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If you were raised to hate, would you choose tolerance? (Book trailer)

"Everyone has a choice. Even if you're trained to hate, you can choose tolerance. You can choose empathy." An astonishing true story of an American boy train...

A Cover of Queen Using Only Movie Screams Now Exists [VIDEO]

One YouTuber perfectly covered a Queen song using nothing but the screams of popular films.

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Google's Chrome Web Browser Is Killing Your Laptop Battery

Ian, looks like your article got the attention of the devs. Please write a similar article about Chrome for OSX! I normally use Windows on desktop but got a Macbook Pro. The battery drain with Chrome is awful and has been well known for a while, yet Google has done nothing. Not being able to use Chrome for fear of killing my battery is awful. Not that Safari is bad, but there are many extensions that I miss using. So please look into writing an article about this! BTW, Firefox for OSX isn’t that much better. I read somewhere that the issue is that Apple locks down the latest browser code so Firefox and Chrome have to use old versions of Safari code, thus not having access to the latest battery saving features. I could be wrong about this, but it’s just what I read. If it’s true, then clearly Apple’s at fault.

When Rhode Island accidentally legalized prostitution, rape decreased sharply

The study by Baylor University's Scott Cunningham and Manisha Shah of the University of California, Los Angeles contributes to an impassioned, long-running debate about prostitution among advocates for women's rights. Their work appears to be the first quantitative evidence that removing criminal penalties for prostitutes can reduce violence against women and curtail sexually transmitted infections in society generally -- and dramatically so. Yet opponents argue that legal prostitution would encourage traffickers to kidnap women and girls into lives of sexual slavery.

How to watch football (soccer) now that the World Cup is over

This one is far from perfect. Comcast, the largest cable provider in the US, dropped the channe l not long ago, so that's already a huge chunk of people left out. That said, GolTV is still available on Time Warner Cable and DirecTV, but maybe not for long -- the latter currently downgraded the channel to SD-only. To make matters worse, GolTV doesn't have any apps. Which is to say, keeping up with Bayern Munich, home to more than half of world champion Germany's starting players, may be a little tough.

A Scientific Guide To Writing Popular--And Shareable--Headlines For Twitter, Facebook, And Your Blog

Thanks Leo! I'm going to save this and give these a go! Especially the A/B approach and using verbs over nouns. Thanks for creating Buffer - since we are in New Zealand and most of our audience is on the other side of the world, Buffer has been so helpful for getting out those tweets while still getting our beauty sleep!

The Console War Is Over: The PC Already Won

um i spent just $500 on my computer 3 years ago and i can still play battlefield 4 on my PC at 90 FPS… the thing about PC players is we normally know other PC players that have more money and always want better parts… you know what those people do with their left over parts? they sell them uber cheap or give them away… i picked up 2 650 ti boost 2GB GDDR5 for $50 total after 2 friends upgraded to a 760gtx and a 770gtx. before that i had 2 260gtx’s that I got for free after friends upgraded to a 460′s and got those after they upgraded to 650′s. If my friend’s upgrade their motherboard/cpu they give me a chance to buy them cheap or just give them to me im running a intel 2500k at 4.4ghz on a water cooling system i picked up for $80 but was worth over $500(got of craigslist for free just had to replace pump and tubing). So over 3 years i have spent $630 on my computer plus around $300 for 13-14 AAA rated games and 15-20 AA-B rated games off steam(thank’s to Steam’s summer sale)

WATCH: How A Team Of Deep-Sea Explorers Found One Of The Ocean's Most Elusive Creatures

Humans have been looking for the giant squid ever since we first started taking pictures underwater. But the elusive deep-sea predator could never be caught on film -- until now.

5 Can't-Miss Apps: Feedworthy and More

As much as the Internet loves Reddit, the site’s bare bones design is far from visually appealing and most third-party mobile apps aren’t much better. Reddit client Feedworthy made its debut this week and solves this problem by turning subreddits into picture-centric cards with easy to swipe through posts. The app also has a built in nighttime reading mode that makes it easier to lurk in the dark. Feedworthy is free and available for iOS .

'Airbnb Logos' Tumblr Pokes Inappropriate Fun at Company's New Logo

is a leading source for news, information and resources for the Connected Generation. Mashable reports on the importance of digital innovation and how it empowers and inspires people around the world. Mashable's record 34 million unique visitors worldwide and 15 million social media followers are one of the most influential and engaged online communities. Founded in 2005, Mashable is headquartered in New York City with an office in San Francisco.

10 DIY Air Fresheners to Make Your Home Smell Good

A big pot of lemon, rosemary and vanilla set to simmer all day will make your whole house smell amazing, which is perfect if you have company coming.

A Convicted Hacker and an Internet Icon Join Forces to Thwart NSA Spying | Threat Level | WIRED

Dark Mail is modeled loosely on Tor—The Onion Router—which uses thousands of servers around the world, maintained by volunteers, to randomly bounce encrypted traffic from node to node to its destination. With Tor, servers at the entry point can identify the sender’s IP address but don’t know the traffic’s final destination—only the next node in the random chain that should receive the traffic. With Dark Mail, there are primarily two main servers involved in an email transaction: the sender’s domain and the recipient’s. And although the sender’s server can identify the source from which the email was sent, it doesn’t know the recipient, just the recipient’s domain. The server at the recipient’s domain decrypts the “to:” field to deliver the correspondence to the right account, but doesn’t know who sent the email—just the domain from which it came.

The Movie You Really Want to See This Weekend

In the mood for a futuristic film this weekend? Something with a lot of explosions and a little bit of sexy stuff? Something randy? Here's the latest summer blockbuster you didn't know you wanted.

Superintelligence: Machines Smarter Than Humans

Humans are currently the most intelligent beings on the planet — the result of a long history of evolutionary pressure and adaptation. But could we some day design and build machines that surpass the human intellect?

Marvel Comics Reveals The Falcon is the New Captain America - IGN

With Steve Rogers losing his super powers in the pages of his solo series written by Rick Remender, readers have been guessing who the new Captain America would be, and now we have our answer. General audiences will recognize Falcon from this summer's Captain America: The Winter Soldier movie with Anthony Mackie playing the winged superhero.

Instagram User Finds Inspiration Inside a Cheetos Bag

Instagram user cheesecurlsofinstagram captures Cheetos that have been uniquely gnarled to look like distinctive people and objects. The untrained eye may see a common cheese curl, but at just the right angle, you'll find a work of art.

7 Things You Can Legally Steal from Successful Companies

Data-gathering from scratch is a daunting prospect. The good news is that with a little research, you’ll find that a lot of this data has been gathered for you.

Visa Launches PayPal-Like ‘Checkout’ Widget For Third-Party Websites | TechCrunch

Visa wants to make the process of paying for goods on your phone or iPad as easy as swiping your credit or debit card at an offline retailer.

Onni Is A Smart Baby Monitor Made By A Real Mommy And Daddy Team | TechCrunch

Satu Niemelä and Erasmus van Niekerk , the husband and wife team behind the Onni baby monitor , knew what they wanted out of a baby monitor. Instead of a cheap black-and-white camera they wanted full-color HD video. And instead of looking like a CCTV camera from the Island of Misfit Toys, they wanted the design to be pleasing and the software to be usable and easy to manage.

Nike's new baseball glove construction doesn't take months to break in

If you've ever had to break in a new baseball glove, you know that the process take time -- usually a few months at best. It can take all of Spring Training for pro players to get the leather worked out, but even then, fielders are left with hauling the weight of that material. The folks at Nike have a knack for sporting goods innovation , and working alongside Colorado Rockies' all-star left fielder Carlos Gonzalez , it crafted the Vapor 360 Fielding Glove. Nike Vapor 360 Fielding Glove See all photos 10 Photos

Amazon Isn’t Killing Writing, The Market Is | TechCrunch

And that ultimately is the part of Kindle Unlimited that is perhaps most ominous, and why authors have been so passionate about the issue of ebook prices. Driving the prices lower isn’t likely to expand the market of readers, since book prices don’t seem to be the deciding factor on whether someone reads a book (time is). But those lower prices directly shrink the incomes of authors, who lack any other means of translating their sales into additional revenue.

How Google’s New Font Tries to Anticipate the Future | Design | WIRED

But there remains a gap. While so many typefaces have been designed to render beautifully, very few have been designed to perform beautifully. Which is why Google has spent the last year and half sweating over a sweeping overhaul of its UI font, Roboto. This new version is designed to scale across an entire universe of products, from smart-watches to TV’s. It is the star in Google’s ambitious plan to redesign its entire product ecosystem—a visual and interactive language they’re calling Material Design. “UI’s are crafted from images and type,” Matias Duarte, Android’s head of design tells WIRED. “But the idea of having a typeface that’s thought out as a UI typeface—that’s not been done before.”

Tinder-For-Jobs App Jobr Raises $2 Million In Seed Funding, Hires Coatue’s TJ Nahigian As CEO | TechCrunch

Launched in May , Jobr has already managed to get users engaged and recruiters signed up. There are more than 1,000 recruiters on the app already and users have made more than 3 million swipes since launch. That increase in data also means that the app can be smarter about which jobs applicants see and which applicants are shown to which recruiters.

Happn Is A Dating App Powered By Real Life Interactions | TechCrunch

It’s a sunny Wednesday afternoon, you’re sitting outside at a café in Paris. You see this beautiful person who is about to leave, and you get a warm fuzzy feeling. Unfortunately, you don’t have time to introduce yourself, they’re already gone. Until now, the only thing you could do was maybe post something in the missed connections section of Craigslist or the local equivalent. But a French startup is about to change that.

Apple Agrees To Pay As Much As $450M To Settle E-Book Case, But Says It Will Continue Appeal | TechCrunch

Apple did not conspire to fix ebook pricing, and we will continue to fight those allegations on appeal. We did nothing wrong and we believe a fair assessment of the facts will show it. The iBooks Store has been good for consumers and the publishing industry as a whole, from well-known authors to first-time novelists. As we wait for the court to hear our appeal, we have agreed to a settlement which is contingent on the outcome of the appeal. If we are vindicated by the appeals court, no settlement will be paid.

Vikings Admit Coach Said ‘Nuke…All The Gays,’ Insist He Was Otherwise Completely Respectful Of LGBT Advocates

The Vikings lawyers claims that although Preifer said we should “nuke… all the gays,” he was otherwise completely respectful of LGBT people and those advocating on their behalf. The analysis insist that “[o]ther than Kluwe’s allegations, there is no support in the record that Priefer made any additional statements of this nature .” They rely on current employees of the Vikings, including front-office staff, who claim they never heard Priefer say “anything inappropriate, demeaning, or to make comments about gay individuals.”

Dota 2: Watch The International 4 on IGN - IGN

Today's matches featured the first half of The International's Lower Bracket matches. Each series was a best of three, and the teams who lost here are out of the tournament. Cloud 9 faced off against Na'Vi, while Team iG played LGD Gaming. The winners of each match will go on to play one match against the team who lost in the Upper Bracket matches from the previous day, and the rest of the series will be played out on July 20.

The Last of Us Sales Pass 7 Million With New DLC Coming - IGN

Other news from the presentation confirmed the control scheme can be modified, and you'll be able to lock the framerate at 30fps for added stability should you wish, though Meyer was quick to advise against this. Any paid in-game content already purchased (like skins) should be Cross-Buy, so if you've bought them on PS3 already you won't need to grab them again. Finally, Day 1 DLC offering screenshot tools like those we saw in Infamous: Second Son should also be coming.

How to turn yourself into a 'Doctor Who' alien - CNET

Artist uses a bald cap, liquid latex, and masking tape to create an incredible Silence costume from BBC's "Doctor Who."

28 Will Home Depot, Amazon, Or Dell, Launch The 3D Printer Revolution?

There are also plenty of skeptics, who, while not buying the paradigm of revolution 2.0, nonetheless see a couple of markets for 3D printers, each in the multi-billion-dollar-class.  First comes a new class of toys for young and old techies.  You can print your and your significant other’s face onto custom figurines to top a wedding cake, or design your own jewelry – or hundreds of other similar forms of 3D entertainment.  Games, toys, and entertainment are big businesses.  But even though the 3D market might approach the scale of video games — a $100 billion dollar industry — such fun hardly changes the world.

Hashtack Combines Photos From Facebook, Twitter and Instagram Into One App | TechCrunch

Hashtack is a fast, simple, & user friendly way to see every Instagram, Facebook, & Twitter photo in ONE feed! Tired of searching for your companies hashtags one by one on Instagram? Create a custom hashtag stream to see every photo posted with your hashtags, then instantly #retack your favorite to your page. - Facebook, Instagram, Twitter photos/videos - Zoom, Save, or Repost across any …

VideoBlocks Launches Subscription-Based Stock Music Service | TechCrunch

Video Blocks ( is the first subscription-based provider of stock video and audio, providing its members with unlimited download access to a vast, and growing, library of royalty free content. offers unlimited download access to stock video, motion backgrounds, production music, After Effects templates, sound effects, special effects and more. Customers range …

Is Kindle Unlimited worth it?

Kindle Unlimited does pose some interesting possibilities  for subscribers to Audible, Amazon's audiobook service. The service includes some unlimited access to narrated books, or e-books that come with audio tracks. Amazon already offers a lot of e-books that will sync with the title's corresponding audiobook. It's convenient, actually, for when you're trying to get through a book and multitask--read some in bed and then pick up some more while you're doing chores around the house. At the same time, not everyone wants to pay twice for the same book.

Copyright Office Deems Aereo Not A Cable Company | TechCrunch

Aereo is a New York City-based technology company that allows consumers to access live broadcast television on Internet-connected devices through use of its remote integrated (cloud-based) antenna/DVR technology. Using Aereo’s technology, consumers can pause and rewind any program that they are watching live, or save a program for future viewing. A cable or satellite television subscription is …

'Mario Kart 8' Tops Video Game Charts In June

“These results reinforce the power of the Mario Kart franchise and speak to a bright future for the Wii U platform,” said Scott Moffitt, Nintendo of America’s executive vice president of Sales & Marketing. “History has shown that Mario Kart games tend to have an extremely long tail. We fully expect Mario Kart 8 to continue to drive momentum for our hardware and software business through the holidays and into the foreseeable future.”

Xbox One Sales Double From May to June - IGN

Microsoft has revealed that removing Kinect and cutting the price allowed Xbox One to see month-over-month sales more than double from May to June. "Since the new Xbox One offering launched on June 9th," an Xbox Wire release reads, "we've seen sales of Xbox One more than double in the US, compared to sales in May, and solid growth in Xbox 360 sales."

Dell Begins Accepting Bitcoin on Its Website - MoneyBeat - WSJ

Coinbase reached out to Dell a few months ago, according to Adam White, the director of business development and strategy at the company, who worked with Dell on the partnership. “We had some good conversations with them,” he said, and they left it at that. Two weeks ago, Dell got back in touch with Mr. White, and said they’d decided to adopt bitcoin, and wanted to get it done quickly so as to capture sales during the back-to-school season.

New Video Games Teach Caring And Compassion

Shovel Knight is hard to stop playing. It is a super stylized tribute to the epic platformers of the video game industry’s early days. My kids and I have been playing the game together for the last few weeks. We sit on the sofa, handing off the WiiU controller and navigating our way past witty characters and imaginative obstacles.

No, Seriously, Russia Is Going To Invade The Moon

Needless to say there are still a lot of unknowns here - not least whether Russia can actually afford it, and whether they have the technology to get to the Moon safely and stay there for an extended period. But what is clear from the document, and the stated aims of the world's other great space agencies, is that someone is going back to the Moon. It's just a case of when... and why.

White House responds to Tesla direct sales: We love Tesla, can't help

"138,469 people signed the petition asking the White House to allow Tesla Motors to sell directly to consumers in all 50 states. More than a year later, at 7.30pm EST on Friday as most of America prepared for the weekend, the White House released its disappointing response to those people. Rather than seize an opportunity to promote innovation and support the first successful American car company to be started in more than a century, the White House issued a response that was even more timid than its rejection of a petition to begin construction of a Death Star. Instead of showing the sort of leadership exhibited by senior officials at the Federal Trade Commission who declared their support for consumer freedom of choice, the White House merely passed the buck to Congress and trumpeted its advances in promoting vehicle efficiency. Given the economic and environmental principles at stake, we would have hoped for stronger leadership and more action."

The secret to cult-movie success, revealed - CNET

The panel discussing this topic consisted of Screen Junkies host Hal Rudnick; comedic actor and writer Colton Dunn; and LA Weekly's chief film critic, Amy Nicholson. In the video, the trio discuss the formula for what makes good cult movies good, what bad cult movies are missing, and why movies that try too hard to be hit cult movies often miss the boat (looking at you, "Snakes on a Plane").

Is EPA About To Relax Radiation Protections From Nuclear Power?

Both proponents and opponents of nuclear power expect the Environmental Protection Agency in coming months to relax its rules restricting radiation emissions from reactors and other nuclear facilities. EPA officials say they have no such intention, but they are willing to reconsider the method they use to limit public exposure—and the public’s level of risk.

The Emotional Involvement Behind Social Media Interactions

In the same way, interactions via social media make visitors feel connected without the difficulties and complexities involved in face-to-face interactions. Compared to interactions with computers, interactions with human counterparts require more emotional involvement, cognitive effort and brain activation. When we are not in the mood to exercise these resources, we too often choose the easier, virtual option.

11 TechCrunch Stories You Don’t Want to Miss This Week | TechCrunch

The week of 7/12 – 7/18 was a busy one for TechCrunch. Here’s the best of the best from this week.

How to Avoid Getting Burned When Hiring Overseas

Recruiting, interviewing and hiring staff overseas can be an adventure. There’s amazing talent across the globe, but finding it, discerning the best candidates and making a successful hire that works out can be a roll of the dice.

Chinese hackers take command of Tesla Model S - CNET

Security firm Qihoo 360 says hackers gained control of some Tesla Model S functions -- but skimps on details of how the car was hacked.

Microsoft Is Closing Its Entertainment Studios, But Narrow Focus Is Likely Better For Xbox | TechCrunch

Amazon , via its Amazon Studios play, has executed a similar effort under its Prime aegis. However, Apple, Google, and now Microsoft each appear content to provide software and hardware platforms, but not use their own resources to directly create content they could lock inside their own ecosystems. And that’s probably for the best; while building an own-content business has plenty of potential in terms of drawing in new revenue opportunities and more dedicated business, it’s not something you can run as a hobby or side project.

46 Intuitive Surgical Exec: Here Is Why Robotic Surgery Is Useful

Critics often cite studies that show that laparoscopy (a manual method for performing minimally invasive surgery) and robotic-assisted surgery share similar outcomes, while citing lower costs associated with laparoscopy. They then ask rhetorically, “why do we need robotics?” The answer is simple: Because robotic-assisted surgery replaces open surgery, and in doing so, it increases the overall number of minimally invasive surgeries, improves outcomes and drives down cost. Looking at prostatectomy specifically, as the contributor did, the data from a vast majority of the more than 1,600 peer-reviewed robotic-assisted prostatectomy studies consistently show that da Vinci surgery – a robotic-assisted approach – results in fewer complications, shorter length of hospital stay, a trend toward lower mortality and a trend toward more effective removal of cancer when compared with open surgery.

Secret Is Becoming The Next Tinder

At least, nothing indicates that it is. Its app store rankings  fluctuate wildly and often don’t register in the top 1,500 overall — compared to its bigger, brasher rival Whisper, which is usually in the top 200. Secret won’t discuss growth numbers, but a source told Forbes’s Parmy Olson in April that Secret had less than 1 million downloads, and venture capitalists talk openly about its low Android download numbers.

New Search Engine Unmasks The Hackers | TechCrunch

Krebs tracked down the creator of the index, Jason Relinquo from Lisbon, Portugal, and even asked the young man a few questions about his service. While it’s unclear how accurate this data is right now, it’s clear that a solid programmer with a little chutzpah could recreate this ad infinitum, creating multiple databases of hacked data that would pop up like hydra heads. Interestingly, Relinquo is not fixing the site to be compliant with Europe’s Right to be Forgotten laws, which, I suspect is exactly what some of the hackers he’s cataloged would appreciate.

49 Meet The Uber Of The Retail World

Instead, recognizing a competitive differentiator when they see it, shopping center owners are helping to fund Deliv’s growth; in less than a year the company has raised more than $10 million, with many of its REIT customers kicking in some backing. Carmeli tells me the company will be announcing more geographies for the service, more malls and other mall operators and more large household-name retailers that “have aggressive plans of rolling out our service nationwide” over the next few months.

Manuel Noriega sues Activision over portrayal in Black Ops 2 - CNET

Noriega has a troubled history. He appointed himself military dictator of Panama in 1983 and remained in that post until 1989. For a time he was an ally of the the US government, but he was later removed from power during US military operations in the country. Noriega was eventually charged by the US with several counts of drug trafficking, racketeering, and money laundering and served a US prison sentence until 2007. He now lives in Panama.

51 Android Wear SDK To Get A Custom Watchface API, Google Discourages Posting Face Apps Until Then | TechCrunch
52 Best- And Worst-Performing Cloud Computing Stocks July 14th To July 18th And Year-To-Date
53 Samsung Wants To Play With Google And Apple In Mastering The Smart Home
54 July Wiki Editing Contest - The Elder Scrolls Online Wiki Guide - IGN
55 Win the Most Portable MacBook Ever, the MacBook Air [Deals Hub]
56 Samsung Electronics mobile executives take voluntary bonus cuts
57 Daring Deal
58 Rock out with Beats Music (pictures) - CNET
59 'World of Warcraft' Still A $1B Powerhouse Even As Subscription MMOs Decline
60 Apocalypse Singapore
61 6 Design Concepts From IDEO That Rethink Aging | Design | WIRED
62 U.K. defends surveillance practices in front of special tribunal
63 Mortal Kombat X: 5 Guest Characters You Want As DLC - IGN
64 The Recommender: Adrian Covert, Once A Minor Subject In Celebrity Gossip Blogs
65 Wallpaper Weekend: 5 Dark Wallpapers for iPhone
66 15+ reasons Apple is best for accessibility
67 What if the Chinese property bubble goes nuclear? -
68 Monument Valley crosses one million copies sold milestone
69 TV - We Are Not Alone, 'Aliens On The Moon: The Truth Disclosed' Documentary To Air On Syfy This Sunday! | Horror Society
70 Five more apps that work with Google Cardboard - CNET
71 Sex Tape Review - IGN
72 Ask The Experts: I Don't Agree With My Company's Politics, What Should I Do?
73 Supernatural: Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles on Reaching Season 10 - IGN
74 Google to stop calling games with in-app purchases ‘free’
75 Most Venture Funding Since 2001
76 HackerRank - Director of Product
77 The Legend of Korra: "Original Airbenders" Review - IGN
78 What Charles And Ray Eames Might Have Done With Modern Materials
79 IBM and Apple ties go way back
80 Whatever You Do, Don’t Call This Ship an Aircraft Carrier
81 BWStearns/WhiteTruffleScraper
82 Big Data Needs Programmable Infrastructure, and Vice Versa
83 The Return of Email Startup Acquisitions
84 How Smart Lending Dumbed Down | TechCrunch
85 LED beads to pop onto your circuit...
86 littleBits Buggy
87 Intel's Haswell coming to Xeon E5 chips this quarter
88 Water Balloon Filling Station
89 Food Dehydrator
90 Tic Tac Test Box... a Simple Audio Signal Injector!