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Netflix's Pablo Escobar series trailer brings blood, drugs and glory

The new series 'Narcos' explores the ruthless world of the Medellín drug cartel.

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1 CEO, chairman quit Wal-Mart's China e-commerce firm Yihaodian

BEIJING/SHANGHAI The CEO and Chairman of Wal-Mart Stores Inc's Chinese e-commerce company have quit "to pursue their next venture", the U.S. retailer said on Wednesday, as it aims to grow a company still far smaller than local rivals.

Windows Phone Has a Future (Maybe)

I, for example, have never received a press release or a briefing or even a note announcing a new feature for the device. I've been in the scene writing about this stuff for 30 years. I don't solicit press material, but it is very noticeable when there is none whatsoever. They are not even trying or care to do much of anything. I've never seen anything like it. No ads, no promotions, no nothing. And yet Redmond wonders why there is no traction.

9 Things We Learned About Star Wars: The Force Awakens at Comic-Con - IGN

The director reported that they have completed a rough cut of the film and are in the process of refining it now. As to the process, Abrams said that “The only mandate we had is [to ask ourselves] 'what delights us?'” Adding, "It doesn’t have to be fun all the time or ever silly, but it has to be compelling. We treated films four, five, and six, the films that I grew up with, as canon. And it’s crazy to be writing a script with Lawrence Kasdan and ask, ‘What would Han Solo say here?’ and have Kasdan just know, ‘Well I’ll tell you what Han would say here.'”

Google's hidden data reveals details of 'right to be forgotten' requests

The ruling doesn't state that the source material needs to be erased. But it does empower people with the ability to request that certain snippets of their lives be delisted and de-prioritized on the search engine. Google, though bound by the ruling, chooses to accept or refuse those requests. It also interprets the ruling in a way that the information is removed only from its European sites. The company did not intend to let the public in on the specifics of the requests that have now been revealed. And ever since The Guardian's accidental discovery, the source code has been modified to cover these details.

Janina Gavankar's calling card is simple: Actor. Musician. Geek. - CNET

Gavankar may be best known for her acting and sex appeal in roles such as shapeshifter Luna Garza on HBO's "True Blood" and detective Meredith Bose on NBC's "The Mysteries of Laura." But when she's just being herself, decked out in Dr. Martens boots and a backpack toting a souped-up MacBook Pro , it's easy to see glimmers of the fourth grade "band geek" who started her march down the nerd path.

Hackaday Prize Hacker Channel

If you need help on your Hackaday Prize entry you've come to the right place. Click on the "Request to join this project" link on the left to be added to the list of collaborators. From there you'll be able to join the group messaging. Those that just want to talk about hacking have found the place as well. All are welcome!

Which Antivirus Offers Best Real-World Protection?

The test is grueling, requiring researchers to challenge 20 or more antivirus products with brand new malicious URLs every day for months, making sure to keep them up to date. Over the course of the test, they hit each product with nearly 2,000 real-world samples. A product gets full credit if it either prevents the malware attack completely or removes all significant traces. If the malware compromises system security, naturally the product gets no credit.

Microsoft rallies partners around cloud, mobile, Windows 10

Following what has become a tradition for Microsoft’s Worldwide Partners Conference, chief operating officer Kevin Turner did some old-fashioned fiery preaching in his closing keynote, this year condemning cloud-service competitors like Google for not respecting customers’ privacy as they chase profits.

You Probably Can’t Jailbreak This Tablet Made For America’s Prisoners

At JPay, they know that the corrections process can be challenging, whether you are dealing with the absence of an incarcerated friend or family member or feeling the pressure of making your next restitution or supervision payment. By providing convenient, relevant services and building strong customer relationships, they hope they can make it a little easier.

Pushbullet now keeps texts sent from your computer in sync with your Android phone

So, now when you’re sat at your PC, you can reply to messages from your computer and they’re kept in sync on your phone. This wasn’t the case previously; they didn’t show up in threaded conversations.

Tear gas and blazing fire dominate on Greece's most important day this century

One of the biggest hurdles will be the IMF, which came out strongly against the terms of the deal and has said it is necessary to provide Greece with debt relief — either forgiving some of the money the country owes or giving it a longer time period to pay it back. It argued that Greece's more than $328 billion in debt was unsustainable and would only doom the country to continued problems.

How to boot into safe mode in Windows 10 - CNET

In the Windows 10 Pro Insider Preview Build 10166, booting into safe mode is extremely easy -- and you don't even have to open the command prompt to do it. Here's how:

Workday Launches Workday Ventures To Fund Machine Learning Startups

Workday , the 10 year old company that specializes in finance and human resources software in the cloud, announced a new program today called Workday Ventures, an investment arm focusing on startups with a machine learning bent.

Employees vs. Independent Contractors: U.S. Weighs In on Debate Over How to Classify Workers

The Labor Department waded into a heated workplace dispute with fresh guidance suggesting more businesses should be designating workers as employees instead of independent contractors.

Apple to release new iPod touch today: gold option, 8MP camera, 64-bit, 128GB + new Nano/Shuffle colors

I’m very curious to see if new iPods help stop the decline of sales of music players. I wouldn’t think so. I’d like to see how Apple is going to market it. With the iPod Touch, will they emphasize gaming with the new processor or go for the AppleMusic angle. It’s such a tweener product, it simply doesn’t seem to fit Apple’s line-up anymore. Since it’s claimed consumers aren’t buying iPads in quantity, maybe those users will go for a new iPod but I consider that a long-shot. An iPod Nano with WiFi and Bluetooth I could see as being useful. Most of the parks in NYC have fairly reliable WiFi connections to listen to streaming music. The train stations I’ve tried aren’t very good, though. They’re spotty in sections and I’ve never noticed where the transmitters are positioned.

Google launches Eddystone, its platform-agnostic iBeacon competitor

Google today announced Eddystone , its open source Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacon format. The standard is designed to help developers work with beacons and provide location-based content straight to users’ smartphones.

Toshiba to book $2-$3 billion losses over accounting scandal

TOKYO Toshiba Corp expects to book charges of 300 billion to 400 billion yen ($2.4-3.2 billion) related to improper accounting, people briefed on the matter said on Wednesday, as Japan's biggest accounting scandal in years expands.

Netflix to Support Charter Acquisition of Time Warner Cable

Netflix is a major customer of Charter and Time Warner Cable, and its support could help allay concerns by regulators that the deal might be bad for customers. Charter’s new “peering” policy prevents the broadband provider from charging any Internet company for faster access, which is particularly important for video-streaming services such as Netflix, Time Warner Inc.’s HBO Go, and Google Inc.’s YouTube. Netflix accounts for about 37 percent of all download traffic in peak evening hours, according to research from Sandvine, a Canada-based networking company.

4 Gmail Hacks That Will Change The Way You Work

Boomerang is a Gmail app that allows you to schedule emails, set up snooze messages, and get reminders. You can easily schedule emails to go out at any time, so it’ll look like you’re sending something at 8 a.m. on Monday, even though you scheduled it at 11 p.m. the night before. You can also choose to "boomerang" emails, meaning you can mark an email to leave your inbox and return on a certain date. Let’s say there’s a reminder for a networking event next month and as much as you want the email, it’s cluttering your inbox. Just choose to "boomerang" the message, so that it leaves your inbox for now but returns two days before the event. You can also ask Boomerang to send you a reminder if nobody replies to an email, so you’ll never forget to follow up with people again.

Brian Cuban on Twitter

When you tweet with a location, Twitter stores that location. You can switch location on/off before each Tweet and always have the option to delete your location history. Learn more

3 Ways Flat Management Structures Can Kill Your Business

This article is well-crafted, but note is spreading something inaccuate about Holacracy. It is based on hierarchy, it is a system in which there is a pecking order of self-manging "circles" where wach has power over those below it. It also doesn't get rid of rules and procedures; it is actually quite rule-bound, with a very long and I would convoluted constitution. It does get rid of people called managers... but it is amusing that this system -- which does have self-management within circles as a hallmark -- has been mandated by the person at the top of the pecking order at Zappos and elsewhere. Please read Steve Denning's piece in Forbes, it is the most accurate one I know:

Is Your Boss Bringing You Down Or Pushing You Forward?

So what are the warning signs of a boss who is more concerned with his or her own clout than advancing the team as a whole? How can you tell if your boss will give you credit up the ladder, introduce you to the right people, and be an advocate for your work? Seven questions to ask yourself:

Apple launches latest iPod touch

Apple Inc on Wednesday launched its latest iPod touch gadget at a time when the company is looking to popularize its new music service.

Welcome to the AI Conspiracy: The 'Canadian Mafia' Behind Tech's Latest Craze

Now, a couple decades later, scientists are racing to start their careers in the field. Once passé, deep learning, the subset of artificial intelligence focused on teaching machines to find and classify patterns in mass quantities of data, is now de rigueur across Google, Facebook, Microsoft, IBM and a host of other Silicon Valley companies. The trend has ignited an expensive race to scoop up scarce talent. And much of that expertise ties back to a cabal-like group of researchers who kept the futuristic field on life support 15 years prior.

Malware And Hacking Forum Darkode Is Shut Down; Dozens Arrested

Johan Anders Gudmunds, aka Mafi aka Crim aka Synthet!c, 27, of Sollebrunn, Sweden, is charged by indictment with conspiracy to commit computer fraud, conspiracy to commit wire fraud, and conspiracy to commit money laundering. He is accused of serving as the administrator of Darkode, and creating and selling malware that allowed hackers to create botnets. Gudmunds also allegedly operated his own botnet, which at times consisted of more than 50,000 computers, and used his botnet to steal data from the users of those computers on approximately 200,000,000 occasions.

Satellite Maker Planet Labs Acquires BlackBridge’s Geospatial Business

All of the employees from BlackBridge’s RapidEye and geospatial divisions will stay with Planet Labs, including Ryan Johnson, BlackBridge’s CEO. BlackBridge also has a networking division which will be spun off into a separate company after the deal closes.

Polar Loop 2 Preview - CNET

A carryover from the original Loop are inactivity alerts. The band will vibrate and notify you to move during extended periods of laziness, which is nice for a motivation factor. Vibration can also be used to gently wake you up in the morning. While the Loop 2 doesn't include a built-in optical heart-rate sensor, it can be be paired with Polar's H7 Bluetooth chest strap for continuous heart-rate tracking. This is nice for working out, but not ideal for all-day wear.

Get the most out of your iPhone 6 and 6 Plus with these accessories

Monoprice’s latest battery pack solves the problem of having to stay in one place while you charge your phone. Just remember, you’ll have to use your Lightening cable to connect your iPhone 6 to the external battery. Despite housing a 5200 mAh cell, the pack is roughly the size of a lipstick tube, and can hold enough power to fully charge your iPhone 6 twice. An LED display also shows the amount of power left in the charger while the integrated battery allows you to use the device as an LED flashlight. The compact charger is available in blue or white, with an 18-month warranty to boot.

Escort Passport Max 2 radar detector includes app connectivity (pictures) - CNET

Escort modernizes its Passport Max 2 radar detector with a connected app and automatic crowdsourced database reporting.

Why Your Tailored Cover Letter Strategy May Be Falling Flat

You spend more time talking about how awesome the company is rather than how awesome YOU are. Why are YOU the perfect fit for this role? What do YOU bring to the table? Why is biz dev the right home for YOU?) Listing ideas in a cover letter can be dangerous. As an outsider, it's tough to know the exact vision and strategy of the company. If you are 100% sure you've nailed it, then the job is yours. But if your ideas go slightly in the wrong, wacky direction, it could do more harm and the company may think you don't 'get it.'

NASA makes history as New Horizons heads on passage through Pluto's atmosphere

SNEAK PEEK of gorgeous Pluto! The dwarf planet has sent a love note back to Earth via our New Horizons spacecraft, which has traveled more than 9 years and 3+ billion miles. This is the last and most detailed image of Pluto sent to Earth before the moment of closest approach – 7:49 a.m. EDT today. This same image will be released and discussed at 8 a.m. EDT today. Watch our briefing live on NASA Television at: The high res pic will be posted on the web at: This stunning image of the dwarf planet was captured from New Horizons at about 4 p.m. EDT on July 13, about 16 hours before the moment of closest approach. The spacecraft was 476,000 miles (766,000 kilometers) from the surface. Image Credit: NASA #nasa #pluto #plutoflyby #newhorizons #solarsystem #nasabeyond #science

Cheap chip card readers are on the way for merchants

PayPal is promoting its Here device to U.S. merchants to accept new chip cards that banks are distributing for better security. The small device, selling for up to $150, will work with a tablet or phone over Bluetooth and will accept chip cards that are inserted or dipped into a slot in the bottom of the device or will accept a touch to the device, as well as a swipe of the older magnetic card.

Why You Should Care About Google's New Open-Source Bluetooth Beacons

Bluetooth beacons are tiny transmitters, which constantly beam out a signal to nearby devices, transmitting information about some point of interest. In the form of Apple iBeacons, they’ve mostly been used in Apple Stores to help people shop. But iBeacons only work with select, up-to-date iDevices, and Apple keeps its usual vice-like grip on the beacons themselves. All that combined means that Bluetooth beacons have yet to hit the mainstream — so why should you care about Google’s seemingly copycat version, dubbed Eddystone?

NASA spacecraft expects 'dazzling' data after Pluto flyby

After a journey of nine years and 3 billion miles, the New Horizons spacecraft re-established contact with NASA and was furiously collecting data and what are expected to be "dazzling" images of the dwarf planet Pluto.

China’s Stunning Terraced Rice Paddies Woke Up Like This

The photos look like aerial shots, but Bornier never left the ground. He seeks out high vantage points and shoots with an 80-megapixel Phase One digital camera. Like any good landscape photographer, Bornier pays close attention to the sun, shooting in the morning or evening so the paddies are drenched in colored light. Sometimes the light mingles with algae in the water to create hues so deep and vivid you’d think they were Photoshopped (they aren’t). Bornier also uses clouds or fog to accentuate the dramatic patterns on the hills.

T-Mobile's latest family plan gives everyone 10GB of full-speed data

You knew T-Mobile wasn't going to let Sprint's sweet family plan go unanswered, didn't you? Sure enough, the magenta network has trotted out an upgraded Simple Choice family plan that gives two people unlimited calling, text and 10GB of full-speed data (each, not total) for the same $100 that Sprint is asking. That's not as alluring if you regularly consume gigs upon gigs of internet content (Sprint's data is also unlimited), but T-Mobile is also charging just $20 for every additional line instead of Sprint's $40. If you have phone-toting kids, that could add up. This is also cheaper than what you'd get at AT&T or Verizon, where you're looking at $140 or more to give a family of four 10GB of shared data. You'll have to wait a day (until July 15th) to change plans if you're already a T-Mo family subscriber, but it's probably worth the short wait. Just don't tell Marcelo Claure that.

Google Drive can stop others from grabbing your files

Google Drive is built around collaboration . And that's great! However, you probably don't want to give collaborators unfettered access to everything -- what if someone makes off with a sensitive report? Thankfully, you can put your foot down as of today. Google has added rights management to Drive that, if you like, prevents others from copying, downloading or printing specific files. You only need to mark a checkbox to prevent coworkers and friends from sharing your work with others. The feature is gradually rolling out now on the web. There's no word on whether or not it'll reach phones, so don't count on locking down your files while you're on the road.

Uber settles lawsuit over fatal 2013 accident in San Francisco

Alternative cab service Uber and the family of the 6-year-old girl who died in a 2013 accident in San Francisco involving an Uber driver have reached a settlement in the lawsuit that resulted from the accident.

Hackaday Prize Collaboratorium: 3

Sign up to get a Show Your Project slot here . We need your user name to tag you. if you have Twitter or FB, and you want us to tag/ tweet about you, put your @name on there.

Apple has revealed a new iPod Touch

Apple has refreshed its  iPod line .  The iPod Touch gets the most love with all new internals but there’s a fresh coat of paint for the iPod Shuffle and iPod Nano too.

WIRED on Twitter

“ @WIRED : Netflix's CEO did an earnings call... while wearing THIS sweater ”

More Than 70 Targeted in Global Takedown of Hacker Forum Darkode

U.S. officials on Wednesday said they had smashed a “hornet’s nest’’ of hackers known as Darkode, targeting 70 alleged participants around the world and shutting down what they described as an online marketplace for malicious computer code.

'Dead Island 2' needs a new developer

Dead Island 2 is dead. For now at least. Publisher Deep Silver sent out an update today announcing that it's no longer working with the open-world zombie-massacre/absurd-weapon-crafting simulator sequel's developer, Yager, on the title. "With Dead Island 2 , Deep Silver has always been dedicated to delivering the sequel that Dead Island fans deserve," the statement reads. "After careful consideration, today we announce the decision to part ways with development partner Yager." The email goes on to say that the publisher will "continue working towards bringing" its vision of the game to life and will have more info in the future. Deep Silver and Yager showed a very early version of the game off at E3 in 2014, but it wasn't all that impressive and the game didn't look anywhere close to the intentionally cheesy cinematic trailer that premiered during Sony's media briefing , either.

To Boost Video Views, Facebook Tests A New “Watch Later” Button

Facebook has confirmed that it has quietly started to test a “Watch Later” button for videos on the desktop — a little tab that appears as an overlay in the upper right corner of the video when you pass your mouse over it, or scroll past it — to get you to save and consume more of the videos that appear in your feed.

Everybody, Meet Hydra, Pluto’s Outermost Moon

While Pluto stands out in striking red and orange tones, Charon is mostly brown and grey, with a few bright spots sticking out on its bottom surface. The mission’s Geology, Geophysics and Imaging team think that those spots might be impact craters—and if they are, they could provide a peek at what’s hidden beneath Charon’s surface. The best guess right now is that Charon is half rock, half water ice on the inside, but astronomers might get a closer look when New Horizons makes its closest flyby on July 14.

How NASA beams Pluto images 3 billion miles to Earth

The strength of the radio signals, the time it takes the signal to travel back and forth and the speed of the data flow all present challenges, but it’s all in a day’s work for NASA’s Deep Space Network. Think of it as the long-distance phone company for the solar system and beyond.

2 more critical Flash flaws discovered in Hacking Team breach

Two serious Adobe Flash bugs were discovered in security firm Hacking Team’s leaked files over the weekend, which allow malicious files to execute code and install malware on victims’ computers.

Win! An Intel NUC DN2820 computer

Today, we are giving away the Intel DN2820FYKH NUC which we reviewed recently. This base unit comes with a few scratches on the case (apologies for that), an Intel Atom processor, 8GB of RAM and a 120GB SSD.

7 things Microsoft OneNote does that Evernote can't

About a year ago, I chose Evernote over OneNote, and I started amassing my own digital archive. At the time, Evernote's Mac software was far superior to OneNote's Mac app. However, Microsoft has continually upgraded OneNote for Mac and iOS, and today it's a legitimate Evernote rival; if I were facing the Mac Evernote versus Mac OneNote decision today, it would be a different situation. If you're a Windows user, the choice is even more challenging, because the OneNote 2013 Windows desktop app has valuable features that aren't available in Evernote or OneNote for Mac.

Realty Mogul Raises $35M For Its Real Estate Investment Marketplace

Realty Mogul was founded in 2013 with a singular objective: Make it easy for investors to invest in real estate together. From the seed of that simple mission statement has grown the nation’s pioneering real estate crowdfunding community. With over 12,000 active accredited and institutional investors calling themselves Realty Mogul members, their devoted crowdinvesting community has invested over …

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