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What's the Best Way to Use Apache Cordova?

Web developer Alex Wasner tells us.

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Tech Leaders Tell Interns What They Wish They Knew At Age 20 | TechCrunch

As Chief Executive Officer, Kevin is responsible for Eventbrite's day-to-day-operations, as well as guiding the company's vision. Kevin was previously Co-Founder and CEO of Xoom Corporation (NASD: XOOM), an international money transfer company, servicing more than 30 countries worldwide. He has served as an early-stage investor and advisor to successful start-ups including the likes of PayPal, Pinterest, …

Nokia Lumia 930 review - CNET

With its great display, brilliant camera and attractive, colourful design, the Nokia Lumia 930 has most of what you'd expect from a top-end Windows Phone device. It's battery lets it down though and with an unimpressive selection of apps still available from the Windows Phone store, a high-end Android device with a good camera will likely be a better option for many of you.

Lyft Strikes a Deal to Operate in New York City - Digits - WSJ

Lyft more than two weeks ago  said it was finally arriving in the nation’s largest city to compete against Uber. That didn’t sit well with New York’s Taxi and Limousine Commission, which regulates the city’s cabs, and state officials, which won a temporary restraining order halting the July 8 launch.

Google Play adds 'Offline Games' section

Those worried that the games they play on their Android devices might be subtly pushing them ever-closer to their carrier's data cap can rest a bit easier by perusing the offerings in Google Play's newly-launched "Offline Games" section. Like the name says, all games found in the Offline Games section require no Internet connectivity beyond the initial download. While this means the games (which include Plague Inc. , Jetpack Joyride and Minecraft - Pocket Edition ) won't automatically tap into the cloud for leaderboard updates and in-app purchase reminders, it also means your monthly phone bill won't suddenly inflate to ludicrous levels simply because you spent an especially boring afternoon at the DMV with only your portable device for entertainment. As Engadget points out, the Offline Games section is currently paltry when compared to the thousands of games otherwise available on Google Play, but it's a start. Hopefully more mobile developers will see this move as a reminder that not everyone has an unlimited data plan. [Image: Google]

In Pictures, Palestinians Visit Ravaged Gaza Areas During Cease-Fire

Palestinians sit on debris during a 12-hour cease-fire in Gaza City's Shijaiyah neighborhood on July 26 after seeing their homes destroyed in Israel's military operation on Gaza.

Marc Andreessen Calls Out Everyone Who Has Doubted Facebook Over The Years

[<a href="//" target="_blank">View the story "Marc Andreessen calls out everyone who doubted Facebook" on Storify</a>]

An Indoor Positioning System Based On Echolocation | MIT Technology Review

The satellite-based global positioning system has revolutionised the way humans interact with our planet. But a serious weakness is that GPS doesn’t work indoors. Consequently, researchers and engineers have been studying various ways to work out position in doors in a way that is simple and inexpensive.

YC-Backed Kamcord Launches An App For Watching Mobile Game Replays | TechCrunch

As reports of Google’s interest in buying Twitch continue unabated , it’s clear there’s an enormous market for video of gameplay. A few players stepped up a couple years ago to tackle the same concept for mobile gaming. Y Combinator-backed Kamcord was one of them. They built a layer that developers could integrate, letting gamers easily record and share their gameplay. After raising $7.1 million at the beginning of May, they’ve grown their share rate by four times.

Stunning Day-Glo Photographs Show The Hidden Insides Of Sea Creatures

While working as a fisherman in Japan, Iori Tomita started experimenting with turning some of his catch into art. His crabs, fish, and other sea creatures end up brilliantly colored and completely transparent, so you can see each tiny detail of their insides. Tomita then photographs the oddly beautiful results.

'MythBusters' Star Adam Savage Spent 10 Years Making His 'Alien' Spacesuit for Comic-Con

But why the Alien homage? "The Alien spacesuit, which was designed by Moebius, is one of my favorite spacesuit designs ever, and I'm a spacesuit fanatic," Savage revealed. "I've got a bunch of replicas of real ones and fake ones. I've been working on this this particular suit over the last 10 years. It's the final culmination of a decade of obsession — it was worth every minute of labor put into it to see the responses from all the cosplayers out on the floor."

OperationSAFE is on JustCoz!

“One way you can help children recover from trauma is by giving. Thanks for your support.”


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Build software better, together

Use GitHub Enterprise, the best way to build software, on your servers.


TechCrunch has learned that Apple has made another acquisition, one that it is using to boost its e-books effort and “beat Amazon at its own game.” It has bought BookLamp, a startup based out of Boise, Idaho, that developed big data-style book analytics services. A second source says Apple bought BookLamp’s employees and technology for a price that was “higher than… Read More

5 dangerous things you should let your kids do

At TED U, Gever Tulley, founder of the Tinkering School, spells out 5 dangerous things you should let your kids do — and why a little danger is good for both kids and grownups.

Dropping in on the 'door to hell' – in pictures

"The story behind how [the crater] came into existence has been sort of shrouded in mystery, and there's no other place like it on Earth," Kourounis told National Geographic. "It is very unique, in that there's no other place where there is this pit of burning methane that's being ejected from the ground at high pressure".

Duolingo Launches Its Certification Program To Take On TOEFL | TechCrunch

Another major problem with today’s tests is that they are prone to fraud. Too often, test takers have somebody else who looks a bit like them take the test for them or they actually bribe the proctors. That’s clearly something the Duolingo team took very seriously when it developed its application. When you take the test, the camera and microphone on your phone or laptop record everything you do. After you have completed the test, that video is then watched by a Duolingo proctor who checks that everything is kosher. The video is also attached to your digital certificate, so if somebody else ends up taking the test for you, it’ll be pretty easy to spot by a university administrator or potential employer.

The power of time off

Every seven years, designer Stefan Sagmeister closes his New York studio for a yearlong sabbatical to rejuvenate and refresh their creative outlook. He explains the often overlooked value of time off and shows the innovative projects inspired by his time in Bali.


Comic-Con International is a convention dedicated to comic books, movies, TV shows and video games, the largest of its kind in North America. The event will take place in San Diego, July 26-28, 2014.

Meet The 22-Year-Old Student People Are Calling 'The Italian Mark Zuckerberg'

Egomnia , the career-focused social network Achilli founded in his first year of college, is getting so much attention in Europe that one magazine has gone so far as to call Achilli the "Italian Zuckerberg."    

Tesla's gigafactory could make electric cars rival gas cars - CNET

The production of lithium-ion batteries includes the use of natural minerals, such as graphite, cobalt, and lithium. According to Visual Capitalist, 70 percent of the cost of each battery is these minerals. World production of flake graphite was 375,000 tons in 2013 -- Tesla's gigafactory would increase this amount by 126,000 tons.

Tiny device aims to tell you if your drink has been spiked

If the $100,000 is raised, the the team behind (short for Personal Drink ID) aims to have the gear on sale within six months, priced at $75. Thankfully, the hardware is reusable, so could be employed to keep you safe throughout a night on the tiles. Wilson and his colleagues haven't talked about how easy it'll be to shrink the technology down, or how accurate the unit will be when it launches. If those caveats won't deter you from supporting what could be a very worthy cause, then you can contribute at the source link.

How to Start a Business While Working a Full-Time Job

The idea of working for someone else makes many of us cringe, and if you’ve had a 9-5 job, you’ve probably felt the suffocating hold it can take on your life. Mondays are dreadful. Mundane meetings and conference calls seem never-ending. Having a corporate job can literally suck the soul right out of your body.

Here's what our readers are saying about the Surface Pro 3

With the Surface Pro 3, Microsoft tried yet again to build a tablet that can replace your laptop, but critics found it fell just shy of that goal. Engadget's own Dana Wollman said that despite being "easier than ever to use as a tablet," the Surface still has some "serious usability flaws," including a keyboard that "offers a subpar typing experience and a frustrating trackpad." CNET liked the keyboard, but says that the Pro 3 "still doesn't fit perfectly on the lap" and that it's "more successful as a tablet than a laptop replacement." But despite these issues, there's still plenty to like about the Surface Pro 3, as evidenced by the readers who added the Pro 3 to their have list and wrote a user review recounting their experiences. The size and shape of the Surface Pro 3 were generally well-liked by users, with eca637 calling it "very thin, light, and sturdy feeling," while nerva2940 says "I hardly feel it in my shoulder bag." But comfort proved to be a contentious issue, as hkh222 says its sharp edges make it "uncomfortable to use on the lap," though nerva2940 found the Pro 3 "more comfortable and adjustable on the lap than any laptop.

You're Helping Mark Zuckerberg Become The World's Richest Person

Some day in the near future you will read these words, tucked between headlines about the iPhone 10 and President Donald Trump's first 100 days in office: Mark Zuckerberg Becomes World's Richest Man . And you will have only yourself to blame.

One Fast Cat: A hamster wheel for kitty - CNET

The wheel is designed for maximum kitty comfort, with a 1.2m (4ft) diameter and a tread width of 25.4cm (10in) so that puss can jog comfortably without having to worry about falling off or hurting her back. The tread is also covered in closed-cell EVA foam for comfort and to keep claws from snagging, and the entire construction is made from recycled plastic.

Ten Thousand Years

Ray cats, cute, but clearly not a scientists idea. 3 liters per year over 10,000 years for a gene that had no selective advantage. There’s an excellent chance that the ray cats would be either extinct (that could only take tens of years to achieve), or the genetic modification lost. Throw in some selective disadvantage–cats glow when they’re exposed to a little radiation, which helps the coyotes and raccoons see them better and reduces their fitness because they’re worse ambush predators, which wipes out the ray cats. Or, maybe we get ray cats who adapt to living near radioactivity (many existing gene pathways repair damage from ionizing radiation) and thrive. Or, maybe Earth’s atmosphere changes to allow in more cosmic radiation, and now ray cats everywhere glow. Ah, and when our civilization crashes, non-ray cats will thrive in our post-apocalyptic ruins, interbreed with ray cats, and dilute glow-gene right out of the population. Unless we exterminated all cats now, and reintroduced ray cats everywhere…. If you believe in evolution, a living organism isn’t the best way of creating an immutable warning system that would endure thousands of generations.

NASA e-Book Features

PDF files can be read by almost all desktop computers. You will need to install Acrobat Reader from Adobe's website to view the PDF.  

The TheTechNewsBlog Daily

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The Server Needs To Die To Save The Internet | TechCrunch

“Doing what we’re doing is exceedingly hard. Which is why it’s not really been done before. We’re different because we’ve set out to decentralize the Internet. And we’re also different because nothing like MaidSafe does exist. People will say that’s just like that or that but there is no other network in the world where you can privately log in to your own data, without anyone else knowing. And store data and share data – without the use of an intermediary, I’m just not aware of any network that you can do that on,” says Lambert.

'Futurama' returns...for one 'Simpsons' episode - CNET

Matt Groening, who created both "The Simpsons" and "Futurama," has indicated that he wants to get "Futurama" picked up by another network after Comedy Central decided not to renew the series for an eighth season. Perhaps a crossover episode will give that mission the push it needs to bring the world of New New York back to our TVs.

Levi’s Stadium, The New Home Of The San Francisco 49ers, Is Geek Heaven | TechCrunch

When the San Francisco 49ers take the field for their first preseason home game on August 17, fans will have a lot to cheer about. Not just because the team, which finished last year with a 12-4 record and made it into the NFC Championship game, is back — but also because they will be playing in a brand new stadium.

33 Abbreviations You Might Not Know (But Probably Should)

BYOB, OMG, and FYI are just soooo yesterday. New abbreviations pop up on social media every second, so it's normal to feel lost and confused about the origin and correct usage of letters like “JIC” (just in case).

Appealing To Women, Social Fitness App PumpUp Raises $2.4M Led by General Catalyst | TechCrunch

PumpUp is the first photo-based social network for healthy and active living. The mobile application immerses members into a comfortable and positive community where they can share with like minded individuals around their health, fitness, and wellness. The supportive community inspires millions of members across the globe to live a healthy and active lifestyle. PumpUp is headquartered in Toronto, …

How Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3 Stacks Up A Month Later | TechCrunch

The fact is that despite its merits, the Surface Pro 3 is still a niche device – but for a couple of very different niches. It could work great for someone looking for a single computer solution that’s closer to an iPad but with a larger display and a little more range in terms of approximating a desktop; and it could be great for a digital artist looking for something to use away from their home setup. It’s a solid machine and an example of well-executed hardware engineering, but at $799 plus the cost of a $130 Type Cover, it might still have a few too many quirks and peculiarities for the average user. For those who fit the profile, however, there’s nothing else quite like it.

Watch iOS 8′s Latest Beta Transcribe Voice To Text In Near-Real Time | TechCrunch

Apple’s iOS 8 beta 4 just hit the interwebs today, and among the new features found therein, there’s a cool new visualization of the iOS dictation feature (seen in the MacRumors video above) that shows your words being transcribed almost in real-time as you say them. It’s a feature that previously appeared in Siri, but it’s new to the dictate option found in Messages and other places with text entry, and it’s pretty darn cool.

The Modernization Of Computer Science Education | TechCrunch

The courses available to most CS students teach important software development practices, but because they’re designed around the typical classroom model of education, there are many aspects of the profession that they can’t convey to students. Unlike in the classroom, real-world software development projects are larger (in timeline and size) than the ones students encounter in class. One must also gain an understanding of some pretty substantial pre-existing code bases in order to be productive. What’s more, in the real-world, project management and interpersonal relationships can have as much impact on software design as technical issues, and systems are ultimately evaluated by user satisfaction rather than technical merit.

OpenCurriculum Looks To Foster Open-Source Education By Releasing Free Online Library | TechCrunch

OpenCurriculum is a web-based platform project to help create the world's first free and open source K-12 global curriculum using crowdsourcing. It aims to harness existing Open Educational Resources (OERs), best education and learning practices and the power of the combined knowledge & commitment of individuals like YOU to create a readily-adoptable high-quality curriculum.

These Vibrating Smart Shoes Tell You Where To Turn

To be honest, we already thought shoes were pretty smart. They protect your feet from the elements, they keep you from stepping on sharp and disturbingly squishy things and they help you get where you need to go.

7 US Startup Visa Options for International Founders

There is no other place like Silicon Valley, the tech Mecca of access to great talent, capital and countless prospective clients. For some founders, moving to the Valley is the only option to succeed. However, as we all know, immigrating to the US can be really tough .

Dropbox Gets Down To Business, Adds More Sharing Features And Search For Enterprises | TechCrunch

Dropbox, now at 300 million users globally, says that there are 4 million businesses today using its cloud-based platform to store, distribute and share documents. But of those, only around 80,000 have opted so far to use Dropbox for Business, the company’s premium enterprise tier launched earlier this year . Today, the startup is making a move to sweeten the deal, unveiling a host of new features to enhance Dropbox for Business. They include a lot of new (and more secure) ways to share documents, and an interesting move that points to Dropbox’s bigger platform ambitions: the introduction of full-text search.

The Internet Needs a Better Way to Handle Money. This Startup Has the Key | Enterprise | WIRED

I just met Greg Brockman a few minutes ago, but I’m already showing him my credit card number. Brockman is the chief technology officer at Stripe, the billion-dollar online payments startup backed by some of the biggest names in Silicon Valley, and he wants to show how easy it is to use the company’s technology. In under four minutes, after a few keyboard taps on his laptop, Brockman has set up what amounts to a mini-web service that takes a payment from my credit card. In even less time, he creates a way of sending money to my card. And he pays me back.

'Batman v Superman' Teaser: WB Blows Up Comic-Con

But it was Mad Max: Fury Road that turned out to be the pleasant surprise. George Miller, the original and only Mad Max director, is reprising his vision in a way that sent wave after wave of tingles through Hall H. Brutal, dusty, and terrifyingly apocalyptic, the extended reel showed Max's escape from captivity and first meeting with Charleze Theron, who leads a small band of women through the desolation. It looks like Warner Bros. has a winner here.

Samsung's curved, 105-inch 4K TV can be yours for just $120,000

There were so many TVs on display back at CES, that you'd be forgiven if they all blended together. So allow us to give you a recap: The Samsung UN105S9W was, in the company's own words , the "world's first, largest and most curved 105-inch curved UHD TV." Well then! Sounds like an expensive piece of kit, huh? You have no idea. Sammy just put its flagship TV up for pre-order and it's kind of a doozy. The whole thing costs $120,000 -- also known as a mortgage. For the money, you get 5,120 x 2,160 resolution on an unusually large screen, with an unusually wide aspect ratio of 21:9. Additionally, you'll receive a visit from one of Samsung's "Field Engineers" to walk you through all the features, if that's any consolation. It's also a Smart TV, with all the usual built-in apps, and the ability to separate the screen into four quadrants for watching live TV and surfing the web at once. Honestly, though, we'd be offended if a TV this expensive didn't do that. You can pre-order now if you like, but let's be real: Most of you are probably saving $120,000 for your future child's college tuition.

Drone pilot locates missing 82-year-old man after three-day search

You are wrong. A drone has nothing to do with flying autonomously. That is a feature that some drones have. Drones are remote piloted aerial vehicles with a live video feed in the first person perspective, like what a pilot would be. I have seen a bit of bad information in this thread. RC planes/helicopters are flown from the operators perspective on the ground. i have a rc helicopter with a video camera on it. It isnt live feed though. That is very different from from my quadcopter drone, which is also very different from my gas powered drone with a gimbal which requires 2 crew members. You guys should read before you just start blowing bullshit out of your mouths.

Foursquare Teases Its Redesigned Recommendation App, New Logo | TechCrunch

The new foursquare ditches the old logo and the old color scheme and the old way of using foursquare. This new app is centered around personalization and recommendations. That said, you won’t find much green in the app anymore, but will instead see everything that’s tailored specifically to you in a watermelon pink color.

Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 Feels the Squeeze From Smartphone Cameras

The only real edge the Galaxy Camera 2 has over smartphones is its low-light performance, but even then, images suffer from lots of image noise. Testing with the same smartphones and cameras used in the outdoor comparison, you can see that while the Galaxy Camera 2 outperforms the iPhone 5 and Galaxy S4, it’s no match for the LG G3 smartphone or the $800 Sony RX100 III.

'Godzilla 2' Will Bring More Classic Kaiju Monsters: Mothra, Ghidora, Rodan

Edwards named the monsters, but they were bleeped out in classic Comic-Con tease style, and it seemed as though we'd have to wait on confirmation. But then Tull rolled a sizzle reel that made it clear: Mothra, Ghidora and Rodan are in play for Godzilla 2 , whenever it finally comes.

Apple Faces Class-Action Lawsuit In California Over Alleged Labor Violations Affecting 20K Employees | TechCrunch

“The lawsuit was filed by Brandon Felczer and several other retail and corporate Apple employees (the “Plaintiffs”) beginning in December 2011. The Plaintiffs sought to represent themselves and all other similarly situated Apple employees in California who were not provided timely meal breaks, timely rest breaks, and timely final paychecks according to California’s Labor Code and Wage Orders. Just yesterday, after years of litigation, against Apple’s opposition, and after voluminous briefing and lengthy oral argument, the California Superior Court granted Plaintiffs’ motion and certified the case as a class action, appointing Plaintiffs and Plaintiffs’ counsel (Hogue & Belong) as the class representatives and class counsel on behalf of approximately 20,000 Apple employees. In other words, as of yesterday’s ruling, Apple now faces claims of meal period, rest period and final pay violations affecting approximately 20,000 current and former Apple employees.”

Why Relying on Digital Maps May Lead Us Mentally Astray

With every additional technology that assists in exploring the physical world around us, we are losing our sense of direction and ability to navigate without them. While many of us from generations previous might still retain some sense of the world, it is the generations that are growing up with this tech that are unable to fathom living without it. This creates a disassociation with the world around them.

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