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Deal Alert: Oculus Rift, Touch Bundle Now $399

That's a pretty incredible deal considering the bundle, which includes the Rift headset itself plus a pair of hand-tracking Touch controllers, previously cost $798.

Here’s Why Newspapers Are Banding Together To Fight Google And Facebook

We spoke with News Media Alliance president David Chavern about what the group hopes to get from its new collective bargaining push.

Dude tries to rob a car and gets a healthy dose of instant karma

Not today, dude.

'Curb Your Enthusiasm' brings Larry David's awful behavior back to HBO in October

Brace yourself.

Almost one-third of millennials have used Venmo to pay for drugs

A new poll commissioned by LendEDU found that 32% of millennials claim they've used Venmo at some point to pay for drugs

Make your own Mega-Man level thanks to this fan-made Mega-Man game

You can make your own 'Mega Man' levels.

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The Worst Deals from Amazon Prime Day [Updating]

Amazon has touted its “Prime Day” each year as a new kind of holiday, one in which the deals are virtually endless and anyone would be a sucker not to take advantage of them. But each year we learn that it’s mostly an opportunity for Amazon to offload the shit it couldn’t sell. We’ll be keeping you updated on all of the worst turds that Bezos and Co. hoped to polish this time around.

Elon Musk shows off first production Tesla Model 3

Elon Musk said that the first production unit of the ultra-anticipated Tesla Model 3 would be coming this week, and here it is. The Tesla CEO posted two photos of the vehicle to Twitter late on Saturday night.

Ubuntu is now available for download on the Windows Store

Microsoft announced at its Build 2017 developer conference earlier this year that Ubuntu would be heading to the Windows Store, and now the popular Linux distro is available to download .

The Best Amazon Prime Day Deals

Jeff Bezos will take your money now. Here are some of the best deals you can get on Amazon Prime Day, which starts at 9 p.m. ET Monday and runs for 30 hours.

Here's why Amazon has a Prime Day sale event - Video | ZDNet

Amazon's Prime Day event kicks off this year on July 11. This is why Amazon holds the annual sale event.

Twitter lets you avoid trolls by muting new users and strangers

When trolls barge into people’s notifications with offensive replies or user names, those legitimate users might not keep coming back to Twitter. So today the company rolled out new tools to help you silence the riff-raff. There are now options to mute notifications from newly registered accounts, people you don’t follow and people who don’t follow you. These can be configured in the Notifications -> Settings -> Advanced Filters section of Twitter.

Amazon Prime Day 2017: We pick the best electronics, PC, and mobile deals

Prime Day itself is July 11, but as you read this, the first round of deals has already gone live at 6 p.m. Pacific / 9 p.m. Eastern. Amazon will actually offer 30 hours of sales for its “one day” shopping bonanza. We got an early look at some of the all-day discounts, and it appears that, like last year, a couple of gems exist.


"It's not the dumbest idea I have ever heard, but it's pretty close," Senator Lindsey Graham, a Republican of South Carolina, said of the plan. Senate Republican Marco Rubio of Florida tweeted that "partnering with Putin on a 'Cyber Security Unit' is akin to partnering with [Syrian President Bashar] Assad on a 'Chemical Weapons Unit."' Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said that Trump and the Russian president decided at a meeting during a Group of 20 nations summit in Hamburg, Germany, to embark on a joint "cyber unit to make sure that there was absolutely no interference whatsoever, that they would work on cyber security together." But on Sunday, after it was clear that the plan was going nowhere, Trump took to Twitter and said no deal. That didn't stop Rep. Don Beyer, a Democrat from Virginia, from introducing on Monday an amendment to the 2017 National Defense Authorization Act that would bar a US-Russian cyber accord. He said: "Donald Trump's proposal to form a 'cyber security unit' with Putin is a terrible idea that would immediately jeopardize American cybersecurity... Trump must acknowledge that Russia interfered in the 2016 election and take strong, meaningful action to prevent it from happening again in future elections.

Google guillotine falls on certificate authorities WoSign, StartCom | ZDNet

"Beginning with Chrome 61, the whitelist will be removed, resulting in full distrust of the existing WoSign and StartCom root certificates and all certificates they have issued," the engineer said. "Sites still using StartCom or WoSign-issued certificates should consider replacing these certificates as a matter of urgency to minimize disruption for Chrome users."

Alexa devices get deep discounts for Amazon Prime Day

We should also point out that Amazon isn’t discounting either of its two newest Echo devices, the Echo Look or Echo Show. The only deal associated with either of those is a $75 savings on a bundle that combines the Show with the Arlo Security Camera. But it’s likely that Amazon doesn’t yet have the inventory to fulfill the expected Prime Day boost in orders for these new Alexa devices.

Almost half of IT security incidents are caused by company employees, report says - TechRepublic

"Cybercriminals often use employees as an entry point to get inside the corporate infrastructure. Phishing emails, weak passwords, fake calls from tech support - we've seen it all," said David Jacoby, security researcher at Kaspersky Lab, in the press release. "Even an ordinary flash card dropped in the office parking lot or near the secretary's desk could compromise the entire network — all you need is someone inside, who doesn't know about, or pay attention to security, and that device could easily be connected to the network where it could [wreak] havoc."

Microsoft Azure Stack is ready to order from Dell EMC, HPE, and Lenovo | ZDNet

Azure Stack will be available only via Enterprise Agreements and from Cloud Service Providers. Azure Stack services like virtual machines, Azure Storage, App Service, and Azure Functions will be metered and charged on a consumption basis. Customers will be able to use on-premises Windows Server and SQL Server licenses with Azure Stack. But as Dell EMC Principal Consultant Augusto Alvarez recently blogged, the Azure Stack versions of these services are cheaper than the Azure ones .

Apple releases third developer betas of iOS 11, High Sierra, tvOS 11

Apple has updated three of its developer betas including iOS 11, macOS 10.13 High Sierra, and tvOS 11, but left WatchOS 4 behind on beta 2, for now.

China Tells Carriers to Block Access to Personal VPNs by February

The clampdown will shutter one of the main ways in which people both local and foreign still manage to access the global, unfiltered web on a daily basis. China has one of the world’s most restrictive internet regimes, tightly policed by a coterie of government regulators intent on suppressing dissent to preserve social stability. In keeping with President Xi Jinping’s “cyber sovereignty” campaign, the government now appears to be cracking down on loopholes around the Great Firewall, a system that blocks information sources from Twitter and Facebook to news websites such as the New York Times and others.

Why Stripe Is Partnering With Alipay and WeChat

Stripe Inc. unveiled a partnership deal with two of China’s biggest digital payment services, giving the San Francisco-based startup access to hundreds of millions of Chinese customers. Bloomberg's Selina Wang reports on "Bloomberg Technology." (Source: Bloomberg)

HP t310 'zero client' improves security by not storing any data at all - TechRepublic

HP expanded its zero client portfolio Monday with the HP t310, a small form factor machine that HP said is its "best performing" model. The HP t310 offers easy setup with VMware or Amazon Workspaces, and can be updated and monitored with Teradici Management tools.

Blac Chyna wins temporary restraining order against Rob Kardashian

A court hearing in Los Angeles Monday successfully granted Chyna the temporary restraining order. It means Kardashian cannot post about Chyna online and cannot come into contact with her. Last week he posted nude photos on his social media accounts and brought the former couple's issues once again out into the public.

Why RED's take on the smartphone could be a game changer - TechRepublic

Compared to the traditional smartphone market, that's really niche. However, for a company that produces digital cameras that tip the invoice at $49,500 (body only), I'm certain RED isn't concerned with drawing in the traditional smartphone user. Make no bones about it, the HYDROGEN smartphone is decidedly a RED device and will easily attract RED customers. Even in the niche market, RED could come out with a complete game changer. More and more people are using their smartphone devices for creative purposes. Should a prosumer-level lens and sensor find their way into a smartphone, well, consider the game changed.

Google is promoting torrent sites in search results

A carousel with more than a dozen torrent sites, including the Pirate Bay and Torrent Project, now appears when you search for terms like "torrent sites" or "best torrent sites." Clicking on one of the sites shown in the carousel surfaces search results related to the site.

In astronomy, women of color face the most discrimination

The study, published in the Journal of Geophysical Research, surveyed nearly 500 astronomers and planetary scientists between 2011 and 2015. 40 percent of women of color reported feeling unsafe in the workplace due to their gender or sex, while 28 percent of women of color felt unsafe due to their ethnicity. 18 percent of them skipped professional events due to a "hostile climate," with 12 percent of white women reporting the same. The study's authors point out that this results in a "significant loss of career opportunities."

Microsoft 365: New all-in-one cloud software packages for the enterprise debut at Inspire - TechRepublic

Microsoft 365 Business is geared more toward the SMB crowd, with the post noting that it is designed for businesses with "up to 300 users." It includes Office 365 Business Premium along with customized security, and Windows 10 management features. The Business edition also includes enterprise mobility tools and added security. It will be available in public preview on August 2, 2017, the post said.

How Bitcoin Could Tear Itself Apart

The seeds of the debate were planted years ago: To protect from cyber attacks, bitcoin by design caps the amount of information on its network, called the blockchain. That puts a ceiling on how many transactions it can process -- the so-called block size limit -- just as the currency’s growing popularity is boosting activity. As a result, transaction times and processing fees have soared to record levels this year, curtailing bitcoin’s ability to process payments with the same efficiency as services like Visa Inc.

These 13 gifs show Apple ARKit’s massive potential

It’s worth noting that most of these apps are still in the gimmicky “wow, how neat!” sort of phase. It’s the same as when you downloaded the Zippo lighter app for your iPhone and showed it to all your friends. Where the use cases go beyond these will further define where augmented reality moves on Apple’s mobile platforms. It is clear that Apple has built a very technically sophisticated system for phone-based SLAM (simultaneous localization and mapping) and that its ecosystem may have a much easier time courting developers than AR platforms from Snap, Facebook and Google.

Raspberry Pi: Build your own turbo-charged cluster with OctaPi - TechRepublic

The OctaPi is a Pi-powered cluster designed to carry out tasks in parallel in a fraction of the time it would take one of the tiny $35 boards.

Amazon Prime Day deals 2017: Everything on sale listed

We’d expect Prime Day 2017 to follow the template of the last two Prime Days. In the week or two before the big day, we'll see an enticing Amazon Prime subscription discount. Then on the day itself deals will be grouped into two category: Deals of the Day, which tend to be the most eye-catching and which are available in big numbers, and Lightning Deals, which cover every conceivable kind of product, have limited availability and often sell out very quickly. In the latter case Prime members get to see the deals before non-members.

Electric Carmaker Faraday Future Halts Work on Nevada Plant

Faraday Future, the electric-vehicle startup backed by former LeEco Chairman Jia Yueting, halted plans to build a $1 billion factory in Nevada as the troubled tycoon fights for the survival of his Chinese car business.

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Shanghai umbrella-sharing startup went broke because users like stealing more than renting

TNW on Twitter

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Waymo v. Uber: Alphabet CEO Larry Page will be deposed

Since Uber will be able to get most of the relevant deal-related documents from Waymo, a separate subpoena to Lyft is unwarranted, Corley ruled. She granted Lyft's motion to quash (PDF) the subpoena.

Nvidia Shield is $20 off for Amazon Prime Day

It's only $20 off for the next six hours, so if you've been contemplating purchasing a Nvidia Shield, now's a prime time to make the leap. 

Amazon Prime Day Deals Are Now Live - IGN

The Amazon Prime Now service, exclusive to Prime members, offers same-day delivery on select items in Amazon's store. As part of Prime Day's promotions, get $10 off your first Prime Now order placed by July 11 by entering code " 10PRIMEDAY " during checkout. You'll also automatically get $10 your NEXT Prime Now order that's placed between July 13-31.

Man hilariously discovers the Harry Potter book he's reading is actually adult fan fiction

Zhang's first red flags that Chappell was maybe reading the wrong version began with a conversation in which Chappell claimed that Dudley — Harry Potter's annoying, spoiled cousin — dies in the book. While many Potter fans would love to see Dudley perish, he does not. Zhang had to break the news to her friend who, at first, does not believe it.

Trend Micro, VMware team up to tackle enterprise mobile security | ZDNet

"The organizational shift to a mobile workforce and the popularity of corporate bring-your-own-device (BYOD) rules make it increasingly demanding for IT managers to keep their pulse on the large volume of mobile devices," said Frank Kuo, VP of User Protection Products for Trend Micro. "Blending the constant flow of new threat intelligence from around the globe through the Trend Micro Smart Protection Network with the visibility provided by the VMware AirWatch dashboard will allow more informed and quicker decisions about policy and compliance issues to maximize protection."

Two-factor authentication is a mess

But victory has been messier than anyone expected. There are dozens of different varieties of two-factor now, expanding far beyond the site’s ability to catalog them. Some send verification codes over SMS text, while others use email or more hardened verification apps like Duo and Google Auth. For $18, you can get a special USB drive to serve as your second factor, supported by most major services. It’s one of the most secure options available, as long as you don’t lose it. Beyond hardware, services can deposit long strings of code that provide an effectively invisible second factor — provided no one intercepts it in transit. Some of these methods are easier to hack than others, but even sophisticated users often can’t tell you which is better. For a while, TwoFactorAuth tried to keep up with which services were better or worse. Eventually, there were just too many.

Snap shares fall below IPO price for the first time

In Snap’s defense, the drop in share price comes as investors rethink their bets on tech companies across the board. Though few financial experts appear to doubt the potential of Facebook, Alphabet, Microsoft and other huge tech businesses, fund managers have raised concerns about whether the prices they’ve paid to get a stake in the firms is too high.

Spider-Man: Homecoming's Car Marketing Betrays a Great Piece of Spidey Lore

Spider-Man: Homecoming ’s willingness to to sidestep the history established in Sony’s two other takes on the webhead and get Peter Parker back to his awkward, teenage roots is a large part of what makes the movie as refreshing as it is. But there’s one thing about Homecoming ’s Spidey that’s a little off.

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Facebook’s social housing won’t solve Silicon Valley’s crisis

Sparrho raises $3 million to democratize access to science research

While the internet provides open access to a vast range of information, scientific research remains largely siloed and inaccessible. Sparrho is trying to solve this by offering a free platform to find and share research publications and patents. The London-based startup today announced funding of $3 million to further develop its product.

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PS4 Pro is finally getting a white version, and it's releasing alongside Destiny 2

PS4 Pro is finally getting a white version, and it's releasing alongside Destiny 2

How AI and machine learning can help solve IT's data management problem - TechRepublic

Every corporate system, and every business department, has troves of data that have accumulated but that people know nothing about. By using machine learning and combining its power with algorithms that address how to sort and handle different types of emails, documents, images, etc., stored on servers, machine learning, AI and analytics can go to work on this unplumbed data and pre-sort it for you. A knowledgeable human can then review what the automation recommends as a data classification scheme, tweak it, and perform the scheme. Part of the process could also address data retention, with the analytics producing a set of recommendations on which data could potentially be purged from files.

The Best Noise-Canceling Headphones of 2017

Noise-canceling headphones use microphones that listen to outside noise and special circuitry that analyzes it and generates a counter-signal. This signal does more than simply block out noise, like thick earpads on headphones (that is called noise isolation); it actively cancels out the noise to generate a quiet that's unaffected by what's going on around you. The best noise-canceling headphones work so well, many owners will put them on, turn on the power, and not listen to anything through them—just to enjoy the silence.

George R.R. Martin drops hints about new ‘Game of Thrones’ book

"WINDS will be different in some ways, but will parallel the show in others," the author wrote. "At this point, there are probably a dozen characters who are dead on the show but alive in the books, so it would be impossible for the two to remain the same. (Also, of course, there are characters in the books who have never even existed on the show, like Victarion Greyjoy, Jon Connington, Penny, Arianne Martell... )."

Why you might want to give the iPhone 8 a miss | ZDNet

One of the major new features that the much-anticipated iPhone 8 is expected to bring is an OLED display. But a little patience might save you hundreds of dollars.

TNW on Twitter

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Newspaper Group's Hope for Antitrust Exemption Is a Hail Mary Pass

It certainly won’t be easy, but there are ways for newspaper companies to compete in this environment, and they don’t involve illegal collusion in an attempt to extort more ad revenue from Google and Facebook. That’s a Hail Mary pass that has little or no hope of succeeding, and likely wouldn’t help the industry much even if it did succeed.

PS4 DualShock controllers are on sale for Amazon Prime Day

Sony’s latest iteration on the classic dual-stick controller is its best ever and it’s compatible with more than just its PS4 console. If you enjoy gaming on the PC, it’ll serve some use to you as it’s officially supported by Steam for any gamepad-compatible game.

The Next iPhone May Not Start At $1,200, But It Will Be Very Expensive

“It is not out of the realm of possibility that a new iPhone with an OLED screen could be around $1,000 to $1,200 at first, even though they would be in limited supply,” Bajarin says. “If they did this at this price, the goal would be to help spur more manufacturing of OLED with the intention of bringing OLED to all iPhones over the next two to three years.”

Netflix’s Castlevania Turns the Video Game Series Into a Bloody Great TV Show

Castlevania became a classic video game franchise on the strength of labyrinthine level design, endearingly stilted dialogue, and bombastic aesthetics. The Netflix series based on the Konami property doesn’t use those elements in exactly the same way but finds its own path to being a great adaptation of the games’ whip-cracking, demon-killing lore.

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