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The Best Amazon Prime Day Desktop Deals

On Amazon Prime Day, many shoppers will be eyeing discounts on electronics. Here are a few desktop deals we spotted for home, small offices, or gamers, but act fast if you want to save.

New Apple University Village store in Seattle: 9 things you didn't know | Cult of Mac

Chamfered edges. Hidden gardens. Bathroom secrets. Apple's new Seattle store has it all. Take a video tour of the new flagship store.

How Hotstar streams cricket matches to 10 million passionate fans at once

Live streaming high-definition video to large audiences can be incredibly challenging, but India-based Hotstar rose to the challenge earlier this year.

Spectacular 'Bohemian Rhapsody' trailer will rock you

It's electric.

Twitch Viewers Can Now React With GIFs

Twitch streamers gain the ability to allow viewers to post animated GIFs to a predetermined section of the screen using the Giphy extension. It's expected to make streams more engaging and entertaining, but it could also be a little overwhelming.

Samsung predictably takes shots at iPhone X in latest Galaxy S9 ad | Cult of Mac

Apple is known for strikingly original ads which have changed the course of advertising history, and are studied by creatives decades after they first

First 'Stranger Things' season 3 teaser is a perfect '80s mall ad

The Stranger Things season 3 teaser shows what Hawkin's new mall looks like, with loud neon signs and even louder fashion.

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The European Commission has fined Google 4.34 billion euro ($5 billion) for breaking antitrust rules, claiming the restrictions the tech giant imposes on carriers and smartphone producers using the Android operating system helps the search engine maintain its vast market share. The regulator claims Google has gone against antitrust rules in a number of ways, including requiring smartphone vendors to pre-install the Google Search and Chrome apps on their devices, as a condition for accessing the Google Play Store. The EC also states Google made payments to major device producers and mobile network operators if they exclusively pre-installed the Google Search app on their devices. Google is also accused of preventing mobile device manufacturers from being able to produce products running on a forked version of Android, else they will be prevented from pre-installing Google's apps. The Commission started to look into the matter in April 2015 , following a complaint by trade group Fairsearch, made up of firms including Microsoft, Nokia, and Oracle. The European Commission has ordered Google to end this conduct in Europe within 90 days, or face further penalty payments of up to 5 percent of the average daily worldwide turnover of parent company Alphabet.

Elon Musk finally apologizes for his 'pedo' comment to Thai cave diver

Musk reacted strongly on Twitter, saying he never saw "this British expat guy who lives in Thailand," and called him a "pedo guy," in a subsequent tweet. When it was pointed out (by another Twitter user) that insulting the British diver was out of place, Musk doubled down on his insult, tweeting "Bet ya a signed dollar it's true." Both tweets were later deleted.

3 Make your classic gamepads wireless with 8BitDo's DIY kits

8BitDo will happily sell you wireless controllers that are vaguely similar to classic gamepads of yore, but it clearly can't sell you the real deal without invoking massive copyright battles. It can, however, offer you the next best thing. The company is now selling mod kits that add Bluetooth wireless to original NES, SNES, Super Famicom and Mega Drive controllers. You don't need a soldering iron or a toolbox -- so long as you're comfortable opening a vintage gamepad in the first place, you'll have everything you need (including a lithium-ion battery) to avoid stringing cords across the room.


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5 Twitter

That's cool, let's fix the one we are on, All we have to do is fix one problem, the rest will fall into place. I say we go after hunger, Feed the world. it doesn't matter who did it the best, it only matters who did it first.

Hands on with James Bond's Lego Aston Martin DB5 -- and its ejector seat

We've been hands on with the latest addition to the Lego Creator series, including the car's awesome front-mounted machine guns, rear bullet screen and, of course, the ejector seat.

Chinese iCloud data moved to servers operated by state-owned telco

Apple's Chinese iCloud partner has struck a deal with China Telecom to migrate all in-country customer data to the state-owned firm's Tianyi Cloud service, a move that seemingly flies in the face of Apple assurances against government snooping.

8 Texas Instruments CEO Brian Crutcher resigns for violating code of conduct | Hacker News

There is very little information given, to save a click through: The CEO was (presumably forced to) resign for violation of the company's personal code of conduct policies but it's not being released what the violation was. >Texas Instruments said Tuesday that CEO Brian Crutcher resigned for violating the company's code of conduct related to personal behavior... TI did not specify exactly what Crutcher did that violated company policies. He had been at the company for more than two decades before assuming the role of CEO. reply

9 Tesla's Musk apologizes for comments on British caver

(Reuters) - Tesla Inc ( TSLA.O ) founder Elon Musk apologized to British caver Vern Unsworth for insulting comments he made about him following the rescue of a dozen Thai schoolboys and their football coach from a cave in northern Thailand.

How to Connect Your Laptop to Your TV

Intel's WiDi wireless display technology has been discontinued, but Miracast carries on the torch, and it's natively supported in both Windows 10 and Windows 8.1. Just click on the notification button in the system tray, expand the buttons on the menu that pops up, and click Connect. You'll be able to mirror your screen directly to any Miracast-compatible device on your network. That includes many smart TVs and media streamers. You can also get a dedicated Miracast receiver and plug it into your TV. With your PC connected, the screen will show up on your TV through the Miracast app or receiver.

The Best Amazon Prime Day Laptop Deals

On Amazon Prime Day, many shoppers will be eyeing discounts on electronics. Here are a few laptop deals we spotted, but act fast if you want to save on a new PC.

12 Google fined a record $5 billion by the EU for abusing the dominance of Android

Google has been fined a record 4.3 billion euros ($5 billion/£3.8 billion) by Europe's competition watchdog for abusing its dominant Android mobile operating system to cement the popularity of Google apps and services.

13 T-Mobile's $5 international day pass offers 512MB of LTE

T-Mobile is expanding its One plan to give travelers unlimited data and texting across 210 countries. Those who are on the road can use as much 2G data as they like at no extra cost, and the plan offers flat-rate calling at 25 cents per minute (which is an increase of five cents per minute). There's a new pass you can add to your line which includes unlimited calling and 512MB of LTE data every day you're away at a cost of $5 per day. But,you can still use up to 5GB of data at LTE speeds in Mexico and Canada for no extra charge.

Google is building its second private subsea cable | ZDNet

Google on Tuesday announced it's building a private subsea cable from Virginia Beach in the United States to the French Atlantic coast -- the first private transatlantic cable built by a non-telecom company. The cable, called Dunant, is expected to be available in late 2020.

15 Republican congressman introduces bill to make net neutrality law

It could take awhile for this amendment to be voted on (or it may never see the light of day), but the fact that it's being proposed by a Republican representative could mean good news. Of course, it depends on the makeup of Congress after the midterm elections, but either way, it will be interesting to keep an eye on this bill and see what happens.

The Rock cooks up a $124M salary, highest ever for any actor

George Clooney ranked above The Rock this year at No. 2, but that was more related to a tequila company he started, not acting. Boxer Floyd Mayweather topped the list, earning $275 million for promoting and participating in his highly publicised boxing bout with Conor McGregor (who Forbes said banked around $85 million for the fight).

2018 sci-fi, fantasy and geek movies to get excited about

Here come the heroes -- and the villains, space explorers and dystopian futures. In 2018, "Black Panther" will reign, the Avengers will assemble for an "Infinity War" and Han will go "Solo," among other big-screen happenings. Get "Ready Player One" for all the movies coming in the year ahead.

Why cybersecurity incidents are up 32% from last year

A new report from Positive Technologies details the top threats facing businesses in a variety of sectors.

Today in Apple history: Multimedia Macs take on the world | Cult of Mac

In all, the 630 models were good — if not necessarily inspiring — Macintoshes. Apple tried to appeal to average customers with these kitted-out multimedia Macs. The education- and home-oriented models, while less powerful, proved more successful than the pro-oriented Quadra model. Many considered the high-end Quadra underpowered for its users’ main tasks. ( Sound familiar ?)

Is This Man the Elon Musk of E-Waste? - Issue 62: Systems - Nautilus

E ric Lundgren, the 33-year-old, fedora-wearing CEO of a major electronic waste recycling plant in Los Angeles, could be called both the Elon Musk and the Edward Snowden of e-waste. Elon Musk because in 2017 he built an electric car out of recycled batteries that broke the world record for electric vehicle range. Edward Snowden because he’s currently serving a prison sentence for copyright infringement, as a result of printing 28,000 Windows restore disks to be distributed with repaired computers. Lundgren’s court case and electronic creations have made him an icon for the Right to Repair Movement and e-waste reuse.

Microsoft is killing its 'classic' Skype client, here's what's next

These two features could prove very helpful to business pros when they need to quickly reference topics discussed in a Skype meeting. Additionally, Microsoft noted in the post that Skype 8.0 is coming to the iPad, read receipts will be enabled, and private encrypted conversations will be available using the Signal Protocol.

Review: TaoTronics' $70 headphones deliver decent entry level noise-cancelling performance

The TT-BH040 is a perfectly acceptable set of low-end budget headphones. Sound quality isn’t mind-blowing, and neither is ANC performance, but it makes up for it with commendable battery life, and a low price tag.

Zachary Levi shows off his inner-teen as Shazam

On Tuesday,  Entertainment Weekly published  an image of Levi as Shazam from the upcoming Warner Bros. movie for the cover of its San Diego Comic-Con issue. It shows Levi having fun as the alter-ego to the 14-year-old character Billy Batson, who can transform into a grown-up superhero just by saying the word Shazam.

Walmart Moves to Microsoft's Cloud

In the ongoing fight with Amazon for online and offline shopping dollars, Walmart decides to embrace Microsoft and move its online operations to the Azure cloud platform and Office 365. Expect the partnership to create a true competitor for Amazon Go automated stores.

25 After record Google fine, EU's Vestager says she likes the U.S

BRUSSELS (Reuters) - EU Competition Commissioner Margrethe Vestager said she “very much liked” the United States, countering a reported remark by President Donald Trump that she “hated” the country because of her antitrust actions against U.S. firms.

How to survive your first Comic-Con experience

If you're like me and heading out to Comic-Con for the first time, never fear. I sought advice from the experts on what to pack, what to wear, what to eat and how to make the most of your time in geekland.

an entomologist rates ant emojis

Beautiful big almond eye, realistic and full of expression as she gazes gently at you. Elbowed antennae and delicately segmented legs and body. Gorgeous pearlescent sheen like she is glowing. This ant moisturizes. This ant is round and huggable. This ant is a star. 11/10.


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Skype finally gets call recording feature

Previously, the only way to do this was using a third party plugin. In fact, customer demand was so strong for this feature, that Skype‘s FAQ page actually had a list of applications that could do it:


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Fortnite fights intensify with brand new submachine gun

The mammoth Fortnite season five update gave us stacks of awesome new content to enjoy, but it seems it wasn’t enough for Epic Games.


You’re science editor? ANYONE who has taken Vertebrate Embryology knows that genetic mutation occurs WITHIN the egg! The egg ALWAYS comes before the chicken! Evolution occurs in tRNA in egg or sperm of a reptile! Mutation then produces next step to form a chicken like animal!

Cuba rolls out mobile internet at last

Cuba has finally begun making mobile internet available to its citizens today, reports Reuters .

Dedicated Apple fan creates needlework Mac masterpieces | Cult of Mac

So you’ve got your perfect Apple geek room: Steve Jobs biographies on the bookshelves, iMac Pro on your desk, and maybe a couple of rare vintage Macs locked in a display cabinet.

Amazon Prime Day: Philips Hue Smart Lighting Starter Kits are on sale for $80 off (and include an Echo)

The kit contains a central Hue hub and two LED A19 Energy Star color bulbs. They're your standard bulb size and easily screw into most lamps, overhead lights, ceiling fans, etc., just as any traditional bulb would. Download the Philips Hue smartphone app, pair with the included Hue bridge via WiFi, and bam: You have wireless control of your home's lighting with next to no extra work.

The 5 best expense reporting apps for business travelers

If you have a lot of paper receipts, Shoeboxed is the way to go. Using their feature called The Magic Envelope, Shoeboxed will send you postage paid envelopes every month that you can send all your receipts in. The company then scans and uploads your receipts to the Shoeboxed app and produces expense reports. You can also use Magic Envelope to track tax write-offs or manage business cards. Shoeboxed is especially useful for freelancers or small businesses, according to reviews.

Virgin Orbit plans rocket launches from UK airport

Once Virgin Orbit's service starts operating from the Cornwall airport, it'll be the first location where launches to space and commercial flights happen side by side, the company notes. This will be its second launch site. The primary location is Mojave Air & Space Port in California.

Yes, Airplane really is the best movie ever made

But Airplane isn't just funny, the story of how it was conceived is fascinating. Written and directed by Jim Abrahams and brothers David and Jerry Zucker, it's a close parody of the 1957 film Zero Hour. The similarities between the two are striking, so much so that the writers bought the remake right to Zero Hour for $2,500 to avoid breaking copyright law. The plot of Airplane is the same with a few minor changes (Zero Hour is set in Canada), its script is almost verbatim and both protagonists share the name Ted Striker. For a scene-by-scene breakdown of how alike they are, check out this fascinating YouTube clip .

A virtual reality David Bowie exhibit is coming to your smartphone

The David Bowie is tour has ended, but the show must go on! This fall, Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) Inc., in collaboration with the DB Archive, Planeta, and V&A, will release a digital recreation of the exhibition on smartphones as a virtual experience

How new technologies make the cloud cost effective for business - Video | ZDNet

New Relic chief product officer Jim Gochee explains why the cloud can save money and increase efficiency.

EU hits Google with record $5 billion fine over Android antitrust practices

This is the second such fine the EU has slapped on the tech giant in just over a year and could mean big changes to the world's most popular mobile platform. The punishment comes amid wider scrutiny over the power that tech giants like Google and Facebook wield over our lives.

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Cybersecurity rundown: The 5 most critical threats to businesses in 2018

Industry observers are still waiting for a breach with GDPR, but until then, it brings a host of different concerns for business, said the survey. Companies have been forced to completely rearrange and reorganize management of customer records, said the survey. And failure to be compliant with GDPR standards can be a huge hit to businesses financially and socially, causing consumers to shy away from businesses that don't protect their data.

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How the EU fining Google could change your Android phone for good

T he EU is set to fine Google billions of pounds for abusing the dominance of its Android mobile operating system.

Blueprints for 3D-printed guns will soon hit the web

Defense Distributed owner Cody Wilson, who infamously debuted the world’s first 3D-printed gun in 2013, will begin publishing blueprints for more advanced 3D-printed guns, CNET reports . The blueprints will be free for anyone to download and be available from August 1. The U.S. Department of State had previously restrained Wilson and his company from sharing the blueprints online, but that’s all changing now that the government is drafting amendments that will eliminate International Traffic in Arms Regulations over the technical information that Wilson’s case centers on and will transfer export jurisdiction to the Commerce Department, which will allow Defense Distributed to once again publish its blueprints online.

Kodak has quietly canceled its stupid (and very expensive) Bitcoin miner

But it too, is a licensing deal. London’s Wenn Digital has licensed the Eastman Kodak brand, and has pushed forward with its plans to launch KodakCoin – but with it’s connections to the KodakOne platform, at least there’s proof that Kodak know about this one.


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50 Alphabet's GV leads $16 million investment in site rental firm...

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Alphabet Inc’s venture capital unit GV led a $16 million investment this month in Peerspace Inc, a self-serve online booking tool for event spaces, the firms told Reuters on Tuesday.

51 Make your Venmo transactions private. Seriously
52 Artificial light is harmful to animals, but thanks to this tool it doesn’t have to be
53 Elon Musk apologises for 'pedo guy' comment
54 Google is resurrecting blob emoji again
55 Check out this amazing visual of U.S. arms exports from 1950 to 2017
56 Mobvoi TicWatch Pro review: Two screens really are better than one Review | ZDNet
57 Redheads finally get recognition with ginger emoji
58 IBM and Columbia University are tag-teaming the blockchain
59 Amazon Prime Day 2018, the final hours: The best deals still available
60 Niantic snaps up Seismic Games to build new AR experiences
61 Scientists discover 10 never-before-seen moons orbiting Jupiter, and one's an oddball
62 Amazon Prime Day 2018 on Flipboard
63 Twitter
64 Twitter
65 Twitter
66 Apple puts a new emoji face on its executive team
67 Bill to save net neutrality gets first Republican vote in US House
69 The end of Victoria’s Secret: Why analysts and readers say the brand is on its last lace
70 4 secrets: How to take professional photos with your smartphone
71 Circle Medical - Patient care coordinator
72 How to use the Linux iostat command to check on your storage subsystem
73 A giant, semi-nude statue of Jeff Goldblum has popped up in London
74 Tesla Autopilot Miles | MIT Human-Centered AI
75 iPhone XI could come with a fast charger in the box
76 You Don't Need to Buy World of Warcraft Anymore
77 Fermat's Library | Recounting the rationals annotated/explained version.
78 What Makes a Hit: 60 Years of #1 Songs
79 A peek into China’s top ‘bodyguard factories’
80 IBM seeks $167 million from Groupon in dispute over early internet...
81 Here's a first look at Helena Bonham Carter in 'The Crown' Season 3
82 Asus ZenFone Max Pro is a budget wonder
83 Apple’s new fast charger could be exclusively for 2018 iPhones
84 Shakespeare's Worlds of Science
85 Samsung Galaxy Watch release date rumor suggests it's coming with the Note 9
86 How to use Opera's Flow to sync your desktop and mobile browsers
87 Razer Core v2 turns my laptop into a gaming monster
88 The 5 factors driving workers away from the gig economy
89 Supersharp Images from New VLT Adaptive Optics
90 ‘My brain feels like it’s been punched’: the intolerable rise of perfectionism
91 4 tech developments that will impact every business this year
92 Why AI Must Disclose That It's AI
93 China says U.S.-led trade war has become biggest 'confidence...