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'Uncharted' fan film starring Nathan Fillion: Watch

The fans come through.

First 'Stranger Things' season 3 teaser is a perfect '80s mall ad

The Stranger Things season 3 teaser shows what Hawkin's new mall looks like, with loud neon signs and even louder fashion.

Apple issues fourth developer beta of macOS 10.14 Mojave

Apple has issued the fourth beta of macOS 10.14 Mojave to developers for testing, with fourth betas for Apple's other milestone operating system releases also likely to arrive in the near future.

Teens who spend tons of time on the internet may develop ADHD symptoms

Is there a link between ADHD and frequent internet use?

Spectacular 'Bohemian Rhapsody' trailer will rock you

It's electric.

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Jeff Bezos Becomes the Richest Man in Modern History, Topping $150B | Hacker News

In my opinion, the biggest risk to Bezos' wealth is the same thing that drew me into the service to begin with. In the mid-to-late 2000s it was easy to go to Amazon, search for "thing I want" and blindly purchase the 4.5-5 star item with enough reviews to appear legitimate. I could do this and expect to get a great product _every_ time. Now, I find myself spending an hour screwing with the filters and reading reviews to figure out which listings are noise with fake reviews and which ones are for real. And even then with many products fulfilled by Amazon, you end up having to read reviews to figure out which seller to buy from to get the real item and not a counterfeit. This combination of fake reviews and counterfeiting is what I think threatens Amazon's position. I don't make many large purchases on Amazon any more as a result of the risk, and those that I do make are fulfilled by the manufacturer so I know what I'm getting is legitimate. reply

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Here's how Apple is fixing faulty keyboards in its 2018 MacBook Pro model

In a teardown of the newly-released MacBook Pro, iFixit noticed a curious addition to the keyboard—a thin silicone overlay placed around the butterfly switches for each key. According to Apple's press release, the official explanation for this is that the 2018 refresh of MacBook Pro systems have "an improved third-generation keyboard for quieter typing," which is a somewhat peculiar explanation—while some contend that the butterfly keyboards are louder than previous MacBook Pro keyboards, neither approached the clacky qualities of full-mechanical keyboards.

Apple teases upcoming emoji additions in iOS and macOS to mark World Emoji Day

Apple is celebrating World Emoji Day on July 17 by sharing what some of the new emoji arriving to iOS, macOS, and watchOS later this year will look like, with the new batch featuring new hair options for characters and more expressions.


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9 Elgato Stream Deck - Live Content Creation Controller with 15 customizable LCD keys, adjustable stand, for Windows 10 and macOS 10.11 or later: Computers & Accessories

Had the Stream Deck for a few days now and I gotta say im really impressed so far. It feels like a very premium product and looks it too. The cord is not too long at only about 3 feet or so, and theres no option to extend it. The LCD screens are very vibrant and the buttons feel solid. When you use a button that is an on/off switch (like a source on OBS) the key will light up or dim depending on whether its activated or not. I can see them in the future possibly releasing updates to add more options to what you can do with the stream deck. Some things i would like to see are live streaming controls for youtube live because currently they only allow you do comment/stream through your twitch account and I have taken youtube gaming as my home for streaming. All the hotkeys that you can program are nice and you can even set buttons to bring up certain websites at the click of a button. The option to make folders is also a very good feature; though you can only have folders on the main page. I hope they allow for more folders within folders in the future. This has been a game changing device that i have been able to use for my streams, but ive also set up some pages for Photoshop tools, and am planning on doing one for the Sony Vegas Pro tools as well.

Report: Feds probe Uber over gender discrimination complaint

Uber is the target of a federal probe over a gender discrimination complaint, according to a report by the Wall Street Journal . The investigation by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) has sought out information on gender-related issues like Uber’s hiring practices and pay discrepancies; the EEOC is also speaking with former and current employees.

Amazon Prime Day 2018 deals: 30 percent off AmazonBasics products

Amazon Prime Day: Philips Hue Smart Lighting Starter Kits are on sale for $80 off (and include an Echo)

The kit contains a central Hue hub and two LED A19 Energy Star color bulbs. They're your standard bulb size and easily screw into most lamps, overhead lights, ceiling fans, etc., just as any traditional bulb would. Download the Philips Hue smartphone app, pair with the included Hue bridge via WiFi, and bam: You have wireless control of your home's lighting with next to no extra work.

13 Virgin Orbit will be the first to fly rockets to space from the UK

Rather than launch a rocket traditionally, Virgin Orbit sends Cosmic Girl to a plane's cruising altitude before deploying the rocket LauncherOne, which is safely stored under its left wing. From that altitude, Launcher One will make its way to orbit. This means that Virgin Orbit doesn't need to build a launch pad and support infrastructure for its delivery system; that gives it more launch flexibility than other rocket companies.

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Welcome to the Amazon Devices Deals page. Come back frequently to see the latest discounts on Fire tablets, Kindle eReaders, Fire TV streaming media players, Amazon Echo, and Dash Button. Plus, find great deals on accessories for your Amazon devices like covers, cases, and remotes. Be sure to visit this page throughout the holidays so you don't miss out on any amazing offers. These deals are limited time offers, while promotional supplies last.


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Apple App Store revenue almost double that of Google Play | Cult of Mac

In the battle of the mobile software stores, Apple has a huge lead. Consumers spending in the iOS App Store during the first half of this year was almost double that of rival Google Play.

Instapaper is going independent

Today, we’re announcing that Pinterest has entered into an agreement to transfer ownership of Instapaper to Instant Paper, Inc., a new company owned and operated by the same people who’ve been working on Instapaper since it was sold to betaworks by Marco Arment in 2013. The ownership transfer will occur after a 21 day waiting period designed to give our users fair notice about the change of control with respect to their personal information.

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Amazon Prime Day 2018 on Flipboard

By Mashable | We'll be posting all the best deals here as soon as we have them, and updating the list throughout the event. Good luck!

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Best Amazon Prime Day 2018 deals: Phones, cases, accessories and more

Amazon Prime Day is winding down. The deals below will end tonight (Tuesday) at 11:59 p.m. PT (Wednesday, 2:59 a.m. ET). Be sure to keep a close eye on this post for the rest of today, as we will be updating it with new deals as we find them. Also, read our overview of the Prime Day deals from every product category. Good luck out there!

Save $900 on this MSI gaming-desktop powerhouse

These Prime Day 2018 Deals On Nintendo Switch Accessories Are No Game

This year’s sale kicks off with impressive markdowns on everything from fashion and beauty to kitchen deals and, yes, even sex toys. Shoppers will find big-ticket items usually marked down only around the holidays at holiday-level prices. We’re talking $650 for a 55-inch 4K TV and 35 percent off select monitors and laptops.

24 Make your classic gamepads wireless with 8BitDo's DIY kits

8BitDo will happily sell you wireless controllers that are vaguely similar to classic gamepads of yore, but it clearly can't sell you the real deal without invoking massive copyright battles. It can, however, offer you the next best thing. The company is now selling mod kits that add Bluetooth wireless to original NES, SNES, Super Famicom and Mega Drive controllers. You don't need a soldering iron or a toolbox -- so long as you're comfortable opening a vintage gamepad in the first place, you'll have everything you need (including a lithium-ion battery) to avoid stringing cords across the room.

Amazon Prime Day 2018 deals: 30 percent off AmazonBasics products

Amazon Prime Day  is here. The online retailer's giant sale starts at noon PT (3 p.m. PT) and runs through Tuesday at 11:59 p.m. PT (Wednesday, 2:59 a.m. ET). If you're looking for charging cables, gaming and other electronics accessories, there are several Prime AmazonBasics products that are 30 percent off (or more in some cases) .

How new technologies make the cloud cost effective for business - Video | ZDNet

New Relic chief product officer Jim Gochee explains why the cloud can save money and increase efficiency.

iPhone 7 Plus survives 300-foot drop from amusement park ride in Florida

Apple has never claimed that the iPhone is indestructible, but another news story finds one of the devices continuing to work after falling hundreds of feet to the ground from an amusement park ride, while filming the descent the whole time.

Fond - Principal Software Engineer

Fond (formerly AnyPerk) is a perks and rewards platform used by over 500 companies across the U.S. from startups competing for top talent to Fortune 500 companies strengthening their employer brands. Fond helps customers build cultures of appreciation and recognition, knowing that happier employees make for better business. Some of our current customers include Salesforce, Adobe, Zappos and hundreds of others. We’re a YC W12 company and funded by renowned investors including DCM, Andreessen Horowitz, SV Angel, and Digital Garage. Some of our partners include Equinox, ZipCar and AMC Theaters.

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5 most ridiculous moments from that disturbing Trump-Putin press conference

This one is perhaps the most extraordinary moment of the press conference. When asked, point blank, by a journalist with the Associated Press who he believes — Putin, who denied interfering in the U.S. election, or U.S. law enforcement, who have clear evidence Russia was involved — if he would denounce Putin's interference and confront him, Trump gave the most bewildering answer.

Nintendo New 3DS XL price is at a new low for retro fans

Of course, you’ll have to really, really like the SNES to hop on this deal – or you could just apply a case if you’re really not down with the ‘90s aesthetic. This is the first time since Black Friday last year that we’ve seen such a low price for the New 3DS XL.


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Amazon Prime Day 2018: Guide to All the Best Deals - IGN

Welcome to IGN's hub for all things Amazon Prime Day. If you buy something through this post, IGN may get a share of the sale. For more, read our Terms of Use .

Razer's Blade is almost the perfect gaming laptop

Razer's revamped Blade stands out in a sea of great gaming laptops. It's not the lightest, and it doesn't have the most powerful graphics hardware, but it's one of the most polished notebooks we've seen this year. Razer has always positioned its Blade machines as MacBook alternatives, and this latest model is the closest you'll get to a gaming-focused MacBook Pro. And just like Apple's machines, you can expect to pay a premium.

Apple has a surprising amount of unsold iPhone X inventory | Cult of Mac

Apple is sitting on a massive stockpile of unsold iPhone X devices, a new report claims. The backlog reportedly equals almost three times the number of the high-end handsets already shipped.

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Scientists discover 10 never-before-seen moons orbiting Jupiter, and one's an oddball

Scientists have discovered 10 never-before-seen moons of Jupiter in 2017 and confirmed two others that had already been seen, bringing the total number of known moons circling the gas giant planet to 79, more than any other planet in the solar system.

We compared unlimited data phone plans to help you find the best one

On Friday, Sprint adjusted its unlimited plan offerings to fall more in line with the two-tier system offered by AT&T and T-Mobile. You now have two Sprint options: For starters, the old $60-a-month Unlimited Freedom plan has been renamed Unlimited Basic and is now, frankly, a crappier deal. Video streaming quality has been reduced from HD to standard definition, and the hotspot allowance has been slashed from from 15GB to 500MB -- that's one-thirtieth as much data. But you can still get the benefits of the old Unlimited Freedom plan -- HD video and 15GB of hotspot data per month -- but it's now called Unlimited Plus. It costs $70 a month -- that's $10 more than before, but still one of the best values when compared to the other carriers.

Microsoft killing off the old Skype client, adding built-in call recording

Call recording and (openly documented) encrypted messaging are long-overdue features, and as a Skype user, it's about time that Microsoft is finally making some meaningful improvements to the core application. The consolidation on a single version of the client should in theory enable a faster pace of development, because Microsoft is no longer in the position of having to develop each new feature multiple times—once each for the Win32 app, the modern app, and the mobile apps. The work coming this summer will put that theory into practice.

40 T-Mobile's $5 international day pass offers 512MB of LTE

T-Mobile is expanding its One plan to give travelers unlimited data and texting across 210 countries. Those who are on the road can use as much 2G data as they like at no extra cost, and the plan offers flat-rate calling at 25 cents per minute (which is an increase of five cents per minute). There's a new add-on pack which adds unlimited calling and 512MB of LTE data every day you're away at a cost of $5 per day, though you can use up to 5GB of data at LTE speeds in Mexico and Canada for no extra charge.

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Sheppard's team named the weird new moon "Valetudo," after the Roman god Jupiter's great-granddaughter. Fun coincidence: Vale tudo (two words) also happens to be the name of "an unarmed, full-contact combat sport with relatively few rules":

42 Republican congressman introduces bill to make net neutrality law

It could take awhile for this amendment to be voted on (or it may never see the light of day), but the fact that it's being proposed by a Republican representative could mean good news. Of course, it depends on the makeup of Congress after the midterm elections, but either way, it will be interesting to keep an eye on this bill and see what happens.

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45 JPMorgan Chase invests in artificial intelligence startup Volley

NEW YORK (Reuters) - JPMorgan Chase & Co ( JPM.N ) has made a strategic investment in, a San Francisco-based startup that uses artificial intelligence to help large enterprises automatically generate training content for employees, the companies said on Tuesday.

Cuba rolls out mobile internet at last

Cuba has finally begun making mobile internet available to its citizens today, reports Reuters .

Bill to save net neutrality gets first Republican vote in US House

"The fight to keep the Internet open belongs in Congress, not at the Federal Communications Commission," Coffman said in his announcement. "The American people deserve to know that their elected officials, not unelected bureaucrats, are fighting for their interest. That fight begins with my bill, which will create an 'Internet constitution' with the foundational elements of net neutrality."


Another congressional hearing on social media giants is starting now. Facebook, Twitter and YouTube execs on deck. Watch here, if you wish:…

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New - with $12.5m funding, an ex-Israeli PM co-founder, Tel Aviv firm Toka has come out of stealth today. It's a one-stop hacking shop focusing on IoT. The example co-founder and ex-IDF cyber lead gave me was rather interesting...…

The end of Victoria’s Secret: Why analysts and readers say the brand is on its last lace

When I’ve written about Victoria’s Secret’s woes in the past, I’d suggested that the over-sexualized marketing wasn’t resonating with women in the post-#MeToo moment. But many Fast Company readers have been quick to disagree , pointing out that the real story is that the brand’s quality has dropped tremendously over the last few years. Consumers who had turned to Victoria’s Secret as a reliable source of high-quality bras and panties, say they are sorely disappointed by how quickly the garments fall apart, despite the fact that the brand still charges a premium price for them.

51 Video goes viral of HRC talking about Russian meddling 8 days before election
52 Ajit Pai deals major setback to Sinclair/Tribune merger
53 New Apple emoji include more hair, animals, and superheroes | Cult of Mac
54 'FIFA 18' correctly predicted France's World Cup win
55 Amazon Prime Day 2018 best deals: Fitness trackers and smartwatches
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57 Whatever happened to Seymour Hersh?
58 Too good to check: The great "Mariia Butina in the Oval Office" photo fiasco
59 Ex-employee accused of stealing Apple Car plans pleads not guilty | Cult of Mac
60 Would You Let Your Boss Put a Chip in Your Body? – Future Human – Medium
61 Hollow Knight: Final DLC Update Release Date Announced - IGN
62 How to track down USB flash drive usage with Windows 10's Event Viewer
63 Watch this biker pull a dangerous stunt over the heads of Tour de France riders
64 Chinese Researchers Achieve Stunning Quantum-Entanglement Record
65 Lin-Manuel Miranda is coming to bless your bookshelf
66 British caver says he approached by U.S., British lawyers over...
67 How and when to turn CDs, DVDs or folders into disk image files on macOS
68 Publishing Executives Argue Facebook Is Overly Deferential to Conservatives
69 How to avoid a bad hire: 4 red flags to watch for
70 Health Insurers Are Vacuuming Up Details About You — And It Could Raise Your Rates — ProPublica
71 Pirate Copies of PC Games Are Being Sold on Amazon
72 The FDA just approved a drug to keep us a little safer from a possible pandemic
73 Starting a project? Follow these 7 essential steps for successful requirements gathering
74 Skype will soon let you record your calls
75 This 'Queer Eye,' 'Harry Potter' crossover meme will give you life, henny
76 The power of diversity within yourself
77 Evil Triumphs in These Multiverses, and God Is Powerless - Issue 46: Balance - Nautilus
78 Dedicated Apple fan creates needlework Mac masterpieces | Cult of Mac
79 VirtualLink USB-C standard reduces cables count for VR headsets, is a boon for Mac users
80 The OnePlus 6 camera is about to get a major upgrade
81 Even Fox News is rebuking Trump over his meeting with Putin
82 Venmo: how the payment app exposes our private lives
83 Trump's fast and loose trade policy endangers American jobs
84 The 5 best expense reporting apps for business travelers
85 It’s cool: The special Trump-Kim summit USB fans don’t contain any malware
86 Samsung Galaxy S10 might come in three sizes, just like the new iPhone
87 U.S. ban on China’s ZTE forces telecoms to rethink business: sources
88 Samsung 970 EVO 500GB PCIe SSD gets price cut to £140
89 The best moments in E3 history
90 Did Qatar pay the world’s largest ransom?
91 How to survive your first Comic-Con experience
92 4 Insights You Need to Know About the Future Of Video
93 Yes, Airplane really is the best movie ever made
94 What Knitting Can Teach You About Math
95 Review | Sherlock Holmes may not have been a real crime-fighter, but his creator was