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Ted Cruz is wrong about Captain Picard

Presidential hopeful and would-be Christ figure Ted Cruz recently did an interview with The New York Times, and it's an absolute must-read. Rather than delve deeply into policy, interviewer Ana...

More than a million minutes of historical video added to YouTube

Associated Press and British Movietone are uploading more than a million minutes of footage to YouTube that documents the most momentous and historic events of the last 120 years. Two channels will...

The Quantified Cow: Wearables Will Monitor Animals As Closely As Humans

The future of farming is a Fitbit for the farm yard.

Amy Schumer interview turns unbearable after host calls character 'skanky'

Australia's KIIS 101.1 host Matt Tilley offends Amy Schumer during an interview calling her 'Trainwreck' character "skanky."

The official trailer for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 is finally here

The first full trailer for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 has arrived, and here it's all-out war between the Districts and the Capitol. Katniss and the soldiers of District 13 are finally...

How an Unlikely Hollywood Juggernaut Came to Rule Netflix

Jay and Mark Duplass are brothers. That movie you like? They made it. Or were in it. Or financed it.

Watch 112 years of movie aliens in just over three minutes - CNET

From 1902's "A Trip to the Moon" to "Guardians of the Galaxy," take a look at how our portrayal of aliens has changed on the big screen.

Massive bug swarm blankets Iowa, haunts your nightmares

A swarm of mayflies descended upon an Iowa bridge Saturday. Coincidently, it's exactly how many mayflies it takes to scar you for life.

11 New York City-based documentaries to watch on Netflix

A list of New York City-centered documentaries that prove the city is more than great pizza and giant rats.

Welcome to US politics: first you get doxxed, then you make a viral video

Earlier this week, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump continued his quest to drag political discourse down to the level of an internet message board by doxxing an opponent. Trump gave...

This is how Britain responded to 'Star Wars' in 1977

There was once a time when 'Star Wars' was just another odd science fiction caper from a weird director with an ill-advised beard…

Smiley face: Jimmy Kimmel and Brie Larson preview upcoming emoji movie - CNET

On Wednesday night's episode of "Jimmy Kimmel Live," Kimmel and actress Brie Larson read made-up, hilarious scenes from Sony's upcoming emoji movie.

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YouTube for iOS now lets you watch vertical videos in full-screen

In launching the app however, the improvement may not be immediately obvious. A vertical video will still play in its narrow box at the top of the screen. I expanded it with a gesture — or tap the button on the button in the right-hand corner — and presto, the videos now look really cool.

Apple's Cut the App Store Prices of 100 Popular Apps to $0.99

If you’re staring at your iPhone and feeling bored, how about a few new cheap apps? Fortunately Apple has launched a new promotion where it’s cut the price of 100 popular apps to 99 cents. Including Goat Simulator .

Google launches Spotlight Stories for mobile storytelling immersion

Google has recently launched “Spotlight Stories,” which the company says will let users “Immerse yourself in a world of storytelling made just for mobile.” Google goes as far as to say with Spotlight Stories, users have their own personal mobile movie theater in their hands.

Engadget | Technology News, Advice and Features

The Gogoro scooter is ready for the streets of Taipei . The company will starts shipping its electric Smartscooter to customers that preordered the bike today. The brainchild of former HTC executives, Gogoro became one of the darlings of CES 2015 with its swappable battery solution for its electric vehicle. Instead of plugging the electric scooter into an outlet at home or at charging stations, riders use the company's GoStation battery kiosks in their city and swap out the two batteries that reside under the seat. Gogoro has been working with Taipei businesses and the government to implement the battery swapping infrastructure it needs to sell its bike. The scooter sells for $128,000 NT (New Taiwan Dollar) which is about $4,066 US and initially includes two years of free battery swapping. Subscriptions will start at $299 NT ($9.50 US) and go up to $899 NT ($28.50 US). Launching in scooter-centric Taipei is a bit of a no brainer. And while the company hasn't shared any future launch plans, we should expect more cities in Asia to get the bike with motorcycle and scooter-friendly North American cities like San Francisco somewhere on the horizon.

In big move, Accenture will get rid of annual performance reviews and rankings

CEB also found that the average manager spends more than 200 hours a year on activities related to performance reviews—things like sitting in training sessions, filling out forms and delivering evaluations to employees. When you add up those hours, plus the cost of the performance-management technology itself, CEB estimates that a company of about 10,000 employees spends roughly $35 million a year to conduct reviews.

How To Make A Vinyl Record In 11 Steps

We toured Rainbo Records, one of the oldest and largest vinyl pressing plants in the world, to learn how to make a vinyl record. Subscribe to FORBES: Check out our full video catalog: Follow FORBES VIDEO on Twitter: Like FORBES VIDEO on Facebook: Follow FORBES VIDEO on Instagram: For more FORBES content:

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Converse finally made a Chuck Taylor that won't destroy my old man feet

One of the less awesome things about getting older is that being on your feet for hours at a time at a concert, walking miles around the city, or any other similar activity ends up taking a progressively bigger toll on your feet. As such, I haven't bothered buying a pair of Converse's perennially stylish Chuck Taylor All Star sneakers in a long time. Sure, I could wear them for lower-impact occasions, but I'll end up falling in love with them all over again, wearing them constantly, and doing a number on my feet.

The magic of Fibonacci numbers

Math is logical, functional and just ... awesome. Mathemagician Arthur Benjamin explores hidden properties of that weird and wonderful set of numbers, the Fibonacci series. (And reminds you that mathematics can be inspiring, too!)

What Music Does to Your Brain While You Work

I thought it’d be interesting to take a dive into the science behind the deep power of music to find out if it actually helps you work better.


Bitcoin uses peer-to-peer technology to operate with no central authority or banks; managing transactions and the issuing of bitcoins is carried out collectively by the network. Bitcoin is open-source; its design is public, nobody owns or controls Bitcoin and everyone can take part . Through many of its unique properties, Bitcoin allows exciting uses that could not be covered by any previous payment system.

This is how NASA rescued its planet-hunting telescope

This time around, the team is focusing on more specific targets, which Howell describes with obvious excitement. The new mission will study stars of various ages much younger than the Sun — eschewing more adult stars like the 4.5 billion-year-old Sun for toddlers that are only 100 million years old. The team wants to know what types of planets orbit these young stars, in the hopes that observations can tell us more about how and when planets form. They’ll also study variations among galaxies, and try to learn more about stars that explode as supernovae. And K2 will look closely at sections of our own solar system, particularly the objects in the Kuiper belt. There they can study asteroids and other small bodies in deep orbit around the Sun (like Pluto) as old as our solar system, which can provide clues to how our system formed in the first place. It’s another type of observation the original mission didn’t perform, and it might be able to tell us where our planet’s water came from .

NASA's Kepler spacecraft finds Earth's cousin

NASA's exoplanet-hunting Kepler spacecraft has spotted  another Earth-like world . The space agency today announced the discovery of Kepler-452b, the smallest planet we've found yet orbiting inside a star's habitable zone — the places around a sun where it’s warm enough for liquid surface water. NASA researchers are dubbing Kepler-452b as Earth 2.0.

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Apple Throws Its Weight Behind Historic LGBT Equality Act

The Equality Act of 2015 would ensure that people cannot be discriminated against on the basis of their sexual orientation or gender identity when it comes to employment, housing, and other rights. The legislation would amend the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which outlaws discrimination the basis of race, color, religion, and national origin. The Equality Act would extend these same rights to LGBT people, including in the 31 states that don’t already extend these protections to their LGBT citizens.

Influential Apple fan trashes Apple Music, calls it a nightmare

"I started to notice that whenever I added an album to my library, not all of the songs would get added. When I looked at the list of songs, there would be some missing—sometimes, most of the album would be missing," he said. "I went through about 15 albums one night and manually added all of the missing songs. It was frustrating, to say the least, but I did it. I nearly lost my mind the next morning when I checked my iPhone and Apple Music and taken out all of the songs I added the night before. I was right back where I started."

Decoding the Remarkable Algorithms of Ants

Has evolution produced any other algorithms? I’m working with another computer scientist on the routing networks that ants use. Arboreal ant species in Mexico follow very complicated paths through the tangle of trees and vines and other vegetation that connects nests and food sources. The trails break all the time, for instance when a twig snaps or an animal crosses the path. But the highway is easily repaired. How do they find a new route so quickly—on the scale of minutes—when there are so many different choices? We think they use a strategy that doesn’t take the shortest route but reestablishes the path very quickly and keeps the flow going. In some ways they have sacrificed what we think of as efficiency for resiliency. We think we have a model that makes sense, and we are testing it in field work.

George R.R. Martin loved 'Ant-Man,' but thinks Marvel has a villain problem

[...] While Yellowjacket makes a decent villain here (in the comics, of course, he was actually one of Hank's later identities, after Giant-Man and Goliath), I am tired of this Marvel movie trope where the bad guy has the same powers as the hero. The Hulk fought the Abomination, who is just a bad Hulk. Spider-Man fights Venom, who is just a bad Spider-Man. Iron Man fights Ironmonger, a bad Iron Man. Yawn. I want more films where the hero and the villain have wildly different powers. That makes the action much more interesting).

iPhone 7 release date, news and rumours

What would you like to see in the iPhone 6S and iPhone 7? Do let us know in the comments. But before we get to what we want to see, here are the best (and most believable) of the rumours on offer so far:

These pictures show video game heroines with real-woman bodies , an online resource for individuals struggling with eating disorders, is critical of these problematic depictions of women in video games. In an effort to expose just how unrealistic the bodies of female characters are for the average woman, the site “reverse Photoshopped” some of the most popular examples to show the stark difference between the virtual and reality.

Movie studios keep mistakenly reporting their own servers for piracy

Have you ever walked into a crowded room and smelled something gross and thought, "Man, someone forgot to shower this morning, huh." But then you realize that you forgot to wash the shirt you're wearing and you're actually what smells?

James Franco wrote a book about Lana Del Rey, because why not?

Flip-Side will be released on March 15, 2016 via Penguin Random House . But should you want a sneak peek at what it might be like, look no further: "Lana has become my friend. She is a musician who is a poet and a video artist. She grew up on the East Coast but she is an artist of the West Coast," Franco writes in V Magazine .

Karma Go review: a mobile hotspot minus the monthly fee

Karma was always intriguing, at least in theory. You get a relatively cheap mobile hotspot and data, but it's open to anybody. If somebody near you uses it, you'll get free data added to your plan. But the best part of the Karma system isn't the scheme to try to get free data, it's the way you pay for it: flat-rate data without any monthly plan. You pay for what you use and nothing more. If you leave it in a drawer for six months, it doesn't cost you a penny.

Dmail Makes Your Gmail Messages Self-Destruct

Have you ever regretted sending an email, and wished you could take it back? Or maybe you’ve worried about sending confidential information over email – especially after seeing the damage a large-scale email hack can cause, like the one that hit  Sony Pictures  last year? A new “self-destructing” email service called Dmail aims to eliminate these concerns with the introduction of tool that allows you to better control the messages that are sent over Gmail.

8 charts that sum up the misery of the British summer

Our cynical British brains tell us not to, but the tiny part of us that still knows how to dream won't accept it. "Go on, get the BBQ out," that part whispers. "It's summer, after all." Or: "Why don't you drive down to the beach for the day? It's true the forecast only says sunny spells, but hey, maybe that'll mean it's less busy?"

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Pro Video Gamers Will Be Tested for Doping

The largest and oldest professional video game organization, the Electronic Sports League (ESL), announced in a statement Thursday that starting in August they’ll begin testing gamers for performance enhancing drugs.

3-D-Printed Drone Flies from U.K. Navy Ship to Explore Feasibility of Printing Small Autonomous Aircraft at Sea | MIT Technology Review

He envisages ships putting out to sea carrying printed parts to make up to 50 drones as well as a 3-D printer and the powder feedstock needed to print spares or bespoke vehicles for different missions, which might require different sensors. However, work remains to be done to prove that printing planes at sea makes sense. Printing the parts for a Sulsa takes hours, and existing printers would need to be modified so they could stay level at sea.

World's largest e-sports group to start drug testing in wake of Adderall scandal

It's not just traditional sports that have to worry about performance-enhancing drugs. In the wake of an ongoing controversy surrounding the abuse of Adderall by e-sports players, the Electronic Sports League has said that it will introduce policies to keep drugs out of virtual sports.

The levitating superconductor

How can a super-thin 3-inch disk levitate something 70,000 times its own weight? In a riveting demonstration, Boaz Almog shows how a phenomenon known as quantum locking allows a superconductor disk to float over a magnetic rail — completely frictionlessly and with zero energy loss. Experiment: Prof. Guy Deutscher, Mishael Azoulay, Boaz Almog, of the High Tc Superconductivity Group, School of Physics and Astronomy, Tel Aviv University.

4 challenges trans people face that you won’t see on 'I Am Cait'

While you’re watching I Am Cait , remember that what you’re seeing isn’t the entire trans experience. Caitlyn Jenner’s transition has been a wonderful moment for the trans community, but there’s still so many trans people facing adversity and so much work to be done. Let’s celebrate this moment of trans visibility by fixing these issues, and making a whole bunch of trans people happy.

Hold Up, Millennials, We Old Dogs Still Know A Few Tricks

In my previous TechCrunch article you learned that I’m a big fan of the millennial generation. A really big fan. So much so, and as a result of the article, I’ve been informed by several individuals (both publicly and privately) that I am a millennial trapped in a GenX body.


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NASA contemplates high-flying 'windbots' for exploring gas giants - CNET

Stoica says that if the idea works out and winds up not being cost-prohibitive, it could be possible to deploy multiple windbots into a planet's atmosphere. "One could imagine a network of windbots existing for quite a long time on Jupiter or Saturn, sending information about ever-changing weather patterns," he said. "And, of course, what we learn about the atmospheres of other planets enriches our understanding of Earth's own weather and climate."

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Actually, Earth’s Cousin May Be Nothing Like Earth At All

NASA announced today the discovery of Kepler 452b, which it’s touting as the most Earth-like exoplanet found so far. It even released a pretty artist impression of the planet’s lakes and mountains. But hold up: There’s also a nearly even chance that Kepler 452b is a gassy planet, NASA’s scientists say. Earth’s cousin? Maybe that superweird cousin who doesn’t come to family reunions.

The essential toolkit for working remotely anywhere in the world

Many Remote Year participants are working on light, compact laptops, such as the 13" MacBook Air or the 15" Macbook Pro Retina. For long-term remote work, purchasing the latest laptop model is smart, as technical difficulties can be crippling when there's limited access to an in-house IT specialist or nearby Apple Store.

The next Jurassic World is coming in 2018

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Amazon Spikes 14% After It Reports Surprise Q2 Profit Of $92M, Better-Than-Expected Revenue Of $23.18B

Following its earnings smash, Amazon is up more than 14 percent after-hours. The company shed more than one percent of its value in regular trading, amid a negative market day. Amazon had estimated that it would have revenue of $20.6 billion to $22.8 billion during the three-month cycle.

NASA’s Social Media Strategy Is Genius—And Kinda Maddening

For now, that’s a pitfall that NASA has been able to avoid, by focusing on how well a platform helps them reach the audience their charter insists they speak to. For example, the Pluto photo was not only NASA’s most liked photo, but it also gained them 300,000 new followers. “Now 300,000 new people are learning about NASA,” says Townsend. In order to use a social media platform, NASA (or any federal agency) and the company must first negotiate a federal-compatible Terms of Service agreement to make iron out any problematic clauses that would prohibit federal employees from using the tools. For instance, if the company claims intellectual property rights to any content posted to its platform. “We’re not on every platform. It has to be on the government’s terms of service, and has to be approved by the agency’s Chief Information Officer,” he says.

Gamers Who Troll Women Are Literally Losers

Each player would say a few phrases to his or her teammates. The key difference between them was perceived gender: the “control” player didn’t speak, the “man” interacted by speaking with a prerecorded male voice, and the “woman” interacted by speaking with a prerecorded female voice. (The prerecorded phrases were the same innocuous statements like “Nice shot there” for each gender.) The goal was to see how players would interact with—and the kinds of comments that would be made towards—the male-voiced player versus the female-voiced player.

Happy National Hot Dog Day from these dogs in hot dog suits

It's National Hot Dog Day, and wiener fans across the country are chowing down on their favorite tubular meat treats. But humans aren't the only ones celebrating.

Instagram Marketing Startup Popular Pays Raises $2M

Under the Popular Pays model, businesses describe the kind of campaign they’re looking to create, then Instagrammers can apply and list how much money they’d want to participate. The marketer chooses the users they want to work with, those users start posting and Popular Pays provides data about how the campaign is doing. The marketer can also use the photos in their own materials.

Dear Unicorn, Exit Please

In the last couple of years, it’s become the conventional wisdom that the hottest, fastest-growing tech companies benefit from steering clear of public market investors as long as possible.

Turkey allows U.S. to use key base to strike ISIS

Incirlik Air Base, located in southern Turkey across the border from the Syrian city of Aleppo, is a joint U.S.-Turkish base. The U.S. Air Force's 39th Air Base Wing is based there, and its proximity to ISIS strongholds in Syria makes it a strategically advantageous place from which to attack the militant group. Turkey shares a 1,250-kilometer (775-mile) border with Iraq and Syria.

SoftBank President And COO Nikesh Arora Will Speak At Disrupt SF 2015

With significant stakes in U.S. operator Sprint and Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba — not to mention its own domestic empire in Japan — SoftBank is already one of the world’s most influential companies. On top of that, however, SoftBank is also making some of the largest investments in tech companies on the planet — making it a key player in the global tech space.

Three dead after shooting at Louisiana movie theater

Lafayette Police Chief Jim Craft told local media three people are deceased, including the shooter, and at least nine people have been injured. Police said the shooter was 59-year-old John Russell Houser, who died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. He was described by Craft as a "drifter" who has arrived in the city earlier in the month

NASA discovers a 'close cousin' of Earth around a sun-like star

Beyond hazarding guesses at whether or not Kepler 452b has a solid surface, NASA researchers on a estimated on a conference call today that the planet would have surface gravity twice that of Earth's and a thicker, cloudier atmosphere. With any luck, though, there's life of some sort lurking under that dense cloud cover. If we zoomed out just a little bit, we'd see that 452b orbits its star just a touch slower than our planet hurtles around the sun -- think 385 days, compared to our 365. To be clear, this isn't the first time Kepler has picked out exoplanets far enough from their stars to potentially harbor water. The thing is, previous planet discoveries were either too large to have rocky surfaces; they drifted into gas giant territory or orbited smaller, cooler stars . With Kepler 452b now under NASA's belt, the space organization can now crow about having discovered 4,675 possible planets, and here's hoping that number swells once we get some shiny new telescopes up-and-running.

See you Skype: 8 alternatives that are worth the hype

RingCentral is an voice-focused alternative to Skype that brings a professional edge to VoIP for business. The solution emphasizes security, as well as ease of use, focusing on voice calling, text messaging and conference. And those are tasks that RingCentral does exceptionally well. Overall, it’s solid, reliable, and flexible.

Dogs become Earth's mightiest heroes in adorable art series

"My personal favorite is probably MODOG [MODOK]. He just seems sad and I want to hug him. Otherwise PUGnisher (The Punisher) cracks me up. He seems on point," said Lynch. Other adorable inclusions in his series include a Spider-man pug, a chill-looking chihuahua Iron Man and a golden retriever Thor.

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57 Google is giving free patents to startups to fight patent trolls
58 Pandora Pops 5% After Reporting Stronger-Than-Anticipated Q2 Profit Of $0.05 Per Share
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61 Amazon’s AWS Unit Reports Q2 Revenue Of $1.8B, $391M Profit
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67 Flipboard Has Filed To Raise Another $50M
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71 AT&T’s Q2 2015 Earnings Mixed With $33.02 Billion Revenue And $0.69 EPS, Sports 2.1 Million Wireless Net Adds
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73 Canadian hotel shows lost stuffed animal what Canada is all aboot
74 Fly Or Die: AKG By HARMAN N90Q
75 Microsoft's Cityman and Talkman flagship Lumia phones and what you need to know
76 Product Hunt now has a dedicated books section
77 Taste Testing With teaBOT, The Robot That Brews Up Loose Leaf Tea In Under 30 Seconds
78 LinkedIn quietly removes tool to export contacts, makes users wait up to 72 hours for their data archive
79 Renowned 16th century jewels on display at the Met
80 Weird and wonderful hot dog toppings across America
81 Zaibatsu Planet on Twitter
82 The amount of money VCs are raising right now is insane
83 LinkedIn details Nurse, an automation tool that makes operations engineers more efficient
84 Twitter Makes It Easier To Target Ads Around Big Events
85 Japanese-Style Entrepreneurship: An Interview with Softbank’S CEO, Masayoshi Son
86 A quarter of Americans still expect antibiotics when they see a doctor for a cold
87 Characters - Street Fighter 5 Wiki Guide - IGN
88 Amazon Opens Huge Photo Studio In London To Feed Its Fashion Ambition