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Microsoft's Cortana turns up heat with smart thermostat

Microsoft has unveiled the first smart thermostat that comes with integrated Cortana voice controls, built in partnership with Johnson Controls.

Elon Musk Gets 'Approval' for NY to DC Hyperloop

Elon Musk says he received 'verbal govt approval' for The Boring Company to build a Hyperloop that would rocket you from New York to D.C. in 29 minutes.

'Crash Bandicoot's' hardest ever level comes to the remaster

'Crash Bandicoot's' hidden level Stormy Ascent is free on PSN until August 19th.

Legendary pokémon are finally coming to Pokémon Go

Today Niantic announced that the long-awaited release of legendary pokémon in Pokémon Go is coming soon. The studio provided some details on how the feature will play out in-game. Players will have...

Stargate returns with Stargate Origins series, an MGM streaming exclusive

Stargate is the epic, storied TV and movie sci-fi franchise that gets the least amount of credit, overshadowed by the likes of Star Trek and Star Wars. But..

The ACLU is suing the Trump administration over its secret “religious liberty” plan

The ACLU is trying to force the Trump administration to provide concrete details about a vaguely worded May 4 executive

Shyp, Which Wanted To Transform Shipping, Is Scaling Back To San Francisco

The company is leaving most of its markets and retooling its service to serve small businesses rather than consumers—tough decisions that it hopes will lead to profitability.

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A Facebook phone? Curious patent reveals blueprint for modular device

F acebook is exploring a device with interchangeable parts that could be used as a smartphone or a speaker, a patent filing has shown.

Google Glass Returns After Two Years In The Dark

After two years in the dark, Google Glass has returned, launching a new enterprise edition (EE) that several major corporations have already deployed into their workforce.


Exclusive: Baidu, to join others investing $12 billion in China Unicom - sources

With the addition of money from Baidu, China's biggest internet search provider, and second-largest e-commerce company, the total investment into that unit is likely to rise to about 80 billion yuan ($11.8 billion), the people said.

The Essential Phone is coming 'in a few weeks'

You might be getting impatient to get your hands on your new Essential Phone (and I'm also impatient to get it to you!) but rest assured that you will have a device in your hands in a few weeks.

Dump the snake oil and show security researchers some respect | ZDNet

Hacker Summer Camp kicks off this weekend, and with many conferences, there's a very noticeable "race to first" by marketing teams. In that race, marketers need to first revere the research and respect the researchers, especially heading into the next 10 days. Here's why.

NASA Uploads Hundreds of Rare Aircraft Films to YouTube

There are tons of videos on the channel, and like I said, if you want to get any work done I wouldn’t recommend clicking through to watch. They’re simply too cool. But if you insist, here are a few that are especially fun.

Google says AI will help run datacenters in the near future - TechRepublic

Sloss says that it won't just be Google that is clamouring to put its datacenters under the stewardship of AI, the results achieved by self-learning systems are such an unambiguous improvement over manual decision-making that using machine-learning systems will rapidly become essential when running large datacenters.

Best password managers of 2017: Reviews of the top products

Password generation: You’ve been reminded ad nauseam that the strongest passwords are long, random strings of characters, and that you should use a different one for each site you access. That’s a tall order. This is what makes password generation—the ability to create complex passwords out of letters, numbers, and special characters—an indispensable feature of any good password manager. The best password managers will also be able to analyze your existing passwords for weaknesses and upgrade them with a click.

Interactive: The Top Programming Languages 2017

Find the programming languages that are most important to you

Delta passengers can now use their fingerprints as a boarding pass

Delta started testing its biometric boarding procedure in May. The fingerprinting process allows customers to board an aircraft or enter Delta Sky Club lounges without their ID and ticket. Delta says the final phase of its biometric boarding pass test, which is due “this summer,” will allow customers to also use their fingerprints to check-in bags.

With hundreds of choices, how can you pick an IoT platform?

“There are a good number of companies, specialized in a particular subsection of IoT or with specialized platform services such as prescriptive analytics. There will be some acquisition of smaller platforms by bigger ones but at the same time, I think  the key issue here is being able to create the right ecosystem which is flexible enough to move you from being a player into system leader into several sectors.  I think the management of ecosystems is really a challenging one but a key competitive asset in IoT.

WeChat director of user growth talks up new features for overseas clients

Having such a deep hold on the Chinese consumer base both in terms of engagement and pure numbers, WeChat has naturally become of interest to both domestic and foreign enterprises. As a result, WeChat has begun releasing more and more features over the years to assist with business operations and communications in China, and recently, foreign brands have begun launching WeChat official accounts to promote brand awareness and sales.

LA Dodgers organist plays 'Numb' in touching tribute to Chester Bennington

LA Dodgers organist plays 'Numb' in touching tribute to Chester Bennington

@CNET/CNET at #SDCC on Twitter

When you tweet with a location, Twitter stores that location. You can switch location on/off before each Tweet and always have the option to delete your location history. Learn more

Most weapons on the dark web come from US, study finds

"The dark web is both an enabler for the trade of illegal weapons already on the black market and a potential source of diversion for weapons legally owned", said Giacomo Persi Paoli, the report's lead author. "The ability for criminals and terrorists, as well as vulnerable or fixated individuals, to make virtually anonymous purchases is perhaps the most dangerous aspect."

Stephen Colbert Visits President Trump's (Alleged) Pee Tape Hotel Room

Stephen Colbert took viewers to a Moscow hotel room on his show last night. But it wasn’t just any Moscow hotel room. It was the room where President Trump allegedly had two sex workers urinate on the bed as a sign of disrespect to Barack Obama, who had previously stayed in the same room. And the segment is pretty nerve-racking .

Top 50 Hidden iOS 11 Features

There’s a new option in Safari’s Share sheet called Markup as PDF. It will convert the current page and will let you mark up using the same screenshot tools. This works on both iPhone and iPad. But you don’t have to markup. You can use this as a quick shortcut to convert the page to PDF. Then tap on the Share button to send it to any app. This is much faster than the convoluted Print way in iOS 10.

​Programming languages: Python is hottest, but Go and Swift are rising | ZDNet

As Spectrum IEEE notes , the top four languages -- Python, C, Java, and C++ -- are close in popularity and remain unchanged from the previous ranking. Swift's rise meanwhile mirrors the demise of Apple's Objective-C.

Dropbox CTO Aditya Agarwal is leaving

Galaxy Note 8 on Aug. 23: Samsung makes it official

In March, Samsung went a long way toward regaining consumer trust with the introduction of its flashy Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus. Neither device has had any problems since they went on sale in April. Now, Samsung will have to do the same with the Note 8, as well as give consumers a reason to buy the device instead of the regular Galaxy line.

Ethan Zuckerman on Twitter

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Hulu’s redesigned app and live TV service are now available on Amazon Fire TV

Hulu’s live TV service — which the company is very clear to note is still in beta, for whatever that means in today’s world of software development — costs $39.99 per month. It gets you over 50 channels of live television, including the usual batch of important ones like ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, ESPN, FX, USA, TBS, Disney Channel, and more. (Check Hulu’s website to see what you get in your area.)

BI Tech on Twitter

Apple reportedly chose LG to be the sole supplier of L-shaped batteries for next year's iPhone

US Bans Travel to North Korea Starting Next Month According to News Leaked on Twitter

The US will reportedly ban Americans from traveling to North Korea starting in late August. The formal announcement of the ban isn’t scheduled for next week, but news of the decision just leaked on Twitter. Welcome to the 21st century, I guess.

Our Sweet, Stupid Boy Sean Spicer Is Hiding Among the Bushes in the Sky Now

The White House’s sweet prince is now hiding “among the bushes” in the sky. After months of rumors, The New York Times reported Friday afternoon that Sean Spicer has officially resigned as White House press secretary. According to Times senior correspondent Glenn Thrush, Spicer “vehemently” objected to Trump appointing Wall Street veteran Anthony Scaramucci as the administration’s communications director. Many thought Spicer would take the role himself, making fewer and fewer appearances in daily briefings.

Spicer resigns: A look back at his spiciest moments

Scaramucci said Friday that White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders is succeeding Spicer as press secretary, who will leave the job in August. Scaramucci said he had great respect for Spicer, according to the New York Times, and said "I hope he goes on to make a tremendous amount of money." Huckabee, reading a statement from Trump, quoted the president as saying, "I wish him continued success as he moves on to pursue new opportunities. Just look at his great television ratings."

If You Actually Want to Play Games, Get the New Nintendo 2DS XL

The Nintendo Switch exists, and is a fantastic gaming system that you can, in a pinch, play in a bar, a car, or on the train. Phones exist too, and the games on them are better than ever. So why the hell should you own anything else? Because games. The Switch’s library is still small, and smartphones still lack those games you can get lost in for days. So if you want a mobile system that can go anywhere and play some of the best games ever designed, you need something from the Nintendo 3DS family, which despite being seven years old, shows no signs of being at the end of its life any time soon.

This Ad Starkly Depicts Black Parents Having “The Talk” With Their Kids

WHY WE CARE: Proctor & Gamble has been behind some progressive ads recently, tackling subjects such as gender discrimination and equal pay in spots that don’t so much sell a product as the idea that the brand is engaged on important issues (which, given that roughly half the country is going to resent them for talking about these issues, it actually may very well be). This time out, P&G go head-first on America’s thorniest issue: race.

30 Elizabeth C on Twitter

"Migration has never been about legality. It's been about power." @joseiswriting #DefianceML

Microsoft's 'commercial cloud' services gain steam | ZDNet

Microsoft is closing in on its $20 billion commercial cloud annual run rate goal, hitting the $18.9 billion milestone for its latest fiscal quarter.

YouTube kills the video editing tools you never used

As for why the tools are going away, it's likely that not many folks were using it. Web video editing is hella slow compared to native applications, because you have to upload your video and download the final copy. That said, it was a good option for Chromebook users or folks with underpowered laptops or tablets.

Spicer resigns: A look back at his spiciest moments

Scaramucci said Friday that White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders is succeeding Spicer as press secretary, who will leave the job in August. Scaramucci said he had great respect for Spicer, according to The New York Times, and said "I hope he goes on to make a tremendous amount of money." Huckabee, reading a statement from Trump, quoted the president as saying, "I wish (Spicer) continued success as he moves on to pursue new opportunities. Just look at his great television ratings."

Welcome to Outer Space View

We did a lot of troubleshooting before collecting the final imagery that you see today in Street View. The ISS has technical equipment on all surfaces, with lots of cables and a complicated layout with modules shooting off in all directions—left, right, up, down. And it’s a busy place, with six crew members carrying out research and maintenance activities 12 hours a day. There are a lot of obstacles up there, and we had limited time to capture the imagery, so we had to be confident that our approach would work. Oh, and there’s that whole zero gravity thing.

The fastest bikes at the Tour de France, raced by the world's fastest cyclists

On stage one, Business Insider got a chance to see several of the world's fastest bikes up close as the team cars rolled to the start. Here are TT bikes from each of the 22 teams with shots of the riders in action.

Hackers are using hotel Wi-Fi to spy on guests, steal data | ZDNet

The DarkHotel hacking group has returned -- but this time they're focusing on a different target, using a new strain of Inexsmar malware.

TNW on Twitter

Why I'm holding off on getting my Aadhaar number for as long as possible

Verizon is Throttling Netflix and YouTube to Conduct Optimization Tests

The users that discovered the issue quickly took to Reddit to voice their concerns, and many others weighed in, showing their own network tests to prove that Verizon was indeed throttling their data from these two sources. Many pointed out that on Verizon’s new unlimited data plan, they should not be throttled until they reach 22GB of data consumed on a monthly cycle. And, even then, only if their network is congested.

Why You Need Two Chore Charts

At some point, most of us have tried to use a chore chart or wheel, or maybe just a list, to get our partners and housemates and families to do their share of the tasks that keep our homes running. But we also know the sinking feeling of seeing the dishes pile up—and then rolling up our sleeves to do it ourselves. Well, maybe the reason you’re stuck doing all the chores is because you’re using one chart. When really, you need two.

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Asimov's Laws won't actually stop robots from harming us, so here's a better solution

Some Verizon customers say they're not getting the speeds they're paying for

In both threads, Verizon users are reporting slower-than-advertised speeds whenever they stream Netflix and YouTube. Many report maximum internet speeds around 10 Mbps whenever using these services over their mobile data network. (The higher the Mbps, or "Megabits per second," the faster the internet speeds.)

Gigabyte’s new Raspberry Pi rival is bigger but more flexible

The Raspberry Pi was a magical innovation with its highly-compact form-factor, but what if you made it bigger in order to give the thing more flexibility? That’s exactly what Gigabyte has done with a new mini-computer board, the larger size of which grants the benefit of selecting your own memory and storage (and indeed potentially upgrading these components at a later date).

First Silk Road. Now AlphaBay. What's next for the dark web?

After Silk Road fell, AlphaBay rose to become the largest dark web market. What will take its place now that it's gone?

A sexy Macbook competitor with a bigger screen

It feels very solid, and the screen hinge is tight, however I wouldn't count on it handling a big drop very well. I accidentally dropped it once when it was closed (from about 3 feet), and it hit the concrete on its corner. It wasn't destroyed, but I was pretty bummed about ruining its pristine, gold-accented perimeter.

South Australian police look to VR to improve firearms training - TechRepublic

The VirTra simulator, which set the police force back $480,000, has been in use since June 2017. Now, however, it is being made available for other groups, such as the South Australian Police's Special Tasks and Rescue (STAR) group, to train on as well. STAR is typically tasked with handling situations deemed more high-risk, Williams said in the statement.

Symantec tricked into removing legit certificates by security researcher | ZDNet

"No harm was done here, because the certificate was only issued for my own test domain. But I could've also fake private keys of other peoples' certificates. Very likely Symantec would have revoked them as well, causing downtimes for those sites," Böck wrote. "I even could've easily created a fake key belonging to Symantec's own certificate."

Google Play Music is now available on CarPlay

If you’ve decided to choose Google Play Music over Apple Music, you’ll be pleased to know the service is now compatible with CarPlay. Simply update to the latest version of the app on your iPhone and you’re good to go.

Amazon discounts are misleading you, consumer group says

Consumer Watchdog found that Amazon's reference prices, which were found on roughly 46 percent of the products, were listed higher during the sale than in the 90 days leading up to it -- making customers think they're getting a better deal than they actually are. These results prompted a letter to the FTC on July 6, urging the agency to investigate Amazon's discount policy, Reuters said.

49 Lyft launches a new self-driving division and will develop its own autonomous ride-hailing technology

Lyft is betting the future of the road centers on sharing autonomous vehicles. It aims to be at the forefront of that technology with a new self-driving division and a self-driving system car manufacturers could plug into their self-driving cars.

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Read like The Flash, and remember it all with this speed reading course — just $19

51 Y Combinator raising $1 billion for new fund
52 SoftBank Fund Leads $114 Million Investment in Robot Technology
53 How to use ssh-agent to make working with secure shell more efficient - TechRepublic
54 Cyberwar looms as diplomats dither | ZDNet
55 Tornado Turns SUV Into a Flying Car, However Briefly
56 Deadly plague could potentially be released as a cloud above a city, killing thousands, according to bioterrorism experts
57 7 AMD Ryzen tips and tricks to maximize your PC's performance
58 Apple could provide Series 1 Apple Watch as replacement for original models requiring repairs
59 The 'Game of Thrones' season 7 premiere was pirated a staggering 90 million times
60 How to install Countly Analytics on Ubuntu Server - TechRepublic
61 Why This Van In Fresno Is Releasing A Million Bacteria-Infected Mosquitoes Every Week
62 Erm, Atari is making a hat... with speakers in it
63 How I finally broke my Facebook addiction
64 Cisco's work with the automotive industry supports car sharing and autonomous vehicles - TechRepublic
65 Microsoft is waging a quiet war against elite Russian hackers
66 Sean Spicer doesn't watch Melissa McCarthy's perfect 'SNL' skits because he's sleeping ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
67 NBC News MACH on Twitter
68 Gallery: 10 free backup applications to help you prevent disaster - TechRepublic
69 Nintendo Switch: the latest news, tips and accessories
70 Google doodle honors media visionary Marshall McLuhan
71 Disney and Pixar characters are coming to Apple’s Clips app
72 The 2018 Pirelli Calendar Is Here With An All-Black “Alice In Wonderland” Cast
73 Half of German companies hit by sabotage, spying in last two years, BSI says
74 Watch a Homemade Robot Crack a Safe in Just 15 Minutes
75 ​Google's Motion Stills GIF-making app arrives on Android | ZDNet
76 ProBeat: Wearables are gimmicks
77 Trump's new communication director is a hot mess on Twitter
78 What is mobile app wrapping?
79 Apple Names Deirdre O'Brien Vice President of People
80 Verizon admits to throttling video in apparent violation of net neutrality
81 Wisconsin Resident Suing Apple for Alleged Defective iPhone 4s Causing House Fire
82 YouTube now redirects terrorism-related searches to anti-extremist content
83 So you want to be a space tourist? Here are your options
84 AngelList co-founder Babak Nivi out “for my own reasons”
85 Experience the future of reality simulations at Disrupt SF 2017 with Unity and Improbable
87 Facebook is Looking Into Modular Smartphones and Devices, and more for 07/21/2017
88 Panasonic Toughbook CF-54, First Take: A semi-rugged laptop for field-service pros Review | ZDNet
90 Group Representing Samsung, Google, and Others Fully Support Apple in Qualcomm Fight
91 IGN Deals on Twitter
92 Betterment is now worth $800 million
93 16 essential iOS typing tips for iPad and iPhone