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Mars Curiosity Rover Now Fires its Laser Autonomously

NASA's Mars Curiosity Rover can now autonomously "pulse zap" a target with its laser.

There Might Actually Be a Warm Bodies Sequel

Teresa Palmer, who played Julie in the original film, says there's a chance we might get a follow-up to the zombie rom-com.

'Sonic Mania' looks like the 2D sequel fans deserve

Gotta go fast.

This Is What It’s Like to Direct Donald Trump in a Movie

A few years ago, Oliver Stone asked the Donald to film a cameo for one of his movies. It went ... OK?

Peter Thiel's speech was an LGBTQ milestone, just not the one we wanted

It was a fascinating, if painful, watershed moment.

Groot and Rocket Raccoon are the stars of this year’s official space station lab patch

Perhaps the best perk of working on a NASA mission is getting the official stitched mission patch. Nearly every project at the space agency produces its own unique emblem that is adorned by...

Comic-Con 2016: The Walking Dead Reveals Season 7 Trailer, Premiere Date and Ezekiel - IGN

Check out the newest look at The Walking Dead.

Bike Shed

I have just built a bike shed that I like to think of as a bike wardrobe!This was a project I undertook with my design + create business with clients who were looking for a funky bike store that visually didn't look too big and would fit in well in their garden.This was a great project and I would like to share it with you in this InstructableI realise that you may not want to follow the exact design though there are a few unique ideas within the design that you can easily use or adapt for your own shed project.Particularly look out for the feet, the way the large door opens up and if you want to make a bike shed the slider system.As the project is fairly large and to reduce the amount of information I give in this Instructable to a manageable amount, I will assume ...

Deconstructing the legendary dungeons of 'Ocarina of Time'

Does 'Ocarina of Time' really deserve all the praise it gets?

The Silicon Valley Cast Doesn’t Do Panels—They Do Improv

Most Comic-Con panels are just cast and crew answering questions. But for the team behind HBO's Silicon Valley-skewering show, it's a comedy routine.

J.K. Rowling casts her spell again

Hi there. Here’s another installation from our series of ‘What TNW is reading‘. We’re really committed to reading more, and sharing what we like is a way to keep us on track. Last week we talked about barbarians and the Roman Empire with a very history-centric post featuring Sam – Rome didn’t fall in a day, it didn’t fall …

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1 Forbes Welcome

"It's always helpful to learn from your mistakes because then your mistakes seem worthwhile."


Comic-Con International is a convention dedicated to comic books, movies, TV shows and video games, the largest of its kind in North America. The event will take place in San Diego, July 21-24, 2016.

My love letter to cosplay

Adam Savage makes things and builds experiments, and he uses costumes to add humor, color and clarity to the stories he tells. Tracing his lifelong love of costumes — from a childhood space helmet made of an ice cream tub to a No-Face costume he wore to Comic-Con — Savage explores the world of cosplay and the meaning it creates for its community. "We're connecting with something important inside of us," he says. "The costumes are how we reveal ourselves to each other."

Facebook 2026

By nearly any measure, Facebook has had a remarkable year. More than 1.65 billion people use the service every month, making it the world’s largest social network by a considerable margin. Its advertising business has grown significantly faster than analyst expectations, powered by sophisticated targeting capabilities that rivals struggle to match. And in April, CEO Mark Zuckerberg laid out an ambitious 10-year vision that places the company at the frontier of computer science, making aggressive moves in bringing artificial intelligence and virtual reality to the mainstream.

The Things That Are Most Dangerous for Cats to Eat, and Why

Cats have weird habits, and sometimes eat the things you least expected, so it’s hard to say exactly what to keep locked up and away from them. In researching this article, I read about cats eating just about everything, including rubber bands and pennies. Definitely try to keep these loose objects away from your cat if you can, and try to keep only safe species of houseplants and garden plants in areas where your cat might roam.

Apple: Pokémon Go breaks iOS record for most downloads in its first week

Apple confirmed the number to Polygon , albeit without providing specifics (Polygon is waiting for an exact number from The Pokemon company). Whatever the tally ends up being, that’s surely set to rise as the app continues its rollout in other countries.

Don't Play Pokemon Go During State Department Press Briefings About ISIS

“You’re playing the Pokemon thing right there, aren’t you,” the half-incredulous, half-bemused Kirby said with an accusatory finger pointed at the reporter in question.

Police Want to 3D Print a Dead Man's Fingers to Unlock His Phone

Asking Apple to help break an iPhone is so three months ago. Police have a new, and higher-tech idea: 3D print the fingers of a dead man and use those fingerprints to unlock the phone instead.

The Republican National Convention, explained in helpful charts

We've taken the liberty of explaining some of the convention's less conventional moments with a few helpful charts.

Fear the Walking Dead Heads South of the Border in a Giant Season Two Trailer

Full disclosure: As io9's recapper of The Walking Dead , I don’t watch its sister series Fear, so I don’t continually compare the two. So I don’t know much about what’s happening in this trailer, although I can say that missing loved ones, limited supplies, and roving, lawless, armed gangs is pretty much par for the course. But where Fear stands apart, to me, is its locations. Tijuana, baby!

WikiLeaks Just Published Tons of Credit Card and Social Security Numbers

WikiLeaks firmly believes in radical transparency, the idea that the world would be better if there were no secrets. That level of transparency can be used for good, like the time the site published a video called “ Collateral Murder ” showing innocent journalists shot to oblivion by US troops in 2010. But not always.

Verizon is reportedly close to buying Yahoo for $5 billion

Remember when Verizon bought out AOL (Engadget's parent brand) last year? Then get ready for deja vu: the communications giant is reportedly in closing talks to purchase Yahoo later this year. Sources familiar with the deal have told Bloomberg and ReCode that Verizon is offering almost $5 billion to take over Yahoo's core business and real estate holdings. The deal still isn't finalized, but sources say it's close. That's good news for Tim Armstrong, who's been hoping to use the buyout to expand the AOL userbase from 700 million to almost two billion.

iOS 10 hints at water-resistant iPhone | ZDNet

If you're prone to getting your iPhone wet, iOS 10 has a handy new feature that could help save your device from premature death.

Nvidia launches new flagship graphics card, the $1200 Titan X

The latest graphics card release from Nvidia is, in fact, the most powerful card it’s ever produced. With 12 billion transistors, the latest Pascal architecture, 12GB of GDDR5X memory and 3,584 cores at 1.53Ghz delivering an apparent 11 teraflops of performance, it’s a steadfast attempt at being the best there is.

An Enormous Green Blob Just Bubbled Out of a Storm Drain in Utah

Residents of Bluffdale, Utah received quite a shock yesterday when an enormous blob of pale green foam sprung forth, seemingly out of nowhere, from a roadside irrigation gate.

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Tesla fatality can't dissuade NHTSA from self-driving upside  #IoT #tech #news

Science Museum removes sign honoring Philando Castile

While I am not in law enforcement myself, my take on it would be this: Let’s just say for argument’s sake that the gun, or at least a part of it, was visible to the officer when he approached the window. Say for example, it was between the person’s legs, they were sitting on it, it was in their waistband, or something along those lines. Then the person reaches for their driver’s license, registration, insurance card, or moves their hands in any way that puts them in the vicinity of, or in close proximity to the gun or where the gun could be grabbed and / or used. Know what’s gonna happen? I would venture to say that In the overwhelming majority of cases, just what happened in this case. It has absolutely nothing to do with the race of the person. NOTHING. It has absolutely everything to do with the officer perceiving a threat to his / her life and safety and taking action to defend himself / herself against that perceived threat. Personally, I’ll wait for the BCA to tell me what happened rather than assume I know all the facts which I, along with everyone else out there, do not at this point in time.

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[TECH NEWS] Will these wearables finally make us cyborgs?:  #Tech #News #IoT

Pokémon Go isn’t making as much money for Nintendo as you think

Pokémon Go has Nintendo looking vibrant again, but the company doesn’t want you to get big ideas about what Pikachu is doing to its bank account.

Pokemon Go sets Apple App Store record for launch downloads, but US growth slowing

The extraordinarily popular Pokémon Go has broken the previous record for downloads in the first week after launch, as "peak Pokémon" hit one week after U.S launch.

Brilliant iPhone Case Makes It Way Easier to Catch Pokémon

If you’re struggling to build your Pokémon posse because your Pokeballs are curving all over the place, Jon Cleaver has created a simple but brilliant iPhone case that serves as a guide for your finger to keep launches dead-straight, and vastly improve your monster capturing skills in Pokémon Go .

Apple Selling National-Pride Watch Bands for Rio Olympic Games

According to GQ , Cupertino will sell some pretty sweet-looking national pride Apple Watch bands when the games start this August. The only catch: you'll have to go to Brazil to get one.

TBS is giving 'Overwatch' its own $300,000 tournament

The Grand Finals are set to be broadcast via TBS and Twitch on September 30th, with the winning team taking home $100,000 as the grand prize.

A new iOS 10 feature warns against open WiFi networks

After connecting to an open network, iOS 10 will display a "Security Recommendation" notification beneath the network's name in the WiFi menu settings. When a user opens up the Security Recommendation, they're greeted with a notification that "open networks provide no security and expose all network traffic." There's also a recommendation to configure your router to use AES encryption for the network.

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The KickassTorrents Case Could Be Huge

“There’s no doubt that this has the tell-tale signs of a test criminal case,” says Rothken. “If the defense prevails, then the Department of Justice can point to this scenario to tell Congress there may be a need to update the criminal copyright laws.” And if KAT loses, there’s now legal precedent to bring criminal charges against torrent operators. (The most famous precursor to the KAT case, the Pirate Bay, was tried in Sweden, and was a joint criminal and civil procedure).

Redbox Testing New Streaming Service

Redbox is giving streaming another go. According to Variety , the movie kiosk company is testing a new streaming service called Redbox Digital offering movies to buy or rent. Rumors about the service first started circulating in March, and now it looks like some customers are getting the opportunity to try it out.

IGN @ SDCC on Twitter

Yeah, the toys at SDCC 2016 are big. But these things were even bigger... #IGNAccess

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[NEW POST] Philadelphia preps for its Smart City Challenge  #IoT #News

These Are The Programs ISIS Uses To Remain Anonymous Online

There’s a big push among ISIS members to enhance technical knowledge, specifically of software that could be used to counteract surveillance. According to a new report released Friday, discussion among jihadist forums proliferates the circulation of manuals and tutorials on how to use VPNs, proxy services, and other tools, and keeps up to date on the latest in software.

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[NEW POST] IoT and waste management: Revolutionizing an old industry  #IoT #Tech

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When you tweet with a location, Twitter stores that location. You can switch location on/off before each Tweet and always have the option to delete your location history. Learn more

Celeb Photo Hacker Sentenced To Six Months In Federal Prison

Assistant U.S. Attorney Stephanie S. Christensen urged the judge to sentence Helton to a minimum of one year in prison, explaining in her filings that “[Helton] targeted strangers, acquaintances, and celebrities alike. He trolled through their private e-mail accounts, accessing the most private of communications. He systematically pilfered nude and intimate images of his victims and stored them in his own computer for personal use.”

Pokemon Go breaks Apple download records

Earlier this week, an analyst at Needham & Co estimated that Pokemon Go could bring in $3 billion in revenue for Apple over the next one to two years. Though the game is free, Apple and Google get a cut of any in-app purchases. Needham also said there were more iOS than Android Pokemon Go downloads, according to mobile researchers.

The Best Bluetooth Speakers of 2016

Connectivity Beyond an auxiliary input (so you can connect your smartphone or tablet with a wire, if you wish), you'd be lucky to find much else in the way of connectivity on most Bluetooth speaker systems. Even a 3.5mm aux input isn't a certainty if you're getting a particularly small or inexpensive speaker. However, larger speakers can often serve multiple purposes, and even use multiple wireless standards. Apple's AirPlay used to be completely separate from Bluetooth and other Android-friendly wireless systems, but now there's plenty of overlap, and you can find some speakers pulling double-duty as both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi systems. The Libratone Zipp Mini, for instance, doubles as an AirPlay and Spotify Connect speaker. The Amazon Echo, meanwhile, is primarily a voice-controlled speaker that can work autonomously once it's connected to your Wi-Fi network; you can just tell it to play music, if you don't want to stream audio over Bluetooth. These multi-platform speakers sacrifice portability for their flexibility, however.

This is what sponsored Pokéstops look like in 'Pokémon GO'

"Ingress," the previous game by the makers of "Pokémon GO," also had sponsored locations in the game, such as Jamba Juice. As you can see in the descriptive text in that image, they actually worked Jamba Juice into the sci-fi hacker lore of the game, which is pretty impressive. It doesn't seem like "Pokémon GO" does anything like that, unfortunately.

Slice Tells You If Amazon Prime Is Worthwhile Based on Your Shopping Habits

Once you allow it access, the calculator is pretty simple. It adds up all of your purchases in the last year, tells you how much you’ve spent and whether or not a Prime membership will save you money on shipping over time. Keep in mind, if you’ve deleted receipts from the past year, that will affect the outcome. Plus, it only takes shipping into consideration, so your own mileage may vary depending on other Prime services you use .

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[GLOBAL NEWS] India planning ahead to capitalize on emerging IoT opportunities:  #IoT #News

6 key tips to taking your business global

There are many ways to take your business global, with various levels of complexity and investment.  You’re going to need to decide between opening our own office overseas, leveraging key in-country distributors or striking channel partnerships with key companies that have access to your target customers, based on your goals and budgets.

Hillary Clinton's Democratic National Convention will be all about the texts

Several celebrities have tweeted that they will appear at next week's Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, and gave followers a number to text so followers receive messages whenever their favorite celebrities are about to show up.

Feast your eyes on U.S. Bank Stadium videos, animated GIFs

Upload your photographs and videos to the Google Photos service, and interesting things will happen. A series of consecutively shot photos will get turned into an animated GIF, for instance. Google Photos also will take a batch of complementary photos, all taken at around the same time, and turn them into a stylized video with music. Selected pictures will get the...

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“Determination is the key ingredient for every entrepreneur.”

How To Disable Lock Screen Widgets in iOS 10

The biggest addition to iOS 10 are all the changes to the Lock screen and Notifications. The slide to unlock gesture is gone . You click the home button to unlock instead. Plus, there’s a whole new screen to the left – the Today view that contains all the widgets. You can access it simply by swiping left on the lock screen.

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Snapchat for iOS

Twin Cities businesses embrace the Pokémon Go craze

Julio Ojeda-Zapata covers technology for the Pioneer Press’ business and features desks. He also sometimes writes about pop-culture topics of a nerdy nature. In his spare time, Julio writes for the TidBITS Apple-enthusiast site, where he is a contributing editor. He’s published books about Twitter, the iPad, and mobile productivity. See his blog at As a Puerto Rico transplant, he prefers his St. Paul weather hot and muggy, but he’s been known to strap on a snowboard. He loves to dig into a thick sci-fi novel, make sushi rolls, brew perfect café, kick back with a red IPA, and dance a mean merengue.

The Best Photo Printers of 2016

Do You Print Black and White Photos? With most printer categories, you should consider whether you really need color. Photo printers turn the question on its head, so you should consider whether you need black and white, which many printers can't handle well. The most common flaw is a tint, or different color tints for different shades of gray. If you print black and white photos, you'll need to check out black and white photo quality quite apart from the printer's color photo quality. This is more often a problem for dedicated, rather than near-dedicated, photo printers, but you need to consider it in either case. (In our reviews, we note such tints and their severity when we encounter them, but we don't use monochrome images to test small-format printers.)

Pokémon Go and the demon-haunted world

A podcast for "Trunews" recently addressed the Pokémon phenomenon after a Pokémon Go enthusiast was seen playing the game near the organization's offices. ("Trunews" describes itself as the "world’s leading news source that reports, analyzes, and comments on global events and trends with a conservative, orthodox Christian worldview.") The Trunews podcast hosts described Pokémon characters as "beasts and spirits," "virtual cyber demons" and "digital demons." Trunews staff even downloaded the app and discovered that "inside the Trunews building is a virtual cyber demon," and they're not happy about it (The Pokémon conversation starts at 52:04 in the show.)

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IoT is raising the bar for what consumers expect from their media experience:  #IoT #Tech

Hillary Clinton announces VP pick Tim Kaine on Twitter

The former secretary of state and presumptive Democratic nominee for president of the United States said via Twitter that she's picked Tim Kaine, a US senator from Virginia, as her running mate and nominee for vice president of the United States. The announcement came by way of a tweet at 5:11 p.m. PT.

Verizon will cut off unlimited data users who use too much unlimited data

Verizon’s latest ploy to move people off unlimited data plans will likely affect a very small number of the carrier’s customers. Nevertheless, Verizon feels it needs a way to prevent heavy data users from gobbling up network resources—or at least get them to pay a higher price for it.

51 The Game of Thrones season six blooper reel is here
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53 Wikileaks publishes thousands of DNC emails
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56 3D printed Pokémon Go case makes it easier to catch 'em all
57 Game of Thrones Has a Blooper Reel and a Much-Too-Early Look at Next Season
58 The Best Antivirus Protection of 2016
59 'Xboy' Handheld Was Considered, Says Former Xbox Exec – IGN Unfiltered - IGN
60 Comic-Con 2016: Ghost Rider Confirmed to Debut on Agents of SHIELD - IGN
61 GE Appliances wants to turn your design ideas into new products
62 Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg Rethinks Parts of ‘Lean In’
63 How to use macOS Sierra's 'Picture in Picture' feature
64 Salesforce acquires data center analytics startup Coolan
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66 Microsoft adds Pokémon detector to OneDrive to locate monster screenshots
67 The Hidden Threat in Verizon Buying Yahoo
68 8 photos that show 'Pokémon GO' is exploding in Japan
69 You can now ride your luggage around the airport
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71 PayPal and Visa kiss and make up, form strategic partnership
72 3D-printed 'Pokémon Go' cover aims for you, obscures screen
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74 What does the future hold for these 9 internet kids?
75 Utah Lake’s Poop-Driven Algal Bloom Is a Crappy Situation
76 Comic-Con got a sneak peek at some 'Hey Arnold!' film artwork
77 Hopper Updates With Personalized Flight Deal Recommendations
78 Facebook's new project makes it easier to get started with React
79 Gross Algae Bloom Engulfs a Lake Full of Human Shit
80 Engineer Discovers Something Amazing in Da Vinci's 'Irrelevant Scribbles'
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82 Exclusive: Listen to CeeLo Green’s brand new song ‘My Favorite MCs’
83 Facebook's giant solar-powered drone takes flight to deliver internet to remote areas - TechRepublic
84 This Is What Rio Looks Like on the Eve of the Olympics
85 Twitter data shows big rise in accounts being verified
86 Leslie Jones Has This Very Important Message For Her Racist Twitter Trolls
87 Snowden Designs iPhone Case to Detect Snooping
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89 Feds are still pushing for self-driving cars