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Watch the cute full-length trailer for Pixar's 'The Good Dinosaur' - CNET

The first full-length preview of the upcoming flick gives viewers their first look at an unlikely human-dinosaur friendship in action.

iOS and Mac musicians can ditch wires with Bluetooth MIDI device

Zivix has a new wireless MIDI device for Apple-centric musicians, but unlike the original WiFi Puc, this time it's using Bluetooth 4.0. The Puc+ is the "first B...

'Devil's Third' for Wii U headed to the US, thanks to Nintendo

Nintendo will publish 'Devil's Third' for Wii U in the US this year.

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Google, Facebook get behind Samsung in patent battle with Apple - CNET

The companies' filing, called an amicus curiae or "friend of the court" brief, is a symbolic show of support for Samsung. The companies are in no way tied to the case between Apple and Samsung, but by filing the brief, they have expressed to the court their desire to put their full support behind Samsung in its ongoing proceedings with Apple. In some cases, such a brief can have a profound impact on rulings, while in others, it can mean little. The US Court of Appeals has not publicly commented on the brief.

2 Will Launch With Amazon Prices Front and Center is essentially a discount shopping club that charges members $50 a year for access to the “best price on more than 10 million products.” Partnering retailers such as NewEgg and Barnes & Noble pay Jet a referral fee or a commission for items selling on Jet. But instead of pocketing the fee like most shopping marketplaces, Jet will pass that along to its shoppers in the form of a discount. Jet can get away with discounting below Amazon’s lowest prices by breaking even on product sales and relying on membership fees for future profits, Lore has said.

Microsoft Reports Biggest Quarterly Loss Ever

Microsoft Corp. turned in an upside-down financial report for its fiscal fourth quarter, showing weakness in its usually robust corporate-software division but strength in some consumer-technology areas that are traditionally middling. It also reported a $3.2 billion quarterly loss, a departure for a company that typically generates reliable profit. The loss resulted from $8.4 billion in previously announced charges and layoffs in...

amgvy2015 | TechCrunch

Apple has just released its fiscal Q3 2015 earnings, reporting $49.6 billion in revenue, $10.7 billion in net profit representing $1.85 per share. Compared to the year-ago quarter, it corresponds to a growth of 32.5 percent in revenue, and an impressive 44.5 percent jump in EPS. Despite this impressive growth rate, the company slightly missed compared to expectations — it’s a… Read More

Liveblog Of Apple's Q3 2015 Earnings Call

5:46PM-5:50PM ET  - A question was asked about the shift in strategic focus on the iPhone vs. other services like Apple Radio. “We think the phone has a lot of legs to it,” said Cook. “There’s tons of innovations left of the phone. I think we are in the early innings of it, not in the late innings.” Cook said that Apple has a lot of “great teams” so they can do “more than one thing.” But Apple still focuses on a smaller number of projects than many other companies at a macro level, which helps maintain that focus. Cook also said services like Apple Pay and Apple Music are ”very important to us” and “I am still very bullish on iPad.” He highlighted the upcoming features in the iPad like picture-in-picture and multitasking. The usage stats on iPad remains “unbelievably great.” And Cook said that there is still plenty of opportunity for the iPad in emerging markets.

The Body-Positive Word Instagram Won’t Let You Search For

On July 14, Buzzfeed's Nora Whelan pointed out  that a search for the term #Curvy brings up zero results on Instagram, with an error page appearing instead. Evidently, the social media platform doesn't want users to search for the term. 

Apple says App Store, other services resume after three hours

Apple Inc said App Store, Apple Music, iTunes Store and some other services are back online, after a more than three hour outage.

This Fake Town Exists Solely To Test Driverless Cars

With many in the industry expecting  completely autonomous cars to hit the road within the decade, Mcity will play a key role in studying how these cars will be able to sense and react in time to potential pedestrian accidents. The facility will also develop ways for cars to identify nearby self-driving vehicles and traffic signals, and run them under various weather conditions, particularly the heavy snowfall common to Michigan winters, Bloomberg reported .  

9 .NET Blog

.NET reflection is a powerful tool but it requires metadata about the types you want to inspect. All the app and framework metadata is kept around in .NET Framework that ships in Windows. In .NET Native, the app developer controls how much metadata is kept in the app. Our compiler keeps the metadata used by your code, but removes most of the metadata for the .NET Framework code. Using Runtime Directives, you can fine-tune our compiler’s choices by specifying what types and members your app reflects on. Our default improves memory density of .NET Native code over Desktop .NET code, but you can push this further by customizing your Runtime Directives. We’ll talk a lot more about these directives in a set up upcoming blog posts.

14 Girls Explain Why Women Should Learn How To Code

This summer, over 1,000 girls around the country are participating in a free summer program that gives them intensive instruction in computer science and mentorship from top female technology executives.

Writedowns put Microsoft in the red - BBC News

Microsoft has reported a $3.2bn net loss for the three months to 30 June after posting $8.4bn of writedowns.

Auto industry veteran Doug Betts joins Apple

Betts, who has spent more than 25 years in the auto industry with companies including Toyota and Nissan, vacated his role of head of quality at Chrysler Group last year to "pursue other interests."

Early Apple Watch sales beat the original iPhone and iPad, but no firm numbers yet

Secondly, to provide a bit more color. The sales of the Watch did exceed our expectations. And they did so despite supply still trailing demand at the end of the quarter. To give you additional insight, through the end of the quarter, in fact that the Apple Watch sell through was higher than the comparable launch periods of the original iPhone or the original iPad. We were able to do with with having only 680 points of sale. As you probably know, as I had reviewed earlier, the online sales were so great at the beginning, we were not able to feed inventory to our stores until mid-June. And so those points of sale, pretty much, the overwhelming majority of the low number of sales were not there until the last two weeks of the quarter.

Robot Cars Get 32-Acre Michigan City to Hone Driving Skills

M City, a 32-acre (13-hectare) mini-metropolis, seeks to replicate modern urban chaos with traffic jams and unpredictable pedestrians, alongside suburban streetscapes, superhighways and rural roads. The $10 million facility in Ann Arbor, Michigan, has 40 building facades, angled intersections, a traffic circle, a bridge, a tunnel, gravel roads and plenty of obstructed views. There’s even a four-lane highway with entrance and exit ramps.

Google grabs Pixate to improve its apps, and others

Pixate will live on as a standalone service. But its tools will also aid in Google’s own development processes. This would include material design, Google’s new design aesthetic to unify the look and feel of its various apps and online services. Google released a material design guide for Android L at its I/O conference last year, partly in an effort to compete against the slick design of Apple’s services.

Apple hires auto industry vet, further telegraphs move into electric cars

Rumors of such a project have been swirling for months. The initiative , earlier reports said, is called “Titan” and already involves as many as a thousand people.

One Lean Startup Experiment Per Week by @TriKro

This is because “you get what you measure.” As human beings, we’re very good at optimizing for arbitrary metrics. So if we’re forced to count lean startup velocity through how many experiments we can run, it’s pretty much guaranteed that we’ll game the system and run as many tiny tiny experiments as possible.

How to stop Notifications from lowering music volume on your iPhone or iPad

When you receive an app notification while listening to a music, the audio volume will be reduced so that you will be aware of the incoming notification. Fortunately, there’s a way that you can disable this effect only if you have jailbroken your iOS device as you need access to your iPhone or iPad’s filesystem.

Strong iPhone Sales Expected to Propel Apple's Results, Anticipation Surrounds the Watch

Stanford C. Bernstein technology analyst A.M. Sacconaghi notes that some investors have been spooked by the Chinese stock market volatility — after all, it accounted for 29 percent of the company’s revenue in the March quarter. But Sacconaghi believes demand for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus remains strong, based on his conversations with Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook, and that Apple’s smartphone is gaining share from other high-end device makers.

LifeLock crashes

In a statement to Business Insider, LifeLock said it became clear after talking with the FTC for 18 months that they could not reach an agreement outside court.

Apple posts record third-quarter sales on iPhone surge - BBC News

Analysts blamed the fall on disappointment about the company's revenue forecasts for the fourth quarter, which were slightly lower than expected, as well as the firm's profits being too heavily dependent on the iPhone.

This Woman Created A Resume For Airbnb And It Went Viral

After seeing little return from the hours spent reworking her traditional bullet-point resume, Mufleh was coming from what she called a “moment of desperation” in looking for work. But she knew she had a strong background to pull from. She had cofounded the Online Project, a social media agency based in Jordan, and was a frequent Airbnb host in San Francisco. She also thought she had some useful insights to offer.

Apple Music, App Store, and other Apple services experience outages

Beats 1 radio wasn't the only Apple service to temporarily go down during the MTV's VMA nominee announcements. As  TechCrunch first reported and  Apple's own status page confirmed , many more of Apple's services experienced issues Tuesday morning that stretched into the afternoon. Normal service was restored just before 2PM ET. The outages appeared limited to services related to Apple's online storefronts, but "limited" here is a relative term as many popular services are apparently tied in: Apple Music, Apple Radio, the App Store, Apple TV, the Mac App Store, iTunes Match, and even OS X Software Update all suffered problems. The outage wasn't universal, but still proved an unexpected headache for users.

Samsung's new tablets are thinner than the iPad Air 2

Samsung has launched the Galaxy Tab S2, a new Android tablet that’s available in two sizes and is only 5.6mm thick — that’s 0.6mm less than Apple’s iPad Air 2.

Rhino horn cameras promise to catch poachers in the act

Anti-poaching teams can only do so much to protect rhinos . Their immediate presence can deter rogue hunters, but a lot of the slaughter happens before these teams even know that something's wrong. That's where non-profit group Protect's RAPID (Real-Time Anti-Poaching Intelligence Device) should come in handy. The system uses a blend of heart rate sensors, GPS tags and cameras drilled into one of the rhinos' horns (don't worry, it's painless) to warn conservationists when a rhino is under threat. If a rhino's heart starts racing or suddenly goes still, observers get an alert that lets them turn on the camera to see if something's wrong. Ideally, this will prevent poachers from even firing a shot -- they know that they'll likely be caught within minutes if they chase or kill a tagged animal.

The Hackaday Prize

The creative energy and years of experience found in our huge community of Hackers, Designers, and Engineers is waiting to be unleashed. Let's use that potential and move humanity forward. This doesn't mean one giant solution. Thousands of people, each lifting one stone, moves mountains.

Watch the first, legal delivery-by-drone mission take place in the U.S.

Frank Jones, deputy director at NASA Langley, on completion of the mission is quoted as saying , “After it’s all done, you sit back and go ‘Wow, we did something really neat today. You demonstrated an operation that really does improve the quality of folk’s lives — and in some cases can save lives.” Matt Sweeney, CEO of Flirtey, is hopeful the successful mission could change the FAA’s thinking on unmanned drone deliveries in the U.S..

Microsoft rushes to patch another hole in Windows: DT Daily

Microsoft rushes to patch another hole in Windows: DT Daily

Scientists use lasers to find out why astronauts have bad skin

Among the trio of astronauts tested was Samantha Cristoforetti , who was scanned before traveling to the ISS in November 2014 and again upon return in June this year after her record-setting 199-day mission. The results showed an increase of collagen in the dermis, the lower layer of the skin, indicating a slight anti-aging effect. However, on the outer epidermal layer the skin was shrinking and in turn getting thinner by nearly 20 percent. One drawback is its increased susceptibility to dangerous radiation, affecting the area where stem cells are located and skin cancer often begins. Once back on Earth, the process is reversible, but increasingly long missions could have damaging results. Koenig is continuing the studies in hopes of curtailing this thinning skin phenomenon before astronauts are subject to more than a year's journey on NASA's Mars mission .

'Unicorns' May Be Rare, But Here’s What’s Really Unusual In Tech

These startups are called “unicorns” because they’re so rare and so prized -- members include Uber, Instacart and Slack -- but the analysis reveals what’s truly hard to find: a billion-dollar, woman-led venture. It also highlights what is, by now, a well-known problem in both the tech and business world: the shocking  lack of women  leaders. The TechCrunch article looked at companies founded between 2005 and 2015 that were valued at a minimum of $1 billion. Some have since gone public or been acquired. 

Microsoft cloaks the details of Windows 10 updates

That's because Windows 10 includes the ability to uninstall updates, or at least those marked as security updates. The feature is tucked under "Advanced options" on the Windows Update panel. When that's clicked or touched, followed by "View your update history," which appears in the next screen, the option "Uninstall updates" manifests. Click or touch that and a Windows 7-esque window pops up showing the updates eligible for deleting. On a PC running build 10240 of Windows 10 Pro, the only listed were KB3074663 and KB3074665.

Watsi is hiring a full-stack engineer

We’re looking for a full-stack engineer to join our eight-person team in San Francisco. The ideal candidate is a self-directed, product-focused generalist who’s excited to work on whatever is needed to bring healthcare to the world –everything from optimizing donation flows to designing a patient management system for hospitals around the world.

Hillary Clinton Wants Us All to Play the #Gendercard

In a Facebook Q&A later in the day, the Democratic candidate responded to McConnell’s comment, arguing, “There is a gender card being played in this campaign. It’s played every time Republicans vote against giving women equal pay, deny families access to affordable child care or family leave, refuse to let women make decisions about their health or have access to free contraception. These aren’t just women’s issues, they are economic issues that drive growth and affect all Americans.”

Three Big Numbers to Watch When Apple Reports Earnings

APPLE WATCH: Apple may have sold 3.4 million smartwatches, with estimates ranging from 3 million to 5 million. The company’s tight lip about the newest gadget has made it hard to assess the performance so far. There are two camps: Analysts who say shipments dropped after the first few weeks, and those who say it’s steadily gaining acceptance. Analysts may have to do more sleuthing for a good number even after today’s report because Apple has said it will lump Watch information into an “other” revenue category along with iPod, Apple TV, Beats headphones and speakers. For the full fiscal year, eight analysts on average project sales of 8.1 million watches.

Did Apple Watch Sales Really Exceed Expectations?

Cook, though, offered analysts “color” to avoid drawing the “wrong conclusion.” He said it would be incorrect to look at the sequential change in sales of the “other” category and conclude that nearly $1 billion number represents Apple Watch sales. Rather, sales of other devices, including the iPod music player, are shrinking. By how much is anyone’s guess.

Google Takes the + Out of Google+ Photos

Google+ has been increasingly marginalized over the years — once visible on every Google service and required for many, it has largely disappeared as a product except as a blogging and sharing platform used by a small minority of Google account holders (as little as 9 percent of users have ever posted publicly, according to one group's estimate ).

Twitter just removed your homepage wallpaper, and people are furious

The company has removed wallpapers from users' home and notifications timelines on Monday, Twitter confirmed Monday. Users now see a stark all-white background in place of their usual customized backgrounds, when viewing their profile, notifications and main timeline.

Patch Your Chrysler Now Against a Wireless Hacking Attack

Last week, Chrysler quietly released a software update for a collection of its vehicles that have an internet-connected computer feature in their dashboard known as Uconnect. The carmaker posted a notice to its website informing its customers about a “software update to improve vehicle electronic security.” What it didn’t explain in that cryptic post is that the update includes a patch designed to prevent the attack developed by security researchers Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek, which can compromise those Uconnect computers—an optional upgrade feature that doesn’t come standard in the Chrysler vehicles—through their cellular Internet connection to tamper with dashboard functions and track their GPS coordinates. For 2014 Jeep Cherokees in particular, Miller and Valasek have extended their attack to the vehicle’s CAN bus, the network that controls functions like steering, brakes, and transmission. That’s how they were able to wirelessly disconnect the Jeep’s engine with me behind the wheel , and later disable the brakes to send me rolling into a ditch.

Knights of the Old Republic 2 Coming to Mac, SteamOS With Massive Update - IGN

KOTOR 2 brings support for up to 5K resolution as well as widescreen support and Achievements. Additionally, Steam Cloud and controller support comes in the new version of Obsidian's sequel to BioWare's classic RPG. Steam Workshop compatibility means the game's legendary mod support can continue on Steam across all platforms, too. To that end, the Sith Lords Restored Content Mod -- a mode that completes KOTOR 2, which had missing chunks at launch -- could well be on its way to the Steam Workshop shortly for anyone to install.

How to buy an Apple Watch: Sales in Russia, New Zealand, and Turkey from July 31

Finally, there’s the Watch Edition, which is made from real gold, and you’ll need $10,000 minimum if you want to take one home. For that, you get either an 18-karat rose gold, or yellow gold 38mm watch with a sport band. The 42mm version is $12,000. A 42mm Apple Watch Edition with a classic buckle is $15,000. The most expensive Apple Watch Edition is the 38mm model with a leather strap and modern strap, and it costs an enormous $17,000.

5 Things Marketers Should Note From Yahoo’s Second Quarter Earnings Call

But there were some positive signs in the company’s effort to turn around its ad business. Here are a few points from Yahoo’s earnings call marketers should note.

Self-driving cars are coming to Australian roads

The trials are a collaboration between Swedish car brand Volvo, telecommunications company Telstra and technology brand Bosch. The Volvo cars will take to the roads to perform trials of overtaking, lane changing, breaking and using ramps.

Several iTunes-related services go down as Apple and MTV announce VMA nominees on Beats 1

Last night Apple announced that its Beats 1 web radio station would be the exclusive outlet for MTV to announce the Video Music Award nominees this year. The reveal was scheduled for 7 AM Pacific time this morning, but many users are finding themselves unable to tune in.


When we started building CoreOS Linux two years ago we wanted to encourage people to run infrastructure in a secure, distributed and consistent manner. This required many components along the way, including new datastores like etcd, container runtimes like Docker & rkt, and cluster wide application deployment, orchestration, and service discovery like Kubernetes. Today, CoreOS is joining a new foundation along with Google, Twitter, Huawei and other industry partners to collaborate and build the technologies that are changing how people are thinking about infrastructure software. This new foundation, the Cloud Native Foundation , is being launched in partnership with the Linux Foundation and will shepherd the industry collaboration around Kubernetes and other projects moving forward.

Twitter’s new ‘Safety Center’ is a hub for its anti-abuse tools, and more

Besides sections created especially for teens, parents, and educators, the resource, which goes with the tagline, “We’re committed to building a safer Twitter,” also offers links to “simple tools to help you take control of your time on Twitter,” a refreshed set of policies “to better reflect the diverse voices of our users,” and details of its redesigned review process that should mean faster responses to reports of abuse and, if necessary, swifter action against identified abusers.

“Millions and Millions” Are Already Using Apple Music

While vague, the number ranges shows progress for Apple’s successor to its iTunes download store. It’s important to note that Apple Music offers a free three-month trial. Of course, the Apple Music app came with a software update on July 1st that went out to hundreds of millions of iPhones. With that pre-install base, Apple shouldn’t have had trouble getting a least a few million to give its streaming service a shot.

The vanished streets of Old Paris

Atget saw himself as a documentary recorder, and actually described himself as an "author-producer.” The fact that many of his photographs were taken in quiet areas at dawn was not purely an artistic choice but a practical one: Atget's camera and photographic technique were outdated for the time, and required long exposures.  As a result he worked when streets were largely empty.

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia's Rob McElhenney to Direct Minecraft Movie - IGN

On the Mojang website , the video game developer revealed that McElhenney has been selected to helm the Minecraft film. "Some of you may have seen this guy hanging around Minecon in London a couple weeks ago," said Mojang COO Vu Bui. "He’s Rob McElhenney, and he’s going to be directing the upcoming Minecraft movie."

This ring light wants to make poorly-lit selfies a thing of the past

Like any light ring, the "Kira," as it's called, softens and minimizes shadows by washing the subject in an even, consistent light that circles the camera's view. The only real difference is that Kira is a detachable clip with a tiny window for your phone's camera. It looks a little silly and cumbersome to carry around in your pocket, but it works:

Hillary Clinton Hints She'd Support Flexible Benefits For Gig Economy Workers

If America's economic future includes on-demand labor in a " gig economy ," then American policymakers will need to build modern safety nets to protect and support tens of millions of people seeking income on mobile platforms like Uber.

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