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Cotton candy ice spun by fungus - CNET

Microscopic and chemical analyses of the elusive and mysterious hair ice have finally revealed its secret: fungus.

How an Unlikely Hollywood Juggernaut Came to Rule Netflix

Jay and Mark Duplass are brothers. That movie you like? They made it. Or were in it. Or financed it.

Happy 30th birthday, Commodore Amiga!

The computing classic was released exactly 30 years ago today. That'll either make you feel very old or baffled. Either way, read this…

Ted Cruz is wrong about Captain Picard

Presidential hopeful and would-be Christ figure Ted Cruz recently did an interview with The New York Times, and it's an absolute must-read. Rather than delve deeply into policy, interviewer Ana...

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Technicolor to Buy Cisco’s Set-Top Box Unit for About $600 Million

SAN FRANCISCO—Technicolor SA has agreed to buy Cisco Systems Inc.’s TV set-top business for about $600 million, one of the first signs of Cisco’s incoming chief executive’s priorities. The deal with the French company closes Cisco’s 10-year involvement in a business that sprung from one of its most costly acquisitions. The Silicon Valley giant in 2005 announced a $6.9 billion deal to buy Scientific-Atlanta Inc., which sold products...

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge takes the top spot at TechRadar Phone Awards 2015

Samsung ran away with the top award of the night with Best Phone going to the Galaxy S6 Edge . With a curved edge display the Galaxy S6 Edge is one of the most interesting looking handsets available right now and has some impressive specs under the hood including an Exynos 7420 processor, 3GB of RAM and a beautiful 5.1-inch display.

iOS devices match Windows PC sales for the first time

Sales of Windows PCs peaked in early 2012, and they’ve been steadily falling ever since. They are now at roughly the same figure as that of June 2008. iOS devices, on the other hand, have continued to see significant growth every year since the platform was introduced.

Amazon’s AWS Unit Reports Q2 Revenue Of $1.8B, $391M Profit

The company reported that AWS now accounts for $1.824 billion of its total revenue. That’s up significantly from the last quarter, when Amazon reported AWS net sales of $1.566 billion and up a whopping 81 percent from the $1.05 billion it reported in the year-ago quarter.

Facebook, Microsoft, and Dropbox team up to make tech more accessible to people with disabilities

The tech world’s lack of consideration for people with disabilities has been making headlines lately. Earlier this year, Uber faced lawsuits for not complying with the American with Disabilities Act. Since then it’s launched a pilot that services drivers with hearing limitations and passengers  with physical disabilities . Despite these small efforts, Massachusetts attorney general has launched an investigation into how on-demand car services are providing for riders with disabilities in Massachusetts, which means other states could follow.

Starbucks eyes Lyft as way to ease worker commutes

Starbucks eyes Lyft as way to ease worker commutes Starbucks announced on Wednesday that it will soon partner with the rideshare service Lyft to experiment with providing transportation for the coffee company’s workers in a market with unreliable public transportation. Check out this story on

Apple releases firmware update for new MacBook Pro

In case you’re wondering, about the “mid-2015” part: When Apple releases new Macs, it uses identifies when the model was released with “early-,” “mid-,” or “late-,” labels. The 15-inch MacBook Pro currently for sale by Apple is labeled mid-2015. So if you have a MacBook Pro from mid-2014, you do not need to install the firmware update.

Why Drones Are Ditching Their DIY Roots

How the world has changed in just two years. "Almost every serious video drone then was somewhat custom-built," he says. Now, for a fraction of what Kolowich paid, aspiring drone pilots can pick up a "serious" drone at their local Best Buy. The drone community, circa 2015, is at an inflection point, with DIY tinkering giving way to mass-market distribution.

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Rise of the Tomb Raider is officially coming to PS4 and PC in 2016:

Google Just Took Another Small Step Toward Replacing Your Brain

Google on Tuesday announced a new update  to its Maps program which will allow people to visualize all of the places they've visited, so long as they were carrying smartphones at the time. It's called "Your Timeline," and it's currently rolling out for Android devices and desktop browsers, meaning users should be able to access it over the next couple of days if they can't already. A spokeswoman for Google told The Huffington Post that there are "no specific plans" for iOS. 

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CIOs say AppleCare for Enterprise is lacking

Even though Apple has a formal enterprise support group anchored to its partnership with IBM, most CIOs can't, or don't know how, to take advantage of it, because they work for businesses that can't afford or don't otherwise need the massive Apple and IBM contracts that are required. All they know is that it's an exclusive program limited to large enterprises that have deals with both companies. "At some point maybe they'll be clearer about what they're offering, but until then you've got to get stuff done, and you can't wait around for Apple," Gette says.

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#AgentsofSHIELD stars talk Season 3 and the formation of the Secret Warriors team

Top eSports league will begin drug testing players

ESL's Anna Rozwandowicz has also announced that the league won't be taking retrospective action to punish Friesen or other members of Cloud9. After all, there's no way to substantiate the alleged drug use and any trace of the substances would have passed from their bodies after five days. It seems as if the line between electronic sports and its meaty equivalent is getting narrower by the day. After all, there are now arenas where you can watch competitive gaming and superstars are even being forced to retire through injury . Hell, all we need now is the digital equivalent of deflategate and they'll be indistinguishable from each other.

YouTube cofounder endorses paid version

YouTube has grown massively since its launch in 2005 and its acquisition a year later by Google. But to support its continued growth, the site needs to provide the right tools for people to create and post videos, even if that might result in a cost to users, Hurley said.

Modified rice plant produces more grain, less methane

Apparently, the secret to better, more eco-friendly rice plant is another type of grain: barley. A team of scientists has created genetically modified rice that borrows a single gene from barley and found that the altered organism can generate up to 43 percent more grains per plant. Plus, its methane emission is down to 0.3 percent, a lot lower than regular rice's 10 percent emission observed during the scientists' experiments. Methane, as you might know, is one of the most potent greenhouse gases and is the second most prevalent in the US after carbon dioxide.

Apple iPod touch (2015)

Apple's iPod touch is the last descendant of the proud race of PDAs that once roamed the wide open ranges of America. It's for people who don't want to be tied to yet another cellular subscription, forced to pay by the minute or by the month. There is nothing else like it. Its closest competitors, really, are 7-inch tablets, although those aren't pocketable. The new 2015 model brings the line up to speed with a processor that can handle the latest apps from the hottest Apple developers. The $199, 16GB iPod touch is still the least expensive way to experience iOS, and more importantly, it's the best value non-cellular media player on the market, which makes it a clear pick for our Editors' Choice. Its only true imperfection is, well, that we want more of it.

Hackaday Boston Meetup

Most of my stuff has been seriously on hiatus as I've been getting married and moving in and TD'ing a stage show, but I recently picked up a modelmaker's machine lathe at a flea market and will be learning to set it up and use it. Not really a hack, but it's fun to learn this bit of arcana.

The amount of money VCs are raising right now is insane

In addition to the previously mentioned late-stage funding, Asia also had plenty of cash to toss around this quarter, and in a much more concentrated space. All in all, the region has $10.1 billion across just 313 deals in the second quarter, putting it on track to grow by 45 percent year over year. The quarterly total was also 146 percent higher than the reported $5 billion in the previous quarter.

This mysterious poem is cheering up London

The poem can be found on with the title "Worst Day Ever?", and the author is credited as Chanie Gorkin – a high school student from New York. (Yep, that's right – this poem may actually have been written by someone who hasn't even left school yet.)

3D-printed DNA 'bunnies' could deliver drugs into your body

Currently, scientists form such structures by attaching short DNA strands to longer ones and manually folding them at the joints. But even using software, that's a fiddly process that requires shapes to be designed helix-by-helix. With the new technique, scientists can first develop the shape they want and let the software figure out how to build it. The algorithms try to find a way to join the base pairs, and if they don't succeed, they create new edges -- in much the same way that complex 3D models are built on a computer .

Google Street View now takes you to a frozen lake with giant ice sculptures

Google’s Mongolian Street View driver has the coolest job in the world: driving around the country in a 4×4, documenting its beautiful national parks and cities.

Uber's next PR stunt is delivering Xiaomi phones

Lyft users might get free Starbucks coffee, but certain Uber users can get a high-end Xiaomi smartphone delivered to their door, at least for a day. If you're in Singapore and Malaysia, you can order the 5.7-inch QuadHD Xiaomi Mi Note directly from the Uber app and get it delivered like some kind of high-tech pizza. Your Uber credit card will be charged for the phone and you'll be able to follow the special orange-colored vehicle as it heads your way. The deal is only good for one day, July 27th, but that's a day ahead of the official launch, briefly giving you bragging rights. PR stunt? Sure, but Uber is anxious to make deliveries profitable using its huge driver network, and hasn't had much luck yet. Companies in the US like Sprint are now delivering smartphones straight to subscribers, complete with technicians to set them up. Given that, we'd not be surprised if Uber starts doing more Amazon-style deliveries in the US and elsewhere. As for Xiaomi, it's doubtful the Mi Note will ever come to the US or Europe, but the company did say that it would come to more markets soon.

'Fallout Anthology' packs five games into a collectible nuke

Bethesda Softworks ' set packs five games from the classic series into a collectible mini-nuke, a pint-sized nuclear bomb that works with the game's super-powerful "Fat Man" gun. The replica makes noises (presumably when you press down on the nose), and it's got enough space inside to house all five included games plus a sixth one:  Fallout 4 , obviously.

LG Display to Invest More in Flexible Screens

SEOUL—LG Display Co. on Thursday said it would build a new plant in South Korea to produce flexible displays, citing the need to prepare for an expected rise in demand from smartphone makers.

No surprises here: Movie ticket prices reach new all-time high

If you’ve been to the movies lately, you probably won’t be all that shocked to hear that the average price of a ticket sold during 2015’s Q2 reached a new peak. Data from the National Association of Theatre Owners (NATO, not to be confused with the military alliance, of course) shows that the new average has reached $8.61 a ticket, the highest for any quarter to date.

Hackers are winning the digital war - fair play to them

Personally, I think it’s too easy when something like this happens to moan and mourn the days when you, and you alone, had control of your car, or who saw your saucy honeymoon snaps. Yes, it was a simpler world to live in. These days, giant technology companies power the cars we travel in, and can dictate how we store our naughty photos. And between us and these companies, there are occasionally some even naughtier hackers.

Hacker: 'Hundreds of thousands' of vehicles are at risk of attack

"We could have easily done the same thing on one of the hundreds of thousands of vulnerable vehicles on the road," Miller said. "We gained access by exploiting a vulnerability that was present on the head unit (i.e. the radio/navigation thingie) that was accessible over the Internet. It did not require any physical access or changes to the vehicle."

AT&T’s Q2 2015 Earnings Mixed With $33.2B Revenue, $0.69 EPS

AT&T reported its second-quarter financial performance following the bell, including revenue of $33.02 billion and earnings per share of $0.69. The street had expected the company to earn $0.63 per share on revenue of $33.06 billion.

Amazon shares surge after surprise profit - BBC News

Amazon shares have surged more than 18% in after-hours trading after it reported a surprise profit and better-than-expected sales figures.

You can now go from Couch to 5K on Android

Amanda Connolly is a reporter for The Next Web, currently based in London. Originally from Ireland, Amanda previously worked in press and editorial at the Web Summit. She’s interested in all things tech, with a particular fondness for lifestyle and creative tech and the spaces where these intersect. Twitter

Critical security flaws patched in latest Chrome release - CNET

As part of Google's bug bounty program, researchers have been granted financial rewards based on the severity of the issue. A number of rewards are yet to be decided upon, but at the time of writing the most critical flaws earned researchers cash rewards ranging from $500 to $7,500. In total, roughly $40,000 has been awarded to security researchers. Bug bounties are a valuable way for software vendors to use third-party specialists to detect security flaws. This, in turn, results in problems being rapidly addressed and updates pushed out to users to keep them safe from exploit.

Twitter should copy Slack's emoji favorites right now

And if you’re worried about the feature instantly being used for trolling, that’s easily solved: Restrict the emoji set to positive or neutral options. Though, it must be said I’d be sad not to see the little smiling poop among them. 💩

70% off lifetime access to over 5,000 Adobe training videos

If you’re looking to get into graphic design or front-end Web development, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better online training course to round out your skill set.

Snapchat Adding New Publishers to Its Service, Including BuzzFeed

Among those scheduled to join Discover are BuzzFeed and, although not necessarily at the same time. Vox is scheduled to join Discover in the late summer group, according to sources. It’s unclear when BuzzFeed will debut on the service. Snapchat is talking to a wide range of other publishers as well, including Mic and Refinery29, although sources say Refinery29 is no longer in those discussions. ( is part of Vox Media, which also owns Re/code .)

Mr. Robot: "3xpl0its.wmv" Review - IGN

Elliot's mind is tangled and navigating around his narration is a constant exercise. It's a compliment. The effort keeps you present and makes you an active participant in the story. Some corner of my brain is constantly wondering whether Mr. Robot is real and on the lookout for clues. He directly interacted with Darlene after FSociety reassembled in the arcade, but from what we've seen of Elliot's personality, it's possible he could have been that forceful and angry. I go back and forth on the existence of Mr. Robot, and I like having arguments for both sides. It would be boring if we knew for certain so early on in the game.

Next-gen Moto X leaks hint at a big screen and a front flash

Motorola just can't keep its next-generation smartphones under wraps, apparently. Both Peru Android and Google+ user Paul Faz have posted photos that reportedly show the third-generation Moto X in considerably greater detail than earlier leaks. For a start, this is a beast of a device -- while it's unclear just how big that display is, Faz pegs it at 5.5 inches. In other words, Motorola might be headed into LG G4 territory with a big screen in a relatively compact body. Also, the shots support rumors that Motorola would join the likes of HTC by including a front camera flash for those nighttime selfies. It's not totally certain that you'll see this device at Motorola's July 28th event, but it's at least plausible.

Mobile Success Landscape: 250 companies, $25B investment, and 15 billion-dollar startups

250 companies with $25 billion in investment and 55,000 employees are helping mobile developers and publishers build the right apps with the right engagement and the right monetization to win in mobile.

Can $3.2M For 22 Startups Increase Civic Engagement?

If the voting process is easier, maybe more people will vote. If the public is more inspired about the electoral process, maybe more of us will participate. If more information about politicians is disclosed, maybe more of the public will be better informed. If the campaign speeches of candidates are archived better online, maybe more voters will watch them or learn from analyses that compare public statements. If journalists and technologists build better tools to examine election data, maybe the public will use them, benefitting American society. 

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Apple envisions Apple TV remote with fingerprint sensor for custom profiles, child proofing

A trio of Apple patent filings relating to biometric input devices could reveal plans for a remote control, potentially destined for Apple TV, capable of distinguishing multiple users for association with custom profiles on a second device. Source: USPTO Published by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office on Thursday, Apple's three applications are variations ( 1 , 2 , 3 ) on a biometric theme. Each mentions a device capable of collecting biometric information from a user, associating that data to a profile and remotely configuring a second device based on that information. Apple has filed for numerous inventions touching on biometric-based user profiles, but today's applications are some of the first to incorporate claims intertwining such technology with a remotely controlled device. A television or set-top box is specifically employed as an example application in all three patents. And while Apple is quick to note the TV metaphor is meant only to illustrate its invention, the idea of a fingerprint reading remote control capable of seamlessly switching user preferences is perhaps the filings' most enticing application.

Pandora revenue rises 30.5 percent on higher advertising sales

Pandora said active users rose about 4 pct to 79.4 million in the second quarter, from a year earlier. Total listener hours rose to 5.30 billion from 5.04 billion.

Chrome 44 for iOS arrives with Physical Web support, swiping right and left to navigate back and forward

Now, instead of digging through menus and buttons, Chrome for iOS lets you go back by swiping right (from the left side of the screen to the right side) while the forward function can be achieved by swiping left (vice versa). This doesn’t work if, while you’re browsing, you’re tapping links that open up new tabs: This is only for pages you open in the same tab.

EU launches antitrust probe against Disney, other film studios - CNET

"European consumers want to watch the pay-TV channels of their choice regardless of where they live or travel in the EU," Margrethe Vestager, the EU Commissioner in charge of competition policy, said in a statement. "Our investigation shows that they cannot do this today, also because licensing agreements between the major film studios and Sky UK do not allow consumers in other EU countries to access Sky's UK and Irish pay-TV services, via satellite or online. We believe that this may be in breach of EU competition rules. The studios and Sky UK now have the chance to respond to our concerns."

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Kepler 452b is the most Earth-like exoplanet yet. So what?

Can you combat burnout?

We've all been there: you're at the end of your rope with no ground in sight. So, how do you prevent a breakdown before it happens? The biggest thing is recognizing the signs and taking measures to stop it before it begins to affect your career. Watch this video to find out the best—while not so obvious—ways to prevent impending burnout.

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Netflix's TV apps get their first major update since 2013

Cinematic or not, when I've fallen asleep mid- OITNB binge, a visual hint would make it easier to remember which episode I was on so this should help. When we spoke to Netflix's Cliff Edwards in January we heard about plans to put its app on the same footing as cable, and creating a way for viewers to passively slip into watching makes that possible. Once you turn on cable TV the video is usually just there, while with streaming you've always had to pick something first -- this new feature combined with faster loading apps and video makes your Netflix & chill moment more casual . If you're using an older TV or device you may not see the feature, but it's rolling out to "eligible devices" ( Netflix Recommended TVs are a good bet ) globally over the next few days.

5 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Aim for Inbox Zero

Sometimes, you might receive an email that makes your chest pound, or even, pardon the cliché, your blood boil. We often take things personally when they likely aren’t personal at all, or might feel the need to make things personal as a way of defending ourselves. But firing off an angry email won’t help you in the long-run.

Online ad industry tries to stamp out click fraud

TAG is going to initially use a blacklist maintained by Google that lists suspicious IP addresses of computers in data centers that may be trying to replicate human clicks on advertisements. Ad-focused technology companies, including Facebook and Yahoo, will also contribute.

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