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GrowthBeat 2015

Master marketing: Merging creativity with technology to drive growth Are you a Growth marketer? Do you want to know what it takes to be one? Let’s face it. The marketing landscape is not what it us...

Mozilla Blocks Flash Player on Firefox

Flash is blocked "by default" on Firefox until Adobe releases a more stable version.

Real Virtuality shows us what multiplayer VR might look like

2016 is shaping up to be the year the world gets virtual -- with immersive head-mounted displays coming from the likes of Facebook, Sony, HTC (and Valve) and Mi...

Lana Del Rey broods about Mr. Born to Die in dreamy 'Honeymoon' song

With "Honeymoon," Lana Del Rey once again explores love and violence, even referencing "Mr. Born to Die," a clear nod to her "Born to Die" album from 2012.

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The Big Picture: NASA unveils best Pluto image yet (updated)

Anxious to see the closest shot of Pluto ever? NASA is set to release high res photos soon, but in the meantime, the space agency has posted a "love note back to Earth" with a low-res Instagram image. That marks the first time the agency has given a social network first dibs on a major image, according to Wired. The image itself was snapped by the New Horizon probe 16 hours before its closest approach, some 476,000 miles away. NASA said it will release higher resolution versions of the image later tonight and discuss them in a briefing at 8AM briefing (EDT) on NASA Television. We'll bring you all the details of that a bit later on, but in the meantime, enjoy the best photo ever taken of our solar system's bastard stepchild planet. Update : NASA has now posted a new, higher resolution Pluto image, which we've updated (above). NASA Administrator Charles Bolden also heralded New Horizons' arrival, saying "The exploration of Pluto and its moons by New Horizons represents the capstone event to 50 years of planetary exploration by NASA and the United States." The probe is now in data-gathering mode while it passes within 7,750 miles of the planet's surface and is out of contact with controllers, as planned.

Walmart Fires Back at Amazon Prime Day

So, the retailer said it's lowering prices on thousands of items this week, and the deals are "available for everybody with no hidden costs or admission fees, and they won't be available for just one day." Walmart is also rolling back its free shipping minimum order to $35 from $50 for the summer, and promised some "special atomic deals," but did not elaborate.

Twitter confirms purported Bloomberg story is false

A report claiming that Twitter Inc ( TWTR.N ) received an offer to be acquired for $31 billion attributed to Bloomberg LP is fake, Twitter and a spokesman for the news and financial data provider said on Tuesday.

Apple Pay Brings Contactless iPhone Payments to U.K.

Apple Pay, rolled out in the U.S. in October, uses short-range wireless signals known as near-field communications to interact with cash registers or other payment readers. Unlike a contactless card, which can just be waved near a detector, Apple Pay also requires the user to hold down or click buttons on their device and to position it properly.

Five things I learned from Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella | ZDNet

In my 30-minute chat with Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella this week, I learned five things about Microsoft that I hadn't fully realized before. Here are my takeaways.

Apple releases iTunes 12.2.1 to fix issues with Apple Music - CNET

iTunes 12.2 was released two weeks ago when iOS 8.4 and OS X 10.10.4 were launched by Apple. The new Apple Music service ($9.99 per month) lets users listen to any song on demand, make playlists, and uses the Apple Music Match service to give you higher-quality versions of songs you already have in your library.

What Is The Apple Watch's Biggest Problem?

Apple set out to do nothing less than upend yet another entire market—and introduce the word "glanceability" into contemporary vocabs—with the Apple Watch. Since its launch, however, sales have dropped 90%. Is it too expensive? Is something wrong with the design and UX? Or is it just ugly? Fast Company 's Noah Robischon and Mark Wilson both have strong feelings on the Watch's future. Check out this week's 29th Floor to hear them out, and decide for yourself if the watch is for you.

Canadian company is developing a 'breathalyzer for pot'

With cannabis now legal in some form or another in nearly half of the US, states and private companies alike are scrambling for a means of adapting DUI legislation to weed. To that end, Vancouver-based Cannabix Technologies Inc is developing what is expected to be the first "pot breathalyzer." It does exactly what it sounds like: providing law enforcement officials with an instant, handheld means of determining whether a driver is under the influence of cannabis. The device is currently in its prototyping stage and is undergoing in-house testing. However, it's unclear when the breathalyzer will actually get into the hands of cops or whether it will be accurate enough to be of use once that time comes.

NASA Releases Stunning Color Images of Pluto and Charon

“We have a piece of wood that our PI (Alan Stern) gave us near the start of the mission,” she says. Yes, that wood is for knocking. The operations team also has a stuffed bear. “He’s been hibernating, but now he’s awake and has a party hat on,” Bowman says. New Horizons may be on a mission to bring home pictures of Pluto, but I won’t rest until I can capture some images of this little bear.

CIOs must embrace consumer cloud tools or risk losing control

IT may not always be comfortable with the cloud apps and services employees use at work, but modern CIOs need to not only ensure the integrity of corporate systems but also set standards for the acceptable use of consumer tools that boost staff productivity.

PewResearch Internet on Twitter

59% of Americans view astronauts as essential to the future of the U.S. space program.

Get the Unbreakable Titan MFi-Certified Lightning Cable [Deals Hub]

Those cheap cords that you buy at the convenience store when you’re in a bind? Those are never going to last. You need a cord that’ll survive all of your usage and travels. You’ll get that with the Titan MFi Certified Lightning Cable on sale now in the iPhone Hacks Deals Hub .

NASA releases the final color image of Pluto taken before the flyby

Just minutes before the long-awaited flyby took place at 7:49AM ET, NASA "teased" the final full-frame color image of Pluto set to be released before the event by  publishing it on Instagram . It was taken at about 4PM ET on July 13th, according to NASA, from 476,000 miles away. The high-resolution image was released after the flyby, and can be seen above.

These Futuristic Car Tires Never Go Flat

Now, Hankook has completed initial testing on its fifth-generation airless tire, dubbed the iFlex. The tires do not require any air pressure, instead relying on a new type of eco-friendly material (the company demurs when asked for details). Geometric shapes built into the material provide the bounce and springiness normally provided by air pressure. But, unlike the previous iFlex, this version’s designed to mount onto a traditional rim, making it compatible with current vehicles.

IGN on Twitter

New Season Pass DLC has been revealed for Batman: Arkham Knight, including a 1989 Batmobile:

Commodore Is Back, Baby, With a … Smartphone?

When it launches later this week across Europe, the Commodore PET should come in two different versions, a light one (costing around $300) with 16GB of storage and 2GB of RAM, and a regular one (costing around $365) with 32GB of internal memory and 3GB of RAM. Both will have a 32-gig microSD card included—though the dedicated slot will support cards up to 64GB, too. Users can choose a white, black, or classic biscuit-beige case, though I’m told green, blue, and other colors might be added.

Hacking Team's malware uses a UEFI rootkit to survive operating system reinstalls

A search through the email communications leaked from Hacking Team reveals that the company’s engineers have kept an eye out for every article and research paper on BIOS and UEFI hacking written since 2009. This includes blog posts on cracking BIOS passwords, papers on defeating signed BIOS enforcement and leaked documents about the U.S. National Security Agency’s BIOS infecting capabilities.

How Digital Platforms Like LinkedIn, Uber And TaskRabbit Are Changing The On-Demand Economy

Declaring them independent contractors or employees, as a California judge presiding over a lawsuit against Lyft commented, means forcing a square peg into one of two round holes. We’d do better to create a third legal category of workers, who would be subject to certain regulations, and whose employers would be responsible for some costs (like, say, reimbursement of expenses and workers’ compensation) but not others (like Social Security and Medicare taxes). Other countries, including Germany, Canada, and France, have rewritten their laws to expand the number of worker categories. There’s no reason we can’t do the same, and give gig-economy workers a better balance of flexibility and security.

IGN on Twitter

When you tweet with a location, Twitter stores that location. You can switch location on/off before each Tweet and always have the option to delete your location history. Learn more

Facebook security lead wants Adobe to say when it's killing Flash

To put it mildly, Adobe's Flash plugin has fallen from grace in recent years. BlackBerry , Google and other companies once thought it was crucial to the web, but you'll now find many of these outfits going out of their way to avoid and contain Flash in the names of both security and promoting true standards. Need further proof that it's a pariah? Just ask Facebook's new security chief, Alex Stamos. He's calling on Adobe to not only choose an "end-of-life date" for Flash, but to enable web browser "killbits" that shut it off for everyone at once. That's the only way to "disentangle the dependencies" and get everyone to move on to more secure technology like HTML5, he argues .

10 Reasons to Upgrade to Windows 10

3. Cortana It's nice to be able to talk to your technology. If you've used an Xbox One or talked with Siri and her friend Google Now, you know how convenient it can be to interact with your technology hands-free. "Hey Cortana, play music," or "take a note" are just for starters. You can get more specific with reminders that will show up on any device running Cortana—which will soon include Androids and iPhones along with Windows Phones. You can say, "Remind me to buy milk when I'm near a supermarket," or "remind me to ask my wife about her mother when she calls." And Cortana isn't just about voice commands: Her Notebook keeps track of your interests, popping up info such as your favorite sports team scores, local weather, and even traffic conditions for your commute home. For more, check out How to Use and Customize Cortana .

T-Mobile bulks up family plan by giving each member 10GB of data - CNET

The $20 monthly fee to add a line is double the cost of its previous family plan. But in return, each member gets far more data than before. Customers typically get 1GB of data under than plan, but a promotion last year gave customers 2.5GB. As with the previous family plan, up to 10 members can sign up. There is no way to juggle a $10 fee for less data -- every member must sign up for the 10GB. While that's a boon to families that use a lot of data, it may give pause to those whose members seldom use their smartphones.

Here's what to takes to lay Google's 9,000km undersea cable

About 6,000 kilometers of the cable has been loaded onto the cable ship René Descartes, which is docked at a submarine cable factory in Kitakyushu, southern Japan, operated by NEC group firm OCC. It will be the first time for the vessel, owned by French telecom firm Orange, and her crew to lay some 9,000 km of cable in one go.

Hacking Team's malware uses UEFI rootkit to survive OS reinstalls

The company developed a tool that can be used to modify a computer’s UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface) so that it silently reinstalls its surveillance tool even if the hard drive is wiped clean or replaced.

Get 30GB free cloud storage for life - CNET

Whether you want to store all your photos and music in one secure place or want to instantly share anything with your friends and family, Pogoplug cloud storage is a valuable solution for backing up your memories. Join CNET and get your 30GB of free cloud storage to make room on your devices.

NASA gives Instagram the exclusive on Pluto

Excitement over the New Horizons probe's flyby past Pluto has been pretty remarkable, and NASA, it seems, has known exactly how to take advantage: hit up social media. The US space agency published the  most detailed image of Pluto ever this morning at around 7AM ET,  sharing the photo via Instagram hours before it was posted to  the official website .

How To Plan The Ultimate Long-Term Project, From The Team Who Got Us To Pluto

Not everyone on the original team stayed on board throughout the 14 years between proposal and today, but many have. Besides Hersman and principal investigator Stern, others who are still deeply involved include Alice Bowman, the New Horizons mission operations manager, Glen Fountain, the New Horizons project manager, Mark Holdridge, the Pluto encounter mission manager, and many other team leads and sub-leads who worked on everything from propulsion to communications.

New Nexus 5 (2015) tipped to be more powerful than Galaxy S6

Other recent rumours that we've heard about the LG Nexus 5 (2015) include that it will have a 5.2-inch screen and a battery of around 2700 mAh. Whether any of this will pan out remains to be seen, but we'll likely find out in the next few months.

The moment the New Horizons team first saw that Pluto photo

Shortly before NASA released the first high-resolution image from the Pluto flyby to the world on Tuesday, the New Horizons crew got to see it first. They cheered, cried and laughed as the now-iconic image was beamed onto the screen.

Google's reopening Map Maker in August with users as moderators

You may recall the prank on Google Maps in April that displayed an Android bot urinating on the Apple logo in Pakistan after someone managed to get around the Map Maker approval process.

Some hackers make more than $80,000 a month — here's how

Security researchers have been embedding themselves into these online underbellies to see precisely what's going on. This way they can get an early look at the malware hackers are cooking up, while also learning just how the system works.

Reddit Chief Engineer Bethanye Blount Quits After Less Than Two Months on the Job

In an interview, Blount confirmed her departure after only two months at Reddit, having come there from Facebook. She said her move was not directly linked to Pao’s exit, but noted that she had lost confidence in the new direction of the company.

China's Tsinghua Unigroup offers to buy Micron Technology for $23 billion: WSJ

Analysts argued Tsinghua Unigroup Ltd's proposed price, $23 billion, was far too low. But China's critics on Capitol Hill worried about the impact on the Defense Department. And any deal would likely face a close look by the agency charged with vetting transactions that have potential national security concerns.

The Associated Press on Twitter

BREAKING: NYC officials announce $5.9 million settlement in Eric Garner police chokehold case.

Don't Attend a Hackathon - Caseysoftware

This past weekend was our third annual ATX Hack for Change . It was still hosted at St Edwards University, but this time it was organized by the City of Austin’s Innovation Office. While Kerry O’Connor is the Chief Innovation Officer, her staff ran much of the show over the weekend. I was lucky enough to be invited to serve as MC for the second year and represented .

Spotify's musical atlas is the antithesis of Beat 1 Radio

Services like Google Maps have made navigating the globe as easy as a click and a scroll, and Spotify wants to do the same for the world's musical tastes. The streaming service has launched a  musical map of the world , with around a thousand playlists hosting popular tracks from different cities. You can see what the locals are enjoying in  Salamanca, Mexico , or find out what's  bringing down the house in Athens, Greece . Spotify promises that the music is "distinctive" to each location, and has filtered out global hits to deliver only the music "that people in each city listen to quite a bit [but] people in other cities also do not listen to very much."

Free Wi-Fi Reaches Peak in Japan: Mount Fuji

Japan Real Time is a newsy, concise guide to what works, what doesn’t and why in the one-time poster child for Asian development, as it struggles to keep pace with faster-growing neighbors while competing with Europe for Michelin-rated restaurants. Drawing on the expertise of The Wall Street Journal and Dow Jones Newswires, the site provides an inside track on business, politics and lifestyle in Japan as it comes to terms with being overtaken by China as the world’s second-biggest economy. You can contact the editors at

China’s supercomputer still the fastest, but the U.S. is catching up

When it comes to fast computers, you might think your gaming PC is pretty slick, but the fastest supercomputers in the world will steal your CPU’s lunch money and leave your head spinning without even turning their fans on. Twice a year, TOP500 measures the fastest supercomputers in the world against each other on the Linpack benchmark. This time around it was found that China’s National University of Defense Technology cluster, which has the catch name Tianhe-2 (which means Milky Way in English) is the fastest system for the fifth time in a row.

Microsoft to kick off Windows 10 ad campaign next week

The campaign, dubbed "Upgrade Your World," will run for a year, Microsoft said today, the same timeline for the free offer to upgrade from Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 to Windows 10.

Too Many Ex-CEOs On Twitter's Board? Evan Williams Says He Would Step Down

"I think the board composition won’t be a deciding factor in the choice. I will say personally if the right C.E.O. would prefer one less C.E.O. on the board I’d be happy to — it’s more important that we get that person than I’m on the board. I can only speak for myself."

Google accidentally reveals data on 'right to be forgotten' requests

Google said in a statement: “We’ve always aimed to be as transparent as possible about our right to be forgotten decisions. The data the Guardian found in our Transparency Report’s source code does of course come from Google, but it was part of a test to figure out how we could best categorise requests. We discontinued that test in March because the data was not reliable enough for publication. We are however currently working on ways to improve our transparency reporting.”

SanDisk’s Connect Wireless Stick Is Like a Pocket Cloud Server

When we need to move a file from a computer, we reach for a flash drive. But we do more and more on phones, tablets and laptops, which don’t all have USB ports. That’s why SanDisk’s latest flash drive is built for wireless connections and not just plugs.

Uber launches Assist program for senior citizens and disabled riders in L.A.

The program is designed to help riders who need additional support during their travel and enough room in the car for strollers, walkers, and wheelchairs. Uber says drivers who respond to Assist requests have been trained by the Open Doors Organization , a group devoted to helping businesses accommodate employees with special needs.

Mobile screens: Do they really turn your kids' brains to mush? - CNET

From CNET Magazine: Babies and toddlers love looking at the screens of tablets and smartphones -- but doctors warn that too much screen time could cause problems later in life. How much is too much?

This is our clearest view yet of Pluto's 'heart'

This new image, released on Tuesday morning, shows the surface features of Pluto in striking clarity, including the heart-shaped feature on the southern side of the dwarf planet. NASA released a version of this image on Instagram at 7 a.m. ET, but subsequently published a high-res version on their website.

Daily Deal: Wifi Protector VPN: Lifetime Subscription | Techdirt

Protect your information while surfing on a public Wi-Fi spot with 83% off of a Wifi Protector VPN: Lifetime Subscription. With 20+ countries to choose from, you can easily find the best...

Tesla had its all-time trading high in its sights but has slipped back

Tesla will report second-quarter earnings on July 29. Although the company recently announced that it sold around 11,500 cars in the quarter, beating expectations, all eyes will be on its overall financial performance as it heads into the second half of the year.

Gizmodo on Twitter

@Gizmodo : Watch Neil deGrasse Tyson talk about the importance of reaching Pluto …

Apple patents advanced mapping system, haptic vibrations

Apple was today awarded a pair of new patents for an advanced mapping system with customizable and shareable image data, and a new haptic vibrations system that turns audio data into haptic vibrations for the hearing impaired.

How's founder revolutionized the dating world — and walked away with just $50,000

And what about Kremen’s own love life? He didn’t find love on Match. While in his 40s, he offered a free trip to Hawaii for any of his friends who could find him a wife. One couple delivered (and Kremen made good on his promise). Kremen married in 2008 and now has two sons. But he claims responsibility for many more children than that. On the SCVWD website, his bio reads, “He invented online dating, starting Match.Com where he was indirectly responsible for over 1,000,000 babies.”

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72 InVision Prototyping Tool Lands $45 Million In Series C Led By Accel
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