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Word up: A crossword puzzle a day might lead to a sharper brain later in life

A new large-scale study from the University of Exeter Medical School and Kings College London asked more than 17,000 hea

2-year-old champion decides biking is more fun than winning the big race

This kid lost the race but won our affection.

How A Small Solar Light Is Saving Refugees’ Lives

The SolarPuff foldable light is saving lives and reducing child kidnappings and sexual assault.

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LIVE: Netflix reports earnings

After missing its subscriber growth targets last quarter , Netflix said it was expecting a big Q2. On Monday we will get to see whether that panned out, with Netflix reporting its earnings after the bell.

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When you tweet with a location, Twitter stores that location. You can switch location on/off before each Tweet and always have the option to delete your location history. Learn more

Google’s blob emoji are great and no one will convince me otherwise

As I briefly said in last week’s episode of The Vergecast , I adore the blob emoji because they’re cute, unique, and show a lot of personality and expressiveness. While we can argue about the cons of Android fragmentation, one of the many reasons I like Android is because you actually have so many options to show individuality with the phone you use. I remember when I was in high school during the pre-iPhone years, there were tons of different cellphones to choose — from the ubiquitous Motorola Razr to the music-centric Sony Ericsson Walkman to the QWERTY keyboard Sidekick. Like our clothing choices and brand loyalties, our smartphone makes a statement about who we are.

0.6.3: macOS GUI backend

This new Red release features ~830 commits, closes  86 issues , and brings a large number of  new features. The main one is official support for the macOS GUI, through a new backend for the View engine. For readers not familiar with our GUI system, you can get a quick overview in a previous article . In a nutshell, it is a dynamically-built reactive object tree, with: pluggable backends (full support for Windows and prototype for GTK and Android) full 2D vector graphics support (a large subset of SVG) direct reactive programming support (not FRP style for now) a declarative DSL for GUI building and layout management a declarative DSL for 2D graphics The macOS backend supports all the same features as the Windows backend, except the following, yet to be implemented: fill-pen pattern, fill-pen bitmap and diamond gradient in Draw. matrix transformations on pen and fill-pen in Draw. The GUI console for macOS will be available in the 0.6.4 branch, so is not part of this release. The View module, though, is compiled in the CLI console by default on macOS, so no show-stopper there.


IBM Z mainframe has built-in encryption to fight 'epidemic of data breaches' - TechRepublic

"The vast majority of stolen or leaked data today is in the open and easy to use because encryption has been very difficult and expensive to do at scale," Ross Mauri, general manager of IBM Z, said in the release. "We created a data protection engine for the cloud era to have a significant and immediate impact on global data security."

LinkedIn's Windows 10 App Adds Updates to Action Center

You'll also see real-time LinkedIn updates via Windows 10 Action Center (the vertical panel on the right side of the screen when you swipe in from the right), including new messages, upcoming meetings, trending news in your industry, and other goings-ons in your network. If you don't want to be bombarded with all that information, you can manage which updates you want to see in the Action Center from the Notifications tab inside the app.

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When you tweet with a location, Twitter stores that location. You can switch location on/off before each Tweet and always have the option to delete your location history. Learn more

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Thirty years after the events of the first film, a new blade runner, LAPD Officer K (Ryan Gosling), unearths a long-buried secret that has the potential to plunge what's left of society into chaos.

The Twilight Zone Is Coming To the Stage as a New Play

Rod Serling’s Twilight Zone is one of the most genre-defining bodies of work in 20th century science fiction. Now, nearly 60 years after its original debut on CBS, the series is being reimagined as a stage play premiering in London later this year.

Microsoft cuts off Windows 10 support early for some PCs | ZDNet

An entire generation of PCs, most only three or four years old, are now unable to receive new feature updates to Windows 10. If Microsoft doesn't deliver a patch within the next six to nine months, those PCs could be cut off from security fixes.

How to back up your data with Google's new Backup and Sync feature - TechRepublic

On the final page, you'll be given the option of whether or not you wish to sync your Drive account back to the machine you're working on, thereby making all of the files already there available locally on your machine. This option is selected by default, so be sure to deselect it if you don't want to sync older Drive data back to your computer. Once you have made your selection, click the blue START button to finish the setup.

Merriam-Webster had the perfect response for internet trolls after the 'Dr. Who' announcement

Merriam-Webster had the perfect response for internet trolls after the 'Doctor Who' announcement

76% of tech leaders will increase hiring for AI, cognitive solutions, report says - TechRepublic

"The tech CEOs' commitment to hire across the board shows the strategic value they see in cognitive technologies, and they are building the organizational structure their company will require to execute their strategy," Tim Zanni, global and US chair of KPMG's Technology, Media and Telecommunications practice, said in a press release .

It's not Yourspace, it's Myspace

In April this year whilst roaming the plains of the wild world web, I stumbled across an old Myspace account of mine. Attempting to gain access and delete the account I discovered a business process so flawed it deserves its own place in history. I wrote to Myspace describing my findings and the impact.

This Floating Robotic Camera Is the Cutest Thing Ever Sent Into Space

Astronauts aboard the International Space Station have a new crew member—an adorable robotic ball capable of recording video while moving in zero gravity. Dubbed “Int-Ball,” the device will free astronauts to do more important work, while providing ground controllers with their own set of eyes.

The 10 companies hiring more software engineers than anyone else in Silicon Valley - TechRepublic

"The demand for tech workers, in particular high end software engineers, is far outpacing supply," Indeed senior vice president of product Raj Mukherjee told TechRepublic. "The companies on this list are constantly reinventing their technology and business models and have huge demand for software engineers to drive such innovation."

Apple's new emojis include breastfeeding mom, hijabi, bearded man

The new slate of pictures and icons you use in messaging and social media will also include more animals, such as a dinosaur and a zebra, and mythical creatures such as zombies and elves. There's also more food options, including a sandwich, a steak and a coconut.

How blockchain could revolutionize IoT security - TechRepublic

The researchers want to change how an oracle works. "We propose that the IoT and blockchain industries require the exact opposite—a trusted intermediary that reports on the state of the blockchain on behalf of the IoT device," the three state in their paper. "Such an entity, which we call a Pythia, could interact with the blockchain on behalf of IoT devices and do so in a trusted fashion. Therefore, it would act both as an oracle to the device, as well as an oracle to the blockchain."

Google Fiber CEO steps down after five months on the job

"We are committed to the success of Google Fiber," Alphabet CEO Larry Page said in a statement. "Fiber has a great team and I'm confident we will find an amazing person to lead this important business."

Is Amazon working on a new messaging app called Anytime?

Messaging apps today are one of the most popular ways consumers communicate today, not just with each other but, increasingly, with businesses and services. Now there are signs that we could see another big player enter the messaging fray, alongside more established services from Facebook, Snapchat, Wechat and more.

$25 Raspberry Pi challenger is faster, runs Android Nougat, supports 4K video - TechRepublic

Out of the box, Le Potato will support a range of operating systems: including Android 7.1 and 6.0, Ubuntu 16.04 LTS with Linux 4.9 and Debian 9 with Linux 4.9. The board will have mainline Linux kernel 4.9 LTS support. Within a few months of launch, a working version of the Raspberry Pi's official OS Raspbian will be released, alongside RetroArch, LibreELEC and Debian 8. Libre Computer says that Le Potato will also have basic upstream support in Linux kernel 4.13.

A Myspace Security Flaw Let Anyone Take Over Any Account

Myspace's decision on Monday to revoke public access to the page indicated that the company was aware of the situation and investigating. It later said in a somewhat forlorn statement, "In response to some recent concerns raised regarding Myspace user account reactivation, we have enhanced our process by adding an additional verification step to avoid improper access. We take data security very seriously at Myspace. We plan to continue to refine and improve this process over time."

Redditor builds wonderful Terry Crews shrine while house sitting for brother

Redditor builds wonderful Terry Crews shrine while house sitting for brother

Tesla adds James Murdoch and Linda Johnson Rice to its board

Linda Johnson Rice is also CEO of Ebony Media Operations, and retains an emeritus chairman role at Ebony Media Holdings, the company which oversees both the EBONY and Jet brands, meaning both the new independent directors have media industry experience. In addition to Tesla’s board, Johnson Rice has served on a number of others, including current director roles with Omnicom Group and Grouphub. In 2016, Johnson Publishing Company sold Ebony and Jet to Clear View Group (which formed Ebony Media Holdings), while retaining ownership of its Fashion Fair cosmetics brand and photography archives.

Facebook To Launch $200 Virtual Reality Headset Later This Year

Facebook may be looking to sell a standalone virtual reality headset next year for $200, capable of working without a linked PC or mobile device.

Amazon's next big thing might rival Blue Apron

This sounds similar to meal kit delivery services like Blue Apron and HelloFresh, which regularly mail groceries to a customer's doorstep so they can cook dishes without any extra trips to the store.

Windows 10 virtualization available from Microsoft cloud partners starting this Fall | ZDNet

Windows 10 Enterprise E5 will automatically be updated to include virtualization rights, as will Microsoft 365 Enterprise. Windows 10 Enterprise E3 will be available with or without virtualization use rights, and there's a new Windows 10 Enterprise E3 VDA offering coming for those who require access to Windows VMs on non-Windows Pro devices.

Google wants to sell quantum computing in the cloud

Whether or not you believe Google has honest-to-goodness quantum computers , the bigger problem is their limited access: they're largely off-limits outside of the company itself. That could change sooner than you think, though. Bloomberg sources understand that Google is gearing up toward using its quantum systems in a "faster, more powerful" computing service than it offers today. It recently started offering access to researchers in order to spur development of tools and apps (including through an open source Project Q initiative), and there's a new lab it describes as an "embryonic quantum data center." It's looking at the practical realities of quantum computing, in other words.

'It' director Andy Muschietti signs on for Sony's 'Robotech' movie

Muschietti's creative partner (and sister) Barbara has also signed on to the project. She'll produce the film alongside Gianni Nunnari and Mark Canton. Sony had reportedly first sought James Wan for the directing role when it acquired the rights back in 2015, though he dropped out to do Aquaman .

Product Hunt founder: ‘Launching is not a one-time thing’

“Launching is not a one-time thing, ultimately,” Hoover declared. “You’re going to launch something, whether it’s private, beta, public, whatnot. And then you’re going to launch the features, then you’re going to launch updates, then you’re going to launch an expansion of your platform. Launching in the product cycle is always ongoing. So I think the core focus is build something that people really want to use, and get feedback.”

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The Game of Game of Thrones: who won the season 7 premiere?

33 Tesla driver denies 'Autopilot' led to Minnesota crash

The Kandiyohi County Sheriff's Department said in a statement on Sunday that the driver of the 2016 Tesla had said that when he engaged the Autopilot system, it suddenly accelerated and caused the vehicle to roll over, injuring himself and four passengers. But the driver said in the email released on Monday he believed he had disengaged the Autopilot system at the time of the crash. Tesla shares fell in trading on Monday after the crash was reported.

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China increases censorship efforts after death of political dissident

A Scientist Goes Mad (With Good Reason) in Weirdly Witty Scifi Short Eddie

Eddie takes place deep within an otherwise abandoned laboratory, where a struggling scientist has only his shambling, gruesome, zombie-like research subject—the title character—to keep him company. It’s a great set-up, elevated by a wonderfully deadpan tone and some very funny asides.

Europe Is Going After American Tech Giants The Way The U.S. Used To

I argue in a recent  paper  that when enforcer budgets are limited, the rule of reason is just a polite way of partially repealing the antitrust laws, because the rule makes infrastructure cases, among others, too expensive for enforcers to litigate. And enforcement budgets are limited. Although budgets have increased in real terms since the 1970s, they have declined relative to the size of economy.

How to use EncryptPad for cross-platform file encryption - TechRepublic

How often do you store sensitive or near-sensitive data in text files, and then tuck them away in hidden folders, assuming they'll be safe? How many times have you wished for an easy way to encrypt a text file such as a code snippet or a binary file without having to open several applications? If you deal with these issues on a regular basis, an application called EncryptPad might be right up your alley.

Apple shows off some of the new emoji coming to iOS and macOS later this year

Do you use Apple products? Do you like emoji? Do you want more emoji? If you answered yes to those questions, then good news: Apple announced today that it’ll be adding new emoji to its iOS, macOS, and watchOS platforms later this year. It showed off a few of the new characters in celebration of “World Emoji Day,” which I adamantly refuse to acknowledge as a real thing.

How to Use Up Pretty Much Any Leftover Berries by Turning Them Into Salsa

Berry recipes tend to veer towards the dessert end of things, but their juicy, sweet-and-tart nature can brighten up a whole world of savory. If you find your CSA basket runneth over with one particular type of berry—and just don’t feel like turning on the oven for a pie or cobbler—consider making a fresh and fruity berry salsa.

Google responds to academic funding controversy — with a GIF

In its initial response last week, Google noted that “support for the principles underlying an open internet is shared by many academics and institutions who have a long history of undertaking research on these topics—across important areas like copyright, patents, and free expression. We provide support to help them undertake further research, and to raise awareness of their ideas.”

Millie Bobby Brown created a new Twitter account, purely for stopping hate

The Twitter account has already gained over 3,000 followers. From Brown's first tweet it seems as though she will use this account as a way for her fans to connect and share positive messages.

10 books on cloud computing that all IT leaders should read - TechRepublic

Do you struggle to understand how cloud computing can create value for your business? In Weinman's compelling title, traditional wisdom about the cloud is flipped on its head. The book gives detailed examples to show how, for customers, providers, and investors alike, the cloud can offer incredible opportunities. By digging into the costs and returns, Weisman shows exactly when your business should--and should not--harness the power of the cloud.

Here’s a sneak peek at Nokia’s first high-end Android phone

Finnish startup HMD Global resurrected the Nokia name with a new line of Android smartphones unveiled back in February. Undaunted by lack of carrier deals, they've kept expanding it throughout the year, including releasing the Nokia 6 in the US back in June. But a few leaks have revealed images of and specs for the next smartphone in the series, the powered-up Nokia 8, which looks to be HMD's first stab at a higher-end smartphone. And yes, it will reportedly come with Zeiss optics .

How to Pit a Peach

Having a hard time finding freestone? Don’t worry, you can still separate fruit from pit. To start, make sure your peach is as ripe as can be, as unripe fruit will be harder to remove. Then, slice the peach in half—vertically from stem to bottom—and twist the two halves until they separate. The pit will stick in one side, and you should be able to pull it out with your fingers. If it’s still being a little stubborn, try gently prying it out with a paring knife, or cut it into slices, and pull the slices from the stone.

Facebook celebrates World Emoji Day by releasing some pretty impressive facts

Facebook observed the big day by releasing some impressive emoji usage facts, including that 60 million emoji are sent on Facebook everyday. But that's nothing compared to the average of 5 billion emoji sent every day through Messenger.

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Ashley Madison: Sorry for ruining your life, here's $3,500 (or $2)

This Is How Inception Ends in 2017

Regardless of what you think of Inception ’s ambiguous ending, if the film were released in 2017, it’s safe to assume that the final scene with the spinning top would have played out a bit differently—with a much, much more fitting and distracting reveal.

You Can Soon Relive Your Childhood Fears of The Day After's Nuclear War in Stunning Blu-ray

Has it ever been this depressing to pay attention to world events than it is right now? Well, what about when we believed we’d soon be in a full-scale nuclear war? The utter devastation of the Cold War erupting into a hot one was the basic premise of The Day After, a 1983 made-for-TV movie helmed by Wrath of Kahn director, Nicholas Meyer. And it’s going to be out on Blu-ray later this year .

Mom proves she's mastered Facebook by trolling her friends with an expensive 'painting'

Mom proves she's mastered Facebook by trolling her friends with an expensive 'painting'

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We're playing: 'Wipeout', 'Dead Cells' and 'Danger Zone'

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