This Is What It’s Like to Direct Donald Trump in a Movie Video Description

One of Davos’ biggest moments in season six found him confronting Melisandre, aka the Red Woman, who in season five burned Davos’ young friend Shireen Baratheon at the stake. For a show in which many characters are chopped, flame-broiled, or Wildfired to death, the Red Woman’s expulsion to the South was one of the least harsh send-offs in memory—but it was also true to Davos’ pragmatic nature. “I wanted to kick the crap out of her!” Cunningham jokes. “I wanted to burn her. But [Davos is] not that kind of guy. He’s the kind of guy we’d all like to be under pressure—a man with a bit of grace and decency and loyalty. He’s not out for himself, and not consumed by ambition and power, which gives him a certain objectivity. Getting to the top of the pile is not a disease he has to suffer, the way a lot of politicians do—like the guys you have over here, and in Turkey, and England, and everywhere.”

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