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Philips' Hue lights sync up with an Xbox One game

The first videogame that works with Philips automated room lighting

Moov's new fitness tracker will coach you through your workout

Moov has officially launched its new wearable fitness device – MOOV NOW – which is available for pre-order now, with a limited number being sold at a discounted price of…

Mario and Sonic look absolutely stunning in Unreal Engine 4

Gamers have used the latest Unreal tech to imagine classic characters like Mario and Sonic in beautiful 3D environments

Turn your iPhone or Android smartphone into a satellite phone | ZDNet

The modern smartphone is a wonder of modern technology, and in combination with the carrier network can allow you to make calls from the densest urban jungle to Mount Everest. But despite the amazing global coverage of the carrier networks, sometimes it just isn't enough.

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Bitcoin: Decentralized Virtual Currency - OpenMind

To start using bitcoins, you first need a program acting as a wallet to store them. Next, you need to gather bitcoins by receiving a transaction in this currency (payment for a product or service, for instance) or buying it from an individual or exchange using a credit card or bank account. Once you have bitcoins, you can use them to pay distributors and retailers that accept them, or transfer them to anyone you choose. Given its expansion, there is a growing number of points of sale of both virtual and physical products that take bitcoins. This article is not intended to describe how to use Bitcoin in detail, as this is relatively complex and there is plenty of information online about this subject.

Harvard Ash Center on Twitter

When you tweet with a location, Twitter stores that location. You can switch location on/off before each Tweet and always have the option to delete your location history. Learn more

Ad Blockers, Internet Advertisers Play Cat and Mouse

Last year, executives at streaming-video provider JW Player started noticing ads its clients had paid for weren’t showing up on its platform. Founder Jeroen Wijering called Secret Media, part of a small circle of software developers that has sprung up to counter an explosion of ad-blocking software and ad-blocking firms. Soon after, “the ads of...

Apple launches 6th generation iPod touch with A8 chip, 8MP camera, 128GB storage option, and more

The sixth-generation iPod touch comes with upgraded and faster internals and more storage options. Apple has replaced the A5 chipset found inside the fifth-generation iPod touch with a new 64-bit dual-core A8 chip in the latest generation iPod touch. The device now also features a motion co-processor for tracking steps, elevation, distance walked, and more.

How To Make Friends At Work

A 2014 survey by employee recognition firm Globoforce showed the more friends an employee has at work, the happier and more productive they are, and the less likely they are to leave for another job. The majority (71%) of employees with friends at work reported loving their companies, compared to only 24% of employees who didn’t have friends at work. Employees with a pal at the office reported being highly engaged (69%), and only 21% of employees with friends at work said they would leave their company for another job, compared to 42% of those who didn’t have a workplace friend.

Apple refreshes iPod Touch with faster A8 processor, 128GB model, and new colors

The company hopes to continue selling the freestanding players even as they’ve been overshadowed and outsold by smartphones. The upgrade comes as a surprise to many, as iPods have been losing visibility in Apple’s product line. The device family used to be a main product category on Apple’s website, but it’s now pretty hidden on the site.

Amazon says Prime Day was bigger than its biggest Black Friday

According to Amazon, the made-up holiday was the largest device sales day the company has ever had with 398 items ordered every second in Prime-eligible countries – that’s 34.4 million products.

Cloud service brokers help direct you through the traffic

With so many cloud service providers that run the gamut from first-rate to not well known, navigating the cloud territory can seem as daunting as hitching a cart to a horse and heading west. No, moving to the cloud is not the same as the manifest destiny that drove people out west, but both the cloud and the westward expansion promised great expectations.

Disney's developing a live-action 'Aladdin' prequel about the Genie

Scott Weinger played the voice of Aladdin and the late Robin Williams voiced Genie in the touchstone film. Williams' characterization is an iconic bit of voice acting — so whoever steps into the role next will have some large shoes to fill. (Even though Genie doesn't have feet.)

6 ways to give millennials the mentorship programs they want

The relationship is also a "reverse mentorship," and the two help each other; it's not a one-sided arrangement in which the mentor provides the only guidance. When Walgreens opened an office in downtown Chicago as an alternative place for employees to work so they didn't have to make the trek to its suburban headquarters in Deerfield, Ill., Subramaniam helped her mentor overcome her initial hesitance to embrace the idea. I helped her understand that we should be more concerned about what their deliverables are versus physically seeing them," Subramaniam says. "It was important for her to hear the perspective of someone she trusts and it helped her build that confidence that it wasn't about people slacking, it was about finding what they're comfortable with to be more productive." (That office has since closed.)

California orders Uber to pay $7.3 million fine, or else - CNET

State Judge Robert M. Mason III has fined the ride-hailing company that sum of money for failing to comply with mandatory reporting requirements of the California Public Utilities Commission. The commission, which regulates ride-hailing companies in the state, wanted Uber to provide details on the number of ride requests it receives, along with other information.

YouTube's video 'watch time' grew at its fastest pace in two years

Google said that total YouTube "watch time" in the second quarter jumped 60 percent year-on-year, its fastest growth rate in two years. What's more, YouTube's watch time on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets more than doubled year over year.

Garage Door Fingerprint Lock

The door opener system consists of two components: a control panel on the outside of the garage with the fingerprint scanner, a small screen, and some buttons in a weatherproof housing; and a small box inside the garage that verifies when a recognized fingerprint has been scanned and opens the door, and also converts whatever power you provide into 3.3 Volts. An ATMega328p microcontroller is the brains of the exterior control panel, and an ATTiny lives in the box inside the garage. The two MCUs communicate over a serial connection. The ATTiny biases a transmitter to close the connection for the garage door switch when it receives a specific code phrase over the serial connection. This way a mildly clever vandal can't break into the garage by ripping off the control panel and crossing a couple wires.

8 reasons Pluto should totally have planet status (pictures) - CNET

Scientists have demoted it to a dwarf. The nerve! If you're still dead set on calling Pluto one of the nine planets, here are the reasons why that's perfectly reasonable.

Esquire Network on Twitter

When you tweet with a location, Twitter stores that location. You can switch location on/off before each Tweet and always have the option to delete your location history. Learn more

The 10 Words You Should Never Use In Your LinkedIn Profile

Why are so many of us motivated, passionate and creative? These words are easy, says Catherine Fisher, senior director of corporate communications for LinkedIn. "People are looking to describe who they are, and they probably understand that hiring managers would want to look for a motivated, creative and passionate individual," she says. "I would stay away from these buzzwords, though, because you sound like everyone else. These words almost lose their meaning the more that people use them."

Why Oculus' radical, fantastic Touch VR controller should ship with the Rift

That last bit is important. I often hear people describe virtual reality as “strapping a screen to your face.” And put that way, the whole endeavor does seem pretty damn goofy. We reached new levels of absurdity when Microsoft came onstage at Oculus’s press conference last month to announce you could play Xbox One games in virtual reality…on a virtual TV. Sitting in a virtual living room. That’s not an experience that interests me a hell of a lot. Sure, I might use it—but it’s nothing new . It’s translating our current gaming experiences into virtual reality.

Uh-oh, a robot just passed the self-awareness test

It might sound a pretty simple task for a human, but it's not for a robot - the bot must listen to and understand the question, then hear their own voice saying "I don't know" and recognise it as distinct from another robot's voice, then connect that with the original question to conclude that they hadn't been silenced.

Google's looking for a new SEO manager

Despite the fact that Google itself created the algorithms that drive its search rankings, it would appear that the Mountain View-based company could use a bit of assistance in the SEO department. According to a recent job listing posted to its Careers portal, Google's in the market for a new SEO manager at its California headquarters.

Let's talk content. AMA. • /r/announcements

We started Reddit to be—as we said back then with our tongues in our cheeks—“The front page of the Internet.” Reddit was to be a source of enough news, entertainment, and random distractions to fill an entire day of pretending to work, every day. Occasionally, someone would start spewing hate, and I would ban them. The community rarely questioned me. When they did, they accepted my reasoning: “because I don’t want that content on our site.”

Microsoft launches a free, cloud-based version of its PhotoDNA service for spotting child porn

Microsoft today announced that companies can now use a new cloud-based version of its PhotoDNA service for identifying child abuse images — free of charge.

Music Video App Flipagram Secures $70 Million

Flipagram users select a song from it’s the company’s supplied trove of licensed music clips, which now number in the millions, or use songs they already own. Users can either choose a free 30-second clip of the song or download it from Google Play or iTunes, which then funnel revenue to Flipagram in affiliate fees. After adding pictures and video, users can apply filters, adjust the speed, add a title and share their flipagram via text, email, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Evernote, NextDoor, Tumblr and other means. People can also save their creation to their Flipagram profile and share with followers on the platform.

Reddit CEO to discuss site's values, policies in AMA today

New Reddit CEO vows to crack down on hateful, harmful content Reddit CEO Steve Huffman may face some tough questions during today's AMA. Check out this story on

LIVE: Google's Q2 earnings

Google's chief business officer, Omid Kordestani, also spoke on the call. One interesting tidbit he gave was that the number of people who start their YouTube viewing sessions on the the site's homepage — versus coming in through a specific video — is up 3x year-over-year. That's achieving Google's goal of making the YouTube experience more like that of television, where users tune in, knowing they'll find a variety of things they want to watch.

Can You Run A City Based On Happiness?

The results were surprising to the city, which always prided itself on its higher voter rates and volunteering rates than other parts of the state and the nation. Yet a surprisingly large percentage of residents felt they had little influence on local decision making. Furthermore people feel disengaged from their own communities: Only 56% say they know people they can count on in their neighborhood, while nationally 80% of Americans say they do. Santa Monicans were also not as healthy as the city thought, given the beautiful weather and plethora of outdoor activity options: more than 50% were not active every day. Many were concerned about affordability, with more than half believing that their children wouldn’t be able to afford to stay in the city.

What's the best app from the past 12 months?

Facebook and Dropbox have tried to create their own versions of this app, which lets you see what you were doing in previous years on this day. Replaying your past a day at a time, this isn't the sort of app you'd use hourly, but it's a lovely way to swim back through memories, exploring a time when you used to actually look half decent in front of people.

Functional Programming in a Dysfunctional World

Much has been said about the virtues of functional programming (FP) - conciseness, laziness, and concurrency, just to name a few. While it’s certainly still worth rehashing these areas of discourse, in this article I intend to focus on what I think are two of the most compelling benefits of functional programming: correctness and testability.

The Future Of Samsung Could Rest On A Single Vote Tomorrow

Whatever the vote tomorrow, it is well-past time for Korean conglomerates and regulators to consider ways of improving corporate governance. Shareholding is clearly no longer a family sport, but a democratic model of ownership that needs better protections than currently exist. Samsung is now one of the most important companies in the world, and it deserves better governance than it currently is receiving.

Here are all the promises Reddit's founders and new CEO are making

With the community conflicted and mixed messages spreading, we put together a list of the promises that Reddit's co-founders, Alexis Ohanian and Steve Huffman, are making to the community.

Reddit says it will hide but not ban hate communities

"We'll consider banning subreddits that clearly violate the guidelines in my post--the ones that are illegal or cause harm to others." Huffman explained to a commenter during the AMA, "There are many subreddits whose contents I and many others find offensive, but that alone is not justification for banning." That means communities like /r/rapingwomen will be banned, since they are actively promoting rape while others, like the racist /r/coontown, will be reclassified as NSFW and require additional logins to access.

Facebook-owned Oculus acquires Pebbles Interfaces, an Israeli motion-sensing technology company

Pebbles Interfaces marks the sixth acquisition Oculus has made since it was bought by Facebook. Similar to the five previous deals, no price has officially been revealed; however, the Wall Street Journal reported  that Facebook / Oculus is paying in the region of $60 million, citing “people familiar with the matter.”

Siri has Caitlyn Jenner's back

But she's finally using her all-knowing power for good, correcting those who incorrectly use Caitlyn Jenner's former name or the incorrect pronoun when asking about her. Buzzfeed first reported the news.

A San Francisco bar suing DirecTV and the NFL because it thinks 'Sunday Ticket' is an illegal monopoly

Bars and restaurants must show these games to effectively run their businesses, the lawsuit contends. A bar or restaurant with a fire code occupancy between 51 and 100 people will pay a little more than $2,300 for Sunday Ticket in 2015, according to the suit.

Amazon CTO Vogels on competing with Microsoft in hybrid cloud, keeping partners and customers happy

Most enterprises, regardless of cloud or on-premises software, always think about their contingency plan. There are a number of architectural best practices customers can follow that make it possible to not be locked into the AWS cloud, giving them the option to move back on premises. We don’t lock you into any programming language, or any operating system, or any middleware. You can use Ruby, Java, Python or Go. Many software vendors use AWS, too, and are fully supported. This is standard, off-the-shelf software that you can find not just on AWS but on-premises as well. So we really make sure that our ecosystem is as broad in the cloud as it is in on-premises software. Meanwhile, the APIs are all built using HTTP and HTML. So you’re not locking yourself into Amazon software.

Twitter’s Communications Chief Steps Down

Stricker oversaw Twitter’s public relations strategy during its closely watched initial public offering in November 2013. But in the year and half since it went public, Twitter struggled to break out of a negative news cycle that criticized its slowing user growth rate and lack of product execution. During that time, Stricker managed to steer clear of a management reshuffling that saw the departures or demotions of four senior executives.

Lawsuit over Apple Store employee bag checks becomes class action covering over 12,000 workers

A long-running lawsuit over bag searches of Apple Store workers was certified as a class action on Thursday, broadening the potential impact to over 12,000 past and present retail staff.

Apple Watch launches in New Zealand on July 31

The launch in New Zealand checks off another country for the Apple Watch, as it continues its global rollout. Customers in New Zealand will be able to buy the wearable beginning at 7:01 AM local time.

HTC One M9 Plus is the phone the M9 should have been

The Europe-bound One M9 Plus will have identical specs to the phone released in China earlier this year, including a 5.2-inch screen with 1440 x 2560 pixel QHD resolution.

Pocket for iOS now lets you listen to articles with new text-to-speech feature

Given the simplicity of saving articles to Pocket, it can be easy to add way more than what you actually have time to read — now that you can go eyes-free, this should make it easier to work your way through your library in the car, at the gym, or anywhere that requires your eyes for something else.

Some Asshat Shot Lasers at 11 Planes Flying Over New Jersey Last Night

In one of the largest single incidents of its kind, some piece-of-shit human being(s) pointed a bunch of lasers at planes flying over New Jersey last night.

David Fincher and Trent Reznor are reportedly working on a Fight Club rock opera

Author Chuck Palahniuk has been delving back into Fight Club, the work he's most famous for —  first with the Fight Club 2 comic , the official sequel to his novel (and by extension the wildly popular film of the same name). Now we're hearing more about another extension to the Fight Club franchise, though like the comic book it's not in a media that you might expect. Over the weekend at San Diego Comic-Con, Palahniuk reportedly told entertainment reporter Jeff Goldsmith that director David Fincher was working on a Fight Club "rock opera" alongside his longtime musical cohort Trent Reznor. The pairing makes a lot of sense; Fincher directed the original film, while Reznor has provided the soundtrack for Fincher's last three movies.

This 50 million year old worm sperm is a scientfic treasure

According to the a paper published in the latest edition of Biology Letters, the preserved sperm is very similar to the sperm of modern-day crayfish worms, but its location suggests that the prehistoric animal lived in a wider geographic area than its modern counterpart. Perhaps more important than this specific find itself is where it was found--in an annelid cocoon that takes several days to harden. The team believes this environment is ideal for trapping micro-organisms, and hopes to find more rare specimens by specifically targeting similarly fossilized cocoons.

Measles Is Back: Inside The Incredibly Deadly Disease We Know Shockingly Little About

The work of Mina and his colleagues indicates that those statistics may significantly underestimate the real threat measles poses to humans. It links with previous research to show that measles attacks the immune system in two distinct ways: like most other viruses, it suppresses the body’s defenses actively while the disease is in the acute phase and the virus is replicating in large numbers, typically for a period of several weeks. But then it also erases the memory of the immune system, leaving its victims vulnerable to other infections they have already defeated or been vaccinated against.

People Actually Bought These Awful Things On Amazon's 'Prime Day'

The "Prime Day" sale Wednesday is said to offer " more deals than Black Friday ," and while there are a  few gems  nested within, a large number of the items are bargain-bin garbage that Amazon is probably desperate to purge from its warehouses. That in itself wouldn't be so surprising, but people, seemingly desperate for a good deal or ravenously hungry for krill oil supplements , are snapping it all up.

45 TechCrunch

Don’t tell my bosses, who much prefer me to write scoops and shit, but my favorite part of my job is hosting the TechCrunch Meetups in various cities across the country. And don’t tell all the people I work with who are from San Francisco, but my favorite city in the world is the one I live in, New York City. Normally I’m pretty good at keeping secrets. My job depends on it. Read More

The electric rise and fall of Nikola Tesla

Combining projection mapping and a pop-up book, Marco Tempest tells the visually arresting story of Nikola Tesla — called “the greatest geek who ever lived” — from his triumphant invention of alternating current to his penniless last days.

47 MIT Technology Review

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Books to help you answer big questions about yourself

Why in the world did I do that? How can I do better? Chances are you’ve asked yourself these questions at least once today. To understand how your mind works and how you can improve your decision-making, explore these six psychology and behavioral economics books, each one recommended by a TED Talks speaker.

49 Techmeme

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QUIZ: Which TED Talk are you?

If you don’t know how these websites are merging data, your ‘family tree’ could be really terrible. Trust me, I’ve worked with family data and have a first-hand account of how messed up the data merging is. Therefore, don’t trust the internet to merge your tree with someone else’s tree.

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72 Goals Suck: Why Building Habits and Systems Makes Sense
73 SeaWorld employee posed undercover as animal activist for years, PETA says
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75 Pluto and Charon Shock NASA Scientists With the Unexpected
76 Dildo epidemic hits Portland power lines
77 How director Peyton Reed put his own stamp on Ant-Man
78 Created For Amateurs, Online Video Editing Platform Showbox Picks Up $8M Series A
79 Toys-to-life are exploiting the most nostalgic generation ever - and I don't mind
80 IGN on Twitter
81 Infinit Launches Premium Plans To Take On CloudApp And Droplr
82 Judge Throws Out Cybersquatting Claims For 16 Year Old Domain
83 6 studies on how money affects the mind
84 Tesla gets ready for its 'Gigafactory' by tripling its Nevada land
85 Learning on Twitter
86 TimeOut Backs Flypay, The Pay-At-Table U.K. Startup, With $10.7M Series A
87 Computer Chips Made of Wood Could Help Curb Electronic Waste | MIT Technology Review
88 A Jewel at the Heart of Quantum Physics | Quanta Magazine
89 LogDog Is A Mobile App That Helps Protect Your Online Accounts From Being Hacked
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91 Tron-Club Sends Circuits To Your Home In Jolly Packages
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