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Win 1 of 10 LuxArmor Elite iPhone X cases with our giveaway! | Cult of Mac

Everyone loves a giveaway right? We've teamed up with LuxArmor to give away 10 Elite iPhone X cases. Check out our video to see a full review.

Summer entertainment we (still) can't wait for

So many good things to come.

Nick Offerman and Amy Poehler have a particularly 'craft-y' pun-off and it's the quick break you need rn

Just punbelievable.

Apocalyptic wall of dust barrels though Arizona desert

"The dust storm was so bad everyone stopped driving on the road."

Bryan Cranston's favorite 'Breaking Bad' line is surprising

A chilling moment from Walt.

Impalas Fly Across Road in Kruger and One Leaps Into a Car to Avoid Cheetah

Visitors of Kruger National Park in South Africa were treated to an incredible spectacle

Thai cave rescue saga shows how Elon Musk's narcissism gets the best of him

Tale as old as time.

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The smaller, less-expensive Microsoft Surface Go

The Surface Go is smaller, more portable and less expensive. But it's also less powerful and still drives up the real-world cost by excluding must-have extra accessories.

Former Apple Employee Charged with Theft of Autonomous Car Project Trade Secrets | Hacker News

This is known as insider threat detection / User Behavior Analytics (UBA). It could also be considered part of Data Loss Prevention (DLP). Insider threats are probably the hardest things to reliably detect on a large corporate network (compared to all of the other types of information threats), especially at a company where most of the employees are very active users of technology. The field is still in its infancy, with lots of cool-looking "AI-driven / ML-powered / buzzword-optimized" products from startups which typically end up generating an absurd amount of anomaly detections per day, usually with a 99.9% false positive rate. Of course I'm generalizing and I imagine some companies have implemented a fairly effective UBA program, but I think they're rare. It's just trying to find a needle in an extremely large haystack. When you're dealing with technology departments, normal behavior can easily be a modest amount of network traffic for a few days followed by a huge burst of downloads and uploads from/to internal services and databases and cloud storage and any number of things.

Apple's Siri, Machine Learning teams now under control of new hire John Giannandrea [u]

To improve the technologies at the core of Apple's future, the company has merged the Siri and Machine Learning teams into one entity, under the control of recent hire John Giannandrea.

Microsoft julkaisee edullisemman Surface Go -tabletin elokuussa

Edullisen uutuustabletin paksuus on vain 8,3 millimetriä ja se painaa köykäiset 520 grammaa. 10-tuumainen Surface Go on suunnattu kilpailemaan Applen edullisempia iPadeja vastaan, joten Microsoft jahtaa selvästi samaa opiskelijoiden kohderyhmää kuin Apple.


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I love that he’s reading it in print media like the dying newspapers. Don’t get me wrong but this info should be found out via social media. Like Twitter perhaps....?????

Watch Elon Musk's rescue "submarine" for the Thai soccer boys' team in testing

The idea is to turn a “liquid oxygen transfer tube” from a SpaceX Falcon rocket into a submarine that would be light enough to navigate through narrow gaps in the complex cave system, and be carried by two divers. The submarine can fit a person inside with their arms crossed, so it can be used to safely extract the soccer team one at a time.

Apple could rake in $11 billion from augmented reality | Cult of Mac

Augmented Reality (AR) is still an emerging technology, but Apple is poised to profit from it significantly. Or that’s the prediction of one analyst anyway.

Star Wars Episode IX could see Billy Dee Williams returning as Lando

In 2014, Williams even danced dressed as Lando to pay tribute to his role in Star Wars with a cha-cha number that had Ewoks in the audience cheering in his appearance on the celebrity competition TV show Dancing with the Stars .

What Trump's pick of Kavanaugh for Supreme Court means for tech

"Judge Kavanaugh's past approaches to net neutrality and defense of the NSA's illegal collection of Americans' call records, which was based on a justification that the Supreme Court has rightly questioned in Carpenter, are concerning," McSherry said. "We hope the Senate will press him to articulate his views on these crucial issues."

Reviews round-up: 15 devices we've got our hands on in the past month | ZDNet

The Dell XPS 15 2-in-1 is a very good laptop, and there is plenty to like about it. At this point, we should be raving about the quality of the display, but our memory of this machine will be the fan, its incessant noise, and wondering whether the laptop would heat our jeans like the devices from a decade ago. It's a shame, because this could have been a great device. In a way it still is, but only on paper.

Dear Apple: Here's all the cool stuff we want in the 2018 iPhone

Whether Apple eventually unveils two or three new iPhones come September -- and no matter what they're called -- there are plenty of features we'd like to see in the new models. Here are our top priorities -- along with our guess on the likelihood of each one being implemented in the top-end model.

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How to upgrade to Linux Mint 19 | ZDNet

Once, you've decided to update your system, you need to make a backup. Linux Mint 18.3 comes with an excellent, easy-to-use backup tool: Use it. Once done, make sure that backup can be restored. Yes, this will take a while, but you don't want to lose your data, do you? It's better to be safe than sorry.



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19 Yahoo Japan buys back $2 billion of shares in 3-way deal with...

Yahoo Japan could use SoftBank’s telecom services to boost demand for online shopping and mobile payments among Japan’s increasingly net-savvy shoppers. SoftBank, through Yahoo Japan and others, is offering its mobile users an increasingly wide range of top-up services in addition to a basic phone subscription.

Overwatch's Pink Mercy skin raises $12.7M for breast cancer charity

Rare skins are coveted by many players, but are usually only available through loot boxes. Loot boxes are either earned through accumulating experience points or bought with real money. Once you pop a loot box, you're given four items at random -- then have to hope for the best. Pink Mercy's only being available for two weeks was likely a strong incentive for the skin collectors out there.

100% of corporate networks 'highly vulnerable' to attacks, here's how to secure yours

One of the most common attack vectors were corporate Wi-Fi networks. Among those tested, 40% used easy-to-guess dictionary passwords, while 75% were accessible from outside of company offices. Another 75% of Wi-Fi networks failed to enforce per-user isolation, meaning that hackers could attack personal and corporate laptops connected to the Wi-Fi network without accessing the target's building, the report noted.

This ransomware just added new tricks to spread faster and infect Windows XP PCs | ZDNet

A change in encryption mechanism and the ability to strike Windows XP machines via an SMB vulnerability improves GandCrab's ability to proliferate.

An ode to the Instagram account that shames our terrible but lovable cats

Please don't come after me for saying this, but cats are terrible pets. They're mischievous monsters that will completely ignore the perfectly good toys you buy in favor of shredding every piece of furniture in your home. They'll have no interest in being pet at a reasonable hour, but will wake you up in the middle of the night for a chin scratch. They'll leave the worst gifts for you as a token of their affection — dead mice, pieces of centipedes, and socks you thought you lost forever.

YouTube's Android app is rolling out an incognito mode

Every once in a while, I find something really weird on YouTube that I want to watch but would rather not have in my history, messing with my recommendations. Thankfully, Google finally has a solution on mobile devices, borrowed from Chrome: Incognito mode.

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Open plan offices make it much harder to collaborate at work, IoT study shows

Likewise, for the second study, data was collected for eight weeks, and then again for eight more weeks, two months after the employees had moved to a new open plan office. Due to differences in how the second study was measured (taking into account gender, team assignment, role, and desk location,) the calculations were slightly different, though the results largely identical. The employees tracked in this study interacted between 67% and 71% less than before, with emails increasing between 22% and 50%. The researchers noted that dyads—conversational pairs—in the same team or role communicated more in face-to-face interactions and email compared to dyads on different teams or roles. Interestingly, short physical distance increased, slightly, the amount of face-to-face interaction, but not email. No significant change was measured in interaction by gender.

The Best Tech to Buy on Amazon Prime Day

But what else is on tap? First up, if you're at Whole Foods, Prime members who spend $10 there between July 11 and 17 will get a $10 Amazon account credit to use on Prime Day. Just download the Whole Foods Market app and scan the Prime Code at checkout. Prime members with an Amazon Prime Rewards Visa can also get 10 percent back at Whole Foods Market on up to $400 in purchases. Here are some of the grocery discounts you can get now .

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Microsoft's new Surface Go is still not an iPad killer

Microsoft is at it again with yet another Surface hardware release. But, as with the rest of the Surface line, it doesn't look like the Surface Go will make much of an impact in the markets it seems to be aiming for.

Uber Partners With Lime on Electric Scooter Rentals

The partnership means you'll be able to rent Lime electric scooters from the Uber app. Uber will also invest in Lime as part of a new $335 million funding round that also includes Alphabet.

Game of Thrones' Maisie Williams says goodbye to the HBO show

"Goodbye Belfast. Goodbye Arya. Goodbye Game of Thrones. What a joy I've had. Here's to the adventures to come," Williams wrote in the Instagram post, displaying red-stained white shoes. The modern shoes are likely not something that her character would wear, but her note that she might be the last woman standing could be hinting that Arya may be one of the final characters to survive the show's events... or simply note that she's one of the last people to film her scenes in whatever order they are edited in. Who knows? Let's speculate about it in the comments section.

Robots will steal your white collar office job, too: 3 case studies

While much attention has focused on automation taking away blue collar jobs, several others are also at risk.

How to build a garden and keep it healthy

Alexa does great outdoors and can be a wonderful gardening companion. You can use Alexa to get gardening advice before you even head outdoors. It can also help you water smarter, but giving you detailed weather information and reminding you when to water your plants. Check out all of the other ways Alexa can help in the garden .

Why is my iPhone 7 and iPhone X generating so much heat during daily activities?

TechRepublic member brewer4 asks, "When browsing sites like iMore, Macrumors, IGN, and other places similar I can feel heat below the camera, the temp in the room varies room 70-75 Fahrenheit, and my co-workers temp gun read the phone at a max of 92 degrees in the office. Yesterday evening just trying to use it outside it hit easily over 98 degrees and was 80 degrees out but at this time I was trying to load a page and it wouldn't load so I was forced to use Airplane mode.

Bitcoin mining operation pays off this crazy home office setup

Meet Christian, who hails from Quebec. He's a tech consultant, and we first featured his home office in September of 2017, highlighting his many screens and fish tank.

This new dual-platform malware targets both Windows and Linux systems

While WellMess is far from the first malware to run on Linux systems, the perceived security of Linux distributions as not being a significant enough target for malware developers should no longer be considered the prevailing wisdom, as cross-compilation on Golang will ease malware development to an extent for attackers looking to target Linux desktop users. As with Windows and macOS, users of Linux on the desktop should install some type of antivirus software in order to protect against malware such as WellMess.

21 awesome video games you can finish in one evening

It's rare that a game with the production values of Ground Zeroes is as short as Ground Zeroes. That's because this game is something of a demo for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. But interestingly some people prefer this one. One reason for that is the brevity -- you can play and finish this game in a matter of two hours -- but there's so much to explore if you have more time than that.

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Crazy GIF shows how iPhone X may pave the way for Apple Glasses | Cult of Mac

Augmented reality glasses are poised to become the hottest tech gadget of the next decade and Apple’s already laying the foundation with the iPhone X. It may not seem like the two will be directly related, but this clever concept shows how the key lays in the TrueDepth camera hidden in the notch.

10 technologies leading digital transformation in retail | ZDNet

Sensor data is revolutionizing brick and mortar retailers. The most popular vessel of sensor data is beacons . Major brands strategically place small beacon sensors around their stores, which connect to customer's phones if bluetooth is enabled and the retail app is installed. With this connectivity, retailers can see how long users are in their stores and what they pick up, as well as offer personalized discounts based on that information. Sephora uses beacons to offer users a map of the store and offer promotions, said Solis in his report .

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It's now easier to change Google Assistant's voice

Now that Google Assistant has a slew of voices to choose from, shouldn't you have an easy interface for picking one of those voices? You do now. Google is rolling out an update that gives US users a new, simple interface for changing Assistant's voice. It's very colorful, to put it mildly: you just tap on a color associated with a given voice (Google told us it chose them at random) and listen to be sure they're the dulcet tones you want to hear.


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Tech savvy drug users are relying on Apple Watch and Fitbit to keep them safe during cocaine binges

Apple and Fitbit both like to tout the potential health benefits of their wearable devices. For a few hundred bucks, users get access to a number of sensors that chart and track everything from blood pressure to caloric intake. For some, wearables provide much-needed encouragement to get off the couch to hit their daily fitness goals. For others, the devices act as an overpriced monitor to ensure your heart doesn’t explode after snorting your eighth line of blow.

iPhone crashing bug likely caused by code added to appease Chinese gov’t

The iPhone’s notorious closed nature made analyzing the bug challenging. It helped to isolating the memory locations that stored a dereferenced null pointer and a faulty instruction that caused it. Wardle also relied on the iPhone’s restore image to pull some of the code libraries. He eventually found that the crashes were being caused by code that classified messages based on emojis they contained. He also noticed that the error seemed to be triggered when iOS had country codes that included China or language settings including Chinese (his friend’s phone specified the region as the US and the language as English, followed by Chinese.)

47 Univision officially announces it's looking to sell Gizmodo Media Group and its stake in The Onion

"The company determined that pursuing a sale of GMG and The Onion collectively will allow UCI to focus on its core assets and further strengthen UCI's position as the No. 1 media company serving U.S. Hispanics, while enabling both GMG and The Onion even greater opportunities to grow under new ownership," Univision said in a statement.

48 Toyota is launching a car-sharing service in Hawaii

The Toyota Hui service that will launch with 70 cars at over 25 stations around the city. Hui vehicles will not be a free-floating though. Vehicles rented from the service will have to be returned to their original location. The price for rental will include gas and insurance. Pretty much like ZipCar which is already in Hawaii. But remember, competition is good.

Do aliens feel the beat? Music sent into space for extraterrestrials to decode | ZDNet

"The probability of project success is low," Portell says. As someone who has worked on the European Space Agency's Gaia mission, he knows Sónar Calling GJ273b's success depends on a number of unverified assumptions, such as the planet's inhabitants actually existing and then being sufficiently tech-savvy to decode the data and understand the concept of music.

“Safe everyone!” Thai Navy SEALs cheer as all 12 boys and coach are rescued from cave

The last of the young soccer players and their 25-year-old coach were pulled free on Tuesday from a cave in northern Thailand where they had been trapped for more than two weeks.

51 WhatsApp begins its difficult battle against fake news in India
52 Someone finally realized that 'Handmaid's Tale'-themed wine is a terrible idea
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54 6 great moments from Ant-Man and the Wasp
55 Ex-Apple worker charged with stealing self-driving car trade secrets
56 ​How EB Games future-proofed its business model by going omnichannel early | ZDNet
57 It's fun and easy to see the first iPhone apps you ever downloaded from the Apple App Store
58 Facebook Messenger may soon flag DMs from fake accounts
59 Daimler and Bosch will use NVIDIA to power self-driving taxis
60 Instagram's new Questions stickers make it easy to get recommendations
61 Here are 5 ways Apple’s App Store changed how we use smartphones
62 Popular 'PUBG' streamer faces ban for playing with cheater
63 Digging deeper into smart speakers reveals two clear paths
64 Tesla's China factory: Will it ever be built?
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66 iOS 11.4.1 can prevent cops from cracking your iPhone - but there's a catch
67 Postmates launches in more than 100 new US cities
68 ​How to install Linux Mint on your Windows PC | ZDNet
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70 DOD seeks classification “Clippy” to help classify data, control access
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72 This day in Engadget history: Ouya is a Kickstarter smash hit
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74 There’s a gender gap in vacation time too
75 Amazon banned Confederate flags but Nazi gear is A-OK
76 EA buys studio from the co-creator of 'Halo'
77 Australian lawsuit funder files complaint against Facebook, flags...
78 Miss Massachusetts contestant quits over a “me too” joke
79 Analysis | Anatomy of a Trump rally: 76 percent of claims are false, misleading or lacking evidence
80 The Best Desktop Computers of 2018
81 How to set, change, and recover a MySQL root password
82 New Foxconn AI company is coming to the Silicon Valley
83 Jason Momoa takes lead role in Apple's 'See' original series, report says
84 The best cheap TV deals on Amazon Prime Day 2018 - 4K TVs for less
85 Experience The Good Place in Real Life at Comic-Con with NBC's Interactive Activation - IGN
86 Grab-and-run thieves plague multiple Apple Stores | Cult of Mac
87 Google, Apple Face Scrutiny from Republicans Over Data Privacy
88 How to combine and analyze data from multiple data sets using Excel Power Pivot
89 iPhone 8 replacement to get iPhone X style edge-to-edge screen | Cult of Mac
90 Nintendo Wants to Help Publishers Incorporate Cross-Play - IGN
91 SEC charges ex-Heartland Payment CEO with insider trading
92 Lunar mystery solved by recovery of mission tapes
93 Nintendo Wants to Release '20 to 30 Indie Games on Nintendo Switch Per Week' - IGN