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Here’s a sneak peek of what Disney’s Star Wars Land will look like

Our own Matthew Panzarino is in LA for Disney's D23 expo and its early access press day. Disney just pulled back the curtain on a bunch of stuff that'll..

Inside Verily's plan to fight mosquitoes with 20 million more mosquitoes

Today, Verily — formerly Google Life Sciences — began releasing bacteria-infected male mosquitoes in Fresno, California. The release marks the launch of Debug Fresno, a field study that aims to rid...

Tell Your Reps - Alyssa & Misha - Country Over Party

Contact Your Lawmakers #PatriotNotPartisanJoin Alyssa Milano and Misha Collins in contacting your Representatives Please contact your representative in Congress and urge her / him to put country before party, in holding the Trump administration accountable for collusion with Russia. This issue i

Alex Jones' horrifying rants become much easier to handle as a calm indie-folk song

If he wasn't so outrageous, this might actually be soothing.

Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard really don't want you to doubt their love of 'Game of Thrones'

They might just make good extras in the show.

Nissan's JukeCam is a dashcam for adrenaline junkies - Roadshow

Whether you're after safety or thrill seeking, this 4K camera is ready to capture it all.

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Duggan bent Plaintiff’s legs closer to her head, drawing his pelvis closer to her buttocks and genitalia and continued to pound Plaintiff’s legs ( and as a result, her buttocks) up and down. Duggan also lifted Plaintiff off the bed by her ankles and legs. One of Plaintiff’s co-workers intervened and pulled Plaintiff away from Duggan. Duggan then left the room. After a brief exchange with co-workers, Plaintiff began sobbing uncontrollable and went back to her own cabin, where she sat on her bed and cried. . . Because Plaintiff did not feel safe sleeping in her room by herself, she decided to stay with one of her co-workers in the main hotel. As she was leaving the cabin, Plaintiff was horrified to find that Duggan was on the walkway outside her room, alone and intoxicated. Plaintiff’s co-workers hurried her away.”

It's Not Just the Apes That Aren't Real in War for the Planet of the Apes

War for the Planet of the Apes is a odyssey in many ways. It begins in the redwood forests that we saw in the last film and then travels up into the Sierra Nevada mountains, where snow and ice take over. That added an extra level of difficulty for the effects team. “We shoot in the conditions that we’re actually shooting in, right? So if it’s raining, it was raining. If it’s snowing, it was probably snowing. But that doesn’t mean that the apes have snow on them,” director Matt Reeves told us. “We’re on this set, and the set has all of those things, and the actors went through that experience, so it affects their performance. But then Weta has to figure out how to show us the way that looks, so when it’s put into that environment where it really is happening, that it also really looks like it’s happening on the apes.”

Honolulu May Soon Ban Texting While Crossing the Street Like a Dumbass

You already know that texting and driving is against the law, but for a few years now cities across the US have considered making texting while crossing the street illegal. Honolulu is one of those cities.

Soundcloud is struggling. Chance the Rapper says it's here to stay.

The Chicago rapper tweeted Friday afternoon that the popular but broke audio streaming startup is "here to stay" after a "very fruitful call" with CEO and co-founder, Alex Ljung. The reassurance comes after reports earlier this week claimed the company may only have weeks to live.

5 things to know about cloud security - TechRepublic

To be safe with cloud storage, you need to know how it works. Here are five basic issues to look for.

The secret of Google's success? Don't play the blame game - TechRepublic

Phil Beevers, who runs Site Reliability Engineering in London for Google, described the importance of holding what Google calls a "blameless post-mortem" after outages.

5 iPhone and iPad charging myths debunked

We’ve all heard a lot of charging myths. “Don’t keep your iPhone plugged in throughout the night,” “Don’t talk on the phone while it’s charging,” “Let the phone completely discharge, and only then put it back on charging” and so on. But how many of these are valid points, and how many are just myths? Let’s find out.

Eric Trump during the campaign: "You can't allow [hackers] to attack the government." - TechRepublic

As the campaign was heating up, during the New Hampshire primary, both Trump brothers spoke with TechRepublic about the need for a robust cyber-defense policy. "Cyberattacks are one of the biggest security threats we actually face today," Donald Trump Jr. told TechRepublic in an interview during the 2016 presidential campaign. "[Donald Trump] would do what he does with a business, which is bring in the best of the best to make sure we have people that are competent and working on the right things to make sure that those systems are in place to be able to thwart and disarm any attacks that are coming this way."

White House releases sensitive personal information of voters worried about their sensitive personal information

Unfortunately for these voters and others who wrote in, the Trump administration did not redact any of their personal information from the emails before releasing them to the public. In some cases, the emails contain not only names, but email addresses, home addresses, phone numbers and places of employment of people worried about such information being made available to the public.

With this $7 malware, anyone can be a hacker for cheap - TechRepublic

What's really surprising is the cost, as a single build of the credential stealer only costs between $7 and $13. Despite the low price, the build executables are crypted, making them harder to find and analyze, the report said. So, for only $7, a would-be hacker gets access to a tool that allows them to steal credentials and avoid detection at the same time.

Video: 3 things your IT department should do this summer - TechRepublic

Wondering what to do during the summer slowdown? Here are three things to do to keep your team running smoothly this summer.

iPhone 8 May Include 3D Laser To Support AR Apps

Apple is reportedly working hard to build a 3D laser into the rear of the iPhone 8, which would enable better depth detection for augmented reality applications.

Drone Racing League sets world record for fastest quadcopter | ZDNet

"We're thrilled to put our proprietary technology to the test, as we're all about speed and pushing the limits of drone design here at DRL," said DRL founder and CEO Nicholas Horbaczewski. "The record-setting RacerX represents the culmination of years of technological innovation by our team of world class engineers, and we're very excited to unveil the fastest racing drone on earth."

All the Disney princesses are coming back for the 'Wreck-It Ralph' sequel

In a clip shown at Disney's D23 expo, Vanellope and Ralph are tooling around the intenet when they head over to — which, in the world of this movie, looks basically like Disney World meets Comic-Con. Among all the celebrities are a bunch of "perfect models of femininity"; i.e., the princesses.

Serena Williams praises Andy Murray after he shuts down causal sexism

"He has spoken up for women's issues and women's rights, especially in tennis, for forever," she said. "He has done it again. That's who he is, and that's one thing we love about him. He has such a wonderful mother, who has been such a strong figure in his life and he has done so much for us on our tour. We love Andy Murray."

Sprint pops after seeking investment from Warren Buffett

News that Sprint executives approached Warren Buffett and cable mogul John Malone sent shares up as much as 2.8% in afternoon trading on Friday.

'Game of Thrones' Season 6: Where our characters left off

With Season 7 premiering this weekend, we decided it was time for a refresher on our favorite — erm, most popular — characters and where they left know, in case you aren't mid-binge right at this moment.

iMac: Everything you need to know about Apple’s all-in-one computer

The current iMac lineup was released in June 2017 during Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference. While the new iMacs might look the same on the outside as its predecesors, they’re quite a bit different inside. It starts with the screen: Apple says the new iMacs have the “best Mac displays ever,” upping the brightness to 500 nits to make them 43 percent brighter while bringing support for a billion colors. You’ll also get faster Intel Kaby Lake processors, higher memory capacity, super-fast storage, and next-generation graphics, as well as a pair of Thunderbolt 3/USB-C ports.

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The Black Panther costumes and props for T'Challa, the Dora Milaje and more were on display at D23 Expo 2017.

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Startup Selling $400 Juicers Plans to Lower Prices and Cut 25% of Staff

Dunn, who became CEO in October, has worked at Coca-Cola (ko) , Bolthouse Farms, and Campbell Soup's fresh division (cpb) . Campbell Soup-backed venture fund Acre Ventures is an investor in Juicero as is Kleiner Perkins. Randy Komisar of Kleiner Perkins, who's a board member of Juicero, said in a statement to Fortune, "This first year on the market has proven the strong consumer interest in Juicero and now the focus turns to expanding access. The Board is very supportive of Juicero’s strategic shift to focus resources on lowering prices via product, manufacturing, and distribution innovation.

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I'm running Windows 10 S as my main OS, and I kind of like it

Light starts shipping the L16, its 16-camera pocket DSLR challenger

The Light L16 is so-named because it has 16 camera modules, and it combines images from multiple modules at once to create images with greater depth, clarity, detail, color rendering and general quality than you’d otherwise be able to get out of a device that’s essentially the size of a thick smartphone. The L16’s sample images show depth-of-field and sharpness that would leave many DSLRs in the dust, in fact, which is the whole idea of the multi-module array.

A swole Jeff Bezos has become one jacked-up, Photoshopped meme

The photo of the newly-jacked Bezos just begs to be Photoshopped — and Photoshop the internet did. Swole Bezos has already gained some muscle (heehee), and these works of art show it.

This DIY Floating Cooler Means You Never Have to Leave the Pool to Grab a Drink

The only thing more divine than floating around in a pool on a hot summer’s day is floating around in a pool with a refreshing beverage, but once you’re settled in your doughnut shaped floatie, the last thing you want to do is get out to refresh your beverage. Luckily, The Kitchn has a cheap and easy solution for this summertime sadness: all you need is some pool noodles.

Watch your Bitcoin vanish: Blockchain split may be imminent | ZDNet

"As a result, some nodes may propagate confirmed transactions that other nodes may not accept or recognize," warned. "This may result in unreliable confirmation scoring for an unknown length of time. This means that any bitcoins you receive during this period could disappear from your wallet or be a type of Bitcoin that other people will not accept as payment until the situation is resolved."

The Best Online Music Streaming Services of 2017

You'll find even greater streaming music diversity should you dig deeper into the space. Slacker Radio, for example, differentiates itself with live ESPN Radio, so you can stay on top of sports happenings throughout the day. The service also has Stories, a hosted program that features interesting tales, ranging from love to horror. IHeartRadio specializes in local, over-the-air radio stations, as well as the playlists and recommendations associated with online music services. Tidal sells concert and sports tickets, and has an expert editorial staff that produces feature-length articles. Amazon Music Unlimited lets you upload your own audio files and stream them along wiht the songs in the company's catalog. Most services have a robust selection of comedy albums.

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'The Incredibles 2' picks up exactly where the original ended

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What's next on Microsoft's LinkedIn and Dynamics integration list | ZDNet

Microsoft has made generally available the first of its promised LinkedIn integrations. Here's what else is on the near-term list, as well as on the Dynamics CRM/ERP roadmap.

Pixar's Next Original Movie Is a 'Suburban Fantasy Adventure'

Fast forward to now, and Pixar’s new film. It also tells the story of two young boys who lost their father and want to learn more about him. But in this world, there once was magic—though over the years, it kind of went away as machines were invented to take its place. Still, the world of the film still sounds like there’s a lot of magical potential. There aren’t any humans; instead, the characters are elves, trolls, and sprites, and unicorns are everywhere. (They’re like rodents.) Mushroom houses line the streets, but they have satellite dishes on top and minivans in the driveways. It’s described as both modern and familiar, but also fantastic.

Uber says its former engineer had a good reason to allegedly take Waymo's files — and it wasn't to give them to Uber

The dueling court filings are part of a battle over whether Levandowski's invocation of the Fifth can be mentioned in a possibly trial and how it could be characterized. Waymo is urging the court to allow it to portray Levandowski's refusal to testify in a negative light, saying that it helps show Uber's culpability. Waymo argues that by taking the Fifth, Levandowski is protecting not only himself but Uber and by making it more difficult for Waymo to show that Uber had knowledge of the allegedly stolen files.

The new startup from the creator of Android has already lost its top marketing executive

Wallace isn’t the only major departure at Essential. Andy Fouché, who is listed as the company’s head of communications on its website, left recently as well, he told Business Insider in an email last month. However, Fouché also described himself as an advisor to the company. He also worked with Wallace as the head of communications at Magic Leap. Kenzo Hing, Essential’s head of product marketing, will be running communications in the meantime.

Viking Technology unveils world's biggest 50TB SSD | ZDNet

"There is no higher capacity SSD solution available today than the UHC-Silo SSD" said Hamid Shokrgozar, president of Viking Technology. "These drives enable datacenter administrators to easily migrate to SSD performance, along with a tremendous increase in capacity. With space and cooling being critical drivers for todays datacenters, these advantages are a game changer."

36 AMD Threadripper prices undercut Intel's Core i9 by as much as $1,000

The announcement of Threadripper’s prices fills in another major hole in our knowledge of AMD’s elite chip. We already know that Threadripper's  new TR4 socket  will be absolutely enormous. You’ll find sockets like it on motherboards such as the Asus Zenith Extreme, presumably part of the contingent that AMD’s partners will release in August. The X399-based motherboard will feature eight DIMM slots for up to 128GB of DDR4 RAM, four x16 PCI-E gen. 3 slots, a U.2 slot, three M.2 slots, and 12 USB 3.1 ports.

Snap had acquisition talks with AdRoll and is actively shopping for ad tech startups

Snapchat is shopping for ad tech companies to help bolster its appeal to marketers, a process that led the company to have acquisition talks with AdRoll, Business Insider has learned.

‘Limited’ Nuclear Strikes Could Still Wreak Climate Havoc

But unlike this earlier work, which focused on relatively small, 15-kiloton nukes exploding over cities, the new study looked at whether today’s more powerful weapons could trigger nuclear autumn all on their own. They can. Liska and his colleagues found that the US, Russia, and China all have weapons that could trigger a nuclear autumn through the detonation of fewer than five bombs. This includes nuclear warheads placed atop air-dropped bombs, intercontinental ballistic missiles, and land-based missiles. Frighteningly, China—with its five megaton bombs—could cause a nuclear autumn with the launch of a single missile.

This 40-second video perfectly captures why people shouldn't text and drive

As you can see, people can't even handle texting while walking, not to mention driving. And distracted driving is a major issue: The CDC says every single hour, 9 people are killed and more than 1,000 are injured as a result of distracted drivers. The National Highway Safety Traffic Administration says distracted driving killed 3,477 people in 2015 alone.

This $130,000 self-deploying building can unfold in just eight minutes

Ten Fold Engineering , a housing startup based in the UK, has created self-deploying buildings that can pop up in a matter of eight minutes. Owners push a button, and the rooms fold out like an accordion using a counterbalance system.

How to Stop Being Jealous of Your Colleagues' Success

The second is for you: It’s normal to have trouble being happy for your friend even when you know you should. Think selfishly: You want successful friends, don’t you? The better off they are, the more they can help you down the road. Just don’t ask for any favors right away; set yourself a reminder for a few weeks or months down the road.

Here's our first look at Spielberg's 'Ready Player One' movie

Steven Spielberg's adaptation of Ready Player One will be making a big splash at San Diego's Comic-Con next week, but ahead of that Entertainment Weekly has given us our first look at the film. And, well, it looks a lot like the worn out, nostalgia-filled world described in Ernest Cline's popular novel. Front and center is Tye Sheridan as Wade Watts (or Parzival online) wearing a VR headset and haptic gloves. He uses that gear to tap into the OASIS, a global virtual reality network that serves as his one escape from his harsh life in the year 2044.

Bill Clinton channels Sean Spicer by hiding among the Bushes

Clinton attended the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum in Dallas, Texas, on Thursday to celebrate this year's graduating class from the Presidential Leadership Scholars program. While there, he took a moment to to hide among the Bushes, like our good friend in the current White House, press secretary Sean Spicer .

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Ryan Lochte betrays Michael Phelps and announces he's on Team Shark

Lochte, a 12-time Olympic medalist, was brave enough to admit that he thinks his teammate (and at times, competitor) will lose on July 23 when Phelps competes against a great white shark in a confusing race that has been dubbed the " battle for ocean supremacy ."

This Squishy Artificial Heart is Amazing

Researchers in Europe have created a soft artificial heart that mimics the real thing. It’s still not ready for prime time, but the approach, in which the developers used silicone and 3D-printing, could revolutionize the way patients with heart disease   are treated.

Microsoft issues fix for new Surface Pro hibernation issue | ZDNet

Microsoft has made available a fix for a hibernation bug that has affected a number of users of its latest Surface Pro device.

Facebook tests a built-in animated GIF creator in the camera section of its iOS app

Facebook tests a built-in animated GIF creator in the camera section of its iOS app, which lets you add GIFs to your Facebook story or post them on your profile

US Customs says it can search iPhones, but not cloud services

While U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents can search an American traveler's iPhone, they're not allowed to search any data stored in the cloud, the CBP said recently in response to questions by Oregon Senator Ron Wyden.

These Artists Use Oil, Paint, and Soap to Create Tiny Alien Galaxies

Scientists trying to unlock the secrets of our universe’s origin need to look no further than the photography studio of Thomas Blanchard and Oilhack. By mixing nothing more than paints, oil, and soap, the artists manage to create colorful miniature universes full of strange, tiny alien worlds.

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89 Co-founder of Twitter’s talent agency arm leaves company
90 WhatsApp now allows you to share any file type
91 Juicero admits its juicer is still too expensive, even after a $300 price cut
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94 Startup That Got a Seat at White House Roundtable Is Part-Owned by Kushner Family