8.5 or later, or a PC with Windows 7, 8, or 10. Windows 10 also requires Microsoft Edge. Streaming via Apple TV requires an Apple TV (2nd or 3rd generation) with software 6.2 or later or an Apple TV (4th generation).

iOS 11 Wish List: What We Want

But what features should Cupertino add? Rumors include FaceTime group chats, peer-to-peer mobile payments, and a smart power-saving mode. But we asked the PCMag staff and the iOS faithful online what they want to see in iOS 11; things like the ability to clear all apps and screen recording were among their suggestions, but see the full wish list below.

Here’s how and why to watch Apple’s WWDC keynote today

Today is the Apple keynote presentation for its Worldwide Developer’s Conference. And while no earthshaking announcements are rumored to be on tap, it’s still a can’t-miss event for Apple junkies around the world.

Supreme Court to Hear Case on Cellphone Location Data

WASHINGTON—The Supreme Court agreed Monday to consider whether authorities need search warrants to obtain data about the location of cellphone users, a long-brewing issue that could help clarify privacy rights in the digital age.


European authorities are seeking new powers to allow police and intelligence agencies to directly obtain user data stored on the continent by U.S. tech companies. The move comes in the wake of an uptick in terrorist attacks, including several attacks in Britain and France, among others across the bloc. Tech companies have been asked to do more to help law enforcement, while police have long argued the process for gathering data overseas is slow and cumbersome. The bloc's justice commissioner, Vera Jourova, presented several plans to a meeting of justice ministers in Luxembourg on Thursday to speed up access for EU police forces to obtain evidence -- including one proposal to allow police to obtain data "directly" from the cloud servers of U.S. tech companies in urgent cases. "Commissioner Jourova presented at the Justice Council three legislative options to improve access to e-evidence," said Christian Wiga, an EU spokesperson, in an email. "Based on the discussion between justice ministers, the Commission will now prepare a legislative proposal," he added. Discussions are thought to have included what kind of data could be made available, ranging from geolocation data to the contents of private messages.

18 Uber is in talks to acquire valet startup Luxe’s tech and engineers

The plan is for Uber to acquire some of Luxe’s technology and engineering talent, which had been working on a service related to short-term car rentals, according to the WSJ. Uber also has reportedly been interviewing engineers from Luxe to determine who to keep from the company, according to the WSJ.

iOS 11 on the iPad Pro is still missing one important feature | ZDNet

The changes demoed on stage made it clear Apple is working hard at changing user behavior - and perhaps more importantly, perception - of the iPad lineup. Instead of viewing and using the device for watching movies or passively checking email, Apple wants users to treat it as a computer. Or as ZDNet's Ross Rubin puts it, with iOS 11 Apple's iPad has a grown up .

We've Got More Details About Stranger Things' New Monster

TV Guide got a few more details out of the cast: Finn Wolfhard (Mike) said, “The Shadow Monster, the new one, the big one in the sky, that was crazy for us.” This seems to be what the cast and crew were calling it on set—but is that its real name, or just a codename the show is using to keep people off track?

IGN on Twitter

Here's the first clip from #WarForThePlanet ! Want to see the film before anyone else? Check this site and RSVP now!

No more bad blood: Taylor Swift returns to Spotify

As probably the biggest star to adamantly boycott the new technology, Swift's about-face could have wider implications for the music industry at large. It signals a growing consensus among artists acknowledging the fact that cooperation with the companies is an inescapable part of modern music marketing.

The Moon Makes a Perfect Sandwich Filling in This Dreamy Short Film

The title character in Gino Imagino’s animated short Mr. Blue Footed Booby is an easygoing fellow. The weird gravity of his home doesn’t bother him, and he livens up his late-night snack with jaunty aplomb, snatching a little celestial accompaniment through his window.

Factories Won’t Bring Back the American Dream

This strategy is based on flawed thinking. Manufacturing is certainly not as important to the U.S. economy as it once was, declining to less than 12 percent of gross domestic product in 2016 from 26 percent 50 years earlier. But the whole idea that “we don’t make anything,” as Trump himself has put it, is a fallacy. The U.S. remains a production powerhouse, accounting for almost 19 percent of global manufacturing, behind China’s 25 percent but bigger than Germany’s and Japan’s shares combined. U.S. manufacturers are still extremely competitive in high-tech and hard-to-duplicate products—think Boeing Co. aircraft. And even as some factory work has moved abroad, the U.S. economy remains remarkably strong. Home to many of the world’s most important and innovative companies, from Facebook Inc. to Tesla Inc., the U.S. boasts an unemployment rate of 4.3 percent, less than half the euro-area level.

Apple finally adds upgradeable CPU and RAM on 4K iMac | Cult of Mac

Swapping out the components isn’t easy. The CPU is buried underneath a lot of other components and there’s a glued-down glass screen you have to get passed first. But this is a huge win for upgraders and repair shops, as its the first time in years that it’s possible to upgrade the CPU without using a reflow station.

10 critical skills that every DevOps engineer needs for success - TechRepublic

Multitasking is another key skill for a DevOps engineer, said Anastasia Grinman, DevOps engineer at JFrog . "As a resource that works on mission-critical systems at the heart of processes for different teams, a DevOps engineer gets requests from many different people at once," Grinman said. "Frequently, everything is important and everything is urgent. DevOps engineers find themselves putting out fires, so the ability to work on multiple tasks at the same time is critical."

iOS 11's Coolest New Features in GIFs

iOS 11 on the iPhone is more of an evolutionary update. While iPad gets some much deserved and “revolutionary” updates, the iPhone’s story is more about refinements and redesigns. Between the new Control Center, Unified Notifications, redesigned App Store and a general new design language, there’s quite a bit to talk about.

Drew Houston on How Dropbox Bounced Back

Founded in 2007, Dropbox was one of the first services to make it easy for people to store files in the cloud. Consumers signed up in droves, and private investors valued it at $10 billion in 2014. But rivals such as Google Inc. launched similar services, and in early 2016 the company was forced to reduce its estimated value. Since then, Chief Executive Officer Drew Houston has cut expenses and added features to appeal to corporate IT managers, who now pay for an advanced version that gives them more storage and greater control over data. Earlier this year, Houston announced that Dropbox Inc. is profitable and will book $1 billion in revenue in 2017—a likely prelude to an initial public offering filing that could come later this year.   Dropbox started as a consumer product, then shifted to one that makes most of its money from companies. How’d that happen?   We have a sales force, but the way we get into enterprises is through the consumer. Our customers start using Dropbox at home, then they bring it into work and sign up using their corporate credit card.

Stargate Universe's Series-Ending Cliffhanger Will Finally Get Resolved

The third Stargate series, Stargate Universe , ended after only two seasons and just 40 episodes. It also ended on a fairly big cliffhanger that has remained unresolved for six years. But an ending, and a new “season,” are coming in the form of a comic book.

Raspberry Pi owners: Update your Pi to protect against this Linux trojan - TechRepublic

Those running Pi boards they bought this year or who have updated to latest version of the default Raspbian OS should be protected against the trojan, said Raspberry Pi co-creator Eben Upton.

Taylor Swift is putting her albums back on all streaming services

Now, however, Swift appears to have reconciled any problems she may have had with Spotify and other streaming services. It could be that the landscape has changed in the industry in the three years since she removed her albums, or it could simply be that she’s gearing up for a new album release and wants to ensure all potential fans can hear her old music. Either way, her entire back catalog will be available from midnight ET on your streaming service of choice.

Learning Snapchat from the Best in the Business

There are no likes, comments or hashtags. Virality is a foreign concept. So are links and URLs. The app known for ephemeral messaging and a massive Millennial audience has evolved beyond the web and beyond social media to become the first mobile media network - with a huge emphasis on media. In this sense, Snapchat has as much in common with Time Warner and DirecTV as it does with Facebook and YouTube. Which is to say it’s in a class of its own.

Lifehacker on Twitter

When you tweet with a location, Twitter stores that location. You can switch location on/off before each Tweet and always have the option to delete your location history. Learn more

Teardown of New iMac Reveals Replaceable CPU, RAM

Before you get too excited over Apple's apparent generosity to tinkerers, though, know that while the memory and CPU are replaceable, Apple makes it tough to access them in the first place. To even open the iMac's cover, you'll have to slice through adhesive with a tool that looks like a tiny pizza cutter. iFixit also found that the right speaker, which needs to be removed for full access to the motherboard, is much more difficult to pry out than the ones in previous iMacs.

Jobs Site Accidentally Places Ad on White Nationalist Podcast

Are you hiring? Do you know where to post your job, find the best candidates? With ZipRecruiter, you can post your job to 100+ job sites with just one click, then their powerful technology efficiently matches the right people to your job, better than anyone else. That’s why ZipRecruiter is different. Unlike other job sites, ZipRecruiter doesn’t depend on candidates finding you, it finds them. In fact, it finds over 80 percent of jobs posted on ZipRecruiter get a qualified candidate in just 24 hours. No juggling emails or calls to your office. Simply screen, rate, and manage candidates all in one place with ZipRecruiter’s easy-to-use dashboard. Find out today why ZipRecruiter has been used by businesses of all sizes to find the most qualified job candidates, with immediate results, and now our listeners can post jobs on ZipRecruiter for free, that’s right, free, just go to, that’s, one more time, try it for free,

How to upgrade the processor and memory in Apple's new 4K iMac - TechRepublic

"[I]t's flipped onto the backside of the logic board, trapped behind a lot of other components, and buried under a glued-down pane of glass—but for the first time in years it's possible to replace or upgrade the CPU without a reflow station, and that's a big win," the teardown noted.

Just how overpriced is Apple's new iMac Pro? | ZDNet

It's easy to look at the iMac Pro, with its $4,999 starting price, and think of it as an insanely overpriced bauble designed for fanboys with more money than sense. But the reality is a lot more subtle and nuanced than that.

This is the GoPro Fusion: the company's all-in-one VR camera

Secondly, it's a shade bigger than the current Hero5 Black, it's also fully square, and not oblong like the teaser images implied. The two lenses are set into the body without the typical GoPro square/flat protection cap. This is so that the camera can get an unobstructed view through 180-degrees, and not just straight ahead of it. The units shown here in Vail are pre-production versions, but GoPro assures us this is the final design (bar perhaps some additional Fusion branding etc).

Microsoft's mysterious new trademark hints at holographic gaming

Though "holographic applications" could apply to just about anything related to augmented reality, the application specifically covers gaming software. This could potentially mean some kind of gaming take on the software powering Microsoft's HoloLens augmented reality headset.

Apple's Swift programming language: The smart person's guide - TechRepublic

Apple's Swift has far-reaching effects on all platforms, not just iOS, OS X, watchOS, and tvOS. We dive into why Swift matters, how to use it, and how it differs from Objective-C.

Baidu's IQiyi in Talks With Google Amid Content Partnership Push

IQiyi, China’s most popular Netflix-style streaming video service, is looking to sign partnerships with Google and other global players as it seeks to lure content and hardware providers onto its service.

Watch Geoff Johns and Kevin Feige Discuss the Legacy of Richard Donner's Superman: The Movie

Superman: The Movie is still one of the most iconic and influential superhero films of all time, its legacy being felt in the superhero movies being made today. But it, and the man who swooped in to save it—the legendary Richard Donner—perhaps made their most important impact as inspirations for the careers of both Geoff Johns and Kevin Feige.

The Best Part Of Any Movie Is When Someone Says The Title, So Here’s 5 Minutes Of That

WHY WE CARE:  Probably the best scene in Pulp Fiction was when John Travolta looked right into the camera and said, “Man, sometimes the criminal lifestyle feels more like, I don’t know, pulp fiction to me.” What a scene! Unforgettable. Except it did not happen, probably because Quentin Tarantino generally doesn’t literalize his evocative titles at any point in his films. Can you imagine if midway through Reservoir Dogs , Steve Buscemi broke up a fight between Harvey Keitel and Michael Madsen by saying “Stop acting like a couple of reservoir dogs, whatever those are.” It would have felt odd. Buscemi did not say that; instead he said the N-word, and it was gross.

Crestron, Amazon partner to bring Alexa to meeting rooms - TechRepublic

Amazon's Alexa has been largely confined to the domestic sphere, but Crestron is aiming to change that with an expanded Amazon partnership and new Alexa integrations targeting the enterprise.

Snap Is Year's Most-Shorted Tech IPO Before Lockup Ends

Investors are skeptical that the company, which owns the Snapchat photo-sharing app, can grow quickly enough to justify its valuation -- now at about $22 billion -- given aggressive competition from Facebook Inc., which has been copying some of Snapchat’s features. That’s helped drive short interest in Snap up to 28 percent of the free float, or shares available to be traded publicly, according to data from Markit Group Ltd. The increase comes before the first lockup expiration on the shares -- on July 30 -- when certain stakeholders and executives will be free to unload their positions for the first time since the March 1 IPO.

Tech CEOs Cook, Bezos, Catz Said to Attend Kushner-Led Summit

Leaders from the largest technology companies are set to visit the White House later this month for an inaugural meeting of President Donald Trump’s group formed to modernize government services, according to three people familiar with the plans. They will arrive weeks after many tech chiefs publicly split with Trump on his decision to exit the Paris climate deal.

Al Jazeera TV says it is combating hack, all entities operational: source

DOHA Pan-Arab satellite network Al Jazeera is combating a large-scale cyber attack on its media platform, but all its entities remain operational, a company source said on Thursday.

TNW on Twitter

When you tweet with a location, Twitter stores that location. You can switch location on/off before each Tweet and always have the option to delete your location history. Learn more

Pushback for high-speed fiber project in Kentucky highlights political battle over broadband - TechRepublic

The budget would allow for an additional 97 miles of high-speed fiber to be installed. It would include servicing seven miles stretching from downtown Louisville to the Portland neighborhood, an underserved community in west Louisville. That 7-mile stretch of cabling would cost about $2.4 million. An additional $3 million would be spent to partner with Kentucky Wired on its project to install 90 miles of fiber optic cable throughout the county. This is a savings over the $12 million cost that the city would incur if it were to install the 90 miles of high-speed broadband cable separately from the Kentucky Wired project, said Grace Simrall, chief of civic innovation for Louisville Metro Government.

Look at This Crazy Brain Cyst

A 27-year-old man had been suffering frequent headaches and had been falling over frequently for around three years. But when he had a seizure, he headed to the emergency department. They took an MRI and found THIS.

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56 Apple's Tim Cook, other tech CEOs poised to attend White House summit led by Jared Kushner
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84 IBM's 5nm chip promises 'performance and power'
85 Microsoft leak reveals new version of Windows 10 aimed at monster PCs and workstations - TechRepublic
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88 Sorry, Apple, The HomePod Doesn’t Reinvent Home Music
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