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What Languages Sound Like To Foreigners

INSTAGRAM: smoccahontas Me goofing around, showing what certain languages sound like to me. The sentences in this video are made up apart from a few exceptio...

31 'OITNB' Actors Who Appeared on 'Law and Order' [VIDEO]

These 31 'Orange is the New Black' actors have also appeared on 'Law and Order' at some point.

Mick Jagger or Monty Python: Who Has More Wrinkles?

Mick Jagger

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3 Questions To Ask Yourself Daily To Feel More Satisfied At Work

Forward thinking is great--but it also makes you lose sight of progress. Use this exercise to shift some focus to your accomplishments.

Custom Analytics Startup Keen IO Raises $11.3M Round From Sequoia And Others | TechCrunch

Co-founder and CEO Kyle Wild told me that when the company started talking about raising more funding, its previous backers offered to fund the new round on their own. However, since Sequoia capital’s Aaref Hilaly had already reached out, Wild said he checked in to see if the firm wanted to participate, but under one condition — that there was a signed term sheet within two weeks.

Smart Meters in Madrid Charge Gas Guzzlers More to Park

In Madrid, parking meters are joining the fight against air pollution. Starting July 1, newly installed "smart" meters in the Spanish capital will charge higher parking fees to vehicles that guzzle fuel or emit clouds of exhaust fumes.

Crowdfunded journalism startup Contributoria adds membership options and print edition

Journalists and readers who want to support and collaborate with journalists can sign up for one of two new levels of paid membership in Contributoria, a crowdfunding platform backed by Guardian Media that launched earlier this year

When The Lesson About Setting Boundaries Is Learned The Hard Way

Defy Venture's CEO Catherine Hoke was like a lot of startup founders--burning the candle at both ends. Here's what she wishes she knew then.

Clever Oculus Project Lets You Live Your Life In Third Person | TechCrunch

These guys made it happen. Sure, it requires the user to wear an Oculus Rift and a big ol’ dual camera rig built into a backpack — and sure, it’s probably only fun (and not nauseating) for about a minute. But it works!

Newegg now accepts bitcoin

Newegg, the online electronics retailer beloved by geeks, on Tuesday  announced it would begin accepting purchases made with bitcoin. Newegg is turning to the bitcoin-payment processor Bitpay to handle orders paid with the virtual currency. Claiming that Newegg's customers were among some of the first bitcoin miners, the company's chief marketing officer Soren Mills said in a statement that "adopting bitcoin as a payment method is another way we’re responding to our customers’ diverse needs."

Bitcoin auction had one winner: U.S. Marshals Service

The U.S. Marshals Service auctioned off bitcoin seized from the Silk Road drug ring. There were more than 40 bidders in the auction, with a number of well-known players in bitcoin saying they were unsuccessful.

Samsung finds labor violations at Chinese suppliers

Both Samsung and Apple have been stepping up oversight of their China-based suppliers, following complaints about the facilities from labor watchdog groups. In Samsung’s case, the company plans to more strictly limit overtime hours by the end of this year. But watchdog groups believe the bigger priority is raising the workers’ pay.

Google snatches up streaming service Songza

Google has just purchased music streaming service Songza and, while the exact terms of the deal have yet to be disclosed, it reportedly involves what financial experts refer to as "a boat load of money." Apple boosted its streaming music presence by picking up Beats. So it only makes sense that Google would have to fire back with an acquisition of its own. Like Beats, Songza relies pretty heavily on actual human curation to build playlists. The newest member of the Mountain View family uses contextual data about you to decide the best playlist for you at any given time. These lists are put together by DJs, musicians and music critics rather than some algorithm that looks at meta data like genre or BPM. These lists can get you pumped for a work out or just get you through a slow work day, but what they're not is a Pandora style infinite radio station. For now, the service will continue as normal, but expect to see it curated lists and powerful data stores brought to bear on Play Music and YouTube. See, Songza knows not just what people listen to, but when they listen to it, what the weather is like and where they are.

Use Your Password to Improve Your Life

Several times a day, every day, you have to enter passwords, whether it's to unlock your computer, phone, or password manager. Take your password to the next level by turning it into a mantra that can actually change your life.

12 Apple, Microsoft, Google, and the battle for the mobile enterprise - Slashdot

"The last three months have seen major moves from Apple, Microsoft, and Google as all three jockey for position in the mobile enterprise. Apple is the incumbent — a strange position for the company — but Microsoft is trying to leverage its strength in traditional IT markets, and Google is finally paying attention. Writer and long-time IT worker Ryan Faas looks at the current state of all three companies in mobile enterprise after their recent developer conferences."

Sony Walkman at 35: looking back at the most iconic music player of all time

Of all the music players I've ever owned, the Sony NW-HD5 MP3 player is, without doubt, my favourite. It was a touch illogical, in that it required some utterly hopeless software to work, and files would be copied in Sony's ATRAC format. But the HD5 was perfection in audio terms, the best sound available on an MP3 player at the time - easily beating the iPod.

USA! USA! GTA Online gets patriotic with Independence Day Special

We'd like to tell you about Grand Theft Auto Online 's Independence Day Special update. We'd love to inform you that it will grant access to all kinds of patriotic gear, like an antique musket, an American flag T-shirt, a glorious mullet hairstyle and a fireworks launcher. We'd really like to explain that it also includes a handful of tweaks and the new On Call Matchmaking feature, which lets players accept a job invite and keep playing free mode until the match is full. We'd like to tell you all of those things, but we took one look at the above image and burst into a fit of patriotic tears. Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA Online Independence Day Special) [Image: Rockstar]

Lumia 635 with LTE comes to US through T-Mobile, Metro PCS for as little as $99

Microsoft’s newest Lumia smartphone with LTE arrives in the U.S. later this month. The Lumia 635 can be had from T-Mobile for zero down and $7 a month while MetroPCS customers get special promotional pricing of $99 for the Windows Phone 8.1 handset.

Chinese Parents Are Sending Internet Addicts To Boot Camps

BEIJING, July 1 (Reuters) - Baby-faced teenagers in army uniforms practice drills in locked dormitories in China, closely supervised by former soldiers, in a bid to inject discipline into lives disrupted by the Internet.

How to make two-factor authentication less of a pain

Many services that use two-factor authentication let you use an iOS app—in lieu of SMS—to obtain that secondary authorization code. (This option is handy because SMS isn’t always reliable or prompt, it’s useless in locations where you have no cellular signal, and won’t help you if you’re using an iPad rather than an iPhone.) In some cases, two-factor authentication uses the service’s own app. For example, in the Facebook iOS app, you tap More > Code Generator to see the current code. Similarly, Apple can now use the Find My iPhone app to deliver codes (such as when you’re logging in to via a push notification, as an alternative to SMS. And Twitter has a unique approach: you can set it up to use its iOS app for two-factor authentication without requiring a code at all.

Meet 12 "Rejected Princesses" Who Are Too Badass For Disney

Former DreamWorks effects animator and fledgling artist Jason Porath recently created Rejected Princesses , a website that features detailed, often hilarious stories and illustrations about some historical and mythical women who were just too darn interesting to end up with their own big budget four-quadrant vehicles. It's a counter example to the litany of animated heroines who seem to lack much agency; the ones who have some semblance of power within reach, but too often end up relying on a romantic interest or other helpful tropes, to save the day. (Porath cites Hayao Miyazaki's--especially Princess Mononoke and Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind --as popular counter-examples.)

Twitter taps Anthony Noto as CFO

Twitter taps Anthony Noto as CFO Noto formerly worked as a managing director with Goldman Sachs. Check out this story on

Google Acquires Songza, Maker of Curated Playlists

Google Play does have a paid All Access streaming service, but it doesn’t currently have a free radio offering, so Songza helps fill that gap.

Can you trademark an internet meme?

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has already determined that Doge is not a generic word or in need of a disclaimer, said Kevin Keener, the trademark attorney on Ultra Pro’s filing. The trademark office is set to publish the registration for review on July 8. After that, people will have a chance to file an opposition to the mark for 30 days, Keener said. He also noted that the trademark that Ultra Pro filed for is only an “intent to use” trademark, which means the company has to provide proof that they have used the mark within six months after issuance.

Ericsson hits 5 Gbps wireless data speeds in so-called “5G” test

Ericsson has jumped on the 5G marketing bandwagon, touting a network lab test of a 5 Gbps wireless connection. It’s an impressive feat, but we’re still not any closer to figuring out what 5G actually is.

The AP Is Using Robots To Write Earnings Reports | TechCrunch

According to a post on the AP official blog , this will allow the AP to cover the earnings reports of approximately 4,400 companies each quarter, as opposed to their usual volume of around 300. This will not eliminate any jobs, but rather allow for the journalists at the AP to write more analysis around what the numbers mean. The earnings reports are mostly canned text anyway, consisting of a few important numbers and culminating in a brief analysis.

24 - Tech News, Analysis, Blogs, Video

The CIO Perspectives Forums are regionally focused one-day executive events for senior IT leaders at mid- to large-sized organizations in the private and public sectors.

This Will Make You Long For Your 1990s Cell Phone

We do, and this jokey graphic from comedy site Kind Of Normal suddenly has us pining for the days of the Nokia phone. Because even with their bells and whistles, smartphones still can't compete with the sturdier, simpler phones of our youth. I mean, do you guys remember how amazing that game Snake was!? You can't compete with that.

Lionel Messi Is Impossible

In their Group F World Cup match late last month, Argentina and Iran were still deadlocked after 90 minutes. With the game in stoppage time and the score tied at 0-0, Lionel Messi took the ball near the right corner of the penalty area, held it for a moment, then broke left, found his seam, took his strike and curled it in from 29 yards. What was going to be a draw was now a win, and Messi had put Argentina into the Round of 16.

14 Highly Intellectual Jokes You Probably Won't Understand

Unbeknownst to many of us in what we'd like to call the "average pool," there exists a level of humor far above anything we could hope to understand. We're talking about intellectual jokes, people.

How to Watch the 2014 World Cup

Fans of EA’s FIFA series for Xbox and PlayStation will appreciate the company's latest World Cup iOS offering. In FIFA ’14 players can compete in their own World Cup brackets and customize their team’s lineup to compete with their ideal fantasy team. Those who want to make it more competitive can challenge friends and other online player’s in the game’s multiplayer mode. The free app is available for iOS .

How to block people and app invites on Facebook - CNET

If blocking someone may seem a little too harsh, you can instead add them to a restricted list that will only show them posts you make public. This option can be found in the Blocking section of the Settings menu, which in turn can be accessed by clicking on the down arrow that is located next to the Privacy Shortcuts icon. In addition to blocking specific users, here you will also be able to block certain people from inviting you to events and apps.

The Internet Of Things Will Need Millions Of Developers By 2020

No single company will win in the IoT, nor will any one app. Such developer-driven demand "will create new Internet of Things markets that are several times bigger than the ones we could ever predict with a spreadsheet that extrapolates today’s market." The only thing we know for sure is that developers are fundamental to making IoT a big, profitable market, even if they don't pay a single dime for a single sensor in that market. 

Have We Been Interpreting Quantum Mechanics Wrong This Whole Time? | Science | WIRED

A classic experiment in quantum mechanics that seems to demonstrate the probabilistic nature of reality involves a beam of particles (such as electrons) propelled one by one toward a pair of slits in a screen. When no one keeps track of each electron’s trajectory, it seems to pass through both slits simultaneously. In time, the electron beam creates a wavelike interference pattern of bright and dark stripes on the other side of the screen. But when a detector is placed in front of one of the slits, its measurement causes the particles to lose their wavelike omnipresence, collapse into definite states, and travel through one slit or the other. The interference pattern vanishes. The great 20th-century physicist Richard Feynman said that this double-slit experiment “has in it the heart of quantum mechanics,” and “is impossible, absolutely impossible, to explain in any classical way.”

Facebook Added 'Research' To User Agreement 4 Months After Emotion Manipulation Study

Defenders of the Facebook study including my colleague Jeff Bercovici say that everyone on the Internet is doing A/B testing — showing users two versions of something to see which resonates more based on how they click, share, and respond. But the Facebook study with its intention to manipulate the Facebook environment for unknowing users to see whether it made them feel elated or depressed seems different to me than the normal “will this make someone more likely to buy this thing” kind of testing. “They actually did a test to see whether it would have a deleterious effect on their users,” says Pam Dixon of the World Privacy Forum. “This isn’t A/B testing. They didn’t just want to change users’ behaviors, they wanted to change their moods.”

Welcome to Kinja


Soccer players run as far as 9.5 miles in a single match

As it does every four years, the United States has turned its adoring eyes to fútbol. But while you're marveling at the well-placed headers and acrobatic kicks and whatever's going on with Ronaldo's hair, take a moment to appreciate the most astonishing feat that happens during these 90 minutes: How far these guys are running.

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IBM Smarter PlanetVoice: Five Ways Companies Can Compete Using Big Data and Analytics

IBM is a globally integrated technology and consulting company headquartered in Armonk, New York. Innovation is at the core of IBM's strategy. The company develops and sells software and systems hardware and a broad range of infrastructure, cloud and consulting services. Today, IBM is focused on four growth initiatives - business analytics, cloud computing, mobile enterprise, social business and Smarter Planet. IBMers are working with customers of all sizes around the world to apply the company's business consulting, technology and R&D expertise to build systems that enable dynamic and efficient organizations, better transportation, safer food, cleaner water and healthier populations. Disclaimer: IBM, the IBM logo, and Smarter Planet are trademarks or registered trademarks of International Business Machines Corporation in the United States, other countries, or both. A current list of IBM trademarks is available on the Web at "Copyright and trademark information" at

What's Going With This Photo In Valerie Jarrett's Office?

What's Going With This Photo In Valerie Jarrett's Office?

Howard to receive history-making 4th star Tuesday

A 1982 Naval Academy graduate, Howard has achieved many firsts in her career. She was the first black woman to command a ship � the amphibious dock landing ship Rushmore in 1999 � and went on to command Amphibious Squadron 7 and later Expeditionary Strike Group 2.

Tough Fungus Could Reboot Antibiotics to Fight Resistant Bacteria

One of the hardiest fungi on the planet, a fungus known as AMA that lives in Nova Scotia, may be able to do more than survive from the Arctic to the Dead Sea: It may restore the efficacy of antibiotics, say authors of a new study in the journal Nature .

Library User Quiz

Are you a “Library Lover”? An “Information Omnivore”? Or are you totally “Off the Grid”? Take our library engagement quiz to learn how your library habits and attitudes stack up against the general population. You can also use this quiz to gather information for your own library or community group.

8 Ways Watching the World Cup at Work Can Improve Productivity

In cubicles around the world, football fans try to muffle joyous yells and stinging yelps while stealthily watching the World Cup. Many matches fall during work hours, leaving millions scrambling to catch a few seconds of their favorite team. But sneak your iPad to the bathroom no more — watching the World Cup at work can improve productivity. No, really.

You May Have Been A Lab Rat In A Huge Facebook Experiment

"This research was conducted for a single week in 2012 and none of the data used was associated with a specific person's Facebook account," a company spokesperson told The Huffington Post. "We do research to improve our services and to make the content people see on Facebook as relevant and engaging as possible. A big part of this is understanding how people respond to different types of content, whether it's positive or negative in tone, news from friends, or information from pages they follow. We carefully consider what research we do and have a strong internal review process."

Any Video Can Be Interactive — and Soon, They All Will Be

“The next phase of video creation and consumption is about actionable content, and we are very excited for Fuisz to continue to help brands and publishers with engagement and monetization,” said Metamorphic Ventures’ David Hirsch, who launched Google’s ad business with AOL’s Tim Armstrong more than a decade ago. “The Fuisz engineering team has built an innovative, scalable solution that turns any video into a two-way medium with the ability both to delight consumers and to please marketers — a huge feat.”

Airlines Don't Need Happiness Blankets to Tell When Passengers Are Miserable

Let me stop right here and just say: seriously? We’re putting headbands on first class passengers? I don’t think so. Why not just invest in mood rings? Seems simpler. Much less expensive. Easier to wear. I owned one when I was a girl — loved it! But in a 1976 Peanuts comic strip, Peppermint Patty became so angry at Charlie Brown her mood ring exploded. Now there’s a visual I don’t want to see on an airplane.

'Community' to Return for Season 6 on Yahoo Screen - TheWrap

“Yahoo is all about connecting the best creators to the audiences who love their work. ‘Community’ has an incredibly passionate and loyal fan base who have fought hard to keep this amazing show alive. We couldn't be more excited to work with Dan, Joel, and the entire cast, as well as Sony, to deliver a great Season 6.” said Yahoo CMO, Kathy Savitt.

Cats Explain the U.S. vs. Belgium World Cup Game

And while a highlight reel might hurt too much to watch right now, boiling down the match to its most important moments, then replicating those moments with cute cats, could provide the perfect remedy for anyone suffering from the red, white and blues.

A Year After Google Reader's Death, How Do You Get Your News?

is a leading source for news, information and resources for the Connected Generation. Mashable reports on the importance of digital innovation and how it empowers and inspires people around the world. Mashable's record 34 million unique visitors worldwide and 15 million social media followers are one of the most influential and engaged online communities. Founded in 2005, Mashable is headquartered in New York City with an office in San Francisco.

Newly discovered planet is the most Earth-like yet, scientists say

The planet, dubbed Gliese 832c, is about 16 lightyears away and about five times the size of Earth. Astronomers said the planet orbits a red giant star that’s just far enough away to reasonably support life (aka the habitable zone). Scientists previously discovered a Jupiter-like cold planet Gilese 832b orbiting the same star back in 2009.

These 30 Countries Contribute The Most Good To The World

Although Germany contributes more than any other country in the World Order category — which measures indicators like charity giving and number of UN treaties signed — Germany's overall ranking (13th)  is slightly compromised by a low ranking in the 'international peace and security' category. The country receives a rank of 109th because the index penalizes countries involved in significant armed conflicts abroad as well as arms trade.   

FAA Has Clamped Down on Realtors Using Drones 'for Months'

Several realtors have received inquiries from the FAA regarding their use of drones, either by phone, letter or even subpoena, according to interviews with several people familiar with drones and the real estate business. The FAA maintains that its current regulations ban the use of drones for any commercial purposes, which include real estate agents or aerial photography companies that realtors hire to take shots of properties; in a document last week, the FAA clarified its rules on drones to include realtors.

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