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Anthony Bourdain's first time at Waffle House is a spiritual, unpretentious must-watch

Better than the French Laundry.

FridaBalls are padded underwear for guys so they can protect their man parts from wriggling toddlers

Father's Day is coming up, and we're sure that all of the young dads in your life will go *nuts* over these.

Ark: Survival Evolved roars onto iOS and Android next week

Ark: Survival Evolved, the popular survival game from Studio Wildcard, is going mobile. You'll be able to download it on Android and iOS next week, and it will be completely free-to-play. Will you learn to survive in a world dominated by dinosaurs?

65+ new features in watchOS 5 for Apple Watch

watchOS 5 is Apple's latest major release for Apple Watch, and it just launched as a developer beta. In this update are a number of new features that aim to make the Apple Watch experience better, as well as making it more independent of the iPhone.

Today in Apple history: Apple unveils OS X Snow Leopard | Cult of Mac

In 2009, Apple introduced OS X Snow Leopard, a version of its Mac operating system that ranks among the company's finest desktop updates.

Watch The Swirling Islands Of Plastic Trash That Are Filling Up Our Oceans

Courtesy of NASA, see where the 5 trillion pieces of floating plastic floating we’ve put in our oceans.

“Ocean’s 8” star Awkwafina is stealing the show on all fronts

The rapper-actor-TV show creator is about to be everywhere. Here’s how she got there.

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I just want to see George RR Martin going to Staples and buying two carts full of note cards and a lot of twine and tacks 'cause that's the only way to remember who everyone is in his books. That's the great reveal.

China hacked a Navy contractor and secured a trove of highly sensitive data on submarine warfare

For years, Chinese government hackers have siphoned information on the U.S. military, underscoring the challenge the Pentagon faces in safeguarding details of its technological advances. Over the years, the Chinese have snatched designs for the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter; the advanced Patriot PAC-3 missile system; the Army system for shooting down ballistic missiles known as Terminal High Altitude Area Defense; and the Navy’s new Littoral Combat Ship, a small surface vessel designed for near-shore operations, according to previous reports prepared for the Pentagon.

U.S. Says It Reclaimed Supercomputer Crown From China

The U.S. Department of Energy is debuting a supercomputer from International Business Machines Corp. Friday that it says is the world’s fastest and leapfrogs a Chinese machine that has held the top spot for the last two years.

4 Facebook Gave Some Companies Special Access to Additional Data About Users’ Friends

Facebook Inc. struck customized data-sharing deals that gave select companies special access to user records well after the point in 2015 that the social network has said it walled off that information, according to court documents, company officials and people familiar with the matter.

Anthony Bourdain opened the working-class kitchen to the world and the world to us

Anthony Bourdain’s first articles for the New Yorker, which became the foundation for his first book, “Kitchen Confidential,” slashed through the walls separating working-class cooks from their soft, well-fed customers, and for perhaps the first time since George Orwell’s “Down and Out in Paris and London,” elevated the rough humanity of the kitchen above the soft pleasures of the table. It is hard to imagine the current American restaurant scene, powered by the beauties of hard work, loud music and love, without him. It is hard to imagine an aspiring chef without a worn copy of “Kitchen Confidential” sitting by the bed.

6 people who might show up in the 'Game of Thrones' Age of Heroes prequel

Bran's visits to the past also revealed that the Children of the Forest created the White Walkers after the Andal invasion, which is the event that sparked off the Age of Heroes in the first place. Depending on when in the Age the prequel takes place, there may be some Forest Children hanging out in Westeros – one of whom may be Bran's very flammable friend Leaf, who was probably a few thousand years old when she blew herself up.

The US again has the world's most powerful supercomputer

The Department of Energy pulled back the curtain on the world's most powerful supercomputer Friday. When Summit is operating at max capacity, it can run at 200 petaflops -- that's 200 quadrillion calculations per second. That smokes the previous record holder, China's Sunway TaihuLight (which has a 93 petaflop capacity). Summit is also about seven times faster than Titan , the previous US record holder which is housed at the same Oak Ridge National Lab in Tennessee. For perspective, in one hour, Summit can solve a problem that it would take a desktop computer 30 years to crack.

E3 2018: PlayStation Days of Play Sale Starts Now - IGN

PlayStation's Days of Plays 2018 kicks off today and runs through June 18. For only 11 days, you'll find the best discounts all on hardware, games, peripherals, and subscriptions. There is also limited edition blue and gold themed PlayStation 4 Slim console that makes its debut, and will lost likely discontinue shortly after the event. Check out all the deals below.


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Pixar chief John Lasseter will leave Disney for good

"John had a remarkable tenure at Pixar and Disney Animation, reinventing the animation business, taking breathtaking risks, and telling original, high quality stories that will last forever," said Robert A. Iger, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, The Walt Disney Company.  "We are profoundly grateful for his contributions, which included a masterful and remarkable turnaround of The Walt Disney Animation Studios.  One of John's greatest achievements is assembling a team of great storytellers and innovators with the vision and talent to set the standard in animation for generations to come."

​Mark Shuttleworth dishes on where Canonical and Ubuntu Linux are going next | ZDNet

OpenStack has been very, very good for Canonical, which is more than you can say for many companies that tried to make it as OpenStack providers or distributors. "With OpenStack it's important to deliver on the underlying promise of more cost-effective infrastructure," Shuttleworth said. Sure, "You can love technology and you can have new projects and it can all be kumbaya and open source, but what really matters is computers, virtual machines, virtual disks, virtual networks. So we ruthlessly focus on delivering that and then also solving all the problems around that."

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Yahoo Messenger will shut down next month

If you have important information stored in your Yahoo Messenger chats, you can download your chat history on the "downloader request site" with your Yahoo ID before July 17. Although the messenger will shut down, your Yahoo ID will still work for other Yahoo products.

14 Stewing about Trump, California tech group bets on distant 'purple'...

MILL VALLEY, California (Reuters) - Sipping California zinfandel, munching deviled eggs and fretting about President Donald Trump, the guests attending a political fundraiser at a Silicon Valley executive’s home were the usual assortment of tech entrepreneurs and investors.

tvOS 12 makes entering passwords via iPhone way easier on Apple TV

Entering passwords on Apple TV has been one of the biggest pain-points on its entire existence. But starting with tvOS 12, Apple is giving its box the ability to prompt all nearby iPhones to enter a password, even if you’ve never connected to that Apple TV.

Siri Shortcuts in iOS 12 are scary good at predicting your schedule

Siri Shorts is one of the biggest new features coming to iOS 12. The feature allows Siri to intelligently pair your daily routine with third-party apps and suggest things when you need them. All of it happens without you having to do anything, but you can also create your own shortcuts in the Shortcuts app.

Three things TCL needs to do in order to make the BlackBerry Key2 a success

To also show there’s signs of life in BlackBerry, TCL also has to emphasize it’s not making mass-market devices here. The days when BlackBerry commanded the lion’s share of the phone market are over. Now, it’s only concerned about building solid devices for a smaller niche of security and productivity-conscious users.

18 Wall Street rises, investors eye Fed decision, summit fears ebb

NEW YORK (Reuters) - U.S. stock indexes closed higher on Friday as investors shrugged off concerns about global trade tensions but trading volume was relatively light ahead of a busy week of central bank meetings.

How to add Apple Music albums to your Home screen | Cult of Mac

Do you have an album or a playlist that you listen to over and over? Or maybe you have kids, and all they ever want to listen to is that Abba record you hate, again and again. And AGAIN. Are you sick of firing up Apple music and searching around for that record every time you want to play it? Well search no more! Today we’ll see how you can add any music to your home screen, and play it just by tapping an icon.

Amazing numbers from WWDC 2018

Some of these figures aren’t too surprising. iOS 11’s adoption rate is about what we’ve come to expect for iOS updates, and most of us are aware the App Store is ten years old now. Others are amazing, and they’re a testament to the impact Apple is making on the world.

22 Common photography problems (and how to fix them)

Things get trickier when you have a mix of lighting - when daylight is streaming in through a window and you've got interior room lights switched on as well, for example. If you have time, you might want to experiment with your white balance settings, but our recommendation would be to shoot in raw. As we've mentioned above, unlike JPEG files, it's easy to change the color temperature of raw files at the editing stage.

Review: HP Envy x2 running Windows 10 on ARM | ZDNet

On my third day of use, I noticed that the battery seemed to be lasting longer in my real-world use. It's worth pointing out that I am not using this device in the way Microsoft and its partners seemingly envisioned. I think these Windows 10 on ARM devices were created with managers in mind more than someone like me who types for hours at a time. For someone occasionally checking email, editing a PowerPoint deck, watching a video, tweeting a bit and Skyping some, this machine probably could last for days on end before a recharge was required.

A helpful list of mental health resources to remind you there’s always hope

If you see a person showing any of those signs, or suspect he or she might be having suicidal thoughts, reach out to a hotline or other resource listed here, or seek assistance from a trusted friend, family member, or professional.

AR for the blind is straight out of Star Trek | ZDNet

Rather than a straight video feed, eSight uses algorithms to optimize footage of the world for specific tasks, such as close reading or navigating a footpath. Depth and focus, which can give people with impaired vision trouble, are adjusted helpfully.

Apple reportedly lowered new iPhone component orders by 20 percent

But these new reports of lowered component part orders could indicate that Apple may be taking pains to avoid a "flop" narrative. Perhaps it has set its sights on more conservative sales numbers. If the new phones are a huge success, sales blowing past expectations would paint a much better picture for shareholders this time around.

NTSB's Tesla fatal crash report: Autopilot sped up, no braking in final seconds | ZDNet

The agency found no evidence that the vehicle's crash-avoidance systems kicked in before the horrific crash, which sheared off the front-end of the Model X and killed its 38-year-old driver, Apple engineer Wei 'Walter' Huang.

Apple Watch Rumored to Adopt Solid State Buttons With Haptic Feedback

It is expected that, later this year, Apple is going to introduce a brand new Apple Watch series, which may adopt not only new features (some of which we saw with watchOS 5 during WWDC 2018), but also a new physical design.

Nike+ Run Club is the best running app [Cult of Mac Essential iOS App 23]

Whether you’re just starting your fitness journey, or you’re an experienced marathoner, the Nike+ Run Club app is a great way to improve at running. Whether you need a personalized plan, mid-run encouragement, or a way to track your daily miles, Nike+ Run Club is arguably the best running app on iPhone and Apple Watch.

Apple share price falls as iPhone component orders decline | Cult of Mac

Apple has reportedly warned its supply chain of plans to cut 20 percent of new iPhone component orders. This news triggered a drop in Apple’s valuation, with shares falling 2.1 percent in U.S. pre-market trading.

Former Qualcomm CEO Paul Jacobs launches wireless connectivity startup | ZDNet

Jacobs may have his hands full with XCOM, but this does not mean his plans to take Qualcomm private are dead in the water.

Best movies on Netflix UK (June 2018): 150+ films to choose from

Okja is a fantastic movie that proves Netflix really does know what it's doing when it comes to commissioning films. Made by Bong Joon Ho, one of the greatest directors around, the film is the strange tale of a little girl and her best friend, a giant animal called Okja. The friendship is threatened when a CEO (a superb Tilda Swinton) wants to take Okja for nefarious means. The whole movie may well be an ode to animal activism but it's such a refreshing movie that you don't mind it preaching to you on occasion. Now you have this on-board Netflix, can you please grab the UK rights for Snowpiercer - another superb Bong Joon Ho movie that never saw the light of day in Britain.  

Reaching the Summit: Accelerated Computing Powering World’s Fastest Supercomputer | The Official NVIDIA Blog

Call it the most powerful scientific tool ever built. Call it a new paradigm of computing. Just don’t call it slow, because whatever number you look at, Summit — which made its debut Friday at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory — is flat-out fast.

Apple boosts pay for writers on its original TV shows | Cult of Mac

Apple has yet to reveal exactly how its original video content will be broadcast. So far, most Writers Guild of America-covered internet programming has been part of paid services, such as Netflix, Amazon and Hulu. However, Facebook is focused on providing free content to consumers. While Apple’s distribution plans remain secret, this suggests that free content could be on the radar.

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Iconic Yahoo Messenger will shut down after 20 years | Cult of Mac

Yahoo Messenger hasn’t been a big deal for years, but it was absolutely massive at one point in time. Unfortunately, that chapter of our lives is about to close — since Yahoo has revealed that the service will shut down for good on July 17.


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37 40 Jahre 8086: der Prozessor, der die PC-Welt veränderte

Dieses A20-Gate simuliert eine Eigenheit der 8086/88-Prozessoren, die mit ihren 16-Bit-Registern nur 64-KByte-Blöcke adressieren können. Um auf 1 MByte Adressraum zu kommen (20 Bit) verwenden sie zusätzliche Segment-Register, deren Inhalt um 4 Bit nach links verschoben hinzuaddiert wird. Damit lässt sich dann jede physische Adresse auf 16 verschiedene Weisen aus Segment:Offset zusammensetzen. Zum Beispiel physisch FFFF0 aus FFFF:0000 = FFFE:0010= FFFD:0020 etc. Auf die Art konnten findige Programmierer bei Unterprogramm-Aufrufen zusätzlich vier Bits an Informationen mitliefern, ohne zusätzliche Register zu belegen. Das geht auch heute noch, aber der 8086/88 hatte nur 20 Adressbits. Die Segment:Offset-Adresse FFFF:0010 fängt dann physisch wieder von vorn an ("Wrap around"),das entspricht also 0000:0000. Und niemand anderes als Microsoft hatte just diesen Trick mit Wrap around verwendet. Nicht Intel, sondern IBM kam dann bei dem IBM-AT auf die Idee, dieses Verhalten einfach durch Abschalten der A20-Leitung zu simulieren. Intel hat das Gate dann aber später ab dem 486 in den Prozessor integriert – volle Kompatibilität war eben heilig.

Microsoft and Build 2018: Using AI-powered productivity to create the office of the future

Expect multiple systems like this. Office furniture supplier Steelcase used Azure IoT and machine-learning services to build their own Find app for customers to use for booking rooms, because the usual 20 minutes it takes to find a meeting room for three or four people is such a waste of time. The app uses passive infrared to find rooms with the right equipment that are the right size that are empty (even if the calendar says they're booked). If you've put confidential documents in the meeting agenda it will look for a meeting room that's private — and if there are two possibilities it books both, so you can decide yourself. Instead of having to rush out at the end of your slot because people for the next meeting are queuing up outside, the app warns you 15 minutes before you're supposed to leave if you want to book more time, or move to another room to carry on. And it asks everyone in the meeting to rate the room (did the technology work? Did you have enough privacy?) and passes the feedback to the facilities team.

The 7 best bits of PC gaming gear from Computex 2018

As far as gaming gear is concerned, we looked high and low to try and find the best Computex 2018 had to offer. From gaming keyboards to software to portable SSDs, we saw it all. 


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Facebook's latest blunder made private posts public for 14M users

When attempting to test a feature on users’ profiles, developers introduced a bug that exposed the posts of some individuals who thought they were posting privately, Facebook revealed.

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Here's why Microsoft is building a massive data center underwater

The European Marine Energy Centre in Scotland is an ideal locale to test the idea because it already serves as a test site for experimental tidal turbines and wave energy converters that generate electricity from the movement of seawater, according to Microsoft. The entire town runs on renewable energy, making the data centers right at home.

The Wildest PC Case Mods of Computex 2018

Whether you want an immersion-cooled rig that doubles as a fish tank or a hot-rod convertible that mines cryptocurrency, Computex has the case-mod inspiration for you.


Quality Control Tesla says it has 47 robots deployed in scanning stations throughout the body line. They measure 1,900 points in every Model 3 to match them to design specs—with a precision of 0.15 millimeters. Torque measurements are also automatically recorded for every bolt that’s fastened. During the final test drives on the track, sound recorders measure squeaks, rattles and wind and road noise that a test driver might miss. All of this data is stored with each car’s unique Vehicle Identification Number, or VIN, so service centers can trace any issue back to a root cause in the factory. The idea is that Tesla will be able to improve its cars, even after they're in a customer’s driveway. 

President Obama joins other big names in posting touching tributes to Anthony Bourdain

Through all of these works, Bourdain was, at times, brash and outspoken, the originator of the new wave of "celebrity chefs" that have dominated pop culture over the last decade-plus. But he was also authentic and vibrant, using his platform to bring a broadened sense of culinary and cultural experiences to the masses.

Yahoo Messenger to Be Discontinued July 17

The announcement comes just six months after Yahoo and AOL parent company Oath discontinued AIM. If you're interested in downloading your Yahoo Messenger chat history, be sure to do that soon.

ProBeat: Facebook is an expert at not asking for your permission

We recently found a bug that automatically suggested posting publicly when some people were creating their Facebook posts. We have fixed this issue and starting today we are letting everyone affected know and asking them to review any posts they made during that time. To be clear, this bug did not impact anything people had posted before — and they could still choose their audience just as they always have. We’d like to apologize for this mistake.

How do you fix Windows dual-booted with Linux Mint?

TechRepublic member Arraveci is seeking help for a laptop that is dual-booted with both Windows and Linux Mint. Can you help your fellow member?

Research: Only 10% of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is used for transactions

When Bitcoin Cash (BCH) – a hard fork of the world’s apex cryptocurrency Bitcoin (BTC) – first took off last August, it promised to solve BTC’s soaring transaction fees and make cryptocurrencies a viable option for everyday transfers once more. But it appears hardly anyone is using it for its so-intended purpose.

51 GDPR is an opportunity for AI companies to build trust
52 TraceLink just landed $60 million more to eliminate counterfeit prescription drugs
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55 Snapchat's new sports ticket market could draw a more mature crowd
56 Google's principles for developing AI aren't good enough
57 GitHub's new CEO promises to save Atom post-Microsoft acquisition
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59 Facebook! Stop sending us lobbyists! demands European Parliament
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64 ​VPNFilter malware now targeting Asus, D-Link, Huawei, ZTE devices | ZDNet
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66 The growing divide between work and consumer computing | ZDNet
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68 Adblock Plus now blocks social media tracking for Chrome & Firefox
69 Ikea is ditching single-use plastic by 2020
70 Microsoft's 'future CEO of GitHub' speaks out on Atom, keeping GitHub independent and more | ZDNet
71 Has Fortnite taken over your life?
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73 Apple products you shouldn't buy (June 2018 edition) | ZDNet
74 Chinese online payments giant Ant Financial raises $14 billion for global expansion
75 Twitter troll David Leavitt offers up a master class in how to be an asshole
76 Facebook gave some companies extended access to user data | ZDNet
77 Choose your own swipe actions with the latest Gmail for Android
78 Facebook matching donations for Guatemala relief up to $250,000
79 Don't Expect Ratatouille, Iron Giant Sequels From Brad Bird - IGN
80 What to Do When a Loved One Is Severely Depressed
81 In a blow to e-voting critics, Brazil suspends use of all paper ballots
82 The electric scooter war is on: 12 companies vie for 5 permits in San Francisco
83 Norman by MIT Media Lab
84 How to start a conversation about suicide
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88 My name is Wil Wheaton. I live with chronic Depression, and I am not ashamed.
89 Reliving Atari at the Dawn of Console Gaming - ExtremeTech
90 How big data can break down silos and inspire collaboration within your company
91 This week on AI: macOS Mojave, iOS 12, watchOS 5, tvOS 12, Facebook controversy & more
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93 Rosetta-style engraving lauding Cleopatra I and two Ptolemaic Pharaohs unearthed in Egypt